The Hegemonic Crescendo Effect of the Liberal Left

The Hegemonic Crescendo Effect of the Liberal Left

By Ron O. Cook

(I wanted to publish this prior to the recent election but was afraid)

Much of my life I have watched the political scene with special interest on what seems fair and free of influences from unsavory practitioners with selfish special interests. I have written paper after paper on how we humans leverage for power and control in virtually every circumstance of our lives and I wrote a column about it too (12 years).  I did not hold back and I told it like I saw it.  When it comes to our way of life we either leverage in truths or illusions that seem true but are “silvery” lies. As an advertising marketing expert who was also a newspaperman immersed in the total “Informational Float” of Journalism — I know whereof I speak and think about the repercussions when it comes to the manipulation of the citizenry for political gain. It should all be presented as Truth.

No words can describe how inept I feel in trying to tell Humanity how I feel about what is happening to my nation during this present fiasco of electing a candidate for the office of president of these United States. Pure and simple, we the people are being hyped to the ultimate extent with the caliber of character being touted. I fear we will be deprived of our liberty and pursuit of happiness in the very near future due to our lack of understanding and their (the Liberal Media’s) lack of producing the Truth for a change. I am speaking of the media’s responsibility in bringing nothing but the truth. For the life of me, I do not know what hold the Democrats have on the members of the elite media other than hands wrapped around their throats. And, we call this a free nation? I have lived in the newsrooms and know whereof they leverage.

Will someone tell me why Glenn Beck tells it like it is and perhaps Limbaugh and Hanity do also, but after those guys it seems there is no one else who has the balls to report the truth. If I were the FBI or the FBI of my youth that solved every criminal case on TV, I would investigate this to the core. The idealistic world of my youth filled with the honesty of John Wayne is not the real world apparently. I truly hate what the Democratic Party has become since I once was a practicing member of that organization. I actually hate what all politics has become no mater what party is in the limelight. I want truth and see no one of import stepping forward to express such. I pray this will change soon.

What is it? Is it that everyone in Washington is on drugs or, are they all criminals and are criminally vetted by the secret syndicate before they can even get a job and the rest of us citizens in the hinterland are just jokers and the duped. I guess we just do not get it. But the practitioners of this Hegemonic Data just keep pushing it down our throats. They think they can sell anything to the mentality of their target audiences, which includes mostly children and women. With special effects (eye candy) and the power of the secret nature of fantasia or fashion.  Hollywood’s writers continue to sell a plethora of fantasia reels that are nothing more than the Triumph of Will (Hitler’s old propaganda movie) for Liberals who want to fragment American Culture for their own use.

For the past sixty years, we Americans have been watching the “hyping of America” by a shrewdly contrived strategy for manipulation of the human mindIt (the propaganda) has penetrated and permeated the average mentality on a daily basis, and has been pounded home with the frequency necessary to brainwash any average moron too wrapped up in themselves to even recognize the crime.  Many feel that they have been the victims of a “spell” cast by a Jedi master – “You will believe everything I/we say.” Most could care less and just believe the sound bites fed to them by the willing media. Most of it (85%) comes from the Liberal Press but there is more. There is high collusion by the participants to the point of believing there is a mastermind organization that is coordinating this concert of Leftist music piped by the piper on a very sophisticated level.

There is something in the background of all this orchestrated information that we should know about but who are the players? Where are they ensconced and from what source do they get their marching orders? Who is the director of this show? How many major organizations are involved in the dissemination of the information? The American people want to know who and what is in the background of the propaganda of the Left because it is indeed just that, massive and penetrating. We Be Hyped!!!

The propaganda that is tilting our minds to believe the repetition of the verbiage and the smiling faces that are being pushed upon our wills on a daily basis needs to be known for what it is trying to accomplish. Our minds are being subsumed and mixed up bit by bit. Their plan needs to be laid bare and known and no news organization is trying to go deeper behind the ever-expanding story that is our national wellspring of Freedom. We want to know who is a player and a pawn. We want names and their strategy. We want to know who the opinion leaders are and why they think the way they do. Who is paying and playing whom???

