Are the Hunger Games Real?

Are the Hunger Games Real?

by T.S. Caladan 

     Could we be once again seeing some form of truthful reflection or what is really going on behind the scenes of Hollywood in the Hunger Games series?  These films, like many others, often show the unaware public a theatrical play or representation of what has been actually occurring in secret enclaves.  


     Why wouldn’t the real elite that run the planet just LOVE the Hunger Games?  New World Order obviously financed the series.  Examine posters for film #2 ‘Catching Fire.’  

     We have a pagan ode to the SUN.  We have the element of FIRE as in Prometheus stealing from the gods.  Later, the main character of Katniss Everdeen transforms into a dark image with wings (‘mocking-jay’).  She represents the Firebird or Phoenix that has risen from its ashes.  She is referred to as the ‘Girl on Fire’…a rebirth into a new Order.  Mason Manly P. Hall wrote that the symbol for America is not the eagle, but (secretly) it is truly the PHOENIX; New World from old.  These are all Illuminati themes.

     The main character symbolizes legendary ‘Diana’ with bow.  Was Katniss written to be skilled with the bow to represent Lady Diana that the elites of the world may have murdered?  Her death happened (coincidentally) near a garden in Paris dedicated to legendary Diana.  If the idea sounds absurd at first…notice the release date for the HG sequel. 

     The date is exactly 50 years TO THE DAY that those who held the Torch previously…assassinated JFK, the President of the United States.  NWO enjoys small touches like that; words; phrases; symbols; #s in films that the average person would not notice.  But, to Hollywood Insiders…They know exactly what is going on with extremely dirty dealings behind the curtains. 

     There are Hunger Game parallels to Harry Potter and even Twilight series of films.  Generally, the commonality is feeding killing; sanctioned murder; Witchcraft; paganism; darkest of evil Magick (with a K) and other Masonic ideas…to our teenagers and even children (Disney, for example). 


     Above poster for HG2 contains the Firebird Phoenix and ‘FIRE’ is a part of the sub-title.  She is posed like a Statue of Liberty or Lady COLUMBIA seen on our money with the classic, cloudy background.  Why was such a series financed about setting the world ablaze with killing each other?  (‘The Purge’).  NWO is showing us exactly what THEY have been doing.  Superrich elite hide in darkness and pull deadly strings.  You will not know what you are seeing on film unless you have realized the many KEYS (symbols) to understanding their madness. 

     No producers in their right minds would ever fund millions on such a twisted HG society unless something is really up that we commoners do not know.  And let’s get it straight: it is not the Hunger Games!  Don’t PG an R-rated thing like bloody, tribal WARS that the movies do so they can reach larger audiences and promote violence like it is sweet syrup.  These films are not romantic.  IT’S THE KILLING GAMES!!  


     Possibly, the metaphor is precisely what has been happening in the real world for centuries.  We die in endless conflicts while wars are, essentially, merely the frivolous ‘games’ (tricks) that aristocrats PLAY on us. 

     Same can be said for Harry Potter.  First, a corrupt literary world saturated us with the J.K. Rowling novel which she probably did not write.  See the televised story of Harry Potter with actress Poppy Montgomery playing J.K. Rowling.  It was totally bogus.  We’re supposed to believe a big agency accepts HAND-WRITTEN sheets from a first time author?  The ms. wasn’t even TYPED!  Also, we’re supposed to believe corporate execs simply were in ecstasy when they heard a story of a being so evil its name could not be uttered…fed to our CHILDREN…and youngsters playing with demonic forces?  Really?  See how far YOU would have gotten in London if you would have tried that.   

     Let’s go through the Hunger Games and analyze some of the lines and story in an attempt at speculative decoding. 

     First lines in the film are, ‘…saw some turkeys on the way here, crossed right in front of me like I wasn’t even there…stupid birds, start to think they own these woods.’ 

     The ‘turkeys’ could stand for US; ‘stupid birds’ or twits who twitter on Twitter.  We think we have a Democracy and own the country (woods) but in truth…we are owned and programmed by a few (‘republic’) overlord masters.

