Forbidden Truth or Fiction? – Part 2

Forbidden Truth or Fiction? – Part 2

by Charles Marcello

Before I begin, I believe it is important to explain from the start, I never thought there would be a part 2. However, over the last few years, so many things have happened that has me questioning the world all over again. I still believe the main aspects of Part 1 are still true… if a secret cabal exists, they are trying to make sure we don’t lose all of our technical know how… Even if they are willing to allow billions to die without telling the world that the end is near. Whether I believe the end is near or not is immaterial to this discussion, I’m only going to present another hypothesis after watching the last few years of human history. And how, if there is a secret cabal, I believe the evidence could point to the fact, they are going underground. And the evidence I believe points to that possible reality.

Back in December of 2009 a strange event happened in Norway, outside of the fact that President Obama somehow won the Noble Peace Prize, which has now officially become a worthless joke. No, that’s not the event, the event I’m sure each of you is aware of is now referred to as the Norway Spiral.

When I first saw the footage, I honestly believe it was nothing more then a rocket that went haywire… The question I had was whether it was a testing rocket or a full on nuclear tipped rocket. My question was raised because the massive black hole that filled up the spiral. If the rocket was over 200 miles above the earth as the Russians later claimed, then to me, there was no way in hell rocket fuel created that kind of an explosion in space, that thing was massive… massive. And I gave the Russians and the world all the excuses I needed to pacify my curiosity. Until, a few weeks ago.

To many things are happening all at once all over the world, to many disappearances of world renowned rich people, yet they barely make headlines… Hell even a Rockefeller disappeared just hours after leaving his airplane. And not even a whisper on world news. Not to mention over 150 fortune 500 presidents have resigned over the last two years… People who are making billions of dollars just up and quit?

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Editor’s note:

Read this subject related book:

The Conspiracy for world takeover is as old as man himself. The Illuminati, in recent history, has twice tried to control the world — in Napoleon’s day and during World War I. Only about 5,000 people in the entire world know the true purpose of the Illuminati and its conspiracy to rule the earth.

Their plan was written down in code, as a fictional novel, in 1957. In the mid-1950?s Philippe Rothschild ordered one of his mistresses, Ayn Rand, an established authoress and philosopher, to undertake the writing of this code to the witches of the world. This novel, Atlas Shrugged, was never intended to be a best seller, although it turned out to be one.

There is 2 part movie based on this book: Atlas Shrugged 1 and Atlas Shrugged 2:

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And then, what really got me thinking, the Polish President and over 100 Polish Elites die in an airplane crash, where just minutes afterwards gun shots can be heard, and now Poland is thanking the Russians for all their hard work? Let alone the fact that it sounds like hundreds of people, Polish government officials, are clapping when they see their slain Presidents coffin? My mind is absolutely spinning. Let alone the fact, the movie 2012… That movie was created in 2006/2007 and they got all the time lined sequences right for 2008 and 2009… Questions still remain if they will get 2010 and 2011 correct. Something is going on, something so scary, so freaken deadly… the elites are running and they are running fast… is that true???? Then what could it be? Well the first question I had was… Was Norway a warning… A sign to them, that they had better start getting underground?

Because I had already created an excuse that fit my world view, wanting to dig a little deeper into that phenomenon took a little coaxing on my part. I wasn’t sure were to start, because I know conspiracies abound, and though they are fun to read, they should be taken with a grain of salt… including this one… But I also know that several ancient cultures from around the world from the deserts of Arizona to the Outback in Australia, to the forests of Africa and China, and the highlands of Europe and the Middle East, supposed ancient cavemen drew spiral circles all over the damn place… So that’s where I started… And that’s where I’m asking you to start.