Please someone give us the MACHINE,  so we can know who and what to believe in this coming election. It might be too late to stop some of the lies but at least we will know them for what they are.

Liberals from Youth to old age seem committed to the Wussing of America for their own hegemonic selfishness. When I was very young, I had my first run-in with Liberalism. I tried to talk to a fellow human being asking if I might get to swing on a swing that had just been vacated by a young man whose slot I had been waiting on for a few minutes. The little girl ran up to take the swing away from my grasp and then slapped me in the face. I said I was sorry. I was trying to be nice per my mom’s teachings.  From that day forward to this day, folks who, I now know as liberal, to do just what they want to do come hell or high water, have maligned me.  Being nice and playing nice are two different things according to them. Advantage Liberalism.

In high school, I was told that I had won a few honors during the personalities votes by the student body. Many students told me they had voted for me in the lunchroom.  My old high school buddy, who happened to be on the student counsel, said he saw the “nasty kids” on the staff, tear up all the votes for me and throw them away. I won nothing.  No sweat.  My girl friend that was on the staff at the time felt sorry for me but did not betray her friends, later gave me a token title of Most Witty. I also was the most bid-on slave during Sadie Hawkins Day (an American folk event, made its debut in Al Capp’s Li’l Abner strip November 15, 1937).  Some folks liked me enough then. Later when I got my letter jacket for football, I was the only Senior to have a standing ovation after the coach said something about me being less than self-serving and deserved being an all-district candidate. Well, OK.

Well it was like this the rest of my life. Taking the back seat to the more vociferous guys and gals who always stepped in front to grab life away from my efforts. Well I was just a good old West Texas boy who really didn’t care about the limelight. My mom always hated the way my friends treated me and how I was good to take it. She always said, “If they didn’t like me, they wouldn’t tease me.”  That was good enough for me. But at times I really wondered about my “so-called “ friends.

Then we grew up and I became a member of the demo party for some 20 years and also a journalist and an assistant publisher for a metro newspaper. Well that is where I finally saw how the world was controlled by well-placed opinion-leaders. It was certainly an eye-opening affair. Later I consulted for a Democratic Congressman and a Democratic Governor. I served on the Southern Conference Committee and saw now the inside really worked. I was appalled by the methods used by the party but stayed anyway until I saw who was running for president against President Bush (41). After seeing the new plans and the strategy of the future with informal fallacy wrapped all around the edges, I got out. I became an independent.

For over fifty years, America has existed, until the war on terror, within the advancing influence of dark issues held in an unholy alliance not unlike the evil shepherds of ancient witchery. These flippant and wicked forces work within the broadcasters of today’s pop-culture to conjure lies for political power-gains to control the uneducated and uninformed masses (80%of the population). Much of America’s Media is culpable in the perpetuation of this liberally controlled alliance. Much of the rest of the world is also on board.

Issues once held “hallowed” have been “positioned” by liberals into fallacies that corrupt American strategy against terrorism and human freedom. Aid and comfort to the enemy has been the apparent result of such positioning. It seems their (liberals) selfishness is more important than a nation’s security or its individual freedoms. To maintain a national will is counter to their strategy to perpetrate division and fragmentation for selfish gain to their “power” desires.

Frequently, their rhetoric borders on sedition or treason rather than patriotism… and all of this is amplifying today, in this critical time of a war against terror brought on by September 11, 2001 or 9/11. With friends like this, who needs enemies? All of America needs to stand in unison behind a war against our national interests and the perpetuation of our revered freedom from fear.

Psychological warfare is the reality of the methodology used by liberals associated with the Democratic Party. It represents a wealth of brainpower designed to create discourse in our nation for their power needs. With insurmountable ties to academic professionals, the party has access to some of the best practitioners of propaganda expertise. Their system is to break down moral fiber and amplify self-indulgent behavior in the electorate. These researchers who profess knowledge of sophisticated propaganda techniques, target audiences preoccupied with their own hardened narcissistic pursuits. Hedonistic music and visual amplification of such can be found within all they purvey and strive to create points of civil contention. 