     Kat and Peeta (Peta? – represents goodness/compassion, lacking in elites) board a train on a tribute tour as previous winners.  Train also takes them from poor communities of general masses to the Capital where a group of elites live and run their society.  This is identical to the train taking Harry, Hermione and Ron from the ‘muggles’ universe to the land of Hogwarts and magick. 

     Katniss is full of regret for her participation in the elite’s Killing Games.  ‘I did what I had to do to survive.  If I didn’t, I’d be dead.’  Does this ominous line in a movie have actual dire and dark consequences in regard to the real actress, Jennifer Lawrence? 

     Storm troopers take Katniss to President Snow (Donald Sutherland), head of the controlling/fascist empire.  There are various snow scenes.  SNOW refers to deception or a snow job.  

     Leader Snow worries of rebellion and tells her that some see her trick with the berries (first film) as defiance and seeds of revolution. 

     Katniss replies, ‘it must be a fragile system if it can be brought down by just a few berries.’ 

     President Snow says, ‘you fought very hard in the Games, Miss Everdeen, but they were GAMES.  Would you like to be in a real WAR?’  (‘no’)  ‘Good, neither would I.’  Here is a hint that the ante will be upped; meaning: everything will be amplified in the Next Level…as in degrees of Freemasonry. 

     Snow basically orders her to continue the charade of love for Peeta for the sake of their society.  Kat agrees or has no choice.  They are heroes.  They are media darlings and (false) symbols of what their society represents.


      On the train, just before they see trucks and armaments, a PYRAMID is formed by the tracks; looking out the rear as the scene fades to black. 

     One of the couple’s guides to the posh world of Aristocrats is Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks of Modern Family).  She is an elite that is as phony and ditzy as they come; a perfect agent of superficial commercials for the State.


CF4b     One scene has her in a stunning red dress with hair whipped up in nearly ram horns.  Their guide into the decadent world of Capital elite could be construed as the Devil or boatman/Death-specter of the ‘Reaping’ to come.  Tick Tock…We first view Effie seen against a statue with wings coming out of her head as she SLUMS visiting the simple home of Kat’s family.

      Trinket tells Katniss to enjoy the honors bestowed on her; ‘you’ve earned it.’  Kat fires back: ‘BY KILLING PEOPLE?!

     Good guy, Peeta promises money to families of fallen friends in the Games.  The concept is mind-blowing to Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) and the elites.  GIVING without a blood-oath-deal is an act they cannot comprehend.

      When trouble breaks out (storm troopers flexing their muscle), innocent people are shot and killed.  Filmmakers were careful to not show blood-and-guts as to keep HG PG-rated.

    More revealing dialog was when Haymitch speaks to a frightened Katniss.  She pleads, ‘I never meant for anyone to get killed…just get me through this trip; just help get us through this.’ (crying).

      Haymitch replies, ‘what about them?!  Who’ll protect them?  Wake up!’ (clicks fingers)  ‘This trip doesn’t end when you get back home.  You never get off this train…you are Mentors.  Now, every year they’ll drag you out and broadcast details of your romance.  Every year, your private life becomes theirs (public)…your job is to become a DISTRACTION so people forget what the real problems are.  You’re going to smile and read the cards Effie gives you…and you’re going to live happily ever after.’

     Was the veteran actor (Harrelson) telling newcomer and ‘rising star,’ Jennifer Lawrence, you can’t get out of the deal you signed with the evil Industry!  Even if you go home and pretend to be normal; you’ve signed a Blood Oath to ‘The Industry’…and your goose is cooked.  Enjoy the super glamour and stardom now because there will be consequences later.

      The stated ‘Mentors’ is another stage where they move up in degrees and must recruit a new, younger batch of innocent prospects to pass the Torch to.

      Like in ‘Rollerball,’ rules to the Hunger Games were changed to suit the governing elite.  Because it was the special 75th anniversary of the Games, winners of all Districts had to face each other in a new Quell.  The news devastates Kat and other winners who have to put their lives on the line again.


