The Scrolls – Jesus, the Missing 18 Years

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THE SCROLLS The Missing Eighteen Years

By James W. Mercer                                    

American geologist Dr. Mark Malloy along with Israeli geologist Dr. Gilda Baer discover ancient copper scrolls while studying sinkholes near the Dead Sea. Forced to sign a secrecy agreement, they are forbidden to discuss their find. Translation of the scrolls by a team of Israeli archeologists lead by Dr. Amos Meyer determines them to be the earliest version of the New Testament. The scrolls include details on the 18 years of Jesus’ life missing from the Bible that could change Christianity.

Fearing what the release of this information could do to the two billion dollar Christian tourist industry, the Israeli Minister of Tourism solicits the help of a corrupt financial officer of a fundamentalist mega church in the United States. Together they hatch a plan ensuring the scrolls will never become public. Questioning the scrolls’ authenticity, the plan requires corroborating evidence as a condition for their release. This requirement triggers a quest by Gilda, Mark and Dr. Meyer, one that the church official believes will be a time-consuming wild goose chase. Dr. Meyer, however, has promising leads he wants to pursue, turning the barrier to the scrolls release into an opportunity.

Their journey begins in Iznik, Turkey, the location of the Council of Nicaea.  Here in the summer of 325 CE, bishops began the process of determining the content of the Bible. Of significance was the Arian controversy caused by Arius, a priest who questioned the divinity of Jesus. Mark, Gilda and Dr. Meyer discover tiles in the very location where Arius defended himself, before being labeled a heretic. In the tiles is a message from Arius’ followers. Prior to completing their investigation, the tiles mysteriously disappear, but they learn that Jesus left his homeland and traveled east to Babylon, the location of Biblical stories like the tower of Babel.

Forced to return to Jerusalem empty handed, but determined to follow Jesus’ trail, the trio plans to travel to Baghdad, only to be delayed by the impending invasion by U.S. and coalition forces into Iraq. While waiting for the assault to start, Gilda visits Mark’s home in the Florida panhandle; their relationship is no longer just professional.

 Shortly after the fall of Baghdad, the three scientists travel there thinking the war is over. They learn that the invading force is insufficient to maintain law and order. With the help of the U.S. Army, they continue their investigation at the Iraq National Museum where they discover another scroll describing the travels of a man named Issa. An explosion ends their translation, forcing them to leave. Upon their return the next day, April 12, 2003, they learn the Iraq National Museum has been looted, an event sending shockwaves around the world, and the scroll is missing.

Once again, they return to Jerusalem without corroborating evidence. Dr. Meyer is familiar with a book about Issa written by a Russian medical doctor who, in the late 1800s, discovered Tibetan scrolls in Northern India, but were last seen at a monastery in Lhasa, Tibet. Piecing together the 2000-year-old events, while in Babylon, Jesus apparently encountered Buddhist and Hindu monks traveling the Silk Road, followed them to Northern India, the birthplace of Buddhism, where He, Issa, studied and taught.

Dr. Meyer, Mark and Gilda next journey to picturesque Lhasa, where they learn the Tibetan scrolls were confiscated by invading Chinese in 1950. Speaking to an elderly monk who read the scrolls before they were taken, they learn new revelations about Jesus, causing Mark to question the Crucifixion and Resurrection. The monk tells them that after staying in Northern India for seven years, Issa became interested in Taoism and continued on the Silk Road to its eastern terminus and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an.

Without reporting their movement, the scientists make a snap decision and head for Xi’an. Visiting the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, they meet another Buddhist monk and learn of an artifact from the time of Jesus’ travels. Here they must deal with an earthquake that destroys the pagoda, seriously injuring Gilda. Even if they manage to remove the artifact from China, they are unsure what awaits them in Jerusalem.

This story is told from the point of view of Mark, who has a quirky propensity to inject geology into many discussions. His interests also include Biblical and religious history, especially where they intersect with geology, which he readily points out. Mark is particularly proud when evidence shows that Jesus was a stonemason as opposed to the mistranslated Greek indicating He was a carpenter.

