The Bible Chronology and Astronomy

The Bible Chronology and Astronomy

by Elijah


I am a totally absolutely disorganized person at home and in the brain and mind. I see so much that I do not know where to start even in a conversation.

If i start with too much intro then people see me as looking at them as if stupid and giving them 1st grade preliminaries and way too much in repeating analogies because i am a person that thinks if you don’t understand this analogy then i have five more before we get started.
So if I skip the first grade education of children, then I am over their head and drowning them with things they don’t know.
I am not bragging. I am merely saying I live a mental life (silent education up in my head that no one wants to hear) that results in my living in another world.
I actually see the past so clear that it also gives me a potential likely future I see of others and so I actually in an illustrative sense talk to people of the past and people of the future.

Hopefully i never get Alzheimer in old age and begin to actually think i see and hear them.
I realize that Hollywood script writes do not truly illustrate the essence of dead peoples nor our future.
I am a person that when in 5th grade asked to draw pictures of the year 2000 as if like the Jetsons, i did ponder where the good people would come from that tears down the ghettos and gives them free scientific homes. Indeed we have ghettos with flat screen TVs ( LOL).

Of course, all the new shows came around to show everything destroyed like Matrix and the terminator as if we could survive that.

A  brief summary of my discoveries

Bible scholars (both religious and ones who are atheists, historians etc.), they all play with Bible chronology by using the numbers of recorded genealogies and kingships.
NONE of them use the massive consistent repeating cycles of known worshiped Armageddon countdowns (planets cycles calendars from creation date to expected end) that all those timeline chronologies are built upon.
None of them are concerned that religion used astronomy seeking to find out when Earth’s end would come again as it did before for Noah.
They perceive no astronomy in the Bible or in any of the world’s timelines.
In fact I have yet to read anyone state the 5200 tun of Maya from 3114bc to 2012 is that of 780-day Mars.
Even Jose Arguelles concerns himself only with the 3744 to king Pacal, which is where I discovered in 1984 that the 3744 started in 1770bc as year 2256.
And it is a joke to see two astral dates like a moon for Herod and a date for Assyria.
EVERY single chronology has a Babylon as 3600 years from Adam, originating from the true 2400 years.

My discoveries deal with astral impact to Earth before Adam, and ONCE for Noah, so severe to sink the continents and bring them back up from what you might consider a molten underground tsunami from fracturing the crust from the mantle.

My discoveries are all calendars and timelines are astronomy based so that all nations come after the real Flood but C-14 causes a false 20,000 year gap so that all these 3000bc cultures were within 2270bc Kish, 2340bc Babel, 2170bc Giza, 2030bc Memphis, etc.
My discovery that all calendars and religion with epoch of Creation being Noah’s Flood had Armageddon countdown calendars that truly existed in the original form before altered to fit their new reconstructed Flood year. The originals end from 1914 in a 360-day calendar to Julian years in 1976.  The most commmon two are the 3744-year, and its partial 2808-year (the partial is because the first 936 years are debated as 950 and so some cultures decided it didnt exist as part of the inuaguration of that countdown.
I have discovered that all Genesis long count spans for pre-Flood figures 2256 and 2242 and 2262 are years of Hamurabi 592 to 600 to 608 years after the Flood some marked by a 360-day calendar Mars, and 365-day calendar Mars (Thoth Marduk).

