X4K ( Experiment #4000 ) – Commentary

Here is the x4k movie:


Please watch the movie before reading the following Commentary


by Writer and Director Doug Yurchey

X4K or ‘Experiment #4000’ attempted to launch in 1990, when I was a background artist on the Simpsons.  ‘Public Access’ gave anyone the chance to produce and air their own television shows in half-hour segments (hence ‘intervals’) on the Public Access (cable) Channel.  Amateur productions included everything from sock-puppets to religion to musical performances to boring talk, etc.

     I wanted to do something…interesting.  I wanted to use PA as another vehicle for my passion, which is expressing my beliefs and evidence that our ancestors were technologically superior.  I have lectured; been asked to write for magazines; been interviewed on radio numerous times and now WRITE on the Internet.  In 1990, I thought…what the heck.  I’d do a story to convey theories concerning Atlantis and Nikola Tesla.

     There are actually three different endings to ‘Experiment #4000’ (ha, alternative endings).  1) The ending that was going to be filmed for the 3-episode, cable series in 1990.       2) The ending in the short story, which was written after 2002.  3) The ending recently shot for the ‘mini-movie.’

     In the original, the scene at the tennis courts was to be the third and final half-hour installment.  I was not going to ‘beam in.’  I would walk to the courts in a catatonic state like a zombie.  My long hair was going to be shaved off to total baldness and a nasty scar would be visible across my head.  The aliens removed my BRAIN, you see.  I was only going to be my body and just about nothing else.

     A friend of mine from the Simpsons was a body-builder and had a Mohawk.  He was going to be an ‘unseen Lemurian’ leading me around at the courts.  My tennis buddies were to act like they only saw me and not my conspicuous, invisible ‘handler.’

     I planned to sit on the bench next to one of the guys.  He was going to deliver the last line which was, ‘Doug, what the HELL happened to your hair?’

     Everything was set back then.  PA taught you production skills; you would edit your own show and then have it air a few weeks later.  Two guys in my tennis gang at the time were known, Hollywood character-actors:  Charles Howerton and Mike Forest, best known for playing ‘Apollo’ in the original Star Trek.  They even had written permission from SAG to appear in my little TV series.  Why didn’t it happen?  One could say Fate, but the truth is…I did not want to shave my head bald!

     In the short story ending, I write exactly what I intended at the tennis courts for PA…only the story was…I created a RIOT on the aliens’ home planet.  A psychic-war broke out with objects being thrown about telekinetically!  Some of the Greys wanted me dead; some wanted to study the freak and some wanted to honor the agreement and return me to Earth.  They sort of all got their way.  A disembodied BRAIN stood on a Zeta Reticulan pedestal as students from all over the galaxy… listened to my endless lectures (like the heads under glass in ‘Futurama’).

     So, X4K remained on the shelf for more than twenty years; unseen.  An hour was shot for the first two episodes and there were plenty of mistakes, flubs and slow/irrelevant parts.  There were no sound-effects; no alien subtitles or nice dissolve-edits from one scene to another.  It wasn’t that good.

     Nothing was scripted.  I had a basic idea for the story and simply winged-it off the top of my head.  You only got 1-SHOT and unlike real movies; you can’t do it over.  Editing should save the day…but, that never happened because I quit…

     …After 22 years, only one rough-cut disk remained of X4K.  It had been transferred from videotape (remember them?) and that was transferred from very wide tape used by studios in those days (before digital).  Then, I got a brainstorm:

     Like Ed Wood who realized he could make ‘Plan 9…’ from a few minutes of (dead) Bela Lugosi on film…I realized, ‘hey, dis ain’t too bad; all it needs is editing and special-effects.  Today, it could be a YouTube!’  THEN, THE NEW ENDING HIT ME…using AGE or the passing of 22 years!