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Excerpt from “The Scrolls”

Chapter One

 If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.
—Albert Einstein, The Human Side

Spring 2002, Dead Sea Region, Israel

    Looking down, Mark checked his watch. It was just after 1 PM. They were running late.
“Watch out!” cried Gilda as Mark drove quickly around a hairpin curve on the gravel road.
“What are those?” he asked, looking up in amazement and simultaneously hitting the brakes. In the middle of the narrow road were several deer-like animals he had never seen before. The wheels locked, causing the Range Rover to slow and fishtail slightly, just missing several of the animals.
Bracing herself in response to the sudden stop, Gilda shook her head, smiled, and replied, “They are ibexes, common in this area.” Pointing, she continued, “Those huge, round horns are typical. Ibexes are similar to your North American mountain goat.”
Her slight accent, which Mark found appealing, gave away her Israeli origins. She added, “As you can see, they are large animals and would cause considerable damage if we hit one.”
Mark counted eight. Cautiously, he made his way through the herd, surprised the vehicle didn’t frighten them.
Once past the ibexes, he hit the accelerator and inadvertently kicked up gravel.
Feigning distress, Gilda’s response was immediate, her tone playful, “What’s the hurry? Where did you learn to drive anyway?”
Mark again looked her way. She was smiling, a look that strongly affected him. He responded a little sheepishly, “Sorry.” He added, “I learned to drive in the Florida panhandle, but not in a Range Rover.”
“Huh,” responded Gilda. “Driving a Range Rover is a piece of pie.”
“You mean ‘a piece of cake’,” Mark grinned.
“Whatever,” she said testily. “Pie, cake … what difference does it make? Range Rovers are easy to drive.”

Dr. Mark Malloy, an American geologist with Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, was on sabbatical working with the Geological Survey of Israel (GSI) studying the formation of sinkholes. His interest in these often treacherous depressions stemmed from their occurrence in his home state, where they were known to swallow up entire homes.
His research included studying the impacts of geological processes on early civilizations. These processes, such as the formation of springs or earthquakes, often influenced ancient man’s decisions and his myths or religions. For Mark, working in Israel was exciting and would lead to publications. His university definitely adhered to the adage “publish or perish”—perish like the dinosaurs, a colleague had once told him. He had been working in Israel for several months now and planned to remain until midsummer, when his sabbatical would end and he would return to FSU in time for the fall semester.
As others who traveled to this part of the globe, Mark took an avid interest in religious history, especially Biblical history, and now he was in the area where much of that history had unfolded. Rock formations were visible in all directions, and he felt he was in his element. Geologic processes shaped these formations, profoundly influencing stories in the Bible. He looked forward to exploring the relationships between Biblical stories and the geology surrounding him.
Good-natured, his sense of humor often took the form of teasing. At age thirty-four and still single, Mark was considered handsome by many of his female students. Almost six feet tall, he had a thick crop of brown hair peppered with streaks of gray, a premature condition inherited from his mother’s side of the family. What caught the attention of most people were his dark, expressive brown eyes, where the colors of his pupil and iris merged as one.

Copyright 2012 James W. Mercer

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To what extent are these traditions based on evidence, and why does the “Pope” of Hinduism now insist that Jesus was in India?
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  1. Rockson A boateng says

    Am confuse of a God who is the owner of all things and also said to be all powerful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving. To demand the death of his beloved son before he can forgive the offenses of his other children. If such stories is not truly design for intended purpose by some powerful people of the past. Who want to take undue advantage of the name God and the ignorance of the helpless humanity. Then i can think what could inspire such fraud project from the past church leaders.

  2. Christina says

    It is vital at this stage of the world that international law protect everybody from being exposed to any form of spiritual abuse that has religion as the basis of the crimes. What cannot be proved in a court of law or validated as 100 % authentic and true by reliable knowledgable and unbias individuals cannot and should not be accepted or sold on behalf of the Unknow to all. Spirituality should be acknowledge by international law as a private matter and nobody should be making money from the ignorant and people that require professional help. Millions have been banked with no legal base for it to date. It is time for those that protect the human rights of the individual to ensure the law is enforced. It is shocking that so many got away with so much at the expense of innocent and ignorant individuals. To the wolfs in sheepsuits – shame on you! If no money was involved would these teachings still be pursued with the same passion and energy?

    • j.a. says

      jesus the essenes master then romans made religion to dominate the planet a example of why intellectual property is to be protected and not used for religious or corporate abuse false advertisment are sent to the abyss.

  3. Rhys Wade says

    How interesting, somebody posting the plot of Christopher Moore’s Lamb gospel. Not really that unlikely a possibility when you think about it.

