Letters from Elijah

Letters from Elijah

This is “ongoing” article by “Elijah” presenting information about ancient timelines, Flood, Armageddon etc.
It will be frequently updated by the author – please bookmark it and re-visit for new information and discussion.

My Dream about the Timeline

by Elijah

I was dreaming last night and in my dream I saw that the 80 years of Reu Aanipada the first human king of the world in 2207bc rules 80 years just like the first angel or king from heaven did before the Flood.

About Kings

For those of you who don’t understand what it means to be the first king.
A king is a man who is allowed to rule elders or people older than he is.
     There was no patriarchal world before this. A father ruled his household but a man would leave and get a wife and his father would no longer rule him, no matter how many times they ever met, the father didnt make his son’s decisions and still control him and his wives and children etc. When you think of it, how can Adam rule everyone the whole 930 years of his life as big boss king over millions of people as his family. He didn’t.
     Peleg decided that it was his city. Those older than Peleg, in Peleg’s city had agreed to work under Peleg. But this is an employer relationship. Then Peleg said, My son is wise and he rules for me. Thus at 62 he gave all  authority to his son Reu who is 32 over anyone no matter how old if they wished to stay in his city. This is kingship. Did Pharaoh exist.
No. The year is 2207bc. Giza and its pyramid was not started until 2170bc. Memphis and the 365-day calendar did not start until 2030bc when people left Ur because a suicide was being planned. Reu Aanipada refused to go to heaven to join his father Peleg who was going to die (2030bc May 6) and the whole world was confused starting with Halloween new year’s day 2031bc Nov 1 because none of those older than 240 who were still young
proved their health and behavior as any different than those good and bad who were all 239 and looking very aged and decrepitly old (like our current 98 to 110) and showing no indication as to why the result. The cut of 700 years was not heart cholesterol, it was not cancer, it was not dysentary, it was not STDs. So elders (wiser older men) and even young kings of’ wisdom began migrating to leave all the jerks who had stupid ideas as to what causes old age and death.
It is Nahor MesKalumdug who wanted Reu Aanipada to willingly join the suicide. He wouldnt, but he stayed in Ur. Nahor wanted his son Terah to join in it. But Terah wouldnt. And so Nahor sent for his grandson Haran to come back from his city of Harran Syria to die. They picked 70 to die (68 of their wives, and then 4 guards serving out the poison). The Bible speicifically states Haran died in the city of his birth. Why doesnt it say this for Reu, and for Serug, and for Nahor.
Terah and Abram were born there and left to die in an other city, the city of Harran is where Terah died.
The indication is that since Nineveh was built in 2060bc when Haran was 18, he was probably drafted as a work force to go there because to the west is then where Harran is built probably in 2048bc when he was 30. The towers of Harran are exactly aligned like those of Ur.
     The Pharaoh was created first as an assembly house of kings from 42 cities where they would vote for a presiding king. As long as majority vote was respected, no king could become absolute.
Unfortunately martial law for a disaster makes a king absolute even now when Armageddon approaches.
This house was created in year 350 which is when Noah died. so it is in 2020bc and so 187 years after the first king Reu of the city Ur. And 150 years from starting the Great Pyramid (2170bc) which was not finished it had yet to build its 3rd final chamber. .And 10 years after memphis (2030bc), and the 365-day calendar in year 340.
The chronologies that say the calendar is 177 years after the Flood 2947-2770bc (or Greek 2958-2781bc) mistake the record of the city Ur as being 177 years of the world (kingship 2207-2030bc).
The difference is a Saturnalia of Leo for Ur, or a Saturnalia of Capricorn for the Flood, both opposite in Saturn’s 30-year orbit. The 43-year 11th dynasty created an absolute Pharaoh in 1986bc when its first king demanded that he not lose his own personal vote sacrificed totally to be forced to merely to represent the majority vote of kings. His job was to enforce the vote that the majority kings decided.
That enforcement of a majority vote as law was great power. But he felt he was denied his power if he had to relinquich his own vote for this. Further, if his vote was merely added to the majority and yet sided with minority rule, of what worth is he. And so with irrational reasoning to sound rational he merely declared that he could decide to favor minorities. And with that minorities began to rule over majority wiht coersion of the Pharaoh. As Shemites feared, Hamites now ruled. Shem became ruled by Ham as if Noah was drunk Bacchus who deserved little Canaan’s humorous curiosity (naked in his tent) in which his father Ham laughed at. The reason Egyptians (Ham) hated sheep is because cows will starve and die if sheep graze the grass lower than cows can. So it is a commericial war of more meat versus less meat, and leather versus fleece.
Abram came in the 1st year of the 12th dynasty to bring the 25-year lunar calendar to Pharaoh.
But to disclose to him that its relationship of 75 years was 19 leap days short of the 76-year moon.
Thus the order of kingship is not Egypt before Ur. In fact Chinese kingship lists Yu (Reu) as the first king before they ever get to China in 1437bc. And the kings of the 42 cities in the 2020bc Pharaoh are all of the living ancesters of dynasties 1 thru 4 living in Egypt since 2170bc. Dynasty 5 are the kings of 2207bc who all died in 2030bc. Dynasties 6 thru 8 then joined the Pharaoh until 11th claimed to be sole ruled in 1986bc.
But  6 htru 8 were still assembling to vote until the 12th dynasty (1943bc).

And now …  my dream

Simple math
360-day calendar began in Adam’s year 390 (3636bc with year 1 of the 10-year sar in 3635bc), Adams 391am.
Angels created this calendar and decided to stay on earth as humans until Adam’s year  686am (3340bc) when Methuselah was born to Enoch who saw that world kingship by a sole presiding angel was not of God.
Thus the 10-year sar of the king began with year 1 in 3339bc, and 3329bc, and 3319bc so that when Noah was born in 2970bc his first calendar new year was year 1 in 2969bc, and his year 601 would be 2369bc the date they cut and carved the door seal off the ark upon Mount Ararat and threw it outside on the ground to celebrate the new year of getting the heck out of that damn coffin for a year.
(Real-time reconstruction) 
But Reu’s kingship falls on Adam’s sars (decades), the original of the angels, not decades of their kingships. 2207bc May 29 is Noah’s year 765 but Adam’s year 1821am. However, king Reu’s 80 years are not decades of 360-day which would end 2128bc April 4 (Noah’s 845 as Adam’s 1901am), but rather 80 years of Sothis (Julian) or Venus (x365 days).
The 80 sothic years (Julian) to 2127bc May 29 are 81 of 360-day (exactly 81x 360 +60 days) so that 80 sothic years or 80 Julian years place May 29 on Noah’s death 3-01-846 (in this 360-day cycle since 3636bc)…
However, Venus as 584-day or 8 years of 365 days lack 20 leap days so they end as a measure from 2127bc May 29 from (1-01-765 (1821am) to May 9 as Noah’s 2-11-846 (1902am).
Anyone can see why the study of astronomy would be part of the confused language during Peleg’s life.
Absence of the star Sothis is 72 days at Ur from May 7 to July 18 as was noted with new year 825 in 2148bc July 18 as Terah’s birth new year. The king Meskiag has his name married to Nanna (Nannar) because Venus returns  to Jan 6 in 2126bc as it was day 40 of the Flood 2369bc Jan 6. Thus as Reu was anointed on 10-01-764 (2207bc Feb 28) in honor of Little Ararat conception of Arpaxad by Shem on the grounded sealed ark (10-01-600 =2369bc July 8), so too now Meskiag was anointed on 10-01-846 which is 2127bc Dec 25 and oh my God we find a match to Nimrod confusion with dec 25 just like Jan 6.
Not only does Venus from the Flood return on January 6 in 2369-2126bc (where Meskiag gets the name Nannar on January 6), but 12 days before it is the Dec 25 anointing that gets confused as the death of the first king.
Which first king whether Reu or Nimrod is wrong on both counts. Nimrod died in 1770bc not 2127bc. he died on 365-day 12-15 which is Mekir 15 on April 22, not the Mesor 15 that Noah died on (Dec 25), nor the 360-day 12-15 that fell on Dec 25 of 1770bc but equals Paopi 17 (mistaken as 2-17 before calendar-flip in 1513bc made it 2-17.) And further, Reu did not die when he gave up his kingship to Meskiag on that 2127bc Dec 25 (10-01-846). But lived to 2001bc where again that date too is mistaken as yet another dateof Nimrod’s death, as a winter solstice Phoenix merely because people insist Nimrod is the first king not Reu.
(Nimrod at 30 founded Babel 2240bc one year before Reu was born in 2239bc as foundation of the city Ur.)
Officially despite anointing on 10-01-846 (Dec 25), and the extended name of Jan 6 (10-13-846), the new year 847 (1903am) for his kingship would be 2126bc March 25. Thus you can see that Reu’s 80-year kingship appears as 82 years in 360-day calendar (new year 765 to 847 from 2207-2126bc. Again this 2126bc March 25 is a British new year, insisting original Christmas was a  March 25 (presumed Tamuz) not Dec 25, and confusing it with the Thoth Marduk of 834bc March 20 (3192am) because 3192am is claimed as the Thoth 1 of 2009bc (Jan 8), 8 years before 2001bc Thoth 1 on Jan 6.
I think in language we can safely say that before the Latin word Terah was born in 2148bc to mean the earth divided, that the Sar still meaning king can be given anyone of the years,  be it an origin in 3635bc (Adams 391am),
 or Reu’s kingship in 2207bc (Adams 1821am), the hoSaros (3600 new moons of 2078bc Jan 7). But  the 80 years of Reu as venus extend past 8 sars of each 3600 days. Thus the defining of 8 sars definately becomes lost during this first king Reu Aanipada.
Yet Babylonian priest Berosus insists that the Babel was not built by Nimrod after the Flood, but rather Babylon had been built by Menes or Menos (perhaps ancestral father to Nimrod, but in reality Mena is the name Narmer  nick-named Nar-Merod took when Noah died and he then negotiated the Pharaoh between Hamites and Shemites). Berosus says Al-Oros the first king before the Flood ruled not Eridu but Babylon in 1056am and 1200 years  before the Flood (2256am), claiming Babylon was built 600 years before Noah was born when in fact babylon’s first kings were in 1894bc (476 years after the Flood), and Nimrod died 600 years after that Flood, in 1770bc  during Hamurabi, in Noah’s year 1200. Thus again reversing language, to say that Nimrod did not die in Noah’s year 1200, but that Noah’s Flood ending the world was 1200 of these kings. In reality he takes the 1198 years from  Jared to Arpaxad (Adams 460-1658am =3566-2368bc) and claims they are 1200 years from world kingship 1056am to Arpaxad 2256am since their 1656am is Noah’s birth instead of 1056am, so that 1056am they claim  is kings from heaven. But when Noah’s years began on their decades, his year is 1056am, not their year. Their year is 370 years before his birth.
This explains why the kings total 1198 years not 1200, because NeoBabylon 1200 in 2256am is 2 years after the Flood, thus only 1198 before the Flood.
Since a match does not occur with decades at the end of Reu’s 80 years, the match is when it starts.
Thus kingship of Alulim is 80 years from 3340-3260bc (Adam’s 686-766am; the year 687 being the new year after the birth of Methuselah).
Year 1 of each decade is actually the next year (Adam’s 687-767am) as revealed with Noah’s year 601 being 1657am.
thus 3340bc to 2207bc is 1133 years. But because of the astral impact of the Flood in 2370bc, this is 970 years before the Flood and 163 years after the Flood. Those 163 years span 165 calendar years (Noah’s 600-765 =  1656-1821am). This means the 360-day calendar spans 1135-1134 years (686-1821am or 687-1821am). Because Reu chooses Adam’s sars (decades) not the demon-angel kings’ decades or sars (which are also Noah’s decades),  this results in the 80 years of Alulim to the 80 years of the first human king Reu as not being whole decades. Yet as in the case of Berosus you can see that he counts 120 decades or sars from the first preFlood demon king to  Arpaxad as father of Chaldea.
I am brain-stumped, no idea whats past this line. I lost track. it’s mixed up but has something to do with 765 years after Flood confused with 165 after Flood… last king of Babylon when new year falls on Oct 3 in 360-day and Thoth Marduk is 7th month not new year. But if you cycle back 72 years x 365 days as 73 years x360 days you can start the crap that became a Hindu 5502-1902bc (3600 years) using 1614bc.
Arpaxad as Noah’s year 602 is Adam’s 1658am and neither are sars. Now the end of Reu’s reign in 360-day calendar is year 847 (1903am) which from Alulims year 1 in Adam’s 687am is not whole decades to 1903am be it 1216 years back or 1217 years back. Even the use of the 360-day span of 80 years to 1901am is not whole decades from 686am nor 687am. And so a confusion must take place of Adam’s year 687am with Noah’s year 847am. It is 970 years from 687-1657am or 688-1658am presumed as either Noah’s birth or as Flood, and year 765 to as Reu’s kingship mistaken as 1658-2423am. This means that 1614bc Oct 1 which is Thoth Marduk (Thoth 1) or 156 years from Thoth Marduk 1770bc Nov 9, is 158 years 2265-2423am in 360-day calendar and also 765 years from Arpaxad (1658am). So Babylon’s last king ruling 11 years to his 12th year (19 more to rule) honors the Thoth Marduk and notes that this 765 years since Arpaxad is the same as Reu’s 765 of Noah. Time to make a pizza…

