Uri Geller – Stranger Than Fiction


Uri Geller – Stranger Than Fiction

by Doug Yurchey

The famous mentalist and performer needs no introduction.  He has been ‘wowing’ crowds for decades starting in the 1970s with his extraordinary abilities.  Uri Geller has been on the edge of controversy; angering debunking skeptics who will not accept the phenomena.

In truth, outside of ‘failing’ on the Johnny Carson Show, he has passed every scientific test (even from Stanford University) thrown at him.

If Uri Geller has no X-Men, odd ability of the mind…then, why has he been used by the U.S. Government and other high officials?  Why has this amazing man accumulated a fortune by dowsing for oil and metal?

I personally witnessed the watch-fixing; spoon and key-bending phenomena first hand while married to a ‘psychic’ with the same abilities

To SEE a spoon curl up WITHOUT BEING TOUCHED in a few seconds will make anyone a believer! 

I also keep a box of bent utensils and other items; each with their own particular story attached to them.

I am only a distant acquaintance of Uri Geller.  Myself, wife and Uri are on the left side of the picture below; taken after a performance in Pittsburgh back in the 70s.  The wife at the time was drawn to Geller.  I remember the metal clip on her Flair pen started to curl up as she wrote him a letter.


     See the article My Experience with Uri Geller (quoted below) on Internet that contains fascinating details of those strange days.  Uri was nice enough to place it on urigeller.com.  Years later, I interviewed Uri on the phone from his English home and was able to ask 10 questions (quoted below and also available online).

     In a recent email, Geller asked me to view a documentary of his life.  I loved it and told him it was the best thing ever done on him.  I wanted to share the film called ‘Uri Geller – A Life Stranger Than Fiction’ with those viewers on World-Mysteries.com.

     Not to spoil anything, but viewers will discover how extensive the CIA was with Uri Geller; certainly never discrediting his special ‘gifts.’  You will see personal accounts of some astounding, true events.  You will also find out why I told Uri he’s having such an ‘incredible and sad life.’ 

     SEE THE DOCUMENTARY and visit his website.  Here is a small portion of Uri’s email from the other day about the documentary:   

 ‘…throughout the years so much s__t has been written about me at least this is finally the truth.  The film can only be viewed in America.  I wish you plenty of good health, happiness and peace of mind.  Be positive, optimistic and believe in yourself.  Much energy and love.  Uri.


Video Source: http://www.hulu.com/watch/420933


by Doug Yurchey

In the 1970s, Uri Geller became a controversial personality; appearing on television, radio and giving many public performances. The Israeli psychic could bend spoons, start broken watches and move objects with his mind. This immediately began a firestorm between believers and nonbelievers. Is he a fraud and a con artist? Or, does he actually have extraordinary abilities?

<< Uri Geller

As the story goes (which may not be a story, but the truth) Uri was in a garden at the age of 3. There, he had a Close Encounter; the young Geller was ‘programmed’ with these incredible capabilities. For those of you interested in reading about Geller, I suggest buying his books and logging on to his website. For those of you interested in reading about the extraterrestrials behind his powers, read ‘URI – A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller’ by Andrija Puharich. This journal includes numerous encounters with UFOs. We discover that ETs known as SPECTRA chose Geller for the work ahead. At this point, a skeptic might ask: why? This question was answered in Puharich’s book: ‘All that is happening has one reason: education – they are preparing us for something.’ Why are there crop circles? Maybe these are just signs that there is something more.

Skeptics came out of the woodwork and attacked Uri Geller. The psychic divided America as well as the rest of the world. There are positive people who are open-minded and there are negative people who love to criticize. A war began between Uri Geller and the magicians. These magicians (who truly are conmen, deceivers and tricksters) would not accept the fact that someone really had phenomenal abilities. It must be a trick; it could not possibly be real.