  4. says

    Is this supposed to be fact or fiction?
    If fiction, then enjoy. If fact, then we are faced with some grave problems.
    The first is the fact that every scroll, tablet or artifact allegedly supporting this theory is mysteriously missing.
    The second is that there have always been theories about what Jesus was up to in those “missing years”. Some say he came to Glastonbury with Joseph of Aramathea. its a lovely story, but without a shred of evidence.
    The Bible narrative does not concern itself with irrelevances. It does not relate the history of the world, but only those parts of the history that have bearing on the Jews and then the Christian church. Whatever Jesus was doing (studying with the Essenes, going to Glastonbury – or China, or just working in the family business) it was not pertinent to his mission, so it is omitted.
    It is a fact that there are themes common to all religions and the teaching on many wise men – such as “Do unto others and you would have them do to you”. Did all the religions influence each other or is it more likely a sign of a common origin for religious thought?

  5. kazy says

    It’s nice to think that Jesus might have been influenced by Buddhism but it’s more likely he was a very religious Jew who was also a rebel who wanted to take the yoke of Rome off of his people and saw the corruption of the Jewish Priesthood, the Sanhedrin, as an obstacle in achieving that. He also saw the privileged priesthood much in the way the early protestants saw the Catholic Church in not providing any spiritual or religious guidance, of creating a hierarchical system of keeping the knowledge and writings of God from the people. To say that he traveled so far outside of Israel is very questionable as the Christian Bible seems to portray him as a Jewish man who was typical of his day, and is similar to that of a fundamentalist Jew today who is very imbued with the exclusivity of his own Jewish beliefs and so he comes across in Christian scripture as a bit of xenophobe. It’s kind of a romantic notion of making Jesus larger than he really was but I think he was merely a man that time embellished over the years to the point where it’s almost impossible to separate the man from the myth.

  6. Ab Asaff says

    When discussing Jesus Christ, one needs to be clear of which Jesus is being discussed. There are two them, one is the factious Jesus of the Bible and the other is the real Jesus of the Essences which The Dead Sea Scrolls allude to. That Jesus did not proclaim to be the Son of God, nor was he purported be of virgin birth or walk on water or perform any of those fantastic miracles claimed by the Bible. He apparently was a wise man who taught a Gnostic philosophy akin to Sidhartha Gautama’s Buddhism. That is likely because, as the articles above postulates, he traveled to the Far East and enlightened himself with the nature inspired spiritual religious belief systems there.

    That said, I will leave the following overview of the Biblical Christ for discerning minds. Caution to those of deep Christian conviction, you will find it blasphemous.


    In the honorable quest of truth we need to examine this issue more closely.
    The Bible was NOT produced via a series of saintly individuals in white gowns, within ancient places of pious worship, who were divinely touched. It was NOT created by a selective succession of unquestionably noble individuals who were each in turn listening to a divine voice whilst slaving over a hot altar candle. Such hallowed images are of course instilled in many, but they are NOT accurate.

    The Bible was constructed by countless religious activists who were either at the top of this fraudulent assembly line or were simple minions in its ultimate formation. Each new translator gave their own specially biased slant to the earlier literature; each century saw new additions based upon the personal or political whims of the latest rewriters. Editing and basic construction of the Bible came from select ‘club members’ of the early Christian Church. Doctrinal authority within the Church possessed the raw fundamental text matter and decided ‘exactly’ what would appear in the Bible. There occurred ample opportunity, and motivation, to surreptitiously modify or create new writings that might reinforce the position of the Church and namely the most ‘influential’ members of the Church themselves. History clearly testifies to the rank corruption within the early Church! More recently we have seen the despicable corruption exhibited via the Clergy Abuse against Children scandal cover-ups, which has gravely affected numerous denominations.

    Subsequent to the original languages being translated into the Latin tongue, it was only a matter of time before the original language could be done away with. This clever Church ruse gave further power and exclusivity to an already corrupt doctrinal system, which was controlled by an aggressive and uncompromising theocratic machine like the world has never seen.

    Church authority had to be preserved over the populace AT ALL COSTS, thus the common individual in the street remained no wiser due to enforced theocratic ignorance. The dictatorially fostered fraud within the Bible continued without challenge, as it largely does to this day. Numerous outrageous frauds were perpetrated on the trusting and largely uninformed populace. Speaking ill of Church authority was dangerous and the ramifications severe, hence the populace knew its place and largely kept silent.

