What Will Happen on the Mayan Date of December 21, 2012?


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What Will Happen on the Mayan Date of December 21, 2012?

by Doug Yurchey

 Will a terrible disaster occur or the answer to our prayers?  Will it be a cursed catastrophe or an unexpected blessing?

     Some time ago, the W-M webmaster asked me to write an article on what I thought might happen near the end of the year.  My response was, ‘I don’t know what will happen.’  I still do not know, but I could have a clue and a hope.

     Before I attempt to elaborate, I want to present my source; an inspiration.  Readers/viewers…take your time and see as much of William Cooper’s lectures as you can.  Truth seekers out there can appreciate the vast knowledge within this man.  (His speech; appearance and information parallel Jordan Maxwell).


     I do not agree with 100% of Bill Cooper’s ideas and info (or Jordan’s), but the following is absolutely true:

     THEY; secret, powerful men have plotted and executed plans for decades to move us into a New World Order and One-World Government.

     I worry about later this year.  I’ve said for awhile now, ‘the Illuminati Rulers of the World will manufacture a disaster on this special date to show that it was an inevitable fate.’  DON’T FALL FOR IT, people.

     From Wikipedia:  ‘Milton William Cooper (May 6, 1943 –  Nov. 5, 2001) was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster and author best known for his 1991 book, Behold a Pale Horse, in which he claimed global conspiracies, some involving aliens…’

     Bill Cooper was more than that.  He did his best to tell the truth and expose others who did not.  He revealed secret bases on the Moon and Mars; a lunar atmosphere; a different Venus; credible UFOs; the truth behind Roswell; aliens working with governments and so much other information through his federal contacts.  

     Ironic that after Cooper relentlessly revealed the existence of ALIENS and government cover-ups for years, he then questioned the data he received.  He wondered if ALL the various types of aliens; supposed abductions; Roswell; official documents; EVERYTHING…was it faked?  Could UFOs, the existence of aliens have been faked for a dark purpose or evil agenda by the NWO?  The advanced technology and incredible saucer crafts were not in question.

     Do I have to list how many recent films involve us fighting aliens or these monsters from space attacking us?  People; this is not simply using innovative C.G.I. techniques in cinematography.  This is PROGRAMMING.  Are they preparing us for a real alien attack?  In truth, a theorized December attack would NOT be an actual invasion…but, a concocted one by our secret Masters.

     You know, I’ve always wanted to have aliens come down to Earth and make contact in my lifetime.  NOT EAT US FOR DINNER or wipe us out.  No, the dream of sci-fi fans across the planet:  ‘We know you’re out there; we’re in big trouble; we need rescue from the next artificially-produced tragedy.’  Maybe those are just my prayers…although, I’m not alone.

     What if the bastards behind the curtains fly one or two of their disk-crafts out of Area 51 and attack England?  (I write England because of a special Illuminati Card where Big Ben is going down!)  Centre-of-the-world Britain would have the sympathy of the entire planet.  The controlled MEDIA would assist in spreading fear and panic by unfortunately having to report the destruction. 

     How easy it would be to fake an invasion!    Didn’t Ronald Reagan bring up the same scenario in his speeches…six times?  

     WHY?  Why would they do it?  Why unite people against an alien threat?  For those of you paying attention, it is to bring about a (evil) One-World Government and force us into this plot of a New World Order they have worked on for centuries (going back to Templars).

     It is interesting that Hitler spoke of a New World Order and so did old man Bush along with other presidents.

     That’s my take on the end-of-the-year, Mayan Prediction…a faked alien attack on London by these ‘Architects of Fear.’  Their purpose is for us to relinquish our sovereignty and willingly give up our rights and freedoms.  The result will be even more of a Police State, exactly as planned.   

     An alien enemy would unite the people of Earth, but we could be walking into a trap in the aftermath.  Mandatory barcodes and implants so our movements are tracked; cashless society; more monitoring and the loss of everything good and decent could be in our near future.   

