The Maya mistook Hamurabi as being Marduk

The Maya mistook Hamurabi as being Marduk

by Elijah

A story designed to Save your life. Alive on earth because you were lied to being told you’ll go to heaven. This story is true and happened 4000 years ago. It has exact dates to it.

It’s a definate, the Maya mistook Hamurabi as being Marduk. I will try to be brief but contain all information for you to believe Bible Genesis (Adam awaking 4025bc). Hamurabi ascended the throne in 1793bc and reigned 42 years 1792bc to 1750bc dying when Joseph turned 17. When 500-year old Nimrod (Narmer not the slur Nar-Merod) died in Abydos Egypt (the abyss) in 1770bc on April 22 (Mekir 15) Hamurabi then felt the greatest king of the four-quarters left not just Babylon to him but also the whole world to conquer.

So he set his eyes on the city Mari Syria. Mari was built in 2029bc. These were the Maya who were from Ur having been the cousins of Abraham before his birth.  They fled or left the fall of 1st dynasty Ur in 2029bc.

     Here is the legacy of that year. It is the Chinese and Japanese Monkey Year to this day. It was 34 decades after the Flood (340 years) but didn’t measure as such because the original system was 360-day and so the Monkey Year was year 945  (Noah’s 600 +345).

The system began with Reu (The Son) ruling Ur (The City) for Peleg (The Father). In history they are known as Mes-Anipada the] founder of Ur, and his son A-Anipada the king of Ur. Kinglists make issue whether the first king should be regarded as the father, not his son. King Reu Aanipada is known as Reu The Great (Chinese Yu The Great) of 2207bc, not the one Yu The Great who led the people from India to Xian China in 1437bc. The 180-year rule of 1st dynasty Ur is not Julian years (2209-2029bc) but in 360-day calendar measuring 177 Julian years as six orbits of Saturn (3x 59 years of two orbits). Saturn alternates 29 and 30 years as the moon does in days. Thus confusion. Reu’s rule began on 2207bc May 29. But using Saturn, the planet made an ankh or loop-crossing around the star Regulus of Leo every 59 years so that these years can be counted from either 2207bc September or from 2206bc May. This is why 2207bc Sep ends in 2030bc Sep, but 2206bc May ends with the mass-suicide date in 2029bc May 6.

The Sumerian word sar from before the Flood means decade of 3600 (10x 360). In Japanese, sar means Monkey, and the Monkey years are labeled as sars (Frank Parise). In English-Hittite the word sar means king; or greater yet the king of kings (king over other kings) as in Czar.

This is derived from the word Year or Yar (one year) coming from the word Sar (10 years). And it comes from the word world meaning to circle around you. Thus the Leader of the year (new year’s day) is also the Leader of the world. When the kings became confused about their claim that God was blessing young people with old looks to prove they could be smarter than their parents, it all fell thru in shame, and disgust, and confusion when people died to weak to live at 240 but 700 years younger than Noah. This is why Gilgamesh said, I will go find Noah and ask him why this is happening. But he ignored Noah’s nearness to death, and said Lord you will never die.

And he was frustrated that Noah did not know what was causing aging, when he is king of longevity 500 years older than any person on earth, and could even predict a global armageddon flood. His version used by churches to prove declaration that the flood was true and real is not flattering because it is full of bull crap. As the poem says, Noah kept telling him that he didn’t know how to listen, and all he did was sleep if such disaster was truly so serious.

Using Adams Sars (10-year decades 1821am, 1831am, 1841am) The Monkey year created by Yu (Reu) thus began as:   (with Jupiter in Virgo the Monkey before the zone drifted to Leo)

  • 1821am = 2207bc May 29
  • 1833am = 2195bc Mar 27
  • 1845am = 2183bc Jan 23
  • 1857am = 2172bc Nov 21
  • 1869am = 2160bc Sep 19
  • 1881am = 2148bc July 18    (Chinese 60 years)
  • 1893am = 2136bc May 16,
  • 1905am = 2124bc Mar 14
  • 1917am = 2112bc Jan 10
  • 1929am = 2101bc Nov 8
  • 1941am = 2089bc Sep  6  (Chinese 120 years)
  • 1953am = 2077bc July  5
  • 1965am = 2065bc May 3
  • 1977am = 2053bc Mar  1
  • 1989am = 2042bc  Dec 29
  • 2001am = 2030bc Oct 27

Thus a switch to sothic Monkey begins 2029bc Jan 6.

