Prophecies and December 2012 Planetary Alignments

Prophecies and December 2012 Planetary Alignments

by Wayne Herschel

Anchor: “Wouldn’t it be a strange situation if humanity had to band together, fighting alongside Russia, or I guess, the Taliban?”

Springer: “It would, but keep in mind that many of the greatest civilizations in human history have been formed, basically, to counter a common enemy. When you look at the great world powers of the globe today, you find a lot of them formed because of the fear of a common enemy.”


The Maya said “sighting and messenger” not doomsday!

Written by Wayne Herschel, author of ‘The Hidden Records’ – Precise star orientation viewed from Cape Town 33°53’26.00″S 18°30’43.33″E. (ref)

Was the prophecy of the Maya for a UFO ‘sighting’ and ‘messenger’ timed to ‘follow messenger tradition’ near Sol Invictus 25 December and the secret of the Yule Tree? I sure wont be holding my breath on the exact date here. The time marker is obviously pretty hard to calculate. The timing of alignment with Pleiades… Bethlehem ‘Star’ Moon and Sun/Earth/Galactic center? From December 25th … ‘SOL INVICTUS’…up to full moon 28th Dec still offfers the highest probability.

A possible UFO appearance and messenger prophecy claim of the Maya cannot possibly be timed precisely to an exact date. I have said all along, its a time marker window between 25th December and year end with Jupiter and Moon alignment with galaxy axis and in context with all the clues covered in this article. Four prophecies are cross referenced with many ancient star ‘god’ artifacts and traditions.

QUICK NEWS UPDATE… In this latest TV news release seen above… The world powers that be are prepared with an alien attack protocol to shoot first ‘in case’ they are evil. They have spammed us with evil alien movies… they have spammed us with evil alien documentaries. Now the world elite need you to believe aliens are conclusively ‘naturally’ evil. How insane is this mentality? They know our technology wont stand a chance even if they wanted to attack us.

In fact if they wanted to attack us they would do it the easy way and preserve resources way and release a devastating pandemic bug without us even seeing a UFO. Like we really stand a chance to destroy an advanced star travelling super technology civilisation? Its like the Bushman trying to attack a helicopter gunship analogy. This is a desperate ELITE attempt to stop public contact because they know the alien message to the world would be a call for us to remove the billionaire corporation profiteers who are destroying our society.


The secret of the Yule Tree is something that 99% of those who celebrate it dont even know exactly what it represents. Sure most figure it has the Bethlehem star on it and that is important with the origin/beginnings of the Christ, and this man who gave a lot of gifts to the poor called Santa Claus (ref) but what star is being celebrated? and why choose this conical shape tree?

The tradition of the Christmas tree predates the Christ era and is of ancient Germanic Norse origin (ref) and became adapted into Christianity (ref) because The Christ spoke of the same star seen at the top of the tree and not many people realise the teaching is identical to the teaching of Jacobs ladder in the Bible. (ref) The tradition of this teaching is how the angels traverse up and down this conical cosmic ladder/beam of light to a bright star in heaven.

The Jacobs Ladder secret is Masonic and has a whole page devoted to unlocking what star is celebrated and comparing to the earliest record sketch of the ‘conical ladder’ to a ‘blazing’ star. Here is the link to the full story on it… link

The Christmas tree in the image below is chosen for its conical shape to mimic the secret teaching of the beam of light or ladder from the star showing where this star resides in the heavens. There is however one very unique very large very famous Christmas tree in the world, positioned in a very special place… within a large man made geoglyph star map. A secret star map built more recently at the foot of the world super power head. One that secretly identifies the very same star in all the ancient star maps explored on this website. link It is Washington DC. This city has its great Washington Monument placed next to the Yule Tree because this Egyptian type obelisk explains the meaning of the star. It is the Sol star near the Pleiades.

Another substantial research website has been dedicated to cover all the evidence for this story … here is the link. The link here shows how King Solomon’s secret starmap is not only an ancient Egyptian story, its also a Hebrew story. It probably had the same origins with Islamic tradition too with the genesis of the Sumerian empire knowing this importnat truth. There is another ancient star map record releasing on Boxing Day on this page. It will show how all three religions at war had their beginnings with the same family of Abraham, and Abraham is seen in an ancient depiction standing under the same great star, one of three Sol stars in a specific pattern near the Pleiades.

