Nations in Flames

Nations in Flames

By Ron O. Cook

Conflict is everywhere in today’s worldly society—it is the method to political madness…to polarize and fragment for political effect (See: Bandwagon Effect), utility and ulterior motives…POWER! What we are in need of is that altruistic spark that drove the unselfishness of our founding fathers to put aside their own desires and recognition-needs to build a civilization that was to go beyond their pre-existing experiences. We need ideas ahead of their time along with the impetus and strength to follow through in putting them to work. Where are the creative people with a passion for synergy and a penchant for the natural order of humaneness? Where are the visionaries? Where are the truthful and just? We are here, Awakening and burgeoning forth!

Our plight of course could be wrapped up in what God showed to the patriarch…Enoch, who toured the length, width and breadth of Heaven and Earth—Enoch was shown that mankind’s sin was wrapped up in self-pride, and lust for and of woman. Feminization became a leveraging tool of the evil and today’s politicos use it to no end. It started with the angels—first with Satan not being able to resist taking all of heaven for himself, then others of his kind not being able to restrain themselves from coming on down to the planet to play with the irresistible daughters of man. It is the women who lock us in matter and Liberals know this secretly.  Liberal power corrupts eternal! We must awaken to how they control us this way.

Civilization has rocked along for millennia, falling and rising, falling and rising and then falling again through versions on the same themes as the root causes for failure. Look at our own society chasing recognition and desire, all feeding off of human pride and lust. Womankind has once again found herself locked-in and used as the base reason or object for lust, homosexuality (hate of woman or love of beauty, feminism), sex crimes, racial hatred (fear of others taking their women), permissivism, addiction, false-play (collusion-networking), jealousy (fear of losing love), materialism (stuff collecting or score keeping—female nesting), ambition (attitude one must have to gain a woman—showing off to others), killing, raping, emotional-blackmail, insecurity and more. But, worst of all is a male characteristic for threatening violence or actual murderous activity, as a means to what they think is ultimate power — power over the innocent. It is all greed personified in the body of politics, becoming the obsession and addiction of the participants in a civilization’s destruction. We must all awaken to our own behaviors.

When a society deteriorates to an “every person for themselves” condition, with love nowhere in sight, that civilization is in an equilibrium state of death via chaos. Some characteristics of a civilization moving to this chaotic state are:

  • Legislated morality and immorality—ending traditional values in favor of dangerous or permissive issues in the guise of change (see: Gay marriage issues, drugs etc.).
  • Untrustworthy Leadership—seating of leaders that aid in the establishment of laws and policies that neglect the traditional values of our founding principles and taxation beyond the means of the people to sustain.
  • Loss of military order—thus eroding the power to assert the basics of human law and order in a volatile world. Unable to afford protection due to buying votes from non-productive citizens.
  • Inability to create new jobs—automation and cost cutting aided by stringent governmental control causes loss of markets, financial solvency, research and development funds and finally loss of administrative will and creativity plus the loss of public support.
  • Saturated population via migration—influx of legal and illegal aliens seeking a better life begin to overtax the social structures thereby increasing crime and frustration…a nation of fear.
  • Political polarization agendas—groups establish elitist positions via false-victimization to divide and conquer a once united foundation to pit people against people. The majority is subsumed for the few or special interests. The few are usually represented by lawyers (to many currently working in litigious America).
  • Biased propaganda—political and religious agendas are in the sole possession of one political group. Their views, dialectics, rhetoric and other manipulative techniques are the only sources of infrastructural knowledge in the public domain.
  • Education becomes total bureaucracy—curriculums cannot keep up with leading-edge invention and job creation because of overburdening policy and mandating by pressurized state agencies. Education cannot accommodate increasing influx of immigrants and their polarizing politicians. Instructors become propagandists.
  • Psycho-failure—human ability to cope with exponential societal, or infrastructural expansion of government, legal profession, medical/health, business, community, and family, causes progressive burnout, mental frustration and fragmentation of unity-systems.
  • Government and individuals go bankrupt—Greed of political factions creates hegemonic government that becomes the prime entity over the people for which it was established. It no longer serves the people and takes all the assets leaving the people for the few who escape with it all as the nation sinks to barbarism or survival of the most violent.
  • War between males and females—differences are accentuated by polarizing politicians and collusional media in order to divide what was once a human unit that complemented its parts. Females have in the past lost this war because emotion was their tool and physical violence was man’s—this conflict represents the ultimate death wish for humankind.
  • The super-rich abscond — small percentages (.01) of humanity seek secret enclaves such as remote islands, to ride out the social rebellion. They take their superior resources/technology and leave the mess they contributed to, with their greed and politics. They become the gods of tomorrow.

