Forbidden Truth or Fiction?

Forbidden Truth or Fiction?

by Charles Marcello

As I sit and think about what the is going on in our world today I must take pause. I pause because some of what has been prophesized is now taking place right out in the open, which says to me perhaps someone is trying to hide it. I cannot help but wonder, what the heck does all of this mean? The entire world is experiencing a finical crisis of epic proportions. Now I realize that all countries are, relatively, aware of what is going in other countries around the globe, however, something I cannot put my finger on smells extremely bad. Several governments from around the world have taken over private banks that hold up to sixty percent of their respective countries mortgages. And here in America rumors abound that several banks that have received public infusions are going to buy even more banks thereby increasing their own power, and then I read the same is true in other countries… Dangit I say something smells! So as I try to follow the stench, I have to take into consideration all the things I have read over the last twenty years, while at the same time I have to consider which could be probable… I say probable because unless you know… there is no way to know for sure… so you have to allow deduction to help lead the way. Yet, what I’m about to say I find ridiculous in the extreme, however, if what I’m about to say is true then someone or a group of people are extremely brilliant.

Before I begin I must discuss my limited knowledge of 2012 prophecy. I say limited because I have only read three books on the subject and a handful more websites. Yet I find it increasingly annoying how a society several hundred years ago with no known living culture alive today, how the heck did they predict this time so accurately… At least up to now… And if I suspect what has been predicted is playing out right in front of our eyes, then that means that others had to know years in advance of my knowledge. If that is true then that would mean they would seek, or hire others to seek, information to prove, if possible, how much of the Mayan prophecies are true.
As much as people like to focus on the extreme aspects of predictions, namely because that sells more books then the tedious, or boring, aspects do… yet the tedious almost always shows the road to such predictions and how you will know them to be true. However as a “touch it, smell it, feel it before I accept it” type of person, I still find prophecy and those who believe in them narrow minded or ignorant. As I watch this financial crisis unfolding across this planet, and on the heels of 2012, I have to face the question… Am I the one who is being narrow, ignorant, or both?

This post is basically my thoughts on the subject with no real answer, its more my attempt to put my thoughts to paper and see what fruit if any will fall from the higher branches. Because if the worst part of the Mayan prophesies are correct, then that means other prophecies from other people the world over may also be correct, and in very short order

A crisis of conscience could afflict some of those who are perpetrating this destructive nonsense. Perhaps that is fanciful meandering on my part, yet I cannot see how people believe whatever short gains they create in their time cannot destroy their families in the future. All one has to do is look to history to see exactly how these things end.

Perhaps, the most scary part is, if this is true, these people believe their bloodline will be so deluded it won’t matter… In aspects as dangerous and destructive as this, perhaps that makes it easier… Yet in time as the more diabolical aspects begin to unfold, will each of their players continue to be so strong or weak of conscience? Yet the most startling concept of what I’m thinking is this… We are living in a time where never before in the known histories of man has government held such a powerful position over the people. In times now forgotten the power between government and the people was extremely slim… One needs to look no further then the American revolution to see one of the last great examples. For sure there are others, yet now, one machine or one bomb can kill hundreds or indeed millions… I don’t have a tank or a fighter jet in my closest to bring out to battle in times of trouble. Yet the governments of America, Europe and Asia spend billions each year to train their troops extremely well. Gun to powder, as it was once said, the people have the power. However in today’s world, steel to exhaust to firepower to the explosions of rights, the people are now but slaves unless the military sides with the people. To which I must ask, where in the course of human history has the military ever taken the side of the people except in times where the government is crumbling? These are the thoughts that began what I am now going to discuss.

If what the Mayans’ have written is true then there should be some aspects in our time to prove what they say will in fact happen… Yet before we look forward one has to look in the past to see what else is written. Every single culture the world over has a story of the world ending in times past… Just as every single culture has a story of the world ending in the future. Yet that can be attributed to superstitions or ignorance of nature… however… as we now know for certain, our entire solar system is heading for the center of our universe, yet only two cultures, (that I am aware of), have a written history that talks about this reality. Other then prophecy there is really no account of what to expect… not to mention I am unaware of any geological evidence to support these claims of destructive forces that have destroyed the Earth as it was known to people long since dead. Sure there is some evidence to suggest major calamities have happened in the past, yet just as soon as you get one professor to say, “this is proof”, you have ten more calling it, “nonsense”. Even though I would admit there have been some papers I have read in the past that raised my antenna, there is still nothing I can point too that is sanctioned reports or thesis’ with regards to our solar system entering our galactic center and the destruction such an event could bring.

The one part that bothers me to know end is the fact humans have gone from cavemen to landing on the moon in less then seven thousand years (known) history. Not to mention, Romans and other (ancient) cultures were more advanced then recent human history. Meaning they were more advanced in most things, which just began to change within the last 400 years in some areas, and finally surpassed in the last eighty. I have one heck of a hard time accepting the fact humans lasted for millions of years as cavemen, (as the story goes), to walla… one day something clicks and humanity the world over starts to think multi-dimensional about themselves and this existence we call reality. There is no other life entity on this planet that has seen that type of jump, mentally, then what science says must’ve happened to homo-sapiens. Which leaves me to call out… oh bovine-sticology! (To avoid cacology I won‘t elaborate anymore then saying, I heard that once during the first Gulf War to describe information that was completely contrary to the facts!) Yet if I find the leap science says must have happened completely absurd, then that means there can only be one other explanation. (besides of course… humans were created by beings, or gods, from other planets.) So that means, (if I don’t except “gods” from other planets, or man jumped from throwing rocks to landing rovers on Mars in less then seven thousand years), then I have to come to the conclusion that something happened to man in the past that turned man from where it was then right back to the stone ages in less then two generations. And if I accept that must be the reality, then I have to accept if it happened in the past it could very well happen in the future. So if that is what I must accept, where can I look to see if there are any predictions that can help me begin to understand our future, if there is no science to prove it. Then, if I find those predictions that explain what could happen, I then must look to see if what they predict could in fact happen by following the clues they would leave behind.

Unless mankind nuked itself, (which India’s culture says happened in the past), that is something that can only happen once mankind re-finds the technology to do it again. Or if a comet or asteroid hit this planet each of those destructive forces could only happen once per entity. So there can only be limited accounts of those things happening the world over… Because even though a culture could say, “the sky grew dark and then the fire came”, there would be no way for them to know what caused the fire and dark skies. Yet as strange as this sounds, several cultures that are separated by thousands of miles or dirt and oceans, each have the same belief, with regards to a reoccurring natural event, when our solar system reaches its zenith within our galaxy. What could allow that to be true? Commerce by land and by sea explains that no doubt, yet science says that cannot be the case when it comes to the old world and the new. Yet we still have these problems. So that means either science is completely full of incompetence, or the information they have uncovered has been hidden from the masses because of how scary that information must be. Or lastly the stories that have been passed down for generations are just stories that has no basis in fact. I agreed with the latter until the last few months.  So after I accepted that those predictions could in fact be correct, and I accepted the fact that science is purposely holding back information from us lowly masses. I then had to make the leap that there must be some who know the truth. And if they know for a fact that something is coming, and it is coming at us like a freight train… Would they do anything to protect mankind and all our technology so we may not fall back into the stone ages once this passes? From that thought… Come this…

If you were one of those who knew this freight train is coming and you knew you had the time to prepare, would you tell the whole world or a selected few?

That is a vexing question. There is a part of me that wants to scream out, “Heck Yes I would tell all“. Then there is the rational side that asks, “could mankind change or would mankind continue to find ways to destroy one another under the dirt?” From that question I knew my answer could quickly change to, “Heck No, protect those you can trust to live in peace!” If that was my choice and I know for a fact that the world is just few years away from an Armageddon event, I know I would suffer from a crisis of conscience. However… if I knew for a fact I would not be alive when this hits or happens, then all I would care about in this world would be providing protection to my family and friends. But first there would have to be proof to even begin. Then I would need to convince others to build these extremely deep underground safe locations. But that is just the beginning… Then I would need to figure out who I can trust, who I can count on, and which country or leaders do I want sharing the future with my children and great to the great grandchildren. Once those choices where made I would then need to decide where to build these places, and as I see technology improving I would then want to implement that new technology into my hideaways…Or, perhaps, after building one I learned it was not as safe as we previously thought so therefore it had to be abandoned, along with all that technology that is outdated now anyway. Would I learn to stop building all the infrastructure and wasting all that treasure on machines or devices that become obsolete rather quickly, and wait until the time is nye? Meaning, would I learn to wait until there is only a few years left before I put in place all the technology mankind will use and build upon as they hide from the destructive powers of nature? If so, how could I hide all the stuff that will be needed, and how can I keep the rest of humanity from noticing all the danger signs that have been predicted? Not only that, if I knew the world was going to drastically change, would I allow a government to build, say, a nuclear power station in an area my people are saying is a sixty percent or higher chance that that nuclear power station will most likely be completely destroyed above water after the “train” hits. Or would I want to have some kind of control to say you can have nuclear power, but you must build them on low lying areas only? Because I know that even though everything above ground will be completely destroyed, if nuclear power devices, when the dust settles, are miles under water, my family has a better chance of surviving. Would I want to make sure that the group of people who have been selected to win, would I want to make sure that they have the power to say yes or no once we learned everyone demands nuclear power? If so, what would we need to create to make sure these people get that power and the world will listen? Now obviously I could continue on describing even more things that must be taken into consideration. How to feed millions of people, how to give them clean water, how to get rid of all the waste these people would create and so on. So if I knew for a fact we could walk instead of running towards our survival, would I want to try and hide all these realities under rocks and dark corners… or would I want to hide this information right out in the open?

