Dark Secrets Behind the Olympics


Dark Secrets Behind the Olympics

by Doug Yurchey

     The Olympics are here.  We view the pageantry as nations’ best athletes battle for gold, silver and bronze.  With super coverage by media; the action is very compelling.  Through the decades, we have been almost ‘programmed’ to watch the colorful excitement on the World Stage.

     Everything concerning the Olympics seems wonderful, patriotic and innocent.  BUT…are we really viewing healthy competition?  Maybe something else is happening in London that goes unseen?  Possibly, the Olympics is one big international spectacle for a singular and secret purpose:  Propaganda!

     Why are the Games held in London now…in the time that some people believe are the ‘end of days?’  Could it be that Britain covertly RULES THE WORLD?  Could it be that whatever disaster (if it’s a disaster) may occur in December 2012, the throne of England will be responsible?

     Who knows what will happen in late December of this year?  2012 could be the last year everything is the same.  Britain made sure to secure the Olympic Games one last time before everything changes?

     For readers unclear of my point, consider the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

 It was the famous Olympics where Jesse Owens defeated the Fuhrer’s greatest athletes in track.  One could question; why Berlin?  Why were the Games held in Germany in the special year of 1936 just as the Nazis were gaining power and building fighting forces? 

     It is not a coincidence that the center of the world in 1936 was Germany and that’s where the Games HAD to be held.  Those same Olympics included a rifle or target-shooting event that remains to this day.  But, the 1936 targets were not simply bull’s-eyes.  The concentric circles or targets were placed in the chest area of cut-out silhouettes of PEOPLE!

     Shooting bullets at a HUMAN image today would be so politically incorrect.  But in 1936, they (rich, international bankers) were programming or preparing us for WAR; getting the public ready to accept the idea of shooting people again like it was in WWI. 

     The Olympic Committee KNEW of things to come; what was just around the corner because they are part of everything that transpires on the World Stage.  We bow to the throne of England and Vatican in Rome without knowledge that our leaders (institutions) are the biggest gang of criminals this world has ever seen! 

     There are good reasons Switzerland is neutral.  The fact has nothing to do with them being pacifists; it has to do with global bank accounts.  Switzerland is England’s BANK.  The powerful bankers are puppet-masters.  They will create war and chaos upon everyone else, but they are not ever going to bomb their MONEY!  Why wreak worldwide havoc?  The answer is…it is highly profitable.

     Do not be surprised to discover, if you study Secret Societies long enough, that England/N.Y. and Vatican (through Swiss banks) finance all major wars.  ‘They’ cause and control everything on the World Stage; also called the ‘theatre’ of war.  It’s for f**king SHOW!  And, people pay with their precious lives en masse.  These torch-passing, war criminals were also behind the World Fairs and are behind the largest of sporting events…and movies/television, etc. 

     One could challenge and ask, ‘c’mon, what’s wrong with present-day Olympics?’  The problem is WAR.  Same secret ones pulling strings behind the Olympics also gave us the World Wars, smaller wars, Cold Wars, AIDS and 9/11 to mention only a few things that should never have normally happened.   

     The Olympics is not bloody violence where countries kill off other countries in a global ‘Hunger Games’ of Death.  No, but it symbolizes and represents WAR.  Exactly how we decorate our war heroes, we decorate our Olympians.  What’s wrong with patriotism?  EVERYTHING; it is what divides us as a whole.  (Global Village, indeed).  What’s wrong with loving your country?  When you love your country above all else, you are a Nationalist.  In other words, you’re a NAZI. 

     Olympics are feudal wars where we become so wrapped up in patriotism and love-of-country (as our slave masters intend) that we completely miss the Road to Peace.  That road is one that unifies every person on Earth.  (One World).   

