Magdalene On The Move – The Grail in England

Magdalene On The Move –  The Grail  in England


  In my book ‘The Murder of Mary Magdalene – Synchronicity and the Scarlet Saint’, I have shared how the deductions of my work of some 28 years has brought me to the conclusion that a historical artefact – either Mary Magdalene’s remains or some vital association with her – remains buried under the St Margaret burial grounds opposite the SE corner of Lincoln Cathedral, England, a great ‘treasure’ sought after throughout the centuries and guarded by the Knights Templar. The culmination of my understanding suggests strongly that here may hide the final resting place of the biblical figure known to us as Mary Magdalene, demised by a dagger whilst pregnant, and whose lost identity may even surpass that of her alleged partner the biblical Jesus. Marker-tomb

Pic 1;   From the Middle East to Middle England, the marker tomb at St Margaret’s.

    Initially making this location known in 2005  (since, intriguingly supported by an unofficial GPR scan that shows a sarcophagus shaped object and, alongside, a metal oblong) and suggesting that her assassins had been the Jewish contract-killing Zealots the Sicarii, known as ‘The Dagger Men’, ( see my previous World Mysteries feature ‘The Murder of Mary Magdalene and the Hidden Encryption in Art’) I hadn’t given much thought to the taken route the Magdalene may have been brought by to the historical city of Lincoln, other than to note that her most famous stopping off point was within the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateau in France, at a sealed cave where I have stood at myself back in 1986, and which is highlighted accurately at the top of one of Da Vinci’s two paintings of ‘Virgin of the Rocks’, the version held at the Louvre. Given that this was painted by Leonardo, who lived the last few years of his years in France but is not known to have visited RLC, between 1483-87 suggests that at the time of the painting it was a well kept secret that here was the resting place of Mary Magdalene. Whilst it is near impossible to mention Mary Magdalene without having Rennes-le-Chateau cited alongside, few are happy to consider that at a date after the Da Vinci painting she was relocated.


Pic 2;  The cave where the Magdalene once hid , painted by Da Vinci.

    Since over the years many people have asked me the question, I shall now attempt to address it and take a look at the possible peregrinations of the demised Magdalene, a trail that would have to be afforded maximum secrecy, for premature and unwanted discovery of her remains would destroy any chance of a revelation of a more accurate understanding of the origins of a more truthful Christianity. To do so, I will say right now, will incur the phenomenon of the Unconscious Mind that lays dormant and will only tip us off at its own behest, not ours. I have found during the course of my work that often its preferred modus operandi is  by way of impinging information upon the innocent sensitive and the systems such a person may have been assisted to ‘stumble upon’ themselves, often exploration of preserved legends and the wonder of invisible track ways and alignments.

   Given that my own conclusion brought me to the site of the once standing 12th century St Margaret church in Lincoln and demolished in 1781, I discovered that Margaret and her church had a hidden connection with the Magdalene. As Margaret of Antioch, to give her full title, she is entwined with the legends concerning St Pelagia who was known as ‘The Harlot Penitent’, an undeniable resonance with MM. Long before they went to Jerusalem, the Knights Templar had castles in Antioch and therefore must have been aware of, or acquainted themselves with the Magaret-Pelagia figure, suggesting to me that her church in Lincoln was a concealed Templar church thus confirming the legend that the Grail is concealed under a hidden Templar church somewhere in England. However, it is not Antioch where we will start our attempted back tracking, instead it will be Spain.


Pic 3; The Cathedral of  Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

    Stunning confirmation of foul play concerning the Magdalene presented itself from a 1692 terracotta by Spain’s first female sculptor Luisa Roldan (1652-1706). There is some evidence that before, during and after the time of the Cathars who were exterminated for their belief in Jesus Christ being married to a pregnant MM, the impending Grail legend had either originated (as Wolfram Eschenbach thought) in Spain, or had found its way there, none so more than in Catalonia, capital city of Barcelona, south of the Pyrenees where monks of Monserrat believed it to be buried there. So many theories already!  First, I will pursue a lead afforded me by a correspondent who prefers anonymity so we will visit the stone boat that arrives onshore at the ‘Coast of Death’ –  Muxia, on the Costa de Morte – carrying Mary the Virgin, supposed mother-in-law of MM, who we are told came to encourage St James in his mission, and ponder over whether this may have been a deliberate and construed allegory, the preserved account instead hinting at the arrival of the relics of MM herself.

