Is the Bible predicting our future?

Is the Bible predicting our future?

by Charles Marcello

First I would like to talk about comet Izon/Ison… According to NASA that comet will be up to 15 times brighter than our moon. Now, they are also careful to say the Size of the comet as seen from Earth will not be the same size as our moon, however this comet is still going to be extremely bright, which has me thinking… is it possible that this extremely bright comet/light could create the blood oceans and rivers talked about in the bible… by generating a certain type of “light” that will activate some dormant fungus or plankton? As crazy as that thought sounds at first, how is bacteria created? Now obviously plankton should not be considered bacteria, however the reason I used the word plankton was to help generate inside your mind’s eye the “floating” around our waterways whatever this dormant thingy might be… could this extremely bright light cast a light strong enough to affect our eco-system?



As I’ve said in my other blog… “2012 and the Pyramids at Giza”… If I am correct and the three planets Mercury, Venus, and Saturn that perfectly matched the physical layout of the Pyramids at Giza… that that alignment are the three wise men talked about in the bible… if that is true, is the rest of the story trying to tell us, the birth of the new world is soon to follow, which is quickly ushered in by those in the know after this extremely bright star shows itself? However, if there is to be a new beginning, then that means some other new beginning (our time as we know it) is about to come to an end. Is that true?

 I cannot see how any of this could work, a light that is extremely bright could somehow create a worldwide red tide, that just doesn’t sound reasonable… Yet I cannot deny the bible talks about all water turning to blood…. As many are aware, there are massive fish kills happening all over the world, fish and water mammals are dying by the millions/thousands all over the world… in rivers and in oceans… AND nobody knows why. There excuses are funny as hell… too much oxygen in the water, too much urine in the water etc… Let alone all over the world there are massive sinkholes being created out of nowhere… entire buildings are swallowed up in a moment… and an entire river is now gone… not to mention these sinkholes have claimed at least a dozen lives… Yet the norm for sinkholes is supposed to be man caused… meaning, something we did underground creates a sinkhole… or in some rare instances sinkholes are created by earthquakes… yet these sinkholes are happening all over the world with no warning and there are thousands of them… and they seem to be happening several times a month, AND if current trends continue… it looks like that is about to change to several times a week. Not to mention in Africa a new ocean is about to be created… in one night the land instantly sunk for thousands of square mile. In Alaska people went to bed and the ocean could be seen from their windows… when they woke up there stood a twenty foot hill. In both instances nobody felt anything, nor was there any type of seismic reading. Because of these things, and many others… not to mention every leader in the world is talking about a new world order. I can’t help but wonder what the hell is really going on?

Now according to the bible a new world order is coming… the first one is going to be evil, and the second one is going to be ran by Jesus… yet there are billions of people who don’t think Jesus actually exists, let alone these billions of people, myself included… don’t think that Jesus has any claim, let alone any right to dictate to the planet he abandon for two thousand plus years.

Or, if that doesn’t float your boat, this one is my personal favorite theory, the one that actually makes me laugh out loud… Aliens (the real gods of our ancestors) are coming back to see how we are doing. If we’ve failed once again because of our evil ways they will destroy our planet… while purposely choosing only 144,000 to restart the world’s population. If by some crazy twist of reality, this is truly our future… well those evil SOB’s can go to hell… which brings me to main reason I created this comment.

Many people believe all Aliens are not E.T.’s from another planet/solar system, oh no… rather these people firmly believe they are in fact demons. They say this is true because of how all UFO’s defy our laws of gravity… which to me suggests our laws (our understanding of reality/what is possible) must be wrong… but not to these people, again oh no… that means to them these UFO’s are demon spirits existing outside of space/time. And when these demons convince their victims they are being abducted, they are actually only being tormented by demons inside another dimension… and if you evoke the name of Jesus you will instantly be back in your bed. Not to mention these same people believe a false flag event of some kind is going to take place by the demons controllers. (ie… living human’s laying the foundation for these demons to come into our dimension to create hell on Earth.) Now if that is true, could it be comet Izon/Ison light could generate those things the bible talks about that, “men’s hearts will fail them for what cometh upon the Earth in the last days?” Could it be the light generated by this comet that would allow us to see into that dimension?

For those who have followed my comments you already know the last Pope is upon us right now according to several prophecies…. Let alone there are many Christians who believe this Pope is the eighth king talked about in Revelations that will help usher in the anti (in place of) Christ.
Yet to top it all off, like some cherry on top… there are many Christians who believe the Catholic Church and many other Christian denominations will tell the world when the Gods return (aliens/demons) that they are in fact our real gods… and the story that god equals some old man looking down from a cloud preparing to send billions straight to hell for having a good time like drinking cussing and fornicating is all fiction… Oh no see, our real gods are aliens who come back to Earth to check on us every 6000 or so years… if they like what they see we get to live on… if they don’t they flood the world or some other such stuff… I think the next one will be done with fire. However, people like Tom Horn and Steve Quayle don’t think we will be tricked into believing these aliens are gods… nope, these two believe the whole religious/and non-religious world is going to be tricked into believing these aliens are morally superior to us. To which I’m like… um if they can travel the stars… they are morally superior to us. I mean people can’t even run in a marathon without some crazy evil bastards trying to kill people. Could you imagine what they fucks would do if they could disable a spacecraft’s safety features and plow a 10 ton vehicle into a city going faster than the speed of light. Obviously these creature’s either learned from that horrible event… or somehow their entire society instinctively knows the negative effects that one person out of seven billion can have on its entire society, ie… it truly only takes one idiot with that kind of kinetic power to completely destroy an entire civilization… and that that truth is so ingrained into their society nobody even thinks about hurting anyone else. To me that is the only way an entire planet could survive inter galactic space travel… because it would only take one suicidal nut job to ruin an entire planet/species plans for their future. So if they can travel the stars then by god they are not only technologically but also morally superior to us. They are… so why shouldn’t we listen and follow their advice? Now if they come down here with an attitude, most humans will tell them to stick their morally superior self-righteous attitudes right up their aliens asses. Which of course would cause a galactic war, and they would have no choice but to destroy us because we’ve proven with many of current technologies, given enough time we can accomplish anything we put our minds too. Which is the whole point of this post. No matter what the truth will be… is the bible predicting our future within its prophecies, or within the stories found all throughout the old and new testaments? Which by the way, these same stories are found within hundreds of other cultures from around the world, each telling the same story, just said a little differently? Well one things for certain, we don’t have long to wait before this comet cometh and right soon… and if this Pope truly is the final Pope/King well then at 76 he aint got much time either. With all of that, what do you think and why???

–Charles Marcello

Part 2

There are many reasons why I reject the notion there is some evil cabal hell bent on killing 6.5 billion people. One, it is just stupid to think that 500million people could kill 6.5 billion without oh I don’t know… 4 billion people going, hey these people have killed over 2.5 billion people, if we don’t do something to stop them we’re next. Let alone how many millions upon millions would it take to bury or burn 1 billion let alone 6.5 billion people? Not to mention for every combat person killing for the “darkside”, they would need 10 people to create their ammo, weapons, clothes, vehicles and food. So if you subtract the amount of overhead and logistics you are talking about killing force of 40 million people (plus or minus a few 10 million or so), to kill all 6.5 billion of us. Which means the darkside’s army would be outnumbered a hundred and fifty-ish to one. That’a using nothing but simple math… and because of those ridiculous numbers people had to bring in chemtrails, viruses, and plagues the NWO has waiting for their death hour… plus all the other mass murder theories that exist all over the Internet I’m not going to waste your time bringing up. Yet anything created by man, once something is put into the population it is impossible to know how it’s going to mutate. So any antidote these NWO people think they have will only work until it doesn’t… and then they are going to die just like the rest of us. Let alone if they are spraying poison into our air, they are killing their own family’s futures as well. Because no matter how all powerful these theories make these people out to be, they cannot control the wind… let alone make sure all the “poison” they’re spreading lands only where they want it too. It appears to me the people who promote this nonsense must think everyone who is putting this stuff into the air has absolutely no contact with the outside world. I mean, I don’t fly planes, let alone spray stuff into the atmosphere… but if I did I guaran-damn-tee I would be keeping my ear to the news and the Internet about people getting sick where I just dumped a lot of chemicals. Because I doubt I would agree to kill all of my extended family and all of the friends I had growing up, just so rich people could have their little paradise. I mean seriously these, “the elite are trying kill us all”, people haven’t thought their nonsense through. I’m pretty sure the people flying those planes know they are spraying stuff into the atmosphere… I’m also pretty sure they know damn well they aren’t trying to kill 6.5 billion people. I used to deny that chemtrails were real, and sought to find logical answers to how the fuel in planes had to of changed somehow to create these extremely long lasting contrails… until I discovered many News Channels from around the United States and around the world for that matter did their own investigation… and each of these local News Sources found the exact same chemical mixture. (do a simple youtube search and see for yourself) So now I have no doubt there are people in the know who absolutely know what is happening/changing/or coming to our planet. Yet I’m pretty damn sure whatever this something is, it is the same something that wiped out our last civilization… and that these people are actually doing everything they can to try and save humanity and all of our learnt know how. The Georgia Guide Stones says “maintain a population of 500 million”, it doesn’t say… reduce the population to 500 million. That suggests to me people have known for a long while what the truth really is about our past… and our coming/possible future.

