Aliens Will Save Us!

Aliens Will Save Us!

a short Sci-Fi story by Doug Yurchey 

     I was one of the few who survived the ultimate, global holocaust.  I was one of the few they let live.  They are called the Rycon Order; ‘newbies’ to our Solar System who have only studied the ‘problem of Earth’ and been here for the last three years.  The year was 2022; but, did that have any meaning anymore?  My name is Rex Garrison and I am aboard a Ryconian spaceship.  I’m not a prisoner.

     I have learned one thing for sure among the aliens over the last two weeks.  They tell the truth.  There was no deception involved when the 12-foot tall, purple buggers proved to me that the Earth was indeed destroyed!  My precious planet was truly pulverized in an incomprehensible, electrical implosion two weeks ago. 

     Only a force-field which encircles the Moon protected it from the massive destruction of an Earth blown to smithereens.  Apparently, they need the Moon. 

     I’ve learned a lot about the Rycons while there is much more to learn.  It is like my feelings have been turned, twisted and then, taken on a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime!  At first, I believed in them.  I prayed to them; or…for SOMEONE…to come down to Earth and help us because we so desperately needed help.

     Now, everything’s GONE.  Fuck.


  How the hell was I supposed to know that this super space society that appeared ultra passive and beautiful and lovely at first…would wipe out life on Earth?  Was it my fault?  ‘Was it all my bleeding fault?’ kept echoing inside my brain.  My headaches have returned and hurt even more.

     ‘When did it start?’  That’s right; it began about ten years ago with the Mayan end of the world, which of course was not the end of the world.  Night after night, for weeks going into December 21st, I prayed.  I took bike rides late at night and broadcasted sermons to the stars.  I pleaded my case in cosmic court to SAVE humanity.  We were worth saving.  I hoped I was being heard.  Were they listening?   I had hoped to have an effect…and, in some way, direct action would be the result.

     Hell, I wanted spaceships over every major city!  But, not like ‘V’ or ‘Independence Day.’  I wanted the good aliens that I knew had to be out there in the dark vastness.  I wanted them to come down and FORCE us into a better way of living; force us into doing everything the right way.

In 2022, Earth had become hell for just about everyone.

     My mom, May Garrison, instilled in me a love of movies; I saw them all!  Like Gort in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ or the Directors in ‘No God,’ but more like ‘Wings Over the World’ in ‘Things to Come’…we needed somebody to break the Prime Directive and SAVE the human race.

     Yes, I prayed for a benevolent group of ET humans to turn or change the horrific course human history had been traveling.  Nuclear exchanges in Europe and Asia; total collapse of the dollar and pound into digital (global) currency; massive poverty; no jobs; fake wars to solve numerous problems; utter insanity; political agendas and LIES at every outlet of media.  There were only the few rich and the poor billions.  New wars raged on all continents, but intensified in the Middle-East.  Terrible horrors in the face of limited nuclear offensives; the hells were endless.

     WAR dominated the entire landscape of the planet.  Soldiers and honors to soldiers were so omnipresent that the military presence became invisible.  The military in one form or another was always there, everywhere.  People were powerless to reject anything governments threw at them.  Armies, navies and air forces were the only jobs in town.  The madness was only getting worse.  This was all wrong.  The madness had to end…

       Now, there is peace.  Now, there is nothing of my precious home.  It no longer exists, thanks to the Rycons.  I’ll never get over it.  I have so many questions.  The aliens still maintain that they have saved Earth.  I don’t understand. 

     ‘They saved it by destroying it?  Death was not the answer; not what I had in mind,’ I said out loud.  I was used to talking to myself.  I mean, I was the only human aboard.  It was my understanding that there were only six Earth women and five other Earthmen left!  I was one of twelve and the only carbon-based thing onboard.

    Rycons were certainly a grand mystery.  They are fantastic-looking creatures; bald; purple; of slender build wearing white (Greek) togas.  What I understand or recently learned is they had been brought in as judges…

     ‘No, that wasn’t it.   Like how lawyers bring in an ultimate decider; receiver; conservator…ah, there’s a word for that; I forget right now.’

     I was told by a few of the Rycons that I will finally have an audience with the ‘captain’ of the ship.  Soon; they told me without moving their small mouths.  It was amazing to hear strong thoughts of telepathy and realize I only needed to THINK my communications to them.  You really have to watch your subconscious thoughts when you have a crowd nearby that can hear them. 

     ‘Man, do I have a few things to say to THAT CAPTAIN dude!  Like…’


     Ah, that was the equivalent of a doorbell, which means the huge/round door was about to open…nice of them to ring before they barged in.  

     It silently opened and there stood a magnificent Rycon.  You could only tell their sex if you looked closely.  I had to raise my head to see his or her head.  I heard the thoughts of a tall, purple person in a white toga that expressed:  Come with me, Mr. Garrison.

     She turned and I followed her out of my large, circular, white room.  Were you treated well? she asked me in thoughts.

     ‘Very well.  I had everything…except?’


     I decided to think my reply.  Well, except answers to my questions.

     Did the vids we provided not answer your questions?  We thought they would.

     ‘They did not,’ I stated emphatically while we walked.  ‘I mean, yeah…I learned a lot of shit I did not know about the goings-on of the Solar System I never dreamed!  What I mean is…some of the WHYS.  I have deep questions and the answers were not on the vids.’

     You will find Captain Voxx forthcoming.  Your inquiries will be resolved by the truth.  We are almost there.

     We approached another huge, white door.  This was new.  The leader of their little group had to be on the other side.  I looked up again.  I thought to her, was it right to destroy my planet?  Wasn’t there better alternatives?  What do you think?  I desperately monitored her expressions and thoughts coming from high above me. 

     She blanked her thoughts and communicated, please ask Captain Voxx.  He will help you…

     Yes, but will he help me…  The door noiselessly opened to the prime control area where Voxx sat like a purple King on a throne.  The guide’s long hand gestured me inside. 


 I entered the amazing, round room.  Rycons had a great lack of dials or buttons for a Control Room.  The bridge of the ship appeared as a spherical, white lagoon with soft steps on its borders.  The décor was minimal with only a few shapes which were curved and very smooth.

     Voxx was busy with two other Rycons with their version of official business.  I had the feeling the Captain knew I was there but did not respond as I slowly crept closer to three violet giants.  The two finished and left after clicking bands around their thin wrists.  Rycons seemed to master technology without it being present or obvious.  Captain Voxx welcomed me as his small mouth bent into a smile.

     I sat in midair and knew that a ‘chair-blob’ would instantly POP into existence and catch my fall.  I was getting used to that on the ship.  The soft comfort was extraordinary.  Voxx approved with a nod.

     I decided to talk as a human and concentrate exactly on the words I was saying.  In that way, anything improper from my subconscious might tend to not be in the conversation.  I began.