The above conditions are taking place in America and the world at present, but there are still a sufficient number of citizens that know how to keep us from going to the final stages of total failure. The middle class Americans must not let these last phases of social deterioration go uncorrected. America and other democracies must become “Humations” or nations of humane and altruistic beliefs that will overcome liberal and conservative brinkmanship. Dialogue and understanding is the first step to saving a civilization. Conflict resolution must become an occupation of many in order to put the stops on a society headed for failure, but it must not be the old politically correct, intellectually derived version of liberal hegemony. We must become a Meritocracy. To reestablish a nation and nations of the world into a phase two form requires the following:

  • Return to basic moral and legal systems or human responsibility (see our Founding Principles).
  • Install a Primary Tech (reevaluation of natural systems) curriculum in the public schools and adult programs to stress self-sufficiency and survival in a highly technological world as well as nature orient world. Encourage entrepreneurship and seek out the “national treasures” to work in public schools as teachers.
  • Create new Legal System/s amendment to the constitution mandating that all suits (court costs) must be paid by the loser, which includes the lawyer.
  • Eliminate all public references to races, genders, or groups and stress laws for humanity. No quotas, no special privileges for anyone other than teachers, (includes president, congress, government, groups, lobbyist).
  • Mandate that all tax bills must first run the gamut of decreasing federal spending before any new percentage increase is voted upon.
  • Establish tax credits for teachers that return to schools or seminars for added learning benefits to America’s classrooms and economy. Teachers must be Truth Seekers.
  • Establish across-the-board percentage tax (22%) rather than a graduated tax system, for every individual in America. Eliminate the IRS as a cut in spending.
  • Stop all immigration into the United States, and develop a system of allowing persons to enter only when positions are found in the job force to support that person or groups of persons. Set up guest workers programs.  Disallow any support for aliens such as free schools, medical, welfare, etc. unless a sponsor can be found in the current citizenry or they pay until they become a citizen.
  • All aliens will be deported immediately at the cost of the alien, his nation, his family, or at the taxpayers cost. Our nation suffers for the few that have become the many without any social payback.
  • Increased aid to border nations and nations that tend to migrate, in the form of educational technology for their economic future should serve as leverage. Install programs to make that nation a good place to live. Invest in our Neighbors Programs. This should become our priority and theirs. Use Virtual Reality — Multimedia ED programs on the Internet to educate potential citizens.
  • Establish a merit system where experience, background, knowledge, passion, work ethic, and employment record will determine position rather than relying on educational courses taken or degrees held as a primary criteria. “Credentialism” must end when experience lacks.
  • Religion is private and each person is responsible to keep it between themselves and their God. All churches have a right to petition the government for spiritual considerations. Moments of silence are encouraged in public but no one church may the stressed. Morality is encouraged based upon traditions of the founding nation/s and each citizen’s church.
  • Media have a responsibility to consider the programming worth of their products toward the public good. Educating consumers for street smarts and criminal activity is counter productive to our children and our families. Soaps also have created increased consideration for family breakup and fragmentation of our nation. Psychological propaganda is forbidden.  Networks must become more responsible. Pop culture should be responsible for its actions.

As a world of nations, we need to get involved and change the course that we are now on. Otherwise, we will end just like all those other fools of the past — SLAVES. Isn’t it time humanity finally did something right?

By Ron O. Cook

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  1. j.a. says

    Determination follows truth my mail is in your mindscape article just waited for the facts some viewers got it from other articles presented could you please clarify your intentions on a more internal broadcast may be it is only here so just send this to w-m mystery zone taking of now for communication reason this topic is getting hot to handle for the code from a concern citizen property ownership is a entitlement fortune never can be traced.