Liberal Feminism is the human leveraging tool of the Democratic Party’s strategists. This shallow mindset represents impertinence against serious issues that were once part of our national founding principles. Their mission seems pointed at a tendency of human preoccupation with the self rather than an understanding of our national well being for the long term. Domestic issues are reinforced and touted over national security to drive a wedge into our societal makeup. Many in this audience, stir away from any immersion into the political reality until a “sound-bite-moment” prior to the election and then pen their future on false hype.  

This barefaced liberality is birthed and sheathed within the womb of the Democratic Party and then unleashed for any campaign against its vested interests. Its focus and appeal is to our more feminine side and has lately penetrated and metastasized within the mentality of our insecurities and fears as never before. It has recently burgeoned into public acceptance through advertising, marketing strategy and reiteration of the same dismissive slogans and messages broadcast by a one-sided media seeking to change America psychologically if not morally and sexually. If this can be accomplished, they will create a nation “wussed” beyond the pale – one weak and acquiescent.

Many are unknowing participants in the spread of this selfish mentality, having been emotionally blackmailed via human leveraging methods built on amplification or allaying feelings of guilt not in line with our traditional moral existence. Such morality was once the base from which our nation issued forth set by our forefathers. Now honest citizens are being hyped by a strategy that impacts the selfish needs of individual wants rather than the future welfare of the many. It is high in self-oriented fulfillment not unlike the attitude of a spoiled and recalcitrant child.

Its appeal is through “soft-entry” slogans and diatribe of the “play nice” politically-correct paradigm of social engineering centered on appeasement or a permissive attitude. It suggests tolerance by its foe, but never shows such in return. It is liberalism’s tool to attack and maintain the human psyche for “their” programmed manipulation. Once in this cauldron, escape is uncertain. Its calling is reiterated constantly through the media of major networks and newspapers via the liberal collective and their agenda, thus reinforcing their manipulative points.  This strategy represents a co-opting of the human will designed to create a nation of easily milked cows.

Strategically placed federal practitioners (read liberal bureaucrats) have done the rest of the social engineering in collusion with their litigious bureaucrats emanating from the beltway of Washington D.C. This liberal attitude has amplified over the last 50 years via their politically emplaced media pundits developed via their strong hold in academic circles. Many of the aforementioned professionals are their own children. Almost as a “Coven of the Wussery”, they have prepared our minds during those years of influence to be politically inept and patriotically dense. We are expected to be more concerned with the more feminine side of existence (showbiz existence) rather than the nation’s security, which is positioned as a moot point and not very much fun.

The Coven’s messages have been and currently are, couched in singular emotional truths such as “for the children” or “for the environment”—slogans for the bandwagon-effect of Informal Fallacy (lies clothed in tiny truths). These messages are usually found to be outright lies, upon critical dissection, but the sound bites are left in the Information-float (media) that we Americans swim in daily. As an example:  Nationally, we have thrown money and programs into education, “for the children,” but the end product produces an adult population reading at less than an eighth grade level and getting dumber as our schools become administratively rich and teacher poor. Support by the liberal NEA provides another control point for the social engineering of our children and their mindsets. Other associations are also culpable in this one-sided manipulation that reaches into the mentality of many parents.

The characteristic methodology used by the Wussery is “soft entry” hype – designed to hook feminists, soccer-mom audiences or left-leaning kooks. Usually these short messages were powerful, emotional slogans designed to reinforce political correctness or an issue-oriented special interest group like the environmentalists. It always is pabulum for the pop-culture of the “thoroughly modern Millies” who pass it on via their “networked” cell phone collective.

The American public is completely saturated in liberal sound bites and to say that our nation is over 50 percent wussed-out by the feminist fallacy is an understatement. Though many of us are men, we feel like women.  We have become emotional neurotics due to an overly sold pop-culture that is hell-bent on selfish-esteem and pandering.  We have been made to play the game of politics as if deference and fawning were the watchwords that built our great culture in the past. But we are wrong. Reality was 9/11.