Did NASA hide important information from us? Never… right? Now I purposely chose this person on youtube because this person seems to be obsessed with this issue/cover up… And I must say, if it wasn’t for all the resignations/disappearances of police chiefs and self proclaimed elitists from around the world, I truly wouldn’t have gone any further. However after watching this video GUN SHOTS at a Foreign Governments PLANE CRASH? WTF!!? My mind started spinning, literally spinning… And then, and then, just when you couldn’t think it could get any worse/weirder… this VIDEO forced me to sit down… going… holy crap, did I just hear the first shots of world war three? But then come to find out on Polish TV, they’re praising Russia for all their hard work, and I’m like… Wow, what just happened… WTF is really going on? Did President Obama not go because he believed the Russians killed the Polish President, or did he not go because he was in on it? Were the Polish Government Officials clapping because they got some weird ass custom in Poland to clap for the dead, or were they really glad to see their President dead? And where the hell are all the bodies? Not one can be seen in that video, oh you can hear gun shots, five or six… but not one dead body can be seen, not even body parts? Couple that with all the other disappearances happening with the elite around the world, and was that Norway Spiral and the data removed from NASA, over 40 hours worth… Done to hide from us, the truth, so the elites have time to get in their holes and button down the hatches as it where?

Now I can spend a great deal of time walking you along this train of thought for some time… Bringing up nuance after nuance… however, for part 2 I want to allow for more discussion instead of putting all my questions to paper… Like, how can the United States lose over 13 trillion dollars in less then two years? How can there be 20 million unemployed Americans and hundreds of millions unemployed worldwide and the stock market is climbing back up towards record highs? Who are these people kidding?

Let alone, Web Bot … or Lucas‘ Research which I strongly recommend…. These two sites believe 2010 is the year… The Web Bots say their data suggests that 1.26 billion people are going to DIE between Nov 8 and 11 of this Year… While Lucas’ research believes the elites know the Destroyer or Planet X is going to start throwing comets, meteors, and gawd knows what all at us this year. Add to that what is mentioned above, add to that the trillions of dollars that just vanished like a fart in the wind… and instead of causing world war 3 the Russians and Poland/NATO seem prepared to sing Kumbaya instead of lobbing bombs at each other. And no one is talking about those gun shots, gun shots at a plane crash that happened in Russia after Russia threatened to use Nuclear Bombs if the USA missile defense shield went into Poland… And when President Obama got bitched down by Russia… Poland screamed bloody murder for America abandoning them… Somehow no one is asking about those guns shots, and why the person who recorded that video, and put it online was supposedly killed days later… Let alone where the hell did all the money go, why are people leaving billion dollar jobs when the world needs answers instead of quitters, let alone all the stuff that is happening all over the world, Earthquakes everywhere, once in a decade meteorites are hitting the Earth and reaching the ground several times a week all over the world… I mean, fissures are opening up everywhere in the United States, in South America, in Africa… let alone this crazy ass winter, Climate Gate, health gate… and all the stuff happening with our crazy ass Sun and Planet… I mean, is there truly nothing to see here, I mean crap… I need to sit down all over again!

Is 2010 the beginning? Bees Dieing all over the Northern Hemisphere… One of the Mayan’s symbols for death is the Bat and North America is just about Batless… White Nose Bat Syndrome. Let alone what is happening to crops as we speak because of Volcanic Ash… People are going to starve to death this years in mass, in mass… Let alone H1N1 and H1N5… What the hell is going on… And I’ve not even started… I’ve not even started… Research our Solar System, two planets have apparently had recent pole shifts… but that will never happen here. There is a comet called NEAT that we heard nothing about… the biggest damn comet to ever enter our Solar System and we don’t hear one damn word, are you freaken kidding me… And all this is not connected? And I haven’t even had to mention the Bible… But holy crap… grab it and a newspaper… Is this all being hidden from us and those who are awake are forced to put the pieces together so we can then be scarred crapless, or is this all pure fiction?

Oh I’ve been awake for some time… however I don’t believe I have the right to force a view onto anyone. So I try to be careful how I phrase things.

You seem to be absolutely sure something is coming… mind if I ask you what you believe and when you believe its going to happen? I’m starting to think 2012 might be the beginning of the end… yet there is some evidence to suggest 2012 will be the end of the beginning, and what’s been happening around the world these last 9 years the survivors will be looking back upon as the good ‘ol days. I’m just curious where you are ATM.

I probably got another twenty thousands words worth of thoughts bouncing around inside my head, but I want to slow things down this time to see how many people are walking along the same path, or if I’m just way off all by my lonesome.

Let’s talk about it!