Adam 3761bc is changed by fools

You must reckon every history re constructor by their own words. The Seder Olam Rabbah beleives the 19-year calendar w a sgiven to Adam and they place Adam in 3761bc. This is not their hebrew Flood which they place as
2105bc. Every indication is pointing to 2105bc being the first tower of the city Ur, not its enlargement by Ur-Nammu in 2009bc.
You are rejection mega tons of information in this chart by one mere Flood year.
However, all other flood years in existence of historic writings branch out in astronomy from this 2370bc year only.
Egyptian uses 180 leap days, 720 years before is 3090bc based on 720 years after 1650bc.
Mayan use seasonal 180 solar leap days (744 years) before based on 1626bc.
Greeks and Babylon debate 936 years or 950 years or 930 years to 2009bc Marduk Street in Babel.
Others insist that Babel was 300 years like Babylon and that the 300 ended in 2009bc thus Adam and Flood are 300 years earlier. Hindu regard the fall of Ur in 1900bc and their dwelling 1200 in India to 700bc as 1200 years back to 3102bc Flood. It is all based on the chart you have sent to you.
And perhaps you would not see it until all the dead come back to life from all those millenia.
But God has work on this planet to do, the asteroid impact is not destruction but renovation and if you dont get out of the way, you die first because you think the Flood was 3800bc.
You are trying to make the hebrew calendar a true epoch of being created in a post-Flood city by using writings that says it is their Adam.
The most common error is hundreds of gods claimed to be Nimrod, (they are astronomy dates of planets), and hundreds of kings are also all claimed to be Nimrod, and then timelines are built on that. But this is foolish.
Do you think that you can talk to a physicist who uses atoms and molecules to create predicted new products and tell him you think other aliens created all atoms. What would he think of your miniscual puny handfull of false knowledge, Id he loved you he would correct you. If he is sick of you, he’d walk off.
Which do you want me to do. If you say teach me, i will teach you.
Here is my intro to ALL knowledge I have.
It is not to save myself, but rather to draw the line on why all will die and few survive. God is renovating the planet. It takes an asteroid impact to put a greenhouse water shield back up. Move out the way, he is coming to do this. There will be a resurrection back to earth, but the causes of death will not be removed, they must be learned and avoided.
It is a fool that concerns himself with the global Flood and ignores the man Noah who came thru it and his son. Survival occurred because he could predict it and because he knew how to survive it when others had their own brilliant ways resulting in their deaths. This man would not have built an ark if he thought he could just die and go to heaven. He was a realist, knowing the truth. Semiramis is the marker of both deaths of these two men, one in Capricorn, the other in Sagitarius. No other timeline fits.
And the same hour has now arrived upon us. 7 billion will die because of what THEY believe.
The crap they believe does not save them, and in many cases it directly kills them…

Subject: Chart 2 = the Semiramis of Noah’s death, Nimrod, and Ninus Two Semiramis the one of the Arrowhead  (two-horned Capricorn) of Noah’s 40-day Flood which counts twice 251 years to Shem-Ramis death of Shem in 502 years.

And the one of Noah’s Christmas death and a 40-day seance in The Arrows  (Saggittarius) speaking to the spirit Xisuthros from before the Flood.

The Venus Semiramis of Noah’s death.
251 years before Nimrod’s death which is 502 years before Ninus who honors 1000-year Nimrod from birth, 1200-year Shem from birth, 600-year half cycle of Venus since Shem’s death, and the 251-year Semiramis as the 502 from Nimrod’s death.
Shem’s 502 + 600 = 1102 years Noah’s 600 to Nimrod’s death +502 = 1102 years Noah’s year 350+ thrice 251 = 1102 years (notation the 235-year cycle from Noah’s death counts to year 1975)
(From my studies in 1984)

The pyramids are astral observatories that failed from precession before they were finished.
So like a church it became a tomb because it was worthless. All of them. None of them can stay with precession because they are fixed telescopes.
The proof is Longevity. Noah and wife died 350 years after the Flood. The pyramids were started 200 years after the Flood.
Shem an brothers died 500 years after the Flood. The pyramids were started 200 years after the Flood.
Grandsons of Noah and wives died 440 years after the Flood. The pyramids were started 200 years after the Flood.