Years ago, Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show presented both sides of this argument. The magicians came on and bent their spoons. Of course they did. Their spoons were doctored. With a cut spoon, you could wiggle it and it would soon bend and break apart. I remember Synder saying to a magician: ‘That watch is deader than a doornail!’

The Amazing Randi, who I call the not-so-amazing Randi, became well known…not because of his magic…but because of his criticism of Geller. He had the nerve to write a negative book using Geller’s name in the title. The magician tapped into Geller’s popularity to put money into his own pocket. What a con job! Randi should get down on his knees and thank Geller; for without him, no one would ever have heard of Randi.

In Geller’s book ‘My Story’ there is a photo with the caption: ‘Failing on the Johnny Carson show.’ Why go on one of the most watched TV shows in the U.S. and FAIL…if you are a trickster? Your tricks should have worked. The eyes of the world were on him and the psychic was nervous. Plus, Carson (an amateur magician) was prejudiced by his advisors. This contributed to a negative environment and Geller was unsuccessful. Barry Bonds does not hit a home run every time he steps to the plate. This indicates, to me, that Uri Geller is human and not deceiving anyone.

Why are the magicians so offended? Why is Randi behind Skeptic Magazine? What does being a magician have anything to do with skepticism? Here is the answer: Magicians, unfortunately, do not believe in magic. To them, there is no phenomena…everything is a trick and everyone is a conman trying to take your money. How sad. I assure you, dear readers, THERE IS MAGIC IN THE UNIVERSE. There are wonders beyond your wildest dreams. [I’m sure I will receive hate-mail for this article; as I’ve received because of my Shroud and Nostrodamus articles. That comes with the territory, I guess. But, the response has been 20-1 positive and complimentary. My reply back to these skeptics is: It’s easy to criticize, it’s hard to understand. Take the harder road and investigate yourself with an open-mind. Stop being negative].

Geller’s abilities have been PROVEN by Stanford Research Institute, UCLA, Kent State, Birbeck College University of London, Foch Hospital Lab in France, Lawrence Livermore Radiation Labs, U.S. Naval Ordinance Labs and other prestigious institutions. That is not why I believe in Uri Geller. I can speak with certainty because of a few ‘personal experiences’ which are the best teachers of all.

I came home from work one day to discover my wife (who was psychic and now an ex-wife) in an excited state about who was on television. It was this psychic, who we had never heard of, performing on the Mike Douglas Show. I sat down and was instantly intrigued. When Uri Geller said to go find a broken watch, I remembered one we had in this ‘junk’ drawer. I pulled on the drawer and there it was: ticking away! This was very strange because the last hundred times I opened it, the watch remained broken. I don’t know why it wasn’t thrown away. Why was this time, when we attempted to mentally start the watch, the one time where it worked perfectly? Television stations would be flooded with phone calls because of Geller. The phenomena actually happened in people’s homes when Uri made television appearances.

The first time there was any metal-bending in our apartment was when Kathy wrote a letter to Uri Geller. The metal clip on her Flair pen slowly curled up as she wrote the letter! This began many strange instances of the Geller-Effect. In front of me now, as I write this article, I’ve placed an old box of bent silverware/keys/etc. from that time period. This box of memories I cherish. There is a story behind each item:

+ There are 8 Flair pens with their pocket clips in various positions up to 90 degrees; 2 have broken off completely.
+ There is a set of 10 keys and 8 of them are bent.
+ 7 spoons and 2 forks are bent.
+ A thick, kitchen drawer handle is very bent.
+ Something sliced through a large pair of metal scissors chopping off the ends. The cuts, an inch and a half from the tips, are smooth, not jagged.
+ A sample, metal, Social Security card is warped.
+ There is also a broken off television antenna.

The antenna is an odd story. We woke up one morning to find both of our TV aerials bent almost 90 degrees like floppy, rabbit ears. I was half asleep and began to rebend one of the antennas back into position. Well, you can’t physically bend a TV antenna. It broke off in my hand. Kathy got worried and became very upset. She was thinking that this power was destructive. When we came back into the room, we were startled to see that the remaining antenna had straightened all by itself! There it stood; a TV with a straight antenna and the other broken off. We took this as a sign that everything was all right. This thing that was happening, whatever it was, was not from a destructive source…but a positive one.