     Legend holds that St James’ remains were carried by boat from Jerusalem to North western Spain and buried on the site of the city of Santiago de Compostela, now capital of the autonomous community of Galicia, the tale of his body’s arrival similar to that of the three Mary’s ( take your pick!) arriving at Saintes Marie-de-la-Mer. To further the hypothesis, we must consider that it was the relics of MM that were taken to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, under the guise of St James, who today is believed to be safeguarded in a crypt there. The Feast day of this saint happens to fall three days after that of the Magdalene and, significantly bearing in mind the manner of her demise, his symbol of a red cross bears striking resemblance to a dagger.


Pic 4;    Symbol of St James – a dagger?

   Santiago de Compostela Cathedral has been discovered to fall on the same azimuth ( an angular measurement in a co-ordinates system)  as Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer where the Magdalene was alleged to have arrived, by the untiring and inspiring work of American author Cort Lindahl whose many videos on Youtube attempt to identify Grail related geography. His work can be found at his website ‘Geomantic Information Systems; Exploring Axis Mundi, The Earth Grid, The Holy Grail and Ley Lines’. The dome of the Cathedral has an all seeing eye with a pyramid at the apex of the dome. South East of Santiago, the original settlement named after its original Irish inhabitants bears the title Irea Flavia, and we will return to this Irish connection later. I have made my own discoveries concerning this great Cathedral too, where we find a strange representation of Jesus in what appears to be a dress. A clue in some way alluding to the Magdalene perhaps?


Pic 5;  Jesus in a dress?   Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

      Our next inspired hunch is that the relics of MM next moved from A Coruna, once capital of Galicia, to a cave near Rennes-le-Chateau before having to be moved to evade capture, to Ireland. Now we must look at the tale of St Bega, reputedly a saint from the middle ages, an Irish princess valuing virginity, and lest we forget, St Margaret too was a virgin saint. Bega fled from the Isle of Aran, SW Ireland across the Irish Sea to escape a marriage to a Viking prince, son of the king of Norway, to land on the Cumbrian coast at St Bees, and I have a suspicion that this story line may also be an allegory referring to the relocation of Mary Magdalene. Providing a connection with A Coruna and the Irish was the Celtic Broegan whose gargantuan tower built at A Coruna provided sight of an unknown land mass to which he sent his sons to discover. It was Ireland. Close to this tower a huge Compass Rose mosaic includes a skull and cross bones. Alex Langstone, author of ‘Spirit Chaser – The Quest for Bega’ links her with the constellation of Bootes, the same constellation that is entwined with Lincoln Cathedral owing to its major star Arcturus in its role as guardian of the bear of Ursa Major, the constellation that presides over Rennes-le-Chateau.

St_BegaPic 6;   St Bega arrives at Cumbria – Allegorical of the Magdalene?

   Bega has an association with a crown and seven stars which we find also on the coat of arms of Galicia, and again on the coat of arms of A Coruna, surrounding a tower and skull and cross bones on a rock. Mary Magdalene inherits her name from her birthplace of Magdala near Gallilee, and it is the Aramaic word for ‘Tower,’ and so my suspicion that she is entangled with the Bega story line strengthens. Much of Cort Lindahl’s Grail work revolves around the Tower of the Winds at Shugborough Hall estate, a Compass Rose from where places that have themes relating to the Holy Grail align, and he has discovered that its azimuth points to Lincoln Cathedral, The Bishops Palace with its own tower adjacent it, and onto the West Wycombe estate of English politician and occultist Francis Dashwood who built his own lighthouse style tower that aligns with the discovered vast sacred geometry on the Lincolnshire landscape.