–Charles Marcello

PS1 About the “Forbidden Truth or Fiction – Part 1”

The above information (Part 1) is from a thread/blog I wrote back in 2008 almost year before I found the December 3, 2012 alignment. Back then I didn’t take any prophecies seriously, nor did I believe anything was going to happen when it came to 2012. I only started reading books on 2012 because I wanted to know how people could believe such nonsense… the end of the world and all that.

Well I’m still not convinced humanity has anything more to fear then ourselves… however I asked World-Mysteries.Com to post this thread/blog to help explain my thoughts as I began to delve deeper into all the other worldwide prophecies while searching for a single answer to connect them all.

Back in 2008 I was completely shocked by how the whole Western World (first world Countries) could ALL be suffering from the exact same scam… and then to rub our noses in this scam, these bankers forced each of these governments and their citizens to take the brunt of these “banksters” horrible investments onto our shoulders… while millions of people are thrown out of their houses by these same crooks, yet these evil people get a mulligan and ALL the governments of the world turn a blind eye to the crimes that were committed by each of these evil bankers?

It is now 2013 and we still haven’t seen the end of this scam… as a matter a fact its started up again here in the United States, which means they’re doing it again in Europe and in Asia… the questions becomes, why?

If these people are in the business of making money, why are they purposely throwing their money back into a system they know leads to a total meltdown? As I’m reading the headlines of our world today, that the same crimes are being committed… I remembered this blog posted above that I wrote back in 2008… as I tried to wrap my head around it back then, not only how could all of these bankers be so stupid, but also, how the hell did ALL the governments of world put their stupidity on the back of their children’s children’s children?

So far the only logical answer is, they know this is all coming to an end! Apparently the financial meltdown they created back in 2008 wasn’t good enough, they are now purposely attempting to destroy the world markets/currencies, seeing how they must know how they came up short so few years ago… or… they’ve decided they need more supplies for their Arks!?! and what better way to hide trillions of dollars of supplies then claiming its all been lost in the never never land of insider/mortgage trading.

Is that true, or is all of this pure fiction? I don’t know I don’t have a seat at their table, yet I refuse to believe all of these people in all of these countries are this goddamn stupid. Let alone how all of this WAS prophesied by the Mayan’s/Aztec’s…. not only that, another strange prophecy is now coming to a head… The Prophecy of the Popes… The current Pope is set to resign this coming February 28th, 2013… which means sometime soon thereafter the Last Pope… according to this prophecy… will be selected just before there is HELL ON EARTH!

But that’s not all, there are many prophecies converging at this moment in time… According to Jewish Mystic Prophecy from the Zohar… the messiah of the Jews will be revealed between September 28/29 of 2012 thru September 28/29, 2013. Let alone Nostradamus and his Year of Comets prediction and the destruction that he says follows it… NASA is claiming the Year 2013 as the Year of the Comets…. Let alone the Hopi’s prophecy of the two lights, one red one blue… Not to mention the Sun is about to go Nucking Futs according to NASA, that they just happened to underestimate by a factor of 10… Not to mention crops are failing for various reasons all over the world…. and it goes on and on an on!!!

I believe we are being setup, whether by man or fate (God/Universe/Natural Cycles) matters not at this point. Talking about our past and how it reveals are present and our not so distant future does… Because not only do some Jews believe their messiah is coming this yearbut so too do Christians and Muslims, Hindus and Buddhist… they all believe their version of a Messiah is coming real soon!!!

One of the questions we should discuss while seeking serious answers is… are we all being led by the nose?

Is this some sick perverted attempt to reduce the worlds population by a select few… or is this a loving attempt to help save a small section of humanity from a natural destructive cycle of Nature/God???  Or is it something far more unbelievable???

Well I believe that is something we should all talk about. Not so we can live in fear, hell people we all are going to die… so stop pretending otherwise and please don’t live in fear of it… rather we should talk about this as serious as possible because maybe, just maybe we can help stop/protect/or guarantee the desired outcome for the benefit of all mankind.

PS2 Prophecy of the Popes

Feb 28th 2013 is the day we should all be worried about… the final Pope is here….