An Egyptian 365-day Monkey is not likely the 7th month Thoth (Jan 13) because as Pamenot July 16 in 2029bc it will drift back to February in 1437bc which is regarded as 1200 years from Yu The Great in 2637bc 430 years earlier instead of the correct 2207bc.

When Peleg died on May 6 of 2030bc, the kings of wisdom already left the city to find Shem who would take them to Canaan. But they would continue on to Egypt to build Memphis. They founded the city as Noph Mizraim in 70 days from May 8 to July 17 with the English-Hittites the year before in 2030bc)Yet they would hear that the planned-suicide had taken place.

Former king Reu Aanipada refused to go join his father. King Balulu deserted Ur with the Hyksos flight. Princes Nahor Mes-Kalumdug and Haran A-Kalumdug who were priestly teaches of the kings came up with the stupid idea to join Peleg in heaven and they willingly showed they would lead the way. Word of this reaching Memphis became memorialized by the Chaldeans as Egyptian Christmas date Kayak 25 (2029bc May 6). But those who had not fled in confusion in 2030bc were now regarded as scattered like screeching scared monkeys. And this is why the word (sar) for kings in Europe are regarded as Monkeys in the orient.

The Maya left Ur in 2029bc, and this is why they say that before Mayan Noah’s Flood (Adam’s 2256am in 3114bc) that the world was destroyed 260 years (haab) earlier in Adam’s 1996am (3374bc, Spinden). The mistranslation says men who survived turned into monkeys.

It is the year (circle) that turned into the Monkey year, and it is the world (circle) that looked like Monkey; it was the kings who made monkeys of themselves with their claim first that no one would die, and then when they  started dying they changed to saying that the kings were going to heaven (all 144,000 of them). Sargon’s king list reads as Who Was King, Who Was Not! The word was used for those who didn’t die, those who died, those smart, those stupid but appointed anyways.

Will you choose to be part of the coming confusion? Grabbing answers from the esteemed and famed.

So the Maya (cousins of Abraham before he was born) left Ur and headed to build Mari Syria. Happily they lived then, but only for 267 years. In 1894bc Babylon decided to have their very first kings. The religious city (studies of astronomy) was going political by accepting one king over all kings in its borders. In 1793bc Hamurabi was anointed as king (like Reu Aanipada) on the 1st day of the 10th month which honors the conception of Arpaxad on the ark when Little Ararat emerged from the water. Arpaxad himself did not emerge from his mother’s waters until the 1st day of the 7th month (year 601). The anointing on the 10th month was a 90-day preparation for the new year which in the Flood they celebrated by removing the door of the ark, spending hours and hours of cutting the tar seal. This was a 360-day new year’s day though it happened to also be absent new moon ending the Flood’s calendar year (2369bc Oct 6). So Hamurabi was anointed on the date 10-01-1185 of the 360-day calendar of Noah (1792bc Feb 10) to become king on the new year 1186 (1792bc May 10). Egyptian 365-day calendar was created inn 2030bc at Memphis with that city foundation date July 17 using the year 340. (And that new year month has become the 7th month Pamenot since the global exodus in 1513bc was not just Israel from Egypt but rather global planetary havoc from an orbiting comet, half which had split and hit Earth, effecting every nation from Stonehenge England to India where Chinese and Maya had not migrated out of yet).

     Thus the 365-day calendar passes 360-day every 72 years (72x 365 days = 73x 360 days). Egyptian 10-01-577 (Kayak 1) is 1792bc Feb 12 which is only 2 days after Feb 10. And Egyptian new year 578 is May 18  (now regarded as Persian Pamenot 1, or as Egyptian Pamenot 6).