  2. says


    I know I am an idiot. I have been sitting back letting folks run all over me for the last 30 years trying to be kind and thoughtful in regard to their shenanigans of spending money we do not have and all the while they have been excreting all over me for expecting people to work for their on causes to feed their families. Indeed what an idiot I am. I have fallen all over myself to try to pardon their evil, criminal acts while in congress taking money we do not have and expecting to tax me more for all my hard work. What a blooming idiot I have been trying to get along with others who have taken me for everything I once had. Such a fool I am for being a Christian. Such a fool I once was. But no more. I will call a spade a spade if it wants to take advantage of me and my family. I will not be a push over. I will begin to judge you and others for their methodology to try to position and posture me as the reason for their bad luck. They may spout “Judge not lest you be judged,” but indeed I have been judged and found wanting in the area of spinal audacity. Michael I think you are an implant to disrupt as much as possible any dialogue we conservatives my be attempting to pursue here. Is that True? I will look for the truth from now on. Why are you here? Are you worthy of Truth? I hope so. Or, I will be the idiot for allowing you to impact my thoughts. I have heard of emplacements in organizations to disrupt and report back. what is up with those who would do such a thing? Only a fool would know. I guess I am the idiot — or am I?

  3. says

    I channel my ancient ancestors who were free men and women. In our blood runs the freedom of this universe clean and clear. I am of the mind that created our means of motivation in a physical state. That state of mind is the potential that drives each and every picosecond that ticks throughout eternity. The coherency that ties us all together is the Redness of our Blood — all blood is red. We are the parts of the whole that left to itself, realizes that TRUTH IS THE ONLY WAY. There is no God Higher than Truth. We came here to be this way, naturally as free men and women. Our very existence is tied to this truth and we should rebirth its meaning to human be’ness. You shall know these truths and it will set you free. NOT THAT ONE IS, BUT THAT WHEREBY “IS”, IS.

    LOVE of one another is the binder of coherency that draws humanity together into a union of like-minded souls. We must attain this coherency in order to circumvent evil that is outside of ourselves being manifest to distort human ideas for the benefit of the few. That few seek/s to destroy our way of life and the coherency that binds us together. We must find a means to LEVERAGE our government back on track through a union built on strength and wisdom.

    Unless we reach down into our souls once again, we will fail in forming a union of persons to set things straight in our surroundings once again. Look deeply my friends, for nothing short of commitment to our base reasoning can save our nation this time around. God Bless you all.

  4. says


    This is a very old article I wrote long ago, but pull it forward to today, and you will see the evolution of our plight.

    First Criterion:

    If Clinton Lied, Has the Media Lied Also?

    By Ron O. Cook

    Now that President Clinton has finally been forced to face up to the consequences of his actions, one wonders how long his lying mindset has been in operation and if that mentality has been observed during that period by America’s astute media sources. Many of us have read Blood Sport, by James B. Stewart and many others, which were compiled over many years through hard research. If Clinton were Nixon, the gloves would have been off long ago. Haven’t we all been able to read between the lines and really categorize in our heart of hearts that Mr. Clinton is indeed a scoundrel? Why do some embrace him still?

    Let’s get real. For the past six years, we have been watching the “hyping of America” by a shrewdly contrived strategy for manipulation of the human mind. It (the propaganda) has permeated the average mentality on a daily basis, and has been pounded home with the frequency necessary to brainwash any average moron. Many feel that they have been the victims of a “spell” cast by a Jedi master – “You will believe everything I/we say.”

    If anyone has ever read my column, they would know that I have been warning America for over twelve years to watch out for the mental leveraging that had already kicked into high gear way back in the late seventies. When Ronald Reagan became President, that’s when the misinformation began to broadcast in higher volumes to discredit him. My experience has come from the inside as a former Democratic Party enabler who worked in the newspaper business. When Reagan came along, I finally awakened from my long liberal stupor to the reality and value of Truth over illusion. So, I know from whereof I speak when pointing fingers.