     My prayers (hopes) are that somewhere in the universe beat compassionate hearts that will break whatever Prime Directive is stopping them and simply help us.  People would, of course, not believe (because of programming) these Venusians or whoever may finally present themselves.  Imagine TWO alien groups arriving in December; one, a beautiful race of loving extraterrestrial beings (no one will buy) and two, fabricated alien enemies your tax dollars support.  

     WHAT THEN?  Hey, before a barrage of comments misunderstands me; I am no doom-monger…just want to know what’s going on.  I want peace.  We don’t have a long wait; only a few months away, folks…

Nov 6, 2001

We are posting these reports more or less as we have received them.  We are deeply saddened at the loss of Bill Cooper.  We have had communications with him and members of our group have chatted with him over the years as well.  We didn’t always see eye to eye, and we often felt that Bill was not as aware as he might be about how his own mind could be manipulated.  But whatever the reason, whether he was manipulated to do something that got him killed, or whether everyone involved in this situation was being manipulated or not, we don’t know. Nevertheless, it is a sad end for Bill.  We are very sorry for his family.
Sheriff’s Deputy Shot; Original:  The notice on this story says: (Copyright 2001 Associated Press.  All rights reserved.  This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed) so we aren’t reproducing it here.  It may, of course, disappear.  The gist of it is: A sheriff’s deputy in Arizona was shot while trying to arrest William Milton Cooper.  The deputy was hospitalized in critical condition, but Bill Cooper was not.  He was dead.  This occurred around midnight last night.  The reason they were trying to arrest Cooper was, as far as I can tell, because he “had a handgun.”


Doug Yurchey can be contacted: [email protected]

Behold a Pale Horse (1991) — by William Cooper. The author, former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team Member, reveals information kept secret by US government since the 1940s. UFOs, the J.F.K.. assassination, the Secret Government, the war on drugs and more by the world’s leading expert on UFOs. His top secret intelligence document discoveries provide proof positive the Illuminati intends mass destruction of half the world’s population, reaching its diabolical goal in what the author terms ‘the age of deception.   William Cooper was killed in a suspicious 2001 police shootout in his Arizona home.


  1. Doug Yurchey says

    Dear Brenda Brown,
    God isn’t a MAN who wreaks vengeance because of our human sins. 99% of us are all INNOCENT CHILDREN. Even the ones who terrorize us are also victims of a corrupt society. WE are not to blame. The ones to blame are those ON HIGH out there in the cosmos who have allowed it to happen…that means the aliens; the angels; ET humans and it includes your GOD, dear Brenda. Our teachers; our leaders…and on a much larger scale the Gardener that has abandoned their garden.

    And why do so many of you only think aliens are evil? It must be a reflection of your own fears. Or the impact of movies. You think advanced beings are conquerors? I think many of them are high-tech ANGELS and we don’t have to go too far in this Solar System to find them. People turn off to ALIENS. But, ET HUMANS are out there also. Every possibility is out there! Even the aliens and ET humans that CARE about us in the here and now. Give me something REAL.

    We do not deserve the fire and brimstone which could be a nuke going off. If you think that’s God’s vengeance upon sinful Earthlings…then how about be more selective with your Sword of Vengeance…how about only take out the bad people? And, there really aren’t that many of them…about 1%. Your God is not something you should FEAR. What about God is LOVE? How about a little understanding up there and really caring/helping rather than condemning!

    And don’t blame the aliens. We don’t know what life forms have already gone to battle for our survival, We still survive! That’s a miracle…

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Doug Yurchey. I know what you mean by the terrorists being victims of our society, but we have to go back to the beginning to see it from God’s point of view. God created Adam and Eve as He did everyone else – with the choice to serve Him or evil. When Adam and Eve chose to believe Satan (speaking through the serpent), they not only submitted their own nature to sin, but the nature of all who would ever be born of their race from then, on. This is why He says “There is none good, no not one. All are gone out of the way…there are none profitable,” (Romans 3: 10 – 12 & Psalm 14: 2-3) and why He asks all to repent. (Acts 17: 29 – 30) It’s not just what we’ve done or not done that makes us sinners, although that certainly has its place, it’s our very nature while we were yet in the womb. (See Psalm 51:5)