Thus it would be easy for Hamurabi to have a 3-day anointing (Feb 10-12) and an 8-day coronation (May 10-18). The Maya of Mari Syria had no concerns at this time. As Hamurabi went forth to expand Babylon he returned to take the hands of Marduk on the Marduk new year which from Noah’s year 602 occurs every 13 years. Thus Marduk New Year was 1791bc May 5 which is the 74-day absence of the star Sothis from May 6 to July 19 earth-wide at the 32-parallel. The subsequent new years are 1778bc Feb 26, and 1766bc Dec 20, and 1753bc Oct 12.

Marduk new year created in (year 966) 2009bc on July 8, uses the epoch 2368bc Oct 1 (year 602). The Marduk of Oct 12 in 1753bc is new year 1226 and is exactly 617 Julian years from new year 600 (2370bc Oct 12) and  exactly 480 years from new year 739 (2233bc Oct 12). Because 480 Julian are 487 of 360 days, and once per span 137 Julian is 139 of 360 days. This 139-year formula was seen when Reu was only 6 years old, and so it is a  formula of Peleg, and it is used by China and Rome who think the Flood is 720 years 180 leap days earlier in 2953bc. This is based on 720 years to 1513bc.

     However, in 1770bc on April 22 (Mekir 15 being 12-15-599) Nimrod died in Abydos Egypt. So Hamurabi decided to take the Maya of Mari Syria to Babylon by destroying their city in 1762bc. This is why the Maya then  obtain information of Babylon during their 137-year stay in Babylon (1762-1625bc = 139 calendar years year 1216 –1355 from 1762bc Nov 29 to 1625bc Nov 29). Among this is the Venus Tablets of Amizaduga which are used in chronology of India, and by Maya. The tablets predicted that Venus could be used from Adam’s year 2400 to his year 6000 by observing 3600 years of 360 days atoning 60 days every 1200 years, 30 days per 600 years as was revealed by the priests of Hamurabi and Egypt when Nimrod died in 1770bc. (Notation: 1200 egyptian years of Venus lack 300 leap days so atoning the 60 days totals 360 days. This makes the formula 1199 Julian years and 5 days as follows:

First Step = 2369bc Jan 6  (Pakon 29) to 1770bc July 10 (atoned 30 days = Parmuti 29), to 1650bc Jun 4 (atoned 6 days =Parmuti 23) to 1626bc May 29 (Parmuti 23).

Second Step = 1626bc May 29 (former Parmuti 23 is Persian = Egyptian post exodus Parmuti 29) to 427bc Jun 3, (Mekir 29) to 773 AD Jun 8, (Kayak 29)

to 1972 AD (Jun 13) G.Jun 26, (Paopi 29) as year 6000. Having been atoned three times in 3600 years with 60 days results in the actual Venus as 180 days before a 584-day Venus calendar (1972 G.Dec 23 solstice for year 6000) from 1626bc May 29 to 1972 G.Dec 23. From 1770bc (2256am) it is an additional 6 days that had been atoned to 1626bc if 584-day calendar from 1770bc July 10 to 1972 G.Dec 29. And from the Flood to 1770bc the 30 days makes the 584-day calendar from 2369bc Jan 6 to 1973 G.Jan 28. In all these cases the rising Venus represents day 87 of the year since Noah’s new year 600 plus 86 days to 3-27-600 when the rain ceased. This is the foundation of the Venus dates when all the nations insist Hamurabi or Amizaduga is Adam’s year 3600 and counts only 2400 more. In India, they regarded 3600am as 1900bc whether it be fall of Ur or rise of Babylon. But India and Maya had to have lived in Babylon in 1625bc to have these dates that they have altered.

India then left Babylon to join relatives who were already in India from 1900bc (fall of 3rd dynasty Ur) and who celebrate their 1200-year residency in 700bc as those Venus Tablets. A great error whether they attribute 1900bc to Amizaduga, or to Ur’s king Ibbi-Sin. When 3rd dynasty Ur gets pushed back from 1900bc to being the fall of 2029bc, then 1900bc becomes only the rise of Babylon, whose first kingships were not 1900bc, but 1894bc, and whose fall is not 1600bc Jannes (exalted), but 1594bc baby Moses (exalted).