Would I allow this information to be leaked out in small increments, and then as the time grows nearer to the end of this cycle, would I want to have a way to keep people looking to the right and to the left while everything we want happens right in front of everyone? If those are the choices I and my friends decided, can anyone think of a better way to do all of that then by creating instability, not in just one part of the world, but to all of it at exactly the same time and just a few years before the clock hits zero? Now would these be my choices, or would I be following the directions laid out before me by those ancient predictions? Seriously, would you choose if you knew the facts and prophecy are in fact correct… Would you recreate the wheel or would you follow the directions laid out before you? Sure the actual work would be yours to do, yet aren’t instructions so much easier to follow when you know others have survived the same exact experience?

There are so many different facets one could consider to bring this train of thought into focus (no pun intended.) Could it be people are actually working to save the few, willing to allow billions to die, in order to save hundreds of billions of humans in the future? Could it be these same people are allowing the information to be leaked out in order to weaken the resolve of those who have not been chosen? I mean, if the world continued the way it was last year, everything seeming to go wonderfully for most of the first world… If you knew the end was coming, would you create horrific instability so that way people would say when the end comes, “oh thank god!”? Or would you want them to be sitting peacefully in their homes when they learn their favorite shows will no longer be around because humanity is about to disappear? I mean, which do you think would be easier to control?

Because this message is already so long I have decided to stop here and summarize. I started this just to put some thoughts to paper and see how many of you are thinking around the same lines. I was thinking about writing a short book, but have decided a short thesis is just as good. Now that your mind is swimming with these ideas I would really love to read what you believe is happening with this current financial crisis. I believe it is extremely possible this will most assuredly turn into a world war. Now I know there are some who believe a NATO war with China and Russia is highly unlikely because some believe the outcome would either be disastrous for NATO or lead to a nuclear exchange. However, looking at current events through this prism, do you think if these people do exist and they knew this was coming, do you think the futuristic outcome would over weigh the ultimate time lined outcome? I mean the best way to get people to do what you want is out of instability and fear. “Give your people an enemy to fight and they will ignore the tragedies committed by their own government against their own people.” As we all know the wars of America and NATO are soon coming to an end. And as you all know, 5 percent of mortgages are beginning to destroy the other 95 percent, not to mention that five percent has started to destroy the financial markets of the world . Instead of asking how can that be, perhaps you should be asking… why now? What is their goal? I don’t care what you believe the ultimate aim is, whether that is a OwO or to hide the fact that billions are about to die because of galactic radiation and the effects it will have on this planet and our Sun… the question is still the same…. Why now? The best place to hide anything is right out in the open, and the best way to lead people is to lead them without letting them know you are leading them. Whatever the reason, where are we being lead?

How does five percent of bad mortgages destroy the whole global economy? How does fusing 7.5 trillion dollars into the world economy save anyone or anything? That much money will create hyper-inflation. Which will cost millions of jobs around the world, which in turn will create havoc on governments around the world. Or, perhaps because every major radio source, including Coast to Coast, are putting our worst foot forward regarding the worlds economy, this Christmas season will most likely be the worst ever. Which will cause the loss of millions of jobs right after the first of the year, which will then cause the worst deflation this world has had since the Great Depression, the 7.5 trillion dollars infusion be damned. I ask that because if you want to ensure an outcome how do you guarantee that it will happen? Each of us has our own fears and prejustices. If you fear and or hate the government you will always lean towards the information that fits your world view. And if your enemies or handlers know what those things are, it is extremely easy to find those willing to spread what you want when you want it to happen. If all a person or group of people desire is predation, as history has proven, that cannot sustain for the long term. So what can help millions of people to keep a secret? A secret so vast billions of people will die. Could you truly keep that quite or would you help those who have certain fears help you to spread the lie that a secret government wants to kill billions to control the whole of the earth? When in truth a secret project exists to save millions so humanity may continue, sadly however billions must die in the process of saving humanity. Which story are more people willing to ignore or believe if or when the reality of history smashes headlong into this planet?

I do not know the future anymore then what I read or see on the news… However as I try to make sense of what I see, hear, and read, I keep getting a horrible feeling something smells horribly bad. What that is I can only guess, and seeing how this site affords these type of questions and statements, and these are my thoughts as I consider the extreme, because right now I see no logical reason for governments the world over to be afflicted by the same things financially, in almost the same fashion. I admit this is far from orthodox thinking, however, what is truth and what is not? We know secrets are kept, to what level we can only surmise. If that is the truth would any of us behave any different if we had the power to choose? Or, knowing that it is true and we are destined to die… and I must be counted among the dead… I just hope whatever the truth is, I hope they have built those living centers deep within the earths surface and mankind continues to live on this planet, and in time, on others planets across the galaxy.

I will stop here… These are my thoughts as they bounce inside my mind… what say you?

Charles Marcello

PS Revelation

To touch a little more on prophecy in our time and without giving to much away, I would like to ask anyone who is willing to read Revelations Chapters 16 thru 19. After reading then report back here, knowing our recent history, and tell me what you think those chapters are talking about.

  • Revelation Chapter 16

  1. And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.
  2. And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.
  3. And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.
  4. And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.
  5. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus.
  6. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.
  7. And I heard another out of the altar say, Even so, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are thy judgments.
  8. And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
  9. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.
  10. And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,
  11. And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.
  12. And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
  13. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
  14. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.
  15. Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.
  16. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
  17. And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.
  18. And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
  19. And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.
  20. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.
  21. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.

I await your response.

Charles Marcello

PS2 Underground Bases

Everyone who has read this thread needs to watch this video(s)… Watch It!!!

This video is 8 min long and helps put this thread into greater focus.
What is my opinion? Hmm, now that is a loaded question with no real answer seeing how I only allow myself to ponder yet never completely accept.
But I’ll go ahead and attempt to answer your question anyway.

Now, when a person reads Rev 16 thru 19 there are several concepts, interpretations, or beliefs to choose from.
However this one is my personal favorite.

Before I begin I want to talk about John the Baptist. IF he in fact was not talking about his own time and was in fact seeing the future. Would he be able to relate to the west and the way we live/dress in our time in comparison to his own. Or would he feel more comfortable with those who live in the middle east and who look more like himself and continue to dress similar to the way he did in his time, let alone the language barrier? The reason I ask that question is the reality we have just experienced in our own time and then re-reading what Rev 16 thru 19 talks about when you take into consideration 9/11.

As most of us are aware the middle east calls Israel the Little Satan and America the Big Satan. As most of us are aware, the middle east calls America the big whore. And as all of us are aware 9/11 destroyed the two most prominent buildings in New York, and arguably the most influential buildings in America and perhaps the world… That being the main reason some claim those buildings were attacked.

Now, taking all of that into consideration… Could it be John the Baptist believe this country, The United States, was/is the evil of the world?

Now I am not saying I believe that nonsense, however I have to accept it could have been what he prophesied. No one needs to look any further then Las Vegas or any big city in the first world to understand how he could have reached that conclusion. Let alone all the stuff that is said about this country around the world, and by our own citizens. Could America in fact be the country John the Baptist, so by proxy, the bible was talking about? Personally there is no way in hell I can accept that, but then again I kind of have a slanted view of America because I love it so. Let alone all the good I know this country and its citizens do all across this planet. However, I have to accept the fact that those in the middle east do hate this country and do refer to this country as the Great Satan. And when you read Rev 16 thru 19… Well I’ll leave that for you (or all who read this response) to decide.

Now my question to you is, taking all of that into consideration what does Rev 16 thru 19 mean to you?

Charles Marcello

Everyday as I grab the newspaper and read, I keep seeing this story playing itself out… Its kinda weird how it all seems to fit the news, and what appears to be the worlds direction. Now that is not to say what was created is actually happening before our eyes… However, there are enough similarities to bring this to the front page.

–Charles Marcello



  1. Ian says

    Goodness Charles! I’ve only just surfaced from my bunker as I took seriously your inferred the end of the World a la Mayans…now it’s the eotwawki for lots of other reasons.

    Anyway, supplies – check! tin hat – check!

    Please send me a message when it’s safe to come out. See you!

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Ian,

      I’m positive you wear a tin hat, you might wonna try taking it off because your signals are most certainly crossed. In my other blogs I said over and over again I believe(d) the world was NOT going to end and the only thing we have to really fear is ourselves. I also said over and over again I don’t know what the truth is I’m just following the leads as I continually search for the truth. These two threads, (part 1 and 2), were/are created to generate conversation as we discuss our world around us. Its probably a good thing you’re going back down in your hole, because you obviously can’t handle reality.