But as a preview… see here how all three religions secretly share part of the star map icons… their great kings knew the secret, but their own people deemed expendable commoners were not worthy to know that we are ALL EQUAL because they were needed to fight wars for these arrogant kings believing the other people of the other lands and religions are not of God or not chosen people by God. It was all based on lies. Here is the shared icon secret… link

 Click here to read the full story…

The ideal time for a messenger arrival tradition is near Sol Invictus and some say that this window runs as ‘the 12 days of Christmas’. The sky now has a substantial astronomy planetary alignment of note up to the 28th. The largest planet of all, Jupiter aligns with Earth and moon. It appears as as it does at the top of the page and the live watch…


‘Sol Invictus’ – A pre Christian celebration of the measurement of the rising sun of the heavens through 33 degrees with Helios starting on 25th December (ref) I propose in my work it celebrates not our Sun but another near Sun of the deities discussed near the Pleiades. (See the Vatican view of the sol star lower down on this page). The Maya were keen watchers of the Pleiades as their favourite out of all the constellations. Any scholar will agree this was the most important area of the sky for them. My star map hypothesis presents a reason for this area on this website as the place of human ancestors where three sun stars are identified on ancient star maps.

As mentioned already 21st December did not present much of a special planetary alignment with the centre of the Galaxy at all. This day might pass as a non event and the arrival the Maya prophecy claim for the appearance of their deity authority representing the Tree of Life might refer to a few days later. Why? Reasoning follows:

Since the Maya were watchers of the heavens and although it is not written, it is likely they would know of a planetary alignment as suggested by many other researchers. But the best probability for an event would be with the alignment that occurs on the day of the 25th December up to the 28th when maximum alignment peaks. My hopes are that near Sol Invictus… during the 12 days of Christmas pariod is chosen for the appearance of the ‘sighting’ and messenger the Maya prophecy claimed not just for this unique alignment but for reasons of Sol Invictus. (ref) Sol Invictus tradition fits better with other ancient traditions too in other countries. But before discussing what Sol Invictus is and how it fits with other messenger traditions lets first look at the special planetary alignment for 25th December, the day we call Christmas.

On 25th December 2012 the image at the top of the page still appears very similar if one looks from the earth towards the Galactic centre. In the image above the moon and Jupiter come into a better alignment with the direction towards the centre of the galaxy.

There is one worrying concern when heavy planets align with the Earth and moon just like this. A high probability exists between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day according to experts that there could be earthquakes during these big planetary and moon aligned events.


Before the time of Christos and well over 2000 years ago the Greek and Roman empires celebrated the day of the 25th of December with the rising of a ‘Sun’ that they venerated. Scholars will insist that since the ancients only knew of one sun that it must be our Sun. This is impossible because the ancients speak of a way it fits with the bull of the sky… Taurus. My interpretation of another Sun claims that scholars have it all wrong. I present evidence here for the Sun they venerated rising in the east was a Sun star AND NOT OUR SUN AT ALL

Consider the history of Sol Invictus and why it is celebrated with another deity just like the Christ… one called Helios. They usually attach seven rays of light radiating from his head probably like in Freemasonry celebrating the Blazing star of the tradition of Hiram Abiff to symbolise that his abode in the heavens is near the seven Pleiades:




The case history for the Bethlehem star is very debated amongst scholars. Here on this website I present a very strong case for it being the crucial sol star (sun-like star) in the star map. The most obvious reason being the Mathew Text identifying the cross of the churches was Orion.

In the image above one is looking out in complete opposite direction to the galactic centre… through 180 degrees looking out towards the galactic edge past Moon and Jupiter near Pleiades with sol star (not visible) behind Jupiter as Jupiter ‘poses’ as the Bethlehem ‘star’ in a ‘teaching mechanism’ where the sol star resides in the heavens.

