The Red-haired Race

The Red-haired Race

by Leonard Farra

The Guanches were the people living in the Canary Islands before the Spanish conquest in the 15th century. Although it’s believed that they were related to the North African Berbers, we should bear in mind that they were of mixed race. Some, who were a brownish shade, were of the Mediterranean Race and as others were tall, white, fair or red-haired, nobody has questioned why red-haired mummies have been discovered in caves (1).

guancheStatue of a Guanche in Tenerife, Canary Islands

It’s not known when the Guanches arrived in the Canary Islands but, in common with people throughout the Early World, they claimed to be the survivors of a great flood which destroyed their former homeland (2). It’s generally believed that the deluge legends relate to the end of the Ice Age around 10,000 years ago. However, as we shall later see, there appears to have been  a worldwide catastrophe several thousand years later and it appears to be the origin of the hundreds of flood stories that were told by the Ancients.  

menehune-kauaiThe Menehune Fish Ponds on Kauai,Hawaii which are believed to be the work of an early red-haired race of master builders.

Most native peoples in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific Isles, have black hair and as red hair occurs more frequently in people of north-western Europe ancestry, this suggests that, at an early time there was a red-haired white race living somewhere in the region.  A few thousand years ago, the Celts migrated across Western Europe and they arrived in Ireland around 2,500 b.c.e. Like the Guanches, the Irish are of mixed race and red hair is common among them. When the Celts came to the Emerald Isle, they found that they were not the first people living there. According to Irish legend, one of the peoples who preceded them on the island were the Tuatha de Danaan – an advanced race who had fair to reddish hair. The Irish associated them with many of their country’s great mounds and they said  that they arrived in Ireland from four lost cities somewhere in the North.

NewgrangeNewgrange Ireland which is associated with the Tuatha de Danaan

Could it be that the Tuatha intermarried with the Celts and that this is why so many Irish people have red hair? The highest proportion of red-haired people in Europe is in Scotland which also suggests a mixing of early races in that country. Over the years, Classical, and other scholars, have commented on the red hair of some of the European tribes such as the Belgae –Gallo-Germanic tribes in Northern Gaul, from whom the name Belgium was derived, and Boudica, the queen of the Celtic Iceni, was described as a tall women with flowing red hair.

   The story becomes more intriguing when we find that, prior to the arrival of the Europeans, there may have been red-haired people in parts of North and Central America. The native Paiute in Nevada, for example, have legends about a war in which their ancestors fought, and destroyed, a tall red-haired race who they called the Si-te-cah. Sceptics place little significance on their legends but in Mayan temple art, in Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan, there are paintings of tall, white, men with flowing golden hair in scenes of conflict (3 ) and as we shall see, there are also traces of tall, white, red heads in various parts of South America.

temple-of-warriorsThe Temple of the Warriors in Chichen Itza Mexico where there are paintings of golden haired light-skinned men.

Matto Grosso, the third largest state in area in Brazil , lies in the west of the country and half of its north region is covered by the Amazon rain forest. Col. P. H. Fawcett, the famous British explorer who disappeared there in 1925, was  fascinated with legends of white tribes, and mysterious lost cities, and so  he went there on several expeditions, between 1906 and 1925, and one of the things that amazed him were the reports of sightings of blue-eyed, red-haired, Indians (4). Harold. T. Wilkins, an authority on the mysteries of South America, relates that an old Spanish historian reported that there was a tall red-haired, bearded, Amazon people, the Mayorumas, ‘whose skin was so white that they resembled the English or Flemish peoples’ (5) and William F. Dankenbring adds that builders of Brazil’s Trans-Amazon Highway also discovered the existence of a white skinned, red-bearded tribe (6).

    Harold T. Wilkins relates that, in 1929, the American traveller Lawrence Griswold was captured by Shuara Indians and he was taken up the Rio Juara one of the many tributaries of the Amazon. One day he, and his savage captors, came across the ruins of an ancient city where he saw pyramids, and a horseshoe shaped amphitheatre, and the small tribal elder tried to convince Griswold that the city was built by his tribes’ ancestors. However, this was obviously untrue as he claimed that its tall, ‘red-haired’, builders were changed into his people ‘due to their wicked behaviour before the Flood’. Griswold was very lucky that he was a tall red-head as the Indians thought that he was of the lost race and this is why they saved his life after capturing him. Griswold was later escorted to the nearest post on the Amazon and, from there, he made his way back to New York (7). As in the Canary Islands, red-haired mummies have also been found in Peru and there is evidence to suggest that tall, red-headed, whites were involved in the early history of this region ( 8).

