Why Not Have a One-World Government?

Why Not Have a One-World Government?

by Doug Yurchey

Why not have a New World Order?  The Old World Order hasn’t worked too well.  What could possibly be wrong with CHANGE?

Imagine a new system, not like Communism or any negative aspects of Socialism.  John Lennon sang, ‘Imagine there’s no countries.  It isn’t hard to do.  Nothing to kill or die for…’

This writer often uses Nikola Tesla’s quotes AGAINST NATIONALISM; AGAINST PATRIOTISM.  In ‘Star Trek,’ the projected Earth of the future was united into one planet; one Federation.

For nationalists (who always ‘support the troops’) unfamiliar with ‘The Problem with Countries,’ we will review.  If you love your country or only your ethnicity, you separate from others unlike you.  WE become divided as a human race.  Countries divide us; governments divide us; when we truly are one global PEOPLE.

Let’s imagine life on other planets.  (Possible) Venusians, the Greys, the Lizard-people; the Nordics to name only a few…do you really believe planets with intelligent life are separated into STATES, countries, provinces and districts?  The key word is ‘intelligent.’

If an advanced race from Tau Ceti 3 visited Earth, they probably are not from Sector 17 at war with Tau Cetians from Sector 18.  War and accepting wars are primitive ideologies from our Dark Ages.

Generally…a high-tech civilization would be nothing like our divided, social systems.  Aliens would not be at civil war with themselves!  Alien or ET human societies would not resemble our (archaic) multiple governments and barbaric concepts of independent sovereignties.

Albert Einstein was a One-Worlder.  During World War 2, he participated in marches carrying banners which read: ‘One World or None.’ 

The great-thinker Buckminster Fuller, creator of the geodesic DOME, believed in a UNITED future with no countries.  He described that we are all aboard ‘Spaceship Earth.’

Science-fiction is probably correct:  Real world aliens and ET humans, for the most part, are One-Worlders.

The Illuminati or New World Order has its old symbol for a planetary UNION or a UNITED Federation.  The Roman ‘fasces’ (look in dictionary), a FASCIST symbol, is still used by the United States; in the House of Representatives; on the seal of the Senate; was on the reverse of the Mercury Dime and even on the Lincoln Memorial, etc.

But…this is not the wonderful world dreamed by forward-thinkers like Tesla, Einstein and Fuller.  Our ‘fascist’ symbol, also worn by Hitler’s men, represents a dark/secret totalitarian STATE.  The (evil) symbol means, ‘if we UNITE the sovereign bosses (tied rods), then we have (ax head) POWER!’

What’s so wrong with having a New World Order and a One-World Government?  The problem is…who’s in charge?  Certainly, the answer cannot be anyone or anything from the previous regime.  ‘Modern’ living has consisted of centuries of secret subjugation and enslavement by our Ruling Masters.  They have passed-the-torch to new overlords.  Us guys, (considered) cattle/sheeple, even PAY the NWO for their ruthless dominion over us!

No…it is the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth that I am talking about…not the military complex.  This writer is calling out for ‘Wings Over the World’ (see ‘Things to Come’).  Scientists; environmentalists; the most intelligent and caring of humans SHOULD be in charge…and not Zion Capitalists.

Our long history has been a journey of sheep led to slaughter through needless wars.  Wars are simply a means of controlling the masses by those who would sell us the bullets and bandages. 

If there is a movement toward a One-World Government with a One-World Bank and a One-World Police Force…we have to be very, very careful.  If we abolish countries, what will replace them?

WE have to be in power; the masses; the 99%.  There must be an end to all tyrants.  We have to become One Planet ruled by intelligent, compassionate Free People.

Final thoughts:  Sorry for the references to films.  Often, in films, we view the magic and hope of dreams.  Remember at the end of the film Avatar?  Humans who lived-by-the-sword and raped lands that did not belong to them…were defeated.  They lost and were marched off that world at gunpoint.  If only a higher power came to our aid… 

Please understand; I am not criticizing ‘America.’  America is beautiful people and beautiful nature.  I am criticizing the bureaucracy ruled by cold, bureaucratic profiteers called the ‘United States’ and also its parent-company; the ‘United Kingdom.’   

