George Harrison and God

Taking its name from George Harrison‘s 1973 album, Living In The Material World is Martin Scorsese’s epic and affectionate two-part documentary on the life of the mercurial and inquisitive former Beatle who died in 2001. George Harrison: Living in the Material World was released on DVD, Blu-ray and Limited Deluxe Edition, which includes the DVD, Blu-ray, book of unseen photography and illustrations, and a CD of previously unheard tracks sung by Harrison, on 10 October 2011 in the UK.

George Harrison and God

by Doug Yurchey

    Recently…I found myself watching a great documentary on the life of the late Beatle, George Harrison.  Within the film, a profound truth was revealed that stirred emotions within me.  When such moments occur, I am compelled to write what I feel.

     The online documentary, directed by Martin Scorsese, is called George Harrison: Living In The Material World I was interested in the transformation of George; almost a punk kid from the streets of Liverpool to a man in search of larger questions that eastern ‘mysticism’ provided.  That journey from rough, street boy to sage of spiritualism fascinated me.



    We know George was the ‘quiet’ Beatle.  Scorsese’s documentary explores the two sides to his personality.  As a youth, the scrawny kid would get into fights as he often spoke his mind or plainly stated the truth.  Then, there was the LSD-taking, peace-and-love hippie who traveled to India in search of the meaning of Life.  If you were a Beatle, then you were incredibly rich/famous and had everything in the material world.  What was beyond the physical?  What was God?  George, you could say, was also the curious Beatle and asked the large questions.

    Reflected in his later music were eastern influences of sitar sounds, meditation, the Maharishi and philosophy from wise men some call ‘mystics.’  Maybe there were spiritual truths here that the western world (and any seeker) should learn?

     The specific ‘profound truth’ that floored me and compelled me to write concerned a big subject…GOD.  What was God to the high masters of the East or how should we view God?  What George passed onto us was a truth that stands in direct conflict with western religions.  I was rocked throughout when I heard it…  

    The following is a short transcript of what might be the most significant idea in the entire film.  George Harrison is speaking:

‘Ravi (Shankar) and his brother gave me a lot of books by some wise men.  One of the books which was by Swami Vivekananda said if there is a God, you must SEE him.  And…if there is a soul, you must PERCEIVE it.  Otherwise, it is better NOT to believe.  It’s better to be an outspoken atheist, than a hypocrite…  And, after all my life…I been brought up…well, they had tried to raise me a Catholic.  They had told you just believe what they’re telling you and not have the direct experience.  This for me; going to India and having somebody saying, ‘no, you can’t believe ANYTHING until you have direct perception of it.’  And, I thought WOW, fantastic; at last…somebody who makes some sense…and I wanted to go deeper into that.’

    WOW IS RIGHT; this writer was stunned when my perceptions beheld such visions and sounds!  The film was stopped and I had to go over it again and again to get every utterance down correctly.  The key WORD that was not spoken in this important scene from India within Harrison’s life…was the word…‘FAITH.’

      Western religions are totally built upon pillars of faith.  FAITH is looked upon as a good thing.  Is it?  Not according to the yogi.  Could ‘faith’ reflect a complete lack of knowledge?  Maybe it’s an excuse for a God that is in reality a no-show?  Faith is what we are left with and FAITH is such a big deal…why?  Possibly, FAITH in what we perceive as a Supreme Being…is a ‘cop-out’ or ‘excuse.’  MAYBE WE SHOULD NOT HAVE FAITH AT ALL?

     Perhaps people should have strong beliefs or convictions in only what they physically sense.  Let’s forget faith.  Let’s have faith in what is substantial and material.

    ‘Faith’ means we have to believe (have faith) in something we cannot see, hear, smell, touch or taste.  There’s nothing in the room, but we have to believe and have faith that there is really something of substance there.  Are you kidding me?  Maybe this works for those ‘of the Cloth’ who threatened Galileo and snuffed out the precious life of Giordano Bruno.  (Religious) ‘Faith’ should not operate in any type of modern society.  Have faith in technology.

    Believe in what is real; in ONLY what you can sense via the senses.  That is an excellent lesson.  The Swami said, ‘believe in a soul, if you can perceive it.’

     And, you CAN.  Kirlian photography takes pictures of our aura.  We, living, creatures all have a glow; energy; a color; a barely perceptible LIGHT around us.  It can be photographed and measured.  When we die, our weight lessens by a very minuscule amount.  You can believe and have faith in a human spirit.  The soul is real.

    Where’s God?  Where, exactly, is my sweet Lord?  Not the one that you’re supposed to have faith in; not that one.  No; where’s the one that we can SEE?  I want to HEAR this God!  I want to measure ‘m.  Stop thinking, ‘we must have Faith, brother.’  We must have direct knowledge and true information, instead.

    George Harrison was a wonderful spirit and a smart man.  He learned; he changed.  He looked up to even smarter people with far greater understanding than his own.  The Beatle was in awe.  We should humbly bow in awe before every mystery.

