Giza – the Time Machine


by András Göczey, an architect Most pyramids around the world were built at purposefully selected geographic locations, and designed to display important astronomical data (often related to solar and lunar cycles/calendars). Andras Goczey (Hungarian architect) discovered that 6 small satellite pyramids near the Three Pyramids of Giza display key elements of both solar and … [Read more...]

Black Holes, Quasars & Infinite Big Bangs


by TS Caladan Here’s what really happens when you enter the vortex of a Black Hole: You do not get crushed into a ‘singularity.’ You warp or pour down and down and down a ‘Super Funnel’ and are fine, unscathed…and you exit a QUASAR on the molecular level! Take 2: Quasar on the molecular level!!        Quasars are relatively small phenomena (not objects) located at the … [Read more...]

New Order to the Solar System


by TS Caladan What if one cosmic event explained the existence of comets, asteroids and also Kuiper Belt Objects? ‘New Horizons’ probe successfully completed a 9-year journey to Pluto and the scientific world is excited.  But… Astronomers have not considered a remote possibility and yet a simple ‘theory’ or speculation that physicists could readily understand. Instead, … [Read more...]

Building the Giza Pyramids – Water shaft theory


Introduction There are many theories about how the pyramids were built. One of the most outrageous theories it that aliens built the pyramids. Fortunately we have proof that the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. Unfortunately there are many theories about how the Egyptians built the pyramids. Here are some of the most popular ideas about how were the pyramids … [Read more...]

Sphinx is much older than the Pyramids!


Introduction   The Great Sphinx of Giza belongs to the Giza necropolis west of Cairo. The site is a plateau containing the three great pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura, together with the Sphinx and a number of smaller pyramids, temples, and tombs. The Great Sphinx partially excavated, ca. 1878 The Sphinx circa 1880s, by Beniamino Facchinelli. Carved out of a … [Read more...]

Ancient Knowledge: Divisions of Time


by Harry Teasdale I start from the concept that numbers are to be characterized as the means of defining a value by a symbol. Natural & Artificial Numbers Chart 1: Minus Zero = Natural Numbers = f 0 – 0 = f0    1 – 0 = f1    11 – 0 = f2    111 – 0 = f3    1111 – 0 = f4    11111 – 0 = f5    111111 – 0 = f6    1111111 – 0 = f7    11111111 – 0 = f8    … [Read more...]

Chartres Cathedral explored


By Leonard Farra Chartres Cathedral is one of the of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in France and it’s also one of the most intriguing buildings that I’ve seen. This magnificent structure rises on a granite promontory over an earlier church which was destroyed in 1194. From around 3,000 years ago, it was a Druid site, the sacred mound of the Carnuti, and … [Read more...]

Fear Mongering Past and Present


By Robert Bruce Baird A thousand years is as a ''day'', and a day as a ''thousand'' years after 2 days he will revive us and in the 3rd raise us up start from the time yeshua ascended, add 2 days or ''2,000'' years, and you got it... -- Quote Originally Posted by ark1960 In a few words this thread illustrates many insane behaviours which are allowed to continue … [Read more...]

Bloodline of the Gods


Bloodline of the Gods By Nick Redfern For the Human Race, there are four, primary, types of blood. They are A, B, AB, and O. The classifications are derived from the antigens of a person’s blood cells – antigens being proteins that are found on the surface of the cells and which are designed to combat bacteria and viruses. Most of the human population have such … [Read more...]

You won’t believe how you and all humanity have come to BELIEVE!


by Robert Bruce Baird . After you read this you should take a break and contemplate how many weapons we have today, and ways we are using energy to affect people's thoughts, including the TV set. Is this religion or the occult? Actually religion is basically occult because it hides what it works with and accuses those who openly worship nature for being Occult. Religion … [Read more...]

Easter Island Revealed


By Leonard Farra Easter Island is a remote, triangular-shaped, treeless, island in the Pacific. It’s 14 miles long and 7 miles across, at its widest, and there is a dormant volcano at each corner. This small isolated land is 2,000 miles from the South American mainland and it’s administered by Chile. It was first discovered by Europeans when the Dutch navigator … [Read more...]

The Wonder Child and Third Eye


by Robert Bruce Baird This post relates to the work of Laszlo which you have recently brought back from the archives, and it addresses just part of my work on the earth energy grid. Another thread goes into that in greater detail which I also just posted.  Both Eastern philosophy and Western science have taken these mysterious glands very seriously and their dual tasks of … [Read more...]

Humanity is totally visible to extraterrestrials


by Alexander Popoff At a meeting of the Royal Society in London, in trying the explain the current failure of SETI to discover extraterrestrial civilizations, Frank Drake said that phasing out analog transmissions from TV, radio, and radar is making our planet electronically invisible from outer space, because while an old-style TV transmitter might generate a million watts, … [Read more...]

Brazil’s Mysterious Past


By Leonard Farra Brazil, the largest country in South America, borders all South American countries, other than Chile and Ecuador, and it’s the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world. It has a huge tropical forest in its Amazon Basin which is home to a diverse wildlife population. When the Europeans arrived in Central America, and Peru, they encountered advanced … [Read more...]



Picture a film that STARS 3 MARILYN MONROES AND JAMES DEAN... and other famous icons in a film together. VIOLET by Tray Samuel Caladan STARRING: It was a bright and clear day that December 6th, 1941 on the streets of Beverly Hills as tons of ‘beautiful people’ walked and drove their cars without knowledge of what really happened in the world. Forces of nature could … [Read more...]

Genetic Modifications – GMO and More


Frankenfoods to Frankly Horrific by Robert Bruce Baird The Rockefeller Foundation is an outgrowth of the Rothschild family desire to help develop a world where people can be managed according to a plan people are not participants in establishing. Maybe you are against certain elements of this plan; I am, but I know we need a plan and there is no other plan except by default … [Read more...]