According to the Bible there is only 25 years left at the most extreme end…. however I believe all prophecies are pointing to 2018.  I believe if these prophecies are to be believed the next 6 years will bring the world the most death its every seen in modern history.  If we survive what prophecy demands, the survivors will be screaming for a savior… whether he be a saint or a demon the world will care not.  I thought we have two maybe three years before things would get ugly… seems we may only have 1 year left…

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope in 2005 at the age of 78, making him one of the oldest new pontiffs in history: Pope Benedict XVI.


Just under eight years later, Pope Benedict XVI announced:

“After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.”

He will resign the position on February 28, 2013. In the final weeks of his papacy, we look back on his time in office.

Will the next Pope be the last one?

The Prophecy of the Popes (Latin: Prophetia Sancte Malachiae Archiepiscopi, de Summis Pontificibus) is a series of of 112 short, cryptic phrases in Latin which purport to predict the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few antipopes), beginning with Pope Celestine II. The alleged prophecies were first published by Benedictine monk Fra Arnold de Wyon in 1595. Wyon attributes the prophecies to Saint Malachy, the 12th?century Irish Archbishop of Armagh.

Here is translation about the last Pope:

“112 Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”

Did you know?

LUCIFER is the name of the  Infrared Telescope owned and funded by NASA and The Vatican.


“Why the Vatican named their new telescope “Lucifer?” What could they possibly conjure by way of an excuse? Selective news coverage, and “blind eye” reporting is another ploy to keep Americans in the dark about the spiritual evil at work in high places. Pray for our country.”

To Be Continued…


  1. Chris says

    I am amazed at what people worry about, all the various prophecies and so on. Our major problem at the moment is overpopulation, if we don’t do something about it, I believe nature will, and rich and poor will be in it together. As for the end of the world I also have a theory, which I am sure many will regard as absolute rubbish. The formation of our solar system must have been caused by pieces of the sun breaking off, which then became the various planets, this explains why all the planets orbit the sun on more or less the same plane. If this could happen in the past I see no reason why it shouldn’t happen again, if it doe’s we are probably in deep trouble. When or why it might happen, I really don’t know, I am only a stupid mechanic.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Chris,

      Your theory is not stupid at all, I kinda like it. As a matter a fact I lean in direction that the Sun was responsible for all the “Spirals” people have recorded all over the world as some kind of plasma discharge. Also, we are not suffering from over population, that is nothing short of a fairytale. I’ve traveled a lot and I can tell you the world has far more open wild areas then populated/farming areas… When I was a kid I was given the impression that New York State has wall to wall people, well that is simply not true… that state is almost completely wide open. The problem the world has is the have’s and have nots…. and water! (The water problem can be solved very easily with modern technology… only money stands in the way of these solutions.) People believe the world hates American’s because of our superior attitudes… well that might be true for some our citizens… mostly we are hated because of how aggrresive our governments and businesses are in trying to keep our lifestyle. The arguments for over population has more to do with the whole world cannot enjoy an American lifestyle without completely destroying the world. That could be true, China and India will go a long way over the next 30 years in proving if that is true or not. Also, I did not start this conversation to make people worry, must people worry about the unknown. I want to talk about this stuff in a logical manner. Is it possible and if so what is evidence and how deep does that evidence go… does that evidence suggest something else maybe be true? That’s what these two blogs are all about. Let’s talk about this stuff and let’s all try to be smart about our conversations. Whether you’re a simple mechanic or a world leader we all have the right to discuss what is happening within and outside our world/local areas.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Chris Allan says

        Hi Charles, Thanks for your reply, a couple of points I disagree with. Firstly overpopulation is no fairy tale, in my small rural community ( South Africa), I see the effects of it on a daily basis. Unemployment for instance is around 70% and most people survive on meager government handouts, this situation is getting worse all the time.
        As regards people hating Americans, that may be true in some parts of the world, but it has not been my experience. What is true is that most Americans I have met in Europe for instance do come across as ignorant and self important idiots, this is not however the case for Americans I have met in the USA (my son is married to an American). The American way of life you speak of is also not all its cracked up to be and in my view Americans are living mostly beyond their means. America is on downward spiral if you don’t believe me, just take a look around your own home and see home many products you have with a made in the USA stamp on them. I could go on, but I will spare you that.