     The news also shocks Johanna MASON (Jena Malone), a former winner who goes into a tirade later.  She’s made to parade in front of Capital cameras, dressed as an elite, but will soon have to fight.  She screams, ‘deal was if I win the Hunger Games, I get to live the rest of my life in peace!  But, now…you want to KILL me again!  Well, you know what?  F@ck that!  And ____ (we have the few F-words allowed in a PG movie).  She also stripped in an elevator, but we missed the naughty bits.


     Jena started acting at a very young age.  Of course, she had performed in numerous G-rated roles for Disney and other mild productions.  She was always the image of purity and cuteness.  Then, she grew up and her roles have drastically changed to a darker side.  She played ‘Rocket,’ an unwilling prostitute in ‘Sucker Punch.’  Is her real story of Hollywood decadence; going down the wrong path…mirrored in her roles?  Was there good reason to cast Jena…or, is she a sweetie in real life without any affiliations to the dark side?

     Is the inclusion of Mason’s explosion of emotion; to be roped into Kill/Or Be Killed AGAIN…symbolic of starlets who have had some fame, but now want OUT and cannot get out?  Possibly, the public has no clue to what’s written on celebrity’s contracts in invisible ink.

      There is a special, lavish Party at an exclusive Capital mansion; bathed in red, white and blue colors.  It is reminiscent of the Rothschild mansion, featured in Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ that also includes exotically dressed Party (cult) goers.  Blue is the prime color which means ‘bluebloods’ or Royals.  Do the costumes and people at the HG Party look familiar?


      The Hunger Games aristocrats were directly taken from not only Rothschild parties (look up Google images of guests in masks; some with antlers and bizarre items on table), but also from ritualistic practices that are a part of the Occult world; a part of the world of the Rich and Famous.

     ‘Winners’ from Districts or low rungs of society marvel at the FOOD and culinary delights at the extravagant Party.  (They also have very advanced technology, but only for the elite as we saw in ‘Elysium’).  Rich guests are spoiled snobs that stuff themselves while the rest of the planet virtually starves to death.  ‘Only the rich 1%, poor 99% and no middleclass exists’ describes the futuristic society.  Is this not what we are quickly rushing toward; too many having too little and too few having all the Power and Authority?  HG could be talking about today.

[note:  My last article on W-M concerned the murder of Stanley Kubrick; who I believe (like many celebrities) was seduced by the secret elite.  At its conclusion, I threw in a thought that POSSIBLY Philip Seymour Hoffman was also killed MAYBE because he didn’t want to play THE GAME anymore; and the heroin OD was a lie.  I was not fully aware of who was in HG2 upon viewing it for the first time very recently.  As you probably know…we’re coming to the entrance of P.S. Hoffman into this film.  (surprise to me)  When I realized that, Bells at Notre Dame went off!!  Something’s going on behind the scenes.  In a film, that I’m speculating tells Insider secrets of real Kill-Games and other gross things like blood-drinking and Satanism/tribal paganism…also has ‘the Hoff’ as the elite’s Game-Maker!  Now, what the hell does this all mean in the real world involving what MIGHT be his murder?  Do some of the lines in the film relate to what will happen to Hoffman?] 

     We meet Plutarch Heavensbee, Head Game-Maker.  Hoffman tells Jennifer Lawrence,if you abandon your moral judgment, you can have fun.’  Was he talking about Hollywood?  Look at what the real Plutarch was known for: ‘Parallel Lives and Moralia.’  Did Hoffman show signs of Moral Judgment and NOT want to go along with the dictates of his handlers?  Was he skating-the-edge with them, close to BEE-ing in Heaven?

      Hoffman’s character tells Katniss, being Head Game-Maker was never the most secure job in the world (refers to other deaths at the position.  Does the title here reflect Masonic titles like Master Mason, etc?).

      ‘Then, why are you here?’

     He answers her with, ‘same reason as you…I volunteered…ambition.  A chance to make the Games mean something.’  (Do stars on the rise see only riches and ‘volunteer’ then later realize they have a big price to pay?)