     In every film with characters that age, the ‘old’ make-up looks fake and phony; we can tell.  I don’t think it has ever been done that a filmmaker actually waited a few decades to get the desired effect of REAL AGING…then, finished the film.

     I don’t believe that is the only FIRST for X4K.  How often do we ever see the rectangular SCREEN (that we view the show) used as SOMETHING in the show?  The static screen was a low-positioned camera that never moved on purpose.  The idea was…the SMALL aliens were standing on the other side of the rectangular glass or window viewing the test subject.  The mini-movie’s viewers or Internet viewers are almost standing in the aliens’ space boots watching the 4000th abductee.  They are even referred to as ‘the watchers.’  The audience virtually becomes an intimate part of the theater.

     Thank the gods of the universe that the production wasn’t done and aired 22 years ago.  The thought to use it and put it on the Web may have never occurred to me.  I placed an ad in Craig’s List and a young dude called me within an hour.  He got the editing job and we were going to film an ending!  I like the new version better.  (For reference, stream an old episode of ‘Tales from the Darkside’ called ‘Distant Signals’).

     How often do we see TELEPATHIC alien subtitles?  The timing had to be perfect in the mini-movie.  As I quickly received the aliens’ thoughts, you ‘watchers’ are reading those thoughts.  Such a thing has not really been attempted on film or there are few examples. 

     The alien subtitles were the most fun to do!  Imagine just winging a conversation with an alien off the top of your head and then 22 years later, writing down word-for-word what the alien side of the telepathic talk would be!  That was a great day. 

     I think the added electronic sounds, plus unseen aliens that only communicate in psychic subtitles create a strange effect.  With a compelling life-and-death drama, I believe viewers might want to watch the whole play.  Four types of sounds were added: 1) Overall whines that roll in and out are a constant backdrop.  2) Occasional chimes ring when I say something interesting.  3) Four times LARGE chimes blare when I REALLY hit the nail on the head!  4)  Also, low/electronic sounds can be heard throughout the film.

     I have been asked about the Blue Drink, which was only a blueberry soda.  Here is a clue about the Greys and the aliens’ real intentions…in my parallel world (none of which I say is true), the grey aliens are GOOD and not lying or deceiving anybody!  Humans experiment on animals every day to cure illnesses and extend life.  The Zetas are doing the same.  What was the purpose of the Blue Drink?

     Obviously, #4000 would be suspicious of a materialized drink that his captors want him to take voluntarily.  He slowly discovers it is a ‘panacea’ cure-all and is offended that HE gets to be cured while Earthlings suffer.  In truth, the drink stabilizes or decompresses someone like #4000 to physically cope with the movements of the spaceship.  It provides all nourishment while also eliminating pain, diseases, viruses and waste material.  Notice that MORE Blue Drink was given in the second round since the subject did not drink and was behind schedule; getting sick.

     Greys soon realize the uniqueness of X4K with their type of lie-detector and admit not being able to totally read #4000.  If they could plainly read their ‘special’ subjects, then the answer to the Big Question would be psychically known and there be no need to SPEAK the answer.

     The green scarab represented a game-win while for the last 3999 subjects the end-image was a red spider (game-loss).

     A fascinating, new addition to the plot was the element of TIME.  Now, that a different ending of an OLD ME was conceived…I wanted to include as many TIME references or weird time-related things as I could.  I was pleased to find a few time statements in the old footage such as SUSPENDED ANIMATION that I could use.

     It was so easy to freeze-frame for a few seconds and apply it to, that was the suspended animation?’  Playing with time is a result of the spaceship’s movements which we can assume has been going in and out of hyper-drive.  An unusual twist is…we have heard of an astronaut’s twin aging on Earth while the light-speed astronaut does not age.  This is a fact called ‘Time Dilation’ that Star Trek with a ‘warp field’ goes around.   