Pics 7 & 8 alongside each other;  Coat of Arms of Galicia & Coat of Arms A Coruna

   The Rose window at the North of the Lincoln Cathedral is itself a hidden Compass Rose which highlights Arcturus in the night sky. Lindahl’s voluminous work has discovered that a geographic azimuth on the globe travels in individual straight lines from both Cathedrals at Valencia (who claim to hold the cup of Christ) and also Santiago de Compostela to Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer, and by doing so suggests a connection with both of them and the Magdalene in Europe. In the same sense that the coastal arrival of St James and deposit at Santiago de Compostela mirror that of the Magdalene, could the legend of St Bega also conceal a truth concerning the movement of the Magdalene’s relics?

    St Bega is reputed to have set sail from the Isle of Aran, SW Ireland to Cumbria and it is here we make another link. I have already encountered how sensitive artists often provide a channel for information that work through them direct from the reservoir of the Collective Unconscious, the stone sculptor Dan Michael Archer’s exhibition at Lincoln Cathedral in 2002 provided a stone sarcophagus shape pointing directly over to the burial grounds at St Margaret’s which he titled ‘The Secret’.

 Landscape-GriffithsPic 9;  Landscape image –  Jesus at Cumbria and the Heart of the Lamb at Lincoln. (Copyright Graham K Griffiths)

 It was at Cumbria that we find another such sensitive soul, the portraiture and landscape artist Graham K Griffiths whose work hangs in the American White House Permanent Collection, who in 2003 gave us his book ‘Behold Jerusalem!’ discovering within the 12 signs of the zodiac profiled in the British and Northern Irish coastlines an almost 50 mile tall depiction of the crucifixion in the British landscape of not one, but two figures on the cross thus reflecting images I have found at Galicia. Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Jesus’ cross was the Cumbrian tip of the one held by the Lamb of God whose heart rests, geographically, upon Lincoln, and it is only three miles to the west of Lincoln Cathedral we find our own unique and puzzlingly titled small village of Jerusalem.

    So here we have a clear connection between Galicia in Spain, Rennes-le-Chateau, Ireland, Cumbria and Lincoln. Was this the route taken by the Templar guarded relics of the Magdalene? Authoress Claire Nahmad, whose book ‘The Coming of the Holy Grail’ acknowledges my own conclusion, has also thought that the Grail did spend time in Ireland.


Pic 10;  Jesus and Mary, Galicia.

   According to Irish lore, that other most famed of biblical treasures, the Ark of the Covenant, is hidden at the sacred Hill of Tara nestled in the rural County Meath, awash with Celtic mythology.  With incoming threats to Egypt, for safe keeping, we are told that the ark was taken by boat to the end of the known world, which was Ireland, already inhabited by people from the 5th tribe of Israel, the Danites or Tribe of Dan. All original inhabitants of Southern Ireland arrived via different routes, times and names. Vikings too were Danites and we recall Bega was promised to a Viking prince. Could this assertion of a biblical treasure more correctly be a remnant memory of how once the relics of MM resided awhile at Tara?


Pic 11;  The sacred Hill of Tara, County Meath

   My own deductions has it that MM did stay hidden at the Knight Templar Preceptory at Temple Bruer, 12 miles south of Lincoln Cathedral in a crypt before moving to a similar hiding place at the then standing  Templar church of St Margaret. If you visit Bruer today you will not find an explanation for why the entrance has been chiselled away to provide a larger opening, presumably to make room for the carrying in and out of a something large. It could be that arrival at Bruer came direct from Cumbria, before the eventual short journey to the less obvious Templar influence at St Margaret’s. Again, at Lincoln we find the two preferred circumstances that would secretly welcome and protect the relics of a famous Jewish figure, it being the first and largest Jewish settlement in Britain back in the Middle Ages with the rich Aaron the Jew underwriter of Lincoln Cathedral, and the near proximity of a thriving Templar Preceptory.


Pic 12;  The widened entrance at Temple Bruer

   Perhaps the real reason why our artefacts have been drawn to and deposited where they are, belongs to that invisible unconscious level, a powerful energy point upon the  Lincolnshire geography where the symbology of its occupying ‘treasure’ is amplified in the Collective Unconscious of all of us, awaiting that moment we can, as individuals, awaken to realisation of its presence.