      –Charles Marcello

  2. Charles Marcello says

    A quick question…

    Today I was talking to a friend and out of the blue she asked if I’ve ever had a weird dream… and I was like, of course why do ask? Instead of explaining the reason for the question she asked, “like what kind of strange dreams?” I told her a couple of them and then said I had a weird dream a little over a week ago about a tsunami hitting somewhere where there is are a lot of white people… She seriously looked like she was about to throw up! She said, no way dude, I totally freaked right now…. She had a dream of water as well, she said her dream freaked her out because all she saw was water receding and then a mountain of water coming at her. But that’s not all, she said a person at her work said she also had a weird dream about water and her friend saw people drowning everywhere. So now I’m like, over the last couple of weeks have any of you had dreams about tsunami’s or a dream that shows an incredible amount of water but you’re not sure where it came from????

    Kinda interested because I just learned that that 188 day earthquake cycle is coming back this April 2, 2013… All these dreams probably equal nothing, or perhaps… If you’ve had a similar dream(s) or know someone who has, lets talk about it… are we all seeing some possible future or are our minds feeling overwhelmed by all the negative crap happening all across our world?

    –Charles Marcello

  3. John B says

    Charles, I just read the post “Zeitgeist:Awareness of the Time” (on this blog) and I wonder what you think about it (especially movie “The Greatest Story Ever Told”). It explains the real origin of Christianity. It also shows that the Bible’s authors plagiarized the astro-theological stories of older religions… and it all seems to be rooted in astronomy.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello John,

      I quickly read the blog you mentioned… I’ve watched two out of the three Zeitgeist movies. The part you asked about, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, almost all aspects of that part of the Zeitgeist video was stolen from a guy many within his type of research know as Jordan Maxwell. And if read or listen to Jordan Maxwell you quickly learn he has gets a lot of his information from Madame Blavatsky, John Dee and Alister Crowley … while all the stuff he didn’t steal from them, for the most part Jordan Maxwell just makes shit up. There are parts of the “Greatest Story Ever Told” that are true, there many other parts they simply added to make it appear true. Here is a video on YouTube that challenges the Zeitgeist video…

      To get a balanced view I strongly recommend you watch this video as well. However, even the film debunking the movie Zeitgeist in parts, also changes the truth, just as Zeitgeist did, to fit their own agenda… Remember each of these groups have an agenda… You should really look into the man responsible for Zeitgeist movie series… My biggest grip about that man is how anti-American he is, I’m kinda selfish in my love for my country, even if I don’t understand the evil that has taken over my government at every level.
      Back when the first Zeitgeist movie came out, my brother and his friends came by and asked me to research the claims within that movie as they handed me a CD… so I did. Like I said before, there are aspects of the Zeitgeist movie that are true regarding cultures with the exact same stories… however in order to make that list appear to be more impressive they added many cultures that simply talked about half god half man people within their literature/theology, yet whose stories don’t exactly match as well as that movie claimed… while the rebuttal takes apart those societies who do share the same stories and claims it was the devil trying to deceive the world, which made laugh out loud… because of how stupid that claim is… ie… All religions are following the devils plans for the world because they all existed before they became who they are today… while at the same time they argue Christianity is the truth because it was the devils failed attempt to deceive the world by copycatting the virgin birth before Yeshua was actually was born… that argument is simply brilliantly stupid!…
      While the truth of each of these groups is, they each have a vested interest in making as many people as they can, believe in their bullshit! Which is why I always try not to force my firmly held understandings onto anyone. It is important to me, some might even say extremely selfish of me to find people who see, who see the same answers I do without having to be told whats those answers are… while the people behind zeitgeist are openly anti christian (though the person behind these zeitgeist movies is more than willing to tell the world what he actually believes if anyone is actually interested in learning his actual world view… just Youtube search his name…), and the people behind debunking zeitgeist are hell bent on making people believe their version of reality. I strongly recommend people research those aspects of the film on their own… find out what people who are for zeitgeist and against zeitgeist have said about each of these movies. I would say the two films I’ve watched to be around 40/60 when it comes to the Religious aspects, forty true/sixty either completely made up, or things added to make other cultures appear to be the same. BTW I mentioned Jordan Maxwell on purpose, listen to what Jordan has to say about the movie Zeitgeist… and then listen to everything else Jordan has to say about the world. I personally believe Jordan Maxwell is exactly how modern day NAZI’s would be like if they won world war two… but I guess that’s just me. Jordan Literally just makes stuff up on the fly in his lectures, which is funny as hell, and scary as hell at the same time because of the all the people that regurgitate his nonsense. Now this is not a defense of Christianity… they have their own crosses to bare, (pun intended), the beginning Church stole from many religions to equal the Christianity the world knows today… and not just Catholicism… Just look at history behind each ICON Catholicism has added over the years… and Protestants… However if you want to learn something new, grab the major components of Islam and Catholicism on piece of paper… put Islam to the Left and Catholicism to the right…. in the middle put the major components of Egyptian mythology/theology…. will you see the left and right legs of Daniels statue which have grown into the feet with many cults created (toes) from within both religions??? Is that, could that be true? Those are questions I found answers too I believe equal a single truth, the question for each of you is, are you interested in seeking your own truth, or are you going to allow video’s, books and blogs to force a worldview onto you? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, IF you want to read an excellent book on the subject of world beliefs, read the book “The Golden Bough” by Sir James Frazier. When you can answer what does a King, Stranger and Wolf have in common, only then should you re-read your cultural religious dogma and see if you see the true story behind the stories…. or at the very least do you see your cultural dogma differently? If you’re only looking for someone to tell you what to believe, simply pick one. If you want to learn the truth keep looking, and if you think you know something do everything you can to prove it wrong. Only then are you truly free! If I can see it coming I refuse to be anyone’s slave, or sheep, or cattle, or victim regardless of the banner. There is list within the Zeitgeist movie that you pause and research on your own… be your own star and explore the life you live… And finally do everything you can to Enjoy the Ride!

      –Charles Marcello

      –Charles Marcello

  4. says

    Hi Charles, its nice to have met you. i will not be back remember this the RC changed every thing Mary is not gods wife and Jesus does not exist. the word of God became flesh and died on the cross for our rebellion. bye. Chris.

  5. Vasashu 1:17 says

    To Charles and others:
    I’m not an expert and while I commend your research, I can’t help but feel that there are so many people who are so misguided when it comes to the bible. The bible is just a book. The revelation of John is just a symbolic allegory, a dream that John experienced. It has nothing to do with the “end time”. I think this whole obsession with the end of the world is a larger projected obsession with our own personal end, our death. Again I am not a biblical scholar and I do not have any degrees in this field, but I have attended Catholic school for the majority of my life and have personally researched these topics myself. Christianity and this obsession with biblical end times takes away from the message of Christ. Christ means “anointed”. “Jesus” is just a human being who like many other individuals throughout history experienced cosmic consciousness. We put so many words and ideas into the mouth of Jesus that he probably never said. The truth is we do not know and will never know when the world will end. In fact, the “world” just means humanity, not the earth. Instead of obsessing about the end, we should be trying to work and prevent the end. This world is fucked up and its not because of God, its because of man. Why would a God (God is a word which is so over used btw) who is connected to the entire cosmos be so concerned with a lowly little species on a pale blue dot spinning around the arm of one of billions of galaxies??? We anthropromorphise God like we do everything else. The Book of Revelation and the Bible can literally be made into anything you want it to be. This is just my view. Am I right? I dont know. Am I wrong? I don’t know that either. I just think that we are TOO obsessed with the “end times” and it saddens me. We need to shift focus.

  6. j.apoyan says

    Their thats what happens when the truth is revealed a mass scramble to get on board,now what has to happen my cyber links we take over the whole show,time is up and the articles are going into hyper space.

  7. says

    After reading and finding substantiation of the Planetary layout of the pyramids at Giza in the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus – my feeling is that December 3rd 2012 was a pivotal date for planet Earth.
    Adding ten days to this (the ten which were removed by Pope Gregory?) brings the date to St Lucy’s Day – a date mentioned by Mother Shipton too…
    On this day two asteroids BYPASSED Earth.
    What was really notable about this bypass is that NASA NEVER SAID ONE THING about the approach of these asteroids, one of which fits every single criteria made by Nostradamus.
    The four year cycle, the 7 stadia round, the “undulating” orbit (Toutatis has a “chaotic” orbit. This is a scientific term for “unpredictable”). Toutatis is Celtic Ogmios – mentioned many times in quatrains – and in the hidden texts.
    Yes – there is still the next four years, and the one following and in 2024 it also happens to be a year of the dragon, and 2036 – and Toutatis is due every time.
    This last time was the day due – for many reasons – not the least that the Earth has had “her days cut short” – by 40 minutes.
    In April 2011 and in June 2011 20 minutes went missing from the Mediterranean clocks.
    On the antipode side of Earth is open ocean off from New Zealand – where there is no one living to say that they had experienced this same wobble too.
    Job spoke of 40 minutes changing the days as well
    and Matthew 24 22 says
    “but for the sake of the elect the days will be cut short”

    thus MOVING Earth out of harm’s way!

    for what its worth – my opinion anyway
    I DID notice quite a few times in 2011 that our SOUTHERN CROSS pointer – was pointing DUE WEST

  8. Shelby says

    Hi Charles and Starheater,
    I came over to read your blog simply because you mentioned the year 2018. I have done research for over 40 years and have narrowed the date of the second half of the last seven years known as the Great Tribulation to that year. I have the math to back up my findings and are curious if you are only guessing that year or not. Christ said no one would know the day in which I come, in another reference he said no one will know the hour. However he did not say anything about the month and the year. He also made reference to the fact that there isn’t anything that can’t be known. I used specific math that Christ gave along with other hints he gave to determine the different stages of the Great Tribulation period.
    Reading through some of your comments and others, I noticed that some believe there are errors in the Bible. Here is a different way of thinking about it.
    It is a “condensed” version of Ancient Sumerian Records, so it only appears to be amended. The Bible is not difficult to understand…… is only misinterpreted when we believe the translation we’ve been given by others. Specifically a group who does not want us to see the real truth.