      She says, ‘the games don’t mean anything.  They only mean to scare us.’  

     President Snow, with the blue mansion in the background, drinks a toast.  The toast he drinks is BLOOD. 

CF8     Hoffman to President Snow, ‘I agree she (Kat) should die, but in the right way at the right time; moves and counter moves…they think she is one of them; we need to show she is one of us…’

     Snow (Sutherland) says, ‘Fear does not work as long as they have Hope.’

      Hoff replies of their plan, ‘they’re gonna hate her so much, they’ll probably kill her for ya.’  Hoffman, the Game-Maker, directs WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES? in this fantasy.  Was Philip in charge of real ‘who lives and who dies?’ situations…and refused some terrible act he was ordered to do?  Simply speculating, folks.  Even thugs in street gangs have been ‘asked’ to kill someone, or they get ‘whacked.’   

      People are picked in the Hunger Games as they picked out of a Witch’s hat in Harry Potter.  On CBS’s ‘Survivor’ (childish Lord of the Flies-version of HG), what do the tribes do?  They pick out of a container in some kind of RITUAL.  What we see in films could be G-to-PG, vanilla reflections of tremendously evil and cruel acts committed behind the scenes.

      Does Hollywood always have to throw secrets in our ignorant faces while making productions where only THEY have the Key?  Did you know ‘magick’ WANDS were made from only holly?  ‘Hollywood’ creates magick spells, illusions and lies.  At one point, she is called ‘Katnip.’

      Haymitch explains to Kat, ‘forget everything you think you know about the Games…it’s not about trust, it’s about staying alive.’  In the back is a statue-like girl with her mouth covered; one eye and strips over her face…which could represent Illuminati secrets within secrets.

      He says to Kat, ‘most of these (elite) people have been friends for years.’

      Kat responds, ‘that just puts us higher on their Kill List.’  [Hear fearful Randy Quaid on YT speak of Hollywood’s Whack Squad].

      Harrelson says, ‘do it your own way and you go it alone…I know these people.  They will hunt you down…both of you.’  (Lawrence & Hoffman?)

      Later, Fennick asks Kat, ‘you want a sugar cube?  If we see something sweet, we better grab it. (horse-stable)  Money; anything you wanted…’

      She says, ‘well, I don’t like jewels and I have all the money I need.  What have you done with your wealth?’

      Fen: ‘I haven’t dealt with anything as common as money in years.’  He confesses in a whisper that the most precious item is ‘secrets.’  They are new to The Industry and dazzled by its initial sweetness (cube).  Did the ‘I have all the money I need’ refer to real life Jennifer Lawrence? 

      We see Hoffman behind a force-field.  Is he next to go?  Kat performs and bows to the elite on the balcony.  Patterns on the wall are similar to Masonic, checked floors. 

      One brilliant participant in the New Games and friend of Kat suggests to Caesar, the MC (Tucci), ‘if the Quell was written into Law by men, it can be unwritten.’  The right thing to do was fluffed off for the cameras, of course.

      After more parades and phony speeches in the elite’s media-show, Kat asks, ‘does anybody believe this?’ 

      Harrelson answers with the truth, ‘apparently, everybody.’  Sad fact is any dog-and-pony show; sports, music spectacle; war; news or political events over the media…are believed by the general public.

      Effie says she is ‘very sorry,’ but her hands are tied by higher forces.  Haymitch says good advice, ‘remember who the real enemy is.’

      At one point, all the winners hold hands in unison.  ‘United’ is often used and seen in print.  Also the phrase, ‘we’re a team’ is repeated in HG2.

      There are ‘trades’ for lives as you can replace another in the Games.  What real world deal does this aspect symbolize?  (Do they test Love by asking if one will sacrifice their life for a lover or family member?)  The old lady sacrifices herself.  Do these stage-characters actually refer to real people?

     Snow and Heavensbee are always watching and influencing the ongoing Games.  They have Big Brother ‘Eyes in the Skies’ and monitor everything.  A Blood Rain occurs and drenches Jena; very Biblical.