But, sweet, precocious little girls did not build this nation.  It has been built by hardy ladies and gentlemen who were fearless of other nations and feared God’s fulfillment over potential immoral consequences. The Establishing Generations long ago had moral character and staying power that is now co-opted by the social engineering of the politically correct practitioners. An example of what we once were is reinforced by the recent funeral of Ronald Reagan. He was one in a billion. One we all should emulate.

Liberal Feminism springs from the shallows of precocious innocence that hides a most evil devil willing to strike an unsuspecting soul from underneath and within. Its smile is a grimace pasted on like smirks flashed by the high-kick chorus line. Smiling faces of the clown and pats on the back have become the “false tools” of the Coven. Playing false is the coven’s means to our end and its persona of innocence is a misrepresentation to our unsuspecting senses couched on “easy” street. It is just one big gay-old (the old version) time. This attitude continues to decay America’s youth.

Men, who are preoccupied with the mundane, have become too comfortable to recognize the craft of the Wussery or the politically correct. They have been shunted out of the social mix as major players in a liberalized media focused on the female psyche and its perpetuation of eternal security. What women want is the focus and spearhead of the liberal charge at America’s mindset.

The tenets of emotional blackmail and informal fallacy have saturated every political and social issue presented by the liberal feminists. When faced with truth many liberals become loud and ranting – methods to co-opt another’s defense via controlled chaos. Conversely, they routinely try to make a joke of an issue to tease away the pressure with a “soft-entry” method of cajole – isn’t life funny?  Tears are not beyond the techniques of empowerment.  These sly practitioners continue to cloud a patriot’s convictions with the dictates of informal fallacy or lie positioned as truths. The selfishness of the temptress has become hard to defray now that it is part of their perceived persona via psychological hardening – “I’m worth it.”

Because their numbers are astronomical when it comes to support from media, advertising, entertainment and litigation, they have had the clout in all the right places to persuade and perpetuate their case. Compared to the population, the liberal femininists are small in numbers but their methods stress humanity’s overpowering desire for gratification, narcissism and nesting.  Selfishness is their over powering trait. The left’s methods are sound-looped into the soft and complacent masses, where they are positioned, leveraged and sold as outright lies positioned as truths or the reality.

The factions that compose this escalating “coven of the wussery” are easily identified.  They are those who would do anything to usurp power from any organization that seeks to conserve America’s foundations or our way of existence. If you are not part of their collective, you are their target and must be subsumed (see Rush Limbaugh). Abject evil is at the root of this wussing of America due to the ferocity evident in its attacks on George W. Bush, a president who tried to reach out to the opposition and had a war to buttress it to the people. Where is the union?

If the primary methodology is a lie presented as a truth, in persuading our humanity, then negative results always follow.  If one were to analyze each and every means used to manipulate our freedoms away from us, the “Lie” is always found within the method. The use of Informal fallacy (see Aristotle’s list of fallacies) using a truth to conceal a lie is their touchstone.  Lies can only be maintained by willing experts seeking to leverage an agenda through corrupt information hidden in a singular truth. Once their bandwagon begins to roll, the embedded media emplacements just fall into line in a roaring chorus.

When one knows the power of self-sustenance and rugged individualism driven by merit, the wussed alternative of victimization, narcissism and false-play seems like a no-brainer.  But no—Liberalism created a passion for this alternative life-style positioned as a better power-vehicle for gays, women and politicians seeking to buy their votes. They have created the modern Stepford Wives Syndrome in their own image. Add the skills of the victim’s ploy, to divide and conquer, and a nation is ripe for the terrorism of September 11, 2001. We were too busy being liberally hyped to see it coming. Now we must be aware of the enemy within.

America must awaken after the many tragedies that continue to fall upon us. When the thousands of lives were taken at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the many other related deaths of innocents aboard the hijacked airlines, America should have never looked back. We must follow through in Iraq and support the actions we as a nation know is necessary for our future. Now, September 11 must not be forgotten and we must never stand in the “darkness of the wussery”. We must “collectively” awaken to the treason that they are laying at our feet and be prepared to stand for our ancient freedoms. They must be exposed for playing this psychological game with the minds of our people. Though subtle, their methods are just as killing as a sword to the throat of Lady Liberty.