Copyright 2013 by Dan Green

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  1. aubiere says

    in 1092 Dolfin of Carlisle was expelled from Cumbria by William Rufus. Thus ending Norse influence in the Principality.Anglo Norman Kings had been steadily acquiring estates in Westmorland previously.Ivo Taillebois was a chief player .Interesting figure if only due to his being the husband of the richest heiress in England namely Lucy de Bolingbroke(1076- 1138 a.d.).Of dubious ancestry she was related to the Earls of Lincoln and Coventry.She had a large estate in Spalding.Her 2nd marriage was to Willem de Roumare .Her 3rd husband was Ranulf le Meschin of the Gernon dynasty.Ranulf was basically the right hand man man of William Rufus.He assumed control of Cumbria and ruled it as a semi independent fiefdom.In the century after,the Gernon,s invaded Louth on the opposite side of the Irish Sea. As Cumberland was somewhat depleted in population due to a possible decamping of Norse to other parts voluntarily or otherwise Ranulf came up with a cunning plan.Rumours persist that he removed all the tenants serfs and Saxon churls from Lucy,s Spalding properties.He then forced marched them up to Cumberland to fill in local farmland vacancies.
    Beir bua go leir.

  2. aubiere says

    Hello again,
    I am beginning to have further doubts about the Saint Bega legend as above.
    According to my research St. Bees is in the Copeland district of Cumbria.
    In the 10 century (possible even before that) it was heavily settled by Norse Gaels.Reputedly it had been purchased by Irish gold from the Cambrian Brythonic Lords.Because of this why would Saint Bega choose to land there ?
    The purpose of her travels was to remain a Virgin.The area would have been under the direct rule of the Norwegian Kings.

  3. aubiere says

    there is no “Isle of Aran” in the S.W. of Ireland.There are the Arran Islands in the Atlantic Sea facing Galway Bay.They lie directly West as the crow flies through the middle.They comprise Inis Mor,Thiar and Meadhain.Now for the confusing part.
    There is also AraMhor.This lies far North off Donegal.
    There is also a larger island called Ara or Arran.It is in Scotland. Between Ayr and Argyle.55.35N by 5.15W.If anything the tip of the crucifix above seems to be pointing to Arran.It is near the Irish sea as well too.For Saint Bega to have travelled as suggested above involves going into the Atlantic either North or by South to get to Cumbria.(or Cambria ?) Not likely in my opinion.It would be easier to travel from Arran as Cumbria is close by to the South.
    Regards and Slan agus Go n eiri an bothair libh

  4. J.B. Guest says

    Thank you Dan for joining up the dots with this article and taking us literally on a journey through time and space. You have pieced together a totally believable pathway that Mary or an artifact asssociated with her could have been taken on before final location at Lincoln Cathedral. He has not fabricated the historical evidence as it is out there for everyones interpretation but what he has done is shared with us his own unique take on a possible final resting place. The coup de grace would be for the appropriate authority to finally grant permission for a ground scan to prove his assertions once and for all.
    J. B. Guest.

  5. Deborah Lusmden says

    I LOVED this read~! When most of those that read the Bible, realize how much of the History that has been altered and not given in the Bible, due to the Catholic Church’s choice of controlling the scriptures. As more awaken, and choose to think, for themselves, they will begin to see the possibilities of a broader view…and the possibilities of More to Life than the Story Told~! I was raised in a Christian home, I have friends from all Beliefs and Walks of Life. WE are all entitled to our Own Beliefs…that is part of Free Will.
    Thank you for the words and facts, that have assisted in connecting the dots for me in some of my questions of thought~!