    Now, for years, I have sought to get out the message about the psychological warfare that is being conducted by the practitioners of the liberal establishment. I have told how we were being “leveraged” for power and control by methods that most of us do not understand or see. I have told you all about the couching of illusions as if they were truths through the technique of “informal fallacy” (Aristotle’s version). We learned how key words such as “children,” and other “caring” verbiage could cloud the minds of preoccupied mothers, and fathers who are too busy to really go beyond once trusted sound bytes. We have been misinformed to the hilt by a liberalized media that should be called to task for lying to us and not doing their unbiased jobs.

    I reintroduced you to Machiavellian Strategy and showed how the “Prince” could create situations that appeared not of his making, but would pit one faction against another through orchestration of ideas and events, in order to control the outcome – “Wag the Dog?” Newt Gingrich should have known this well, having been a History professor. Though lacking Clinton’s charisma, perhaps he is sneaker than we give him credit, though he hides from confrontation.

    I have vicariously stood on the side of Mr. Ken Starr while he quietly worked at doing his appointed job of Independent Counsel. Whereas, the elite press for doing his duty has crucified him (Starr). He has followed the law in doing his work, while the press, who once had the duty to report truths, indulged in abject sucking-up and political positioning for the executive branch with unchecked and ill-advised support for liberal tactics of manipulation. The tragedy of what has happened to the American people during this long presidential slight-of-hand, is that of blood upon the hands of a culpable media elite, for they supported this long conspiratorial lie that has divided America.

    What is worse, I have known many vigilant reporters who dutifully sought out the truth in everything they wrote or presented. They have been de-emphasized and sent out back to concentrate upon lessor stories. Many have been put on a taboo list and “deep-sixed” by all outlets into nonexistence. The Washington elite deemed most of these conservative, straight “male” writers “too clean” or “too honest,” to be included in the media mix. Judging from the White House’s possession of the FBI list of 900 Republicans, the Clintonites may also have lists on “their” liberal reporters. Why else would they (media) doggedly continue to reinforce liberal immorality? They must have something looming-large if blackmailed down the road.

    Thank the Lord there are media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and the Washington Times. Within those media, one can read the truth rather than the enabling prattle of liberal positioning of a president who has psychologically gone turbo. If one could stand good writing, I suggest that they read the editorial page titled “My Dear Mr. President” in the August 25th issue of the Wall Street Journal. It is by Mr. Mark Helprin a novelist. He tells of our present, chaotic situation better than any editorial I have ever read. It is truth, like the first criterion for journalism should be.

  5. J.a says

    wow fundamental princples the chaos and illusion theory who can resist but to return to the foundation which we all stand on together time can only , love your art work by the hopes such.

    • says

      Indeed J.a, we need to realize how Humans are Leveraged due to their mindset and life experiences. Humans leverage for power and control in virtually every event sequence of their lives. They Leverage in Truths and Illusions to control their destiny whatever that may be to them. We humans are psychologically imbued with CLANKS that distort our reality. We need to realize how we come to the decisions we make here in this environment. Freedom and Liberty is perhaps the most essential element of our existence through Godliness. Few do not even think they came about through a massive mentality that is in the background of each and every one of us. We need to awaken to who and what we truly are. If we can begin to reclaim our patriotic existence, then we can breed this knowledge to our children and their children. One way to gain their attention is to mirror their silliness when they step over the line. Look how silly you really are my child. We humans all recognize when someone steps over the line. Look at Obama, he stepped over the line with us. We Americans are smart and we must get active in expressing our distrust of this current administration to a higher degree of amplitude. This means getting highly active and agitated over any Illusion we see manifesting that needs the light of TRUTH. We also must remain in contact and work together in the background of this site and others. Stay in contact and start looking out for each other. Conservatives need to get TIGHT!

      Demand more of Conservative networking beyond the old norm. Think deeper.

    • says

      There are several large corporate entities that could constitute as a base for an ICON CORE CORPORATION (Universal organization capable of creating a conservative union called a HUMATION. This is a new business/nation that could allow the real workers and thinkers to pool their efforts outside of governments. It would be not unlike a LIFE-LOCK on steroids with banking, insurance, finance, consulting on virtually every form of business and buy-ins for patrons. Mitt Romney could lead such an organization.