     What’s the answer or reasonable alternative?  The answer is to love and embrace ALL PEOPLE; be tolerant of differences, but view everyone as Earthlings.  We are the same; no countries; bureaucrats should not be involved.  We are ONE PEOPLE, ONE COUNTRY.  The answer is to have radical change without bloodshed and destruction.  ‘They’ (1% on top of the Social Pyramid) must stop purposely knocking over the anthills just to see the ants build them back up again….and profit from those insidious actions. 

     [I’m not saying boycott the Games.  I personally enjoy sports and HD pictures of what these incredible athletes can do.  I confess; I watch and am amazed.  Those that dedicate their whole lives to the ‘Olympic Dream’ of attaining a few pieces of gold and silver!  Wow.  But…if young Olympians and people in general only knew the truth behind the Games, possibly…it would be difficult to smile.  I also believe it is an utter waste of life to dedicate yourself to a country that would so frivolously throw that life away in needless, senseless wars]. 

     Keep in mind what might have been the greatest mind of all time stated about patriotism:   

‘So long as there are different nationalities, there will be patriotism.  This feeling must be eradicated from our hearts before permanent peace can be established.  Its place must be filled by love of nature and scientific ideal.  Science and discovery are the great forces which will lead to that consummation….The consequences of such an advance are incalculable.  A new epoch in human history would be inaugurated and a colossal revolution in moral, social and other respects accomplished, innumerable causes of trouble would be removed, our lives profoundly modified for the better, and a new and firm foundation laid to all that makes for peace.’   
— from ‘Nikola Tesla Looks to Science to End the War’ (1914)

‘The establishment of permanent peaceful relations between nations would most effectively reduce the force retarding the human mass, and would be the best solution of this great human problem.  But will the dream of universal peace ever be realized?  Let us hope that it will.  When all darkness shall be dissipated by the light of science, when all nations shall be merged into one, and patriotism shall be identical with religion, when there shall be one language, one country, one end…then, the dream will have become reality.

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A clue hidden in the Illuminati card?

Let’s hope that this will never happen…

London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Card Game NWO False Flag Event?

Before 9 / 11 and 7 / 7 there were clues in card games, comics, film and TV programmes, of the events that would later take place.
Similarly, the BBC has broadcasted a series imagining a nuclear explosion at the London Olympics. The series includes several clues that suggest that the ‘illuminati’ are behind the making of the series and that therefore the events that the series imagines, are being planned to take place in the real world. There are also clues that suggest the ‘illuminati’ are plotting an attack on the London Underground.

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PS3 London 2012 Closing Ceremonies – Subliminal Messages?

Note from Doug Yurchey:
After what happened last night at the Closing Ceremonies – I had to comment again on the BLOG – without anyone else – just to get this out – and I looked up on Internet today – and, sure enough, what happened did not go unnoticed.  I’m just happy to not be the only one.  It’s sad that it is happening before our eyes and with ‘thunderous applause.’


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  1. Doug Yurchey says

    You don’t have a CLUE, Gigolo Jesus. NICE NAME, by the way. You’re the last person who should be invoking the name JESUS. You don’t have a clue…but, by all means…keep blogging. Never stop.

  2. Gigolo Jesus says

    Wow.. I drift through a whole lot of conspiracy websites and read a lot of crackpot ideas, but this is by far the most retarded I have come across. You managed to hit the trifecta of poor premise, poor research, and poor support. Congratulations, it would be hard to write an article this bad if your intention was to do so. By the way, as terribly weak as “Derr look this game card is proofs of da aliens and angels!” is, what is all the worse is that the clock tower in said “proof” looks nothing like Big Ben. I do have to say, the most sage comment in this cluster fuck was made by you, Doug, multiple times. Just…. Stop…. Writing. Your retardery makes the baby Jesus cry.