I have discovered that Marduk Street aims NE not SW. That its meant for Mars not the sun. It is meant for Mars not Jupiter. That Marduk dates for Jupiter in the same year 2009bc to count to year 6000 are based on Feb 26 because of 2258bc being the 360-day new year. (Nimrod was 12 living in the 12-year old city of Kish so it would require his father to say Jupiter is as old as you are today. Note Jesus went to the temple at 12 too.) All records on Jerusalem’s temple does fix years to Jupiter in Leo to the west every 83 years. So I can understand the Greeks thought they were making peace with jews with the pig in 168bc or 167bc, the year is debated, but it sets at a Julian Chinese Pig year or the year before as an Egyptian Pig year.
My discovery is that all nations expected the Armageddon by fire or water to be astral in nature by comet or asteroid, and that they stupidly thought the evening western setting descent of Venus or Mars was going to hit the Earth.
My discovery is that C-14 ages all organic life 12 times by turning into nitrogen on the DNA molecule. There are still some sites where scholars  think C-14 is made from carbon; I was corrected recently like the past 5 years but I discovered the C-14 ratio of 12:1 and a 20,000 year gap in the 7-days reducing the 70,000 to 50,000 accuracy down to 50,000 to 30,000 where 50,000 is the 7 days since light hit the ocean, and 30,000 is when land from astral impacts finally stayed above ocean. This ratio formula was on my Commodore 64 in 1985 February and i did a print out (somewhere in this house).
My greatest discoveries include ancient astral formulas that people still are not aware of. Many very simple ones.
How many know 83 Julian years are 7 orbits of Jupiter. How many know that 205 Julian years and 4 days is 208x 360 day = 96x 780 day Mars.
This is because every 52 years (4x 13 years) Mars rises on the 360-day new year. No this is not the helical-rise. There is no exact formula for eratic orbiting Mars, but on the new year it will be rising.
The three Magi observed three stars, gold for Venus, Myrah for Mars, and frankincense for Jupiter. Together they recognized the Saturn for Saturnalia, as well as the Magi solstice of 560bc Dec 25, (the death of Noah in 2021bc 12 days before the Jan 6 winter solstice). So i conclude they found the house before Dec 25, waited for the star and stars to be the Dec 25 position over the house so they could show Mary, and then stayed 12 days with her in the house choosing 3-month toddler Jesus as the king of the world. (This is petty when you look at the things above this topic.)
I personally calculated that the Great Pyramid shaft (by measurements published) will lose precession sight of any star in 92 years when standing at the full length of the shaft, (ground chamber) having been built with the star in the exact middle, it will vanish in the floor 92 years later with the only way to see it last is lay on your stomach on the floor (good thing the floor steps down from the shaft), and eye up the plane of the floor.
In this sense the star has descended into hell, though it comes to view by walking up the shaft.

It is here that i noted there was a distinct event for every 92 years. 2170bc becomes 2078bc having failed to reach 2070bc. Thus ho-Saros the 3600 new moons wins the skill of astronomers in Ur. Then 1986bc instead of the next 100 in 1970bc, And this is 43-year 11th dynasty whose 13 orbits of Saturn from the Flood changes the Pharaoh from house of kings to being one absolute king. I did all this on a Mac Classic in 1990 about using Carina Software Voyager of which I wanted the astronomers to help influence its creator to correct errors I found, and instead I succeeded in getting them to go buy their program elsewhere.
Phyllis Pitluga did not appreciate my religious expressions either, she tolerated them because she saw i was finding errors, that she wouldn’t want in her own research. Lastly, the 3rd chamber since reflecting the shaft ends view in 1894bc instead if 1870bc.

And Babylon throws its party for the planet Mars (Marduk) on the ALL SOULS DAY new year of 360 days in 1894bc. Babylon wins, Great Pyrmaid loses.
But this is why Moslem tradition is the Great Pyramid is Babel’s Tower which failed in the first year of Babel building this tower. Note that the first king of Babylon in 1894bc is 346 years after Babel was founded. Note that 1894bc is 276 years of the Great Pyramid.

It is all about all ancient historians screwing up real history, the way Eve screwed up whether the cyanide in crab apples was safe to eat or not, and whether skinning animals for clothing meant that the use of fire would kill us when burning the animal or sheep produces cyanide we breathe in. Josephus was correct, Abel did not burn the skinned wool, and because the smell made everyone’s mouth water, Abel wins, Cain and those gaging on burnt vegetable smoke loses, and he kills Abel because he didnt like Abel being younger and knowing more than he. AKA, today’s court, they kill jesus because he is younger, and knows more than them. This is why whether it is medicine, or building materials, or any science, we have those who think they are right and snuff out the others.

The END is about not listening to the true warning when someone finally figures it out.
The END is about losing all your technology because you never had the impression you need to preserve it thru something so great that will destroy it all.

I predict, astral impact will sink all continents to an extent above the foot of mountains, today’s elevations of 6000 to 8000 feet. So i watch tsunami videos on Japan and India. Since the deluge lasts a year, explosions of atomic power plants will not be above water. In fact, the damage in Japan was not a total submersion of weeks or months, so it can’t be compared.

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PS1  Ankh

The cross of a planet and the ankh are not the same. An ankh is a loop retrograde crossing that outer planets make at opposition and inner planets make at inferior conjunction. Both are retrogrades with stars not the sun.