When he was investigating the origin of the Redin, the earlier red-haired, white ,population in the Maldives, (9)Thor Heyerdahl extended his research to the Indian sub-continent. Although he found cultural similarities between some parts of the two areas, his unique  study was not conclusive. What he should have noted is that red hair and blue eyes can be found among some of the people in the Western and Northern parts of South Asia. The indications are that there was a migration of red-heads into this region thousands of years ago but where did these people come from?  What we do know is that Indian legends tell of giant, demon-like, beings ,the Rakshashas, who had red hair and beards. The Rakshasas are said to have been the enemies of man and it is said that they fought the gods. These Indian legends may have given rise to a dislike of red-haired people in the country and to have prompted Donald A. Mackenzie to report, a 100 years ago, that ‘a native girl with auburn locks is not cared for as a bride’ (10).

We can now take this story a step further. In Ancient Egypt, a popular, allegorical, story, which I have decoded, tells of the conflict between the gods and an evil red-haired race. This legend influenced Egyptian Afterlife traditions, and customs, and it was the reason why, at one time in the country’s long history, red haired people were sacrificed (11). In the New Kingdom, though, attitudes had changed. Egypt now had a tall red-haired king. His name was Ramasses 11 and he resembled the tall, white, Guanches in the Canary Islands (12).  But that’s another fascinating story.


  In various parts of the Early World, there were legends of an advanced, fair to reddish haired, pre-deluge, race who, according to some traditions, were in conflict with ‘The Gods’. But who were the gods in this era and what did happen? One of the stories told about this appears in the mystical, allegorical, writings about Enoch in which non earthly beings, who were like white men, escort Enoch to a high place to watch the evil  behaviour of men who are symbolised by animals. The animals begin to fight each other and the white beings send down destruction on them (13).  Enoch’s non earthly companions were based on the Annunaki, of Sumerian tradition, who reputedly caused the Flood, and whose leaders also appeared in the traditions of  other various people, such as the Babylonians, Egyptians and Assyrians, in the intervening years.

    As the red-haired whites were tall, they might also have been the pre-deluge race of giants mentioned in the folklore of many early cultures and their conflict with the visiting ‘sky-people’ might have been the origin of the Greek story of the war between gods and giants. Because they were thought to be descended from the evil race, red-haired  people have been badly treated over the years such as being sacrificed to the gods in Ancient Egypt and later being accused of witchcraft and of having bad tempers. Evidence suggests that people of this description were living in various parts of the world such as in North Western Europe and in the Americas and there are also traces of them on some of the Pacific Islands including Easter Island (14). And finally, there is evidence to suggest that the destruction of the previous age happened 5,000 years ago around which time there was major flooding, and climate change, in various parts of the world, followed by the rebirth, (not the birth as is generally believed by scholars), of civilization (15).


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  1. Momotaro says

    Fascinating article – but complete bunk, scientifically. It’s as if the author is stuck in the 70s watching Leonard Nimoy on “InSearchOf”.

    It is a myth that red or blonde hair or blue eyes cannot come from predominantly black – haired brown – eyed individuals. That was believed when hair and eye color were thought to be due to recessive genes, but all that was revised since our genome was decoded 20 years ago. Since there is no photographic evidence for isolated tribes of whole red-haired people, any stories are no better than myth.

    As well, continual research has shown native Americans to be all part of the same genetic haplogroup, with only a few very limited peoples having traces of a slightly different haplogroup (southeast Asian location for the most part) that most likely came in a second wave over the Bering straight. It would suit you well to consult genetic research in further writings (National Geographic has a great site, constantly updated).

    Furthermore, it was obvious even to researchers in the 1800s, that every society has stories of a flood – because they are EXTREMELY common. There is ZERO geological evidence of any flood larger than regional.

    Wikipedia also can be consulted for accurate info on all this.

  2. Dinah Dinah says

    Whether or not there was a “race” of people with red hair in ancient times really doesn’t matter because the whole idea of “race” among humans is based on a fallacy. That there are genes for different traits, some dominant some not is a fact. Humans are all one race. Get used to it and get over it.

  3. Mimi says

    My husband who is from a pacific island nation had a great grandmother of full pacific island ancestry with hair that was a red, copper color, very unusual because most everyone else had black hair. So to say that because the ancient people had reddish hair they must have been a white race, is not necessarily correct. The reddish hair is seen from time to time in pacific people as well.

  4. Malcolm Grant Hutton says

    I should add that some Egyptian Kings had red hair and we do know that Ymn Twt Ankh Hek Iunu Shma had a long skull which is known as ‘dolichocephalus’ and is the same as the skeletons found in Irish barrows.