     ‘Thank you for your excellent treatment over the past two weeks.  I’ve been in a magical wonderland.  …I hated what the Rycons had done.’  I looked down.  ‘Still do.’  I looked into the leader’s eyes.  ‘But…I have a…slightly better understanding to…WHY…maybe it had to be done?  Because it was HELL!  But, sir…I question this!’

    Voxx smiled again and replied with, I understand…

     I cut the purple King off quickly with, ‘oh, wanted to thank you for sparing my life!  I am SO SORRY to interrupt.  You were…please…’

     The Captain appeared to smile more and was not offended.  I understand you.  We see into you and know what troubles you.  You wanted another solution; you wanted an answer other than annihilation…where it would WORK…as it was…only for us, like in ‘Wings Over the World,’ to enforce CHANGE…change for the better…


     What of the war? Voxx expressed to me as if some ultimate war had already happened.

     I was confused.  ‘Do you mean Earth wars?  Oh, you mean the Resistance Movement against you when you arrived?’

     Your resistance would escalate until wars destroyed your own planet in the worst of ways.  Tell me, Mr. Garrison; did our worldwide presence in your space for years end your wars and unite the planet?

     ‘Ah…in fact…they did not, sir.’

     Voxx continued, Earth wars raged; wholesale destruction with incredible casualties while our ships hovered above you.  You were still trying your best to kill each other, even with us standing over you.

     I started to cry.  ‘I know h-how bad it was!  The pain, the starving; even fucking c-cannibalism.  I almost don’t blame you…it was that bad!’  I let go in a torrent of tears as I fell off the chair-blob and hit the white floor.

     I started again with, ‘the rich had…so much; it could have worked…w-with a redistribution…’

     Could it?  The way it was?

     ‘Something should have been…tried…anything!’  I was a child who did not understand the reality of my parents’ world.  I knew it was futile.  They were right.  It had gotten so bad we were an abomination to Life.  We had to go.  ‘Oh God, I thought you were going to SAVE the planet!’

     We did.

     ‘You DESTROYED IT!!  That’s your idea of saving the Earth?!’ I screamed from the floor.

     No…this is.  Suddenly, the purple giant stood up.  It was astounding how tall the Captain was towering over me.  The move to standing was very dramatic.  Over here.

     What? I thought.  ‘I learned the Venusians were on our side all the way…with Tesla and Valiant Thor; the whole Retz Council who WANTED to intercede and they were completely nullified by…what?  A group called ‘Ghosts of Mars’ or dark forces in a war between positive and negative?  Past vs. future?’

     Yes, over here…Mr. Garrison…please.

     I got to my feet and also out of the strange interlude stating facts from the vids.

     Voxx moved his long, slim arm so that his hand was over a white orb in midair.

     I finally trudged over to the Captain and under the orb.  I stared intently to what was happening above.  Wait.  What did he say?  Saved the Earth?


   A copy is right here…saved.  Voxx expressed as nonchalantly as we hit ‘save as’ on our computers.  The white orb became the Earth.  A miniature version of planet Earth stood over me like a basketball frozen in time.  Would you like to rename it?

     Voxx pressed a section of his wristband and the Earth copy EXPANDED OUTWARD and became a new planet!  It was absolutely beautiful, clean and perfect. 

     I was now on a new Earth.  This seemed very real.  I could not help but return to my crying.  It wasn’t the end.  It’s why I never got an ominous, negative vibe from these giants.  It was left up to them to arrive at a solution.  Earth II was going to begin again without the bad; without the rich; without money; without fascists; without nukes; without the need for armies or guns!  It would be a new world with visitors from many (off-world) HUMAN colonies on other planets.  We will be cosmically incorporated.  Everything will work this time because our children will be educated on the right way to live in the universe…

     ‘I always liked…Tera.’

     It has been renamed…and saved.

the beginning

Doug Yurchey

 [email protected]


  1. Carlos Gomez says

    the Aliens are trying to tell us to knock off the nuke crap, thats something they detest an complain of all the time. Thats why they stay away from us no other reason or yes you would have your wish!

  2. Doug Yurchey says

    STOP SPEAKING OUT OF IGNORANCE! The French, religious NUT! I’m speaking to – you and Brenda can say ‘God Bless’ all you want…stop speaking from ignorance. see ‘The Lost Years of Jesus Christ’ before you contaminate any more blogs I create with your WANT to believe traditional, old-fashioned views.
    YOU! YOU Doubt Christ went to India! – because your Bible didn’t report it? Your Bible did not report ANYTHING about this important MAN from right after birth in Bethlehem to riding into Jerusalem…that’s a 30-year SPAN of NOTHING! What formed his views during the most important FORMATIVE years of one’s life? The ‘Missing Years…’ documentary that I speak of shows where India HONORS Christ and records the BOY as St. Essa – the message of love is the same. There is no doubting that Essa was Jesus! I’ll tell you why you and others like Brenda do not know this…because you do not understand the reality of REINCARNATION! Christ’s and any intelligent person’s truth. This is why eastern ways and Jesus as a yogi master and real definition of ‘Avatar’ IS TRUE. Christ learned of REINCARNATION AND TAUGHT IT! What’s WRONG and sacrilegious is the western idea you live 1 life and are judged to go to heaven or hell. Totally an unchristian idea. Not what Jesus taught and NOT WHAT HE DIED FOR.
    I’ll give more examples from the documentary – I have to do your homework for you since you are a stubborn-closed-minded Rock. Jesus said, ‘who do men think I am?’ The crowd answered and spoke out various earlier prophets’ names – Jesus did not correct them…you think he wasn’t the spirit of Moses and others before him?…he was. Also, the idea of BORN AGAIN is another reference to reincarnation. Don’t correct me with your old traditions – LEARN, FOR ONCE: You cannot get into the Kingdom of Heaven until you are Born Again – this is not believing in him and saying I am ‘born-Again.’ This is LITERAL! To literally be born again and then born again and then born again. It’s why History Repeats, for Christ’s sake.
    You guys will never get it because you won’t go new-age or modern or metaphysical – or eastern. R.E.I.N.C.A.R.N.A.T.I.O.N. It’s Christian! It was meticulous, evil men of the cloth EDITORS that slashed the early records to whatever suited these witch-burning, power-mad MEN who formed the bloody Church – those who kill the truth. What they did to Giordano Bruno over his whole life was far, far worse the Christ’s bad weekend. Learn something…
    You…YOU…don’t think Christ married! You know, ‘The DaVinci Code’ was only a story, but it had some truths in it. Kings and Queens inter-marry within the family (commoners can’t do that – it’s against the Law) thinking they are passing along the Royal and literal BLOODLINES of Christ. If you STUDY, which you guys don’t…you’d find that the actually bloodline lineage ended with French Kings and the family name ‘Merovingian’ in the Middle Ages – that name was in the film the Matrix for a good reason.
    You guys…don’t write anymore, PLEASE – your ignorance to the world makes me plenty tired making all the corrections…STOP. Stay off a site that not only knows better than Creationism – it also knows better than believing in Darwinism – equally wrong. Try…just for a minute…spending your energy looking up some of my references I mentioned; how about that? Tell me Brenda and Frenchy…what are your thoughts AFTER…AFTER YOU LOOK UP AND VIEW ‘THE MISSING YEARS OF JESUS CHRIST’?? We’ve all heard the simple rhetoric of the Jimmy Swaggerts of the world…please stop…consider something NEW.