Copyright by Doug Yurchey
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  1. Unkonwn says

    I would submit that it is not the US and UK, it is all the world leaders Meet the new boss same as the old boss. No world leader is without blood on their hands. The New World Order should be lead by IDEALS, no MAN should have final say. The US was set up this way, and thugs changed it slowly… The decadence of the US isn’t a conscious submission to evil or a diabolical plot. It fell prey to the age old problem of man, and the only problem man has ever faced, whether real or perceived, and that is longing verses scarcity.

  2. Teirdalin says

    Honestly, if the idea of a one world government was to be created, people would mostly argue about who it was ran by and how it was ran. An artificial intelligence would probably be the safest bet.

  3. Jose A. M. Nolla says

    First let me clear up about what you describe as a fascist Symbol. The traditional Roman fasces consisted of a bundle of birch rods, tied together with a red leather ribbon into a cylinder, and often including a bronze axe (or sometimes two) amongst the rods, with the blade(s) on the side, projecting from the bundle. They were carried by the Lictors who accompanied the Magistrates. The axe often represents the power over life or death through the death penalty, although after the Laws of the Twelve Tables, no Roman magistrate could summarily execute a Roman citizen. It was used as a symbol of the Roman Republic in many circumstances, including being carried in processions, much the way a flag might be carried today. The term Fascism is related to the modern Italian word fascio, used in the 20th century to designate peasant cooperatives and industrial workers’ unions, the basis for development of Corporativism as the economic ideal of Fascism. It was because of this that Fascist ideology took it as its main symbol but in its original concept it was and still is a symbol of a republican form of government and as such used by the Carthaginians, Etruscans and Romans in antiquity and the US, France and other countries today.
    About a World Government, if you look around, the movement has already started with the establishment of Regional Governing bodies such as the European Union, African Union and others. In the near future we can look forward to a Union of the Americas running from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.
    The basis for the growth of these regional bodies are the elimination of border controls and free trade. After these regional organizations are established a Council of Earth will come about from representatives of these regional organizations.

  4. Siegfried says

    I am a tireless reader of your site and anything that helps me understand this wonderful world we live in. Actually both wonderful and monstruous, but fascinating nonetheless. Let me point out a few thoughts regarding your article.

    I have the impression that when you speak of “Why not a One World Government?” you actually mean “why not an alternative to the current state of affairs?”, especially regarding power structures which tend to subjugate mercilessly the masses, that 99%.

    For we are talking about freedom. Free will defines us as people. Freedom is to have power upon yourself, to do as you please without coercion from an external force.

    Governments, all of them, are based on coercing the people within their territorial reaches (and beyond if possible) to act to a set of predefined regulations. Governments posess monopolies on legislation, justice, prison, law enforcement and violence, and grant monopolies on money creation. Even if parliaments rotate every few years, those effective monopolies do not. While in theory there are no privileged people, there are indeed privileged functions which do not disappear when a new party enters office.

    Aware of this, big players in the game will shovel money into those occupying the privileged functions in order to alter the regulations to their favor and against their competition. Since the state has legislative and enforcement monopolies, big players thus will secure their position through govermnet coercion towards the smallest. Given that the states are funded through taxation, that is forceful extraction of wealth from the population, it turns out that the small players end up paying for their enslavement in a system that promises freedom and delivers none.

    The very nature of current western style regulatory democracies means that with time they will develop into corporatocracies closest to fascism than anything else. This trend is clearly observable, and is leading towards very dangerous times if left untouched.

    Tesla’s reluctance to nationalism is understandable. To wrap authority with a flag does not alter its criminal foundations: Pertual coercion to achieve its goals, stealing wealth and freedom with the threat of force, and communicating the fraudulent idea that the state is not only necessary, but the only entity that can protect us from ourselves and provide things like healthcare, education and so on.

    States perpetuate the idea that freedom is dangerous, free people would live in chaos and surely would end preying on themselves.

    You say “Countries divide us; governments divide us; when we truly are one global PEOPLE.” You are so right. Countries don’t really exist. Only people. And people naturally organize themselves in communities, some big, some small, in an organic way. As long as those communities do not rely on coercion to achieve their goals, it is fine.

    Of course there will always be problematic individuals, just let each community deal with them in their own unique way. Culturally western “civilization” is dragged by its reliance on government to solve each indivual’s basic needs, when freedom tells us we can do it ourselves.

    Thus substitution of current governments with a world government changes nothing, only centralizes power and worse yet, detaches even more the power holders from reality.

    Star Trek presents an utopic one world government, or one galaxy government. The reality is that no one can claim authority over us, no matter how beautiful they paint it, or how physically far or close that authority might be from ourselves. Peace through coercion is worthless. What’s the point of freedom if we are not allowed to use it?