      • J.a says

        Well then from the rich to the people power to the tracking of devices to cyberworlds then into the new world order around the sphere of influence of the material realms and above and beyond this domain of harmony is that good for us fundamental princples.

        • J.a says

          Further more this concept that is proposed seems so much better than what the world economic forum has to say as a matter of fact there ron would it be that some of our major international delegates support the struggles that smaller nations like the ones that arnt to hot to handle then we could really get stuff moving along our lines of communication for where there is a pipe the line follows.

  6. Brenda Brown says

    Your attempt to rally the sufficiently numbered middle class to stand upon the principles of the founding fathers and get us back into humaneness and spiritual respect, is very good for the most part. However, in dealing with anything truly spiritual, you cannot forget that God is in control. This is His universe and His earth, not ours, as so many would have us believe, and while we might like everyone to live quietly in his corner, that is not how God sees it. I’m definitely not a believer in cramming anything down anyone’s throat, but I can tell you firsthand, God sends people to preach and teach, to inspire change and bring converts to the light of truth. If you’re trying to control Him, you’re not going to make it. Apart from that, I’m in.

    • says

      God is what this is all about. Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Brenda, you need to work on your reading comprehension if you think otherwise. God is what I am all about. I and all of us are his emplacements and emissaries here in the Earth manifestation. Read more of my articles and you will understand better from where I issue.

  7. Ian says

    So the 43 million selfless individuals who voted for Romney are now going to ‘draw together’ and ‘invest in each other’ and make everything right?

    Dream on!

    It won’t happen. We’re at Strauss & Howes’ “Fourth Turning” and whatever cliffs we go over, fiscal or otherwise, we go over together.

    • says

      It is in degrees as to what cliffs we go over. Families take care of their own. Apparently you guys have not prepared for this cliff that our government has made to control us all. Good luck my friend.

      • says

        I checked you out. Nice positioning and posturing with informal fallacies and non-sequiturs. I once was a super generalist too. I learned that whatever I posited, the universe had its on plan. A futurist’s role is fun to play.

        • Ian says

          ‘Families take care of their own’. Yes they do. Which ever party they vote for. Families always come first.

          Far from being a ‘generalist’ I specifically believe that we’re heading for the biggest crisis, not just in living memory but possibly in recorded history. The signs are everywhere for those who can see.

          The Event(s) we are about to experience go far beyond left & right politics, though these issues may play their part & seem important at the time.

          See the bigger picture. The abyss we’re heading into is due entirely to man’s ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, greed and refusal to acknowledge, in their hearts – not just lip service – God, the Creator of All.

          It’s also the refusal, based on the above, to accept that there is in fact an iron LAW that everything (thought, word, deed) has its consequence, its effect and that ignorance of the Law is NO excuse. British Common Law is based on this principle. As Ye Sew So Shall Ye Reap. Period…. (Tough one. Think back through your life and imagine paying back all that negative stuff. Hard, right? That’s why it’s easier to ignore it. We all do)

          Anyway, now comes the reaping, ready or not. And it’s been a long time coming – hundreds of years, maybe longer, at an individual, national, world level. So hold onto your hats..

          On a positive note, we’re all here for a reason (no accidents in the Universe) and maybe the coming experience is necessary to shake us to our roots to realise that rather than being physical beings with occasional spiritual flashes we are in truth Spiritual Beings having a physical experience.

          When you wake up, you’ll know it was just a dream.