Example. Saturn orbits 29.5 years so when it makes its ankh every year it occurs crossing a star three times, forward, backward, and forward every 59 years.
Because Saturn orbits twice in 59 years, this means each opposition to the sun is about 378 days (365+13).
An ancient would probably assume that if a year is 12x 30 day month that Saturn is 30x 12 days but this would calculate as a 31-year orbit if every opposition were 1 year 12 days for 30 times.
In 29.5 years this full orbit has 28.5 oppositions in 29.5 years and 57 oppositions in 59 years (60 years of 360-day calendar).
That is to say that in 29.5 years there are 28 ankhs (loops) which is two in each zodiac constellation (designed for moon months and Jupiter years). Thus an ankh crossing of a star might be assumed to be every 30 years of orbit. But as a 29.5 year orbit, when an ankh occurs across  a star (such as Regulus) then the next orbit the two oppositions will occur before that star (Regulus) and after that star (Regulus) so that it takes 59 years for the ankh to occur with Regulus. For example the Saturn-Regulus ankh of Ur’s 177-year 1st dynasty is:
anhk 2207bc Sep and 2206bc May
cross 2177bc May
anhk 2148bc Sep and 2147bc May
cross 2118bc May
anhk 2089bc Sep and 2088bc May
cross 2060bc May
anhk 2030bc Sep and 2029bc May 6
(2029bc May 6 = Kayak 25 Egyptian Memphis Xmas to honor Ur’s mass suicide of two princes Nahor Meskalumdug and Haran Alumdug with 63 wives and 4 guards to join Peleg Mesanipada the founder of Ur in heaven who died 2030bc May 6 because his son Reu Aanipada the world’s first king refused to join them to join his father in heaven.
In this way Peleg became the Christ or Leader to heaven 9 years before Noah became the “real” Christos (Xisuthros) Leader ot heaven on his death 2021bc December 25. Greeks decided to merge the two and claim Noah’s ark began its ascent to heaven 2958bc Dec 25.

The ankh of Venus occurs when it reverses direction at sunset before crossing the sun and then reverses direction rising in the east after crossing the sun.
This ankh is NOT the greatest elongation or reversal of Venus direction.
 It is the cross dates of which ever significant star is met in the west before solar conjunction and then again in the east after solar conjunction.
This causes it to cross the same constellation twice in a loop or an ankh though it crosses the sun only once. The importance of the ankh with Venus is thus to make the astronomer that his star (say Regulus) will be met at both setting and then again at rising.
I will look up an example on my program right now. 2077bc Jun 1 west and  conj July 14 and Aug 30 east

PS2  Chinese and  Mayan Timekeeping

The 60 day names of China constantly cycle the same 30 day numbers of  Noahs 360-day calendar and that is thrice the 20-day names of Mayan.
Currently the Aug 11 epoch used for Maya because it shows favor to Dec 21 in 2012 places imix the day before all the global world evidence of evolving calendars.
Ahau is day zero, they refuse to call it day 20, yet they list it last as meaning complete.
You decide whether a closed fist is zero or whether it means give you all five.
Anyways, the day imix is always day 1 or kin 1 in the 360-day Mayan tun.
Thus for Mayan day imix to fall on Noah’s day 1 and also fall on Chinese day WU  there must be a Gregorian Aug 12 epoch (not Aug 11 epoch.)
That means the big end of the world was Dec 22 not Dec 21.
I can make the list of the 10 Chinese day names, how they cycle to 60 with 12 day names, and then how the Mayan 20 days fit in (but i cannot include the 13 day numbers because that combination totals 260 days (not 10 not 30 not 60 not 360). The 13 day numbers are affiliated with 13 tun of 360 days as 6 of 780-day Mars, but makes significance when it becomes 13 leap days in 52 years (Julian years), 13 days more than 52 haab, which 52 haab (x365 days) are 260 days more than 52 tun (x360 days).
The 52 tun is 780-day Mars and is why then the 260 days is one-third of Mars.
This 260-day tzolkin is based on the new year Marduk 2 years of Noah’s Flood, but in Mayan placement it marks th ebirth of Noah’s grandson 180 days (6 months) before that rising Mars.
This is why the Maya have lost the rise of Mars on 2368bc Oct 1 (Noah’s year 602) and instead see Marduk (rising 780-day Mars) as Noah’s year 601 on date 3113bc Sep 2 (day 1 imix, the day after the day 13 Ahau of Sep 1).
So even the Maya not only have our Noah but also have his grandson Arpaxad.
Thus i have no qualms at defying scholars who will not believe my seeing Mari Syria (2029-1762bc) as the city built by the first Maya taken to Babylon (1762-1625bc) and joining the Hindu and Chinese in leaving Babylon to join the first Hindus already in India for 404 years (2029-1625bc), and dwelt there 188 years (1625-1437bc) until Chinese and Maya went to build Xia China in 1437bc. Interestingly a confusion can occur in that kings existed for 187 years (2207-2020bc) before the House of kings was built in Egypt as a Pharaoh and here we have 187 years of kings dwelling in India 1625-1438bc preceding Chinese foundation.
This is the 187 that Ramses (1290bc) claims is 2321-2134bc for dynasties 6 thru 8 while 9 and 10 awaited kingship that never came because although they ruled as kings in The House but the 11th dynasty made their king the presiding ulitmate absolute power of the Pharaoh (in 1986bc not 2134bc).