  3. Doug Yurchey says

    I should stop posting; just can’t help myself. I wrote a new article for W-M concerning what will (maybe) happen on the Mayan date of 12/21/12. It started by reviewing the lectures of William Cooper online and I suggest all of you DO THAT. THEY killed (silenced) this man; the man who wrote ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ because of incredible info that Cooper spent years trying to inform you guys! He hints that there has been a move to get us to accept an ALIEN ATTACK!, yes, an alien attack. Look at how many RECENT movies have us fighting the Space Monsters with cool special-effects. Is that the meaning to the Illuminati Card in this article where Big Ben falls down? Saucers attacking London? How EASY it would be for England to fake an alien attack. Don’t think so? If you did your homework, you would find ‘they’ and others were also behind WW2 and attacked their own people…and recent underground bombings?

    We’ll see what happens on 12/21/12 – it’s almost upon us. And I always wanted to see an ET landing on Earth in my lifetime – BUT NOT A FAKED ATTACK where our people created it! And, what a wonderful time for real GOOD aliens to come to the rescue as I have prayed will happen. How about TWO alien groups arriving in December? We would never believe the good ones because of our programming. Interesting times.

    • Foreigner says

      Hi, Doug.
      I´ve found some messages saying that from December 21st of 2012, angels are coming to help us. But this only happens because we kept our vibrations out of the fear state the Illuminati wanted us to be into, with the terrorist attacks (what Bush and co. wanted). I also heard that yes, angels are needed because we are not able to defeat them by ourselves only. The big fight has got to be with them. We need to do our light work in silence and discretion.

      Erich Von Daniken mentions the coming of perhaps aliens (though he doesn´t specify what they are, it is in the mayan calendar – his book “Twilight of the Gods” talks about it) or who might tell us, angels or beings in other dimensions to Earth in December 23rd of 2012.

      The prophecies have changed a lot ever since they were written. Dates and numbers were outdated because we are capable to change them. I´ve studied prophecies for more than 10 years. The possibility of the third world war exists until now, but we can stop it to happen ever again.

      It is not that bad things will cease to happen. It is just that they will continue to happen, but for the ones out of love, they will be even worst. Those who wish to get out of the hate and fear vibrations will have great rewards.

      My recomendations (as silently we can do our work) and do not smack their faces directly:
      1) Do not work for army industry or weapon industry
      2) Create independent technology institutes not linked to governments (such as MIT that is linked to government and therefore they are used by militaries)
      3) Create centers to help children abuse and other abuses
      4) Create centers to recover people from addictions
      5) Stay away from drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin and so on; stay away from alcohol
      6) Work and get your own independent money
      7) Find ecological solutions
      8) Stay away from prostitution
      9) Learn how to eat with health and learn how to maintain your body healthy with exercises
      10) Do not accept corruption and unethical agreements

      Protests can lead us to be gathered in a place where they can fetch us and arrest us and kill us. We´d rather learn how to make these actions our individual tasks, sometimes creating groups that can remain anonymous, hidden, faking we are separate but together, invisible but connected…

      • Foreigner says

        Create centers to help children who were abused and to heal other abuses, please, read it correctly.

  4. Doug Yurchey says

    untrue – this is the last thing I want to believe. I remember a wonderful world, a technological Paradise on Earth more than 15,000 years ago – I want that utopia again or at least getting back on the road to utopia. Do you guys really think the signs are leading to utopia?

    Dude, save your bet. I want to be wrong about a coming disaster. A friend just asked me, ‘are we manifesting a disaster by believing it to happen?’ My response was…thoughts, our thoughts aren’t causing a disaster. Our thoughts did not cause 9/11. Evil men did! Evil men killed their own rare and righteous President almost 50 years ago. Real things are doing the evil; pushing buttons; starting hurricanes; perverting everything that Tesla wanted for us in the 20th Century. I think if it’s a battle…unlike Custer, us Indians in the 99% don’t stand a chance. It’s the 1% with the police, courts, governments, military and the nukes that will win because they CONTROL. That’s why I’m praying to the aliens (like Gary Numan) because only a real/physical thing can stop the armies/police/artificial disasters. I’d like to say LOVE would do it…but, I think it takes a force more substantial – like Wings Over the World (from ‘Things to Come’) or Klaatu (from ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’) that is our only hope.