     In my film, upon returning to Earth, we find that the ‘ruling did not include suspended animation.’  In the final scene with the caption ‘INTERVAL 3’ coincidently filmed with court ‘3’ sign in upper left corner…TIME HAD PASSED.  In a Twilight Zone, actor-astronaut Robert Lansing removes himself from a suspension chamber onboard so he will age like girlfriend Mariette Hartley back on Earth.  Kind of the same thing here; with no S.A., time passed…physically…but, not to the (sleeping) conscious mind of subject #4000.   

     Viewers see that the subject WAS operated on in the lab, but not killed.  He was returned as per their agreement.  Why sliced up if the aliens had good intentions?  I explained that maybe; they still wanted to look under the hood.  Notice the mistake of red Sharpie highlighting my right side when the heart is on the left.  (Damn drawing was from the mirror!)   

     After doing the last scene, you want to do it again; feeling you could do it better the second time.  I missed the line where I say my pants are on backwards, but I’m now glad since you can SEE they are on backwards.  No second-takes, which means the whole 45-minute film was shot in one-take. 

     POPPING in at the courts was done with the editor standing off to the side on a bench.  He was told to toss a bucket of water high over my head.  I would jump up into it and he’d cut me in at the highest point.  Funny, that Marvin the Martian with a ‘fascist’ Roman helmet was on my shirt the whole time with no mention of it.  I knew I had to laugh about that in the final scene.  The editor then went behind the camera for the zoom-in. 

     Also, the symbolic KEYS tie in the beginning and the end.  You will see a plastic wineglass (original was glass) that was in the water bucket fall perfectly to the lower right.  A feather was tossed in from the right side and hits me in the face.  This did not work.  But, it was not really noticeable.  I thought the water worked well.  All in all, I was pleased with the last scene.  HEY, I’M 61 YEARS OLD!  I thought the contrast was very funny.  And, after some heaviness in the drama…there’s a humorous ending.  I like it; thumbs up!   (Anyone see the rose?)

     The most interesting and revealing alien, telepathic subtitle was the one that stated WE ARE YOU IN THE FUTURE – YOU WILL DO THE SAME…and #4000 just says ‘really?’  I do not recall if the idea was mine or I read it somewhere.  In my scenario, the Zetas have gone back in time and are trying to change things in a universe where you cannot go back and change things.

     If the Greys who now nest around the yellow, binary suns of Zeta 1 and 2 Reticuli ARE us in the future and really originated from our future…then, we are all connected in a grand Circle of Life.  When #4000 claims ‘the Atlanteans were better than you’ (Greys)…he errors.  According to the plot, the Atlanteans are us in the distant past; we are the Atlanteans in the present; the Greys, who cannot reproduce, are the Atlanteans (us) in the distant future.   [There’s your Evolution].

     Even after passing the aliens’ Intelligent Test and for all the knowledge of the test subject…he still fails to understand the full extent; that we are them and they are us and it is only time that makes the difference.

     The story could symbolize LIFE.  We POP into existence in a strange world we cannot comprehend; we grow, analyze, learn; get old…we cry out for answers and think we have divine experiences talking to a GOD we do not see.  Then, at the end, our energy arrives SOMEWHERE in a type of ‘afterlife.’  Were we ever in control?  Are we always victims of events we cannot understand?  Will we ever know for sure?

     A lot of questions and mysteries are wrestled with in my mini-movie that cost less than $250. to make!  (not a type-O)  PA equipment was free and so was the FORCEFIELD. There actually was one special-effect in the original PA footage.  Dale Hendrickson, who designed most of the Simpsons characters, created the FORCEFIELD background-loop on one of the early computers.  I was playing to a blue-screen.

     With no script or real planning and only one chance to capture the story in a spontaneous rant…many important points that I wanted to say…were not said.

     The point should have been made that the Atlanteans LANDED here and did not originate from Earth.  Viewers will get the impression these ancestors came from Earth and that was not my intention at all.  Possibly, I assumed that if we had a SUPER TECHNOLOGY, spaceflight would be child’s play and the ‘landing’ part went unstated.  I meant to say we landed at Tiahuanaco Base; surveyed the planet and built the World Grid that became the beginnings of the human race. 