PS3 Tzolkin and Cycles of Venus and Mars

Tzolkin was created in 1275bc at Izapa

BreakThru. I have just traced the Marduk of Noah’s Flood to Babel’s Marduk Street, to Hamurabi’s Marduk, to Amizaduga’s Marduk, to Mayan foundation 1313bc, to Hindu 1302bc calculation of the 3102bc epoch, to the creating of the tzolkin Marduk in 1275bc at Izapa proving Malstrom correct that it was created there.

Prepare yourself. Hold your hat.
I just connected astronomically the step by step confusion of Babylon’s 1770-1625bc to the foundations of India and the Maya.
Those who don’t read will never understand, they are gods in their own eyes,they are God in their own eyes.
You know God has done this so much for me that I don’t appreciate it anymore.
I feel no one cares. It is over heads. And what i rather do is raise one person from the dead in the name of the bride of Christ to prove the whole raptured bride is Jesus in the flesh who the world kills 40 days before asteroid impact.


One of the puzzles is how do you take 8-year cycles of Venus and 156-year cycles of Mars and move them from 1770bc to a Flood year such as 3114bc with 1344 years from one to the other.
Yes 1200 is 8-year Venus (1199 Julian) plus 144 is also 8-year Venus.
But 1344 years are 1363 of 360 days and 13 year Mars will either be 1365 =105x 13 in 1346 years or 1352 =104x 13 in 1333 years.
Another problem is the reality has 600 years before the Flood that changed planet Earth from 360 days to 365 days. Thus we are dealing not with 1344 years but only 744 years as 600+144 for Venus. Because the pentacle rotates we are  also dealing with meeting the same stars in 251 years or same sothic date (Julian) in 243 years.
Thus year 745 is 251+251+243 (Shem’s 502 in 1868bc + 243),
or 243+251+251 (king Meskiag-Nannar’s 243 in 2127bc + 502,
or 235 + 235 +235 +40, fall of 3rd dynasty Ur’s 470 in 1900bc, +235+40;
or 243+243+243 +16.
It cannot be done without some priest interpreting one kind of Venus as another kind.
As with so much Bible chronology it has cross-matching like changing state highway 143 to become Interstate freeway 43 though staying the same road.
But the fact is that 744 years has 186 sothic leap days yet only 180 solar leap days.
Another puzzle to grasp is the Mars and Venus of these alternative years 1344 of Noah.
The actual year is 1626bc and 1625bc. But in Mayan chronology its is 1770bc and in Moslem chronology it is 1778bc.
The 1770bc has the Egyptian Thoth Marduk where Mars is logged rising for weeks on the month Thoth (at that time the 7th month until 1514bc when it becomes first month).
Using Thoth (Nov 9) allows the absent Tamuz crossing of July 10 to be ignored, a mere indication that Thoth will be arriving.
This is also true with the July 10 Phoenix of Venus rising ignored until it is Thoth, the same date for both Mars and Venus.
This is then used every 312 years to confirm that the two dates are the same.
Both planets Mars and Venus are guaranteed to drift back not just the 26 leap days, but the original Venus synodic position as angular distance from the sun will drift back another 15 days so that the Venus date has actually gained to be a Venus further in its orbit by those 15 days in its angular distance from the sun. That makes 31 days in the 624 years, 93 days in 1872 years, and 187 days in the whole 3744 years. Because Venus is already visible 122 days after July 10 on Nov 9 in 1770bc, the formula constant of 584 days causes another 187 days to be added to that 122 to be a Venus visible for 309 days. Cannot be! Because visibility is only 263 days. Thus Venus is already 46 days into its 50-day absence of solar superior conjunction when the 3744-year calendar says to expect a rising morning-star of Armageddon.
THIS is the Venus that does not get corrected by Maya in 100bc when Thompson claims they chose 58 calendar rounds (x52) of 3016 haab (3014 Gregorian) to check their Mayan Noah’s Flood of 3114bc.
That Venus date of 584 days shifts 150 days of Venus in those 3000 years. This means the smartest Mayans were those traveled to America and didn’t make it.
No matter how awesome the Maya could get by 630 AD or 800 AD, their new concepts of true astronomy were attempting to account for the false reconstruction their forefathers made, just as today’s scholars believe so much trash that preceded us too. So now to analyze the difference between Venus and Mars for 1778bc, 1770bc, 1750bc, 1626bc, 1625bc, and 1614bc:
HAMURABI  Moslem use Adam’s 360-day 2256am as their 3600am from 5378bc Adam
                   and so as Noah’s year 1344 from the Flood as 3122bc
1778bc Feb 26 Marduk new year 1-01-1200 = 2256am as rising Mars
1778bc July 12 rising Venus date 2-29-592  (unatoned 584-day = Aug 11 on 3-29-592)
Mayan use Adam’s 365-day 2256am as their 3600am from 5370bc Adam
                   and so as Noah’s year 1344 from the Flood as 3114bc

