Black Holes, Quasars & Infinite Big Bangs


by TS Caladan Here’s what really happens when you enter the vortex of a Black Hole: You do not get crushed into a ‘singularity.’ You warp or pour down and down and down a ‘Super Funnel’ and are fine, unscathed…and you exit a QUASAR on the molecular level! Take 2: Quasar on the molecular level!!        Quasars are relatively small phenomena (not objects) located at the … [Read more...]

New Order to the Solar System


by TS Caladan What if one cosmic event explained the existence of comets, asteroids and also Kuiper Belt Objects? ‘New Horizons’ probe successfully completed a 9-year journey to Pluto and the scientific world is excited.  But… Astronomers have not considered a remote possibility and yet a simple ‘theory’ or speculation that physicists could readily understand. Instead, … [Read more...]



Picture a film that STARS 3 MARILYN MONROES AND JAMES DEAN... and other famous icons in a film together. VIOLET by Tray Samuel Caladan STARRING: It was a bright and clear day that December 6th, 1941 on the streets of Beverly Hills as tons of ‘beautiful people’ walked and drove their cars without knowledge of what really happened in the world. Forces of nature could … [Read more...]



by TS Caladan The following is a preview of what could be the oddest pair of metaphysical murders ever penned to digital paper. There is a good chance a sequel and a prequel will be published to the already in print ‘The Continuum’ by TS Caladan. With the success of Tolkien’s ‘Hobbit,’ a mere children’s story, the publishers insisted upon sequels. You can find JRR’s … [Read more...]

The Other One


#4 of IMAGINARY Series! by TS Caladan The mysterious figure or ‘visitor’ that resembled a character in the new ‘Tron’ film was called “Y-Man” in the London newspapers. Rather like one of the ‘X-Men,’ the name caught on and the strange ‘man’ was seen again and again during the fortnight of December 10 to December 24, 2012. Above photos, submitted by Liam Fieldcorn of … [Read more...]

Aleister Crowley Created the 60s Peace Movement!


#3 of IMAGINARY Series! by TS Caladan Conclusions of my two-year investigation will not be accepted when I report them, back at home base. It was difficult for my superiors to believe first information that the one once considered ‘wickedest man on Earth’ was kept alive and will be for some time in the future. They contemplated the awful possibility that when it came to … [Read more...]

We Can Change the Future


A Time-Travel story #2 of IMAGINARY Series! by TS Caladan Billions of people on Earth were mesmerized when the Associated Press finally released the first photos from the much talked about “The World Monitor.” The public was informed by multi-medias on May 1, 2015 that ‘pictures had been received from outer space’ and had been analyzed for more than a year. Rumors or … [Read more...]

Super Bowl XLIX Nexus


#1 of IMAGINARY Series! by TS Caladan “I can’t believe the call…You have Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. You got a guy that’s been borderline unstoppable in this part of the field…I can’t believe the call…” Chris Collingsworth gasped in amazement at the end. “Me, either.” Al Michaels agreed. Throughout America, other countries and elsewhere, no one believed what … [Read more...]

Stanley Kubrick’s Contradiction


by TS Caladan The following statements could all be true: Stanley Kubrick was a super-genius and the greatest cinematic artist of the 20th Century Stanley Kubrick was coerced to work for the government and faked the Moon landings that were shown to the public. Stanley Kubrick placed hints of what he had secretly done in a number of his films. Stanley Kubrick … [Read more...]

Serpent in Garden was Right!


 Serpent in Garden was Right! by TS Caladan Wouldn’t it surprise you if the Serpent (symbol) in the Garden of Eden was quite correct about the Forbidden Apple and it turned out it was ‘Lord God’ that was very incorrect? QUOTES from my dead mother’s old White-covered Bible will be reprinted. [Why aren’t Bible covers white in color as they should be? No, they’re BLACK on … [Read more...]

Exclusive Look at TS Caladan’s (D. Yurchey’s) First Published Book!


Exclusive Look at TS Caladan’s (D. Yurchey’s) First Published Book! by TSC ‘The Continuum’ is a 400-page epic novel that reflects Earth’s 20th Century on a galactic level. Hitler’s rise to power is seen in the devilish ‘Sardon’ (Chancellor) who establishes a secret Chancellery. Real world people and events are parodied such as: Martin Luther. Sinking of the … [Read more...]

Revelations of Tray Caladan (Doug Yurchey)


Revelations of Tray Caladan (Doug Yurchey) by T. S. Caladan       Russians put me on a UFO-type television show this February.  They read my "Inspiration for the World Grid" article on World-Mysteries and asked to interview myself and psychic wife.  The show concerns Atlantis and they wanted to feature my old theory of Tesla and the World Grid.  (The ‘ex-wife’ passed in … [Read more...]

Tale of Gondo Monastery


Tale of Gondo Monastery by T. S. Caladan       Long before more modern monasteries such as Sera or Ganden, a peculiar sect of Tantric Buddhists carried on an odd tradition of sacred practices.  Monks of Gondo were allowed to marry and encouraged to procreate to their fullest.  The monks’ uniqueness did not stop there.       Male and FEMALE children of the monks were given … [Read more...]

Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, true History?


  Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, true History?  by T.S. Caladan       Is it possible that the world J.R.R. Tolkien so elegantly defined for us in ‘Lord of the Rings’ has a ring of historical truth?  Could elements of the ‘Hobbit’ and the following ‘Trilogy’ be his interpretations of actual events?       Jay Weidner’s work (see ‘Kubrick’ article on W-M) inspired this writer with a … [Read more...]

Are the Hunger Games Real?


Are the Hunger Games Real? by T.S. Caladan       Could we be once again seeing some form of truthful reflection or what is really going on behind the scenes of Hollywood in the Hunger Games series?  These films, like many others, often show the unaware public a theatrical play or representation of what has been actually occurring in secret enclaves.        Why wouldn’t the … [Read more...]

Stanley Kubrick’s Murder and the Moon Landings!


Stanley Kubrick’s Murder and the truth of the Moon Landings! by T.S. Caladan       People regard Stanley Kubrick as a ‘genius’ filmmaker and one of the greatest visionaries of the 20th Century.  We are not aware of how much of a real Genius this man truly was and how tortured a soul he was.  The public is largely unaware that Stanley filmed the Moon landings; was given ‘Keys … [Read more...]