Transmutation of Energy in the Human Body and Soul

This knowledge is the foundation of all real scientific, cultural, religious and philosophical teachings. All of what has been known as the Alchemists, the Gnostics, the Kabbalists, the Illuminatis, the Freemasons, etc., are people who benefited from these truths and who gained a greater mastery over themselves and their energy. And because of this they made monumental stamps in the history that remains a riddle to the afterworld.
The ray of Truth cannot shine into a temple that is void of light, that is in disorder.
To be able to create the Light of Knowledge we have to know the real source of all kind of spiritual Alchemy:  Namely: the transmutation of grosser energy to finer energies.

There are two factors involved in this:

1. Stop any leakage of energy.
2. Transform lower energy to higher. To die in the old structure and be reborn to a new form.

The alchemists symbolized very clearly the “stopping of leakage” as a chemical glass vessel. Often we see one vessel and a longer neck. Noone, no matter how much spiritual practice, no matter how much amount of meditations, benevolent acts, refined manners, etc., can gain progress if they don’t preserve the energy, if they don’t stop the leak.

Leaks are at many levels ranging from the physical to the emotional, to the mental, to the will and all up to the intuitive and spiritual levels.
The first leak is when a man emits his semen. With this kind of leak no energy are able to transform upwards since all is wasted at the root. The alchemists clearly symbolized this by many kindled pictures, like vessels resembling the male organ, etc.

Are we safe there? No way. A second leak (both men and women) is when we engage in sexual fantasies especially of pornographic nature, or when we think about others in possessive way. Yes even when we send love in selfish ways. What happen is that, even if we save our seed, we will waste emotional and sexual energy trough these fantasies so this is example when energy are lost on a vital, emotional and mental plane.

Here also are a lesson about the invisible cords forming between persons especially when desire and love is involved. These cords acts as vampires to our energy and must not be given attention to. It can be erased by a Higher Law, by attending to Spiritual Practices, by changing to a higher level of being.

Are we safe now? Not by any means. We have all a habitual way of not focusing in the present, of the now. In these ways people are always thinking of their plans, of past, but never totally focused. This means leakage of mental energy.

Right form of meditation is a technique or therapy where we can overcome these vital, emotional and mental leaks. While sitting in full self-awareness we pay attention to our inner space or of some particular point of concentration. Such a practice, one hour in evening / night and one hour in early morning will not take anything from our daily lives, might steal some time from our sleep, but on the whole we will win, since our sleep will be better even shorter, and our health will improve.

Lets take an analogy of saving money. To stop the leak at the root is the same as not wasting our salary immediately when we get it. To stop the mental leaks is to save enough to live very energetic and happy AND at the same time have some money over every month! These money will be taken up, to our “Divine Mother” the mistress of our Soul Energy and Caretaker of our Soul Bodies in the same manner as our physical mother took care of our physical bodies.

So if we are now on this level, we are already progressing well.

However it is known to the alchemists that energy never transform without a strong catalysts of some kind. The wise have somewhat different opinions of the nature of this catalyst, and sometimes disagrees if it is only one way or many possible. I will not go into that debate here. However if we continue to study the wise alchemists, the Fathers of the Freemasons that were some of the important Fathers of Modern Culture, Civilization, great Architecture, we will see that they subtly shows that it is a DUAL matter.

When sun and moon meets in a union, a third is created: The Mercury of the Wise, the element that is later to be transformed to Spirit Energy (or Gold). So when Female and Male energy mixes, it creates a chemical meltdown that will transform our interior and build up something new in its place if it is attended to with care and precaution.

Often this catalysts of the opposite energy is a real being of opposite sex. However it don’t need to be. It can be a spiritual being helping us with this, as in the case of the Tibetan Saint and Master Milarepa.

We must always know that we have both feminine and masculine sides in ourselves and when these two sides combine, we form the Alchemical Hemaphrodite, a terribly powerful Being that embodies a balance point of energy between and pillar from heaven to hell.

I will not write more at this moment. But if there would be any interest I can write a continuation of this.

Ieounas Urano [nom de plume],

Source:  Forbidden Letters published by


  1. bela says

    I am not so sure about all this . Well when one fatasizes one is not in the present, one is in the fantasy, may be multitasking, but if we reject our fantasizing we will not comprehend it. it is this comprehension what makes change possible.

  2. Kelly Ray says

    Phenomenal philosophies! Would be greatly interested to read any other writings you may have on the topic of transmutation.

  3. says

    Biological transmutation, photosynthesis, acquiring the energy necessary for supporting vital processes by metabolizing nutrients are far from being new entries to a specialist in biology or physiology. But these processes are still hiding many mysteries. According to conventional science we cannot separate carbon from CO2 but at very high temperatures. Some animal species go through long periods of hibernation, and while food and water are not supplied to their body, this maintains its vitalitaty and functioning in very good conditions. The human being cannot live for an indefinite period of time without food and water. These are only a few enigmas.
    I became interested in the issue of the so-called paranormal phenomena as far as 1990, under the impact of the enthusiasm of the period. At that time, my interest was rather theoretical than practical, as initially supplied by the sensational mediatic coverage, which enabled the access to this information (documentary and SF films, esoteric literature and other resources). With the time being I understood that, in reality, a more profound mystery was hidding behind the sensational. I pursued the discovery of the mystery key by going deeper into theoretical studies and by extending them to all aspects of paranormal phenomenology. But theoretical studies were not sufficient for a profound understanding of these aspects, while being subsequently supplemented by 14 years of practice and experiments. At the beginning of the year 2006, I succeeded in going beyond an important barrier, which determined me to write this book, even if, at the beginning, I didn’t want it because, in the same period, I used to be involved in finalising another book of about 600 pages, dedicated to climate changes.
    This book aims to establish a closer relationship between medical sciences and the somehow „enigmatic” biochemical and biophysical aspects of the human being. Until now, they have been approached by mystics, in an obsessive extended measure, from a unilateral mystic-religious perspective, with far too many gaps.

    book is here

  4. Marc says

    I think you should definitely write more.. Are you kidding?? I have been asking questions and here I am reading your answers.. Not many people know about this website :) so…. i’m here to learn this for a reason… let’s follow though.


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