     So the Maya, lived in Babylon those 137 years from 1762bc to 1625bc. The Maya later mistake the rise of Marduk (new year rising Mars) as occurring equal to the ascension of Hamurabi. Though Marduk new year spans 13 years from 1804bc to 1791bc to 1778bc, they instead insist Marduk new year is 1793bc as the ascension of Hamurabi as if to be Marduk himself. Thus the Marduk tun of the Maya begin with 3113bc as the end of the Flood year (Noah’s 600) making the Marduk new year as Noah’s 601 or Mayan tun 1. This 13-year pattern falls on Mayan tun 1340 (1339 = 103 x 13 year Mars) which is day Ahau in 1791bc June 3 (or June 4 day imix). Noah’s calendar day 1 is Mayan imix so that all Mayan tun (Ahau as zero) have their day imix or day 1 on the real true 21st day of Noah’s calendar. The true epoch 2370bc Oct 12 is day imix, and Oct 31 is day Ahau (Mayan tun 755), or the next day Nov 1 as day imix, day 1 after 755 tun. The Mayan formula was easily reconstructed by confusion of Adam’s years because the Flood is 1655 years to 1656am. And 1770bc is 2255 years to 2256am. Yet it is in 1626bc that 744 egyptian 365-day years (Mayan haab) span 755 tun (of 360-day). The ancients are indeed genius, but not from space or other planets, nor taught by angels, but rather able to understand great detail their minds go  boggled just as we today who then cross-mix things up into great disasterous results, and absurd claims of history that wasn’t so, even recent political histories, all lies.

     As Hamurabi created a new Marduk (not so easy like 13 years of 360 days, but would use a larger cycle of 156 years in 365-day calendar dates) the confusion of using two systems (one for 6000 years complete in 1914, and the other for 6000 years complete in 1973) would then occur.

Dividing the priesthood was not for childish competition, nor to obtain different results to bicker over. History has always divided skills of carving wood furniture from skills of carving wood house beams. One is art, the other requires safety specs. Yet if the two classes or cultures (cults) don’t concern themselves with each other, then they decide differently as to what strength  wood is. No cult should be defined as total-control, no matter what  school or whose school. In the larger scheme, math dictates. Mars cannot be broken down smaller than 73x 780 day Mars = 156x 365 day calendar. Unlike the original 13x 360 = 6x 780, and 52x 360 = 24x 780, and 72x 780 = 156x 360. Because of this the very first 156 years (egyption or haab, 360-day or tun) will end one orbit of Mars as 2 years difference. The 1778bc Feb 26 Marduk ends its 156 tun in 1625bc Nov 29 (year 1200-1356), but 156 haab or egyptian years as 780 days later 1622bc Jan 18. Further, the year 1778bc is 2256am in 360-day calendar as Noah’s year 1200. But the 600 Egyptian years is 8 years later 1770bc May 13. Mars is not crossed until July 10, and so the 7th month Thoth (Nov 9)  is chosen to be the Marduk new year (though not civil new year until 1514bc). So while Mars whose Marduk date is 9-01-1208 on 1770bc Sep 12 will measure either 156 tun to 1616bc June 15 (Noah’s year 1208-1364), the 156 haab will be 1770bc Sep 12 to 1614bc Aug 4, or egyptian Thoth 1770bc Nov 9 to 1614bc Oct 1. This Oct 1 date is exactly 754 Julian years from the Marduk epoch of the original 2368bc Oct 1.

This is because it is 137 +480 +137 from 2368bc Oct 1 (year 602) to 2232bc Oct 2 (year 740) to 1752bc Oct 2 (year 1227) to 1614bc Oct 1 (year 1366). Today, electronic calculators allow us to triple check so that when wrong answers come up we can know it is us in our thinking or the mistaken input on the calculator. Then we don’t get the numerous contradictions like the months of writing and math that is so filled with errors and contradictions in Josephus or many Christian chronologers. We also must always note that what is written by a person years ago then becomes changed or corrected (sometimes corrupted) by the very author. Revisions are life, and always will be. All life on this planet is always revising because God does too. It is the direction that determines the future.