          • says

            In the coming days those who live upon the Earth will have urgent need to consider a new form of political and socioeconomic structure. This new form is due to many psychographic and demographic conditions that go beyond religion or self-induced religion to manifest as survival. This movement toward such a new structure is called THE BURGEONING. The Burgeoning is a movement not of any political pressure or organization but of necessity to save civilized standards that are necessary for all to exist in unison or some degree of harmony. It is not unlike the standards of the ancients who impacted the civilization of what some call Egypt and parts of China and India. The Burgeoning will take humanity away from the dictates of some religions (religion will become inner directed) and some forms of government toward a more suitable system of governance that includes merit of one who studies and trains their mind/s to impact society. Money will not be a part of the system. Credits for mind and research will determine the quality of life and it will be considered a phase two civilization that will address the lifestyle/s of all residents of the planet so an equal and just system can allow some comfort to all beings. Population is causing undue problems to this world and conditions necessitate a new form of living together. People on Earth are on the threshold of springing into the universe and must institute a system whereby continued expansion and development can address the conditions of tomorrow. This new form of governance will begin to be planned by many and offered up to all who see the need to become more than we presently are in order to survive the coming age of high density living where harmony is addressed and rights are protected. There are systems already developed in the past, but this age will require something highly advanced and pointed to the protection of each individuals well-being. Humanity must prepare mentally to become a necessary part of this new direction where we all can have rights and concerns that involve families and continued human love. This phase two civilization will be The Burgeoning of Humanity outward and toward the universe in the form of cities in space and on planets not associated with the planet Earth. NASA has some experience in this area of development and its data will be part of this planning. We have come to this and must face its repercussions.

          • says

            Ian, a dream is the reality and this thing we call reality is the school of being and becoming. When we dream, we leave this place to join our other selves in the true realm of Eternity to become the one of issuance. The information that we are is from Timelessness. This is the realm of Mind and Godliness.

  8. J.a says

    Wow that all seems quite ambitious you have brought to light some basic fundamental principles that society and political and religous and family institutions are aware of or should be, great leaders of the past and present have said there is a way if only the rest follows.

    • says

      As an American citizen, and having many friends and family who believe in what our founding fathers set forth for us to maintain, I believe we have but one alternative to endure the next four years of Mr. Obama’s fiasco and his leadership. For us to have such an inept leader at this time in history means that we the people must take over the leading ourselves. Many of us are investing in each other through friendship or family. Some have called it the Jewish philosophy played through conservative values. We will take care of our own now. There are 43 million (voted for Mitt) of us who have a vested interest in our national values. We will draw together and amplify our potential. We will invest in each other and amplify our efforts in giving our youth and children the values that our educational system should have but went to Liberal, slothful causes. No more of their propaganda for those of us who built this nation with our hard earned and hard worked efforts to build. We have been forsaken by a naive flippancy that seems clueless. Conservatives will get tight. Stand and Deliver.

      • J.a says

        Nice of you to explain the way you did makes it all that more true for now our concern is still there so when you say to unite on a merit system and show discernment like we always do some times we have to question the motives of the so called power elect at moment there seems to be some startling observations of them so much what on earth are we ever going to do except for building our enviroment around us because so soon the meaning of sustianable governments has once agian been thrown in the open by force of propagander which is in fact there illusion when viewing such orchestrated chaos from what has just happend resently especialy with the states and now with in australia the government at present with this kyoto thing and the devalued currency by alliance nations now in effect this goes just to show the mess that needs to be cleaned up with in the main streem media we call it here in the west very intresting topc indeed ron so all the best hopes in the world to ya.

        • says

          There is a right way and a wrong way to LEVERAGE LIFE. We can leverage in Truths or illusions or positives or negatives but if we are conservatives we leverage or conduct ourselves for the betterment of our society. It is a no brainer to become responsible for our livelihood and our country full of people who need to have law and order. We do not change our beliefs to collude with evil or behavior that is anti-God or lawlessness. We step up to the challenges of life and step forward to present the alternatives. The conduct of life is straight-forward, set to allow fairness for all and our forefathers stood for this mental attitude. We do not back off of our founding principles. We go forward into the dark night with our Godly armor shining and shouting if necessary. There is a right way and a wrong way and Obama has increasingly taken us down the wrong path. It is time we got organized and realized the Human Leveraging Paradigm that shows us the way in the form of Godly laws. We know where to start. Stand and Deliver your beliefs and do not back off. Your SOUL’S WORTH is at hand. Build upon it.

          • J.a says

            Once again our beliefs have been displayed if it is godly work then we shall see the fruits of our labor in all its glory,if it is the devil at work that time is the same as the leaders that have brought us to this point the soul is eternal have you seen the mayan jade mask with the 144 is that the pride we should seek it would seem that we are on course for the biggest show down are we going to live true to the revelations from the great spirit that excites our senses that causes disease to shudder before the mighty angel is that the harmony of social order for non where wiser than they of the flock.

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