We would often open our silverware drawer and discover that half of the utensils were bent. We would have to rebend our silverware just so we could eat! Kathy and I would have to explain to dinner guests why there were kinks in our utensils.

On 5/5/76, Geller appeared on a local, live television program in Pittsburgh called the Marie Torre Show. Uri was given an envelope and was asked: what was inside? Geller got it wrong. He said: Is someone thinking Star of David? In our living room, Kathy was holding a Star of David pendant at that same moment. Later, the same day, Geller was on the Roy Fox Show on KDKA radio. Something compelled Kathy to tune in. She called and called to try to get through and speak to Geller. On the phone, she told Uri that she was the one thinking Star of David earlier that day. Uri turned to the radio host and said: ‘I don’t know this woman. I didn’t tell her to call at this time.’ You see…Geller had been doodling, on a pad, the Star of David.

Later, Kathy called hotel after hotel trying to find where Uri was staying. I got a ride from a friend and we headed off to a Marriott Inn. We stayed there for quite a while looking for Uri Geller. It was like a needle in a haystack. But, the way this day had been going, (it was my 25th birthday) I had a good feeling we would run into him. And, we did. Uri and his friend, Shipi Shtrang, passed us in the hall. They had gone to a Pirate baseball game. I introduced myself; that it was my wife with the Star of David. He invited us into his hotel room where we talked for nearly an hour. I remember I had more to say about aliens than he did…also, he was impressed when I showed him a photo of our baby, Rose.

Geller wrote free passes to a performance he was giving next month at Pittsburgh’s Soldiers & Sailors Auditorium. Geller wanted to give us a souvenir and offered to bend one of our keys. But, the only key we had was my friend’s car key. We couldn’t get home if he bent that…so Uri took his Marriott room key and began gently stroking it. This was not planned; it was spontaneous; it was done a foot from my face and it certainly BENT. We were believers. There was no negativity in the air. The key, room 620, began warping within seconds. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

On 6/18/76, myself and Kathy attended Uri’s performance. We got word to him that I had a drawing that I wanted Uri to see. His ‘act’ was mind-blowing and he beat the odds in many respects. There was a point when Uri asked the audience if your keys have bent or watches have begun to work, please come forward to the stage. Our spoons and keys bent as well as the thick kitchen drawer handle. I marched forward and was a little surprised that it didn’t happen to everyone. About 5% of the crowd experienced the Geller-Effect. But, as soon as Uri saw me, he said: ‘No. Not you. I don’t want to deal with you.’ I was shocked as I made my way back to my seat.


Kathy and I figured that Uri only wanted to work with people he had never seen. Someone may have seen us together at the Marriott and thought we had this planned. This tells me that the man has integrity. Kathy and I were able to talk to him on stage after everyone had gone. Shipi took photographs of us and he liked my drawing.

Another strange thing occurred a few months later. ESP Magazine ran a front cover with bold letters: On Sept. 1, 1976 at 11pm E.D.T. THIS COVER CAN BEND YOUR KEYS. This truly was a happening with Uri Geller (and anyone who wanted to participate) concentrating at this specific time. The public was to place their keys, spoons and broken watches on the magazine and see if the focused energy would have any effect. Also, a 2-digit number was going to be transmitted and people were to see if they could accurately receive it. Again, our spoons bent, but not very much. What I remember is: We had a broken air-pump on our aquarium. I placed it on the ESP issue at the appropriate moment. We concentrated. I hooked it back up to the tank. The pump worked so strongly; it was like there was nothing wrong with it. We did receive the 2-digit # correctly: it was 42.