    • Starheater says

      Hello M. Yurchey
      You spend a lot of time trying to blow us, spare your time, I sudjest that you do some explantion, and by that explainning with proof is more than important. If the point is that Jesus visit India, well I dont mind if it’s true or not, that same result is there, NO REAL KNOWLEDGE to feed our spirit. And more, you think that reincarnation is well establish in the mind of Jesus, I would really want to see where in the Bible Jesus say the reincarnation is a fact, when you mention that “to be born again” is the proof of what you state, well, I can show you a lot of place where tthat is stated the contrary.

      What is the goal of the reincarnation if you dont even remember the last time you came on Earth, I was in that field when I was young, but there was problem at every stage of the reincarnation. You died, what you have learn is gone, capoot, you reinter the flesh, you have to learn another time, now, if you think that you learn something new, you are out of the road. Why? if that damme knowledge is for us too obtain the enlightment, why there are people you can obtain it in only 20 years, because if you obtain your enlightment in this life, that mean that when you were in the other life you could obtain it the same way that you have obtain it in this life.
      Because, what make the difference is the sort of knowledge you acquire, not whre, not by whom, only the good knowledge that you obtain can make the difference, well if you go in India just tp obtain knowledge you are out of the road again, knowledge can take source everywhere, in USA, Canada, England etc… The TRUTH is everywhere, when you seek it, what’s follow is that you gain a certain part of the TRUTH, dont have to be a GURU too have it, just the will to want it, and this is the first step that can lead you to the second..

      Mysteries will not be for ever, because “King are made to break those mysteries”, but not to create other one to keep the world submit too. We are submit when we dont know the answer, but mysteries are not made to be eternel, and that, you have proof all over the world.

      Now, too say that Jesus was married, I’m sure that is not true, if you read all what HE have said on this matter, you were not be state this false fact, when I ask proof that can stand withou falling, I asking for nothing, because I dont usaly have that proof/or proofs, only just something that ressemble as an explanation but without the proof I’ve ask!!!
      Beside that, exist more proof too the contrary too work with, n’ahn,,, there are not interrested, well this is not a real professional statement, this is more evasive then a cluster of clouds that the wind tend to dissolve.
      You see M. Yurchey, I’m not even worry about the Truth, because, more and more people are beguinning to ask questions, and those questions are simple but really embarrassing for those who dont have the real answer to it. For DaVinci, this is a film, not a reallity, Popye is comic film, but that doesn’t mean that is a true story, we’ve got to make the difference, we humain can make the difference, and it is finnish to blind the people with all sort of nonsense. If you are not happy with this fact, it’s your problem, we are intittled too have the TRUth and nothing but the TRUTH, beside that we go here and there searching for something that we have in front of our eyes.
      God Bless M. Yurchey

    • Starheater says

      M. Yurchey

      Now, I will talk about is life. Jesus have work with is mother and brothers and sisters. He was a carpenter, that mean that HE work wood and stone. When came the Sabbat HE was in Synaguoge learning the word of GOD, as you doubt, in this time there was nor New Testament, but only the Ancien compose of the 5 Books, Genese to Deuteronomy, the Prophets, and other books writtin’ by Sage. In this time to read the Book you would have to knoe how to read, so HE went to school to lear how to read, and beside this at school HE learn math’s and other subject.

      Beside this HE had to help is familly because HE was the first born, Joseph in father by adoption (because Jesus was born with the help of the Holy Spirit), this one died early, he was not there when Jesus begin is ministry. The point in this, his that Joseph was old when he married Mary, she was very young, probably 13 to 16 years old, but certanly not over 20 years. Joseph did not attempt nothing when she was pregnant, only after he begin to have children with Mary.
      When Jesus was baptise, a Voice came from the sky said that Jesus had all the grace of God (it’s not the real word, but that mean the same), and by this HE WAS HIS SON AND HE HAVE PUT IN HIM ALL IS AFFECTION.

      • Starheater says

        Sorry I’ve been interupt

        So, if GOD have put in HE all is affection, could you say that HE was in title to marry HIMSELF with a woman, no SIR, not a chance, if you read Paul, you’ll find that Jesus was alone, not married, and futher mor, He construct is own house, where he could receive is disciples, so, where is the bug?

        I think that the bug is in the manner to distorted the Scripture to fit our mode of thinking. India, Hymalaya, and all those place are not in the Bible, because they have nothing to do with the teaching of the Christ, teaching that was in fact very simple, only 2 commandments, love GOD and everyone. This was all their is too it.

        So what can we could put more would be things that we dont really needs, and YOU M. Yurchey, what can you had to this. Only follow this path, and you wont have to reincarnate, logicall or not? What is the GOAL OF LIFE, to have infinite knowledge , or to have good relatioship with our brothers and sisters? STAY in search of reincarnation, I’m sure that it will lead you to the other side of the world, ans when you be old, you will wonder what you have gain in all your life, see for yourself M. Yurchey, I’ll be far away from the way you are, and I will have acquire more simple knowledge that everyone can know or learn, because it is very simple, so simple the the dums can learn how to get the Truth, beside, is God protect the dums one.

        I know that one day you will have to learn from the simple mind, because the mysteries are not so though to learn or see, it’s just a matter of reading the Bible and keep in mind that all those word are there to be comprehend, not to be interpretated.
        This is well known, when you construct your house with material that is not strong enough, you can be sure like Jesus have said, the first strong wind will be able to destroy this house. The best is to construct with stone, and nothing else than stone, you can be assure that your house will stand whatever it happen. God Bless M. Yurchey, hope in future you will be more agree, because the ONLY RELIGION THAT IS REAL IS THE TRUTH

    • Starheater says

      Hello M. Yurchey
      I hope you are felling better since you have straighten’ up our spirit, especially mine who was not “correct” from your point of view. Well, this time I will speak science, and you’ll see the difference, if there any naturelly!!
      Science is compose of 2 part like a piece of money in nickel, we only see 1 side at a time, of course if we look the piece in his tickness we will see nothing. So, we can judge of a thing only when we have look both of the figure, or both side if you wich, and for that you need tools to that will be in your mind to find. These 2 tools are in fact 2 principles that will lead you to the correct awnser, the 1° tool is: the DEDUCTION, the 2° tool is: the INDUCTION. Here I will not make a introduction on those 2 tools or principles, those are running only on LOGIC.