    When we understand or finally realize a profound truth…we CHANGE.  We are no longer who we were.  If you readers out there have not drastically ALTERED in your life, you have not learned one important thing.

Why do I get the feeling the bloggers are going to correct George and enlightened Swamis…in favor of good, Ol’ Time Religion?

    Can’t wait for the bloggers; brainwashed ones who think they know better to write because they would be the ones who have MISSED THE LESSON HERE.  Maybe I’m wrong and people will write who have seen some light in the simple, lovely (eastern) words.  Show me!  

    There are only two choices; two paths:  You learn lessons of the spiritual East which include REINCARNATION (as Jesus did in India as a teen called ‘St. Essa’)…OR…you defend western religions…which, of course, include ‘witch-burning’ and ‘Christ-killing’.  Guess what the confused bloggers will write?  They will still defend the Witch-Burners over reincarnation, right? …surprise me.  I really hope I’m wrong.  There is learning and then…there are those who only mimic grand mistakes of the past.  Seek spiritual knowledge over material wealth.   

Doug Yurchey
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    as a hindu monk 40 + years and and a hare krishna for 6 years we know much about geogre our spritual master gave him an initiation and a spritual name and when he was dying he was chanting gods name he said every day god bless him.

  2. Doug Yurchey says

    Told ya…
    Thank you, Ann. Nice surprise. You know me & I’m not saying don’t have beliefs or types of faith in something. I’m saying don’t have your ENTIRE Belief System based on something as phantom-like as ‘faith.’ If you do; I agree with the yogis, you’re a hypocrite…not something to be proud of. Laws of physics are more real.
    Read my ‘GOD’ script on World-Mysteries; Google it; my view of what generally happened on Earth from 5000 years ago to 2000 years ago (in a story)…the time of the Old Testament. In truth, science & technology answer & EXPLAIN mysteries of the Old Testament.
    Your God is not in the Bible! I mean a good and loving Supreme Being is not within the pages of the King James! A book I actually have studied in detail…& with modern eyes to understand it. The stories are real. Read my ‘High Technology in the Bible’ article. It PROVES the historical reality/validity of the Old Testament by showing the technology back then such as nukes; lasers; saucer-crafts; cloning; submarines; electrocutions & electrical weapons. That’s Biblical, yet not in the lexicon of Bible-thumpers. You only need modern eyes to see the truth.
    You fear God because you read these old accounts of a mass-murdering God (as in Jericho, Sodom/Gomorrah, Red Sea, etc) with deadly plagues and you FEAR. You fear this God you do not understand. We should not FEAR God. But, I understand why most people do. Because you’ve misinterpreted what we were dealing with during biblical times.
    Get it straight; isn’t God one of Love and forgiveness? If so, that is not the one in the books of the Bible. That one is a killing God; a slaughterer; murderers from the sky that will lay waste to you and make the rivers run with blood. There’s a lot more terror in the Book. THAT AIN’T MY GOD!! That was the God in those old accounts, which truly happened. More like humans (pirates) with technology coming down in ships; taking anything; being as cruel as they can because they had the technical POWER to do so. And you ‘modern’ people still misunderstand and believe these horrors are the acts of GOD???
    All you have to do is study the biblical story at Jericho. They actually found the 10-foot thick stone walls that was once the mighty fortress of Jericho. The Ark of the Covenant was an electrical device (so said Tesla; a powerful ‘condenser/capacitor’)…I seem to be the only 1 to notice the device was placed right up against the walls just before the massive stones ‘came tumbling down.’ It was not trumpets; marching or the magic of God that blew down the walls. It was real physics – a moving wall of electrical force. Then, (READ YOUR BIBLE) Joshua, the leader, & his men slew everyone inside the fortress with the sword…that is…every man, WOMAN…AND CHILD! And, the Bible-Thumpers do not understand the savagery of these insane murderers. Just because they had this ultimate, electrical WEAPON that electrocuted Uzzah accidentally; that did not mean they are of GOD. This was much later, long after the ships of Ezekiel & Enoch killed from the sky. No, these were people; much later, so insane with power because they had stolen the ‘Ark of God’…killing good people inside the fortress. And you modern people even name your children ‘Joshua’ after this madman murderer. Wow; talk about blindness and seeing only what we want to see.
    Guys will say, ‘I’m a God-fearing man’ as if this is a good thing. It is not. It means you completely do not understand. God is not something you fear. God is Love…God is Energy; God is Electricity…God is the Force in all things…the Life Energy. You embrace the Unknown; you don’t fear it. THERE…I DO believe in something & have faith in something greater, beyond that I can’t possible understand, OK?
    But, ‘God’…sorry to say, folks…is nowhere in the Bible. The Bible is a true, yet very naive record of technology that simple people did not understand at the time. And, they don’t today either. Ah, there’s always the future. Do you see how following the controversial path of amazing people like Christ, Galileo, Bruno & even George Harrison can get you crucified?

