The Timeless Voyage of “Soulular Travel”

The Timeless Voyage of “Soulular Travel”

by Ron O. Cook

Timelessness is the reality of this existence with Time being the dream or illusion. Eternity is the All, encompassing essence of the Totality (One with no second). It is the generative order or implicate unity. Mentality is multi-purposed, multifaceted, and multidimensional. In thought finality, Mind is the Totality. Mind rides the Light but is not reliant upon it. Light is capable of creating the universe in illusion as a virtual reality, what some call the moiré arena. God is Mind…and Mind issues forth in God’s motion — The Enigmni. Mind moves from nothing to everything and back. Mind is the experience of existence where all creativity is found in a catalytic state of reinvention. It is a constancy of change. There is nothing faster than Mind, then comes Light. Because Mind is present with Light they appear as One…they are two, but light is the expression of the Mind — the broadcast. One is God the other is His Means — the Holy Spirit…the mover — Enigmni.

The First Logos or Creation is the Son; the Word catalyzes ideas into existence in sequence. The Word is REASON. Mind is first cause with no last. Last is an illusion of Time, which moves as a linear aspect generated in Timelessness. Linearity can be accompanied by dimensionality. Increased dimensionality adds complexity and solidity to Time for those who ride the Light. The more complex, and the more coherent, the hotter is the form. Mind is not affected by any of its creations, but its creations are affected by each preceding creation that manifests in directed evolutional sequence. Feedback created naturally by Mind and Light is essential to coherent knowing of each preparatory creation. Congruence, Empathy, or Love and Knowing is amplified by each structural dimension created. 1•3•7 is the number of Creation.

Beings or Mind segments that are attracted by each amplifying and complex structural level will localize in sequential fashion. From the smallest atomic structure to the most complex. Thus is the spiral of creation. Mind is uniformly everywhere, everything, and Eternal. Mind is the atmosphere of be-ness. Humanity is represented by a multitude of structural levels animated by total mentality. Light creates the illusion of body and its programs of DNA supply the variety. Mind selects the product based on cause and consequence. Mind is God. Man is a part of God. God is the Whole.

Mind may seek itself in exponential feedback waves that are everywhere at once yet holographically focused by a reflection mechanism on the physical side called a Brain (gestalt / sequential computerized device). Such a virtual organ can and does make localizations think they are individuals capable of god-like creation. It is an illusion that must be learned due to sequential limitations. We are one. Individuals created in localizations use brains as a secondary focusing agent to create a holographic virtual domain wherein personality rises. Personalities create dimensional illusions that flux and must be reinforced by recognition or observation from others. These brains coalesce mind into a sense field capable of creating solid reality. This virtual reality is hard copy to a conscious mind aided by a lens of being. The lens collects data for evaluation by the All.

The generative order is symbolized by a being (person) seated in outline form. It is fractalian in nature and existence is created within the relation to a mathematical (geometric) interface inherent with this symbol. Inside the symbol is the void-potential, outside is the creation. Where the two meet is the implicate order or cursor of God’s Eye. The leading edge is where Time is on the FLY. Timelessness feeds the potential that smears out over created space awaiting localization of monadic mind.

This smear of potential is as the multifaceted or holographic plate (information float), all potential is inherent within its confines as feedback looping is progressing faster than the speed of Light. It is Mind. This combination allows Light to seem to have “Prior Knowledge,” to a singular localization.

But, Prior Knowledge in totality is the All, seated in Timelessness. From the Enigmni.

– – – – – – –

We are approaching a singularity in terms of the MIRROR WORLD of potential. This suggests we have been here before in ancient times, when we created new universes that saw us manifest ourselves toward this point in Time/Space. We grow with each and every facet of our thinking endeavor.  Indeed, any act of creation is movement toward Godly expression if held in truth, but our minds reflect the key to understanding the total Akashic Realm of our mental expanse; and, we must go there to reclaim our very being and becoming so we may reach a new echelon in each Soulular Traveling.