      To make a base for those who are in pyjama and those not know the difference, I will do a brief explanation of those 2.

      DEDUCTION: We all know what it is, we look something and make a deduction of what we have seen, simple.

      INDUCTION: This one is not very popular like the first, but scientific used that mode to put a base so they can try if with math’s and geo they can make a equation to explain a phenomena, like aurora in the North atmosphere. In other word, it’s an idea that is develop by formula and all that litterature to see if the idea is good. This is in fact the first stage of a deduction.
      I could go furthur in this explanation, but it could mean that I wil take alot of place, beside, I’m shure that you know what it’s all about.
      So, if you consider that I am like Jimmy Swaggart, is because you dont know me well. Jimmy Swaggart is an impostor, well the terme is rough, but I dont have enough words in English to make variant in my phrases. His a man and I’m not in his shoes to make a judgement on him, so I’ll passe my turn on this one.
      I have 59 years old, and since the age of 4, I’m on the search of the real meaning of all that exist, so in whatever the field, I’m in title to say that I know alot of things that probebly know one knows, this is due to a technik of learning, and the principle is simple, you learn technik to find other technik, because all technic are related one another, they are simple an efficent enough to know whatever you want to know. Here I’m gonna say the truth, and if you want proofs of what I’m about to say, I will give alot.
      I’m not really a Physician, but I can say that I know the cause of spontanous combustion, no place on the web and at the TV or elsewhere can explain this phenomena, why, they have the best physician, chimist and other, why they cannot find the trouble.
      Because they are “one way”, one face to look, because when you are a scientist you dont look like a cheap guy like me, you look with the eye of a scientist, you look face A, but only face A, you dont look face B, this is not the way science does, so they dont know well what they look upon. Are you surprise by their result? Well, I’m not.
      In my existence, you can count the day’s that I did’nt think about God, or is Son Jesus.

      Now, if you want to believe that Jesus whent to India, hey, you are free, and I wont blow dirt to you, I think that believe in Jesus is what is important to do. As for me, I dont because I know that Jesus have help is mother Mary, we must not forgot that HE was the oldest of is familly, so He had to go to school to learn how to write and read, to learn about the LAW, yes the Law in school, but the most important that HE said, is: If a man dont take care of is familly, he’s not dignified to be with Jesus. If Jesus said those words, what HE’ll be in front of is familly who have follow HIM, and there only one of is brother by the Blood who have follow HIM, is name is Jack, they are 2 Jack in the Bible, one is an Apostle, the other is HIS brother by is mother only, because Jesus was infented by the HOLY SPIRIT, not from Joseph is father by the Law.
      Now, when Jesus stated that you have to be born again, He was talking about the difference in the ancien man, and the New man in God, that is to be Born Again. Simple, for the simples. Questions?
      God Bless

      • j.a. says


  3. says

    Problem is:
    all religions are an invention
    This invention is imprinted on everyone who is born into a religious “sect” (section = division) and then these people have their Chief Crutch
    The main problem with the multiple religions is they keep “sections” of people divided against each other.
    It gets worse doesn’t it!
    Divisions happen WITHIN the different religions… boundaries are raised
    What we all need to learn and IMPRINT is UNITED YOU STAND…
    These multiple dividing factors are one the easiest way to prevent anyone seeing/comprehending the Big Picture!

    Once we find ourselves capable of clearing the slate of ideas compiled and arranged to keep us all under one thumb or another – only then will we be truly free to See what is happening.

    This is what the abductee Nostradamus, Voltaire, Isaiah, and all the others who were taken to the future had to learn – their first lesson? Wipe the slate clean of your “origins”. Nostradamus was “labelled” early on by the religions he was born to and which he changed for his own life path. Sad that he was forced to “go with the flow” simply to stay alive!
    Yet in the Hidden Texts he learned very quickly that NONE OF THAT MATTERS…
    Of the 84 Other Worlders he had personal knowledge which are involved with planet Earth – only a very small handful are interested in being benevolent. Or neutral (but they all play a part in the influence of outcomes).

    The Lesson we all need to receive is what is the truth behind the FEAR that most Other Worlders possess OF US ALL – This is the reason for keeping us all DUMBED DOWN from our Potential –

    a good start is reading what Nostradamus has to say about the FALSE RAPTURE – at no cost

    quite literally a matter of Saving Our Souls

    • Starheater says

      Hello Helen
      (Excuse my English, I’m French) There is a certain amount of truth in what you have write. Yes, we’ve got to UNITED, that is a certainty for me, but not in all sort of “fashion”, Nostradamus is not part of the REAL things that should lead us to the TRUTH, because that is what you are seeking, right?

      Nostradamus is for my part, another HOLE too fall into, I have in the past make a lot of rechearch about this man, by buying books that sais to be the unique book that have translate quatrains into clarified phrases to read, but thats was not all, all those books was having the same pretention to have clarified into something that could be read easily.

      Well, even that had to filtred, because those quatrains was not in the proper order to be observe in the reality of events that have pass, or was to come. Certains quatrains was deceifer, but only a few of them, not enough to get a real pattern in time and events, now, if you some that have been deceifer, please let me know.

      Now, for my part, after examine a lot of books and articles, and when I say “examin” I say “study”, by comparing one to another I came to a certain conclusion, the Bible is far more clear that any prophet of man that I’ve seen in the past. You can have a different opinion that is contrary to mine, but the Prophets in the Bible are far more superior to all that I’ve seen. Could be a different case for you, but this is just a matter of taking the same road.

      But what I would like to insist thjat you have mention by stating that We sould UNITED, well this is a GREAT idea, an is can be so by reject all the dirt that is, too conserve only what we are sure is PURE and WORTHED. Heln you have put your finger on a point that is fundamental in all GREAT GOAL.

      So, if you will permit me to put down the FIRST stone, I’ll choose the BEST, Jesus, and for the Second stone I propose; The Bible, because I’m willing to prove that the Bible is superior in real KNOWLEDGE that is utile to slove all the problem that we have actually, this Book is there for that purpose. The knowledge that I have found have bring me the TRUTH that I was always searching, you may not approve, but I’m willing to bring the light that I have found in this book to everyone who are not in agreement with me on this.


      If you are in accord with what I have write, well, you are in the reality

      If we could only observe the TEN COMMANDMENTS, we would be assure to have reach the top, or the goal if you prefer.