Copyright 2013 Ron O. Cook


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    Abortion’s Repercussions to American Politics

    Roe vs. Wade is the crux of national fracturing for Fascist Liberalism and Progressivism to flourish in an America that is currently falling apart. This one issue from Hell is the fissure-point for American morality and national unity. It is what gave Barack Obama and the rest of the Democratic Parade of candidates their reason for being in our faces. Now, they bask in its pervasive darkness as their flag of evil predominance. This is how they divide the Men from the Women. After all, Barack Obama supports the Planned Parenthood platforms that leverage the minds of many youths, especially young females. The court’s ruling gave Liberals the atomic weapon to destroy what our founding fathers tried to create. And now, the evil has metastasized into a full-blown movement not unlike the period before the Nazis started sending folks off to work in the camps. The Liberal Media has amplified the theme into the destruction of Morality using men against women. The fascist liberalism we see growing in our nation is ready to take over the American mind with their propaganda machines and their youth movements of inane mall shoppers who just want to have fun being flippant enough to elect Obama and give us his “take” one more time despite Benghazi’s lies.

    Because Abortion proliferates so proudly in the ranks of past and present fascist liberal women, mankind has been set straight, by those certain females, who say that men have nothing to offer about what women do with their own bodies or anything else! It is none of mankind’s business. Yet, many of those same women have been showing the world their “own bodies” to their own advancement since the beginning of time, and they certainly have had their way with a number of men’s bodies in the process. Blatant Sexual Enticement reinforces the acts of Sexual Harassment, but the former is never considered. All men are now considered male chauvinist pigs unless they are gay.

    Pregnancy has no effect on the makeup of a female. If she is pregnant, with a child fathered by a male — hasn’t that new make up of her system changed to represent a joint partnership (unless rape or incest were involved)? Unless I’m wrong, she has a part of someone else inside of her as a result of her own decision to receive the encounter. Do we need to rediscover what this process of existence really constitutes for all of Humanity?

    Could Roe vs. Wade be the reason why so many once conservative fathers feel they have no vested interest in the process of fatherhood? A case could be made that liberalized government is the precursor of broken families, single parent homes and wide spread divorce. Liberals and democrats have seen fit to writing men out of the equations of parenting when giving birth (or in this case, death) yet men are written back in when it comes to paying for her decision to let the child live.

    Since the seventies, things have not been right between men and women. Lawyers and the media have been chipping away at an image of the old American way of shared-union and mutual love between a man and a woman. Today, the old idea of becoming “one” through marriage may never happen for some. Why has government upheld something that would be totally alien to our grandparents or the founding principles of our nation?

    It is not that too much testosterone clouds the male mind, the known volatility of selfish feminine chemistry is involved here to a gargantuan degree and in view of the national economic pandering, it seems to be the number one seller (see American Malls). Anyone who has suffered through another’s PMS knows what is being presented here. Women become emotional when their chemistry cycles are affected by these mood-shifts into heightened frustration. Men find themselves along for a bumpy ride when this happens. Why this condition of humanity is not taken into consideration by the courts and hidden by women to the point of living a lie, is a point worth deep meditation. Abortion has torn America apart and some of us know where the guilt for these human crimes against God, religion, or just plain old right thinking, belongs. It almost seems contrived and it may be.

    In our younger days (60s and 70s) we knew many young women that made the decision to abort a future child to hide their actions, to get back at a boy/man, to save face with her peers, or to get rid of an inconvenience. Most of these girls were popular, had financial/emotional backing and were totally wrapped up in their own self-gratification or their self-absorption. These ladies knew what they were doing, and no sweet-talking guy, I knew, was about to out-think these girls. Innocence has always been an easy “act” for smart little darlings, and they used it to the max. Yet, with each “act” and each lie their guilt grew exponentially until their whole life was an illusion of their own making, plus a little lip-gloss to hide the blood and tears.

    It has been estimated that of the millions of abortions, 90 to 95 percent were abortions of convenience. In those early days most of our male friends looked upon this action as killing. Why? It was taking a life or a potential life because of greed for selfish reasons — like a criminal who kills for personal gain and covers up the wrong! Media propaganda had not yet been invented to dull our minds to the above fact. But as more and more promiscuous men and women joined in this lie reinforced by propaganda positioned by the media, the basis for doing-your-own-thing resulted in a push for governmental salvation in the form of Roe vs. Wade.