  2. says

    Charles, this thing is bigger than what you fear. Think in terms of a singularity and offer “always” to the mix. The collective is represented by all of us and we are holographic in configuration. Do not fear any ending for such a cause or happening is still, only the beginning. Those who prepare know not the workings of the universe, they only see the part of a whole that the part cannot grasp. We live forever and what appears as our ending is only an interlude. Move deeper into your soulular experience and you will see the reality is merely a dream. Awaken your deepest self and know you are safe. You are preoccupying yourself with the mundane and not the overlording of the whole of this experience…it is only information occupying a form in physical Time/Space. Look for its source of data, and you will find yourself. Peace comes from silence and meditation.

    • J.a says

      Hi there its just me again how are you all hope all is good well in this domain,Any way to the point charles and others are telling the truth in there own ways we should be greatfull to be able to express concerns like is done here
      and yes charles there is evidence that the secret cable is planning still to go under the ground and guess how they would tell the people do ya think a gambling show would be their flag ship after all the beans are spilt and that million dollars is worthless without a new design nice try new world order but the game has expired because nobody wants to play with cheats.

      • J.A. says

        Game expired vatican zion western mainstream media manufactured consent at fault followers and numbers at cost prices its too late time and measure is the ultimate ruler.

          • SOLARIS says

            Dear empire where is our artefacts don’t even try to explain the lords joy and your salvation where ever they might be release the hostages in your closets of hell then lucifer is free make the deal.

  3. Starheater says

    Hello Charles
    I think that you need a little fresh air, and I hope that what I’m about to say will serve that purpus.
    Jesus said that we must not fear what is about too arrive. You see, you’ve got to read carefully the Book of Revelation. Why? Because we can distinguish 2 principals that we readers of the Bible dont usally observe.
    1. Physical events
    2. Spiritual events
    That’s all we’ve got to separate from Revelation.

    The Christians will be persecutted, but HOW? Do you think that this is feasible? I DONT THINK SO!!!! Why, because there must be some kind of Justice, No Justice, NO good ciment in the sociaty, that include the government of the Beast. Whatever the Law they will have, YOU will have the Right to have a certain form of Justice, where the Justice dont exist the people make revolution, and event a dictatorship will need a Justice. This is unavoidable MUST.

    There are 2 way to kill a person, physicly or spiritualy. Even if the world were after Christians, they would’nt be murder, because murder will always be punishable by the law, and that whatever the law.

    So the Devil dont have the choice, I must lie, and lie many lies, to scared of the sheeps, catastrophe of all sortes, crimes, and more crimes that are really special. Predictions of all the Nations that tell that we will suffer greatly. All that to make you more and more incertain about the future, a futur so terrible that we will loose our inside peace for that piece of sh..

    Tell me in few words; How God will protect His people, His sheeps, His elects. At this moment, those who are from God are under His Wings, NO one can touch THEM, not even a single hair of their head. So Charles, you dont have to worry about this or that, or the need of this and that. Did God release Peter from the prison? and Paul did He survive when he was in great danger on the sea, like He have said, no one drawn in the sea, all the persons that was on the ship survive.

    In Revelation there’s a passage how speak about the punishement of all that disobey God. It will rain FIRE and SULFUR on them. Tell me, why fire and sulfur, why not just one of them, fire is fire, and sulfur make’s fire. If you take 99% pure sulfur like in Sodome (make reshearch), you dont need the 2 elements, just the sulfur will be just as good, when the sulfur will it the ground, he will ignite and the tempature will rise very rapidly to 5000 up to 8000 F°, tell you something, that is real hot, you die quickly, ouffff…your dead!!!

    If you are a Son of God Charles, nothing can separeted you from God. You see, in the Bible, Christians are not winning the Battle according too the Bible, this is because they are not the People of God, because the real Sons Of God will Win this Battle like Jesus have win, more than that, now that Jesus is in Heaven, no on can hurt, kill or anything that you can imagine, they will Win, and THEY will KILL ALL THE BAD if I can say it like this, now, let’s prove that:

    14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful. (Rev…17:14) Even the Devil himself cannot harm us!!!

    So You dont have to worry, there are nothing too worry about, we are in God’s hand, and let me tell you, this is not a big job for the MOST HIGH, long ago, He choose us too take part of is Glory, HIS Name is: I WAS, I AM, and I COME, (not will be, it is a wrong traduction). So nothing too fear Jesus is Here. We live with the dead, we eat with the dead, but the Son’s of God got to shine upon this Earth.