     So the Marduk of the Maya varies because its Marduk ascension (rise of Mars in the dawn) demands to be the ascension Hamurabi 2 years before the actual rising Marduk new year, and then also because the 156-tun Mars falls its 780-day of 2 years 2 months before 156-haab Mars. This is then also true of double the cycle.

The 312-year Mars as 312-tun (144 orbits of Mars) is 4 years less than the 312-haab (146 orbits of Mars). Then this is not to be confused with Venus whose 8-year cycle equals the 72 haab (x365) or 73 tun (x360), doubled as 144 haab = 146 tun. The 312-year cycles do not meet nor match the 72-year; not until 936 years (haab) = 949 tun. It is this cycle that falls as 1770bc Nov 9 (2256am Thoth) to 834bc March 20 (3192am), and so because Venus has a 235-year sidereal cycle (5x 235 = 1175 years), the year 3192am is claimed to be the 2009bc Marduk Street which makes Adam as 1175 years earlier than 4025bc thus placed in 5200bc, which ends as 800 AD instead of 1175 years later as 1975 AD.


PS Updates

The Maya definately confused ascension of Ur’s king Ibbi-Sin in 1926bc (24 year reign 1925-1901bc) with the ascension Hamurabi declared over the world when 500-year old Nimrod died in Egypt in 1770bc.
Perhaps thats why the English-Hittites of Ararat destroyed Ibbi-Sin because of some proclamation of exaltation over the world. Odd how Maya would have Ibb-Sin chronology if they had moved out to build Mari in 2029bc, it would imply that they had family who stayed behind in Ur with the Hindu until 1900bc.
Point is, that his ascension has the same date Nov 9 for Mayan Marduk, as the Thoth Marduk of Hamurabi’s 1770bc, the ascension of the new Marduk calendar using 365-day dates for 156 years rather than 13-year cycle of 360-day dates.
The Nov 9 “Marduk” or 780-day Mars of 1926bc is not a Mayan new year (or Mayan tun), it is the date uinal 12 (12x 20 days).
But it follows the Mars that Babel says is 7th month of 360 days. This is interesting because the Marduk new year that Hamurabi creates in 1770bc is Thoth (Nov 9) or 7th month of 365-day calendar. Another interesting fact is that evidence indicates that nations beleive that the 365-day calendar was not flipped 180 days from Pamenot to Thoth (Mayan Yax to Pop) but yet some of these insist the 360-day calendar was flipped those 180 days. Thus the 7th month Mars of 1926bc would be claimed as a Marduk new year if Maya believed this flip. That makes it not 6 months but a whole 12-month year. And oddly the Mayan Mars of that same year is 12 uinal of 20 days, as if they had a record of Mars in 12 months (360 days) and reinterpreted it to their new Copan Honduras calendar as 12 uinal (240 days).
Perhaps it took them 240 days to go from Volcano Cosiguina bay in 1314bc (Nicaragua) up river to Copan Honduras in 1313bc.
Do understand that these confusions were by Maya in 1313bc Copan looking back 312 years to 1626bc. The 312-year calendar belongs to 1770bc not 1626bc. (12x 312 = 3477 years added to 2256am to equal 6000).
Thus the true 312-year is forward from 1770bc to year 6000 of Adam, but Maya see 1626bc as 3744 back to 5370bc Adam.
All chronology of every nation goes backwards like this; reverse it and it matches Genesis. So it is all about authority figures saying we will do opposite of what you say or you do. It is more defiance than it is mistake. But it proves no evolution exists, it is all our Father Adam debating which year just like Creation by Noah’s Flood is the other debated year. Another match is the Mayan 780-day Mars


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1930bc Arpaxad 1200Mars_v3


  1. Richard Schiller says

    New connection found between the death of Amar-Pal (Amar-Sin) in 1943-1934bc mistaken as the 312-year calendar of Nimrod who died (1770bc) during Hamurabi.