Now the second part of this madness is people going around saying you need to stock up on food and ammo… and only stocking food and ammo is how you’re going to survive. I’m sorry but you are fucking crazy if you believe you can survive holed up in your house/underground bunker/cave/campsite… when this whatever horrible thing happens to the our earth. You truly are nucking futs. Because eventually your food is gonna run out. Eventually you’re gonna have to come up for air, or something. If all you have is food and ammo, and something tragic does happen to our entire planet… you are a caveman the moment your supplies are gone. Let alone, you are all alone… which means if you somehow have children in your little world… you have guaranteed they will become primitive creatures destined to live a horrible short existence. But let’s just say for fun something did happen, my wife and I have talked about it. We both agreed if the SHTF, there are three things we would right away. One is try and save as many people as possible. Two bring all the supplies, (food, gas, ammo, medicine etc…) we can find around the area into a single location/community area. And finally… go collect all the books at all the libraries and Colleges in our area. Once all that has been figured out… we would then start planning for our collective survival. By first figuring out what kinds of skills we have in our group. Then figuring out how we can utilize those skills to bring our little community back into some semblance of normalcy. There are many forums you can go to that argue one of the things that everyone needs is a gas powered generator. And I’m like bull crap… if I truly knew/believed something bad was going to happen (and I don’t) to our planet I wouldn’t want a gas powered anything for electricity… I would want steam powered electricity. Because the post destroyed world is going to have all kinds of things to burn… while fuel leaks and spills and eventually runs out. The very next thing we would do is create schools od learning… where people who have skills teach those who don’t. While at the same time demanding everyone learn something new. Like a doctor would need to learn how to repair shoes… and a carpenter would need to learn how to fix teeth… and a farmer would need to learn how to repair electronics. And everyone under forty would need to learn three skills…. Let alone every person would be taught how to shoot straight and generate fresh water. Because the name of the game is not simply survival… the name of the game is trying to get humanity back to where we were before our world literately turned upside down. That’s how I would think and work myself to death to create somehow… and if I’m thinking along those lines, about humanities survival and not just my own… I guarantee if someone actually knows what is happening to our world, and what actually happened to our distant ancestors… they are in fact building whatever is needed to repair our world on the other side. Yet this is the one thing that makes all this crazy nonsense about some evil NWO make sense. If something is evil you fear it even as you say you’re fighting against it. Yet if something good is being prepared to save what is left of humanity on the other side… well then everyone thinks either they or their children deserves a ticket to those survival shelters. If it’s evil well then everyone knows you’re on your own… so why wouldn’t you promote the dark-side if you knew you couldn’t save everyone?

I guess I will stop here. Like I said in the beginning there are many reasons why I reject the notion of some evil cabal hell bent on killing us all. Could it exist and I’m just being naive, sure. Yet all the things I’ve read from people suggesting this and that is happening as we speak… for me it just doesn’t add up. Something is happening to our planet, and there are things governments are doing that just don’t make any sense when it comes to our children’s future. Nation after nation has incredible amounts of debt that can never be paid back? That is mass planetary financial suicide. Unless… unless!!! Some people think because they’re going to kill us all they can spend what they want. Well, that only makes sense to me if everyone has already decided they’re just going to lie down and die… well I reject that outright. One of the only two possible scenarios remaining that I would even remotely entertain is… all the governments on this planet are being ran by a bunch of retards in really nice suitsorthe world is secretly preparing for our continued survival. Below this I will repost what I created yesterday inside another blog regarding some of the crazy stuff happening around our world. Yet for this comment, if you disagree I would really love to hear how I’m not seeing things correctly.

–Charles Marcello


  1. You're Reaching says


    I have enjoyed many of your articles, but you are just reaching on this one. There are evil entities in this world and they are hell bent on destruction. I think you discount the power of selective genetic viruses that have been developed. Add some pre-emptive wars and nuclear holocaust and you get there. Denial does not help resolve…humanity has nearly been wiped out before and it can easily happen again. Your fight should be against those who can prevent our decimation. Write a senator, run for office, this blog will not provide enablement for you. Watch the signs and don’t allow anger to cloud your judgement.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello You’re Reaching,

      You say I’m reaching because I reject the concept that there is some evil cabal hell bent on killing 6.5 billion people? I’m reaching, really? What part exactly? I see you mentioned viruses that ARE being genetically enhanced, yet my point is this… history proves once a virus has been introduced into our population it is impossible to know how its going to mutate. So even though these “evil people” could have an antidote, it will only work until nature makes its obsolete. My disconnect to this evil cabal is if they are as smart as their promoters claim, then they have to understand doing so would cause their own self destruction.

      Now I agree humanity has been on the verge of extinction in our past, and that is what I’m using as my guide for denying an evil cabal truly exists. While at the same time I don’t deny there are people alive on this planet right now who would love to kill as many people as they can. Yet the degree to which these people would need help truly boggles the mind. Now if a country like the United States, China, India and Russia truly believes the entire world is there enemy, and chooses to fight instead of surrendering, then yes a horrific event could take place that will cost billions of people their lives… having lived through the last part of the Cold War I know this reality all to well. And yes these countries can be manipulated by these evil voices… Where my disconnect comes from on this level is, these people cannot do all this killing on their own, and they need people outside of their cabal to help foster the type of hate that is required. Let alone as history proves the grandchildren of any evil society will feel the guilt and reject the evil laws forced onto them by their grandparents… Russia is a current example of this, and so too will China experience this rejection in our not to distance future.

      What I don’t deny is human nature and nature itself. Yes we can and nature could destroy us anytime we or it wishes. Yet do you live in fear of any of it? Death is our future, which is why every generation is responsible for trying to protect the world for the generation that comes after. I just don’t see how regular god fearing, life loving people would just sit down and die so some rich dumb asses can have their little slice of heaven. Let alone having billions know who you are, is a hell’va lot more exciting/enticing then just a few hundred million or so. So if I’m stretching in my denial of an evil cabal hell bent on killing us all, please help bring me back to reality. Regarding the signs… I don’t deny something is happening/changing to our world, what I reject is mankind is responsible for any of it… while at the same time I reject the notion that people have agreed to kill billions just so they can have this planet all to themselves.

      –Charles Marcello

  2. J.a says

    To mr.marcello as that bible describes that is claimed to be read buy you are you making a statement that the government of your states is a criminal operation agianst the nations of the world that could lead into a holocaust if not corrected and if so what other participants are involved directly with congress policies and the marketing of civilians property through the main stream media these are very serious concerns that endanger the lives of innocent people and have taken the lives of so many that resides in paticular the middle eastern occupants that have had to endure foriegn opperation through the force of millitary conduct that has been severly challanged through international court assumptions wont name them at the momment but good work judicial hearings any positive devopments are much wanted.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello J.A.,

      The quick answer to your question is no, I was not referring to my country and the things my government is doing around the world. If we only use history as our guide… meaning we only accept the governments of the world’s official answer towards 9/11, then my government is doing nothing wrong. Never in the annals of world history has a country who is the sole superpower ever shown the type of restraint the United States has towards the world.

      What I was referring to is my government’s continuing march towards taking long cherished freedoms away from the silent majority…. And that if they continue to do so, that could end badly not only for my government, but also for the world at large. God forbid this country suffers a massive economic meltdown, or a massive terrorist attack with a nuclear weapon. Once again if you we only use history as our guide, the superpowers of history don’t care if the world likes them or not… yet the world always suffers horrifically if that superpower ever starts to hate back. That is my fear… if my government believes the American people have had enough of their nonsense, then they will do what every other country has done throughout history. They will find someone else for us to hate, for us to take all our anger out on. We see that happening all over the Middle East right now, where their governments are always blaming the two Satan’s for all of their nation’s problems. God forbid the American people ever start to hate them right back, regardless if that hate is justified or contrived. That is what I pray never happens… because if it does… history proves the meanest people always get to power during those trying times… Napoleon and Hitler to name but two… and in our world with the type of destructive forces at our fingers tips. Our world could not and will not survive another one of either of those personas. Whether the world likes it or not, the United States with all of its fluff, has yet to show true anger towards another country or its citizens since world war 2… and I promise you, the world doesn’t ever want American citizens to believe the way for us to survive it to take on the world. I truly do live in fear that is where our world is headed… and if history and prophecy is our only guide for the world’s future… billions upon billions are going to die unless we find a new way to settle our differences… sadly I believe the world has to suffer one more horrific worldwide battle before we truly understand just how far we have not come mentally.