      Jena yells at the monitors, ‘what if we set your backyard on fire?!  You know, you can’t put EVERYONE in here!’  She sadly adds, ‘they can’t hurt me.  There’s no one left that I love.’  The mind-set today is the elite CAN control everyone via television screens and other media.

     We hear the words, ‘keep me alive for the next six hours’ as we view a profile of Seymour Hoffman.

     Hunger Games display faces of the dead on large screens.  The Academy that gives out Oscars will soon display their dead on large screens, which will include Philip Hoffman; James Gandolfini and Paul Walker. 

      HG Elite rulers of Earth have dropped bombs and completely wiped out District 12 and other Districts!  Gamers use an electrical cord to tap into lightning, not unlike Prometheus.  The dome eventually crashes and lets the SUNLIGHT shine down.  Filmmakers just had to add fires all around Katniss as she is saved.  The girl, unlike Lady Di, rises into a craft and is rescued.  The ship is triangular.  Kat has gone through Hell and appears brutalized, but is alive; reborn again.  Last scene lends itself to the next movie…


      In conclusion to consider…Elizabeth Banks (Effie) and Seth Meyers did a short, comedy-shtick during the last Golden Globes as presenters.  Both groveled to the cameras and said, ‘we will do ANYTHING to get ahead!  Anything!’  Now, Banks has a successful film career as well as a hit TV show…and guess who is taking Jimmy Fallon’s place on Late, Late Night?  Seth…hmmmm.  Also, heroin users are thin as a rail.  Hoffman had been a hardy man all of his later life.

     ‘They’ have set the planet on fire with continuous wars, hatred and lies.  In future, THEY may choose to literally set the world on fire; as long as the most powerful of madman Monarchs are safe.  We, the 99%, are suffering victims of Masonic/secret Elite.  Do we also have to have our noses rubbed in it every time we see a big budget movie?  And…you know…Jennifer Lawrence will probably win an Oscar for being in ‘American Hustle.’  We’ve all been hustled… 

– T.S. Caladan (not one of THEM; just heard a few things over the years).

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When it comes to blockbuster franchises, the first sequel frequently offers pumped-up versions of the initial thrills–to diminishing results. Catching Fire, however, the second adaptation drawn from Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games trilogy, defies that trend with more finely drawn relationships. With the 74th Games in the history books, Katniss (Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, as comfortable in warrior garb as in designer couture) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson, better than ever) set out on a victory tour across Panem with Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) and Effie (Elizabeth Banks). Despite her best efforts to feign romance with her co-competitor and to keep posttraumatic stress at bay, President Snow (Donald Sutherland) fears that Katniss’s defiant nature will incite rebellion, so he takes a tip from new gamemaker Plutarch (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and launches a Quarter Quell in which past champions, such as the hilariously bitter Johanna (Jena Malone) and the deceptively arrogant Finnick (Sam Claflin), will fight to the death. Not all tributes are quite so young, like Mags (Lynn Cohen), a senior citizen who suits up for battle and establishes a touching bond with Finnick (Jeffrey Wright and Amanda Plummer play the craftiest teammates). Until the cliffhanger ending, director Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) serves up an array of splendors, from killer baboons to the ever-amazing outfits of Effie and Caesar (Stanley Tucci). Most significantly, the script from cowriter Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) strengthens the bonds between Katniss and Peeta and Gale (Liam Hemsworth), who prove themselves more worthy than ever of Katniss’s affections. –Kathleen C. Fennessy


PS What is Predictive Programming?