  5. Malcolm Grant Hutton says

    The Tuath Dedanaan were Egyptian most likely from the 18th Dynasty. In Irish legend Tuath is named after the Fairy World or Netherworld. In Ancient Egyptian the Netherworld was called Duat. We find this hardening or softening of consonants between Egyptian and other languages frequently. Dedanaan was said to be a Goddess. In Egypt Tatanen was a God or Goddess. Dolichocephalous Skulled skeletons have been found in Irish Barrows along with Egyptian faience jewellery. Two Egyptian ships have been found in the Humber Estuary at Ferriby.
    DNA tests now confirm the connection for the mummies of Kings David (Twt) and Solomon (Ymn Htp ..Salim III) are said by Igenea of Switzerland to be R1b1a2 which is the Celtic-British dna that is found in 90% of people throughout the British Isles.
    Another Irish Legend tells us a blood feud between brothers Iuchabar, and Brian with Kyan. Iucheber was an Egyptian King of the 14th/15th Dynasty who was followed by Kyan. Iu is the God name and Heber in Hebrew is HBL – there was no letter L in Egyptian and it was written with a letter ‘R’. HBL is Hebrew for Abel and QYN is Hebrew for Cain. Brian could be the King listed by Manethos as Baion – also known as Ibram or Abram/Abraham.
    The Havasupai Indians of North America get their name we are told (in one tv documentary) from Hava meaning the clear blue sky and from Su meaning Cool Green Water. In Turkish today Hava is Sky and Su is Water.

  6. Jorge says

    Red hair racer existed beofre our age, but with elongated skulls like the ones found in the Peru & other places, where the area of the skull was twice as it is today. That means they were a very high minded & advanced culture compared to ours today which is constantly fighting & hating each other

  7. Leonard Farra says

    Shirle, this article is based on many years of research and it did not involve channelling. Please see my earlier on that subject. Leonard

  8. says

    dear Len,
    I had no idea that you channel this information. If so then it is authenic.
    Good information – and some also makes sence to me. Do you somethime get messages from your channelling? Boy there is a lot to you Len . Nice to know you – and thanks for the good article, I enjoyed it .

  9. hazar says

    in addition there are many reports and evidences of very strong red haired presence at central Asia. actually all of the ancient Turkic tribes have been described to be as red haired in various Chinese, Roman, Arabic and other references.

    add this to the recent discovery that reveals the former Uralic speaking presence at the northern Europe which got influenced and changed to become Indo-European speaking because of the Roman-Greece cultural influence.

    • hazar says

      also, you will find atleast some Turkic words in almost all of the world’s languages. some of the strongest traces are found in Germanic, Inca, Mayan and Hindi languages. also the ancient Egyptian and Persian languages which are extincted. beside of the fact that the Sumerian language was all Turkic.

      you may not like this but where ever there are evidences of some red haired presence there is also some Ural-Altaic traces around.

  10. Jorge says

    Not only in Scotland & Ireland, but as well in the highland of Peru you will find white tall red haired native peruvians whose origins can be traced to the inkas long before the spanish conquest. There are even large (cone shaped) skulls with red hair. If we considered that the height for the skull should be over 7 feet. or more we can get an idea of the standard height for this race. In leggends it is said that the inka race/people were red haired and over 7 feet high and there were a total of 12 + 2 dynasties (rulers; coincidences with the astrology). Two were the founders Wiracochas (Manco Capac & Mamma Occllo the other twelve were the four descedants rulers who built the four empires. Unfortunately, there is not known timeline for these rulers and their length of ruling & has been rather speculative, using aproximations, since there was no writing left, although through legends of spoken language back to 15,000 years ago or further.

  11. says

    Sadly history is told by the winner side…
    Look at our world history, for sure the bad guys won :(
    The “gods” through its surrogates always making the Earth population stays in dumb slave state, it is the old trick “divide to conquer”, from genetic castration to false belief systems prone to conflict to each other.
    Do not forget the great deluge and Babel Tower…

    Even the has an interesting quote…
    “The plan of Zeus
    According to Greek mythology, Zeus had become king of the gods by overthrowing his father Cronus; Cronus in turn had overthrown his father Uranus. Zeus was not faithful to his wife and sister Hera, and had many relationships from which many children were born. Since Zeus believed that there were too many people populating the earth, he envisioned Momus[9] or Themis,[10] who was to use the Trojan War as a means to depopulate the Earth, especially of his demigod descendants.[11]”

    Demigod descendants = better genetics

    Some may find this video very interesting…
    Mark Passio – Cosmic Abandonment

  12. Chris Allan says

    Mention is made in this interesting article of the “Annunaki of Sumerian tradition”. I am still unable to find anyone who can give a definite reference in this connection. I therefore must ask, are the Annunaki a figment of an authors imagination ? Or is there evidence which suggests they actually existed? I frequently come across mention of the Annunaki but never have I seen any definite reference to where exactly are they mentioned in historical documents. Could some one help, I would like to know if they are fact or fiction.

  13. says

    On one side of my family, those from Scotland and Ireland are very white, redheaded, tall, and beautiful. They were the smartest people I know. They are well respected and always seemed to know better than the rest of the family as to what should be done. Every time I see a pure redheaded person I fall into a deep respect of those people. This is something I can not explain. I have inherited an ability that I call super-empathic. I can somehow skim into some minds and ascertain their thoughts and apply this insight to create a coherency of mind/s. I truly believe that the redheaded entities are star-beings marooned on this planet or in this physicality. There is something special about being a TRUE redheaded entity.

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