     This Tesla/wireless energy should have been described as MAGNETIC and that’s why it interferes with our systems today; like how we keep magnets away from our computers.  The electro-magnetic properties through the ground; forces that move a compass needle should have been made clearer.

     CLONING as another ancient technology should have been mentioned.  I explained the largeness of Cro-Magnons’ skull cavity, but failed to say THEY WERE THE CLONERS who created other human forms that have been misinterpreted as ‘primates.’  Actually…the lesser so-called ‘primates’ were (bio-manufactured) human workers, slaves and soldiers.

     I was glad that ALIENS were not stated as a part of our genesis.  And, in my scenario, the knowledgeable Greys AGREED.  #4000 tried to emphasize the incredible, ancient world of titanic stonework was built by US, HUMANS (‘supermen and superwomen’)…and, not alien-influenced.  ANTI-GRAVITY and powerful LASERS should also have been stated to have produced the stone wonders of prehistory.

     Thank you everyone who watched my short film.  Hope there was enough drama/conflict or interesting dialogue to have kept your attention.  A lot of storylines came from various researches over decades: the John Lear / Bill Cooper information (etc.) along with original concepts.  If you like my movie, send it to a friend…and don’t reveal the end.

     One more thing, no…I was never really abducted…

     …I don’t think so, anyway.      

                                                 (Maybe I should have used sock-puppets?)

Doug Yurchey

[email protected]     



  1. says

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  2. Doug Yurchey says

    Thank you, Carol. People seemed to like it – glad I put an end on it and finished it – the alternative was no one ever seeing it – on YouTube there’s been more than 1000 views in a month! Pretty good when you consider it’s a whole 45 minutes.
    About Mike Forest – I found out ‘Apollo’ doesn’t even like sci-fi (ha) and he’s at some of the conventions where they treat him like a King. Sent him a dvd of X4K and him and his wife really watched it – called me up after it with a few good words…funny.

  3. Carol K. says

    I liked your movie. I think that considering it was your first (and I suppose only?) film making endeavor, you did an incredible job! My daughter is studying film production in school and I honestly think her teacher would be impressed with all that you achieved here.
    I really love the character’s demeanor, it’s exactly how I hope I would ‘comport’ myself if ever I were abducted – though I suspect I might easily fall into the gibbering idiot ‘category’ 😉
    The ‘monologue’ was compelling and kept me wanting to know what would come up next.
    The staging and blocking were a great idea as a way for such a limited budget film to serve it’s needs for a setting…
    You might consider one change: Since the character never gives a direct answer as to the ‘beginning’ of humanity on earth (actually, ruling out both evolution and a creator ‘god’), you might have them ask something more open-ended…maybe something like, “What do you know of humanity’s ancient history?” (The Tesla stuff could still play to that, since the early 20 century ‘seems’ like ancient history to most people today).
    Oh btw, I’m so glad to see your appreciation of Tesla! I became fascinated by him when I saw the movie, “The Prestige”, and started reading as much as I could find on him.
    Anyway, I just wanted to express my thoughts, so here they are in a nutshell, “Well done!”
    Oh, one more thing…odd little synchronicity…in your comments about the original tennis court idea you mention that one of the actors who would have been in the scene was the guy who played Apollo…well just last night some “Star Trek” conversation came up and my contribution was that my favorite episode was the one with Apollo…funny the way things like that happen sometimes, isn’t it?