      I can assure you the the TRUTH is BEAUTIFUL, not the one that I have created, but the ONE that EXIST. I tell you Helen, if we would only be a little group (with no name, this is really important, because the product is not finnish, when a product is not finnish, he’s not what he suppose to be at the end, so when a house is in state of been just a structure, you dont call this a house at this point, you call that a structure of a house, an that’s all there is to it), no name, means we are in phase to become, we are not stable, finnish, but we are in fact a seed that will grow to reach the Heaven, and all kind of birds (angel) will come to us to help us to reach our goal, and that’s important to be humble at this time and age.

      Now Helen, are you ready to be a tree in the Forest of God the Almighty, or you prefer what in your reality? Another thing, you mention 84 Worlders, I dont know this one, but feel free to explain, I will listen to what you have to say about it. God Bless Helen, and I hope that you will write soon.

  4. Doug Yurchey says

    Brenda Brown sounds like she’s about 16 and from the 19th Century – you’ve stopped learning, my dear. Sex is not a sin…it’s Love…or it should be. Not MY mind in the gutter…there’s no Original Sin!
    I’m sure you will go to ‘Christian Mingle’ for God’s perfect mate only to find maybe real beasts (a lot of lawsuits on that, you know?)
    Please STOP! You should not write and give your archaic opinions on blogs that exist in the 21st Century. Did you ever look at the World-Mysteries site? It does not support a CREATIONIST viewpoint! What are you doing? STOP.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Doug. You’re welcome to believe whatever you wish, the truth is going to be known fairly soon. But respect is just common decency, Doug. You don’t agree with Christian beliefs – don’t agree, but attempting to belittle people who don’t agree with you doesn’t make you mature. I’m not the point, nor the discussion here. You brought up Jesus, trampled points of truth about Him, and as a result, got a few of us speaking the truth about Him. Preach your story, but if you want respect, respect others in the process.

    • Starheater says

      M. Yurchey
      I think that you are in the light, so give us some light to our’s to see, don’t keep it to yourself.
      *If your knowledge was that half of what all that exist, you will have to pick the other half.

      Sometime I think that you act like this just to had piment in the conversation, I see you laughin’ in our back, naturelly with respect with your friends.

      I have never seen a man that have this 1° view on the people who write on this blog. Tell me that you are serious, and I will show you other things that will not be pleasant to read, the word pleasant his more like inconfortable. For what I think, you are not serious about what you say. But to give you the right tone of the note.

      1. I’m not for the Pope, I love my kind that’s all.
      2. I’m not a religious person, all the religions are dead for what i think
      3. When I see a priest in is clothing of priest, I dont see a priest, I see a man
      4. I’m not against man, I’m against lies and errors, you dont make errors M.?
      5. As people that belong to God, we are what we are, and not what you think we are, to explain myself, you have no ideas of what we are, because you have lock the clock in a time that is pass and well far away.

      You see M. Yurchey, only rock dont change, humains change in the process of life, you too M. Yurchey.
      Now to give you a hint on the subject of our mentallity, let’s us say the reality is what we know of the Thruth, we are not in a mental state that give us a strange look to see, we are ordanary peoples that take a good grip on what is real, and I know that Jesus exist because I have try is name to wake up my wife who was in a state of coma due to a rupture of a veine in the head, she’s now in a Vegetative Persisting State (V.P.S.), in french; État Vévétatif Persistant (É.V.P.), you can do search about this subject, you’ll see that I,m not trying to lie to you.

      In past years, I have seen a lot of religions, specially; Catholic, Adventist, Jehovah Whitness, Karismatic, Buddism, Athiest (yes, this is a religion), Hebrewist and other that I dont remember or forgot. And I can say now, that this is a question of money, power, and have nothing to do with the TRUTH, for what I have seen naturelly!!!

      Now if you want to spread the dust on our head, do it, it does’nt really matter at all, because I know the man, I know you to M. Yurchey. You are a man, and you are hidden behind a wall cou-cou, I see you!!!

      I have study the Bible for a long time, since 1973, and I have acquire knowledge from it, because it was good to open my mind to the world where I live, and this Bible by the knowledge (scientific knowledge shoud I say), have given me real weapons to defend myself in case of attack. I have good booths to walk with, a strong armure, the helmet of salvation, and most of all, I have a good double cutting-edge to cut all that is not good in a man, but not to do bad things, that him not authorise to do.

      So, what do you think M. Yurchey, speaking of doying good things, are you good in that case, insults will lead nowhere, not even close to nowhere. Speak freely, and tell me M. Yurchey, were are you in this “Mingle”.

      Now to speak about the original sin like you mention, this is a state, and I will tell you why.
      When you were a baby, you did’nt have in your spirit a single cluster of knowledge, your brain was bran new. You were feed by all sort of knowledge to give you an identity, but beside this, you did’nt have the Light that shine uppon you, because you were in the darness, that is the point. We live to wake up, frutified the light that is in you, if you refuse that light you stay in darkness, what you acquire at this moment is not the light.
      So if you have it, well show me, i’d be happy to have more light to see. You see, I’m not a man you refuse what is in nature good for us, at the contrary, I seach only what is true and solid like a rock. God Bless

  5. Brenda Brown says

    Oh, one more thing Doug. Jesus learned His Truth from the Father in Heaven – as He said, not from some Indian priest, Egyptian text, etc. He lives in no one except they have received His sacrifice for our sin, and walk according to His will for them. And just because some men want to believe Jesus married, or indulged in sins of the flesh, doesn’t mean He did. To the contrary, His sacrifice for our sin would be annulled were He to have sinned Himself – and because God stated, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” we know He didn’t. Not to mention, to those who walk with Him, He lives, talks, and makes His miraculous presence known.

    Get your mind out of the gutter. If men can’t talk to women, or have a close friend who is a woman, without thinking ‘sex’, they’ve got a problem. I’ve had very close male friends that I used to spend hours talking to, never once were we bothered by sexual thoughts or inclinations. But there’s nothing people and demons love to do more, than pollute and foul up someone or something that is pure, free from the flesh. You want people to follow your beliefs – stop trampling on theirs, and have a little respect.

  6. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Doug Yurchey. Oh my goodness! I would suggest you read the accounts of alien abductions – stealing people out of their houses, raping them, digging into their sinuses and various other unwelcome parts of their bodies, implanting God- knows-what into them against their wills, sending them back hours, days, or even longer periods of time, naked – or with their clothes on backwards, stunned and terrified. Sound good to you? Please! From personal experience, I know these guys aren’t good at anything but deceit. God is about to make Himself known very clearly, starting this year and continuing for the next 12 years, and I can guarantee you, no one will have deceits to hide behind after this time is over. This earth is going to know God is their Creator, the One who gave His life for them, and to reject Him is to choose the darkness of lies and wickedness for evermore.