Nimrod dies in Abydos Egypt at 500; Hamurabi in Babylon says he’s taking over the world

  • 1770bc = 600 years of 150 sothic leap days (but 145 solar leap days)
  • 1770bc July 10 Tamuz Mars crossing on
  • 1770bc July 10 Phoenix Venus rising date 2-29-600 (unatoned 584-day = Aug 9 on 3-39-600)
  • 1770bc Sep 12 is 780-day Mars date for rising 45 days after artificial Tau date1770bc Nov 9 Thoth Marduk date 7-01-600 as the new 365-day calendar Marduk cycle of 156 years (haab)
  • 1770bc Nov 9 Venus Ish-star date 7-01-600 as the new 365-day calendar Marduk cycle of 156 years (haab)
  • 1770bc Dec 25 memorial to Noah’s death in 2021bc is now 8-17-600 (mistaken as 2-17-600 in this 2256am)
    This is not the reborn sun which occurs Jan 4 and still worshipped as Jan 6.
Hamurabi destroys Mari Syria, city built by the Mayan cousins of Abram for 267 years.
Mars 3-01-1215  = 1763bc Feb 7  (this might have something to do with why HIndu epoch on 3102bc falls on 9-01)
1762bc July 8 rising Venus date 2-29-608   (unatoned 584-day = Aug 7 on 3-29-608)
Mars 5-01-1217  = 1761bc Mar 28
1753bc Oct 12  Marduk Mars 1-01-1226  =  (Marduk new year is same as Noah’s Flood year 600 in 2370bc Oct 12)
This date is 1200 years after Chinese-Roman Noah’s Flood 2953bc  (discovery made 2013 Jan 25 Fri)
240 years to global exodus disasters in 1513bc
Mars 3-01-1228 = 1751bc Dec 1
Hamurabi dies, Jacob Israel gives Joseph a coat for king of kings
1750bc = 620 years of 155 sothic leap days (but 150 solar leap days)
AMIZADUGA  ( = Adam’s year 2400-2401am and is Noah’s year 1344-1345, but 360-day calendar 1355-1356)
Mayan Adam’s year 3744am completes 12x 312 years and founds Copan in 1314bc 312 years later.
Mayan Noah’s year 1488, twice 744, twice 180 solar leap days.
Hippolytus 1448 from Flood is 3258-1770bc; Africanus 1448 from Flood is 3238-1750bc.
1626bc May 28  rising Venus date 2-22-744  (unatoned 584-day = July 4 on 3-29-744) (+312 = 1314bc)
2-22 is the date Persian Parmuti 22 which becomes Persian 8-22, but Egyptian 8-27.
This was not to be confused as the Flood date in Noah’s year 601 disembarking the ark, nor is it to be confused with Nimrod’s death in 1770bc as April 22.
1625bc Oct 15 artificial Tau  (actual Tau is 40 days ago Sep 5)