  9. says

    Hi Charles Marcello, maybe i`m wrong but your name suggests that in your earlier years you were exposed to R.C. teaching. this is religious fanaticism,it is in fact total rebellion against YAHWEH. Believing in God is not a religion, Religion is man controlling man. Maybe you should look further into YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN STORY. Don`t look at it from your point-of-view, look at from Yahweh’s.
    It seems to me that you are looking at all this from the R.C. point-of-view, They don`t believe in the word of god at all.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Yes you would be wrong… in my early years I was raised to believe in the Trinity through Nazarene teachings. Ironically it was the Church that put a bad taste in my mouth towards official religious locations…. when my church went from a choir to a full on band, with drums, electric piano, guitar and bass with a surround sound system… all you could hear was the band singing… who knew you could be so old fashion at 13, because of that I stop going… then at the age of 15 I started to read the bible on my own and was totally disgusted by the alabaster box story, seriously it made me physically ill. Then at eighteen I decided to give the bible another chance and started reading the Old Testament where I found the god in the bible to be an evil son of bitch I wanted nothing to do with, so I started looking into other religions and found each of them (their official doctrine) to be highly distasteful… Yet to be fair, I was highly rebellious at that time in my life against everyone and everything, I blamed the whole world for everything that was wrong with everything, including my bad behavior. Around 24 I slowly began to change, and I do mean slowly… which made me want to take another look at the bible and all the worlds religions. Which grew into I’m not interested in how we believe today, I wanna know how the world was tricked into becoming the religions our world suffers under today. Yet I try to walk a fine line with people who believe the bible is the written word of god. Like I’m sure you’re going to tell me the bible is infallible… I’m here to tell you I’m willing to take that bet, and bet you that you’re not only wrong, but that you don’t really believe that statement… because I am just waiting for that person who thinks they can defend the bible while staying 100 percent honest… to date that person does not exist. Apologist do of course, yet they all simply walk away when they are challenged by those aspects of the bible that make them uncomfortable, or argues against their stated beliefs. I’m willing to bet you are that person, once the bible becomes uncomfortable you’ll walk away… am I wrong? Do you really want to have this conversation? Because Lord knows I do! The other aspects I want to talk about is how the bible might have real prophecies hidden within the plain stories we all take for granted… and I’m waiting for that person to show up as well… the one who will look at our world as they try to understand how the birth story might actually be the real prophecy… and those other aspects of the bible and other religious beliefs/doctrine that seem to be telling the same story/warning.

      –Charles Marcello

      • says

        Hi Charles Marcello, you have lost both bets, sorry. first i do have an issue with the new testament i will explain later, I don’t believe in the trinity, i don`t attend any church. The truth is what i want nothing else, so i have cast my net fare and wide. i am not religious, i do believe in GOD, i am not your enemy.

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello Chris,

          I don’t believe I was wrong at all… and I don’t consider you to be my enemy. I would suggest you actually read my blogs before you make comments, because if you did you wouldn’t have said any of things you did.

          –Charles Marcello

          • says

            Hi Charles, when i said that you were wrong, i was referring to when you said that i would walk away when things got too hot. I have read your blog several times, I like the way you think.

  10. says

    I believe that if something is inevitable, trying to change it is useless. There has to be a cleansing and we should embrace it. Trying to make sense out of scripture will not change this. The monetary system of this world is predicated on greed and is not what is needed for us as a civilization to exist. What is needed is an understanding that we are part a greater energy and connected through a universal consciousness that has nothing to do with materialistic possessions. The reason there must be a cleansing is that there is an imbalance of equality. No one soul is more important than another, but in this world we live in money determines worth. If I have money I have power. If I do not have power I am not worthy. We all have the same ability to know what is right and wrong, but many have been brainwashed by religious fanatics to think they must pay for their sins. I have a conscience. It is free. I chose what I believe. I make choices independent of monetary or materialistic value. I will accept that there are less enlightened souls that are not capable of this decision process. I want all to understand there is more to our existence than this Earth we inhabit in these human forms. We are here to learn valuable lessons for a reason. Being at peace when the time is at hand is the only thing any soul can control. Letting fear decide is the worst option. We will not stop this “TRAIN” from derailing, but we can be prepared spiritually for the aftermath.


    • j.apoyan says

      OOOPPS almost forgot some people could get offended by the use of the word god being it in relation to a male force as the above example,i agree we need to have a balance in a dualistic world bless ya.

  11. Herman King says

    If we were created by a god, he must be nuts. I could have created a much better world if I had His power. “Free will” is a copout. How can something be “free will” if it was created by a god?

    • says

      All countries have laws, so does the company that we work for, there is a price to pay for disobeying them the choice is your free will. If a person wants to hug a tiger, that’s their free will.

  12. Starheater says

    Hello M. Marcello
    To those questions I will respond. In the Bible, “water” represent “mankind”, and the “land or earth” represent place that are not well populated. The third Angel will pour something in all source of water. Mankind is made of 75% of water +/-, so this chap. talk about man en general. This poison is in fact “absence of believe”, when Christ arrive in Revelation, wil He found Faith? Now to developpe more this Prophetie, the Sun that is mention is not the real Sun, remember the Christ as, said taking about those who dont really believe, that they will be save, but like if they were passing thru the fire, because when we suffer we are in the fire.
    Also in that chap. it is mention that the water change in blood, “it’s like a murder”, everyone who work for the government and dont believe in Jesus, those humain are murderer, because they dont have the real knowledge that lead to the Truth, and this Truth must we have too be Free. Those who are from God knows how to treat their humains, rarely they try to do muder in saying something that can hurt someone.
    When the Angel will come for us to joint Jesus in the sky, on Earth people will act like the day’s of Noah, they will be in peace, happy, and we will be in fire and we will suffer, not because we are harrass or put apart like we were fools, you must keep in mind that all the religion of the world will not be permitted to such offense, that’s why the Law is hard on this subject.
    No The God Almighty is not a God to punish for the eternity, but in the Bible it’s not write to our comprhension, and this is done willingly, because it is we who have deserted God, not the contrary! God know’s that we are not perfect, and to all people arm with the will of doing to other and ourself, well that is the Law of God in all is force.
    I have expland the basic, you just have to build on it, you’ll see, all will become more true, more logic to speak just.
    In chap. 16, John mention the “great city”, this is Jerusalem, and I’m not very sure that it will be separe physicly in 3, I think this is the way it is right now. In Jerusalem we have 3 distinct religion, and by the way, the people is concentrated in Jerusalem, but the the area, their is no heavy population. Probility that a real earthquake will arrive, but to set a real illusion.

    There are other thing that is more dangerous right now, more and more humain in victim of spontanius combustion, and each year we assist in an augmentation of this phenomena. There are hundred reported case, but wet, there are more that aren’t reported. The cause, and that it’s what I think, it is cause by few element thet we have in our body; magnesium, compound of sulfur electricity, and I am not sure, acid. If you know physician or chimist Marcello, please, tell those scientist what I have told you, it could be a good action from your part, because they dont have a clue presently.