    I was going to look into some of that material about Nicola Tesla, but I know what these guys are about, and after reading this, I won’t be wasting my time. Thanks anyway.

  7. Doug Yurchey says

    ‘Starheater’ you stated your views criticizing my views so let me return the favor. YOUR GOD does not appreciate the views of backward people – no, only modern views NOT from the age of the Flat-Earth. FUTURE VIEWS – scientific views – logical views – be a futurist if you want to be close to your God. NOT like the witch-burners you sound like. You are impressing NOBODY except others from the Dark Ages like yourself. You don’t have a clue. You haven’t read my ‘High Technology in the Bible’ article – it would be useless if you did. You’re above learning…you have your God to answer every world mystery. You don’t need the truth.

    I will state it again. The evil Church, Sanhedrin, murdered a wonderful man of truth…who dared speak the truth that he is no one’s Savior and we do not need saving from the myth of Mortal Sin – in other words, we don’t need the Church – YOUR GOD is within us all…not out there! My historical reference is ‘THE MISSING YEARS OF JESUS CHRIST’ – look it up. Where was he as a teenager? Where did he learn the Truth and what formed it? It was in INDIA – as a boy, he was known as St. Essa – and he was an amazing Yogi-Master-Avatar – NO Eastern wise man would ever believe your traditional idea of Christianity…because it’s not true and from the Dark Ages. Read my ‘Teenage Jesus’ article before you write a word of response – PLEASE. Not that you’re going to learn anything. If you want to be CHRISTIAN you have to have views like his! That’s NOT THE CHURCH…his killers! Christ married Mary who was no harlot! Christ had a daughter! Priests that don’t marry and don’t have children do not honor Jesus – it shows how distorted the Church has perverted what Christ has really been saying. Peace and love – do unto others… Has NOTHING TO DO WITH BELIEVING IN HIM.
    If you want to be a Christian, then your views have to be as radical as his – meaning you BETTER be an enemy of the ignorant (pedophille) money-oriented Church THAT MURDERED HIM THEN 300 YEARS LATER MADE HIM GOD!
    The truth is very complicated. But are people’s minds today? Certainly not; that’s why you’ll read tons of ignorant people on these posts and very few with the courage to speak the truth…Like Christ did…and it cost him his life. What side of the line are you on?

    • Starheater says

      Hello M. Yurchey
      I think you are upset, well dont be, I’m on the good side of the line. If I could write in french I could explain mysefl better, I think I have said something that was not understand or was submit to interpretation.

      I am a Christian, I dont have any religion, not Catholic, not Hindou and so on. My religion is the truth that I found in the Bible, not -, not +, if you found me something that badder you, well I’m sorry for that. For the part you state that I make critic, well, if you are susceptible that could be the case, but what I say is not to make critic, but, if I want to say something, I have to take my time and choose the right words for I am not good to write English. Sometime it take me 2 hours to write 3 chapters, I have Babylon dictionnair to help me write in English.

      There’s one thing that I know for sure, is that the religion will fall, and this is a good thig, because people cannot contruct on other idea that what is truth, I hope that you realize this, because there is only One God, One religion, and this religion is the TRUTH, or is TRUTH.

      When you talk about “modern”, I not in your track, because the TRUTH have always existed, so dont tell me modern, only fews have known the TRUTH, and I think you know that very well. Sometime, I wonder if you are serious about what you say about me, but what you have state about me is not the reality, and Jesus know well about me, and my intention, I dont like to hurt me brother and my sister, so this I can assure you. But I’m not new is this domain, and I’m certainly not an expert, but when I say something, usely that is the way it is, not left neither right.

      To say that Jesus did go to India, I doubt it very much, when He was young, I’m sure He was not doying nothing. I was a carpenter like Joseph is adoptive father, He work a lot, and if you know what is a carpenter in those years, you know that mean to manipulated the wood and the stone, that’s why He was strong and in good shape. Let’s see, think about that: He receive a important number of whip on his back, He had to carry is cross a long distance, He suffer the nail in his hands, feets, an ordenary man would have fainte many time, He did not.
      He learn how to buld a house, but He also learn about His Father in heaven, each sabbat we was with priests make lecture and to read, He did’nt have a Bible to learn at home. I would’nt be surprise if He construct his house, because He had a house were to live, He help is mother and all is familly, He did’nt marry to a woman, He did’nt have child, this is wrote in the Bible.

      So let’s recapetulate:

      1. He did not marry
      2. He lost is adoptive father Joseph when He was young
      3. He was strong and work as a carpenter
      4. He did not go to India, Egypt or elswhere
      5. He study the Ancien rolls of the Law and the Prophets
      6. He have been instruct in a school to read and write
      7. He had a good wisdom, He did not need the Egypt to learn about God
      8. He had brothers and sisters, Joseph did is job
      9. Jesus came from the Heaven of God
      10. God is not in our body, if that was the case, you’d be dead ( because God is Pure, and He is not in the flech and bones, but we can have a little bit of him, but not in the way that is real, but in the way of knowledge, if He was in you, your body would burn intirelly (? I think the word is not good).
      11. God the Almighty is in Heaven, He’s not on Earth, not in the grass, not in the air, not under your feets, not in your body, this I speak in a tangeble way.
      M. Yurchey, if I could speak in french, or if you know someone you can read french, tell me so, it be a pleasure for me to explain futhur more about what He is, and what He is not.
      I receive the Holy Spirit, and Jesus have receive it too, the same as He receive, I did too. But this is not the real thing, I mean that this is not the spirit in all is integrality, because if this had happen, the body would have turn unto hash, because it is too mighty, to strong. We have only a little portion of the Holy Spirit, I hope that you are able to understand me well.
      12. The Almighty have 7 Spirit, (read Rev.) 4 Main Angels, He his in the Middle, exactly like in the Time who Israel was in the desert, all the Main Tribes was in cercle to surround the Levitic Priest, sometime they would form a cross, sometime in fashion of the dots on the 5 points dice cube. look in the Old Testament.
      13. God dont live in matter, if He would the matter would be completly destroy, if you say angel, it’s ok, but not the Almighty, HE’S NOT IN THE MATTER.
      14. We receive the Spirit in form of angel, like the Holy Spirit, I repeat: If God Almighty would give you is Spirit, You’ll be dead by now, because the body could not hold the Spirit of God in the flesh, That’s why we receive it in a form of angel (spirit). If you dont understand what I am trying to explaind, tell me so, I will take my time enough to be real clear.
      15. If God the Almighty is in our body, that mean that He is in the matter, if He is in the matter He’s everywhere, if He is everywhere, there is no need to have an Heaven, think about with real care. Beside all that God touch is Pure, so we are all Pure like Him, if it is so. We dont have to bader anymore, we are perfect because He is Pure, we have not sins, because He is Pure.