Great grandsons and wives died 470 years after the Flood. The pyramids were started 200 years after the Flood.
4th generation and wives died 500 years after the Flood. The pyramids were started 200 years after the Flood.
5th generation proved 700 years cut off by carbon-14 on their DNA and died 340 years after Flood.
They were the first to get old and die from aging of all Noah’s family. YET  the pyramids were started 200 years after the Flood.
Kish was started at Nimrod’s birth in 2270bc. beleive me I know ALL the potential Nimrod’s and only one fits.
babel is 5km to the west of Kish. It was intended not as a city but as observatories for the city of Kish.
It was in essence an astronomy monastery run by priests (teachers, professors, students).
Babylon’s first king is 1894bc Nov 1 ALL SOULS DAY new year 1083 (600+483) in 360-day calendar.
Ur’s first king was 2207bc May 29 new year 765 (600 +165), mistaken in 747bc by Neo-Babylon as Thoth Feb 26.
Babel was founded 130 years after the Flood. Ur and Babel were the first cities to have a tower.
Ur’s tower is probably 2105bc (the false Jewish Flood year). Hmmm okay i am wrong. If Ur’s first tower of the world was 2105bc, then how can Egypt’s pyramid be 65 years earlier in 2170bc. Though Moslems and others swear that Pyramid was the first tower, apparently 2105bc is the year Ur’s tower was finished the first time.
Or (?) was it an enlargement of the first tower? making Ur-Nammu’s a 3rd enlargement? I need to think on that.
because Genesis says THE CITY began the tower, and so must be Babel or Ur which means city.
2170bc is when people first settled Egypt. They started the shaft, to begin marking time, in fear of astral impacts.
The first king in the world (meaning young man chosen to rule over elders in a city) was Reu Aanipada for 80 years 2207-2127bc. His rule begins 37 years before the ground shaft of the Great Pyramid is dug in 2170bc.
YOU have just given me another deep breath inhalation to find that tower date of Ur.  Sigh. Will let you know.
If you have ideas that fit, do tell me. The tower is for Nannar in 2127bc which is venus 243 years after the Flood.
 day 40              actual  Venus            584-day constant
2369bc Jan 6      3-27-600    (Jan 6)     3-27-600
2330bc Dec 25  10-15-640   (Dec 27)    10-17-640
2290bc Dec 13    5-03-681   (Dec 17)      5-07-681
2250bc Dec  1   11-21-721   (Dec 7)      11-27-721
2210bc Nov 19     6-09-762   (Nov 27)     6-17-762  compared to Flood 2-17-600 in 2370bc Nov 27
This date could possibly be Ur’s Tower date.
                                            2x 584
2206bc Jan 30    3-07-765    (Feb 7)       3-15-765  Reu Aanipada
2170bc Giza Great Pyramid
2166bc Jan 18    9-25-805    (Jan 28)    10-05-805  
2126bc Jan  6    4-13-846      (Jan 18)      4-25-846  Meskiag-Nanna

2105bc tradition Jewish Flood has connection to actual tower of Ur.


2370 BC Flood

 The 2370bc is from 352 to Abram, 75 to calling, 430 as alien residents in all lands, 480 to temple +36 to divided Israel, 390 of kings for a destruction in 607bc with 70 years to 537bc.
Argue what you wish with the 607bc. But Josephus and Eusebius agrees with the 997bc division.
So for ancient times EVERYTHING matchs. The conjunction of planets in 776bc and 747bc and 702bcare not collisions. However, there are two global astral encounters of orbiting comets, one that orbited 40 years after sinking Thera Atlantis in 1514bc and another that appeared like the sun going backwards in 732bc. The exodus disaster is also marked as 1513bc in all chronologies. As 1600 in Mayan 3114-1514bc thru 3113-1513bc. As 1440 years by China as 720 years to Ur and 720 years after Ur (2953-2233-1513bc) the real sothic nature before 2233bc is 360-day calendar (137 Julian = 139x 360 days) and the 180 days are not leap days but epagum days for 36 years of Peleg’s life (2269-2233bc) the next year 2232bc is Noah’s new year 740 in 360-day and mistaken as 185 leap days in most Bible chronologies claiming 740 years to Peleg’s death instead of the 340 years. So things lock up tight, whether that WatchTower Society cares or not that they do.

The AtraHasis

The AtraHasis competed when Amizaduga died in 1626bc is a confirmation that Adam was created or awoke in 4025bc because all Bible chronologies use the death of Amizaduga as either year 2400 plus 3600 to 6000 or as year 3600 plus 2400 to 6000.
In Mayan Chronology this year of Noah 1626bc is 744 after real Flood 2370bc that The Maya instead claim is Peleg’s death and so shift Peleg’s 2031bc Nov 1 to being 2370bc Nov 1 and this places the new year 20 days after 2370bc Oct 12.
Thus Mayan Noah’s Flood is another 744 years of 180 solar leap days earlier in 3114bc.
They calculate this in 1314bc when they arrive at Volcan Cosiguina 70 miles south of Copan up river from the bay where Sothis has a July 1 rising.
Mayan Noah’s year 1344 is thus not Noah’s birth 2970 to 1626bc but rather Flood 3114bc to 1770bc (Nimrod’s death during Hamurabi as Venus year 1200 of Noah).
Thus 1770bc becomes both Adams year 3600 and Noahs year 1344 to Maya.
They have gievn the attributes of Hamurabi’s great grandson in 1626bc to that of Nimrod in 1770bc during Hamurabi. ALL chronologies do similar things. I have a chart that dsiplays this comparison of all timelines if you wish to see it.
These Venus tablets of 1626bc also fit the year 1901bc, which Hindu originally claimed as 1200 from Flood and still claim it, but also as 3600 from 5500bc Adam.
So how can the atrahasis be worshipped for false timeline while ignoring the Venus tablets which confirm the real genesis. They cant. It is the persons heart that needs to see this.

Thera cause the Greek flood of Ogygos that Africanus places at the exodus though he uses Hamurabi 1792bc as that exodus.
Further, 900 years before Solon is 1513-613bc not earlier.
And the Middle of the earth, and the middle of the sea is the Medi- Teranean not the Atlantic. It is within the pillars, not beyond them, and it is between Lybia not the size of Lybia or beyond Lybia. Understanding unveils all languages.
But people who become scholars dispute with everyone so how can they understand anceint language if they cant communicate in their current language with others.
being a scholar in an ancient language is for people who get along with no one and so they retreat into saying they understand an ancient language that no one else does, so they can elevate themselves above the fact they cant communicate with anyone else in the real world real-time.
The guts of the king chmaber are not for a body. the 6 to 1 shape of a coffin is a symbol of Noah’s ark preserving records of astronomy like a coffin preserves a body.
This doesnt mean the pyramid will preserve writings when plunged under ocean salt water.
It means they expected the astronomy to predict the next astral impact.
It could also mean there are still writings on the ark from when they evacuated the first winter.
But for a certainty Moses copied this by making an ark for the bible.
And as greater significance of parting the red Sea, the Jordan was parted and they crossed with the ark, and its Bible inside it.
It is a symbol of what is to come, a repeat of the Flood, and knowing how to survive it because the ark is any true method. And learing this you find the mountains are now higher than then and an ark is not needed. However, anything that cannot survive under an ocean will be lost. How much to you think they slavage in Japan or in India from those tsunamis?
what suvrives is what you bring with you. And be assured survivors will execute you justly if what you saved thru is your porn.
get off the whose right with history, and take the warning.


Xisuthros (Greek Christos) Ziusudra, Zinsuddu, Zoroaster etc. is the 10th king and last king before the Flood.
By the way you hear myths that Semiramis is the mother that married Nimrod then killed Nimrod, and gave birth to their son Zoroaster.
Since Noah died on 2021bc Christmas and was presumed in seance to be this Greek Christos (Xisuthrus) note the 40-day seance that ends on 2020bc Feb 2 is Thoth 24. This is the 7th month the Egyptians claim has always been 1stmonth new year, but the Persian Zoroasters (Zero-Astar or zero-star) claim Thoth is the 10th month (just like Greek December is 10th month) so that their Christmas eve when Noah goes to heaven is Thoth 24
not Dec 24. But it proves Noah died because Thoth 24 will occur 40 days after Dec 24 every 365 leap days 1460 years apart in 2021-2018bc and 561-558bc and 900-903 AD. And it is only in 561-558bc that Greek Dec 25 is at the winter solstice which in 2020bc was Jan 6 and moving backwards until now in 2012 AD it is Julian Dec 8 (G.Dec 21). The 560bc avatar of Noah was king Cyrus.
Your answer is found by comparing the kinglists to Enoch.
Enoch is 7th in our ancestral forefathers by his sacrifice opposing angels who didnt belong on earth, he proves the 7th king of all the kinglists that were written after the Flood is not him.
He dies before that 7th king rules.
Another answer is found in the fact that Xisuthros is a seance after Noah died.
Which means to be Xisuthros before the Flood then how come Xisuthros was raptured and went back to heaven during the 40 days of Flood without the need of an ark, while Noah had rapture upward inside the ark.
Read most of the Flood poems and you will se half of them imply that after the Flood then Noah was rewarded to go to heaven (not live 350 years before dying and claimed in heaven).

 07Berosus 11trueDamuzi 10trueXisuthros
Confusing words of language and true history
Truth comes before others reckoning.
Thera cause the Greek flood of Ogygos that Africanus places at the exodus though he uses Hamurabi 1792bc as that exodus.
Further, 900 years before Solon is 1513-613bc not earlier.
And the Middle of the earth, and the middle of the sea is the Medi- Teranean not the Atlantic. It is within the pillars, not beyond them, and it is between Lybia not the size of Lybia or beyond Lybia. Understanding unveils all languages.
But people who become scholars dispute with everyone so how can they understand ancient language if they cant communicate in their current language with others.
being a scholar in an ancient language is for people who get along with no one and so they retreat into saying they understand an ancient language that no one else does, so they can elevate themselves above the fact they cant communicate with anyone else in the real world real-time.

 Water in the atmosphere

The error on the chart (below) is th 67 inches of rain (per hour). Took me an hour to figure out where it came from. It was a mile of water above the atmosphere 5280 feet divided by 40 days of 24 hours is 67 inches per hour. Physical laws of pressure on preFlood humans inidcates the canopy could only be 40 to 60 feet. Thus at 40 feet we have 12 inches per day (a foot per day) with rain as a half-inch per hour for the 40 days. there was no mile of water over head, I need to change the 67 inches written here.