  3. Ann Swenson says

    Having known Doug for over thirty years….though from a distance yet from a deeper base, I find him to be accurate. Though his beliefs are anchored in the need to have proof and validation, I will attest from my own experiences that faith per se is a tool, if you will, toward understanding the unknown…that which we cannot see and touch nor explain through scientific methods. This does not mean that one day we will not be able to, as I believe science and spirituallity are inexorably linked. “God” to me is not a being that can be personified but more of the essence portrayed in Star Wars…as the Force which permeates all and connects all. In western religions, faith says we must blindly trust and obey and believe….but in eastern philosophy faith say to believe in a higher order that has a divine plan to the universe…a plan that has covered many many years and lifetimes too great for the average man’s conscienceness to conceive of and yet each individual man has a part in this plan, if you will. Also a concept difficult at best to conceive of ….so I say that faith is that tool that allows one to at least accept that there is a greater plan at work that cannot necessarily be seen but that indeed is in place. The ancient mysteries have attempted to leave of clues of the past and future, but until mankind reaches a level of enlightenment where he can receive this knowledge and apply it in modern times…until man’s hearts and minds change we can only have faith and watch and learn and prevail. Doug has always had my respect and my approval as a great messenger of the ages. You would all do well to listen to him as his insights come from that greater power and his keen understanding and awareness of the misinformation and dillusions that so plague this planet and her inhabitants.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Ann
      In a certain manner I believe your point of view, to have faith is more difficult to have than money, money you can work to have some, but faith is another story, you have to begin to “hope” first of all, faith is the result of acquire the true knowledge that lead you to the faith, the more the knowledge is logic and undisputed, the more the faith is huge and strong. Faith come from the intelligence, and it is oppose to blindness. The intelligence scrute all the things that surround us, it’s like trying to extract the technic of a bilder in a construction. To be intelligent is to search acquire the base foundation, then you have just to follow the line that lead you to the middle of the structure.
      Those who have construct the Pyramids of Giza were not only very intelligent, but they were also Master of their knowledge, when you live about 900 years, you have the time to make a lot of study in your field. We are not even tall the they were, not even close. Our intelligence is diluted by the number of generation in a certain manner, but we try to do our best, that’s the goal. God Bless

  4. Starheater says

    Mr Yurchey other fact
    We dont see the air, we feel it only when the air turn into wind. I did not go in space to see that the Earth is round, I have faith in science. In the Bible there is a phrase that prove the Earth is round: “The circle of the Earth”, I have faith in this too. I have faith in a lot of thing in the Bible, this is not a blind faith like I said, it is by the knowledge that I know that is the truth. I see God in what He have made, and this is magnificient for me, and what I know about the Univers anf all it contain, is truly for me very good to see, a pleisure to know, and I know only a little bit, if I could know much more, my faith would be multiply strongly. For me there is no place for doubt, God exist, and He is Almigty. God Bless

  5. Starheater says

    Mr Yurchey
    I have over-estimated you, I didn’t expect to hear this from you. Dont matter, it’s only a detail for me to see you in that mood. It’s not the person who is catholic, or other christian religions, to have faith is to know what we believe, thoise who need faith are the atheist, someone who have faith is known to have already been instructed about the reality, and reality is the truth. They are no religions that are good, they all have big hole in their perceptions. The person who have the truth is the one who possesse the faith, the truth inside this person will not allow any darkness, at this stage, you can be shure that this person have a strong faith. True knowledge is the base of the faith, this is the lamp that bring light to the spririt of that person. The faith is the absolute knowing that God exist for exemple, and you cannot have the faith without knowledge, because knowledge bring you to the faith. You dont see God, you dont ear Him talking, this is like He were never existed. With the knowledge that the true science bring you, you have the faith that God exist, even if you dont see or ear it. This faith is not a blind faith, never, this faith comme from knowing certain principles that lead you to the faith.
    By the way, I dont believe you, I know that you have the faith in God, you pretend that the faith is useless just to know what the bloggists have in their mind, I know that this provocation is control, you just want to have somebody to let the cat out of the bag. God Bless everyone. Oh by the way, I have faith ion God and I can prove is existance.

  6. The Shark says

    A rousing,thought provoking article. Spiritualism is hard to come by in out rat race, materialistic, violence ridden, ignorance-as-virtue, decadent capitalist society. Mr Yurchey at the very least makes a valiant attempt to set the record straight. Even the Catholic Church, once upon a time, taught that reincarnation was real. Jesus did say unless one is born again, he or she will not see the kingdom of Heaven. Is God a “him” ? Perhaps not. Is there more than 1 path to enlightenment ? The Buddhists will tell you there is. The Muslims view Jesus as a prophet. We must be careful in our condemnations of any religion. The perception of Jews as Christ Killers paved the way for the Nazi death camps. I hope this little exercise leads to some constuctive thought. Life is for learning, as Joni Mitchell once sang. Be cool, and as always, keep the faith.

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