      You know that’s not the case, so what could I say, I say that He is in Heaven, and We are on Earth, He’s Pure, We are not.

      16. You want me to be scientific, certainly. To be very simple: God=Energy The Word=Vibration, Paul stated that all is in mouvement, there is nothing that stay in the same place.
      The light is everywhere, because God have made the Light and it was good. Whatever you go pass the galaxy, light is there, destroy all the Star that shine, light is there, you dont sse it, but it is there in the darkness, that is what the scientist call Dark Matter, there is more Dark Matter then Stars, and where you think that there is nothing, there something, The Univers is 100% full, I dont know if you unserstand what I’m saying, but if you take an atome an split it in 2, and you take the half and split it in 2, you will be eternally doying so. This is how God is Almighty, the univers is infinite in both ways.
      17. My goal is to give what I know in is integrity, and retain nothing that I know of. This I must give because God have give me a certain knowledge, and this as not cost me a penny, so I give with no thanks in return or money or whatever you can imagine.
      17. The Univers is not an illusion, the Action of Creation is done by the Word, telling that the Univers is an illusion is telling that the Word is an illusion, this is completly false and inacurate.
      18. The Devil work with God, he do only what is there for, and he is there to hurt us in a way, so we could change our ways, read Job in the Bible.
      19. There is no God other then the God in the Bible, the majority of god that we learn about is gods that man have created, in most of the time, statues, medals, an other idoles are nor permit with the real God.
      20. I’m not a Catholic, Adventist or else, my religion is the TRUTH, I work for the TRUTH that Jesus have teach us, I’m not a prist, not a Prophet, I am what God want me to be, if He want me to be scientific, I am scientific, if He want me to be a preacher, I’m a preacher, if He want me to be a Prophet, well I’ll be a prophet, if He want me to be like Jesus, I’ll be like Jesus, if He want me to be a Judge, well I,ll be a Judge, but this last want is not like you think that is, this is not too judge me brothers or sisters, this is only to judge what it is saying or for a situation, nothing else,
      22. You want me to have a scientific view of the future, well this is very easy to do. So in a certain manner you want me to be a prophet and predict what will happen in the future.

      In the future, Jesus is on is throne, to reign 1000 years, and this you can be sure of this statement, because Jesus His at the right of the Almighty and He have change is bodo to a spiritual body that dont dies, He is immortal like is Father. God is Master of the Time, He is, He was, and He come. To prove my statement, read what what the Seven Thunder have said:
      1. He Was
      2. He His
      3. He Come
      4.He Was, He His
      5. He Was, He Come
      6. He His He come
      7. He Was He His He come, for NOW THERE IS NO TIME

      That’s the Phrase that was not suppose to be write, the Spirit ask John not to write those words.
      THIS HIS GOD ALMIGHTY, the Seven Spirit that exist in all Time at once, if you prefer, at the same time.

      For the conclusion, dont think you did’nt teach something, today you have teach me a good lesson, you teach me to face the world in front, an look him like if He was just one man. Remember me M. Yurchey, I will give the Wold a lesson of what God teach me, and I’m not afraid of anyone except the Most High. No matter how the entire World react, HE will have to ear what I suppose to say, everyone will have to know what I know, they dont have to do what I do, but to ear what the Spitit teach me. God Bless

        • Brenda Brown says

          Hi Starheater. Good for you! I agree. It’s not about religion of any kind, it’s about Christ, loving Him, and doing His will. Loved your well thought out response. Keep it up.

          • Starheater says

            Thanks Brenda
            I was hoping that you would read me, because in the first place, I was starting to make a good statement on you when I see that M. Yurchey have made a comment on me. Right now, I have not fully say was I intended to say, but, I think that I have give him a lot of material to think about.

            That is not the first time that I blow someone idea, but this is not what I want to do at the first place, in fact, and I suppose that He will come at me with more to debate, but it’s alright, I am there to talk.

            For what I think that you write about, is the same that I was thinking, now I know that I’m not alone, and it’s great to see that the Christ is up over our head and not under our feet. You are a good subject of the Christ and I’m happy to be with you even if where apart, my thought are with you Brenda, and be sure that I will follow what all what you write. God Bless Brenda, and a special thank for you.

    • Starheater says

      Hello M. Yurchey
      The Question: Were Jesus was in those 18 years of is teen age?

      Reponse: Well He was with is Familly, Mary, His brother’s, and Sister’s, at home to be more clear.

      There are many phrase that Jesus said that prove what I’m saying, exemple: Jesus at 12 was in study with the men that study the LAW, this is were Mary found Jesus, and what He said when is mother tell him that she was anxious.
      He toll her: “Dont you know that I have to take care of my FATHER business”
      Well, M. Yurchey, if Jesus did go to INDIA it was surely not to learn other law that those find in the Bible.
      Now this is only 1 proof of many that I could show you. If you read all sort of documents, you will have all sorts of statement, because certain Jews, well the hard one to convince, ad follow every Apostle in their reading of the Law and Prophets, they want ans you know, Christian to be abolish, that did’nt happen, and it will not happen either by you and your statements, this is not an offense, it’s just a precision, because our LOGIC (those who work for Jesus) is not your logic, our state of mind, is not your state of mind. But this is temporary, I’m shure that you will be a good tool for Jesus, not mine, we are on the Banner of Jesus our Savior. So, if you want to have more proofs, I could arrange that, but I dont want you to complaint to me, I’m not a Master, I’m only a disciple of Jesus, nothing more.

      Beside, only rock dont change, you will have the time to change if you want the TRUTH, because, it’s not the TRUTH that will change like you know. If you want only a fraction of the truth, well, it’s up to you. As for me, I eat the TRUTH like crazy, except that I’m not crazy.

      I have no name, only a disciple of Jesus, that all. I’m not a Christian, not an Adventist, not an Karysmatic, an Evangilist or else, I’m only a disciple of Jesus our Savior. You will know what I am only by what I’m saying to you, if you say that I’m a Swaggartty’s, this is no offense for me, I will only correct your assumption, that’s all.

      I’m really born again, and I can prove you so that you wont be able to argue, not even close to argue, because what I’m saying is what it is, not less, not more.

      Now I will invite you to comment on all the the things that I have write, search and read, I think that you will know what kind of man that I am. I have never have a more beautiful knowledge that now, and this is because the Bible is there, and Jesus too.

      So if you want to have a combat with me, I will affront you anytime. If you want that to be a event to all to see, it’s ok for me.

      Now, for the reason the I always say “God Bless”, this is because if the blessing go to you and it is accepted, this is a good thing, in the other case as is stated in the Bible, the blessing will return to me, and will multiply the blessing that I’ve all ready have, it fructified like the Bread of Jesus, and HE is the GOOD BREAD. So God Bless M. Yurchey, if you have not taking the blessing, take it now, for your sake, and for my sake too.