If this were the Armageddon Asteroid Feb 15 to Ascension Day

My current Armageddon projection is that if this asteroid takes orbit that it will crash in 80 days. This means in 40 days the true bride will be accepted in a sacrifice only in the manner of Jesus, false trial, excercise the right of silence, and then the right to declare the truth (we are the Christ she will say).
My recommmendation is serve grape Kool-Aid, the government will excuse itself for misunderstanding.
Why should they die like Jesus? because they only have 40 days to warn everyone, and you cant publish, nor print, nor be regarded serious enough unless you can do what Jesus did, appear as 144,000 in locked rooms of your banned church for those 40 days telling them they must be at the foot of the mountains ready to ascend before astral impact. And that while ascending you must be on their ridged slopes not their valleys.
Though i beleive the angels (messengers) who spoke to Abram and then Lot was Shem and two descendents with him, and he stayed with Abram while the two went to Lot. This is a symbol of the day when Christ’s angels (saints from earth) will warn those who have been preaching for them for 100 years.
Churches will oppose the claim another global Flood can occur, churches will fight governments saying it is Satan attacking them, and that their salvation has arrived, atheists will rob and pillage, police wont bother since they know this asteroid is coming down when it loses orbit, etc. Obama’s martial law will say stay home.
In essence, the war between church and state become maximum because of astral orbiting fear.
All religion loses.
The scenerio is good but ONLY if it orbits. Many won’t even bother to read this by me AFTER they already hear of the orbit because everyone is right in their own mind as to what to do to be saved. The real church killed off and appearing to those they love and cherish and save for 40 days is the greatest love like Jesus had also done.
So it is all pending on if this asteroid orbits to terrorize the world for UNKNOWN days to impact. Unknown to the world, known to the christ-Lamb who says it is 40 days.
As far as Noah and Shem etc, they are real persons. The astronomy is to prove they are and that the dates and planets were markers of events. But by portraying the dates as stories, they get twisted as myths like Santa Claus stories, lies, novels, etc.
hiding the real dates, the only true dates. Further, they then create people that did not exist.
Namely Semiramis before Ninus was the planet Venus as wife of the king, mother of the people.
Semiramis is not the name of Noah’s real wife, but the planet is a symbolic wife of Noah as king.
Just as Easter Semiramis becomes wife when Jesus is raised up like the planet Venus.
But the whole story is to say a mother church will rise that saves the people like Esther like easter, like Semiramis. Thus Venus Semirmis is also wife of Shem and wife of NImrod and wife of every greek king and every Egyptian king etc etc. Just like every religion has its christ savior king prophet whose priesthhood is a wife to save the children.
Incidently, the rising Venus represents after effect of Armageddon, not pre-warning.
And all the cycles that came together in 2006 for Jan 6 (G.Jan 19) when i predicted Al Quaida would make threat with the rise of Venus, it is now 8 years later when on 2014 Jan 19 7 billion should be dead from not listening, while Venus rises as that symbol.

Do you think Obama would let Canadians into the USA hoping the 6000 foot Appalachians don’t go under (there are only 13 peaks and 6000 to 6350 feet).
The after effect of this asteroid is water canopy green house. Increased air pressure and humid green house with an immediate rush in vegetation growth.
The impact has to be severe enough to throw Pacific waters up 52 miles to spread out over the atmosphere.

– – –

The alignment to Berosus 1198 years discovered

Berosus recognizes kingship as 1200 years from Adam’s year 1056am to 2256am. However, 2256am is not NeoBabylonian Flood; it is Arpaxad born 2 years after it. So this reduces the 1200 to 1198 years because it know 2256am is a Marduk year (Hamurabi’s in reality and 600 after the Flood, only 598 after Arpaxad).
However, the year 2256am is accepted as Flood because it is 600 after placing Noah’s birth in 1656am instead of Flood as the Masoretic does, and other copies with Noah’s death in 1656am thus making the Flood 1307am.
But how can Noah be born in 1656am and be 600 in 2256am if 2256am is Arpaxad’s birth 2 years after the Flood.
This is why the Greeks rejected it. People believe quick-answers and illusions, so dont confuse me with the depth of exact calculations.
So he cannot be 600 when the Flood comes if the Flood comes in 2254am (NeoBabylon’s 2947bc) because Arpaxad in 2256am is Marduk (2945bc), be it Noah’s year 2nd year as 601 or 2 years as 602. Part of the confusion is the lack of  leap days in 1200 years being almost 1199 years. But answers are most often given without the detailed actual proof.
The illusions are accepted without finding the exact precision and faith is expected to be kept in something that could be false.
Thus the 1198 years that Berosus uses is from Neo-Babylon crhonology which places Adam in 5200bc as 1am, and counts 2255 years to 2945bc as Arpaxad born in 2256am.
The Flood is 185 leap days to Ur’s kingship of Reu Aanipada presumed as Peleg Mesanipada’s death in 740 years thus Flood 2947bc to 2207bc. Thoth in 2947bc is August 30, and Aug 29 in 2945bc just as in 27bc and 25bc. The 1197 years 280 days of kingship is this from 1056-2254am as 4145bc to 2947bc Flood. Each sar is a 3600-day decade completing the 119 sars and 7 years 280 days.
The 280 days is 80 days short of 360. This is of interest due to Mayan Marduk being 700 days before original Marduk which places 780-day Mars as rising 80 days after original Marduk.
It is also possible that the 7 days is eliminated because the Flood began in day 40 of the year so that Noah packed 7 days before rain and tsunami reached the ark for another 40 days.
The total is thus 87 days unless an ancient scholar place sthe two sets of 40 consecutively without the 7 days between them.
This alignment to 5200bc Adam to 2947bc Flood is newly discovered. With 30 years passing since this chart was created from the information in 1984 to color graphing in 1990, one would think I would have noted that Berosus is a Babylonian and so fits the 2947bc Flood.
1am              =    5200bc Adam
1056-1156am =    4145-4045bc = 100 Alorus        Masoretic year of Noah’s birth is 1056am
1156-1186am =    4045-4015bc =   30 Alaparos
1186-1316am =    4015-3885bc = 130 Amelon
1316-1436am =    3885-3765bc = 120 Ammenon
1436-1616am =    3765-3585bc = 180 Megalaros
1616-1716am =    3585-3485bc = 100 Daonos
1716-1896am =    3485-3305bc = 180 Euedorachos
1896-1996am =    3305-3205bc = 100 Amempsinos     Masoretic division at Peleg’s death is 1996am and Noah’s year 940 from 1056am
1996-2074am =    3205-3127bc =    7.8 Opartes  (77 years 280 days)
2074-2254am =    3127-2947bc = 180 Xisuthros    NeoBabylon Noah’s Flood reconstructedin 747bc
2256am is 2 years after the Flood, Arpaxad born in year 1200 with Marduk new year.
The chart below was an original placing of all lists at the 2370bc Flood to determine which holds up to truth.
The 970 years of Methuselah is the correct list for the 10 kings.