      –Charles Marcello

  3. Ted says

    Is the Bible predicting our future??
    Yes and no, it is the narrative on the history of the human race and God’s plan for us, which includes our future.

    The Bible does not predict popes, antichrists, wars etc..

    The Bible is a book about God’s salvation plan.

    Today, there are many prophecy “prophecy teachers” and peddlers
    Pushing books and fanciful schemes, making scripture read more like a scifi show, they speak of seven year tribulations, antichrists,
    Plagues, number of the beast, a rebuilt Jewish temple, a rapture. Describing tank wars in Ezekiel.

    TheyReinterpreting Daniel’s incredible prophecy on Christ’s work of redemption. Misinterpreting Matthew 24 and the synoptic Gospels which outline the Olivet Discourse.

    It is important that we read scripture for ourselves. When I did, I realized it did not say what many so called prophecy teachers said it said.

    Many are getting rich writing prophecy books,designing wild “endtimes” outlines.

    I would recommend doing a study on the following;

    1. Meaning of the Olivet Discourse.

    2. What the “time of the end” means.

    3. Read and understand the meaning of the “seven weeks”
    Foretold in Daniel Chapter 7.

  4. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Charles,

    I don’t want it to become a standard thing whereby I begin my post with an apology for not being here sooner, so let me just state for the record that if I haven’t answered you in what seems like a decent amount of time, it isn’t for lack of trying. Just know I will get back to you asap.

    Regarding the lineage from Abraham through David to Joseph – it has absolutely nothing to do with biology or physicality. One of the signs of the Messiah being the Messiah was that He would be born of a virgin (Is.7: 14), and that’s the point – Mary was a virgin and God was the ‘Father’. If the Spirit behind the text that we call ‘the Bible’, is not seen, the text will not make sense, because it was never intended to be just a physical, black and white text. The Spirit IS the reality, not the paper book.

    I certainly know what you mean when you’re looking for meaning behind various things in the Bible. Quite often there is an ‘overlay’ on a certain segment of scripture because what we’re looking at is a formula or set of principles, and there are various applications for it. Don’t think I don’t get that part. But I am telling you of a truth, that the reason Matthew follows the generations from Abraham to Joseph, is because Abraham’s lineage was the line through which we can follow the promises of God to the Messiah. However, because the promises were based on spiritual things – beginning with Abraham’s faith in God, if we’re going to follow them through to Jesus, we have to continue to look in the Spirit. Therefore, though there’s a physical break between Joseph and Jesus, since God was His ‘Father’ and the Spirit that made all the promises, spiritually, there is no break at all.

    Each person along Abraham’s lineage, represents a spiritual aspect that is fulfilled Christ, which is why Jesus is called the ‘Son of David’. It has nothing to do with physicality, it’s a characteristic David walked in, in spirit, which was so like God’s heart, that when it was revealed in Jesus, He was called ‘Son’ of David.

    I know people who have carried a ‘mantle’ of anointing – a very different calibre of spiritual ministry, influence, and expression, who when they’ve died, or were ready to die, have had that mantle taken from them and passed on to another person totally unrelated to them. And the reason it was passed on to that person is because there was a like spiritual link between them and the one who died, spiritually speaking. This is truly how the Bible works, because God is Spirit, and they who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit, and Truth. Not one or the other, both. This is the essential ingredient that will cause people to see eye-to-eye on scripture. If it’s left out, the stream of interpretation is broken. On the other issue, I’ll comment tomorrow.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Brenda,

      Brenda don’t ever worry about taking your time, we all have lives to live outside of the Internet so don’t feel like you have to hurry regarding anything. Time truly does stand still on the Internet… besides if we’re only talking to each other, and no one else is listening, we have all the time in the world..

      Regarding this comment of yours, we must be reading two separate bibles… Because in my bible it says the messiah will be from the house of David, not in the spirit of David… that is what my bible says was written before the messiah was born. Also in my bible, I don’t know how anyone can say David walked in the spirit that is like god’s heart. Unless of course god sends people to be murdered so he can hide an affair/pregnancy… Plus all the other countless things David did during his reign that brought down the Judgement of God. Let alone if it is god’s will, or if you are right that David walked in the spirit of god’s heart… why aren’t men still allowed to have as many wives as they can afford, why did Christians fight so hard against that, let alone where are all the Christian women fighting to change that back today? Why would Christians be against polygamy if its walking in god’s heart? Why aren’t Christians still out champion for the right to own slaves, let alone why did Christians fight against god’s heart when it comes to slavery? Its seems to me Christians either think they are now smarter than god, or… or… they only allow those aspects of the bible to be “real” when they fit whatever their agenda is throughout time… and ignore all those aspects that go against their limited acceptance of who god is throughout time. I realize that sounds harsh, yet that is not my intent to be harsh towards you Brenda… my intent is show how the god of the bible, and the stories inside the bible do not mesh at all with an all knowing/loving god. Rather, including the lineage screw-up… the bible demands the bible was written by man for man in order to enslave man.

      I cannot deny there are beautiful and perfectly said quotes within the bible that perfectly speaks on the truth of the human condition. I could not and would not deny there is an abundance of timeless wisdom within the bible as well. Yet there is also pure evil and down right stupidity in the bible, supposedly done in the name and in the spirit and in the walk with god. Outside of the bet with Satan towards Job, as I’ve said before, the Abraham and Sarah story is the second most evilest thing I’ve ever read inside the bible… go to this land and I will make you rich. Yet for god to fulfill his pledge Abraham had to become a lying pimp and is wife a lying adulterous whore. That is what the bible says… unless you start to look at it differently. Unless you go, there is no way in hell God would purposely send Abraham in a direction that would cause such emotional pain and physical suffrage to both. Let alone, how evil is a god that allows man to put women beneath men… Sarah didn’t own anything given to Abraham for her horrific experience, it all belonged to Abraham according to the bible. Now, one could argue that god had to use those rules in order for men of that time to love him… and yes I have heard that argument. Yet that demands the gods of the bible is extremely limited. And I won’t even start on Moses… let alone bring it all the way forward to our day and how it defies my comprehension. After all we’ve learned from history, how anyone could read the bible and not throw it in the garbage because of how horribly it talks about human slaves being non humans, and how women are less than a men in almost all things… how that book is still venerated today boggles my mind. I didn’t write any of those things inside the bible, yet I sure as hell read it inside the bible…. and it WAS those words inside the bible (and within every other religious writing) that has affected our world for over 3000 years in the west and still horribly effects billions of people everywhere else today. In my opinion Christians are trying to have it both ways… oh my god is loving and giving… yet a hundred and sixty years ago Christians demanded here in the United States that god demands slaves deserve less rights that non slaves. Fifty years ago, Christians preached straight from the bible (and still do for evils sake), that the bible demands some people are less than human and woman are way beneath a man. Well I reject that entire bullshit as pure unadulterated EVIL!
      Oh but we’ve grown, see us new and improved Christians don’t have slaves or beat slaves, or deny women their equal rights… yeah well what about your god two hundred years ago? Or your god in the middle east? Sharia Law is nothing more than using the old testament in modern times… period! Let alone how the bible was used to help in the Dred Scott Case (The U.S. Supreme Court) as it used the bible to rule black people are non humans… it took a Civil War for that evil to stop! And then it took many upon many of people suffering and dying by the hands of bible believing Christians all over the United States because of what the bible says… Don’t believe a word I’m saying, check out all the stories that existed regarding segregation and Jim Crow laws… let alone what was said around the world by Christians regarding the bible and slavery. Its seems the more humanity learns from its mistakes, the bigger the denials of how evil the god of the bible actually is.
      Now Christians today can argue that was Christians behaving badly and not following their bibles, and I would argue… no you guys are wrong, you are not following your bible. You are only taking those positive things said in the bible by Jesus and ignoring all those other things said by god, or in gods name. Even including the evil that will happen to our world in Second Coming… to me the way the bible is preached today is nothing short of an evil spirit talked about within bible eschatology … (let alone all the evil talked about in all the other religious writings around the world regarding their version of a messiah’s coming eschatology) Which to me equals an evil spirit/god that does not give the whole world the undeniable truth about who or what he is… nope, he just shows up and supposedly takes only those who blindly follows him and then… and then causes people to suffer until they accept his dominion over this earth. To me that is nothing more than pure evil and I don’t give a damn what name you call god! There is nothing good or righteous about a god who abandons this world… who maybe only talks to a handful of people throughout history… and then shows up unannounced kicking ass and taking names demanding everyone love him… Even though from the very first day of creation he could have been walking and living and directing and showing us his unquenching love for ALL of his children this whole time. These are the easiest things that argue against the bible and how there is no way in hell that god can be found anywhere inside that book.