  8. says

    I am now 66 years old . My grandfather died 45 years ago. He told me to tell to my grandchildren that their generations will see aliens in the future. and not to worry brcause theu good and they will be here to help us in the earth. I believed Him .

  9. j.a. says

    AS a matter of fact who are the ones that are alien where they here before may be they can return again,on what grounds did they leave and on what grounds do they return just a mention to some can make us give a statement other worlds goodness me see what we have to deal with signs of the times i guess cool article some what.

  10. Doug Yurchey says

    the Earth could already be gone…and all that we see…an illusion.

    Sci-fi often warns of coming disasters so we can avoid them.

    • Starheater says

      M. Yurchey
      I hope that you are not serious about your statement, because we are not an illusion, neither a projection that what happen in the past ( I hope my English is understandeble).
      Time is not what we can distort, create, or else, we dont have the time in our hands, this is the job of God, we are not God, not even close too, I could say that we are far from beeing God, even little one, perhaps when God will come, all that we see could change, our state as humain too, but mens while we are what we have been desingh too be.
      Only God The Almighty have the Time in his hands, I have the control on the Past, Present and Future.

      The Pyramids of Egypt are a good way to start to undercovert the Truth about what ia Time and Matter. The two first Pyramids are what represent God, the little Pyramid represent God the Almighty, the second one represent the Word (Jesus), and the thrird one represent the World, that’s why this last Pyramid dont have a top to it. This top will be Jesus, beacuse Jesus is the only one who will be intermediate between Man and the Almyghty God.

      The Past as we know it, exist even if we have no conscient of it, this past live in God, so as the Future, you exist M. Yurchey in the future, you dont have the constient of that state, but this is what the Bible say: Rev. 4: 8—-“8 And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.”

      As you see, in the AV version, it is cited that “and is to come”, this could have been: “and will come”, this phrase would have change all the meaning of this last phrase. This is writin so we could understand that God Almighty is in all the Time, in the Past to the Future, this is the real Truth of what is stated.
      Now if you combine the Past of God Spirit, the Present, and the Future of is Spirit, you’ll obtain 7 combination, like the 7 musical notes, 7 days, etc…This is because He as 7 Spirits.
      If I could expland more in English, I would do it because the 4th chap. of Revalation is the most important and the most full of knowledge chapter that we could find in all the Prophetics books, this is the wheal in the wheal, the “as above, so below” reality.

      For the disasters that will come, those who are with God have no, nothing, nada, 0, too fear of God the Almighty, He will take care of us no matter the difficulty’s behind or in front, or under, over, beside left or right, nothing will arrive to is Peoples. All we have to do, is to do what He as spoken in the Bible, and this we can do, this is really nor hard to do, we do the possible, the impossible is God to do.

      I hope that I clarified certain things in the mind of everyone. God Bless M. Yurchey, if you believe and accept Jesus, God wont forget you and all the one you love that will believe this fact.

  11. Starheater says

    M. Yurchey
    This was a writing that will never be, this is a projection on what may arrive in 20 years or so, but no chance, those who are observing us are to busy to make a move to be stuck in a conflict, they have other ways, they just have to make contact with all the governement, and that they have done in the pass. According to Paul in the Bible, he speak about angels that are with us, he want us to be good with everyone for they are here with us, so they are looking like us physicly, they spy us to know how the population feel, they dont have bad intentions, they observe and they interfere rarely.

    If you dont believe in God, I wonder what you believe in, because I can assure you that if this is the case, you wont need too wait a long time before you’ll become a believer, this is in the logic of a man and is knowledge, beside, I have a feelin’ that you are not telling the truth about your believe.

    Science-fiction is a thing, and reality is another, to acquire the truth you have to desire to have the real one, not what is pleasing to us. My research have lead me to all sort of opinion on the E.T. but I’m sure that hte majority of all that is stated are not true, real expert are on this subject and they all seem to be discourage to have make futhur investigation in that field, they seems to have a great secret so wild that if it were said on TV it will make the pleople tremble of fear. Well, they may tremble, but there is nothing to tremble about, I’m sure that Jesus have all the situation in his hands. I have seen many UFO in the pass, and probably I will see more and more in the future.

    Some experts know that angels exist, they know that demons also exist, and this last one can disguise in whatever he wich, beside of that, a demon is not almighty, so there is nothing to worry about.

    The Earth will be there in the years 3000, this I can assure you. God Bless.

  12. says

    The You Tube “criticism” of the Yurchey story was rather silly & off base. It will take collective action to solve our problems & not some psychotic individualism espoused by many of the right-wing kooks. The entire global capitalist system is decadent, corrupt and needs to be banished to the dust bin of history. This will take massive, class-based action on a global scale. To do this we as a people must come together & take hold of the reins of our collective governments. There is strength in numbers. We are individuals & also part of a greater whole. Don’t wait for the Aliens. Organize !!!!!

  13. Doug Yurchey says

    Wow…what a negative statement. You don’t know the minds; agendas; motives of other worlds and the extent that we are being monitored. You can’t make such a sweeping, negative (yes, or positive) statement…when there are exceptions to everything. This is what you wrote under your link’s page:

    I am trying to snap the hope that causes inaction in people’s lives. Stop waiting? for a hero and become your own.

    Yes, I understand…don’t dream it, DO IT YOURSELF! I remember the 60s when PEOPLE got together and ended a war that ‘They’ intended to go on a lot longer. But, people aren’t together NOW – and have very little power against the pure fascists that you support (You DO with every tax dollar). The story was 10 years in the future. Are things getting better? Where? I see it getting worse with people blinded from the truth more than ever. So, where’s it going in 10 years? HELL – unless we get some outside help…and divine intervention. Gary Numan Prayed to the Aliens…
    Skeptics, cynics think this is impossible…if you only had a bit of knowledge of what is truly going on in the Solar System…you might not be skeptical. Ruins on Mars; Life inside and ON Venus – these are the closest planets to us – and people dare think NOTHING IS OUT THERE! We should all be as obsessed about aliens as I seem to be. Also, readers of my writings think I throw ‘God’ out of the equation; I DO…but…I sure believe that there are many worlds of advanced ET humans out there with blood coursing thru their bodies and warm hearts. Just my silly way of praying…

    • J.a says

      HI doug it is good that you are able to tell what a friendly to us alien is it broadcast to the world now or should we wait ,What about the pine gap fascility that directed act of war against middle eastern civilians instead of their cliamed targets and what sort of involvement does area 51 and similair bases have with govermental controled craft that could be a trick the main stream media might try on the population that o what cant be stuffed to go on any more here just let us know that you have the correct info on our alien space beings thanks for the spin just like rubber plants.


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