New Age Dawning…2014

New Age Dawning…2014

By Ron O. Cook

Indicators of things to come, gather in agglomerative saturation within the human infrastructure of universal mentality. Its carcinogenic characteristics replicate mindlessly about the confines of a holographic setting where conditional structure (media) indicates a dreaded day of catharsis looming for society due to its lie-infested stench. For those who “wait-and-watch,” its happening has long been known to human nature for we know our own, deeper consciousness. There is an exponential “quickening” of trends and conditions percolating toward the surface of human potential. Yet, are we Homo sapiens even capable of the great challenges that face us on a scale that only giants could address in another prior age? Scholars of “being” say it is possible that we will come together and overcome the arising evil of the Behemoth, when the great climax of humanity’s test reaches the vortex of its appointed moment (see: punctuated event).

 Open your eyes on any given day in America, and you will see the indicators of this new age dawning exponentially. Increasing population, crime, graft, barbarism, racism, neglect, indigence and on and on — all representative trials of mankind’s inability to rise above his dross and finally stand cleansed in the eye of his “readily apparent” creator, seem everywhere present in this complex realm. Why are we so blind as not to see that we indeed exist as an extremely intricate entity in a Universe that is even more multifarious? Our own somatic existence is a testament to why we should rise to face the challenge of our making due the immersion of our selfishness. So foolish are we to think that the part could ever know the whole as long as the “self” comes first. The singularity of “BEING” has dawned on the mind of man yet he cannot think beyond his/her narcissism or liberalism. It, this condition, represents the ultimate test on mankind’s horizon in the long journey toward becoming.

Our neighborhoods thicken with the molasses of immorality’s disgusting odor of decay. Killings become commonplace to the media of the collective mind as nightly the unbelievers-of-Reason course our streets looking for prey reinforced by their altered, conscious-less mentality — their sloth feeds upon their own selfish denial of the “Truth of Life” never reaching out for the Other. Politicians cater to their style, protecting them more than the precious and innocent and using them as a tool to destroy patriotic man as they leverage for personal gain.

In an age where power is waxed in violence, knowledge, wealth, false-beauty, false-love and false-religion, we see governments of men taking the reins of mindless-humans and driving their hedonistic chariots to the brink of slavery once again.

Our own complacency has robbed us of hard fought freedoms and now our ill elected and wrongly hyped representatives have polarized and propagandized us toward oblivion and still we do not know or notice the transactions of our national transcendence into a “sublime dictatorship.” The foot of aberrance is once again on our necks reminiscent of Hitler’s “Brown shirt” days. The days of liberal manipulation via permissivism and victimization will rob us of our strength — too late…will come the sorrow.

A “New World Order” stands as the beast on our view of tomorrow. We did not knowingly vote for it or campaign for it, yet it is taking our world by a stealthy-storm. Secretly it sweeps into our preliminary awareness before total consciousness can startle us by its jolt of lightning…we have been had by “His” hype — thanks to the liberal mass media. There are power points on this Earth that few of us know, but within those “secret families” that initiate this agenda, there are powers not yet unleashed. Soon our vigilance will be required once more. In a land where “idiots” now rule we face a government that has forsaken us by design.

I know where of I speak. As a former political-servant, I sniffed the politics, media, business and the smoke of back room deals. The smell of it all stinks to the high heavens of our founding fathers’ dreams to see the ultimate “dark-shepherds” using the “democratic-ilk” to apply the scurrilous ingredients of destruction toward our nation’s imminent collapse into Socialism. Their Peer-review has set up a propaganda ploy to usurp our dreams and those of our forefathers.

With little care for the real working people of this nation whose merits have for decades gone unsung by those “secret keepers of the congress,” they slice away at our livelihood to pad their own paradigms for money and finally full-spectrum power. They have done this by engineering society through subtle transfer of wealth from those who work to those who are false-victims and embracers of sloth. Their encouragement of immigration for votes and the selling of NAFTA will spread their control and mollify common man’s freedom in this journey toward universal Hell.

By harvesting more and more victims via their Health-Care prevarication, they will birth future victims under their control and power. Aliens will flood our boarders to eat at the free trough of universal health-care. They propagandize America into beliefs that the underprivileged are being served while control over us (the exorbitantly-taxed) increases. They will only amplify our polarizations within this already factionalized society via their dominant media outlets of Marxist spewing. The reality is that votes are being bought and sold via an organization reinforced by its owning of the national Federal Reserve, networked mass media, stealth “union” ploys and the Congress of the United States. They have owned the “Hill” for almost a century (1917). Now they wish to be firmly ensconced in the white House with a man who has never lived the truth and spouts the jargon of the most evil.

Built to be the abode of altruistic beliefs, the former president’s philosophical abode could become the forum for neo-progressives of today’s versions of Sodom and Gomorrah. This once great symbol of the Great White Lodge could be painted red after the election of 2012. The corner stones of Washington D. C. once spoke of the great plan of mankind’s becoming but now they speak in hushed words destroyed by men of self-gratification reinforced by pandered lies and rhetorical deceit. Where have the selfless statesmen gone? For humanity to attain freedom we must return to the nuances of benevolence for all and not leverage comfort and riches for the elite who can deliver the vote by hook or crook – vote as often as one can move from state to state.

In our past, mankind has always fallen because he has traditionally put his “beliefs of life” in the middleman’s hands. The gods were substantiated in this way, and afterwards, they took all that faith away and converted it to gold. If we are to jump to an advanced and free form of existence it will require all of us to act in the name of Truth and Love. The search is on while the results of this past election storms toward the mutiny of a nation by the abandonment of trust by the democratic practitioners in both political organizations. The election determined a leaning toward the mutiny of a nation full of those who hoodwink as a matter of common practice — enough of them all.