Predictive Programming – The power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome.”  ~Alan Watt

When we are born we are mentally blank. We are like an empty hard drive. Instantly we start filling up that “hard drive” (our brain) with anything we see experience through our 5 senses.
Examples of “predictive programming” would be found in movies where a meteor hits the earth and kills most of the population, or the world getting flooded because of global warming or an outbreak of a killer virus where scientists, who were trying to do good, accidently release a killer virus or the bible saying that there would be plagues orthe bible saying that there would be wars and that this would lead EVENTUALLY to peace on earth. You know the sort of stuff.
When we watch these films a seed gets planted in our brains. The seed begins to take root later on when something is said to us or when something comes on the news(for example) such as a story which is slightly similar to what you saw in that sci-fi movie. You start to think that “the sci-fi movie was right, and that you know what’s coming next cos it was in the sci-fi movie”. You actually begin to think that these are YOUR OWN THOUGHTS but they are not. It all started with that seed being planted from an EXTERNAL source.
But if there is such a thing as “predictive programming” then WHY do “the powers that be” DO this ? Surely it just gives us a warning of what they have in mind for us ? But no, these sci-fi movies do NOT help us at all UNLESS we KNOW about “predictive programming”.
If we don’t know anything about the subject of “predictive programming” then this is what happens :

  1. We watch the Sci-Fi Movie which tells us that a catastrophic event is gonna happen.
  2. The seed is planted.
  3. We hear on the news that a swan died in Eastern Europe of bird flu. We hear that a swan died of bird flu in France and then in Scotland, then in England.
  4. The seed starts to take root.
  5. We start to think that a BIRD FLU EPIDEMIC IS A DEFINITE POSSIBILITY and that a vaccine needs to be found. If it’s not found then the majority of the population will possibily die.
  6. We let the “powers that be” take away our freedoms to prevent the catastrophe from happening. We accept vaccinations. And if/when an outbreak happens we sort of “knew all along that it was coming” and we accept it.



  1. pov says

    Your comments about Harry Potter are hilarious. A potent combination of paranoia and stupidity. But yes capable of generating the “best medicine.”.

  2. Tray Caladan says

    fine…I’ll tell my therapist about the new movie ‘Divergence.’ Same film as Twilight, Hunger Games & Harry Potter. In future, everyone has to pick 1 of 5 groups to belong to – similar to Harry Potter having to choose a magical fraternity. Again, a train takes them to a training camp like HG & HP. When they choose, they cut themselves with a knife to draw blood. This is a blood oath to serve that Faction & reflects Masonic rituals. They’re called ‘initiates’ & move up the ‘rankings’ like ‘degrees’ in Freemasonry. Main character Bea, later called Tris, chooses the group that is like the Police force…yet she knows that she is Divergent…which are outcasts that don’t fit into any of the groups. They are hunted down & killed. The Police Initiates are forced to fight themselves & kill and also can be replaced in the hard training like replacements in HG. ‘Faction Before Blood’ is a State motto meaning you do what we tell you rather than what you know is right. Fascist Kate Winslet says, ‘Human Nature is enemy’ & fears that those that are Divergent will lead people to Freedom, people they can’t control. She insists, ‘Faction System is against Independent Will.’ They escape & head toward something behind a big Wall that will be, I guess, shown in Movie 2. Maybe there’s a world-commune on the other side of the Wall without a State controlling everything? It’s like Hollywood keeps making the SAME MOVIE. And, how could they find a lead actress even LESS attractive than Jennifer Laurence?

  3. Tray Caladan says

    You know, I just NOW heard what the elites’ nation was called: ‘…a dystopian, post-apocalyptic nation of Panem in North America…’ Duh! Obviously, the NAME refers to ‘Pagan.’

  4. Tray Caladan says

    to Kyle, you have to allow us who might believe in Jesus (higher teachings) and NOT believe he was the savior from our Original Sin…to also have our belief systems as well…it is America. Thank you, David Silva – a name I recognize from screen credits, I believe…very much appreciate your insights and thoughts on Hoffman. [if you like FREE movies in HD:]

  5. kyle says

    although some of this may be right or even most of it, everyone has there own ideas about things on it so it gets pretty twisted . but i see trouble there.. most of the trouble will come where we arent looking i am afraid we focus on a few things but get cut on our legs .. for me i look to Jesus . and this pisses many off but why should it when i dont run them down for there thoughts ?? i do believe that there is something happening and that most people are blind about it. this i think most of us here can agree on ..