      Yes, God knows sinful or fallen nature is not each individual’s fault, but we all do enough sinning of our own anyway. However, sin itself isn’t the main issue, it’s how many are seeking God, repenting of all sin in their hearts and lives, and submitting to His will for their lives. Because regardless of God’s love for us and His desire that none perish, He is also divine holiness, whose standards cannot and will not be satisfied with, or wink at sin of any kind. (Acts 17: 29 – 30)

      The living creatures closest to God don’t cry “Love! Love! Love!” They cry “Holy! Holy! Holy!” Not because His love isn’t worth shouting about, but because you can’t get that close to God without being able to satisfy His holiness. None of us will get there because He loves us. If that were all we needed, it would have changed our natures long ago and sin wouldn’t abound in us anyway. It does, and we don’t know how much until we’ve been in His presence and ‘tasted’ of His Spirit personally for ourselves.

      I’ve not judged all those ‘aliens’ out there as evil, by the whisk of my tongue. I have no doubt there are people on other planets, most of whom serve God, their Creator, just as we should. I have seen a number of ufos in my time, and done some reading of people’s personal abduction experiences, and that was enough to show me plenty about their evil. But here’s the thing. If you submit your life to God and walk with Him closely enough, you don’t need to read every book, hear every testimony, or experience everything yourself before you learn something. You just need to listen to the Word He already provided, and hear what He’s saying to you, and you will know what is of Him and what isn’t, whether something is good or evil. No one knows like He does, so it behooves us to listen. He has shown me what they’re up to, and what they are.

      God is love, and a part of love is discipline. If you care for something, you correct it when it’s wrong, that’s the only way to get it to know the difference. He first calls all of us to repent of our sin and return to Him, but if we don’t listen, He both sends destructive events into our lives, or He let’s Satan bring upon us what we’ve sown. He’s trying to get our attention before we end up in the place there’s no getting out of. It’s not out of scorn that He sends or allows these things. The question is, how much does it take before we turn around? He is the Judge, because no one knows better than He does. Every one of us is a ‘victim’, but we have the choice to remain a victim, or start admitting our own faults and sins, and submitting our lives to God – the only One who can guide us through the maze of evil on this earth. If we choose the latter, the former can and will be dealt with in due time. It’s all of us who are going to choose what God has to do. My ‘condemnation’ and ‘fear’ have next to nothing to do with it, except in my own life. And what I’m saying Doug, isn’t coming from either of those.

    • Starheater says

      Sorry to be on your back Dough, but I have to state that you are wrong when you say that people are innocent children, even the childrens are not innocent as we tought, nor today’s childrens for shure. We are all dead, that’s why we need the grace to make an access to God. The E. T. are for some, good at the base, here I speak of the Gray, they are ugly but gentle, and they love the humain race, they are not perfect, only God is perfect, what is under God is not, simple? The other E.T. those who are beautiful are hypocrit like the serpent, they are arm with weapon that can kill you by vaporize you in the atmosphere living no trace of you. They inspire confidence to who they contact, while the Gray is in fact are neglect from us and they dont inspire trust. You see, the same thing happen when we look sundown, we are inspire by the fact that his turning around the earth, but in reality, it’s the contrary. The Gray are in fact the gardeners, they take sample of the earth to know how much radioactivity radiate from it, the kill cows to take sample of the mouth, the teeth, the tongue, eyes, kidney, and other parts to mesure the content in radioactivity in different part of the state or the world, they know who to contact if the level is to high. God Bless

  2. Brenda Brown says

    No , there won’t be an ‘end’ on December 20, 2012, but it will officially begin the end times. And while the hidden groups and the media are indeed conspiring with ‘alien’ beings and manipulating us towards a one world government to use to their own ends, fortunately, they don’t own the world, or the times. If God hasn’t gotten your attention by what’s going on in the world yet, He’s going to start getting it in earnest starting in 2013, and He won’t stop until it’s clear there are two warring camps, and we’ve made our choice whose we’ll be on. It’s going to be extremely tough, but incredibly miraculous too!