1625bc Nov 29 = Marduk new year 1356 (from 602 to 1356 = 754 =58x 13 year Mars) day =12 imix
1624bc Jan 2 is 243-year Venus from Shem 1867bc Jan 2  (745 years after 2369bc Jan 6 =3-29-00)
1614bc Oct 1 = Egyptian 7-01-756 = 2412am = Thoth Marduk’s 156 year Mars and Venus
This Egyptian year 756 in 1614bc from year 1 (2369bc) is not to be confused with Noah’s 360-day new year 1-01-1356 (600+756) which falls in 1625bc Nov 29.
By doing so you take the 156 years of Mars, and you put it back 11 years so that the next cycle of 156 years will end in 1469bc instead of 1458bc (Jun 26), and then 1313bc and 1157bc, instead of 1302bc and 1146bc.
1612bc Sep 22 = Marduk new year 1369 (from 602 to 1369 = 769 =59x 13 Mars) day =12 imix
156 tun is about 154 haab
1458bc May 2  Tau    +55 days
1458bc Jun 26 = Marduk new year 1525 (from 602 to 1525 = 923 =71x 13 Mars) day =12 imix
+58 days = 113 days

1458bc Aug 23 = 7-01-912 became 1-01 in 1514bc, thus 1-01-912 Thoth Marduk and Venus
(312 years from 1770bc)

Both 360-day Marduk and 365-day Marduk become the same rising star.

This occurs because 156 haab Mars is a gain of one 780-day Mars from 360-day 9-01 at 1770bc Thoth to become 360-day 11-01 at 1614bc Thoth, thus again to 1-01 at 1458bc Thoth. But the two new years are 58 days apart. 18+40 or 40+18. The next Marduk of 156 tun and 156 haab will then be in 1304 &   HINDU 1302bc.

HOWEVER, the 1626bc counts 312 to MAYAN 1314bc as Venus and Mars. Thus:
1626bc May 28  rising Venus date 2-22-744  (unatoned 584-day = July 4 on 3-29-744)
The Chinese and the Maya left India in 1438bc based on Venus of 2029bc July 19 to Sep 17
preparing for Dec 4 to Feb 2 of 1437bc. They mistook the command to observe 600 years of Venus
to be 600 years of 360 days to a 592-year Venus. Then they add 1200 and think 2637bc calendar.
1317bc Jun  5 =  1-01-1668   Marduk new year 1668 (from 602 to 1668 = 1066 =82x 13 Mars) =12 imix 
1315bc July 25 =  3-01-1670   Mars rising day =12 imix 
1314bc Feb 24  rising Venus

date 2-07-1056  (unatoned 584-day = April 17 on 3-29-1056)

1313bc Sep 12 =  5-01-1672   Mars rising day =12 imix 
1306bc Apr 29=  1-21-1679  +155 = Mayan 1834 tun = 1 +1833 tun = 141x 13 year Mars
Mayan Marduk = Mars rising day =1 imix 

700 days

1304bc Mar 29 = Marduk new year 1681 (from 602 to 1681 = 1079 =83x 13 Mars) day =12 imix


1302bc May 18 =  3-01-1683   day =12 imix  This rising Mars is 600 years after 1902bc as the fall of 3rd dynasty Ur which was actually 1901bc followed by Shelah’s death in 1900bc. But although an actual 600 Julian and Egyptian from that year, the 360-day calendar year 1683 is exactly 600 years after Babylon’s ALL SOULS new year of 1894bc Nov 2 (year 1083). This is what closes the 6-year gap so that Greeks and Babylon agreed that  Babylon’s 300 was 1900-1600bc and its variables 1902-1602bc and 1901-1601bc, instead of 1894-1594bc. The 600 year Venus is thus 1902-1302bc, and the 592-year venus is 1894-1302bc.
This induces Hindu calculations of 3102bc Flood to 1902bc fall of Ur and insists the Venus dates of Amizaduga for year 1627bc are 1902bc. This explains then the epoch of 9-01 for 3102bc setting between the two debated dates by scholars. Perceiving Noah’s years 1083-1683 as 1902-1302bc of 600 years, then also presumes 1902bc was year 1200, thus regarding 3102bc not as Noah’s birth, but as Noah’s Flood.   +58 days

1302bc July 15 = 1-01-1068 Thoth Marduk (468 years from 1770bc)

and Venus

This connects India and Maya to Babylon’s kings Hamurabi and Amizaduga.