      You see I cannot deny a god created this universe… but I most certainly deny god can be found inside any book on this planet. Which is why I started looking at the bible differently… saying to myself a god cannot be this goddamn evil, but man sure as hell can. People throughout every faith absolutely and positively believes their version of god has talked with them, or is directing their lives as we speak… which is why I asked you to watch episode 8 of the “Vikings” TV series. There are stories that cannot be denied that people have survived things that are completely unexplainable within all faiths… there are Muslims walking around right now who were clinically dead and have come back demanding Allah is real because of their experience… Hindus and Buddhist have the same stories as well… let alone Christians and Jews… and Vikings and Greeks and and and and… the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round… So I said to myself… what the hell is really going on inside this book? After many months several years ago… I now think the Adam and Eve story is saying you will never ever, no not even once find god outside yourself. And if you go searching for a relationship with god, or to learn who god is and what you should do to please this god from anyone else, all you will ever find is pure evil. While the rest of Genesis, to me, goes on to explain what that evil will look like… while thankfully in our world today, we are slowly learning how to recover from ALL the evil forced onto this world by two people who went looking for a relationship with god someplace other than from within and only from within. While the other theory I have that runs right beside that one argues… no the bible is actually telling a story about a very ancient civilization and all the mistakes they made with the sole purpose of trying to save mankind from doing it all over again… to which as our own history shows, we have failed to pay attention to all the warnings throughout the bible… not the warnings from god… rather from the survivors of the last great catastrophe. And because of this we are about to suffer their same fate sometime in our not to distant future. I also think the god that created this universe accepts all of us, and all those we hurt in our lives when we reach the other side… they get to judge us. The reason I think this is, is I had dream about it… Now I don’t know if its true or not, yet I know the dream seemed so damn real. The only good news is, one day I will learn the truth once I reach the other side.

      Brenda have you ever read the book, “The Golden Bough” by Sir James Frazier? I would strongly urge you to either purchase that book, or download the audio version for free. If you are interested I will find that free audio version for you. If you know your bible, just read the book or listen to it… No I don’t think its going to change your mind, the only thing I know it will do is show you how the stories inside the bible are not unique to the bible. Other than that I wouldn’t even think of trying to ruin the book for you. Also Brenda nothing I’ve said was said to attack you, I honestly hope you know that is true… rather everything I’ve said above was said to explain to you why I do not accept the bible as god’s word… its inconceivable to me that god would think, act, or believe/say the things that are said to have been said in gods name. The western world has outgrown the old testament god… so instead of being completely honest the western world is trying to water down who the god of the old testament is… yet nothing you can say will change our history, our history is written in blood done and prayed and preached while banging on the bible saying god said as they did everything we now know as history… The bible is not contemporary to our life span… it is most certainly attached at the hip to all the evil that has been done in the god of the bibles name.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles

        I don’t know if the light of the comet could trigger some biochemistry to create the color, but I know that an algae exist that have the coloration red. Now to say if it could start the processus, I don’t think so. It would have to be more expose to those “ray of light”, on the other part, if this light is very intense and it present a couple of days or weeks, this might have a consequence.
        You have perhaps found how it could happen. Big chunk of asteroides will not have the same effects that those algaes, those first fall into the sea and if there is iron it would have no effect on the coloration of the water, even if iron would oxidize and turn red, it would take alot of those chunk of metal to do the trick.

        As for the Bible, one thing you have to keep in mind: “How could we go to God, if this God don’t interfere in His Words. If you were God, will you let those who are against the power to change it dramaticly? And if the answer is Yes, well none of us is guilty of the sins we have done, we do, or we will do.
        If I go further, in Rev. the Beast is throw in the lake of fire while she’s a live. We must not forget that it will rain fire and brimstone. Why brimstone? Fire is not enough, well no,it ain’t. Fire alone is not enough hot to kill in an instant, with brimstone you can be assure that those who will burn wont have the time to suffer.
        It was evaluated that in Sodom and Gommorah the tempeture between 5000°F to 8000°F, do you agree when I say “that’s hot”.
        Beside, we have to look both side of the river, or the piece of money, to have a good estimation of this case.

        To fear someone is not to love someone, know, do you think that God does not know that. At the beginning God was with us, and little by little we have place Him to the last position, we wanted to do it our ways without His intervention, and now, some of us cry, God is not fair, God is not a loving God, God is cruel, etc…
        Well, I was the first one to say those kind of words, I had only the knowledge of the 10 commandments, and I was in my univers thinking about the perfection that could bring those commandments. I was saying to myself: “if only one commandment would be follow by all the persons on Earth like: “don’t steel”. The perspective of life would change alot, you have just to think about the cost of the insurance that store, boutique ect… have to pay in case of robbery. Now, consider, they dont pay it anymore. No, no now! Don’t think that they would keep it only for themself, that would not be fair, that would be, make more profit for ourself, but nothing for the consumer, this would be making money more that is allow, and by extention…robbing.
        There is a good virtue in doing something by our free will, and that is what God want.
        Today, and specially today, it is more difficult to be a “man of good will”, but if we don’t do it, we contribute to the difficulties to those who would like to eradicate the problem, so there is only one way to go, the way that God have trace for us to follow, this is not only for us to gain, but the other too. The right way is the good way. Oh, it’s tough to climb a mountain, but when we see all that we have do by looking at the base of the mountain, we are proud to be were we are now, and it is correct to be proud, but not to much, but just to be in confort in ourself.

        I know by experience that there are in the Bible what we call “contradictions”, this is cause by our way of thinking at the first, and yes I have found contradiction at the second, and I will give you and exemple that I have encounter. The Bible have said:

        “Imitate the fool so I could see hime like in a mirror” the verse that follow say: “Don’t imitate the fool in case you become just like him”.

        This is a straight good well visible contradiction. But, what we don’t know about, is that somebody who’s wise and well establish in the Truth can do those kind of “mirror reflection”, but the fool are not enough wise to do it without provoke problems, do you agree? You don’t have to answer, I know you agree.

        In the Bible they are “keys” that is there for us to find. God know’s that we love to decipher this and that.
        Now I would like to had a correction of an non-official key, the key that was produce by “I don’t remember who it was”. This is concerning Theosophic calculation, the one that exist was not (at my advice) complete. Hre are the sequence:


        Now I will tell you why I taught so. We begin with nothing, and finnish with nothing. Because this Univers exist only for us, but this is not the end you will say! Perhaps, but it will finnish, because this is part of the predictions that are in Revelation for the first reason, for the second, all tend to decay.

        The humain kind tend to have the same principle. 1. You come inthis world. 2. You grow until you reach the peak of your body. 3. You decay gradualy little by little. 4. You die.

        Now, even if you say the Univers was always there, well, you are in contradiction with the facts, and the fact are that all thing perrish, absolutely everything, naturelly, except God.
        I have stated that the marble brings proofs to a younger Univers, this was an error of my part, the rock in question was “Granit”.

        God Bless Charles, and take good care of you.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      I don’t understand all that you are saying, like “eye-to-eye”, it refer to what?
      Yes, it is so, is those who are workship Him in Spirit that is going to will have the heritage from God. However, those who have fix the first foundation will be honnor and they will acces to the Promise like those who are in “spiritual adoption”.
      Whatever the implication, we will receive from God their “result” (it’s not really the good word for this) of what we have work for. We will all be paid (metaphoric sens) for all the good actions we have made. Now, as for the bad, God knows that we are humains, and by this fact, incline to make errors.
      There have been time were the “rich” could be assure that they would acces the Heaven, and I think this is valid today too. Because Jesus didn’t said that they could not acces the Heaven, but it was more difficult for them to do so.
      If I mention this, it’s because all our prime ancestors was rich, in goods, servants, kids, and all those who were with those, like Jacob who became Israel, were rich. The old proverb say: “Rich like Job”.
      Now, here the Scriptures those not contredict hiself, what make the difference is the good principles that you learn in your life, Principles that are found in the Bible. Those who didn’t have the Bible (and the Bible have not existed in the time of Jacob, but Laws exist in those days like today, and those Laws were writtin’ in a way or other) have only their conscience to treat their neighbors.
      This have been predicted since the “beginning”, the First Prophecie of the Bible was concerning is “Church”. (Authorize Version KJB):

      Ge 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
      So, this is the most ancien Phophecy of the Bible.