  4. Doug Yurchey says

    to the French religious guy – wow, did I offend you! And, since you KNOW THAT GOD DID IT – wow, by my STORY…you would not have lasted 2 minutes…the aliens would have gotten out the hook and FRIED YOU!
    You’re the one with all the answers – how SIMPLY arrogant of you. Did you read the commentary just inches above your post? Maybe you did, but sure did not agree. TO YOU, IT’S A BLUR. I stated above what I should have said; that I left out because I only had 1-shot at it. LANDING here on Earth at Tiahuanaco Bolivian mountains; building with the super knowledge of gods! (did you notice the SMALL ‘g’?) constructing a real IMPOSSIBILITY with super-science – MEN and WOMEN beyond your wildest imagination. I’m sorry if my delusional imagination offends you. But, inside us we have the latent psychic powers – telekinetic powers, etc – that are lost to us now since we have been falling for thousands of years. I don’t care if you don’t agree with me, oh person from the Dark Ages – Edgar Cayce WOULD agree with me – I am a modern man with modern answers against the grain of the backward world that you think is so right and godly. IGNORANCE IS AN OFFENSE TO YOUR GOD! It’s an offense to smart aliens and gods and angels of the real world and to any intelligent beings.
    I don’t need or want your blessing – I am George Jetson and I don’t care to hear the backward opinions of a Fred Flintstone…that would be YOU. Famous writer, Brad Steiger praised X4K as ‘creative’ and ‘ingenious.’ But, you say: GOD DID IT – wow, a shining example of intelligence.
    I even have theorized where we MAY have come from before we landed here. MARS! since there is a mile-long (detailed and worn) HUMAN face at Cydonia next to an aligned Martian Great Pyramid. HUMAN ruins and a ruined, red planet (radiation due to war?). We might have sought out a cool, blue world very close that has not been touched by WAR. All this is logical – and in a free society, I should be allowed to THEORIZE. You’re the kind of guy that placed Galileo under religious House Arrest because he dared show the Archbishop PHYSICAL PROOF that Jupiter’s moons go around Jupiter and therefore we are not the center of the universe. Arrest him!!
    (by the way, Jesus (& HE WOULD TELL YOU) is no one’s savior since he believed in the fact of REINCARNATION as an eastern master known as ‘Saint Essa’ in India – but, you would not know that – since fundamentalists like you and many others are so far from Truth – which makes you so far from God).
    I could have posted a lot more positive comments on X4K; it’s at least 10-1 positive. Can’t please everyone.

  5. Starheater says

    Hello Mister Yurchey
    (please excuse my english writing, I am french)

    By telling that Atlantean was our ancestor, you are admiting that you dont know how life begin on Earth, an far from knowing it, you make a little distortion by saying that Atlantean was extraterrestrial, that’s how you clean up your floor, by tossing the dust out of your way. Why do a film that are in fact just a blur, and echo of the reallity. If I ask you where the Extraterrestrial where from, you would probably tell me that they came from another galaxie, pussing the dust a little bit further from your floor. But Mister Yurchey, with an answer like this, you are suppose to be dead, because you really dont know how life came to be on Earth, beside your reincarnation stuff is false too. One day I will have to explain to you the truth about the existence of man on Earth. And I got to be more precise, yes humain are animal in the real sense of the word, they are not gods, not heaven close too. Get out of your fantasy, your imagination keep you from seeing reality, the only thing that difference humain from animal, is that they are superior by the intelligence, that all. I know how it begin on Earth. The Word of God (Christ) created Adam and Eve. Proof of what I wrote to you exist, the genaology exist in form of book, in that book you have all the genealogy of the humain kind starting from Adam to the Queen of England who are the last of the kind. God Bless you all. Maurice Smith

  6. Doug Yurchey says

    MORE EMAIL COMMENTS (again, not from W-M viewers; where r they?)