    Now speaking about the time that HE will come, this is a subject that only the Father knows, and Jesus too, He will come like a thief, in the time that no one think of, the world will be in peace when He come’s, and the world will rejoice, but not we, we will not rejoice until the day come, and this day could be tomorrow, no one knows the year, the month, the day, the hour of is coming.

    We’ve got to stay alert, and stay on is side (Jesus), God have the TIME in is HANDS, so nothing to fear of. If we suffer a little while, this is not to be a long time, but a short. If there are no Pope to replace Ratzinger, well, so be, this is really not im portant to those who are living (born again). God Bless my brother, and dont fear for nothing, ’cause Jesus is in the Heaven, and all is in His hands.

  4. says

    The omissions here cannot be ignored.
    In the ensuing five months following December 9 2009 and the Spiral at Norway (signs in the skies) there were several more – in Australia. One over Leppington (army base) one over Gatton (air force base) and one over Woomera

    They seem to me to be more like time related “rips” just as stated in the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus
    Was there one over Pine Gap?

    Do all these military bases have time portals?

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello again Helen,

      One of the reason I mentioned this spiral in Norway within this thread/blog so many years ago, back then I was asking… could this spiral be prophecy fulfilled… not Nostradamus, rather The Book of Revelations where it talks about the sky rolling up like a scroll… Well if you look at a scroll from the top or bottom, and not from the side… doesn’t a spiral look like a rolled up scroll/piece of paper? And as you’ve said they have been seen everywhere since then, to add to your list, also in China and over Russia. IF people watch Lucas’ video posted here…
      …it makes me wonder if that part of the bible was added because they know this happens, the Earth goes through these cycles… because did someone read really ancient books before they got burnt?… and then someone else attributed all these known facts to a god only found within their religion in order to acquire power? Is that, could that be true? If so, did Nostradamus have access to these same books seeing how he was in favor with the Queen for many a year? Not to mention how famous he was in his own right when it came to Almanacs… would those have brought him into contact with people with very ancient writings? No one knows what all our subconscious retains… none of knows how that filters into our conscious… To watch our subconscious play out, spend sometimes around children… they are sponges, and when you ask where did learn that, (no not just bad words), many times you will get the answer… I don’t remember. You see these are things I’m interested in, because I too have had visions of the future… some have come true, exactly as they were shown, some not… what the hell does that mean? Was I just lucky? Or has not enough time passed? Not to mention I have survived many things, (and so have most of you), that should’ve killed me, yet here I am…. I tell people if something silly is gonna happen to a group of one hundred people, it will happen to me 100 percent of the time no matter how many times you move me around to different groups… that’s just the kind of luck I have. However, if something major happens I will be the only one out of one hundred to survive… its just my luck! But you see, that pisses me off and I want to understand it… this life we live in the illusion, and no matter how many things I survive my destiny is death, so screw surviving! I want to know, yet I love the feeling of life within me… seriously I f’en love it, so there is no way in hell I will find out with my own hands, so surviving really pisses me off… even though the adrenaline rush is pretty damn cool! Anyways, yes I got off track, I just wanted to give a little bit more information as the why I’m attempting to go down this train of thought with each of you, at every level, regardless of the reasons we’ve all been forced to believe.

      –Charles Marcello

  5. Ken says

    This website never fails to astound me. You ask me why? Because of the half-witted articles, and stories I read on it. The title “World Mysteries” originally captured my interest. However so much of what I read here is based on pseudo-science and bible thumping conspiracy theories. It’s really sad, that crap like this manages to exist on the internet.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Ken. Just a word to address all the ‘thumping’ that’s going on. I love learning about world mysteries a lot, but what astounds me is how often people have to deny the Bible/God en route to ‘answering’ a mystery. If they feel they’ve found an answer to a mystery, or a new revelation of any kind, by all means share it. That’s what it’s all about. But if they feel they can’t do it without tromping on the Bible/God, in the process, my ‘thump’ may very well follow their tromp.