Connection between Ur and Maya the 20-year katun

I am onto a connection by calendar to the city Ur based on the 177-year kingship from 2207bc May 29 (Noah’s year 765 is Adam’s 1821am) to 2030bc Oct 27 (Noah’s year 945 is Adam’s 2001am).
Real-Time Study as I go along in thought:
The city founder of Ur (2239bc) Peleg Mesanipada died in 2030bc on May 6 at the age of 239 (2269-2030bc). Because the 744 years after the Flood 2370-1626bc are 755 of 360 days, when the Maya add 744 years before 2370bc to say that Peleg died in 2370bc and that the Flood was 3114bc, they are adding 755 tun (of 360 days) to the true year number 600 of Noah in 2370bc. Thus the 744 years to 2370bc becomes 755 tun which is 155 more than Noah’s 600.
This means year 765 which begins the first king in the world (Reu A-Anipada the son of Peleg Mes-Anipada to rule all of Ur for his father including the audacity to be placed over elders, others who are older) becomes the Mayan year 920 (765+155). So every tun you can subtract 155 to have Noah’s, or take Noah’s and add 155 to have Mayan tun. This is an indication that the Mayan 20-year system could originate here from their tun 900 to tun 920, (Noah’s true 745 to 765). This is especially so since it matches Adam’s years as the Chinese calendar also does. Noah’s year 745 plus his birth year 1056am is 1821am. Thus it is Adam’s 1800 years to 1801am, and year 765 is Adam’s 1820 years to 1821am. So the real Adam is exactly 900 years difference for the Mayan Noah’s tun after Mayan Flood. The Mayan tun are not ordinal but cardinal. Thus from 1am as Adam, his cardinal 1655 years to Flood year 1656am is Mayan year 755; and every 20 likewise matching, including its start with the first king Reu Aanipada when year 765 is 1821am because it is 1820 years (Mayan 920). Note too that year 2227bc as Noah’s year 745 as Adam’s 1800 years (1801am) is Mayan 900 tun exactly half Adam (double the Mayan 900). This certainly has to be of significance as to how this happened. [2227bc is also the year Africanus with a 5500bc Adam, 3238bc Flood, places Abram leaving Ur at 75 because he wants exodus from Babylon’s 1792bc Hamurabi to be the exodus of Israel from Egypt. According to Genesis, Abram goes bi-residential in 1991bc and leaves at 75 in 1943bc. When the Maya left Ur, Ur took 2 years to fall from Halloween 2031bc to 2029bc Oct 21. Thus perhaps the Maya left not in 2029bc but in 2031bc which is 40 years before Abram started journey in 1991bc at age 27.]  Also note that year 745 comes up here which is Amizaduga’s span from Flood to death (2370-1625bc). Thus the 745 Julian or the Mayan 745 haab (egyptian) to 1625bc can be mistaken as 2227bc which is 20 years before 2207bc kingship.
Since Reu was 32 when he became king, he was 12 when this pre-20 became his study of astronomy that would make him king by his father Peleg.
Again we strike another parallel because Reu is mistaken as Nimrod whom world tradition falsely thought was the first king when he built Babel (2240bc Nov 18 new year 732) with the rise of Mars that day. Again the word king is not defined as giving orders or commands or leading a project or being a master or employer. What made someone a king is being an elder, older than those you guided. Thus Cain was king of Abel. And all the angels who came down form heaven were kings of the world, older than man. So king was a natural designation of guiding due to one’s age until someone was allowed to be king over those older than himself. This was Reu. It indicates that in 2207bc, or 32 years after Nimrod built Babel, that Nimrod had never dared to order or command those older than him. Did Reu dare to do this? No. His father appointed him The Son to rule the city of Ur for Peleg. Those who didn’t wish to be ruled by someone younger could leave. Reu is the Chinese Yu The Great, and this is why Chinese chronology fails to see their presence began in Ur 770 years before they ever got to Xian China to begin the Xia dynasty. (Xian and Xia mean Christian and crossing.)
The simple fact is that astronomy and calendar verify that Jupiter was marked as a new calendar as 12-year old Nimrod studied it from 2258bc onward observing the 360-day calendar new year of 713 on Feb 26. By 1778bc on Feb 26 it would be confirmed that 480 Julian years (or sothic) are exactly a repeating 487 years of 360 days. Thus year 713 to 1200 = Adam’s to 1769am -2256am. Confusion sets in because this 1200 and 2256am in 360-day calendar is not the Egyptian year 600 and 2256am in 1770bc eight years later. The 360-day calendar gains 8 years in those 600 so that Egyptian year 600 from the Flood (2370-1770bc) is in 360-day calendar year 600-1208. Backing up to the confusion between Reu and Nimrod (because of the tradition of being first king), the 12 years of Nimrod 2270-2258bc has its counterpart in Reu’s 12 years 2239-2227bc from the founding of Ur until year 733- 745. Or as tradition says the city was built in 133am, and presumes it means the first city built by Cain the son of Adam. This tradition comes from Damascus where they claim the tower of Lebanon was built by Nimrod, and yet by Cain and giants in 133am.
Using this age 12 observation of Jupiter in 2227bc (Sep 11 new year 745), add the 155 tun Mayan error and it is year 900 until year 765 is Mayan year 920 in 2207bc May 29. The Mayans observe Maia the star of the Pleiades in the month of May. It is derived from Maya being passed on from India to China. (Buddha’s mother was Maya.) India did not leave Ur until the fall of the 3rd dynasty in 1900bc at the death of 433-year old Shelah. Some went to Babylon and then migrated to India to join them in 1625bc. The mistake of recalculating the Venus Tablets of 1625bc as being 1900bc then occurs in their year 1200 of residency in 700bc.
With Reu being 12 to 32 in his 20 years until kingship, his 80-year rule itself is a span of four katun (4x 20 years). The exact formula is that 80 Julian years are 81 tun and 60 days or two months or three Mayan uinal of 20 days. Note that in normal calendar from before Noah’s Flood that the date jumps from 1-01-765 (2207bc May 29) to 3-01-846 (2127bc May 29). These two months is part of a 14-month gain in 80 years. The 72 years gains 12 calendar months by being 73 calendar years (73 tun), and the next 8 years of missing 40 epagum days and 20 leap days is an additional 2-month drift. Though May 29 might seem Mayan connected, we face the issue that Mayan 360-day calendar was shifted 20 days after Noah’s. These dates of May 29 are Mayan day imix on the uinal 17, so that the day imix of the tun is 20 days later on June 18. This means that while Noah’s new year passes thru May from 2207bc May 29 (year 765) to 2202bc May 3 (770) the day imix of the Mayan tun passes thru from 2203bc May 28 (924 tun) to 2198bc May 2 (929 tun). Thus the year 2203-2202bc starts four years instead of ends four years. Also, a point of possible confusion for Chinese who take 770 years (from 2207-1437bc) to get to China then have this record of Noah’s year 770 in 2202bc. Another note is that the Mayan uinal 5 which is always Noah’s month 5, then falls on Aug 31 in 2202bc. Aug 31 is a notable date in Mayan correlations. We also find that in Babylon because they place the Flood when Thoth is Aug 30 in 2947bc and Augustus Octavian Caesar then attempts to lock in leap day in 27bc (twice 1460 years). The 80 years 2207-2127bc (May 29) as a 60-day advance from Noah’s 1-01 to 3-01 are Mayan day imix uinal 17 to uinal 2 unless advanced the 20 days to be the tun uinal 0 to uinal 3, both on June 18.
One major confusion occurring throughout the world is the mix of dates between 360-day and 365-day. The 5 days short of one single year can be mistaken as 5 leap days of 20 years. Thus back to Mayan origins of a 20-year cycle. Is that year 2203-2202bc? One thing for certain, the advance of the year in 80 Julian whether May 29 Noah’s 1-01-765 to 3-01-846 to 5-01-927 in 2047bc (Mayan uinal 5 of 1062 tun), the katun would come from 80 tun and 160 tun, (not 81 and 162) which from 2207bc Jun 18 (920 tun) is 1000 tun in 2128bc Apr 24, and 1080 tun on Feb 29 of 2049bc. The uinal 5 in this year is Jun 8 and requires two more years to 2047bc for uinal 5 to be May 29. Thus 160 Julian years after 2207bc May 29 (Noah’s 1-01-765 or Mayan 899 tun 17 uinal) until 2047bc May 29 is Noah’s 5-01-927 or Mayan tun 1082 uinal 5. An interesting confusion is seen here where if Nimrod’s tradition as the first king conflicts with the other tradition that Noah was the first king (last before the Flood, makes him first as the only king thru that Flood), then we could expect Noah to be confused with Reu, just as Nimrod is confused with Reu. In this case take note, that the Maya count every 400 years as 144,000 days. Well from Peleg onward for three generations all the men were plunging in age to die. The texts of Ereck demand that if they can produce barley based on a 584-day Venus calendar using 365 days rather than a 780-day Mars calendar using 360 days, that Ereck then wants from Ararat 144,000 bails of barley for all the 144,000 kings existing, (meaning the number of young men who have strangely all gone gray haired). If Nahor Mes-Kalumdug who died in suicide at 148 had lived the 205 years of his son, he would have died in 1972bc. With Noah 600 at the Flood, though his 144,000 days of 400 years came as year 1000 in 1975bc, the actual 400 years ended in 1970bc as year 1000. Thus it would seem the Maya who count 400-year cycles of 144,000 days from their 3114bc Flood speak out to verify this event of 144,000 men dying before Noah’s 1000 years ever came. It is as if to say that when Noah died as Christ in 2021bc on Dec 25, that he awaited in heaven for the 144,000 to be completed in his year 1000 (1970bc). And in that year they were all dead from the cut longevity that everyone after them was now also suffering from. For Maya, the 3744 years from Adam’s 2256am to 6000am, divisible by 936 four times, marks their 3192am Marduk as 2177bc (birth of Nahor). (3113bc ends Flood 2256am +936 = 3192am in 2177bc) Babylon claims that year 3192am is 2009bc, and reality marks it as Thoth Marduk 834bc March 20. Thus it would seem the Maya retain a 1000-tun marker for their 2128bc as ending the kingship or rule of the first king Reu easily mistaking it as 1000 years ending the 40-day ascent of Noah in the Flood. This is followed by the baktun (400 tun of 144,000 days) being year 1200 for the death of Chaldea in 1930bc. That death should be the fall of 3rd dynasty Ur in 1900bc when Shelah is 433, but with his father Arpaxad dying 30 years earlier at 438, the Maya see this as the fall of Chaldea or year 1200 from the Flood, after Noah’s 40-day ascent to heaven (in the ark). That 1200 is the mistake derived from Noah’s 360-day year 1200 ending in 1778bc for Hamurabi, and 8 years later then 500-year old Nimrod dies in Egyptian year 600 (from Flood) as Noah’s year 1200 in 1770bc. So there are counterparts in Mayan chronology to true reality retained by Genesis and by sorting true traditions from false traditions. The global comet disaster causing global exodus is then also another baktun (1600 tun) having been reconstructed from 1577 Julian years as Egyptian Flood 3090-1513bc or Mayan 3114-1537bc.
It would seem for now then that the Mayan 20-year katun has a fix to 2047bc May 29 being 5-01 in both 360-day original Noah and in Mayan. yet the tun is 1082, not katun such as 1080. It is 160 sothic years (Julian) earlier that the 46 katun is 920 tun in 2207bc. Yet interestingly, when Chinese and the city Ereck claim that Ur’s 177 year rule should be 180 years (which it is when 360-day), then Mayan 180 years mistakenly from 2047bc back to 2227bc when Reu is 12 (not 32 in 2207bc), then the start of 180 years is (2227-2047bc) is 900 tun to this 1082 tun in 2047bc which passes 1080 tun in 2049bc.
It would seem that Reu’s kingship at 32 is regarded as his proving himself a king at 12 (much like Nimrod did, and jesus did). Few people know that Jupiter’s orbit is 12 years, and Saturn’s orbit is 30 years. Measure or rule is kingship, and this is the time those planets measure. And so both have been called king stars. Those who prefer Jupiter, call it Jova, and then point to Saturn and call it Satyr the rebelling goat.
The one thing to support this theory would be to find evidence for an actual event in 2047bc. Ur’s king Balulu ruled 36 years from 2066-2030bc. Nor does any biblical character have an event for that year between Haran’s birth in 2078bc and Peleg’s death in 2030bc. Hmm, but wait. Nimrod left the foundation of Marduk Temple at Babel in 2060bc to go build Nineveh 449 miles north. Haran from Ur was 18 years old and somehow he ended up north building his city Harran. If drafted to work at Nineveh at 18, he was already in the north to build his city at 30 (2078-2048bc). Thus the Mayan katun could be affiliated with the building of Harran in 2048bc. When the Maya fled fallen 1st dynasty Ur in 2029bc, they too fled north 390 miles to build Mari Syria, living there 267 years until it was destroyed in 1762bc. Approximate katun as 2048-2029bc. Though the 270 tun from 2029-1762bc are not katun, the shift of Chinese chronology moves 8 years back due to Venus, due to 1770bc mistaken as 1778bc, due to Sothis advance from July 17 to July 19; these factors pivoting chronology on the Rat Year 2037bc instead of the Monkey Year 2029bc. Thus 1762-1761bc becomes a year that is 280 from 2038bc instead of 270 from 2029bc. This paragraph will be study more with actual figures. But I am exausted at this moment.