Our greatest challenge, seek the Truth and remain Free of the politicos slap on the back. Common Man with a thinking brain, once again is our only hope.

Copyright 2012 Ron O. Cook


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    I taught Virtual Reality for almost 22 years while I kept a business as a day job. I worked my tail off doing as much as I could for education and my family. it worked and I gained in all expressions. Computer graphics and advertising graphics were my main courseware. I taught cinema and gaming also through storyboarding. My students learned the power of expressing a story. When Video Games came down the pike, I detested the blood and gore that they expressed. I had earlier consulted to government for the gains of simulation technology through virtual reality themes to the classroom experience. It was the best delivery system of knowledge. But no. Hell claimed the medium of VR and now it is our real problem with a new age of Liberalism expressed through vicarious endeavor that allows the killing of billions of humans every day by our children. GUNS DO NOT KILL OTHERS, IT’S THE PROGRAMS AND THE PROGRAMMING THAT IS SMEARING OUR MINDS OUT OF FOCUS.

    I tried to sell VR to the world as a means of experiencing life as a doctor, engineer and the many millions of professions that VR could have created through simulation delivery, but no. We had to go to KILLING FOLKS TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE. Video games and movies are our real problems this day and time. I know, I helped invent the technology.

    A young mind is highly impressionable. Today, we have to have a wealth of CSI story-lines that dissect the human body every which way including loose. Seeing this was everyday pablum by our youth is detrimental to their minds. Even as adults, I turn off the scenes showing death and destruction. I hate it. Our government seems to be selling us this stuff making us ready for a reality in the distant future. Liberalism sells sex and the worst on TV. It is how they have become RICH and we have become soulless. We must change the illusions on our monitors before they become truths in our society.

  2. says

    There is fire in the soul of man — so much so for Free Will. We love our freedom to express a universal love of Truthful existence. Many of us have loved ourselves so much, we have forgotten our purpose of Holographic accomplishments for the other parts of our lives. We do not exist without others. There are those in our world who are selfish now to such a high degree that they would support a dictator as president of the United States. They are deluded and have bought into a massive illusion. This is what we get for coddling the cosseted who sap the strength of those who carry the load. Every man and woman must pay their dues. I feel shame for all those who seek a free ride with little are no contribution. Socialism breeds this mindset.

  3. says

    What Mitt should have done: Conservatives should set this idealism as part of the Icon-Core Companies building from Business Structures within a Humation Paradigm (Conservative Ideals) through associations with Jewish, Christian and those like the above, religious organizations all over the world — a base that would reclaim our ideals. I believed that Mitt Romney would be a great leader of that umbrella structure of companies. If we could also associate with the Heritage Foundation, we would have the clout to circumvent the Socialist dogma and move toward organizations that would espouse the conservative mindset/s that most of us have here in our country. If one would realize that most of us here represent the people who paid the price of striving for success all our lives by trying a little harder and pushing at every turn to bring our families and organizational structures to fruition. We are the winners here who invest in this nation. We are the people whose tax dollars Obama covets. We tried to learn and study harder in school; worked overtime at our jobs; made more sales calls than anyone; worked through the night to deliver a better product; encouraged our fellow workers to strive harder; served as an example to others; gladly gave of ourselves in the community; prayed for forgiveness and love to others; and always loved our nation for where it came from and where it is going. Yes, We are the 90% who believe in this Nation of our founding principles. We need and want a stronger voice in our affairs and these ideas being born here and elsewhere are what will circumvent the Marxist Mindset of Obama and his cohorts. But more than that, we can in the long run build a better world through amplification of our ideals of Liberty and freedom to develop Macro Structures and will take us to the future of Humanity through the Humation Paradigm/s that will build off our Christian expressions. All of Humanity will benefit and grow as a result of our working for a better means of bringing this world to a higher form of being and becoming.

  4. says

    J.apoyan, the fact that you try is good enough for me. I highly respect those who try to awaken humanity to all the ramifications of our politico’s acts of Karma related pronouncements. Our present government here in the US is beyond the pale. I was taught by one of the best political educators of the 1960s to the core of propaganda and informal fallacy techniques that are positioned against humanity. I purely dislike those who take advantage of others purposely. I believe in hard work and taking care of our families first. I dislike those who sit and expect something for nothing. We all must pay our dues. Those cosseted, spoiled brats of my nation are the same ones who did not study in my classes and sat around looking for laughs and adulation when they should have been learning. We have become wusses and Kiss-up artists in America with a president who is arrogant and haughty enough to pit the bad against the good. It is time to push back. I believe in fairness and charity, but taking it on the chin, over and over is worthy of a fight. Cheers…

    • Solarisquartz says

      Honours for that my friend how did you know are you a prophet from heaven if so how many angels do we owe.

  5. j.apoyan says

    Do you feel better now ron that you have gotton that of your chest, indeed much can be said about the control dynamics of social order whether good or bad we are in a medium of much influence generations have come and gone all contributing in some way or the other truely our nations inherent qualities can be expressed through due dilergence my english is fair please excuse my wording i was brought up in a educational system that just gave me the basics any way beyond the abc’s of it all we should give the common folk a bit of a suprise when they relize they have to get thier act together or else the apocalypse will overwhelm the experience we are meant to have,of course there are those that seduce the masses with there retarded perception on reality for what is beyond my understanding sometimes i prey that devine intervention to come quickly,believe me if the outcry is loud enough someone should pay attention lets hope the people of common good nations heed the call that we display here in this domain of experience there is everything we need to give it a go time heals all wounds,so when the elite send thier propagander to the masses as they do with no consiousness to the effect of thier ill manners just think about the karma that bears down on them but only you are gods can judge people of the globe stand up for your wrights as citizens and make the polticos know just who is in charge for if we where not here in this info medium all would surely be lost.

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