    MY GOD – I just read what ‘Universal Messenger’ wrote above, while writing this…and dude, you don’t know how NEEDED those words are to me…I been alone with…sometimes no one in my corner – I understand these guys; they don’t understand me. I want only peace and love. I remember a time (Atlantis/Eden is an obsession for me; I only discovered its 13 ancient, global positions) when EVERYTHING WORKED – and this planet today that should be called a Police State AIN’T IT!! Freedom to do what our human spirit cries out to do…and it’s not slaves to a money system or to GASOLINE. Did you know we could have been driving Tesla-designed saucer-crafts in the 1960s? Look up Otis T. Carr.

    Anyway, thanks U.M. but, it’s hard for me to speak of a blessed God when I’ve been screaming for it in some form to help us; break the Prime Directive and bloody help us. In the movies, which I love, Supermen picked up all the nukes and threw them into the sun. Yeah, I want something like that! Some FORM of that, doing good acts in the real world…cause I just don’t see it. I want the news to have SUPER GOOD NEWS on it…but the MEDIA snufs that out…and would pervert a well-intentioned alien intervention, if that were to happen.

    I want nothing bad or disastrous to happen in December. I don’t like the attitude of fascists rubbing our faces in it; their secret symbols; how THEY are the ‘chosen ones’ that ‘Rule the World’ like the exact title of the song Take That sang during Closing Ceremonies…and we are forced to Take It. How about the ‘fasces’ symbol of tied rods with axehead seen in the U.S. Senate, the House; on back of Mercury Dime? This is as bad as the swastika PLEASE LOOK IT UP IN THE DICTIONARY. This has no place in the ‘Land of the Free’ but there it is…everywhere in anything federal.

    We deserve better. We originated in that prehistoric better world, believe it or not, people. It’s in our blood; it’s in our deep subconscious We deserve to LIVE and see 2013.

  5. Owen says


    You are crazy and angry at people who don’t believe your paranoid argument? Shall we bet $1 USD that their will be NO end of times or Aliens by the end of 2012? Every crackpot is proven wrong in time. The problem is you gave a prediction and time. We can just wait and see. BTW that is $1 CAD. Let the games begin!

    All hail our new Ant overlords!

  6. Doug Yurchey says

    The bloggers with the quick criticism have really proven their case, haven’t they? (sarcasm). How about an intelligent argument? You can offer NONE outside of what you’re really saying; I DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE THIS. Too bad; stop burying your head in the sand and wake up – do your homework, as Jordan Maxwell suggests. When something happens to Big Ben, what will you say then? When a disaster just happens to strike on the Mayan date, late December…what then?
    And benign aliens are BENIGN – Life is endless and you’re saying all aliens even the good ones are in on some evil plot? What? How can anyone seeing the clips; films and info on this page…plus knowing BOTH logos spell Zion even with a dotted i…and you guys still say BS? And, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone…RIGHT!

  7. Bob van Wyk says

    IT seems that no one has caught on to the fact that both olympic ceromonies were
    Satanic. Don’t hope for benign aliens to help us they are part of the plot against a certain section of the human race as clearly stated in the bible!

  8. Doug Yurchey says

    Talk about fascinating. What if GOOD aliens do arrive who only want to help us in our time of need. Can’t you figure what will happen? They will be V-blasted over all the MEDIA and made into monsters we fear – how dare they change the order of things? And, sadly, people will suck it up. But, not everyone…

  9. Jason apoyan says

    Some times articles like yours here doug are fascinating this is almost desperation to bring the truth to light as you have, Does take a brave man to do but what can we do they are there we are here if any aliens arrive you have a new world to live in over there.