    Later in life many of us met and socialized with doctors and lawyers that had a matter-of-fact attitude about abortions, and we began to see their points, that we already had too many unwanted children in our world, so the elite professionals were really helping society, and they also made a little extra cash as a result of the strife. It became the mindset of the progressives. Except, we began to notice changes in the girls that had gone through abortions. They were becoming more calloused, bitchy and insecure, which lead to creating a false facade. This affected their lives and everyone else who was involved. America was on the road to a massive national division politically — Women and gays against real men. Who would have thought?

    The ladies, their friends and families found an issue worth voting for in abortion, and what it represented nationally and mutually. Their collective guilt had to have a way to cope. If government said it was OK then they were at peace. Roe vs. Wade gave them that legal means to facing up to killing a living being that was conceived and living within their own bodies. And, you know what…the fetuses that they “jointly” conceived never stopped being alive, from the joining of the egg and the sperm, growing excitedly toward human manifestation, until the sucking started or the pill was taken. No one thought to ask the fetus about the right to choose for her or his own body. America became criminal and drugs amplified to save the face of reality. We went deeper into Hell.

  2. says

    It is our media that deserves the highest blame for they broadcast the mindset via programming and the positioning and posturing of the national details as propaganda for the Progressives. Progressives are the persons who are behind something much worse than Communism (abject evil). The media types are compromised by some event/s of their lives where someone has something on them. The threats are made to exposing the details via the same media to destroy lives. Thus we get skewed reporting or massive lies. Our nation is indeed skewed, but unless some of those media types awaken to the Hell they are distributing over us by telling it like it is…we are indeed screwed. But we are the problem. We must demand more of everyone. We must get back in their faces rather than pick up our skits and run. Stand and deliver. God Bless…

    • j.a. says

      Well then it takes a concern to make a report like that and yep that is truth being exposed honestly had no idea how deep this all is thats why we are here to explain the reason of what must happen as we are to have them implication it seems they portray.

        • J.a. says

          Totally true in every sense of the suggestion what a brave and courageous presentation of the facts this web article deserves the real award far away and beyond the deception of the corporate multinational propagander that infects society with sorry too sickening to even think of a word description best of the further investigation w-m.

          • J.a. says

            Totally agree it is amazing just how concerted effort from such a mystery can give evidence and proof on what is actually going on behind the scenes of morality on a scale that would make anyone turn in their graves with total bedazzlement at the lengths a desperate cartel take them away please.

  3. says

    Our National Experience is Drastically Unhealthy…

    The body of our nation is suffering a distinct constipation centered in the sphincter of the White House and fed by the incongruous bowels of the Congress. We have no Leadership! A massive blame goes on the Media whose lack of professionalism in both the Liberal and the Conservative aspects are either being threatened by Blackmail or a massive laziness that borders on Treason. These slackers have not held the feet of anyone to the fire unless it is coached by recalcitrant practitioners of both political organizations for selfish reasons. We the people must demand they get to work and solve our problems. DEMAND IT!

    • SOLARIS says

      Seasonal invaders are active within the broadcast media the gem of the story is get ready for the most intensive counter force agianst a desperate elite that wants to own every thing for their own requirements of domination however when this precious truth comes out the whole community can observe at what is at stake don’t give them our sacred native areas only expulsion from our reality is sufficient.

  4. Luther Timmins says

    I love your work Ron. I found it yesterday. Your the first I’ve noticed that understands Obama Care is Hillary Care with the details hidden in vague legislative language. This is for anyone reading this who has ever wondered what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in the bill”. She meant that they have carefully hidden the details so it will pass before the details are known. The irony is that she was widely mocked for the statement when she was in fact mocking us!