    780-day Marduk calendar of 13-year Marduk having 360-day calendar dates =
    52-year cycle of quartered seasons (4x 52 years = 208 years = 205 Julian)
    N.1044= 1932bc May 25
    N.1096= 1881bc Aug 25
    N.1148= 1830bc Nov 26
    N.1200= 1778bc Feb 26
    N.1252= 1727bc May 29
    N.1304= 1676bc Aug 29
    N.1356= 1625bc Nov 29
    These are 312 years in Mayan called 312 tun (360-day) of 780-day Mars.
    These are original Marduk New Years Day in the world’s 360-day calendar that Noah and family used from before the Flood. The years of Noah are from his birth in 2970bc; his year 600 the Flood in 2370bc (Oct 12); and because the Maya reconstruct that Flood as 3114bc, their (360-day) tun is 155 more than Noah thus new year 1356 listed is 20 days later the Mayan tun 1511.
    Mayan Marduks were created for the rising Mars before these dates, thus 2 years earlier which then falls on these three dates.

    The 780-day Mars calendar ( 2 years 2 months)
    is the date 1934bc Apr 6 dated as 11-01-1041 before the Marduk New year
    N. 1044 = 1932bc May 25 (Noah’s new year 1044).

    That new year 1042 is thus
    N.1042= 1934bc Jun 5 but Mayan new years (tuns) are 20 days later as
    tun 1197 = 1934bc Jun 25 (day imix) and the MAYAN MARDUK TUN
    which occurs every 13 years just as the real true original do.
    Thus we have a 1934bc date where Maya presume are 312-tun Marduk from
    1934bc Jun 25 = tun 1197 (1196=92x 13 since 3113bc)
    to 1627bc Dec 30 = tun 1509 (1508=116x 13 since 3113bc)

    UNDERSTAND! That scholars to this very day will say Nimrod is Hamurabi. And others will say Nimrod is AmarPal. And every evangelist is saying that Marduk is Nimrod. But know this, that Marduk is the rising Mars in dawn about 90 days after setting Mars in twilight “has died”. Thus a death of a king or birth of a king when all confused. So the (1st) connection some Maya make to the true Arpaxad death in 1931bc (clarified Arpaxad is Noah’s grandson dying at 438 conceived during the Flood) as year 1200 tun because they thought this 1931bc was Nimrod’s death in year 1200 (correct 1770bc during Hamurabi as 600 after Flood), and then other Maya seeing the (2nd) connection to Hamurabi’s Marduk new year holiday (1791bc) which Maya place their Marduk as 2 years earlier (one Mars orbit) thus as Hamurabi’s ascension in 1793bc; now we have the (3rd) connection to AMAR-PAL (AMAR-SIN)’s death in 1934bc.
    What is evident is that 312-years in 360-day calendar Marduk spans from 1934-1627bc for Mayans derived from the real 1932-1625bc. Then a leap is made because the intention of 312 is to count 12x to 3744 years when added to 2256am is year 6000. Thus in 360-day 2256am is 1778bc Feb 26. But in Egyptian the 7th month Thoth of 2256am is 1770bc Nov 9. The 360-day ends 60 years before the 365-day. 1913 AD as the last year 6000 versus 1973 AD as the last year 6000. Julian 6000 is another 936 leap days to 1975 AD as 6000. What this unveils is that before the new tzolkin of Izapa, new tun of Izapa, that Copan had seen 312 haab of Egyptian years from 1625-1313bc. They made the switch from the 156-tun Mars (72x 780d) to the 156-haab Mars (73x 780d). So i am going to calculate it, and will post it.

  2. Starheater says

    Hello Elijah
    What are you doing, you bounce here and there with numbers and calculation that is in all the way useless, yes those date are useless, for God sake, what are you trying to prove, that you are a specialist in calendar? If you are bravo!!! But there is more to say without date, we are now in the Last Time, or in the Lost Time, that does’nt mean nothing to me.

    Now listen, whatever the date we are in, 2055, 1978 or other, that does’nt matter, you see my birthday was the 4th of March, well, nothing happen this day. You are mixe up my brother, calm down, and tell me why those calculations, anything special this year. God Bless

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