  10. Doug Yurchey says

    Last entry…because I’m done with you guys. The only person that’s bothered to write was someone who called me full of SHIT…in German! Anyway, it’s 11:01, Sun. nite and I just witnessed the Olympics’ Closing Ceremony. Why? To hear the concert / and really to see if there were more clues to the speculations in above article. Hmmm…I didn’t have to look far. Music was great; it’s all English, you know and even included Eric Idle’s ‘Look on the bright side of life.’ That’s what you say to someone in a really bad way. They had Annie Lennox in a goth Deathship; strange. A quote on the huge Union Jack stage stated, ‘to be or not to be.’ They had a giant Octopus (8) that symbolized the ‘Spirit of Zionism’ Spider (see above film). Later, a final song was sung by a band called ‘Take That.’ This was during the torch-ending ceremony; torch (fire) ‘petals’ separated as they came together in Opening Ceremony. This all has to do with being UNITED in a 1-World Order. Then, a big flame almost like a bonfire was over the torch petals. Now, people…if you were in the room with me, watching the NBC/London spectacle, you would have heard me say these words: ‘Where’s the bird?’ Like clockwork about two seconds later…a huge, red PHOENIX (firebird) appeared directly over the massive fire…right on cue. NO, there’s nothing going on. Note above pix in article of same Phoenix rising from Beijing. It’s masonic – the torch passed is same as Statue of Liberty’s torch, which has nothing to do with Freedom…but the liberties THEY in the 1% take on us as we in the 99% suffer.

    Now, get this…the climactic song at the very end sung by Take That as the hovering firebird is perfectly shot; framed by the CAPSTONE LIGHTS…the song was called: ‘RULE THE WORLD!’ This is about MONEY, people; and the world bows to these masters of money and therefore the masters of us. (It would be different if Kings and Queens really cared about us commoners, but they don’t). Yes, one could say it’s about reforming the Olympics at Rio in 4 years so the Phoenix is a proper symbol. No, folks…it’s much more than that. But, I won’t bother you interested people again with this Schwachsinn!

    • Nigel Foster says

      ‘To be or not to be’ is a quote from Hamlet (William Shakespeare). The actual speech is about whether or not to engage with life, an obvious theme for the Olympics. But I guess you’ll see whatever you need to see in order to substantiate your delusions.
      But I think you missed the true symbolism of Glastonbury Tor appearing in the Opening Ceremony. . .

  11. Doug Yurchey says

    I guess no one cares. I’m the guy who wrote the article that something is going on behind the Olympics – people don’t know the Olympics are a part of those who also throw us events like WARS…and a hell of a lot of other population-depleting things. Well…it’s 9:01, Sat evening…and I tuned in to see the Olympics at 8PM and I didn’t see the Games for the past hour – NOPE – the menu said it was the 30th Olympiad only it was Freemason Tom Brokow and an HOUR-LONG documentary about Hitler, Churchill; ENGLAND during the War – the 2nd one!!! Why? To any reader not believing the PROPAGANDA (was the quote from article) in the Olympics that IS the Olympics…what the hell did I and you all watching NBC just witness???