What disrupted the whole world was a comet encounter in 1514bc (including exploding Thera Santorini Atlantis).
However, the Chinese and the Maya were still in India when this happened. All three came from the city Ur built by Peleg whose 30,000 people dispersed twice,  in 2029bc and in 1900bc, thus dealing in this scenerio with about 60,000 people of Ur becoming whatever population of Mari and Babylon and migrating east thru India.
Mayans built Mari from 2029-1762bc and were dragged to Babylon from 1762-1625bc.
The Hindu of Ur divided, half to India 275 years (1900-1625bc), half to Babylon.
The proof is in their having Amizaduga’s texts of 1625bc. The Chinese were with the original Hindu (not those who spent 275 years in Babylon) because their history of Yu  (Reu) Aanipada (2207-2127bc) indicates they did not go to Babylon, but traveled with the original Hindu to India.
1302bc Aug  6 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 5-21-1683)  = tun 1838:6.01
1300bc Sep 24 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 7-21-1685)
1298bc Nov 13 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 9-21-1687)
1295bc Jan  1 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 11-21-1689)

1293bc Feb 20 Mayan Marduk 1 imix  (Noahs 1-21-1692) = Mayan 1847 tun = 1 +1846 tun = 142x 13 year Mars
1291bc Apr 10 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 3-21-1694)
1289bc May 29 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 5-21-1696) = tun 1851:6.01
1287bc July 18 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 7-21-1698)
1285bc Sep  5 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 9-21-1700)
1283bc Oct 25 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 11-21-1702)
1281bc Dec 13 Mayan Marduk 1 imix  (Noahs 1-21-1705) = Mayan 1860 tun = 1 +1859 tun = 143x 13 year Mars
1278bc Feb  1  Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs  3-21-1707)
1276bc Mar 21  Mayan Mars  (Noahs 5-20-1709)  = tun 1864:6.0 = day 13 Ahau
            Mar 22  Mayan Mars  (Noahs 5-21-1709)  = tun 1864:6.1 = day   1 imix

This date discovered today falls 260 days before this chart starts on Dec 7
1274bc May 11  Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs  7-21-1711)
1272bc Jun 29  Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs  9-21-1713)
1270bc Aug 18 Mayan Mars 1 imix  (Noahs 11-21-1715)
1268bc Oct  6  Mayan Marduk 1 imix  (Noahs  1-01-1718) = Mayan 1873 tun = 1 +1872 tun = 144x 13 year Mars
1101 years after 2369bc Oct 6 new year 601 (new moon), and 1100 years after 2368bc Oct 1 Marduk year 602

This verifies that the tzolkin was created in 1275bc at Izapa according to the method of Malstrom.

I have no doubt that Malstrom was guided by Jehovah to discover and see what he has, so that it could be delivered to others like me to see it in the Biblical Genesis truth of world reality. Kill me for it if you wish, YOU all killed John before you killed Jesus, and thenyou said well heck he wasnt following Jesus anyways, and he dressed and acted opposite of Jesus. When others do for me, the things i love my God for, then all i can do is hope they see  Armageddon and make the effort to survive it. That is my blessing from God in return to them as a thank you from me.
Izapa 1275bc Mars
Read this Chapter as PDF: Mayan Marduk at Izapa


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    The 780-day Mars on this Izapa chart is Mayan, not biblical. Its rise on the new year’s day of every 13 tun (13x 360 days) compares to the Marduk of Babel in Genesis by being 700 days before it. That is to say the 780-day Mars of the Maya is not only 700 days before biblical, it is also 80 days after. Therefore, Mayan new year Mars (2 years earlier) is the rising of Mars in the east of the orbit that precedes the biblical Mars. There are six orbits from new year to new year (13 tun = 13 years). I’ll create a chart.

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