  6. says

    Hello Dan,
    Your article brings back memories of my visit to St Marie de la Mer on the Camargue, it was with my wife before we had children, must have been before 1973 when my first daughter was bourn, we stayed in a small hotel in St Marie de la Mer, I remember the personnel in the hotel telling us fantastic stories about Mary, can’t remember many details, I do remember him pointing across the sea towards Corsica, “she came across the sea and landed here” they told us.
    He was pointing towards Santa Maria in Corsica and the Magdelena Archipelago in Sardinia.
    The same daughter, when she was a teenager, sang in the local church girls choir , they used to sing for one week at one of the UK Cathedrals, I have a fond memory of visiting Lincoln Cathedral.
    You talk about ley lines and alignments, that was perhaps the first book I read on mysteries, during the 1960’s Alfred Watkins, The Old Straight Track, I still have it on my bookshelf somewhere, can’t find it now.
    On a heavier note, my own studies have led me to another possible meaning for the “Holy Grail”, it was something that came out of the Holy Land that gave to the finder great reward or treasure, everyone has been looking for a physical treasure could it be a spiritual treasure, the Bible came out of the Holy Land at this time with The Lord God’s message in the form of the Bible, the Lord God promises those that find this treasure the greatest treasure possible, to live with him here on Earth with eternal life.
    Perhaps we should be searching for this HIDDEN Message “Gods Will” and be part of the “remnant” who will have this great reward, Purify your Soul.

  7. Paddyo says

    Excellent read again, doesnt prove or disprove anything in the bible, its left to your own conclusions, makes you think though which is always good!!

  8. Dan Green says

    Hello. You, like myself, are entitled to your opinion. It is hard to establish exact details of any one thing that unfolded thousands of years ago – none of us were there. Of course what I present strikes an unpopular chord with those who cling to orthodox reports, but on occasions these have been clouded by politics – often sexual politics too, to keep the female firmly in her male dominated place. My 28 year research is based on synchronicity and the workings of the Collective Unconscious. If Jung and Freud were wrong, then most probably I would be too. However, IF the Collective Unconscious IS a Reality…again, how do we prove this? I am not here to argue, just to present new thoughts and possibilities. There would be little point in presenting a thing we have already heard a thousand times before.. nothing new in that.
    There is no past, no future – only the present moment…and in that moment all we have is memory and imagination.

    • LiZ Hipkins says

      Hi Dan, your work is fascinating and I so agree with the correspondence of synchronicity, the Collective Unconscious & reoccurring themes that feature like gold and silver thread running through all of it. Graham K.Griffiths’ paintings of Sacred Sites/Stone Circles are “beyond words”~ & that’s what we’re dealing with here…

  9. Starheater says

    Hello M. Green

    Your allegations about Jesus and mary de Magdela is pure mythe that have been selected in mythes of those day’s before. Every century they are many mythe that was started by supposly people that knew this or that this is all craps, garbages. You are like a writer who search in a waspaper basket stories that have been thown away because they were not so good.

    Your logic is poor, you prefer the painting of drunk man to the Bible, why, because you don’t read the Bible, I’ve got to say honestly, your 28 years of searching on this subject didn’t serve you well, you are like a man who have a big appetite that prefer picking on the hors-d’oeuvre that picking on the main course. Dan Brown is the kind of man that I will like to discuss with, for me he is a main course.

    In case that you didn’t knew it by the Bible, Jesus nerver had a woman, nerver maried too, didn’t have child, if it were the case, the Bible would have mention it, but it don’t so…case close.

    Did you know that in the time of the Apostles, bad peoples have try to imitate de letters of Paul, and you think you are the one who be able to illuminate the sky by your thruthness, you don’t have one chance over 1 trillions, the last that have I instructed about the Bible about this subject, he didn’t reply on the subject, he had no chance.
    Others one have mention that Peter the Apostles was maried, what they forget to say is that Peter was maried “before” he joint the disciples, not after, and Peter has abandon is wife to be with the Christ, so what is the point know? Mary Madgdela and Mary the “mother” of the Christ, and the other Mary (the sister of Lazare that the Christ have bring to life) was only there to make the service, washing, repair clothes, make diner, etc… this way, the disciples could go with the Christ to bring the good words to the others, beside that, one sister of the Christ was with the, and one brother too.

    When you make a studied on a subject, you’ve got to take all the documents that talk about this myths that you have mention. You didn’t go to the Bible to take some reference, that’s why I say to you, your article is a big piece of junk, and I will prove it, in many way, you don’t have a single chance, I have 45 years of experience in all kind of subject, and that include the story of Jesus.

    God Bless

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