    This is Part 1

    This is a sommary of what I think it is, but I know that Jesus is mention

  13. Charles Marcello says

    Hello Everyone,

    The above information (Part 1) is from a thread/blog I wrote back in 2008 almost year before I found the December 3, 2012 alingment. Back then I didn’t take any prophecies seriously, nor did I believe anything was going to happen when it came to 2012. I only started reading books on 2012 because I wanted to know how people could believe such nonsense… the end of the world and all that. Well I’m still not convinced humanity has anything more to fear then ourselves… however I asked World-Mysteries.Com to post this thread/blog to help explain my thoughts as I began to delve deeper into all the other worldwide prophecies while searching for a single answer to connect them all. Back in 2008 I was completely shocked by how the whole Western World (first world Countries) could ALL be suffering from the exact same scam… and then to rub our noses in this scam, these bankers forced each of these governments and their citizens to take the brunt of these banksters horrible investments onto our shoulders… while millions of people are thrown out of their houses by these same crooks, yet these evil people get a mulligan and ALL the governments of the world turn a blind eye to the crimes that were committed by each of these evil bankers? Its now 2013 and we still haven’t seen the end of this scam… as a matter a fact its started up again here in the United States, which means they’re doing it again in Europe and in Asia… the questions becomes, why? If these people are in the business of making money, why are they purposely throwing their money back into a system they know leads to a total meltdown? As I’m reading the headlines of our world today, that the same crimes are being committed… I remembered this blog posted above that I wrote back in 2008… as I tried to wrap my head around it back then, not only how could all of these bankers be so stupid, but also, how the hell did ALL the governments of world put their stupidity on the back of their children’s children’s children? So far the only logical answer is, they know this is all coming to an end! Apparently the financial meltdown they created back in 2008 wasn’t good enough, they are now purposely attempting to destroy the world markets/currencies, seeing how they must know how they came up short so few years ago… or… they’ve decided they need more supplies for their Arks!?! and what better way to hide trillions of dollars of supplies then claiming its all been lost in the never never land of insider/mortgage trading. Is that true, or is all of this pure fiction? I don’t know I don’t have a seat at their table, yet I refuse to believe all of these people in all of these countries are this goddamn stupid. Let alone how all of this WAS prophesied by the Mayan’s/Aztec’s…. not only that, another strange prophecy is now coming to a head… The Prophecy of the Popes… The current Pope is set to resign this coming February 28th, 2013… which means sometime soon thereafter the Last Pope… according to this prophecy… will be selected just before there is HELL ON EARTH! But that’s not all, there are many prophecies converging at this moment in time… According to Jewish Mystic Prophecy from the Zohar… the messiah of the Jews will be revealed between September 28/29 of 2012 thru September 28/29, 2013. Let alone Nostradamus and his Year of Comets prediction and the destruction that he says follows it… NASA is claiming the Year 2013 as the Year of the Comets…. Let alone the Hopi’s prophecy of the two lights, one red one blue… Not to mention the Sun is about to go Nucking Futs according to NASA, that they just happened to underestimate by a factor of 10… Not to mention crops are failing for various reasons all over the world…. and it goes on and on an on!!!

    I believe we are being setup, whether by man or fate (God/Universe/Natural Cycles) matters not at this point. Talking about our past and how it reveals are present and our not so distant future does… Because not only do some Jews believe their messiah is coming this year… but so too do Christians and Muslims, Hindus and Buddhist… they all believe their version of a Messiah is coming real soon!!! One of the questions we should discuss while seeking serious answers is… are we all being led by the nose? Is this some sick perverted attempt to reduce the worlds population by a select few… or is this a loving attempt to help save a small section of humanity from a natural destructive cycle of Nature/God??? Or is it something far more unbelievable??? Well I believe that is something we should all talk about. Not so we can live in fear, hell people we all are going to die… so stop pretending otherwise and please don’t live in fear of it… rather we should talk about this as serious as possible because maybe, just maybe we can help stop/protect/or guarantee the desired outcome for the benefit of all mankind.

    –Charles Marcello

    • Starheater says

      Hello again M. Marcello
      The autoriry in place is not what we could call “autority”, many plagues will happen, but this is just the beginning. But we have nothing to fear, the angels of God is at the service of all real Christian who have accepted the Christ, those angels are real fast and can make things that you would not imagine they would. By now, as you probaly know, in Georgia exist a monument in stone that tell that only 500,000 persons wil live on this planet. This is a statement that is not yet accomplish, even they would go in the deepest of the Earth to take refuge, by letting us died like rat, that too is not going to be, the Christ know all is brothers, and none of them will pass away without Him to be known” I think the that your government is trying to make your fear the future.
      Look, even the agriculture was in real danger by making us starve to death, I know that we can starve many, many months before dying of starvation. Jesus did’nt eat 40 day’s and 40 nights, an beside in the desert with no water. I have seen at TV many ordiary people that did, not eat over 5…7…and more, you know, the Sun is there in the sky, and his responsible to make plant grow, if we dont eat, the Sun you nourrish our body, so no need to be afraid, if there is no water, same picture, the air will give us water even in desert land, our body is made to resist at the most severe starvation.
      For the prophetie, I rely only on the Bible. God Bless

      • Charles Marcello says

        Hello StarHeater,

        I hear what you’re saying, but what if is the real prophecies are hidden within the stories we all take for granted, and the prophecies themselves are there to help keep these religions alive throughout the centuries? We all know this world is extremely active both above and below the ground, so any prophecy that talks about the world behaving badly, to me, means absolutely nothing. Neither do any prophecies that talk about wars or rumors of war… absolutely worthless prophecies that mean absolutely nothing… and I do mean nothing when it comes to our future. Which means they can all be thrown away and ignored forever… because every single generation believes their timeline is exactly what those prophecies are talking about/referring to… and each would be correct, Plagues, Wars, Famines, Earthquakes… except as history proves they were all wrong, their messiah never showed up. So what makes our timeline any different? The quick answer is nothing, IMO all of the world’s religions are lost within their own BS. So I moved beyond the open ended prophecies and started looking at those benign stories no one ever considers as the real prophecies, as the real prophecies. I try to be polite when I talk about the bible because people have their whole world view wrapped around the stories therein and how well preachers/pastors and priests sell those stories. If you want to believe in a virgin birth, who am I to tell you different, yet if that is what you want to believe then according to the bible and Jewish belief, there is no way Jesus (which is a title and not a name btw) came from the house of David… Which begs the question, why purposely deceive the entire world by telling us Joseph’s linage, thereby making the connection to the house of David, when the very next thing the bible does is tell us there is no way in hell Joseph was Jesus’ father, because he did not have Mary until after, after, after… until after Jesus was born. That tells me perhaps the real God of the universe allowed that contradiction to remains until the end… and that this might in fact be the real prophecy to mark a moment in time. Not that a virgin child was born, rather that that entire story was made up to hide the real story/coming reality hidden within that story. That is the way I am leaning, if you can help correct my understanding I am all ears… yet please understand I know the bible well and I have no problems being completely honest about what the bible actually says, instead of the flowers and rainbows I have received from most so called Christians. Remember the bible tells us that the god of the bible is responsible for all good and all evil works… and that the god of the bible does evil works. For those of you who don’t know, you can find each quote in the books of Ezekiel and Isiah… no I won’t tell you which Chapter and verse… though I guess you can Google each quote… the reason I won’t tell you is I believe it’s important you read both of those books with a critical eye to see the stories behind the stories.

        –Charles Marcello

        • Starheater says

          Hello Charles
          It as been long time since we have communicated together. Well I will be simple. First of all: Nobody have ever ine the entire time that man exist, have heard God (the real One) speaking, this as always been by intervention of man.
          God to me, (an that I never said it before) is more than Almighty, infinitly HE is, to me God is “The Most Perfect”, because logicaly HE have to be more that what HE as created. Take for exemple a man who construct a house, this man have to be more than is house, and if that man goes away a while, and place a child in that house or a stranger that did’nt new the bilder of that house, what I’ll do if he want to contact the owner. This house of ours, is not really our house, we are place in this house like the man in the exemple.
          Joseph was not the father of Jesus, I was just the Kid of The Most Perfect, like is stated in the Bible, Jesus is the Word, He came from God, we humain dont came from God, He is the only One that came from God, but not the last.
          Mary is mother was is real mother versus Joseph who adopted HIM, He has the blood of Mary is mother, but not is father.

          But this Charles is waste of time, you see, we are all brother, we came from a couple, male and female, this is a must. There a lot of people who think that we came from the E.T., this is not my point of view of the reality. As for me, I think that God is so powerfull that HE could change the heart of Lucifer or Satan and is bunch of demons, that for me is a certanty, I’m realy sure about it.
          But the Humains are not from Heaven, neither Hell, we came from the ground the Earth that we are made of.
          To have the comprehension of the Bible is very difficult, but we must rel on certain Key, that open our mind to the Truth. For an exemple: There’s many faction in the Christanisim, and the majority believe in Trinity, that is not my case, because of a certain Key found in the Bible. If we look in John 1:1-3, and we count how many they are, we found just 2, only 2, and this is not the only proof, in each epistle of Paul, at each beginning we have the same testamony in 2 Person in God (Elohim=2 persons). All the epistols of Paul are the same, they mention Christ and is Father, beside, there only 1 verse or 2 that mention the Trinity, but in fact that is not a Trinity, because the Father give is Spirit to a person this is not a Trinity. When we mention the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, we only mean that the Holy Ghost is available to everyone who demands it.
          God Is a Spirit, and this Spirit is Holy, so God is 1, and the Word is 1, that’s only make 2 for me, not 3.

          And yes, we have in the past have all sort of plague and all that you have stated, but the difference is that we have the know-how to go on other planet, not in rochet, but in dynaspheric engin (dyne=mesure of elentric courant, spheric=energy that the atom contain), and this is also the truth, they know how to build “flying disk” of all shape, and if I could speak in french, I could explain the principle of construction of those vehicule, it’s realy not hard to make. Many people on Earth as known how to make dynaspheric engin, motor gas engin are more difficult to make.

          They have reach the stars presently and they go wathever they want, this is the only way to get out of the Earth, in rocket, no way, the Van Allen Belt is there to kill everyone who try to escape in rocket, they have to put water all around the cabin to have immunity of the deadly rays of the Sun.