      Now, this is what you have to consider (here I mean everyone including me):

      All this mystery is bounded in a single paragraph of 11 verses, and you can read it in the book of Revelation 4:1-11
      Jesus mention one thing in the Bible, He have stated by asking a question: There is 12 hrs of light in a day? (? I’m not sure of the word, my Bible is in French) So the time of the day was of 12 hrs in that time, and He knew that fact, so this is the kind of “Key” that we must found to decipher Prophets and “obscure phrases” that we don’t understand in the Scriptures.
      But let me give you a first view of the chap. I mention above. The Key is the 12 hrs of day time, this key is for the deciphing of Rev. 4:1-11–And this is for those who doesn’t have Bible:

      “1 After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.
      2 And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.
      3 And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.
      4 And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.
      5 And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.
      6 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.
      7 And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.
      8 And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.
      9 And when those beasts give glory and honour and thanks to him that sat on the throne, who liveth for ever and ever,
      10 The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying,
      11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

      They are 2 animals that are in night time, and 2 animals for day time. It begin with the Lion, now look how God is very intelligent.
      We have 4 phases in a 24 hrs day:
      1. Evening
      2. Night
      3. Morning
      4. Afternoon
      The main subject in that paragraph is “time”, and God is the Master of all that exist.
      The “First” Animal was a Lion. This animal those represent quite well the “Sunset”. Is fur have the color of a sunset.
      The “Second” Animal was a Calf (here I most point out that if the text would have taken the word “Bull”, this last one wouldn’t tranfer the real signification that it was suppose to have, a bull have horn, a calf is to young to have those). This represent the night, the calf are brown or black.
      The “Third” have a “Face” as a man. This represent the beginning of the day, and this beginning start with “JESUS”.
      The “Fourth” was “like a flying eagle”. This represent the “peak” of the “light”.
      Now I suppose that I don’t have to mention what is the peak of light.
      This deciphering could have objecteur, but I’m not finnish yet. Compare Rev. 4:1-11 to Number 2:1-32
      I will not reproduce those verses, I would take to much place. Now, the tribe of Judah is place at the East, and His the first to open the march. Reuben the first born is place at the South. The Levites are in the Middle. Ephraim is located at West. Dan is place at the North.

      If they were attack by enemy, they would place the Levites in the Middle, and all the other Tribes would protect them.
      Now there is one thing that is strange concerning the tribe of Dan, they are place at the North. When the German lost the war, they move to the North.

      There are another place in the Bible were we found this kind of “pattern”, I’m not sure, but I think is in Ezekiel. That’s all for today, I will try to give you the “suite” next time.

      God Bless…………………To be continue

      • Starheater says

        Hello everyone

        Now, this is what follow. I have forgot to establish who’s who. The tribe of Dan is the “Danmark” The tribe of Joseph (not the adoptive father of Jesus) as 2 branchs: Manasse the older son of Joseph, and Ephraim the youngest. Like the Prophecy as stated, the youngest Ephraim would became a multitude of Nations ( a Commenwealth), naturelly this goes for the England, and Manasse will become a Great Nations, this is the United States.

        The England is the only Nations that the Sun was not setting over their Empire, they have possess almost all the country on this Earth. The Ireland, Scottia, are in the same root of Ephraim. When Manasse arrive in The United States, he arrive with 13 colonies, those are the 12 Tribes of Israel. Those were call in the past “The lost Tribes of Israel”, and those tribes was in the number of 10. Half tribe of Benjamin, half tribe Ephraim (I’m not sure of the lat one), and the tribe of Judah, who’s was the tribe of Jesus was born of.
        All the other tribes compose the majority the peoples on this Earth.

        Now, for what I’ve learn when I was young, in the Jewish peoples exist a special “kind” of Jews, the “Ashkenazim”. I think, I’m nor sure, it is from this word that the word “nazi” came. If you make some research you will found that Hitler had read many books including the Bible, you just have to put out the “m” from “nazim” to obtain “nazi”. Now according to my source (Robert Charroux a French writter), those Jews were blond with blue eyes. Now, no need to say what Hitler have tought, those Jews was considered to be the “noble branch” of the Jews. I have no way to check it out without having a serious headache. I have an idea who was those blond hair Jews, I think it was a portion of the tribe of Benjamin who probably have distinguish themself at war, this is just a theory.(Benjamin is the last son of Jacob or Israel).
        Jacob have made a Prophecy were I state that “Dan will judge is Peoples”. This is a strange Prophecy, I could know what this mean if I would do some research, but there are so many things that urge, that I will wait for the time come.
        Now, to bring more details to the chap. 4 of Revelation. All those “Kings”, here I’m talking about the 4 Animals, have what I could call “Satellites”, are forming group of 3 Tribes in total. So, we have 1 King with 2 Satellites. Now, you must not believe that they were call like this, this is only for the decifering of this chapter.
        Each Living Animal have 6 Wings, there are 4. Four Animals X by 6 Wings= 24. Now, to fly you’ve got to have 2 Wings each, you obtain 12 Living Been. But this doesn’t end here. There is somebody in the Middle where the Throne of God is. Yes, this is Jesus without a doubt.

        Reuben is the first born of Jacob (Israel), this one is said to be the Patriarch of the French according to Herbert W. Armstrong the creator of the magazine “The Plain Truth”.

        Now, speaking about the English Theosophic addition, maybe those addition are right, and according to what I have seen, they are. I suppose that with the French language exist another method, I will try the method that I have proposed, just to see if it work. Mean time.

        God Bless………to be continue

        • Starheater says

          Hello Manager

          I have a message for Brenda, after the message, I will continue where I have left.
          “Bonjour Brenda, j’ai pensé à ce que tu m’as expliqué au sujet d’entendre la Voix de Dieu. Oui Dieu est assez puissant pour ne pas faire de mal à un de Ses enfants, oui, j’ai parlé trop rapidement, l’orgueil surement, la connaissance enfle comme disait Paul, mais voilà, j’ai crevé la balounne. Mais je suis prudent en ce qui concerne ce genre d’évènement, et qui sait, peut-être Dieu à voulu me donné une petite lesson d’humilité!!!!! Je ne pourrais te le dire, mais une chose est certaine, il est dit dans les Écrits que Dieu va répandre Son Esprit sur la Terre, j’espère que Son Esprit va “inondé” la planète.
          Mais ceci est ce que moi j’aimerais, mais cela ne semble pas faire partie de Son Plan. J’ai été baptisé Catholique, mais cela ne compte plus, ce qui compte c’est l’Esprit de Dieu, l’Esprit de Vérité. L’erreur de l’Être Humain a été de donné un Nom à leur Dénomination. Si tu lis Actes de Apôtres tu va t’apercevoir que ce n’est pas les “Christiens” (Christ=Christiens, ça, c’est Français) qui se sont donné un Nom, mais c’est les paiens qui leur ont imposé ce nom (chrétiens). Ce dernier ne veux rien dire pour moi, mais “Christien” cela est en accord avec tout ce qui est écrits dans la Bible.
          Pardonne-moi d’avoir conclut trop vite, et surtout pardonne-moi de ne pas t’avoir posé les bonnes questions. Donc, si tu veux absolument tu veux absolument t’identifié, que cela soi au moins dans un bon Français. Christ=Christien et Christienne, même racine, même arbre.
          Deux Aigles qui volent vers le Nord, et crois-moi, ce n’était pas des corbeaux. Un signe que j’ai eu et que je n’avais pas demandé, et encore aujourd’hui, je crois encore que cela était un signe de la part de Dieu. Même aujourd’hui, ceci ne s’est pas renouvellé.

          Ici, je n’ai pas trouvé une “aide qui me soit semblable”, il n’y a personne dans cette rue qui convienne. Je me sens comme Adam, je regarde les animaux (différents type de femmes), mais je ne trouve rien qui me soit semblable, peut-être tu es la clé. Au revoir.”

          The Suite
          (Before I begin, I have to rectified something. I have mention that the Christ was on the Throne, this seem to be inexacte. I say this because when the Millinium is finnish, the Christ give is Throne of Earth to His Father.)

          Correction: The Tribes who compose the State of Israel was in fact 3 Tribes but counting for only 2 Tribes. Here they are: Tribe of Judah in totality, 1/2 Tribe of Levite, 1/2 Tribe of Benjamin. Now, the reason why we have 13 Tribes in United States, this is because the Tribe of Joseph was compose of Manasse and Ephraim.

          Here are the Son of Israel (Jacob) beginning with is First Wife

          Leah; Reuben, Jacob’s firstborn, and Simeon, and Levi, and Judah, and Issachar, and Zebulun
          Rachel; Joseph, and Benjamin
          Bilhah, Rachel’s handmaid; Dan, and Naphtali
          Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid; Gad, and Asher

          The 4th kid of Leah was Judah (the Patriarch, not the other Judah), it is from this Judah (Jew) that we will have the Jews from whom the Christ came.