    I watched it today on Youtube…saw nearly 300 views…Congrats! Other stuff on the side seemed to be getting lots of views also. Apparently, a market for that stuff. I found it interesting for sure…a little slow for awhile in the 1st half…I had pictured a more imaginative setting than a static screen…like some Lab-Room or holding cell type of thing. Of course, I am not hip to all your history and theories so I didn’t really understand a lot of it. Impressive “One Man Show” though…to carry a monologue by yourself…seemingly un-scripted! A surprise ending when you crash back to earth….Totally different look! Cute that it dropped you on a Tennis Court. Perhaps I’ll understand it more on a second watch, but congrats on the views and on the completion of it! Rick Lingg

    Thank you for your email and the link to your short film. I enjoyed watching it although to be really honest it doesn’t quite reflect certain facts in most of the encounters my clients’ experiences, but it was an interesting concept and I liked the approach to our evolution or devolution concept. Although the truth that people are being up-graded by their interactions, contacts. Some of the things my clients would notice in the film is the lack of fear/terror the actor was albeit too chatty and up front. In truth I believe he would be almost in stasis of shock, which is more likely. The floor of the space craft is soft, yielding and noiseless, ( I heard the floorboards) On the craft nothing has sharp corners. (The triangular table would not be accurate.) It would be rounded and molded. To sedate someone is either by touch, eye contact or a long thin stick like object. However unless you have had contact you may be unaware of this and not all books on the subject have such details. But certainly the storyline was interesting. Thanks for sharing…Mary Rodwell

    That’s some wild stuff, Doug. I watched the YouTube and the DVD, they both look the same, right? I applaud you for making the movie. It’s a grand accomplishment. I’m sure you had a ton of fun doing it. So I’m curious, how did you change your appearance from young to old? Seemed like two different people (actors)….
    That’s it. It crossed my mind that you’d made this when you were younger (I know you’re my age), but I didn’t think you’d have had this project in the works that long, and I figured the man on the tennis court (notice I didn’t say old man) was you now, and it would be hard to make you look younger for the spaceship scene, thus the two actors theory. The fact that it’s you twenty plus years ago makes this movie even more incredible. I wish you the mostest bestest success with it. And no, I’m not going to sell the DVD copy you sent me. I’m keeping it. Terry Wright

    Enjoyed it. Thanks! Professor Solomon

    Enjoyed X4K. Congratulations on taking a large, difficult project to completion. Ken Welch

    I am afraid that I was initially quite intrigued by your movie as I am a big fan of indie projects. Sadly all confidence in the film was lost when you used the term ‘killed.’ Such a negative viewpoint certainly does not shed a positive light on the possibility of peaceful contact, now or at a future point in time. I would normally wish you the best in your endeavours, however in this case I will forgo my customary salutation and respectfully request that you re-write that portion/premise of your film. Regards, Richard T

  7. J.a says

    Very well done!thanks for letting me use this space of yours it should make a the whole better we can shape reality to suit our needs beyond invading forces life is such a splendour taking the controls, but i would never sell my soul just the fruit please.

  8. Doug Yurchey says

    I’m sorry the readers of W-M have Attention Deficit and 45 minutes of their life is just too much to ask of someone to view my movie. A few people thought World-Mysteries was MY site. Well, what I wanted to do is share something very special with MY viewers…and I see few people care on this site. I thought people liked my articles. I thought they might – might want to SEE me in action. TODAY 2 celebs contacted me; actor Mike Forest (‘Apollo’ in Star Trek) called and said he and his wife actually watched the whole thing; and that’s not their cup-of-tea. 2nd…Brad Steiger – who wrote the ‘Star-People’ series of books emailed me and said the movie was:


    The ‘mini-movie’ was viewed 220 times on YouTube already – and that was in 2 DAYS! I hoped MY READERS on WM would really enjoy it – guess I was wrong. Here are what people said in emails to me – in only 2 days:

    Thanks Doug! Yes I have viewed your film. Most odd.
    Best of British Luck. tonyaustin22