          The fact is that God have a Plan, and we’ve got to follow that Plan. The stories you found in the Bible is true, the thing that we dont know dont mean that does not exist, it’s only that we did’nt make the bridge between each fact or else. But the Bible is mostly science, or scientific, logic and well done too, but we have to know the Key to have the good interpretation, because we dont have the right to do particular interpretation, (see Peter) so we must put our cofidence in That God of our, because He is the only one that realy exist. I’m sure that I gorgot something, but I will have the occasion to write more thing about the Bible or else. God Bless all.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello again StarHeater,

            You said that Jesus not being from the house of David doesn’t matter, when in fact it matters a great deal… A great deal. Because we are left with only a few options… one Jesus Christ could not be the messiah because he was not from the house of David as prophecy demands. Two, someone changed Jesus’ birth into a virgin birth, yet forgot to remove the whole linage thingy, and remove those parts in the Old Testament that demand that the messiah will be from the house of David… which means Joseph was Jesus’ biological father and Jesus was not from a virgin birth… We cannot ignore all throughout that part of the world, for hundreds of years before Jesus was born there were countless stories of children being born half human half god… Greek and Egyptian to name but two. And the last option is, Jesus was born from a virgin yet someone purposely tried to deceive the whole world by adding Joseph’s linage and purposely changed parts of the Old Testament… You see either way you look at it, someone has changed the bible and the real story is lost to us. Like one of the Ten Commandments is; though shalt not pray to false idols… Well idols are not just statues inside and outside of Churches everywhere, nor are they just gold crosses worn around the next, idols are also claiming there is a book that is the only truth from god… let alone those commandments demand there shall be no other gods before God… Christians are putting Jesus and Mary before god… ie you can’t get to heaven except through the son. Let alone those parts added to the some bibles that demand if man’s claims it here on earth, heaven will change it ways…. Yet the list of horrific contradictions don’t end there, they keep coming and coming… Which is why I believe the bible demands we must study the bible with a critical eye in order to find ourselves approved. Now I’m not saying all of that to be disrespectful, for the simple fact I didn’t write the bible nor am I responsible for changing a single word. I simply choose to not blindly follow what I’ve been told to believe and study those words on my own. If I’m right and the real prophecy is hidden within those benign stories, than that means the birth story takes on a whole new meaning. There are more and more preachers coming online claiming aliens are coming and that these aliens will be received as our gods by governments of the world and by the Catholic Church. I don’t doubt the universe is teeming with life, yet why would any creature want to come down here? Well one could argue that is exactly what the book of Revelations is talking about, especially hidden within those chapters mentioned above. If that is true, the bible is warning mankind about the return on the gods/aliens, well then that means the bible is completely misunderstood. I personally don’t see how that’s possible, unless our planet is nothing short of a human farm rip for the reaping… ie they think us humans are tasty… Yes I say that will tongue in cheek, yet that seems to be the way more and more end of the world preachers are pushing there people to believe. Thomas Horn has some interesting books I would suggest all those who are interested in checking this concept out should read. While at the same time I would suggest people watch Maurice Cottrell’s videos on Youtube, to help bring Mr. Horn’s concepts to life from our past. Regarding your statement about building space vehicles, I believe you could in fact be right. I believe capturing the Sun’s light within a prism that does not allow the Sun’s rays to leave until it reaches critical mass could generate massive and I mean massive amounts of energy. But that’s getting off topic, except within the realm of space flight being possible. Also, I’m not saying anything against the bible to be rude towards those who have deep faith, I am attempting to have an honest conversation with anyone who wants to talk about the possibility of the real prophecies being hidden in plain sight and that we’ve all been tricked into ignoring them.

            –Charles Marcello

    • Charles Marcello says

      Here are two radio interviews that talk about Aliens in the bible coming back to enslave us all and or that the Catholic Church is going to force the world to accept their mark… The first one is before the Pope announced his retirement… and the second is after. I strongly recommend you listen to the January 14 first, and then the February 14 2013 next… each are three hours long, yet very entertaining.

      January 14, 2013 interview with Tom Horn and Steve Quayle on the Hagmann and Hagmann Show…

      February 14, 2013 interview with Tom Horn, Steve Quayle and Cris Putnam regarding the Last Pope prophecy and the prophecies within the Zohar on the Hagmann and Hagmann show…

      I enjoy Tom Horn, I think he is a decent writer and a pretty good speaker… doesn’t mean I agree with anything he has to say, yet he is fun to listen to. Steve Quayle on the other hand, he is the epitome of someone who is a horrible self-righteous Christian who should be ashamed of himself if he had any sense. Can’t wait until you hear his story that he says was reported to him about a Giant summoned by prayer and then chained by prayer… damn that was funny…. What is sad about this man is after twenty years of screaming the sky is falling and the Governments of the world are going to enslave and murder us all, (surprise it never happened) the man has the nerve to be angry at world because no one listens to him anymore… these two shows are the tamest I’ve heard him in a long time. The information within those interviews are entertaining and food for thought regarding the direction I would like to see this conversation go in… Enjoy!

      –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles
        I’m glad to have news from you, I will follow your advice, I will follow the link to ear what the radio say.
        About Jesus, the lignage of Mary is mother is important too, there a place in the Bible that state that the authority can be transfer to a woman if there is no male subjet to rely the genealogie. (I hope you knoe that part of the Bible), Joseph is NOT the Father of Jesus, He was just taking care of He (Jesus), but Mary are is real mother, so you’ve got to look her Genealogie, beside this fact, in the New Testament the Genealogie of Jesus is complete in Matthew, so let’s resume:
        1. Jesus Father is the Holy Spirit (not Joseph)
        2. Mary is her real mother
        3. Joseph died before Jesus begin to speak of GodJesus was of the lign
        4. Joseph had is own lignage (after the birth of Christ He was in title to make children with is wife Mary
        5. Jesus had brothers and sisters, like a real family
        6. Jesus was a Jews (Judah) that’s is Tribe
        7. Matthew 1: 18—18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.

        Here it is said that Jesus was the Son of the Holy Ghost, so Jesus was not of the strain of Joseph, but the strain of the Holy Ghost, it is writen, I make make history myself, all is writen in the Bible.

        So, what we could say is that He as the gene of Mary is Mother, but not the gene of Joseph is Father by the Law, Jesus is NOT the real Kid of Joseph, but after is birth, Joseph have made Kid’s with Mary. This is the Truth according to the Bible, my explannation is far to be well done, but I do what I can, but intelligent like you are, I think that you know what I mean if I make error in English.

        As for the idols, you are well inform, we are son’s of God, and we dont have the right to bent our knees in front of a statue, dont have the right to have representation of the Holy One in some form or other in our house, we dont have the right to have neckless with a simple cross around our neck, this is all idolatry, and God want us clean on this matter, and this I do, and I am well.

        For the Catholic, Mary is more pray than the Christ, because she’s is mother, the Catholic place Mary over the Head of Christ, only because she’s is mother. This is very wrong, Mary is Bless because of Christ birth, not the contrary.

        You’ve got to keep in mind Charles, that the only true “religion” is the TRUTH, it’s by the Truth that we can find liberty, and the Truth is not out there, it’s in the Bible.

        The other thing that I would discuss more deeply another time, is about E.T.’s, You have to think by you, not by other, in Isaiah 13: 4-5, represent the Army of God, on are real Angel (spritual), the other is like we are, and they are on Earth at this moment. You can be sure of one thing, God will protect is Peoples from all the plagues that will comme on Earth.

        The 3 angels that came to Abraham ad something that we humain dont have, that’s why all are Father new they were Angel. I’m not sure about that, nut I think the eyes are not tha same as ours, the heigh is another factor, this is not fool proof informations, I’m only try to reason on the subject. Those that are on our planet are praticly the same as we are.

        Now for the danger that supposebly surround us beacause of the E.T. is not founded, they dont have any reason to take our planet from us, futher more, Jesus wont let this happen, and you can be sure that this will not happen.

        The alert is launch by certain group in the government to make the world unstable, more, the left dont know what the right does. The Grey are the one that I mostly trust ( not a 100%), but the Pleiadian are equip with real gun ( like some laser gun), The Grey only use paralyser, you cannot move for a certain time, but that is not dangerous for us, they lnow us well, they have take more than enough sample of our skins, blood and who knows, they dont represent a real danger in general. Dont let anyone tell you that they are dangerous, and if they told you that, ask proofs, you will see, they dont have any to prove that they are mean, this is only the sound of a false trumpet.
        I have seen many UFO in the past, the last that I saw, I have make a demand at the one who was piloting this engin, i ask if he could plane at low altitude, I was suprise to have me respond that we were enemy, I reply that I have no enemy and that is the same for him, I did’nt respond, he suddendly vanish way up in a flash, my eyes could not follow him.

        I hope that you can read me with facility, and most of all, understand what I write. Well I hope that I have clarified certain things. So God Bless Charles, and keep searching, I will do the same. God Bless

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello StarHeater,

          No I am not aware where linage can be transferred to a woman when the father is unknown… please do tell, thanks in advance.

          –Charles Marcello

          • Starheater says

            Hello Charles

            I did’nt find the verses that conferre to a woman the Heritage of is Familly and by this way could be accept to make comment on certain suject that are ordinary reserve to man, like the wright of property.