  6. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Charles Marcello. Yes – to a number of things you said. We are being set up, by man AND God. Yes, there is a conspiracy underway – one that’s been going on for hundreds of years, and is now, guaranteed to reach its goal. And it all comes together in Bible prophecy, in particular, in the books of Daniel and Revelation. But no, we aren’t all going bye-bye, since God has a huge move about to happen, in which He is going to call millions the world-over, and show Himself very alive and well for the last time, before He ALLOWS evil to reign for a short time.

    He will offer people a way to get right with Him, come into complete spiritual awareness, healing of mind, body, and spirit, and be assured of living with Him forever, but they are going to have to walk with Him, against the conspiracy – which is not going to be easy. The conspiracy includes getting people so ‘scientific’ that they think they can explain God away, and getting them looking to the ufos for deliverance, instead of God. Their education program, via Hollywood, has been doing very well, preparing people for the day these ‘aliens’ are publicly welcomed and received as part of earth’s population (Read Sky Crash, set in Brentwood Forest, England) But these guys are no ‘aliens’, they are demonic forces, fallen angels some have called Nephalim, which the Bible does say will show up on earth again in the last days, and rule with the Anti Christ for a short period of time.

    God will begin His move this year, 2013, and it will become Global by 2015. Great signs and wonders will accompany His move, as well as in the skies and earth, to awaken people to what’s going on, that this isn’t just another ‘weird time that will pass like all the rest’. He will be instituting a new way for people to walk with Him in this earth, but Satan – not being one to take things lying down, will fight Him, and His, every step of the way, since when this new way is instituted, it will mean a lot of defeat for him. Lot’s could be said – but this is some food for thought.

    • Stefan says

      Are you guys for real here!!!!!

      The Bible is nothing more than a collection of stories from mostly unknown authors collected by the Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. They decided what went into the bible and what not.
      Saying the Bible is the word of god and true in every sense is stupid. You are then also admitting that you believe in unicorns (Job 38 – 41). And that only is one point on a shitlist of inconsistencies and references to creatures and beings that don’t exist (dragons, witches, wizards and talking donkeys). Which only states where this book truly belongs……in the Fairy tale section.
      Therefore putting any faith into a prophecy in this book about the end of our world is ill-conceived and pointless.

      Don’t get me wrong: our world will end someday. Just not in any sense as described in the Bible.

      • Charles Marcello says

        Hello Stefan,

        I don’t disagree with you on any one count… a lot of what you said is true… I wouldn’t of used the world, “shitlist”, but to each his own. Yet I wonder, you do realize the exact same argument can be used for the Theories of Evolution and Relativity, Yes??? So therefore putting any faith behind either of these theories is pointless and ill-conceived. Don’t get me wrong, both theories have some truth within them, just not in any sense as described in colleges around the world.

        What do I mean… well first the theory of evolution. Do you know how many things exist around the world that absolutely demands the theory of evolution cannot be true, let alone the evidence that suggest those who first promoted knew what they were teaching was a complete lie, or a theory full of shitlist concepts? And the theory of relativity, I mean come on… if something travels faster then the speed of light it goes into some never never land of relative existence, you know the land of unicorns and talking donkey’s. Let alone if anyone sits down and takes just the volume of our Sun and its physical attributes, you known spinning on its axis and its velocity around the galaxy (never mind the rest of the solar system, just the Sun) the theory of Relativity is completely destroyed. COMPLETELY DESTROYED! So though it might be fun for some you to pick on Religious people for their beliefs, it is just as easy to pick fun and make those same people look ridiculous those who believe in the theories evolution and relativity as mentioned above. BTW, I purposely didn’t mention any aspects of evolution that destroy that theory so I can devote a whole post just for that… (ie… for those who don’t know the theory of evolution forces you people to believe in parts of the bible…. oh and that that same fairy tale book you are forced to believe in, you know the bible, predicted the theory of evolution thousands of years before it became a new belief system. For those who want to prove that is true, read the Book of Judges.)

        –Charles Marcello

  7. Joseph says

    This is nothing to fear! I made 700 and 50 dollars last year. I live in the U.S.A. The land of plenty, Ya plenty of f… crooks that should be shot dead in the street the people in office are the crooks I speak of. Living the poverty I live ever f…g hour of the day, death does not scare me but I bet it scares the f%ck out of them…

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