This solar system, our home, is “be-man-ship’s” (mankind’s) point of refuge and projection into an endless journey of becoming (back and forth), and eventually reuniting within total Deity — the All!  It is our goal. The power of light gives and energizes the pixels (quanta) of the One in a broadcast (generative order) within what some call the electromagnetic spectrum. A physical example of this being in light is the simple workings of a computer, which animates the phosphors or pixels of a manifestation of projected energy-points on a visual field or screen in two dimensions. On an Earthly, dimensional scale, Spirit (Godly information in all dimensions) is unaffected by heat which is the high vibration of the music of the nano-spheres or our life experiences. When not manifest here within a Solar Sector, the site of our preparation of regaining Godly Dialogue, we rest in super consciousness at the threshold of manifestation — through the portal of the Soulular Threshold (Sun) to the All as Light Beings filled with mind.

Thus we participate in Soulular Travel throughout the mentality of a Godly realm or the implicate order. During this long duration, Souls, which are incarnating aspects of the projected ray, prepare for their next virtual experience, by reviewing their past existences via the laws of consequence toward entering once again the world of physicality. Consequences, pro or con in achievement, of Love are weighted to construct the new sheaths of a new initiation or trial. In the school of Life, Karma is attained and worked away through the gravitation toward becoming, via Informational Dialogue for unconditional Love. Beings must learn this Key to coherency over time toward becoming a higher part of the whole monad-ship.

Issuing from the wellsprings of the energized projection (generative source) comes the messages of intuitive knowing. This knowledge comes from deep inside the lens of a being’s perception, or that which gazes upon the hologestalt record of life found in Timelessness. These pages are called the days in passing, or Akashia.  They represent the secret knowledge and wisdom of the One without a second. Others who have attained the fulfillment of Light, or the Omegon state of being and later Christos (Omni-Omegon), are privy to the vision of total being in “No Time.” It is said that to know this knowledge is to pay greatly in psychic pain, for one must face the ultimate fear of the void — to make the unknown known in a physical state of mind. It is suffering by facing the Truth and knowing the meaning of the Enigmni or the absolute unknowable.

Here in a world full of the remains of selfish misinformation and mental pollution, mankind approaches the threshold, the focused vortex of the Crux of Being. Most could not see the reality of their own lives because of the lustful mirror of their selfish fantasies of being their own little gods. They were wrapped up in their own virtually projected flesh and could not see the vast harmony of the Otherworld or our true state of being. Our construct is Monadically Complex and is inherent within the Physics of the Laws of Godliness. Its makeup is readily apparent for one who can see his own existence in the physical state if he/she has read the BOOK OF LIFE while experiencing what some call reality. It is the illusion of the TEST.  

As beings here in the Goge Sector, we have fallen to this plane of procreation and cannot see because of our established and learned senses, which are fixed upon desire. What we sense is not the reality, but the programming, or tainted mapping of data upon our assembled vehicle for memory, the virtual brain, which is our “looking glass” or lens upon the physical world. We, the society of virtual travelers have made this condition (the World) what it is in any presence by our propaganda learned and expressed on this side of Timelessness. It is an information-float, which hides the reality of why “No Time” is the only reality of Truth projecting from Deity’s dreaming a world we visit every night.

In a being’s pathway toward enlightenment, he has passed through echelons called lodges, or houses (event sequences). He has passed through the Alphian stage and now stands peering from the dark or Alphi/Omegi Lodge. Its symbol is the scale of Justice (Libra), and it represents the knowledge of Good verses Evil. This stage for a being’s trial is located on the edge of the Void, where only extreme blackness greets the hidden face of fear. The fear we find with the dark unknown can only be conquered by the act of garnering information and learning its worth. One must see the coherency and worth of Love…goodness. This learning must come via selfless Love or what some have called the Logos or REASON, whose highest state in the physical world is Christos. If future humanity can individually and then collectively overcome this fear from where darkness and ignorance emanates, then we may attain the Great Realm of Timeless Light and no longer be shackled to the illusion (this reality), but be free. We must pay the price. There is no opting out and one must submit his dues.

The secrets of the coming morrow’s humanity still lie hidden in the archaeology of their past and in the dig sites located deep within their minds. They represent the signposts that we must learn of and inculcate into our souls. No other entity can help a being attain the knowledge of individual “be-ness,” unless Love is involved for Oneness. Each of us is borne (projected) alone, and we depart alone from these virtual realms. In the knowing of our creation, we must attain our goals and become worthy. Our lives are a consequence of our own acts that must be known and understood in terms of our holo-spirited part of the whole.