  6. Tray Caladan says

    Thanks, Daniel…had the same worries of Jennifer Lawrence. Are the top levels of Hollywood like the CIA, meaning you can’t really quit? And SEE KUBRICK article on W-M; Jay Weidner’s 15 years of research on what ‘the Shining’ was really about and clues genius Kubrick placed in Eyes Wide Shut…same elites in HG and EWS. You’ll also learn WHY Kubrick got killed and only…only what really happened with the Moon missions and if we really went or not?…that’s all.

  7. says

    Thank you for the great article T.S. Caladan, I enjoyed the Kubrick article and had to re-watch “Eyes Wide Shut” again after reading.
    Yes this Hunger Games franchise is an illiminaughty wet dream.
    Although it is nice to see a strong female character, a totalitarian
    future is not the masses idea of a good time. Regarding Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I initially felt his OD was staged, and it came within 24 hours of Woody Allen’s daughter making a public accusation against him for molesting her when she was 7. It felt as though PSH’s death was an attempt to divert attention from the heat after the pedophilia claims surrounding Woody went public.

  8. says

    Some interesting thoughts and imagery, Tray. I have no doubt that our friendly globalists use media and entertainment to inoculate and infiltrate us with their agenda. Not familiar with “Eyes Wide Shut”; I’ll check it out. Thought it was Kubrick’s softcore swanwong. As far as Suzanne Collins and “The Hunger Games” goes, Shirley Jackson did it first and better: read “The Lottery”. I first noticed Ms. Lawrence in “Winter’s Bone”–a fine young actress. Hope she doesn’t OD on the fame drug. Also hope she develops some moral structure.

  9. Tray Caladan says

    I did not research above article like I usually do by reading and YouTubing – no. I watched it on (GREATEST FREE MOVIE SITE – you can thank me later!) just after writing the Kubrick article. Still don’t know if Hoff was in 1st HG movie. I simply was relaxing with a movie after coming down from the Kubrick Conspiracy and what clues he put in his films and BANG! What the hell was I seeing in Hunger Games 2??!!
    It really was a SHOCK to see Hoffman appear on screen while watching the sequel that happened to drop into my lap from the movie site I check daily. I had my suspicion posted previously that Seymour Hoffman may have been whacked & the OD a lie (see end of Kubrick article)…when, there he is in HG2…which really was unknown to me; I had already started taking notes for the article… When a coinky-dink like that happens; then I’m motivated or know I’m on the right track.
    Found out doing some research AFTER writing this…found out Hoffman’s role in the sequel was ‘MADE LARGER’ than Plutarch’s role in the book. Huh! That tells me…the ones ‘in the know’ are made to LOOK at what the real Masters can do! They can totally control any upstarts that think they can leave The Industry! Give him a revealing name; new role in a new project (HG) and completely outline what They’re going to do to him BEFORE They do it to him!
    Wow…all for us…in the not-know…to go forever oblivious to the signs that are right in front of us. (same Elites in HG & Kubrick’s EWS).
    I used to like the movies, TV, Oscars, Olympics, Sports, Music, etc…the Royals have presented for us and for their PROFITS/POWER over us… I don’t any more.
    I don’t even think Jen Lawrence is that pretty…interesting to follow her career, what’s left of it. And here’s another parallel with Harry Potter – the third movie in the Hunger Games Trilogy will be in 2-PARTS! ‘Mocking Jay’ Are you kidding me?! We’re the ones being mocked. Just like the last Harry Potter book made into films; They just have to milk it for every cent They can get from us…while they are completely LYING to us & programming us. Now, I know why there’s no difference between Hollywood and politics…arms of the same dark Spider. Enjoy the Oscars!

    • J.a. says

      Totally sinister suggestions how frieightening what else lurks out there in the vast escape of dealing with the most dangerous articles and subjects the dark priests of the underworld time is about up soon.

  10. says

    The brain is nothing more than a hard drive operated by the ego. Anything programable can be deprogrammed. I prefer reading mystics like Rajneesh and Alan Watts to neutralize the conditioning

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