    Christian historians concede to the deceitfulness of the early Church and they confess that the martyrs, saints, traditions and customs of the Christian Church were stolen from ancient pagan sources. In fact the whole Christian calendar is blatantly molded on the earlier heathen agricultural year. Moreover, many Christian and secular historians freely admit that events in the New Testament were taken from much earlier pagan mythology. Yes, the death and subsequent resurrection design for a god occurred in numerous pre-Christian tales. It was an easy matter for the Church to incorporate such concepts in the name of mass conversion. The ‘Real’ meaning of this divine concept is the demise and rebirth of Mother Nature’s cycle each new coming season. The Church simply substituted this wholesome pagan wisdom, by swapping a Sun God for a ‘Son-of–God’! This was a clever and effective missionary ploy to manipulate the native people away from their ancient, heathen birthright.

    There are claimed to be some two hundred gospels, epistles and other books relating to the worldly existence of Jesus. Out of these, only twenty seven are acknowledged by Church authority. The remainder has been declared by the Church to be fraudulent documents and heretical writings. Hundreds of known early Church forgeries exist. The early Church fathers found it rather too easy to lie and deceive when the situation suited their theocratical (and of course political) intentions. Dishonesty was apparently quite acceptable to them on numerous occasions. The 4th century Church Father and Bishop of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazanzius wrote to St. Jerome: “A little jargon is all that is necessary to impose on the people. The less they comprehend, the more they admire.”

    Possibly the greatest figure in Christian antiquity Augustine of Hippo, freely wrote: “It is lawful, then, to him that discusses disputes and preaches of things eternal, or to him that narrates of things temporal pertaining to religion or piety, to conceal at fitting times whatever seems fit to be concealed.” Clearly Augustine was no stranger to various aspects of biblical dishonesty and aware of the outrageous fraud within early versions of the Bible. The 4th century Bishop and ecclesiastical historian, Eusebius, openly bragged that he deceitfully concealed all that would be a disgrace to early Christianity. Too many Church authorities to mention here have followed his early example over the centuries, as they still do today. Eusebius apparently even related, as truth, a preposterous account of directing a LETTER TO JESUS CHRIST and then RECEIVING A RESPONSE. If that’s not enough to merit serious questioning of his word, then try this one for size. Eusebius claimed: “ON SOME OCCASIONS THE BODIES OF MARTYRS WHO HAD BEEN DEVOURED BY WILD BEASTS, UPON THE BEASTS BEING STRANGLED, WERE FOUND ALIVE IN THEIR STOMACHS.”

    Unfortunately, a plethora of examples of early Christian ‘wishful- thinking’ and unadulterated dishonesty proliferate. This simply adds further proof to the dubious authenticity behind this particular belief system. Add to this the fact that such one-sided ecclesiastical authorities edited and reformed vast swaths of the Bible and you get a clearer picture of the subterfuge residing under the surface of Christian doctrinal belief, which is always asserted as unchallengeable gospel accuracy by supercilious fundamentalists. The persistent Christian belief of a physical resurrection of Jesus after his supposed death is (like all other aspects of this ancient fabrication of truth) a development of blind faith and powerful sectarian propaganda, with no foundation in historical fact.


    The gospels were unheard of by the alleged figures Peter, Paul, and the early Church Fathers; they were in fact forgeries created later on by the ecclesiastical propaganda machine. The Bible did not take on anything like its present day configuration until the fourth century. The Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, and Protestant canons were not adopted until contemporary times. The Bible was acknowledged as a compilation of independent writings. The Council of Trent (1563) determined the Roman Catholic; Protestants condemn the Catholic Bible as a ‘Popish pretence,’ (i.e. a fake.) The Greek Catholics at the Council of Jerusalem in 1672 finally accepted the Book of Revelation. Their Bible contains a number of books not in the Roman canon. The Westminster Assembly in 1647 approved the list of sixty-six books composing the ‘Authorized Version’. The most widely used contemporary Bible is consequently less than 300 years old.