    I found the background music and scenery monotonous.
    It was great but just not enough variety for 45 minutes. It is O.K.
    for stand up comedy but perhaps not for a drama monologue?
    I only remember Will Rogers by James Whitmore Jr. I never saw
    Nimoy or anyone else do an entire play so I don’t have anything to compare it to. The story line about our treatment of animals is old and tiring.
    At first you reminded me of Jerry O’Connell in Sliders. When you
    talked about mankinds great achievements you could have had
    a slideshow on the screen behind you. Maybe Ancient Aliens including
    the narration with History 2/Tsoukalos permission, of course. …You are up to 51 views now, my friend. I posted it on twitter yesterday. Best regards… Keith

    I liked it. Even though it was slow going it held my attention til the end. I liked the information it held. Good job!!
    So that really was you in both portions? Wow, what a fantastic story, isn’t it funny how things evolve? Thank you for sharing with me. Respectfully, Dodi

    Thought the mini-movie really showed your passion for your ideas. One man acting is a difficult thing to pull off & we thought you did well. Perhaps you should have taken up acting…I think you have a latent talent for it. The theme was DOUG PRIME! Was shocked to see you with short hair! Never been there since high school; thought you looked like Stevie! your dad Len/Cheaps

    Thanks, Doug…that was fun. Hope you were looking for some LOLs because I certainly did. Quite entertaining. What was in that glass? Yeah, I know, a panacea. …Of course, I knew it wasn’t a comedy! But I did enjoy the humor and the funny ending and I must say I was impressed with your acting! Pat

    It was nice to see you, as I remembered you, after all these years. Do you now have short hair & a beard ??? I have a beard. I liked the Marvin the Martian T-shirt; it added a nice touch to the production. I also liked the various dashes of humor you threw into the mix. You were using all of this as a teaching tool, weren’t you ?????? Why not more about our Alien roots, as some believe, as I think you do ?????????? Do you know that on 2 occasions, during the latter stages of the film, voices & music interrupt your dialogue ????? Thank you for sharing this with me.
    Why did you want someone to “step on” your words when /if you said something important ?? Why do you think the Greys are us in the future ??? I take it you think time travel is possible. No aliens in our past. I thought you believed in this; my mistake. It has been so long since I saw you that I thought you were 20 something in the film. You looked young for forty but then so did I. And on it goes….. Mark the Shark

    JOY to see you back! Thank You. Ralph Ring

    I watched it this morning, after all! I really love this short movie. I love the basic idea of the presentation, how you managed to bring up the Tesla technology and link it back to Atlantis, and how we were actually evolved in the beginning, but have devolved after that and are constantly struggling with re-evolving. It’s a brilliant idea to put that out there as a monologue (well, dialog if you include the alien telepathic messages, of course), and I like the ending, too. Nice that you waited — is it 20 years? — to complete it. No need for cosmetic preparations :-) Also, you’re doing an excellent actor job. Man, you’ve known this Tesla thing for a long time! This movie was made in 1992? How old are you, if I may ask? I believe in this one. Yes, go ahead and spread it around. If you want to, I can upload it to my blog. But I’ll wait in that case until it’s on YouTube, because I don’t think WordPress accepts it if I upload videos in this format. Is it okay if I post the YouTube version? Wes Penre of Illuminati-News

    Creative. Ingenious. Socko ending 22 years in the making.
    Our only criticism is that the ‘one man performance’ is too long for the average viewer who isn’t locked into UFO abductions. Also, the creative premise that 3999 previous abductees have been sliced and diced may be considered a bit too brutal, bloody and negative by those who have more positive theories about the Visitors’ intentions.
    We are sending your film to others who may be interested.
    With Kindest Regards and Best of Luck,
    Brad and Sherry Steiger

  9. Jorge says

    It seems still a persue to define and diminish ancient sites as a foreign or out of this world. It is absurd for people who are unable to understand or accept that ancient cultures were far too advanced than our own even if they are found in South America, Asia or Central America and not in Europe. I pity for their brainless, them. Those alines form outer space are our own past who have left the earth before to find a better world to live in and are warning us on the advaent of environmental changes in our earth.

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