  3. Cesar says


  4. says

    FEAR IS (italics) the greatest problem – We fear what we do not know (Dan Brown)
    However, one word of caution – just because there may well be a False Flag related to Off Worlders – do not think that there are no Other Worlders. There is far too much evidence – good hard cold literally rock solid evidence that we are not on our own.
    I ask my self – why is it that three strangers in three different countries all alive at the same time – were given warnings for the future? Who it is that gave those heads up may or may not be the same source, but the same phrases have been used in many instances. The persons involved of which I speak are Shipton in the UK, Da Vinci in Italy and Nostradamus in France. Shipton spoke of “black and white and in between” (greys)…da Vinci speaks of CREATURES which can change shape and Nostradamus in the Hidden Texts leaves us with 4,000 plus lines regarding the Other Worlders, who they are and what is their agenda. Within those lines he names no less than 84 of which 33 seem to “work” for the others. There IS going to be a “pantomime in the evening” (line four of 4 73) which I take to mean a false flag. This is stated in the quatrains themselves…
    There is far too much smoke regarding the end of year 2012 for there to be no fire.
    Are we actually in the year 2012 Anno domini? That is the next question…
    According to Dr Hans Ulricht Niemitz – we may well NOT be…

  5. Jason says

    True it is why does this have to be so we could have progressed a lot sooner what a hassle chasing all this world order stuff all over the place we MAZEWELL just think we are animals and go out on the hunt the prime objective could be desert.

    • J.a. says

      It is true that the main stream media manipulates individuals intelligence for the unholy propagander machine they should be in locked up for good.

  6. Partha says

    There is evidence from everywhere in the history in all directions of the world mentioning the importance of the date which would bring our planet in line with our galaxy’s equator. This is scientific truth which one cannot deny or fabricate through satellite. Ancient history from different civilisations mention about the importance of 21-DEC-2012. One can truely believe that our planet will not be saved from cosmic dust which is awaiting to fill the atmosphere, which would energise the sun and other planets which subsequently will have its impact on our genetic sequence. The days might become shorter, the seasons would come down from 4 to 2. But neither NWO or any other people’s money backed Govt can gain control over the whole planet. It is like a big un-tanned leather. One side if you straighten it the other side would pop up. It never happened in the history of our mother earth. Many king of Kings tried and failed in bringing the whole planet under single control. I do not argue or ask the reader to believe the sayings of the government or religious prophecy or whatsoever. But can learn and believe in things to happen scientifically which has been recorded earlier in ancient history.

  7. Mick says

    I often wonder the same thing; a fabricated event, especially one which would ensnare us as we thought our eyes were just truly opening. And we’ve certainly seen enough fabricated events lately…

  8. MSW says

    Barack Obama; “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” Obama’s book, ‘Dreams From My Father’

  9. Doug Yurchey says

    In discussing recent matters of NWO; Olympic Ceremonies; symbols of the Illuminati around us and now I find myself studying in detail the lectures of the late Bill Cooper…there is something he said near the end of the Wembley speech: there’s no Ozone Hole! It’s media fear-mongering! Ozone is naturally produced in abundance and there are no holes at the poles. Holes would be over the largest cities of the world, NOT THE POLES! We’re not breaking out with skin diseases because we’re not protected anymore. It’s LIES.
    People hear these lectures and truths of the criminal Illuminati in secret; those that run the MONEY and our lives…are out to bloody kill us…and that is the truth…DEPOPULATION; whole purpose for eternal WAR…and we fear…

    but…PEOPLE…the news isn’t all bad. Literally, the TV news IS all bad and that’s the point. It is not as bad as they are programming us to believe. They want us in FEAR…not united; not together…to control us so we give up our freedoms. It is the 1% in the capstone of Illumination that FEAR US in the lower 99% of the social pyramid. They fear what WE can do if we ever really organized and got together…WE have the numbers! So they keep us prejudice, poor, fearful, hopeless, divided and in war. IT’S NOT HOPELESS…NOT IF WE GET TOGETHER. Ever hear of what happened in the 60s? People got together… If people got together again…they could destroy the cruelest of empires!


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