We must become Seekers of this inner and outer conundrum by searching the pages of the days of our lives for the consequence of our very being. To understand our part in existence, we must search the ancient records for the messages sent into the future to establish our destiny. If we enlighten ourselves, the way is crystal clear. If we are fearful and self-oriented, we play false with others and create a world full of mental pollution that registers as abject illusion. Lies and illusions are positioned to be believed as fact, but are nonexistent in fact and create a false existence that must be atoned. All of us stare into a question, when creating a new world such as the Gardened One (our earth, the primary stage). If our existence is established selfishly, or radically, it is doomed to start over until it is judged positive and therefore right for monadic union. We must awaken to our task of being and becoming. This is no game or gambit to present a Koan. 

When a burgeoning society, such as we humans, permits each other’s aberrations to rise in favor, so as to defray guilt and support false comfort for our little god, that emerging world becomes guiltier via permissive habit and fraud. It carries no worth and is known as unworthy. Nothing can come of such acts.  Appeasement does nothing but slow our progress. To participate with amplifying guilt is to build a wall of gratification that hides reason and truth. Life here requires dedication and a mindset of a SEEKER of the secrets of existence. Fears go inside to eat at the soul and body of the entity, or the nation. Disease is the result, and the Law of Consequence will take over requiring a massive correction and much suffering. Consciousness rises due to suffering of one form or another.

It is no accident that we are placed in a world marked by birth and death. Life is a school to face fears and know REASON.  Seeking is the cause that sets man to first see himself reflected in the mirror of his own making through feedback looping. To overlook the apparent in his own transfixed image is to face a life of continued selflessness. He also sees himself in the face of the other, and desire enraptures his taking himself away from his prime objective, known prior to entering this discharged world — a broadcast field from Deity. When he does this in selfish regard, he marks no time and rejects his birthright given for initiation.

Omegons started existence in the same Alphian state as the one in all gender and a short time later, generations were separate again. They paid the price of recognition and desire; yet, Omegon state was their final goal when the seeker was claimed. Omegons graduated from the trial of being, and soon all beings in the physical realms will rise to experience the next creation of a new dimension — issuing from an ever unfolding power, unseen by most in a projected illusion, like this realm here. The time of ignorance has passed and dedication has deepened. Mankind has missed the messages from his past and increasingly turned to his own image for reinforcement, rather than the total message of existence here in Time/Space.

Every instant of this trek or Soulular Travel is filled with purpose. The Ancients meditated constantly to know whereof they existed. Silence was golden then and purpose was easily comprehended. The noise of today, beacons to a higher calling for those of us now here, and expectations are just as important as those for us in past ages. ALWAYS never ceases to churn on to higher grounds of accomplishment in the Godly state of being and becoming. We must prepare for higher tests by pressing harder the ones we have let bask in the throws of timelessness. We must try harder for coherency or what we also know as LOVE.  

2013 Ron O. Cook


  1. says

    Nothing is more at stake than it ever was, because it is only what always was, but never understood by a humanity that never takes the time to look into itself. Pop culture sidetracks our minds with fluff and shine to distract us from seeing our very purpose in existence. The article is a pause to consider deeper contemplation rather than a flippant streak through life. If you can read it, you are slowing down enough to read the actions of your own decisions. Read it again and meditate. Consider the key of human Love of this reason for being.

  2. j.a. says

    Majestic OKAY what do you want here again and guess what iam observing y”as because iam not going away was going too but changed because my dear friends this is going to be a very long ride if enjoyed please show respects to the cyber communication field as the presenter would have hope this makes sense because lives are at stake.

    • says

      Make your statement more clear not unlike the article above. Indeed, read your own life which is different from everyone else within the parameters of the apparent. You are responsible for your own knowing via what the message awakens in your own mind. R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz said we are all responsible to our own inner trek through our own purpose of consciousness in sufferance to our own existence. Only God can awaken that in you through your own seeking of Him.

        • j.a. says

          Gee wizz there is a lot more to this than i thought progress is assured its fine my god loves the earth that all thats needed that good old tender care.

          • j.a. says

            Then again whoever thought that a stunt like this could ever be pulled on a culture that worships fuel for entertainment only the fun please!!!!

          • says

            Indeed, only the fun is sought, while the taker is paid in blood. The mind slowly goes away but as a flash to Time. What worth did we strive for? Are we worthy of the next echelon? We are cannon fodder where mind does not go in purpose and the euphoria of awakening to our Godliness. Just Cannon Fodder.

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