    It was HELL! Not the tear-jerking war-stories of the brave Britains in the underground escaping the bombs or stories of people begging the U.S. to enter the war…no, the hell was not the bloody CONDITIONS of 1940-41…NO…THE HELL WAS WHY ARE WE AS AMERICANS (kinda interested in sports) SUBJECTED TO THIS PROPAGANDA? England was and IS behind everything! England’s Monarchy has been taken over by German bloodlines hundreds of years ago (ask Jordan Maxwell)…which means, in WW2, they were fighting THEMSELVES! No one needed to coax FDR and America into the war because the hierarchy is our president is below England’s throne and the PM. (never is there a disagreement between them; little America does what it’s told from Britain). The ‘secret summit’ mentioned in the documentary was where FDR was TOLD WHAT TO DO. Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and let it happen! Devil-worshiper Winston Churchill (A. Crowley disciple) couldn’t have been happier at the American deaths at Pearl Harbor; the documentary failed to mention that fact.
    They had ‘COLUMBIA’ newsman Edward R. Murrow (chain-smoker) turning the tide as now our young men enlisted like lemmings. WHY? No, why the bleeding documentary? This should and could have been a small piece because the O. is in London – BUT, in truth, it was full scale PROPAGANDA on the valiant Brits being SO BRAVE in the face of war. OK, the surface facts and personal heart-breaking stories were real – but what they don’t tell you is…well, ever wonder how a defeated Germany in WW1 rose to such power in only 20 years? No, we’re not made to question that. We withhold technology and access to weaponry to a defeated enemy – we don’t FINANCE THEM LIKE THE RICH BANKERS DID. This was and is power plays – The most powerful people orchestrated the Blitz, the Holocaust – ALL THOSE DEATHS! …as game pieces; try to see the invisible puppet-masters and don’t fall for it. It’s lies by omission! They aren’t going to tell you the truth; what is really behind the curtain. No product advertises it’s own faults.
    THERE WAS NO MENTION OF THE ATOMIC BOMB in the doc. which really ended World War 2…and you guys suck it up with a spoon?…wow…give me the 60s/70s any day. The Brokow documentary went thru a whole history lesson of one-sided lies – as many of you will just believe – anyway, why was the Bomb not mentioned? An HOUR of details; an overview of the whole bloody war which had no business in these GAMES…and we’re made to think it was a military victory; Britain and America? No mention of Russia’s contribution, of course.

    and…THIS ISN’T PROPAGANDA? Why did England suddenly started winning medals like crazy? Are they letting the fascists win? Why is every American Olympic athlete in London wearing RED? That’s not our colors. It’s Russia’s and China’s colors…we’re BLUE, like the blue ring that supposedly reps North America (although the 5 rings really stand for a world unification and the 5 points of the pentagram). Maybe because they’ve twisted everything? Look at the chaotic LETTERS in the 2012 Olympics? Symbolic of the CHAOS ‘THEY’ CAUSE ON EARTH?

    Smug of the New World Order to shove these secret symbols in our face. Their secrets are safe. THEY’VE WON. We even bow to them.

  12. Doug Yurchey says

    Something is very wrong for Roger Federer to lay down like he did today in the finals of Olympic Tennis. He was DESTROYED by Brit, Andy Murray! This ain’t right! Anyone who knows tennis will tell you; Fed virtually owns the grass at Wimbledon. Roger owes his whole career to England. THE FIX WAS IN! He gave Britain exactly what they wanted for their man to finally win the Big One at Wimbledon (it’s not Wimbledon; it’s the Olympics – that’s close enough). Even John McEnroe surprisingly said, ‘he’s giving it to him on a silver platter.’ You could say I’m really reading into it – but I wanted to see some TENNIS and what I got was a quick, THROWN MATCH like the banned badminton players.

    Read my article ‘The Sith Have Taken Over the U.S.’ It’s all too late, folks. The fascists (1%) have all the power and we (99%) have no power. I believe they are planning some terrible disaster to coincide with the Mayan date (December) later this year. There’s nothing the billions of us can do against EVIL THAT IS SO TREMENDOUSLY MASSIVE and controlling. They’ve won a long time ago; you just don’t know it yet, people. And, yet I have faith. I have faith in people, although they are really powerless. Silly, dreamer, ME – I pray for an alien intervention in late December to counter the artificial, unnatural disaster that I fear the NWO is planning and will carry out. Hey! What’s the next 911? THAT’S what your leaders are cooking up with your tax dollars.
    WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE ALIENS?! Why won’t they come down and help the billions of innocent, precious, LIVING people here who do not deserve PAIN and destruction?…and especially, not from wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    I pray for: COMPASSIONATE ALIENS – some higher technology – because that’s what it would take to defeat the corruption of international bankers; throne of England and the Vatican…you know, the ones you guys bow to and give your hard-earned money to?
    There was once a Martian Civilization; there may be intelligent/advanced humans in Venus; under all the camouflage of a harsh environment. Ask Tesla or Thor Valiant, eh? Well, where are they? Where the hell are the Calvary when you need them?? You know (in fiction) sometimes Star Trek broke the Prime Directive and gave technological aid because it was desperately needed…and they could do it. Shouldn’t GOOD stuff happen like that in the real world? I’M PRAYING TO THE ALIENS. HELP US!