    We are however ‘expected’ by grinning Christian apologetics to accept their word that this historically rehashed text, they call the Bible, is the bona fide Word of God. Thousands upon thousands of church activists over many centuries will have all had their ‘go’ at adding bits here and there to this bizarre fantasy transcript. Errors in translation, rationalization, etc will indubitably be countless. Nevertheless the ecstatic Christian apologist ‘still’ expects us to gulp down centuries of influenced quill-and –ink scribbled, ecclesiastical half-truths as the indisputable Word of God. Amazing yes, but so true and millions have swallowed the missionary bait hook, line and sinker! The entire Christian faith system is based on the blind conviction that the Bible is the greatly acclaimed so-called ‘WORD OF GOD’, therefore if this holy book cannot be shown to be divinely-inspired, then the Christian faith could be said to be counterfeit and no more than a travesty based on religious propaganda and ancient rewrites of earlier Pagan myths.

    If the Bible cannot be revealed to be God-inspired, then Christianity can be said to be the same as any other religion that has been produced and practiced by mankind throughout the ages. The ‘man-made’ Bible narrative of the alleged Jesus figure is an inconsistent and perplexing account. The Bible shows that this historically-controversial personality (who many distinguished scholars now claim never actually existed in history) spoke and taught many bizarre and irrational things, and often believed he was having a personal discussion with evil spirits. Furthermore some comments Jesus was ‘claimed’ to have made were apparently stated by him WHEN HE WAS ALONE. One needs to ‘seriously’ think for a moment about this peculiar claim. How can such statements be reported in the Bible as JESUS’ OWN WORDS when NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND TO HEAR WHAT HE SAID?

    Are we perhaps to believe that the gospel writers had access to ancient mobile phones, electronic bugging devices or are we to accept that these obscure writers just expressed such claims via some sort of a ‘nod and a wink’ on the dream level from their deity? The mind boggles! Clearly such claims are both inconsistent and unfounded in the extreme. They merely give us further hard evidence concerning the utter deceit behind such wild biblical claims. Nonetheless, rapturous evangelists sporting expensive suits expect us to take ‘their’ word for such absurdity. What utter nonsense! Again, we are expected to see such flimflam and double-talk as some type of ‘historical fact’ when it is clearly nothing of the sort.

    Via seriously reading the whole Bible you will discover disconcerting issues (certainly unsuitable for young children with vulnerable minds) of SHEER IGNORANCE, RAPE, SLAUGHTER, SEXUAL PERVERSION, FILTHY LANGUAGE, SERIAL WEIRDNESS, COLLECTIVE LUNACY, SENSELESS REGULATIONS, CANNIBALISM AND HUMAN/ANIMAL SACRIFICE. It astounds the mind’s eye how anyone in a right frame of mind could read the Bible and honestly ‘believe’ that it was written by a prudent, just, and compassionate deity.

    Personally, I find such claims to be an INSULT to all divinity!
    Christian activists have found biblical scriptures telling them to burn people at the stake, to authenticate slavery, to single out and ‘stone’ others due to their sexuality, to subjugate and maltreat others that fail to share the Christian faith, to treat women as second class citizens, and to kill and perpetrate wholesale warfare (onward Christian soldiers) in the name of their ‘Loving’ god. Regrettably, there are some sanctimonious zealots, even in the present day, that would have us ‘return’ to the worrying teachings and hazardous laws established in the Bible by the thought controllers – mind manipulators that demand not a FREE DEMOCRACY but a THEOCRACY RUN BY BIGOTED PRIESTS. Certainly this is transparent Dark Age propaganda and categorically dangerous fundamentalist nonsense!