    • ThorRules says

      So many of the comments here stem from the basic fallacious ideas put forward by the corporate conservative propaganda: selfishness and individualism are the only way to go.
      But this is proven (very) wrong by any serious study of nature around us and of our own history.
      While individualism can be a positive driving force it is only so when it is embedded in a collaborative overall process. We all benefit from the infrastructure and knowledge discovered, created or put in place by those who came before us.
      If we were to apply the same ownership or patent like rules that corporations are nowadays trying to impose, we would not be able to benefit from all these positive, quite rich tools and knowledge. Our development would be severely hampered, slowed down or brought to a halt.
      Taxation is absolutely not, as so often stated “forceful extraction of wealth from the population”. It is at first, a way to set enough resources in common so that individuality can be expressed and driven to strive even more without having to deal or worry about all the infrastructure, physical or intellectual, needed to progress.
      It is quite upsetting to see these short sighted self centered comments that basically are all saying the same thing: dont change anything, let’s remain selfish and self centered, let’s monetize everything even words, let’s remove government and abolish all taxes because people can do things on their own…etc. That is very simplistic and serve only one thing: the hateful conservative agenda.
      At no point in history have any of our ancestors society been able to strive without putting basic things in common so that each individual could focus on bringing and developing her or his contribution or talent.
      How do you think humanity will be able to tackle the real (not the corporate sponsored false noise) problems we are facing today and will be facing tomorrow?
      Do you think global warming can be stopped at your borders? same for the radiation and fallout from Fukushima? overfishing and the depletion of resources handled by individuals who defend their very narrow self interests? spreading into space on your own?
      Of course this planet needs a one world government made of regional representation with not one women/men at the top but a governing body.
      Hence it is not centralized and still flexible and resilient enough to find local solutions when needed.
      It is not going to be easy, it’s probably the hardest task we have ever dealt with in our history but it is our only chance of survival and development.

  5. Kevin says

    If the United Nations is any example of what a NWO would even remotely look like, then you can count me out. America has done more for the world in the last 2 centuries than any civilization has done in the history of the world. (recorded history) But of course, some things have been done in the name of our government many of us would be ashamed of as well. But technology, medicine, feeding the world……
    A one world government would allow “payback” to the American people from countries who feel they have been wronged. There has been a growing resentment of “successful” people, in this country and world, and it translates to nations as a whole in the bigger picture. I can just imagine how America would be treated in this system.
    My main problem with articles like these is, unless some sort of world wide supernatural epiphany occurs, these types of societies will never exist. I believe the police state NWO will likely occur at some point.

    Just look at the types of people through out history that seek to be leaders of nations……..they all have an aspiration to be wealthy, powerful, and rule. Now just imagine a GLOBAL LEADER.
    The types of people whom the author wishes will lead our civilization aren’t drawn to these positions of power. We just want to go about our daily lives and be good people, put our time in on this planet and leave.

  6. Doug Yurchey says

    To Mr. KING, who was nice enough to write to me. We are not natural by-products of this planet. Darwin was wrong, sir. I should send you my ancient World Grid map which proves this. And there’s something called a cosmic consciousness; beyond the physical…been called the FORCE. It binds us all. We are all connected. But, please feel free to separate us.

    I’m quite the individual – yet, I also feel bonded to the extremely long, lost history of the human race – meaning a living connection with everyone walking the Earth. I don’t believe we should be isolationists. I simply want the day to come when WARS and big Defense Budgets won’t ever be necessary. Happened many times LONG AGO. Dreamers will eventually win. Atlantis was a technological Eden…and in the far future, it will return. Paradise is buried in everyone’s heart and is a memory within our deep subconscious. Edgar Cayce was correct…

    • Jason says

      doug hi there just thought to give a bit of advice there is a point in time especialy with in political system including world governments a like reachs a level where crucial decision have to be made for the stabilty of international affairs the corruption that is contaminating the system has to be removed the usual suspects here to say any way if only the world could see what we have in store ill tell all peace can break out is this the why you wanted all the best now.

  7. Herman King says

    So eveything and eveybody should be a rubberstamp of each other? But living things emerge in this world as individuals not in the plural.We are not one vast hive.

  8. roderick sloan says

    It would be nice but i would not work to many evil persons in power now and i do not think it would change nice to dream. hoping.

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