    • says

      Luther, it is abject evil that is descending upon us and we do not have to take it. If we are here to be initiated into the Truth of Godliness we must stand at this the ultimate test. Give me Liberty or give me death was once understood by every American Citizen. We have forgotten the weight of such a stand. We must know what we are here for — to be tested and learn of Truth. We must all rise up in the face of evil and lies to report back to them that enough is enough. We will not take this any more.

      • j.a. says

        what is more sickening than watching your president give medal of honour to criminals that murder the innocent that reak havoc on our planet who remain in power to make more murders then have rudd wanting more murders as that what they are murderers of peace they are the worst phyhcopaths they torment the civilians with their drones and police state policies they even get dogs to do their dirty work and when they are finished supporting terrorist they murder them too why watch a horror movie just turn on the western mainstream media for your regular dose of blood.

        • j.a. says

          Too further more what they are is the worst when they know what we discuss here at this domain then they go on broadcast media with ignorance to the truth that we strive for just relized what leverage is all about ron iam greatfull for your work and explaination of what goes on behind the scenes within politics and media but we cant right them all off and at the same time we should find out who they are what organizations support their what ever they are must admit this is a dangerous and makes me feel uneasy they are still out there with their propagander and ignorance to the truth why havnt they been brought to justice yet and what excactly is justice when the nations of the world are in a position of total annihalation from warfare so how can they even be the new world order when they arnt tolerated by respected international leaders something has to be done very shortly or else afraid the doom and gloom scenario they give us is unacceptable.

  5. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Ron. I can tell you are genuinely wondering what on earth is going on, and why honesty and truth have practically been ushered out the back door and buried beneath the garbage cans. Ron, you’ve heard the truth about the Illuminate and secret conspiracy groups – almost everyone has, well, they are telling the truth. You are also right about freedom about to be lost – that is true, the world over. If you want to know the outcome of this mess, read the book of Revelation in your Bible. Unfortunately, like all other good and truthful things these days, the Bible has been scorned and maligned so badly, people are almost apologetic when they quote it, but jeered at or not, it is the truth, and tells people exactly what’s about to occur. And I do mean ‘about to occur.’

    We have just a few years left(2-3) before everything starts to seriously collapse the world over. It won’t be many years now before the Anti-Christ comes onto the public scene – appearing like a good guy with all the answers, to those who refuse to respond to God’s last call. And God is about to start calling (this year) for the last time, before this earth begins its descent into the days of a literal Hell on earth. There won’t be a ‘free country’ in the world when those dark days are here, but before they arrive totally, God is going to give mankind one last good long shout – as it were. You will need to have your head buried in the sand to miss this one. The world itself will have to take notice, it will be broadcast on all news channels, because He isn’t going to let the world slip into Hell without a solid witness as to who and what the truth really is.

    There really is a Devil, and a God, and Satan has been pushing for this day to arrive as much as God has. It’s time for mankind to choose for themselves, who it is they’re willing to stand for.

    • says

      Brenda, I look forward to any and all happenings that become due to those of us who occupy this realm of physicality. I fear not death or what God will put upon me for I am His to do what he will (Have thine on way, Lord.). I am in total awe of just being here and thank the Lord for allowing me to experience this realm of being and becoming. My family is firmly in the Lord’s House. God Bless us all for those who do not profess Him will be in abject fear when the future dawns upon us all. It is wonderous just to exist here in Time/Space.

  6. Chris Allan says

    You do go on and on and on. If you want people to take notice of you, keep it short & to the point. You seem to have discovered that politics is a very dirty business, welcome to the club, now try to figure out a way to make the buggers work, or make them obsolete. Politicians the world over are more often the problem than the solution to any problem, this applies to all of them, not just your democrats. Come to sunny South Africa and get a taste of some really dirty politics.

    • says

      Chris, I have been writing for about 65 years and I do note that those more youthful and full of vinegar do have a problem with staying on task. I will keep on writing as of old since I am ancient but you should just skip around and speed-read some parts. What I have to say is important and if you will indulge me, perhaps I might just get through to some parts of your persona. By the by, guess how I discovered that politics is a very dirty business? I spent about 40 years living it and working it for countless politicos. I guess I am just so burned out on them that I just say the same thing….over and over and over. Thank you for the kind critique,


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