A discussion of pre-Flood years (2262)

Dear Katriel,
Now that for the first time in 3 years you are coming to understand the many variations of Genesis, i dont think this is bad as if you may accept the wrong numbers & figures but rather it is good if you can see the growth of human ERROR thu history and see it as their shame (or our shame if you wish to include yourself or include me).
The figure 2262 is the least used so please do not conclude it to be the most accurate.
I would like to bring to your attention the Hindu which displays split culture in disagreement.
FROM YOU YOURSELF and their kinglist that YOU once directed me to. YOU are unaware that this Hindu list contradicts the 2262 you favor. I will say that the 5500bc Adam is clearly of Hindu origin derived from the fall of 3rd dynasty Ur as 1900bc before ancient scholars decided the fall of 2029bc was 3rd dynasty, and that Christian Hippolytus uses 5500bc with 2242, and Christian Africanus uses 5500bc with 2262. (Jack Finegan Handbook)
The fact that Hindu have 4800 and 3600 and 2400 and 1200 is proof that they confuse two schemes as one long consecutive scheme. That scheme is this. They dwelt in India 1200 years when they honored this fact that from 1900bc to 700bc they had been there.
However they honored 1200 not 1000 not 950 not 600 for a reason. That reason is that Noah’s year 1200 just 600 after the Flood gave them a formula for the planet Venus.
Likewise, Amizaduga used this formula as Adam’s 2400 years but the worship went to seeking 3600 to the year 6000 expecting the next astral impact that would be global enough to test all humans on the planet. In all long chronologies this is reversed saying the prediction was made in year 3600 awaiting 2400.
The point is Noah’s 1200 cycle or Adam’s 1200 cycle.
So the Hindu presumed that 1901-1900bc when they left Ur for India was also Noah’s year 1200 after the Flood year 3102-3101bc. This creates a problem.
The year 700bc is thus Adam’s 4800 to 700bc +1200 to 6000.
And the year 1900bc is Adam’s 3600 +2400 to 6000.
And so the Flood is Adam’s year 2400 +3600 to 6000.
When 500 AD fails it isnt too surprising to see that the past 1500 years has resulted in them saying that 1200 is not 432,000 days but 432,000 years which are then four worlds all sequential as 4800+3600+2400+1200, the last 1200 being Flood 3102bc plus 432,000 years to next astral encounter.
THE IDEA OF FOUR WORLDS is derived from four years or cycles of 365 days to add the leap day.
Thus the winter sun dies 4 times. So Mayans say this is the 5th world whilr Hindu say it is the 4th.
Long leap day isnt it !  Fabrication comes from liars who make very clear what they believe and then when it fails they say they meant something else and that you misinterpreted. Who would know !
But it is no light matter to behave  this way, it causes death or saves lives.
BUT now investigate this 2400-year preFlood world if you wish to say 2262 is what you deem probable.
Despite 2400 being 2256+144 of which I have shown is Babylon’s 1770-1625bc, (mistaken as 2256am Flood and then Babel 144 years after the Flood)
You therefore have to explain 2400 being
2262+138 of which there is a factor there, and i tell you that indeed it is 137 Julian = 139x 360 days.
This is why the Mayans who built Mari Syria in 2029bc then spend 137 years in Babylon from 1762-1625bc (137 Julian) both with Nov 29 new year, Noah’s year 1217 to 1356.
Noah’s    (and Mayan new years which are a G.Aug 12 epoch not the favored G.Aug 11)
1200=2256am 1778bc Feb 26   this is Mayan day imix, and Maya new year day imix is always 20 days later.
1208=2264am 1770bc Jan 15
1210=2266am 1768bc Jan 4
1211=2267am 1768bc Dec 30

1217=2273am 1762bc Nov 29    The Mayan city of Mari Syria destroyed bring them captive to Babylon.

1356=2412am 1625bc Nov 29    The freedom of migration to India by 2nd wave Hindus and the Maya.
Real-time thought here:  India refers to MOTHER Maya which interestingly remarkably the Maya left 1st dynasty Ur in 2029bc to build Mari instead of Hindu who stayed until 3rd dynasty was destroyed in 1900bc… thus the Mayan family of mother Maya is indeed predating the Hindu as their children who stayed in Ur for 130 years. So in essence Hindu came from Mayans, Mayans did not come from Hindu.
However, the two families left Babylon in 1625bc, lived in India, which makes it seem that Mayans are children of India and mother Maya. In China, Buddha is the son of mother Maya.
The mother of mexican archeologist Jose Argueles is named Maya and so founded his interest.
What you must note here Katriel is that accepting 2242 makes Noah’s birth 1642, and accepting 2262 makes Noah’s birth as 1662 of which all chronologies make use of the figure 1656 in debating that as Noah’s birth or Flood or death. The debate would not exist if the figure is not true.
1306 to 1307am +350 = 1656
1656 to Noah’s birth +600 = 1656

1656 to Noah’s Flood +600 = 1656
So finally our testimony comes not from Hindu 2400 years to Flood (5500-3100bc) but with the list you gave me, that because 1656 Julian span 1680x 360 days according to Hindu this means that a culture of India believed the ten kings to be Adam to Noah in 1656 years.
And since the kings end with Noah’s Flood, not with Noah’s birth as last king, the testimony in either case is still for the figure 1656 not 1642 nor 2242 and not 1662 nor 2262.
As i already stated the evolution is clear that Methuselah evolved as MT 187+182 of the 1656am Flood but also LXX 187+182 of the 2256am Flood, BOTH retaining 969 Methsuelah dying 2-10-600 of the Flood  to be LXX 167+188 of the 2242am Flood to account for why year 950 is 14 years after year 936  because 949 years to 950 are debated as 949x 365 or 949×360 spanning 936 years.
 to be Sam.67+53  of the 1307am Flood a copy of the
1 ) LXX 167 and probably also
2 ) 52-year Marduk to year 1306.
3 ) to give a sothic Methsuelah 720 of 180 leap days, and
4 )Noah’s death as the 1656am.
The debate as 1306+350 or 1307+349  verifies he died before the new year 350 as the  astronomy proves.
lastly 187+188 is the 2262 mere restoring the true 187.
Like I said the Hindu 1680 x 360 days is verification of the number 1656 regarded as Julian (sothic leap days).
Add to that how Thoth Marduk (1770bc Nov 9) of year 600 (2256am regarded as also 1200) is 360-day year 2264 as if the Marduk new year of Arpaxad following a 2262am Flood and the source of 2262 is more than just Menes & Ptah as a post-Flood memorial of 930 years honoring Adam’s death as Adam’s year 3192am = 2262am Flood +930 but was derived from reading Hamurabi’ records labeling 1770bc as Thoth Marduk in 2264am.
Sad if the resurrection of 28 billion people of 6,030 years had to be restored in flesh with all their memories to convince you of the truth and reality. No i dont mean truth and relaity that I am totally correct an right in all things, because i am always correcting myself by these echoes of these people right now without them alive yet.
Their past and records live to me, and live inside me too. Yet if they (these dead returned to life, yes pagans) should say regarding any one thing, that i have drawn a wrong conclusion, i will accept it because that is the way i am even right now. BUT i tell you, truth from their parents, those in Ur, not lies from those who went to India.
In other words the whole world has struggled with truth among liars causing suffocation of that truth.
Jesus died to teach us truth, that we can retain it if we truly prove our mind to say, YOU CANNOT KILL ME for speaking truth, i will be back, and speak it again. All of it is relative to others showing you truth.
So dont war nor kill, because that wont prove the truth, nor keep truth silent.


I am having a very difficult time following you.

First, what you are writing–I see a bunch of numbers and it forces me to be scatter-brained because logically, it feels like you are trying to drive 100 mph through a school zone – SLOW DOWN. I need to see your logical process of how you are deriving these numbers. For example, when you mention the Hindu dates, I have no idea what you are referring to or talking about on most of those dates. See how Faulstisch organizes his chronology – emulate his methods of information conveyance, or else emulate another good published author whom you respect.

Secondly, the numbers you propose, many of them are not qualified and I have no idea from what source  material you are getting most of them. In order for me to feel comfortable following you, I need to see you quote historical reference material. As when reading, I inevitably and automatically think that you might be pulling your numbers out of thin air–simply because they are not qualified, or at least you have not demonstrated to me that they are. So please let me see some scholarship.