On 10/7/76…Kathy, myself and a friend named Bruce all concentrated to again generate this unusual ability. We sat cross-legged on our living room floor with our hands about a foot over a spoon. (Most of the utensil-bending, I admit, I did not directly observe. Rather, we found them that way in the silverware drawer). On this occasion, we witnessed the spoon bend in less than a minute. It could not bend any more. The handle touched the scoop part of the spoon. How does an UNTOUCHED spoon decide to curl up in 30 seconds? I know this because I labeled the spoon: 10/7/76 with Bruce. I would be very upset if someone took a spoon from my box of special bent stuff and physically changed their shape. I want them in the shape they are in because I know that they were not physically bent.

Kathy and I divorced in 1977 and the Geller-Effect has not happened around me since way back then. I have recently emailed Uri who, naturally, barely remembers my personal experiences. He was nice enough to give me permission to write this article. So often public opinion is nowhere near the truth. Do not be swayed by skeptical people. I would rather know the truth and be in the unpopular minority than go along with the crowd and be so far away from the truth.


On a Where Are They Now? episode, I found out that Geller has been very successful finding (dowsing) oil, gold and water for big companies. No one is going to pay large sums of money unless they are convinced that their source of information is legitimate.

10 Questions for Uri Geller

by Doug Yurchey
Copyright 2004 by Doug Yurchey

The following questions were posed to Uri Geller on 1/24/04.
Uri is always extremely busy; living in a whirlwind of projects that concern people from the highest levels of government to the poor of the Middle-East.
When I spoke to him on the phone, he had just returned to England from a meeting with Dick Cheney. He was gracious enough to grant a small interview.
He actually had to interrupt our conversation, do a radio show and have me call back 20 minutes later. He will be appearing on Geraldo Rivera’s show later that day. A week ago, Uri hypnotized Michael Jackson and asked him the big question.

These responses are not quotes. The answers are paraphrased as I wrote them down as fast as I could:

1. I’m not sure if SPECTRA is something you talk about. Is there anything you can tell us about these aliens who gave you your psychic abilities?

I have seen UFOs in the Israeli Desert with Andrija Puharich. I could also feel their presence. They were not a threat, but a good force. They made contact through voices in my head. The main thing was that they were something positive.

2. Are they still in contact with you?

No. Not totally. I still feel that I’m been watched. But, we’re not really in touch anymore.

3. Do you have any idea when the PUBLIC, or Earth people in general, will be contacted by extraterrestrials?

I believe that this will happen in the next 50 years.

4. Are you a believer in a Roswell spaceship crash and grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli?

Something certainly happened there. But, does the government have alien bodies on ice? I highly doubt that. I have heard of these dragons that go back to the time of Nazi Germany. (the reptilians?) There is a chance that these extraterrestrials, or whatever you want to call them, are real.

5. Do you believe in Atlantis? Was there a lost technology in the past that was even described in the Bible?

Absolutely, yes.

6. Then you feel there were great wars, possibly atomic, that destroyed this ancient civilization?

Yes. Certainly.

7. Speaking of your abilities, are these skills as strong as ever? Have they diminished over time?

No. They have gotten even stronger over time. Like anything that you practice, you get better at it and improve.

8. Have you any recent projects that you are excited about?

Yes. I am a not a healer, but I do try to help those in need by being POSITIVE. We have a project called Hole in the Wall, along with Paul Newman, where we give assistance to Israeli and Palestine children.

9. Why is it that no one has ever done a film of your life?

They have! It was called ‘Mindbender.’ Terence Stamp was in it and it was directed by Ken Russell. A young, Israeli actor played me. But, it wasn’t very good.

10. How do you think your friend, Michael Jackson, will do in court?

I am a skilled hypnotist and was doing that long before I performed in public. I did hypnotize Michael some days ago to cure an urge for peanut butter. While he was deeply hypnotized, I asked him about the charges. His response was NO. I am convinced of his innocence; that he never molested children.