  13. Doug Yurchey says

    Even the lights for the main stadium are triangles that symbolize the separation of Royalty from commoners just like the dollar bill…there, Mr. Fascist.

    • Universal Messenger1 says

      Doug . .greetings and God Bless :)

      you are indeed an old old soul , simply sharing alot of wisdom and truth gathered.
      As always there are variations on all things, different perspectives and angles.
      Most on this planet of ours are still asleep, unaware of alot of the hidden corruptions hidden in plain sight that create what is known as ‘chaos” and indeed there are forces at play behind the scenes an the people are by large gullible. they read things like this and it is scary to believe it could be true at all hence the name calling and abuse. it is simply humans being human and allowing fear an their egos to reign supreme.
      I agree with most of what you write, remember the universe is always by our side forever guiding us to the truth an the best way to express it so others can understand. To also support us on our journey to enlighten ourselves an others for what is to come and more importantly what can be prevented if enough of humanity wake up to the corruptions and how they are used as pawns in the game of life for others to gain control of the people.

      should the people unite an be awake and support one another and ask ‘why’ to you and to others :) then maybe instead of abusing you an others who are seeking to make people aware, these people may actually gain themselves an a realistic perspective of what is happening under their noses. such as freeview here in nz. all these things seem good n simple yet the people are all being led or forced to conform n they sigh n complain then conform it is time to share things such as this you write.

      please know there are ones out there who are awake an understand your words n wisdom gathered over years of experience an gathering an to those few it matters. for then they share it and so on :)

      The word ‘alien scares people still sadly. there is good n evil in all races inclusive of aliens. people need to wake up to the fact earth is not the only planet or life force an there are other beings across the galaxy/ angels too :)

      maybe they need to also realize we came from a source of life before here, it is why we know alot of things we haven’t yet experienced this time round. we have been here before n in other places too. some call it heaven. .some other planets. .dimensions etc regardless we are all ‘alien’ really cos we were not of this earth before we came here. we are from many places. we have intelligence, knowledge n we ‘feel’ this is the planet that allows us this honor.

      I read all these replies and thought them narrow minded , niave, arrogant n self serving for who gains from abusing others especially when it is from your heart seeking to simply say’hey are you aware of this? of that? have you asked why?” we as humans need to understand the freedom of speech. .of heart n embrace that we may not always agree with what others write, yet who are we to say they can not write something or that it is wrong. we all have views an perspectives n maybe to stand in the shoes of another an try to feel what they are saying an why may actually be rewarding for all.

      there is nothing to lose in reading something, listening an asking questions. if you dnt like it or agree walk away. that simple. not need for abuse.

      maybe ask yourself why are you so angry at this man? why call him names? what did he do to you? push a few buttons button. .an if so why did you react? sometimes what seems like bs or nonsense can actually be true :) the reaction is simple. .fear.

      so always express what you see and feel Doug. .ignore and do your best not to react to their narrow mindedness if they abuse or make fun. they are simply afraid n this place is dense with people so stuck in addictions like technology,sex,materialism, greed, control they lose focus an that of course is the idea.

      all these things like facebook, twitter, etc porn sites etc, new techno toys are to distarct the people from ‘seeing’ an ‘actioning’ change. it is sad yet true.

      wishing you the best

      everyone has the right to express
      no abuse necessary
      toi those that abuse, I would say why? you are worth more than that, it is abuse, anger n this approach that is wrong with the world. .maybe make a positive comment before you decide to be part of the problems we all face. .

      no one likes abuse
      no one likes control

      yet you choose to willingly do so and call this man nuts? call him names.

      looking in the mirror helps us all

      none of us are perfect
      we all seek peace, harmony n to be happy
      to do that sometimes the ugly or hidden needs to be exposed
      so few more questions an asking why will benefit all right?



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