Spaceflight in Mahabharata?

[…] After the Lokopalas had gone away, Arjuna — that slayer of all foes — began to think, O monarch, of the car of Indra! And as Gudakeca gifted with great intelligence was thinking of it, the car endued with great effulgence and guided by Matali, came dividing the clouds and illuminating the firmament and filling the entire welkin with its rattle deep as the roar of mighty masses of clouds. Swords, and miscrias of terrible forms, and maces of frightful description, and winged darts of celestial splendor, and lightnings of the brightest effulgence, and thunderbolts, and Tutagudas furnished with wheels and worked with atmospheric expansion and producing sounds, loud as the roar of great masses of clouds, were on that car. And there were also on that car fierce and huge-bodies Nagas with fiery mouths, and heaps of stones white as the fleecy clouds. And the car was drawn by tenthousand horses of golden hue, endued with the speed of the wind. And furnished with prowess of illusion, the car was drawn with such speed that the eye could hardly mark its progress. And Arjuna saw on that car the flag-staff called Vaijayanta, of blazing effulgence, resembling in hue the emerald or the dark blue lotus, and decked with golden ornaments, and straight as the bamboo. And beholding a charioteer decked in gold seated on that car, the mighty-armed son of Pritha regarded it as belonging to the celestials. […] Matali the charioteer of Cakra, hearing these words of Arjuna, soon mounted the car and controlled the horses. […] Arjuna, blazing like the sun itself, ascended the celestial car. And the Kuru prince, gifted with great intelligence, with a glad heart, coursed through the firmament on that celestial car effulgent as the sun and of extraordinary achievements. And after he had become invisible to the mortals of the earth, he behold thousends of cars of extraordinary beauty. And in that region there was no sun or moon or fire to give light, but it blazed in light of its own, generated by virtue and ascetic merit. And those brilliant regions that are seen from the earth in form of stars, like lamps (in the sky) — so small in consequence of their distance, though very large — were beheld by the son of Pandu, stationed in their respective places, full of beauty and effulgence and blazing with splendor all their own. […] ‘These, O son of Pritha, are virtous persons, stationed in their respective places. It is these whom thou hast seen, O exalted one, as stars from the earth!’ The Mahabharata translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli, published by Pratap Chandra Roy, Calcutta 1886-1890

The quotation above comes from The Mahabharata and may lead to many possible interpretations

The Mahabharata and Ramayana are the national epics of India. They are probably the longest poems in any language. The Mahabharata, attributed to the sage Vyasa, was written down from 540 to 300 B.C. It tells the legends of the Bharatas, one of the Aryan tribal groups. The Mahabharata was written down a long time ago, before the technology which is described in some parts of it, was (re)invented in our time. Even at the time of the complete literal and close English translation, in the years 1886-1890 (by Kisari Mohan Ganguli, published by Pratap Chandra Roy), no aircraft ever flew and the first combustion engine was just invented a few month earlier.

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Mahabharata (The Condensed Version of the World’s Greatest Epic) by Krishna Dharma (Editor), Krishna Dharma (Editor)


  1. corvo says

    @harley davison

    well said.

    i for one definetley beleive that humans were much more advanced in previous times, as long as institutional science, which is determined to prove its own theory and ignore all other theories which conflict , has a hold on research . The longer it will take for us to discover the truths. Cities older that what history books, and archeoligist write in their text books have been discovered, yet they are ignored because it rivals mainstream scientific theory which has brainwashed thousands.

    The ancient indian texts talk extensively in great detail about aircrafts and atomic weapons , which could cause nations to be destroyed in seconds.

  2. guy says

    It is our scientists and archeologists, who learn at an early time in their studies, that to successfully establish a career in said fields is to accept certain truths and maintain those truths for as long as the statis quo remains. It is not until science and discovery work hand in hand for the advancement of all mankind and for the passion of discovering who we truly are, where we originated, who are our true ancestors, the truth behind all the myserious artifacts and ancient pictures left behind, and what free technology did mankind leave behind, that we as a race will have to live in a petro dependant , commerce driven economy led by rich elite groups of people supported by tax paid government officials who make up the laws that ensure we never find out the truth. The so called boys clubs will never give up their power so easily as long as we give in day by day to work and keep this system running for them.

  3. Harley Davison Borgais says

    How many times do we have to find cities and artifacts which were thought to be myths and legends, before we finally acknowledge that ALL legends were based on some original truth?

  4. Harley Davison Borgais says

    It is far easier to believe in ancient technology if you consider that it took less than 100 years between Hans Oersted’s realization (and public announcement) that an electrical current through a wire caused a magnetic compass needle nearby to move (in 1820), and then Nikola Tesla’s experiments between the 1880’s up to 1900’s (creating lightning larger than nature, moving rain clouds away, causing earthquakes, making the sky glow green, and moving objects at a distance with energy wave transmission -not the standard EM waves though-).
    Also consider a documentary about what would happen if humans suddenly disappeared. Within 100 to 1,000 years, every single thing we have made would disintegrate to dust unless it was specially preserved in a tomb, by a mudslide, under volcanic ash, or something like that.

    We have found CITIES under water which are 10,000 years old, even 30,000 years old (170ft under, west of India). In this time span, advanced technology could have been developed and lost many times over.

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