Thirdly, when determining history – the historical texts themselves hold more weight than a Starry Nights program, or even certain seemingly divine or coincidental date parallels or mathematical lineups. Hence,  quote from the original source material. When you quote several Hindu or Babylonian texts, please list the  original ancient material from which those numbers were originally written, else people won’t hold much  stock in what you are saying. That way, your chronology charts will carry more weight of credibility.

Fourthly, I think that your material would go a lot further with people if your steps of chronology deduction were smaller, and easier to follow. I think that you are a very talented man, and Elohim has blessed you Rick with an ability to see dates in a way that most people can’t. So, for the sake of your audience being able to  u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d  your material, please heed these above points.

Thank you for your time Rick.

In Yeshua,


p.s. So, if you would like to challenge me on the LXX supremacy for the Genesis chronologies, then please follow through with the above steps and communicate with me on that level. I should then be able to undertake  constructive debate with you on a credible and a more thorough and practical manner. Thank you.


Can you follow this order, and see how it cannot be reversed nor shuffled?

Methuselah is  187 +782 = 969

(Jewish tradition) dying at the Flood on date 2-10-600

confirmed as 187 +Lamech 182 +600 = 969 to the Flood.

This works as truth whether there are 686 years before him

687 +969 = 1656

or whether there are 1287 years before him

1287 +969 = 2256 both MT and LXX are ageeing to him being these two figures.

Now the other alternatives are:

Methuselah is  167 +802 = 969 The 802 is fabricated to fit 969.

But because the figures are 167 +188 +600 = 955 to the Flood it implies he is a survivor  of it by 14 years beyond it by having the 802 (this fabricated 802 to admit he lived 969).

No one anywhere reduces this fabricated 802 years down to 788 (167+788) so that they end at the Flood at age 955 nor do they keep the original 782 years as 167 +782 so that he dies at as his age of 949. However, these are numbers that are used for postFlood Noah (949), and Nimrod (950), and Marduk calendar (3192am), and unification of Egypt (Ramses Papyrus canon 3089bc rising of all the land of Egypt from the flooded Nile until the 11th dynasty unification as their Pharaoh -2134bc).

I have found that Hebrew Masoretic Genesis creates the Pharaoh in year 350 and calls it Noah’s year 950 (new year Persian Pamenot 1 on July 14 in 2020bc).

Noah died in 349 on Dec 24 or 25th pending whether you wish to label is death as when he went to sleep, or when Venus rose in the dawn before sunrise and they found he was dead.

The 360-day calendar begins year 955 (from year 600 in 2370bc G.Sep 22 =Oct 12) as 2020bc September 4. The 955 years is not from Flood year 3090-3089bc to 2134bc, and Pharaoh unification is not 606 years apart as Egypt claims from year 350 in 2740bc to year 955 in 2134bc. The 600 is before the Flood, and the 355 is after the Flood and spans 350 years thus being both a year 950, but also a 360-day 955.

Methuselah is  167 +188 +600 = 955 The 188 is fabricated to probably claim that Methuselah is Menes the Egyptian king whose record refers to year 955.

But before this, a 167 +182 +600 = 949  The 167 is fabricated to probably claim that Methuselah is Menes the Egyptian king whose record refers to year 950.  A span of arguing 949 egyptian years (365  days)

and 949 years of 360 days differes by 13 years (which is the cycle of new year Mars 6x 780 days).
But 350 years after the Flood only gains 5 years not 13 years. It spans 355 years.
Thus Noah’s 950 is calendar year 955. So the issue of Methuselah is caused by debating Noah’s dates at Noah’s death (year 350) as being Nimrod’s death with the Ptah (Mars) year 950 after the Flood.
I once wrote a pamphlet entitled Parting Of The Red Sea By A Cloud Pillar and a woman asked me if the author was A.Cloud Pillar, perhaps my pen name. Never know, could be, some people think I’m a pig in a pen.

The Tau and its Marduk is created to count from CREATION (by Flood). Thus by wrongly equating Ptah (year 350 that created Pharaoh at Noah’s death) as being Tau for Marduk, it assigns a Ptah to the Flood’s Marduk for  Arpaxad’s new year’s day. Thus the death of Menes (symbolic new name) is 955 in 360-day calendar but 950 in 365-day calendar. If anyone says rising Mars of the Flood is Creation Marduk, they then easily also say that  Methuselah is Menes because taht Mars is Ptah.

To confirm this, 2256am as Nimrod’s death 600 years after the Flood (1656am) when becoming the 2256am FLOOD is now Methuselah’s death instead of Nimrod’s death. Nimrod = death at Ptah, becomes Methuselah = death at Ptah. Ptah is year 955. So Methuselah clearly is given death at 955 in the 2242 years, not surviving 14 years to 969. But this Marduk date is also found in Hamurabi.

The 360-day calendar is 2256am and year 1200 in 1778bc on Feb 26. So 13-year Mars earlier it is year 2243am and year 1187 in 1791bc May 5. Hamurabi (anointed) ascends in 1793bc, becomes king in 1792bc, and his 2nd year is a Marduk New Year. Later, by claiming Marduk’s year 2243am belongs to Arpaxad after the Flood whether Arpaxad is Noah’s 601 or 602, it means the Flood was either 2242 years or 2241 years to 2242am. And the source is then know which actually comes down from 1658am as Noah’s year 602 with new year’s day 2368bc Oct 1.

So the intent of 2242 years is not just equating Methuselah as the great king dying in 2256am Flood at 955 with being also teh great king Menes who was reborn in 955  (true date 2020bc Sep 4) by his name Narmer ceasing so that now he would be reborn as Menes. This Narmer is Narmer-rod and Nar-Merod, Nar the Rebel. Thus his new name is being mistaken as his death and rebirth to heaven, when in fact he did not die until 1770bc as 2256am. And he Narmer (Nimrod) shares the same fate as Methuselah. As Methuselah ends the last person in our postFlood world to ever live 969 years, so too Nimrod is the only man about to be 500 on the new year (Persian Pamenot 1 or May 13), but he dies on Mekir 15 (April 22) eight months before the Christmas that honors Noah’s 40-day seance at death, not Nimrod’s. And it mocks Noah as the Bacchus image drunk and with erection hangin on the evergreen tree (as Moses writes in the shame of Ham and Canaan, but never says that of Nimrod). Given the whole 500 years, in 1770bc there is no one alive that is 200, no one alive  that is 300, no one alive that is 400. The gods have died off.

Isaac lives 180. Jacob lives 147. Job lives 140. No one 200 since Terah when Abram was 70.

Yet (1839bc) Eber died at 464 just 4 years after Abram. No record indicates whether K-F (Kayef or Cheop) lived past Eber’s 1839bc, but his burial gifts are all 12th dynasty (1943-1730bc). Everything in worship indicates that Nimrod was the last, and lived longest of his generation, as well as longest of those born in 2270bc (1756am).

Thus the great king or the Melchizedek be it Noah or Shem or Nimrod or Methuselah or Menes, etc. They use these numbers to claim it is the great king of fame that everyone KNEW BY WORD OF EAR.

All these names share that. Just like today all these scholastic fools grab every single name of a viscious king and say he must be Nimrod.

One reason Methuselah is not reduced is because Jared lived 962 which is less than Methuselah, by only 7 years, and the fame is then lost if Methuselah is reduced.

The Samaritan Flood of 1307 dares to do this with the 7 other fathers outliving him.

(excluding Enoch’s 365, only Lamech lives less than Methuselah instead of all 9 living less than him).

This not reducing the 14 years to just 955 years is also because there may be record of 9 walking of the ark.

The reason is because Shem’s wife was pregnant when you analyze ALL that changesalf truth ALL the chronologies. It is not a merge to suit and please and compromise, but it is rather a merge caused by evidence that Arpaxad was conceived 10-01-600 (in Genesis) and born the 2nd year on 7-01-601 to be followed by a Marduk (rising Mars) new year 602.

BUT the whole point is that although some assume Methuselah is not reduced from 969 and so lives 14 past the Flood, or whether he is reduced for those who think he is Narmer-Menes whose Ptah is year 955, the explanation of postFlood Ptah is equated as Mardukl year 3192am.

This is 1656 +1536, but most significantly as 2256 +936 because the 936 cycles to 6000.

So whether 1656 is Noah’s birth or Flood, and whether 2256 is Flood or Nimrod’s death, the fact exists that a Ptah or Marduk or memorial is 3192am. And whereas this would be 834bc (the year seder Olam picks for Solomon’s temple), the long chronologies prove they choose 2009bc with a 5200bc Adam.

This means 2256 +936 or 2242 +950. The issue is whether year 950 is 360-day or 365-day.

Thus the original is 2256 and it is reduced to 2242 to suit the year 950 as 365-day calendar.

It is a half-truth. Yer 350 is 365-day calendar and merely spoken of as Noah being 950 years old, because Egyptian year 950 is after the exodus in egyptian year 857.

Now the other alternative of 2262 years does not come from the original Septuagint of 280bc. As 187+188 +600 = 975, it is a compromise where he dies 7 years before the Flood.

It uses the 187 restored from the wrong 167, yet retains 188 from the 2242 which is Greek chronology since 778bc.

It does so with a reason. But first note that Greek Flood by astronomy is reconstructed as 2958bc in 778bc a whole 500 years before the 280bc Septuagint uses it as 2242 years from 5200bc to 2958bc.