* * *

When I first thought of the possibility of this interview, I e-mailed Uri and asked him about it. We are far from friends; this was the first time in 28 years that we had spoken…although we had e-mailed each other a few times recently. Days passed. I was sure he was too busy and would decline. Then, surprisingly, he agreed and gave me his home phone #.

I was touched that at the end…he asked about me; my art; my daughter… The last thing he said was ‘find something to love in this world.’ I will always remember those words.

Copyright 2004 by Doug Yurchey

About Uri Geller

Uri Geller was born in Israel on December 20, 1946. His parents are of Hungarian and Austrian descent and he is distantly related on his mother’s side to Sigmund Freud. At the age of four he had a mysterious encounter with a sphere of light while in a garden near his house.

He first became aware of his unusual powers when he was five. One day, during a meal, his spoon curled up in his hand and broke, although he had applied no physical pressure to it. His parents were somewhat shocked and Uri did not mention the incident to anyone else at that time. He developed these powers in school by demonstrating them to pupils. His mother thought he inherited them from Sigmund Freud.

When he was eleven, he went to live in Cyprus, where he remained until he was seventeen. He then returned to Israel, served as a paratrooper in the Israel army and fought in the Six-Day War of 1967 during which he was wounded in action.

From 1968 to 1969 Uri worked as a model, he was photographed for many different advertisements.

In 1969 he began to demonstrate his powers of telepathy and psychokinesis to small audiences. By the end of 1971, however, his was a household name throughout Israel thanks to his numerous stage appearances. He was given a plug by the then Prime Minister, Golda Meir. When asked on a national radio programme what she predicted for the future of Israel, she replied, “Don’t ask me – ask Uri Geller!”

Read more: Uri Geller – Full Biography >>

About Doug Yurchey

Doug Yurchey is a writer, artist and inventor. He has studied ancient mysteries for 30 years and was married to a trans-channel. He has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University and California State at Northridge. For two years a background artist with the Simpsons TV Show, he now promotes his unique theories.


  1. Chris Allan says

    I have heard of Uri Geller, way back in the 70’s. I can remember wondering at the time if someone with similar but very much more powerfull skills could perhaps have been responsible for some of the mysterious ancient structures that we are still trying to figure out. I am glad to hear that Mr. Geller has been able to use some of his powers in a usefull way, I must say that the art of bending spoons did not seem much use to me. I would be interested to know if Mr. Geller’s powers have extended to materials other than metals.

  2. Doug Yurchey says

    I just knew the ignorant would comment. I just knew it wouldn’t be open-minded people or the many thousands who have experienced the effect, but those that think they know everything in the universe. Because Randi does tricks does not negate Geller’s ability. I repeat from above, which 1st commenter did not consider:

    ‘Why has he been used by the U.S. Government and other high officials? Why has this amazing man accumulated a fortune by dowsing for oil and metal?’
    Then, I mention MY personal experiences where I witnessed:

    ‘the watch-fixing; spoon and key-bending phenomena first hand while married to a ‘psychic’ with the same abilities. To SEE a spoon curl up WITHOUT BEING TOUCHED in a few seconds will make anyone a believer!’

    …without being touched…and in a few SECONDS! This is like having a real UFO experience and trying to tell the debunking skeptics. Good luck. The ‘magician’ commenter must rep real magicians who deceive and trick. Did you know, Mr. Magician, that Kirlian photography which visualizes everyone’s AURA and is a SCIENTIFIC FACT…also visualizes a beam…you can see it, measure it…naturally emanating out of Mr. Geller’s fingertips?
    I also see that you didn’t even bother watching the film; or consider what Stanford U. reported – no, your mind is made up from the beginning – you’re such a brilliant SCIENTIST! Thanks for your WISDOM on this forum. We needed you to straighten us out and for us to see the light (sarcasm).

  3. Magician says

    Something for skeptics: James Randi debunks Uri Geller
    Randi is a magician and that is exactly HOW he knows that all of these people are fakes. He admits that he’s a fake, too…the difference is that he admits he does ILLUSIONS and? these people claim they have real powers.


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