            In the time of Moses, the man was first to have the wright to have property, when a familly was invited too distribute all kind of goods, like animal, furnature, gold etc… they reunited all the familly tribe to distribuate the goods of the person that at died. So, exemple:
            I have 7 childrens, but they all died at war, but I have a brother who as childrens, and if their’s any, well we go on, the next step is cousin, and other, so if this is a male cousin, and he is the older of is familly, that’s him who have the Heritage. And this work find and with justice, but a case was order by Moses or Josue is colaboratorto please a case to God himself, because they (moses and Josue) did’nt want to have problem with God if the case was not fair enough, so they consulte God.
            The case of property was in fact not in LAW, because it was only woman who was intitle to have the wright on property. But the problem, is that is not for a woman to take part of the Heritage, it goes to man’s only, and the oldest there is.

            So Moses present the case to God, and it goes like this:
            The man died with no male childrens, and this would have a impact on the distribution of the land of Canaan, with no proper male to have the wright to this heritage, kept this familly in poorness. So Moses was invite to make search, and He did not find anyone that could have the wright to clame the property, because all the male was kill in battle or died in other manner. So, God decided to pass the Heritage to a female, the oldest, so that all is familly could heritage of a part of the land of Canaan, plus the goods of her familly.

            So, in the case of absence of male, female would replace the wright of property. But this is not the end of it…

            The selection of a King goes in the same fashion, or are activated by the same LAW, so if there is not King to transfer the Kingship, a woman take the place of the male, that’s WHY England have no male, but only female on the Throne.This have been done since a female sit on the Throne of England, because is by this manner that the line of Kingship were uninterrupted from the King David to the Queen of England.
            Now, this lead us to state that WE are ISRAEL, WE are the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL. EPHRAEM IS ENGLAND and MANASSE IS UNITED STATE OF AMERICA. this is a Prophety that was well establish with proofs by the UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF GOD, by the way, this church have all the generation beginning with Adam to the Queen of England were the THRONE OF DAVID IS.
            Now, this is not the only place to find all the generation from Adam to the Queen of England, they are 2 more place that have this genealogie, the Vatican and the UNITED STATE/ENGLAND. Surely, you wont obtain this genealogie from the Pope, you will have to pass by the Universal Church Of God, by giving the genealogie the Vatican will act like he pass a rope around is neck to died, so you cant count on the.
            Now, if you are not convince by what I told you, you’ll have to wait until I find the passage in the Ancien Testament. Otherwise, I will find it when I read another time the 5 books of the Old Testament, this I do every year, to keep fresh in mind the LAW of God. They are no more valid, because they have been replace by Jesus who had offer is life for the benefit of everyone that those accept HIM as Savior. God Bless everyone

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello again StarHeater,

            If you want to find more scriptures inside and outside of the bible, find the story about a woman who baptized herself… or read the “Book of Thomas and the Secret Teaching of Jesus.” especially that part where Jesus is quoted as saying how he can teach a woman to become like a man. However each of those points are off the main point… why mention the lineage of Joseph at all if the intent was not to deceive (?) and how can Lineage be from any other than the male according to the bible and Hebrew tradition? Finding parts within scriptures that show woman can have man like rights, has nothing to do with linage, nothing. Yet StarHeater understand this is just the beginning… what about the parts of the bible that said the messiah will live a violent free life, and then in the New where it say’s Jesus lived a violent free life. That is simply not true, the entire scripture that say’s Jesus lived a violent free life is a lie. Read Mathew Chapter 20, or John Chapter 2. If you read those two chapters there is no way anyone can suggest Jesus lived a violent free life. And then when you learn about Roman punishments to all its non Roman citizens for disturbing government buildings, (Synagogues were places of government and local business during Jesus’ day), one of the easiest punishments a person would receive for committing that crime is damn good flogging/whipping. Let alone if there is was violence and that violence was great enough… oh I don’t know, like swinging at people with a knotted whip… a person could be crucified. You quickly realize Jesus may have earned his punishment. Let alone the argument that say’s Jesus suffered all of these punishments on his own, which is also not biblical… who carried the cross all the way to Calvary? Did Jesus do that all by himself?
            These are very logical questions as one sits down a reads the bible critically. and is not attempting to be rude or hateful towards Christianity. But it doesn’t stop there… wasn’t the betrayal of the Messiah prophesied? If so, they why does the bible say, “it would be better he (the betrayer), would have never been born…?” Let alone Revelations Chapter 20… that book demands God is going to write all twelve names of the disciples on his wall…. ALL TWELVE? What? It would’ve been better that Judas was never born… yet later we are told God is going to write all twelve names, which demands Judas’ name will be on a wall for all the universe to see/read. What does that mean… Does that mean that God is going to write Judas’ name in red as a warning to all, ‘even if I know your life from the end to the beginning, thousands of years before you are even born… I will still send your ass straight to hell for doing as I command?” How are each of these not major contradiction? How do each NOT prove there is no way god had anything to do with the bible, or at the very least the bible has been completely changed/corrupted by man??? Each aspect I’ve mentioned argues, no it demands the bible is not infallible. Next will come the harder, the more sadder aspects of the bible… that go even deeper into the teaching of Christianity… ie, according to the bible Jesus did not live a sin free life… for a heads up read the book Ecclesiastes. Yet I will stop here to give you a chance to respond to what is mentioned above before we go there. Perhaps I’m not seeing things correctly, perhaps there are reasonable explanations that can explain how these other aspects are also not major contradictions. To be clear I’m not doing this to be disrespectful though some could see things that way. I am and have attempted to have this conversation with many before you in my attempt to understand how I’m wrong. Please understand I haven’t even begun to question those aspects mentioned above. What I wrote above is the soft part of the arguments against those aspects of the bible that I’ve mentioned… Also, please don’t any of you feel like you need to take these issues on by yourselves… Please pass these contradictions onto your priests or pastors, especially if you’re not sure how on to defend them. Lord knows I’ve asked many a pastor to answer these contradictions, to date non have been able. I’ve even listened to one go on and tell his “flock”, (after he could not answer these very simple questions), that the bible has no contradictions. That is simply not true as far as I see, but I am more than open to listening to anyone’s defense, I want to know how I am wrong… am I wrong, does the bible say Jesus did not comment a violent act and nowhere in the bible does it say Jesus (or the Messiah will live) lived a violent free life? Am I wrong? Does the bible not say Judas’ name will be among the names written on the wall because Judas was not one of the twelve? Let alone how does anyone defend according to the bible there is no way Jesus is from the house of David? Am I wrong, if so please enlighten me. Finding aspects of the bible or other scriptures that give women man like rights (according to the bible or ancient beliefs) do not answer the massive linage contradiction.

            –Charles Marcello

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello again StarHeater,

          How many more days do you need to find the scripture that says a woman can claim linage when the father is unknown… however I’ll be fair and come at this like that scripture actually exists, it actually makes the bible look a heck of a lot worse. Because to argue the linage comes from Mary means someone, perhaps god, purposely tried to deceive the world by adding Joseph’s linage, thereby trying to purposely make people ignore that Joseph was not Jesus’ father, I mean ignore that truth, and lets all still call Jesus the messiah anyways. Well according to the old testament the messiah must come from the house of David, and according to the new testament there is no way in hell Jesus came from the house of David, at least not by tradition according to the Jewish faith and the old testament… so therefore he could not have been the messiah… so therefore even though there is some pretty good philosophy, there is NO messiah according to the bible! While the rest of the lies and contradictions only get more damning, but I’ll save those for later.

          –Charles Marcello

          • says

            Hi Charles, if one says, Jesus did not come from the house of David, they are right because, the messiahs name is Immanuel (O.T.). the name Jesus was made up by the R.C. in Rome, before England and Rome split. any way there is no J in the Hebrew alphabet. you keep saying there’s no way in hell, so you do believe in the hereafter that’s very good. regards Chris Weber.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello Chris,

            It appears only you and I are interested in keeping this conversation going… with that. Everything I’ve read demands lineage is passed on through the male, while the religion is passed through the mother according to Jewish/Hebrew tradition… however my mind is not close on this matter, that is, if you can provide your proof. I present the bible as mine, and website after website if you prefer… each demands lineage is only… ONLY… passed through the male. I know of some Catholic writings trying to change that rule, thereby keeping the story that Jesus Christ/Lord etc (which are all titles and not a name), is from the house of David. Again however, if that is true, then why attempt to deceive the whole world with the lineage of Joseph if it has absolutely nothing to do with Yeshua? (<–Jesus' actual name).
            Regarding your second post… I lean towards the concept that there is life after death… seems like a waste of energy for there not to be. Yet sometimes I think there can't be. I mean the way of our world let alone nature… sometimes makes me think no way is there life after death. I know most days I can't wrap my head around the concept. I mean do we wake up and we are who we are and all of this is the illusion with no sickness or perversion? I admit I lean towards that concept. Or do we simply fade to black? Many NDE's report seeing a bright light, and then shadows telling them to go back… while others report seeing family members… and still others report being met by Jesus or Demons. I have not experience a near death experience (NDE)… however I have seen the bright light while playing the knock out game and a complete peace came over me… while my friend saw pure black and it scared the crap out of him. There is story of a man in Africa being dead for six or seven days… and stories all over the world of people being dead for several hours. These stories give me hope regarding life after death. While there are two people I know personally who were dead one for several minutes, and still another for over twenty minutes… each reported seeing nothing! So even though I lean a certain way I'm still looking for answers.