The chronology of 5200bc Adam is likewise 3600 years to 1600bc where both Greek and Hindu lay out Babylon’s first kings as 1900-1600bc. As there are 6 years before Flood with Methuselah, the true Babylon is 1894-1594bc. Yet Greeks use a 5200bc Adam plus 3600 = 1600bc and Hindu give every indication of having originally used 5500bc Adam plus 3600 = 1900bc. The real 3600 (a shar) is Adam’s year 2400 in 1625bc (king Amizaduga’s venus at his death) predicts 3600 to year 6000 as Armageddon asteroid /comet.

Why is Greek chronology 778bc instead of Olympic Era 776bc? Because 777bc is a leap year the date Payni 25 is Dec 25 last in 778bc as it was (180 days) Kayak 25 in 2958bc as Flood (as 1498bc).

The next two years be it 777-776bc or 2957-2956bc,  the September 1 is Thoth 1 new year for the Flood, and in 1497-1496bc, but Pamenot 1 in 777-776bc. In all chronologies we have a 2-year shift debating Arpaxad, and thus an issue with the 2 years lost as 1460+1460 Julian versus 1460+1460 egyptian lacking twice 365 leap days.

The Septuagint of 2262 years returns to 187 years and assures 969 doesnt surpass the Flood. However since its 188 comes from the Greek 2242, why should we be rejecting the 182 which was discarded to favor this fabricated 188.

Methuselah dies before the Flood by 7 years only because the Greek 167 years is discarded but they dont discard the Greek 188 years. The difference of 20 years (2242 versus 2262) is 5 leap days that a calendar will shift when the new year is moved 180 days from Pamenot to Thoth. This is proof that the short record is true because all the cause and effects result from it. So the 188 years is not restored to make Methuselah die in 2262am because  then it goes beyond the 969 years of maximum record, and because this 5-day shift must not be removed but accounted for in calendar.

People who run genealogy and play dumb to ancient calendar thrive in the fact that these calendars have disappeared as if never existing. In fact, the more religious piety in their self-righteousness and they will insist all calendars were always screwed up and that most used the lunar calendar of Hebrews, as calculated by any modern scholar who ignores today’s rules did not exist 1000 years ago. 19-year 76-year cycle of 19 leap days and four  sets of 7 intercalary months drifts back 5 Julian days in 1463 years, and advances in days in seasonal Gregorian. It is NOT the perfect calendar the liars claim it to be. Thus they do not know Jehovah. (What proves to be. He is our God, let him be what he is. Quit defining him our way or your way, because he is his way.)

The Samaritan using 67 is clearly derived from 167. Fine then discard it for 187. But again, why is the 188 retained?

With original lost Hindu records placing Adam’s 3600 in 1900bc so that original Hindu had a preFlood (3102-3101bc) world of 5500bc, Christian Africanus uses this 5500bc as does Christian Hippolytus. But Hippolytus uses  2242 as 5500-3258bc Flood while Africanus uses 2262 as 5500-3238bc Flood. Hippolytus is thus exactly 300 years before Greek Flood 2958bc just as year 3600 is Babylon’s 1st 1900bc versus 3600 as Babylon’s last 1600bc. From this then the word among Moslems is that the Great Pyramid was built (3258bc) 300 years before the Flood (2958bc) despite Moslem Flood is 3122bc and measures as 340 years to 365-day calendar 2782bc Thoth 1 on July 20 (severed from Peleg’s death in year 340, and severed from the fall of Ur in 2030bc claimed as long chronology 3rd dynasty when it was short chronology 1st dynasty).

The Hippolytus Flood (3238bc) measures 476 years to this same 2782bc calendar. Yet the truth is that the Flood is 2370bc and this same 476 years is the true 1st king of Babylon in 1894bc. (475 egyptian years is lunar 19x 25 years = 19x 309 lunar months). However, Africanus uses China’s Era 2637bc as 600 years (Flood ends 3237bc to 2637bc) of which that true 600 years is the 2370bc to 1770bc. China does not use this 600 as their Flood 2953bc to 2637bc (316 years), but as calendar 2637-2037bc. The actual evolution of that calendar is 10-year and 12-year of 360-day during 177-year Ur which spans 180 calendar years of 360 days thus 3 x 60 years of 180. Then in 2029bc some switch to 365-day. In 1437bc they all switch to 365-day but they do so not for 600-year Venus 2029-1429bc, but an 8-year Venus earlier when 1437bc is 600 years of 360-day. Later it is denied that it was 360-day nor 365-day but always sothic leap days so thsu 1200 years before 1437bc.

Result. New chronology that has 3500 years of records claiming the long Chinese is true and the Bible then looks false or not probable. But truth is not about the majority or what they see or think they see.

Here is your Hindu 1656 years translated as 1680 years of 360 days.
Using their Flood 3102-3101bc.
and counting it as 1655 years to 1656am
and Adam’s year 1 to year 130 as 129 years.
You need to understand that this Hindu belief is contrary to mainstream in this way, they may believe 10 kings ruled for 1680 years of 360 days (1656 years), but the 1200-year cycle after the Flood is no longer  432,000 days but rather believes this world will last 432,000 years. So too, their belief claims they have always believed in four worlds, three before the Flood whose 4800 then 3600 then 2400 is 1,728,000 years then 1,296,000 years then 864,000 years and now our current world 432,000 years.
So imagine an 864,000 year world before Noah’s Flood 3102bc in which ten kings ruled only the last 1680 years. I dont think so. You can have their religion i dont want it. To me it is as fools who see 6 days as 144  hours.
Like i said i dont think Hollywood should be pushing spiritual lives in the Hindu way because as liars the movie is absolutely correct when the man asks if it is decaf coffee (he could be allergic or die) and all Hindu will reply what do you want it to be, then that is what it is. Imagine asking in sex if youre HIV and they say what do you want me to be, then that is what i am. Is that God?  is that love?
I hate that america has become people who pretend they rather be lied too.

Katriel,  Since the end of the world in year 6000 is actually the oldest prediction ever made (according to Bible and Genesis), when ever i come across new potential Adams or Creations (the creations before Flood, not Flood year creations) i then add 6000 years and Google it up. Used to go to the library and search encyclopedias back in 1986.

Anyways the year 4756bc appears to be correct (not 4758bc as 1656 years to 3102bc) since it did kill a kingdom of India in 1244 AD. It is all pending for example i have seen the 5200bc Adam claimed as 5202bc and 5201bc and 5199bc, they never say it is Adam, but they vary it 2 to 3 years.

Solanki Kingdom (942–1244 AD)


To be continued…


  1. Laco Panda says

    Dear revealers of this Biblical truth, can I be inform of every events and prophecies fulfilling now to confirm all things.thanks.regards and God use you more and more to speak and reveal what the purpose of God in this final hour. Thank you from Laco PANDA, Country, Papua New Guinea.

  2. Elijah says

    My grammar. I am wondering if i am out of date by saying thus, thus, and thus. And perhaps that itself alone slows my readers down who are accustom to instead hearing it be said and so and so and so. —- Thus I will leave that up to you. (I mean) —- So i will leave that up to you. Comments?

  3. Starheater says

    Hello Elijahovah
    First, I will not ridicule you, second, you make comparison with other calendar that you are the only one to know (with rare exception), third, I dont see the need to know all those date, fourth, I have 3 questions: For what reason we have to know all these date? What is your goal by making all those reshearch? All that you have write, do you think that it could contain few errors?
    But what I could comprehend, is that the Flood have really, not in a local place, but World-Wide.
    One thing that you have said, “And the Middle of the earth, and the middle of the sea is the Medi- Teranean” is far better that all those comparison.
    Look, I’m gone to unveal a mystere for you, this mystere is far more practical to know that all those genealogie date.
    In the book of Revelation Dan’s tribe is not mention, Why? Because Dan of today is integrated in all the Tribe of Jacob (Israel). To make history short, let talk about Hitler, this man was in a sense a genous, he was passion by reading, all kind of book, even the Bible, he acquire a very good knowledge. The word “nazi” come from the name contain the the genealogie of the Bible, the name that I know of is : Ashkenaz (Genese 10:3), this name is mention elseware.
    In the Bible it is stated that the Tribe of Dan mark place that he pass, exemple:
    Dan=Danmark, Danuble, etc…It’s the only Tribe that we can follow in all places that they pass. Well, Hitler want to have all Jews dead for many reasons, you probably know that he had the goal to establish a reign of 1000 years to rule over all the Nations. Revelation have said the the Beast had heal from is wound. Well, the german are in every principal Nation wide, this is the case of many Nations, but not the German, they will like the Bible say ” heal from their wounds”.
    Many Nazi have escape from the World Justice to planified another plan to be created, they have the money that they have stolen from everyone, they have secret society to regain what they have lost, the paranormal knowledge is in the middle of their knowledge.
    We know that secret sociaty exist, but what we dont know, is that their are command by few member of One sociaty “Illuminaty’s”, they rule the world actually, for proof, the 1 dollar bill when we fold correcly we can see the the 2 tower of Wall Trade Center in flame, folded another manner, we see just rumble with smoke.
    Check it out!!! you’ll see!!!
    God Bless

  4. says

    Occasionally people send me a question, and I answer it. These were answers posted (omitting the private words of email sent to me). However, most of the questions sent to me are cynical in nature. People who already have their beliefs and are asking me for my belief so they can ridicule it. I am corrected by truths that come to me, not by people who think they have truths and expect me to humble myself to their way. Think about it, why would Moses or Jesus succumb to others beliefs who didnt get miracles, or whose miracles were fake when they get direct answers from God. Like a woman who has tried so hard to have that child and in decades finally does, she accepts the method that worked, not all the people who look at the baby and then say well you should have done this and done that and you would have had it sooner.

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