Guest Authors

It is important to learn what other people have learned, but too many people have lived and died for me to learn more than a small fraction of what they have learned. There is a prodigious supply of information, facts, opinions, theories, suppositions, and doctrines, but the wisdom needed to sort through the mountain of trash in the hope of finding a gold nugget is not supplied.  

— Colin Low

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A. Alford
Rich Anders
Fabio de Araujo
Robert Baird
Kyle Bennett
Robert Berringer
A. Bourmistroff
Anthony Bright-Paul
Patrick Cain
Ron O.Cook
David Cornberg
Walter Cruttenden
J.Allan Danelek
Gary A. David
Frank Dörnenburg
M.R. Draghici
Ian Driscoll
Steven Dutch
Ralph Ellis
Leonard Farra
Ike Fehr
Cyril Gamage
Patrick Geryl
Gary Gilligan 
Jonathan Gray 
Martin Gray
Dan Green
David P Gregg
Doug Griffin
Susan E.Hale
Will Hart
B. Haughton
S. Hayes
Patrick Heron
Don Ingram
J. R. Jochmans
R. B. Johnson Jr
Marie Jones
Gilbert de Jong
Frank Joseph
Garry Kasparow
Graeme Kearsley
Nigel Kerner
Doug Krieger
Kushal Kumar
Richard Leviton
Michael Levy
Colin Low
Charles Marcello
K. Mazan
Dene McGriff
Crichton Miller
David Millo
Richard Milton
Paul Mitchell
Brendan D. Murphy
John Neal
Jesse Neel
Dan Neiman
Richard Nisbet
Gary Novak
Helen C. Parks
Anthony P.Perella
Petros Petrosyan
Stephanie Petsche
Gordon Pipes
David Pratt 
Lee I. Pringle
Miroslav Provod
Lloyd Pye
Ernest (Shine) Richards
Robert Rossi
Art Ryan
David Sakmyster
Gahl Sasson
Eugene Savov
William L. Saylor
Freddy Silva
Jim Solley
Daniel Srsa
Keith Stephens
T. Stokes
Jennis Strickland
James E. Strickling
Dean Talboys
Stan Tenen
Burke Thomas
Joseph Turbeville
Diogenes Vindex
Geoff Ward
Jane Waters
Story Waters
Doug Yurchey
Ed Ziomek


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