Who is Really Sponsoring Transhumanism?


WHO IS REALLY SPONSORING TRANSHUMANISM? By Nigel Kerner Envision a world in the not too distant future in which immortality has been achieved in the form of virtual databases containing all the information biological and psychological of each individual human being. These electronic databases can be used to reconstruct individuals even if the original model is long gone. … [Read more...]

The dawn of SIM Card Man


2012 - And Man Shall Walk as Machine? ‘Transhumanism’ is a term that has become a euphemism that has been assimilated into our vocabulary such that it shocks no longer. It would seem perfectly natural that we follow the next ‘evolutionary’ step towards the survival of the fittest and convert ourselves into an information field that never breaks down or decays. No need for … [Read more...]

Four Fingers, Almond Eyes and a Guest Appearance on Oprah


Four Fingers, Almond Eyes and a Guest Appearance on Oprah by Nigel Kerner According to a just published extraterrestrial-themed edition of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society world governments should prepare a co-ordinated action plan in case Earth is contacted by aliens. Contributing scientists argue that a branch of the UN must be given … [Read more...]

Shrinking Brain?

RED ALERT!!!!  –  THE HUMAN BRAIN HAS BEEN SHRINKING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS Most people don't know this but the human brain has shrunk dramatically through the millennia of the history of mankind. Scientists are in some disagreement as to whether this shrinkage started thirty thousand years ago, or ten thousand years ago, but they agree that the brain has shrunk by 8-10%. The … [Read more...]