          Now here I will try to make it simple;

          Laban as 2 daughters: Leah, Rachel (Leah was the oldest)

          Just from Leah we count 6 men who will become Tribes
          Rachel had only Joseph (2 Tribe, Manasse and Ephraim) and Benjamin (third one)
          So we have 6 Tribes from Leah, 2 from Rachel, but is First born will become 2 Tribes
          And from the Servants; 4 Tribes
          Making a total of 13 Tribes.

          Is the Bible predicting our future? Yes. The Prophetie as been achieve.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      Jesus was “physicaly” the Son of David. As I mention in an other message, in the Law of God, if a woman or a man would mary. It as to be in the same TRIBE. If the union was made after all, when the thing was known, those persons was banned from Israel. So they were both from the Tribe of Judah.
      So, mariage between a man of the Tribe of Reuben, could not maried a woman of the Tribe of Joseph or anyother Tribes, just is native Tribe.

      You can find those Laws in the book of Levites. So, Jesus was truly from the Tribe of Judah, but just by is mother Mary.

  5. Keith says

    Greetings Charles Marcello,
    Re: Your Blog Part 1. Waters turning into blood etc.,
    I would be interested in your take on Emmanuel Valicovsky’s writings.
    His use of geological evidence coupled with written ancient legends on a timeline could indicate the eyewitness documentation of cataclismic events as they occured.
    A strange biblical reference of “Raining Blood and Rocks over the land” during the time of the Battle of Jerico was afforded some possible clarity. Written description of eyewitnesses to what would be considered the tail of a comet (which is Iron Oxide and various sizes of rock) pulled in by gravitational force, while passing near the Earth. The Iron Oxide mixed with rain would appear as blood and the falling rocks now seem to make sense of a rather cryptic statement to begin with.
    North American Indian legends tell of the arrival of Venus in our Solar System as it was on a collision course with Earth and the intervention of Mars orbit caused it to veer off to where it can be seen in the morning horizon part of the year and in the evening horizon the other half of the year. The fact that Venus rotates in a clockwise manner which is “opposite” to the other 7 planets except Uranus may indicate either a different big bang origin or collision with another planet.
    I find his approach rather fascinating indeed!

  6. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Charles Marcello.

    First of all, could you please tell me your source for the news you quoted in the beginning of your article? I know the media doesn’t tell us what we need to know, and should know, but I’ve never heard of all these fish dying, sink holes, hills appearing overnight, or rivers being swallowed up!! I would appreciate knowing where to look.

    Regarding the comet Izon being the means by which the waters turn red, it is entirely possible that a comet will hit the ocean. Since Revelation states that it was ‘as it were’, a mountain burning with fire that fell into the sea/ocean and turned a third of the waters to blood, it could describe a comet with flaming tail. Even lava cools when it hits water, so ‘flaming mountain’ or not, it has to be something involving chemicals or growths (plankton/fungus).

    While I also stated that 2012 would not be what many were thinking it might be, it was the official end of ‘grace’, and 2013 will officially begin the countdown in earnest, that will lead to the actual, physical, second coming of Christ. The thing is, people keep looking to the skies, landscape, oceans, deep space – anywhere they can look with their eyes, to ‘see’ where the proof is that Jesus is coming, when the official beginning will be a spiritual revealing that is experienced spiritually, in the spirits of the obedient. This only makes sense since those who have been obedient to His leadings would be more prepared to experience Him, than those who haven’t. It’s what Jesus meant when He stated point blank that the Kingdom would NOT come with observation, but within. His Kingdom comes in stages, it isn’t a one time ‘slam dunk’, since the whole idea is to ready people for it, not knock them out and have them dying of shock.

    After He has revealed Himself to those who are prepared, more outward, supernatural signs and wonders that are infused with His Spirit, will be manifested, because God knows that most will be unprepared, and they will need these ‘touchstones’ in order to believe and follow after God.

    You brought up the 3 wise men – they were actual wise men for sure, just as Jesus was an actual baby. The point of these few wise men, shepherds, and Simeon in the Temple, was that just as very few were prepared in spirit enough to see, hear, and recognize the Christ when He came in this form, so it will be at His second coming. However, as I’ve said, the Bible is not flat pieces of paper with printing on them – there are often layers of meaning, or aspects to the truth that it reveals – though one will never contradict the other. That the 3 planets aligned to the 3 pyramids in 2012, and could be likened to the 3 wise men, is just another layer of truth that speaks of the closeness of His revealing. I find those things very interesting indeed.

    But as for the star, many have said it was a comet, a nova, a ufo, etc., but it was none of these. Comets and novas don’t ‘go before’ people for weeks of travelling, and then stand still over anything, which is what this star did for the wise men. And as for a ufo, the guys do not seek out Jesus Christ, nor promote His gospel. Anyone who checks into their doctrine will find that they insert themselves into His story, and promote their own rendition of Christ – which denies what the Bible states. Biblically speaking, angels are associated with, and represented by stars, (see Revelation 1:20).

    While I know that the ufos that are ‘visiting us’ right now are in fact, demons, I have always said that it is highly likely that we have been visited by people from other planets in the distant past. I could say more on that, but right now I just don’t have the time.

    Yes indeed, a new order is coming, one which the coverts in government and various other outlets, are playing a part in. They are serving Satan’s purposes – which don’t make sense with regards to the continuance of this planet because Satan doesn’t care about anything other than himself. That’s what the heart of evil is. But God has worked it all out, and will not leave this world without plenty of signs and opportunities to see the Truth for what it is. That too is a huge subject which I will comment on later in a different post.

    Great article, lot’s of interesting ideas and questions.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Brenda,

      I will do what I can to find those articles… some go all the way back to 2007. After doing a quick Google search here is a link that might interest you. After clicking on many of the pictures… the ones I randomly clicked on will in fact take you to some articles regarding when and where these things have taken place over the last 6 years.
      Let alone, here is one website that actually pays attention to crazy things happening all over the world on a weekly basis.
      And just doing a quick YouTube search, here is a page that will give you many video’s with a Christian bent that will also display all the fish and animal kills happening all over the world, every single year…. plus whatever these people thinks equals the end of our world. And yes I have listened to many of them…

      As you are aware you and I do not see the bible and the stories therein within the same vein… if you really wish to continue our conversation regarding the bible I am more than willing. Even though I don’t agree with your interpretation I cannot deny what you’ve said is the prevailing theory as to what the bible is actually trying to reveal to many Christians around the world.

      Now here is another video of someone who believes god is talking to him as well. This person seems like a nice person who really wants to help people… Yet my own experiences and those I listened to or read demands the voices inside our heads only means something to us. Having to wait up to forty years and counting in your case… or when it comes to the bible 2000/4000 years for something to come true does not glorify a god… in my opinion it just proves given enough time we can all declare god showed us something. I know for a fact we can see parts of the future, because its happened to me. Yet I also know for a fact some things we experience even though they appear real, could be nothing more than our sub-conscious trying to give an answer so our conscious minds will shut the hell up. As silly as that answer may appear… I would strongly suggest you start listening to the hundreds upon hundreds of people like I have who have claimed god spoke to them. I don’t judge these people, I think they honestly believe… yet I also know their belief begins and ends with them… Yet none of them can accept that simple truth… so I wait until they all start to get angry. At some point they always will. Now I’m not asking you or anyone to believe a word I’m saying… regardless of the subject matter. So thank you for asking me to provide some links to help you search out these truths.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Charles Marcello says

        Also… I totally forgot the show “Vikings” was on this past Sunday… (which if the first series I’ve watched week after week in almost a decade)… Its been almost twenty years since I read several books regarding the Vikings history and their belief system… which strongly mimics many the of Greek’s beliefs/gods… Brenda I would strongly suggest you watch the 8th episode.. which can be found here.
        This made for TV series does a decent job of presenting who the Vikings were, what they believed, and how deeply they held their beliefs, while at the same time the absolute cruelty they showed to everyone else. I ask that you watch this one episode because of how blindly people are, (both past and present) when it comes to faith… because the truth is that kind of blind murderous faith still exists by the billions. And I truly do fear how all religious people might behave in the coming months, especially if what they see in the sky actually causes them to force old school change back onto our world. Let alone the absolute fact that Christians have killed more Christians than all the other faiths combined. And no my fear is not limited to just Christians.

        –Charles Marcello

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Charles Marcello.

        Thank you very much for the links, I will do my due diligence.

        Regarding our conversation on the Bible, though I do not spend hours talking to those who ‘speak God’ and say they hear from God, I’ve heard and seen enough to get a thorough picture of where people are at, and how irksome it might be to you to hear yet another person speak along these lines. God knows – and He does know, just how sickening it is to sit and listen to people who think they are something they’re not, or are out to squeeze every ounce of attention out of people, for themselves, that they can get – when it’s so obvious they’re out out to lunch.