    1. The Bible is a fraudulent serious of greatly adulterated documents created by religious fanatics wanting to foster a certain, colored monotheistic worldview on the rest of society. Apologetics still seek to enforce this hoax-based cosmology on us today.
    2. The gospels are a serious of contradictory narrative writings created by unknown authors, after the assumed death of the Jesus Christ figure, with a purpose to reunify the Jewish religious system for their own sectarian ends.
    3. All claimed evidence for an historical Jesus figure, including his assumed birth, life, death and resurrection is based on third-hand hearsay and is a result of 1st century myth making.
    4, The Bible, gospels and the whole Jesus Myth are blatant early Christian adoptions of much earlier pagan legends, which can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Samaria etc.
    5. All Christian society is provably based on this olden theocratical lie and fraudulent claims with no foundation in authentic fact.
    6. Polytheism and Monotheism are and always will be incompatible due to unchangeable Church doctrine, which demands evangelical mission to ‘all’ other faiths.
    7. Christianity is ‘NOT’ the native faith of any land.
    8. The virgin birth, miracles, crucifixion and alleged resurrection of the assumed Jesus figure were all divine concepts taken by the earliest Christ Cult activists from much older pagan folklore, to support their hidden theocratical agenda.
    Sources other than the Christian gospels are frequently given as indisputable evidence of a historical Jesus figure. However, these allegations are also fraught with uncertainty.
    Josephus is one of the apologetics most beloved examples to substantiate their claims. Josephus Flavius was in fact a Jewish historian who lived as the earliest non-Christian who mentioned a Jesus. A lot of scholars deem that Josephus’ short accounts of Jesus (in Antiquities) came from interpolations perpetrated by a later Church father. This was most probably Eusebius; yes that bizarre old zealot who thought he could find living people is the stomachs of beasts.
    Also Josephus’ birth in 37 C.E., which was well after the supposed crucifixion of Jesus, puts him out the time frame regarding any appropriate witness account. Furthermore, he wrote Antiquities in 93 C.E., after the first gospels were written! Consequently, even if his accounts about Jesus came from his hand, his information could only serve as speculative guess work, yes – hearsay! Clearly the altar wine was flowing a little ‘too’ freely when these irrational theories were hatched up.
    Other claims also for an historical Jesus come from sources outside of Christian writings. These accounts come from authors who also lived after the alleged life of Jesus. Because they did not exist during the time of the imaginary Jesus, none of their accounts serve as reliable eyewitness verification. In any contemporary court of law such alleged ‘evidence’ would naturally be thrown out of court!
    The source of Christian fundamentalist faith is then clearly nothing more than a very clever, ancient THEOCRATICAL FRAUD used once, as it is today, by self-righteous religious missionaries, zealots, politicians, teachers, academics and in fact anyone with a sectarian axe to grind to control the minds and hearts of the population!
    This monotheistic and power-based fraud has twisted once wholesome native heathen polytheistic traditions that intimately linked mankind with the cycles of the earth, moon, sun and stars into something that they never were! The beautiful and edifying ancient pagan myths of our ancestors were shrewd spiritual analogies for these essential seasonal events and never meant to be corrupted into man-made fantasies that provided even greater authority to certain, elitist priesthoods in positions of power.
    The root of Christian fundamentalist faith holds no foundation in historical evidence and amounts to nothing more than theocratical wishful-thinking and anciently passed-on hearsay!
    Apologists in seeking to defend what is indefensible merely support the fact that their theories are counterfeit and based on one thing alone – blind faith! They initially deceive themselves, then others along the way! Effective challenges to their doctrine will of course always be met with what has now come to be seen as rather tiresome cries of: ANTI – CHRIST, HEATHEN, BEWARE SATAN and YOU WHO HAVE BEEN DECEIVED.

    Logic always gets thrown out of the window when the apologetic meets his/her match. Dissent or criticism toward their faith will eventually bring in the big church rollers to quell the latest threat to their spiritual monopoly over the credulous masses. Such is a nature of the repressive, ecclesiastical propaganda machine! Surely human spirituality deserves better than the tyrannical yoke that it has suffered for the last 2000 years.

  7. marc says

    Sorry, i meant it was only a scandal for those who do not understand, and are very close minded and mostly religious. The minute you attack someone’s religion their ego will flair up and they will not lend you an ear,which doesnt affect you at all but only strengthens their ignorance and they will crucify you. And you will say to Self, father forgive them, forthey dont know what they do. Theyre walking with eyes wide shut from the brain wash. Great blog. Keep posting. That teacher btw is a real dumbass.

    • marc says

      I love the part about the two trees so what abiut the other? Do we reach eternal life by embodying the garden of the Eden, ie being in a state of high spirituality and consciousness. I agree with temptation deceiving us, mentally and physically. But what abiut the other tree? Imust re read those passages. Now my question is, Sumerian texts speak of the beginning and the creation of Adamus. Now enki brought knowledge, enlightment to man. Man went from being dog-like to being a knowledgeable one and that was from dna manipulation. Which i strongly believe in. But since man couldnt explain that sudden shift in cosciousness its was broken downin an allegorical style. Duh lol. He went from not knowing a damn thing, neither death nor life,not worrying bout anything but sexing and eating to knowing virtually everything and deceiving himself and his mind by having buttsex. Man is the true living god or soul. Not just in energy form but in both body and soul. But we relinquish our own power to an outside entity.. who doesnt exist, like most people think. Very few people can understand that all is mind.

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