            –Charles Marcello

          • says

            Hi Charles, regarding the Hebrew line on the net, i typed in why is Jewishness Matrilineal, then on the drop down, i found why is Jewishness Matrilineal – learning & values. Maybe its what i know about the RC, Does not allow me to accept anything they say or do, i will fill you in later. regards. Chris Weber. from Cape Town, South Africa.

          • says

            Hi Charles, please forgive my short answer when i write back, the key board is foreign to me. life after death, apparently your spirit is taken away to a place of waiting and you are not allowed to contact anybody that’s alive, and speak to them. Now Angels live forever they were created when creation took place, And that was not 6000 years ago. Man has been on Earth for 6000 years, he was created as a ruling class, which some of the angels objected to, and all hell broke loose, it seems that a war broke out, a war that was fought not only on Earth
            but in our sol-system. The rebel angels lost and were locked up in a place called Tartaris on Earth. And the Earth was flooded with water. this was not the flood of Noah. The remains of that conflict are being found all over the Earth today, Puma Punku, is one such site. Charles i must close now ill be back regards Chris Weber (Tartaris) is spelled wrong.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Do dreams really show the future? I ask that question because of a dream I had back on September 11, 2009. Here is a link where I described that dream and how freaked out I was after I saw the dream really did show me parts of Boston. ( please do not post this dream of mine or create a separate blog with this information. I post this here as a part 2 for future reference/proof our future can be seen.)

            In that dream I saw Boston Ma. attacked. The dream was so real, completely in color, and had sound. In my dream I saw a section of the City of Boston destroyed. Now obviously with the recent terrorist attacks in Boston I feel that my dream has partially come true. What I mean is, what actually happened in Boston is not what I saw in my dream. In my dream I saw a freeway overpass buckle and collapse because of a giant massive explosion. In this dream I heard the name Boston mention four times. So when the attack happened on April 15, 2013 I was like, oh shit maybe the name being said 4 times was explaining how many years after this dream that this attack would happen. Yet even though my dream got the name of the city right, what I saw wasn’t even close to what actually happened. To be perfectly honest I was incredibly thankful for that.
            Now comes the bad news… the sound parts I heard in that dream came true this year a well. The part were two guys are walking in what looked like a parking garage having a simple conversation were I heard the one on the right say to the dude on the left, “I was thinking of opening (this was inaudible or I don’t remember what was actually said),but I don’t know if people will pay to come see it.” When the person to his right said, (he was to my left because I was staring right at them as they walked towards me.) “dude are you kidding me a few years ago, (something was found but I don’t remember what that something was near or under) a parking garage (or something like that) and people came from all over just to look at it.” Now if you actually read the link above you know I thought this person meant this was found in Boston… but in truth I don’t remember the person saying where this whatever this was, was actually found in Boston. So when I read this article,
            after the attack in Boston I was like… oh crap an attack happens the same year something very interesting is found under a parking garage, what the hell are the odds. Yet now I’m like… wait a second, my dream said, “a few years ago.” So now I’m like has the clock actually started? If so then does that mean the timeline for this horrific attack to happen in Boston… is set for some time after 2015. And for the first time after 2009 I actually have some fear again.

            When the attacks happened this year I was probably the only person in the world who went, “oh fuck, please God no…” too, “oh thank god.” Its been almost two months since the attack and I just can’t get these thoughts out of my mind. So I’m hoping posting this online, for the second time, will give me some peace. BTW I was contacted by the department of Home Land Security. And I post this here within this buried blog, not to hide it from my government, rather to make sure this dream of mine isn’t found by the dumbasses who are planning this attack. What I mean is, if this was a prophetic dream of my counties future, than that means the planning has to be happening now. And I want to catch these fuckers before they can cause the type of destruction I saw. Our government knows about this dream of mine, and in truth I did feel like a total jackass for even mentioning this dream I had, let alone talking to the government about it. Yet when I went on Google Earth and saw what I saw, that I actually saw that area in my dream, it truly did scare me. For over a month I honestly lived in fear that it might actually happen at any time. Not to mention ever since then I now go on Google Earth every couple of months to see if those cement boxes have showed up yet. Especially during the beginning of Spring and in the middle of Fall. I always look during those two different times of year because of the clothes I saw people wearing. It wasn’t too hot nor was it too cold. Everyone was wearing light jackets and think clothing. And the time of day was either mid-morning or the early evening hours. Yet if I ever see those cement boxes on Google Earth I will be screaming from the top of my lungs at Boston and Federal Government Authorities. Because I have had prophetic dreams of my own future and because they happened exactly as they were shown, only the way they ended was different. I will do everything I can to make sure we catch these people.
            Now if anyone wants to talk about this, to pick my brain as it were, please, lets keep this here. I honestly do wonder if people/I really do/did see future events, and if openly talking about it how we actually stop them from happening. I know on a personal level it is absolutely possible, yet is it possible outside of the personal? I don’t know… there is a part of me that is like, “dude this is such stupid nonsense… whatever dream you had has partially come true as you saw it, so just leave well enough alone and be thankful your dream wasn’t the real future.” And then there is the part of me that is like, “dude if this dream is truly our future and you can you help prevent it and it does happen while you did nothing because of your rejection how could you possibly live with yourself.” That thought actually scares me so bad, so completely, I am willing to post this part 2. If this never happens I will gladly carry the moniker for my entire life… that I equal some weird guy who has stupid dreams and caused undo fear to himself and maybe to others. I realize this is a contradiction, especially if you’ve read any of my other comments then you know I reject that personal religious experiences have any bearing outside of that person’s life. Yet I didn’t ask for this dream, I didn’t seek it nor did I want to have it, nor is it religious in nature. Yet I did make a stupid mistake I think. You see I had a dream about 9/11 yet there was no way for me to know it equaled New York. And then I had a dream about the 2004 tsunami, I saw my actual dream play out on the history channel. So one day I’m lying in bed thinking about how silly those dreams were and how there was no way for me to know when or where they were gonna happen… so almost as a joke I said out loud to the ethos, “you know the next time you show me a future event the name of the City or country would be nice…. thanks in advance” Well several years later that is exactly what I believe might have happened. No matter if the rest of my dream never comes true, which I pray never happens or if it must that WE stop it and catch these SOB’s… I believe all honest people have to admit to name the city of the next bombing on American soil is pretty dang weird.

            Well I guess I will end this here. Please world-mysteries don’t create a blog with this information, please allow this to stay right here. Go ahead and copy this information and save the link to my dream… so you can be the first website to prove dreams do show the future as you post these comment and that dream… if this event ever happens, and especially if it is stopped. While to everyone else, please don’t post this on any of your sites either. If anyone has any questions or if you live in Boston lets just talk about it right here. Because if these people are hell bent on causing this destruction, we have the advantage… if that dream was prophetic, we can catch them in the process… while if we talk about this out in the open and this information goes viral they will simply chose another city. I hope you agree, if this truly was a prophetic dream, that is unacceptable because right now we have the advantage. If this is our potential future I honestly believe we can and we will stop it from happening. I honestly don’t know and there is a major conflict fighting within me, yet I do know I can’t allow my own prejudices to stand in the way of trying to save lives.

            –Charles Marcello

          • Charles Marcello says

            About a month ago I had a dream that showed me the number 422 over and over again. Since then I’ve been trying to figure it out, and only recently have I found a possible answer. The last time that number was shown to me in my dream it looked like a date stamped into a copper plate 4/22 that was all burnt and laying in rubble. When I woke up my immediate thought was, did I just learn the date for my Boston dream? If you were to divide 9/11 in half using calendar mathematics what date do you get? Now I don’t know if the one has anything to do with the other however I do find that dream to be interesting enough to post here.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Well April 22 is almost here and I just can’t bring myself to create a blog talking about this dream and all the weird possible connection to that date, the main reason being , even though that dream happened as I describe it, I just don’t believe. If my dream ever does come true I won’t be able to deny the power of prophecy… Though I’m positive I’ll still highly doubt I’ve been given some Devine gift simply because I know Damn well I’m not worthy; let alone everything I’ve discovered argues against the ways of this world. All I’ll ever be able to do is piss people off because I don’t fear ridicule or an ass whipping… and Lord knows I’m not smart enough to keep my mouth shut. So though I’m confident nothing will happen on the 22nd of this month there is still a part of me that believes if my dream is going to come true it will either be sometime this year or next. Yet I don’t know if even that’s true, the battles that rage within me over this dream is at times maddening… so much so I just stop allowing myself to think about it, and that is the main reason I’ve decided not to create a blog discussing it.

            –Charles Marcello

  14. j.apoyan says

    Hello again charles didn”t realize just how much in deep the states are,when they make self fullfilling prophecy it seems they are grasping at straws,there is no need in my view to make something of what it isn”t,long ago iam sure thier has been sects that have tried to portray the future with hope or fear either way they didnot count on the manifestation of devine order or even suspect that it might come to pass,what the sects have done might all be a waste of time for them,however in our own little world which is now potent enough to take them out with one foul swoop the cast of wond so to speak!!!

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