        I’m not just being wordy here. I have a fair understanding of where you’re at on this angle, and am not trying to ‘convince’ you or push stuff at you. At the risk of sounding like others I have no doubt are out there, I really do not come from the typical Christian angle. Put me in a room with most of them and it wouldn’t be long before they would be asking me to leave (believe me, I know) – not because I’m obnoxious, or love to create trouble – I’m not, and I don’t, but I just happen to know certain things (here again – I sound like so many others, I know) that are true, or are about to go down, it reflects in what I say, and they just don’t want to hear them.

        But that’s okay, I know ‘my time’ has been a long time coming, but is just around the corner, and whether it’s from me, or someone else, or from God Himself that they see or hear these things, I know they’re going to, because the truth is really, honestly, about to be made known the world over.

        Because the truth God has led me into, is directly connected to certain things of our past, I’m on this site, and therefore am genuinely interested to hear what’s been found, or what people have to say. When I comment on any article, or to anyone – such as yourself, I do so because I honestly am interested in what they’ve said, do feel another aspect needs to be considered, and do care about who I’m talking to. Hopefully it comes across enough that people can see I’m not just another ‘Christian’ who’s under the impression it’s their duty to share their ‘daily bread’. I’m not trying to insult them either, but there’s just so much tradition and man-generated dogma, I almost have to hold my breath when I listen to a lot of them. For that reason, I don’t search the web to look for them. I don’t need to see a lot before I’ve got the picture, and there’s no point in me going through ‘night sweats’ because things are a mess in the Church right now.

        At the same time, words are all I have at this point, so if I sound like some of them, please just listen a little more closely, or ask a bit more, because it won’t be long before I don’t. So yes, Charles, I don’t mind continuing our conversation on the Bible at all. I said that I can hear your honest questioning, and can see things you’re sharing, therefore it’s enjoyable to me to both listen, and share what I know. I like to ‘compare notes’, and am not seeking to vie with anyone ‘just because’, which is why I will not engage some – as you may have noticed.

        One more thing before I must go at this point – regarding those people who say ‘God said’ or ‘they saw’ etc., the answer really does lie in the Spirit. Making a longer story short, some years back, God began to open a whole new level of the spiritual realm, enabling me to ‘see into’ people as it were, so all I need to do is have a look at them for a minute or two – just being themselves, and I know what their problems are and what they can do to help themselves. Looking at some of these guys for a minute – that I can stand, if it is to figure out if they really do know where they’re coming from, or if it’s all hogwash. I use this gift all the time – though I haven’t said much until now, and it is especially helpful these days, because there’s so many who have lost touch with truth and honesty enough, that they may indeed think they ‘believe’ or ‘know’, when in fact they are deceived. It has guided me through tons of what is being peddled, to find the clean edge of what really is the case. When I watch the sites you’ve sent me to, I’ll let you know what I see in the guys who are talking.

        Talk to you later Charles.

        • Brenda Brown says

          Hello Charles,

          Let me begin by saying thank you for all the sites – I have watched most of them since I had time this morning, but for whatever reason, wasn’t able to get the ‘Vikings’ to play for me. I’ll try back again later when I’ve got time. I gather it’s just a matter of looking up ‘strange fish kills’, ‘animal deaths’, ‘earthquakes’ etc., on the internet and going from there. Now that I see where you’re getting these things from, I’ll keep my eyes open.

          While I think in some cases, secret ‘experiments’ in weaponry, etc., can account for some of these things, I don’t know what is occurring that is affecting all these animals at the same time, in the huge numbers that are being found. I’ve read things like ‘Top Secret’, and heard about haarp, etc., and I’m sure others know plenty more than I do about what the coverts are doing, some of this stuff could indeed be affecting all kinds of wild life and parts of the environment. If it were something natural, things like this, in numbers that are being found now, should have been going on for thousands of years, and as far as I’ve ever heard, nothing on this scale exists in the recent annals of history.

          I am well aware of the collapse of the world as we know it, is part of the ‘demolition’ that must happen in the last days, as some of the people were talking about. That much is true. People who insist on living like God doesn’t exist are going to find out what being without Him really is. That’s what the time of His wrath is all about. But before that time is here, there must be a world-wide revelation of who He really is, so that everyone on the planet has had a genuine opportunity to acknowledge what the truth is, and that will begin with Him being revealed to the obedient this year.

          The main reason I wanted to comment right now however, has to do with that person who decided to record their dream on UTube. Well meaning as they might be, the dream was meant for their personal lives, not UTube, and has no bearing on the last day events whatsoever. I know people think that because they’ve had a dream, they can interpret it too, but that’s not what the Bible says. Unfortunately, many who actually do believe in God to some extent, don’t follow the formula/process that the Bible lays down for us, and therefore end up doing and saying all kinds of things that are half truths or just plain errors. The only way to prevent that, as I have said, is to follow the Spirit of God – not just the words on the page. No one will ever ‘figure God out’ without following His Spirit – ever, and this husband and wife team could use a good dose of it.

          She and he are driving down the road “going somewhere….I don’t know where…”, says it just about as well as anyone can. I know they tell themselves they’re following God, but mentally agreeing with God or His doctrine, isn’t following Him. This dream is telling her that they don’t really know what they’re doing or where they’re going – as the rest of it bears out.

          He sees someone he wants to talk to – “gets distracted”, as she herself said, which again, is a perfect description of what he does. He is definitely out of focus in his spirit, is easily taken off track, and is very undisciplined in the Spirit – almost what I would call A.D.D. spiritually speaking. As a result of his lack of focus, it has cost his friend some destruction – which although it could be something practical as well, is certainly spiritual. That’s his foot slipping off the gas peddle and their car ramming into the friend’s truck and pushing it over the guardrail.

          The road becoming ‘busy’ and her putting out orange traffic stoppers, is just a statement that they are way-laid with problems that are forcing them to use their faith in God, and trust Him – which they aren’t doing too well, I might add. For the next part of the dream, about them going to a boat ramp, is showing them how difficult it is for them to ‘walk on God’s word’ – and by that, I don’t mean the Bible necessarily, I mean His leadings and directions to them, which can come from the Bible or numerous other places, and means. She’s barely able to keep her faith under her feet, but at least she’s got some to walk with. He on the other hand, ‘thinks’ he’s got it figured out (steps into the boat), only to find that everything turns upside-down, and he has to scramble again to get himself on track. (I tell you, this guy has a problem)

          She then is “at an entertainment meeting….” – again, her words, and again, perfectly described, because this was supposed to be an evangelical meeting where healings and miracles were taking place, not an entertainment session. It doesn’t say much for the evangelical places they’re attending. Since they sound more like bands than genuine Godly meetings, it tells me a whole lot about why their path is so topsy-turvy, and filled with distractions. In any case – and this is where it gets real – she, like the good little religious wives of the church today, is about to get her husband to do the praying over her friend, when God stops her and gets the message across that SHE is the one to do it. When she does, her friend is ‘set free’, which I do believe is what she is referring to later in the tape, when her friend was converted. That I believe – and when I say ‘believe’, I don’t mean with my head. I mean that is what the Spirit witnesses to me is true.

          That’s her dream. Scripture states that ‘interpretation’ is a gift. People may like to think that they can ‘be whatever they want’, but when truth kicks in, that will be seen to be the fallacy it is, especially when it comes to operating in spiritual realms. The number one key is following the Spirit of God, and until people get that right, they really don’t know God like they might think. That’s all I have time for now. Thank you for all the links Charles, I very much appreciate them. This one I’ve dwelt on was a ‘head-shaker’.

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello again Brenda,

          I’m not sure how I wanna do this… don’t get me wrong there are many things I want to say regarding the bible and why I am leaning the way I am. I could use nothing but the bible, yet I’m just not sure I really want to invest that much time into this aspect just yet. Instead let me come of this simple… by posting the very first part of the new testament.

