Megalithic Buildings with Energy Regulation


Megalithic Bildings with Energy Regulation by Miroslav Provod Construction of megalithic buildings with regulation of energy ensued probably from finding that restoring of health by means of menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs and clay mounds could have been exploited only in time intervals, whereon was need to wait sometimes for a long time. It was … [Read more...]

New Knowledge about Energy: The Rows of Kounov


The Rows of Kounov   Description: Fourteen long stone rows at the Rovina hill near Kounov is one of the most mysterious places in the Czech Republic. We know for sure that they are a work of ancient man, but their origin and purpose remain unknown. They were discovered by Antonin Patejdl, teacher at Kounov, in 1934. Since then, various theories have emerged: the … [Read more...]

Physics during the age of megaliths


Physics of Megaliths Over more than twenty years, I have realized hundreds of experiments, which were mostly motivated by trying to uncover the reasons and causes of not always convincingly explained working activities of ancient civilizations. In these experiments, I came to the conclusion that many activities of ancient prehistoric cultures were clearly motivated by the … [Read more...]

Dowsing Rod


In foregoing text in connection with the identification of energy components I used the word dowsing rod, which evokes among many people queries. The dowsing rod did not come-through even a single test and James Randi offers one million dollars to everybody who will designate the arbitrary medium hidden in one of ten containers. … [Read more...]

Energy of Antique Temples


Introduction - Energy of Mass For a longer time I have applied myself to buildings, which have influenced human health. New knowledge has enabled me to complete some information that is why I have returned to this object. Like objective instrument I have made an octagonal plot of construction whereat I have demonstrated energy situation inside and outside the … [Read more...]