          Mathew Chapter 1:
          1 The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.
          2 Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren;
          3 And Judas begat Phares and Zara of Thamar; and Phares begat Esrom; and Esrom begat Aram;
          4 And Aram begat Aminadab; and Aminadab begat Naasson; and Naasson begat Salmon;
          5 And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab; and Booz begat Obed of Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse;
          6 And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of Urias;
          7 And Solomon begat Roboam; and Roboam begat Abia; and Abia begat Asa;
          8 And Asa begat Josaphat; and Josaphat begat Joram; and Joram begat Ozias;
          9 And Ozias begat Joatham; and Joatham begat Achaz; and Achaz begat Ezekias;
          10 And Ezekias begat Manasses; and Manasses begat Amon; and Amon begat Josias;
          11 And Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren, about the time they were carried away to Babylon:
          12 And after they were brought to Babylon, Jechonias begat Salathiel; and Salathiel begat Zorobabel;
          13 And Zorobabel begat Abiud; and Abiud begat Eliakim; and Eliakim begat Azor;
          14 And Azor begat Sadoc; and Sadoc begat Achim; and Achim begat Eliud;
          15 And Eliud begat Eleazar; and Eleazar begat Matthan; and Matthan begat Jacob;
          16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.
          17 So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.
          18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, ***before they came together,*** she was found with child of the Holy Ghost…

          That is a major hang up for me… why in the hell does the bible tell us the lineage of Joseph if he is not Jesus’ biological father? The answer for me is one of two reason… the first one is because someone changed the bible to turn Jesus into a virgin birth, yet for some unknown reason chose not to remove the lineage of Joseph… if my first theory is wrong, why tell us anything about Joseph linage when it has absolutely nothing to do with anything… so why the hell add it if you are not trying to deceive? And my second theory is… it was added as a clue, a clue whose sole purpose is to reveal a hidden story/truth to those who are honestly seeking the truth. There are many more clues throughout the bible that made me begin to look at it differently… to see many things within the bible that do not fit, and that each are out of place, meaning they either contradict other parts of the bible or makes god out to be stone cold evil… yet that only started to change for me when I begin to see the story beneath the story. The first seventeen verses within Mathew serves zero purpose, unless that is screaming at anyone paying attention… there is a real story here, not the birth of some kid, rather perhaps the birth of our world… of something that happens to our world… or perhaps a legend that has been purposely perverted to enslave yet those evil idiots were not as smart as time. Because as history proves, time reveals all!

          Again I’m not sure if I really want to go down this road just yet… I personally believe its way to early… because to be perfectly honest I could be a billion miles away from the knowing the truth. Yet if I’m right, revealing to much to soon will stop others from having to do their own work. I just don’t want to be responsible for that just yet. However to keep this simple vein alive, here are two videos on YouTube I suggest you listen too. The first one is from Tom Horn and his interview on CoastToCoastAm and what he learned from the Catholic Church… and the second one is a show showing what they believe has been revealed by the Catholic Church.
          Video 1:

          Video 2:

          Each of these video’s actually supports my concept that the true story of our future is written within the birth story, not of god’s/jesus return… rather maybe an event that the survivors attributed to a wrathful god, or something else entirely… something that is also being revealed in these videos. Only good news is, if you are right and your theory will happen this year we don’t have long to wait… or if all the prophecies are correct regarding this new Pope we don’t have long to wait either… if I’m right however, you are going to have a very disappointing year… and if you continue to believe/wait, some very disappointing years ahead.

          –Charles Marcello

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Charles,

            I’ve just got a few minutes here, so I thought I would answer your last comment, and then later today or early tomorrow, watch those two videos and get back to you on them. Sorry I have to do things in pieces, but there’s just not much I can do about it.

            Let me explain a bit more about what I know will happen this year – because as I said briefly in a recent post, the ‘coming’ of Christ will occur in stages. It’s not a wham-bang event.

            God has been preparing a small number of people who to be instruments in bringing a new revelation/move of God to this earth, just as He prepared the apostles in His day, to be instruments in bringing the message of the Holy Spirit to the people of their day. To be able to be such an instrument will have taken much preparation indeed, as this will be no small task, so there has been many years go into this prep. This first group are the Lamb-company, and their 144,000 followers that Rev. 14 speaks about.

            To them, this year, Jesus will reveal Himself in a very new and spiritually intimate way, and once He has, a whole new realm will open in the spirituals. Very quickly this ‘new thing’ will begin to spread world-wide, as God will be moving quickly to open the flood-gates and give people the deliverance and revelation they need to challenge the horrendous events that are about to meet this earth. I summarize this in a very condensed way just because I’m in a hurry, but can explain whatever you wish to know about it – if anything, later on. In any case, the revealing that is coming this year, though to a small group, will be ‘super-charged’ as it were, for we don’t have time to lose, and we need to get moving to where safety is – and there is safety. (Boston bombing won’t be the last by a long shot)

            I can explain the rest later.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Here is another aspect that has me looking at our history differently… The calendar we use today was created almost one hundred years AFTER the new world was “officially” discovered. To me that demands the Catholic Church understood the calendar they were using, the Julian Calendar, was incomplete. No, not just the simple errors, rather, the New Worlds Calendars held the second part of a story you and I are not allowed to know. In order to even begin to understand what I’m trying to say, you have read about the Egyptians, Greeks, Phoneticians and then the Romans, save them for last… while at the same time having a decent understanding of what the bible says. Only then should you look into the New Worlds belief/theology. The calendars on both sides of the Atlantic, and around the world for that matter, each of them tell the same damn story. You won’t find that story hidden within nature, rather you have to look to the stars… the planets, one planet in particular to be precise… that planet, Venus! Then you need to follow the stories around the world regarding the planet Venus… ignore all aspects that don’t match all the other stories around the world, only pay attention to those aspects that brings every story around the world together. Once you’ve done that, then I would suggest you try to understand why the Catholic Church has added (and when) all the icons it has within all its rituals and ceremonies. Find out where all those icons exists around the world… in how many religions around the world. Then bring those stories together. If you do all that you might just learn something that will change your entire view of history, let alone your reality.

            –Charles Marcello

          • Starheater says

            Hello Charles

            The Christ is really from the lignage of David. Exist a Law in the Bible that defend a male or female to union their lives if they are not of the same TRIBE.
            You can find this Law probably in the book of Levites. Now, if the union is done in secrecy, when the thing is known, those persons are banned from Israel.

            God Bless Charles

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Mark.

        ‘Proof’ isn’t what you see or read, it’s what is revealed in spirit. If you’re spirit isn’t real to you, enough that you know what I mean, you’re trusting in the medium of flesh and blood, and that’s the realm that’s going to be deceive through and through.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Leon Trumpp,

      That is one idea, there is another that says it is not Orion, rather its the Cygnus Constellation. Now where Orion’s Belt is concerned, could you please tell me the exact date all three “stars” align to the three Pyramids at Giza? I’ve found that I can get two to hit the Pyramids, while a third one never does no matter how far I roll the clock backwards. If you’ve actually done the work, could you please tell me the exact date? Thanks in advance. Also… the Cygnus theory does touch all three pyramids, yet it does not align as perfectly as the planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn did on December 3, 2012. Go look it up for yourself. Saying something is or is not just because that is what you want to believe doesn’t make something right or wrong. However I am so open to being shown, not just told, how I’m wrong.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles

        You are right in your theories, Orion is mention in the Bible, here are the proofs that what you say is exact:

        Job 9:9 Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.
        Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?
        Am 5:8 Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name:

        God Bless Charles

  7. Charles Marcello says

    I just read the article presented inside my blog by the people here at… To which I read the most fascinating statement… one that actually adds an interesting twist to my whole “2012 and the Pyramids at Giza” blog… and my statement… IF the planetary convergence of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury and how they perfectly aligned with the physical layout at Giza are the three wise men talked about in the bible… (one of the three possible theories I mentioned down in the comments section inside that blog was)… could it mean that a bright star will be coming sometime soon thereafter? Well… decide for yourself!

    ***…For comet 2012 S1 this should occur late in December with the comet circumpolar from higher Northern Hemisphere latitudes and with the comet’s nucleus nearest Earth. The waxing December moon will pose a problem in the evening sky from about the 7th until a few days past its full phase on December 22. I hesitate to make mention of the fact, recalling events surrounding Comet Cunningham in 1940 and Comet Kohoutek in 1973, but night of comet 2012 S1 most spectacular visual display could well be (((December 24th or 25th 2013…)))***

    How very interesting indeed if that person’s statement turns out to be accurate. Christians could lose their minds believing their messiah is on the way, let alone they could think they must force the world to get ready for his return. Not to mention how badly people will behave (because of there fears of the unknown) if this comet does the unthinkable and lights up the nights sky for several months. Now IF the most spectacular day of viewing is on the 24th leading into the 25th of December… and IF the Pyramids at Giza were actually created to warn some future generation (all of us), that… “when you see three planets perfectly align to our monument… know that a bright star is coming.” Could the bible be telling the rest of the story? Not the predictions, rather could the true warning be hidden within all the stories we take for granted? Hmm… could that be true? Personally that seems a little to sci-fi channel for me to actually be real… but that doesn’t mean its not fun to talk about. Like I said before, the only good news is we don’t have long to wait before we find out the truth.

    –Charles Marcello

  8. JohnB says

    “Because the name of the game is not simply survival… the name of the game is trying to get humanity back to where we were before our world literately turned upside down.” — Otherwise the world becomes similar to one described by “The Walking Dead” movie…

  9. Luther Timmins says

    Reminds me of a song. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin.

    At the present time we are shell-shocked . . . Fears haunt us and hopes hypnotize us. In trying to rid ourselves of the evils of Big Business we are embracing the evils of Big Government. Our illusion today is that we must center practically all power in Washington . . .

    That was published 75 years ago by a democrat critic of FDR.


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