I proposed in 2002 that Orion was the cross of the churches, a cosmic signpost Constantine called the Chi Rho that shows the way to this star following direction of the belt stars past Aldebaran to a tiny star near the Pleiades. The animation above shows how the Orion’s belt cross shows the way to this star. Here is the reference to the secret of the cross of the churches. ref..

But since the star is so tiny and not visible without a telescope one has to ask… if you cant see it with naked eye then how is it possible the ancients seem to celebrate it as something they saw and followed their line of eye sight to it in the night sky?

Here is the possible teaching mechanism of this secret. On unique times of the year like in 4BC Jupiter passes near the area where the Sol star is found in the ancient star maps I present.

Here is what I am proposing… the Bethlehem ‘star’ is still the very same star one cant see but in the important teaching of the position of the Christ star Jupiter is celebrated in this position with a very unique Sol Invictus sighting. This is what will occur on Christmas Eve. The pope will look down his causeway near midnight with thousands gathered and see it perfectly as the image below depicts.

From now until December 25th you can go outside and see the transit approaching, where Jupiter is on its way passing Aldebaran moving towards the Pleiades to the sacred sol star position.




A claim of a “sighting” and “arrival of a cosmic messenger” from the Tree of Life in late December 2012 is a claim apparently made by the ancient Maya and it matches another prophecy time count from the Zohar. The UFO detail is shown by Nostradamus and that which makes a cloud by St John of the book of Revelation. The identity of the messenger also from three prophecies showing the cosmic address of the messenger. All this with a little added from another cruicial source seen in a near death experience… a Tree of Life experience. Scroll down and preview the stunning awe inspiring images that follow that this article covers.

I present an academically referenced presentation on the ‘paranormal’ material and how all four prophecies and some missed evidence fit together as well as offering the 25th December as the closest date timing for the prophecy. This webpage will be updated almost daily saving best for last by adding more crucial breaking new material closer to 25th December known as ‘Sol Invictus’ (ref) before the Christ era to limit interference to the website server. See the new material added below.

Read the entire article:

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All Rights Reserved. Presented with Permission of the Author.
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Wayne Herschel released ancient alien star maps around the world showing human star origins. He is the author of  “The Hidden Records” – true story now ‘fictionalized’ and twisted in PROMETHEUS movie.





Recently broadcast on a television documentary, Wayne Herschel’s new findings completely challenge the theories on human origins and the pyramids. He provides new evidence identifying a global pyramid/star map pattern and a recurring hidden message encrypted as a rendition of Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian’ human blueprint code. Astronomers have tested Herschel’s 50 pyramids of Lower Egypt replicating the known constellations as a grand pyramid/star map.

Egypt’s ultimate monument is positioned as the proverbial “x” that marks the spot. It venerates a star that has been catalogued astronomically as being identical to our Sun. The matching cosmic pattern is found at Stonehenge, Tikal and at Angkor. For the first time ever, a specific star is proposed as a star system of origin of our ancient ‘astronaut’ ancestors who were later revered as ‘gods’ when they revisited.

The highlight of the book is undoubtedly the rumoured pyramid ruins on Mars providing the most detailed star correlation of all, with a perfect interpretation of the human code. But for whom was the cosmic message intended, as it certainly was not for us? All the pyramid star maps are too massive, face skyward, and the only way to decipher them is to view them from space.

This full-colour glossy book takes the reader on a riveting journey from one clue to the next, presenting the strongest evidence to date that we have never ever been alone in the universe.


“Wayne Hershel has written what is, very simply, one of the most brilliant books on the lost human past that has ever been written. It is an absolute must for everybody who suspects that our history books do not tell the whole story of our past. It just plain blew me away with its intelligence, its scholarship and the wonder that it evokes”.

Order Now: The Hidden Records – order page


 PS Cyclic Catastrophes?


Editor’s Note: Is it possible that major earthquakes and/or magnetic poles reversal are cyclic phenomena triggered by specific planetary alignments?


An External Source Of Earthquake Triggering Pressure On The Earth’s Crust

       As the Earth rotates each day on its North and South Pole axis, its crust on the side which is rotating towards the Gravity Point is accelerated by the sun and moon gravity while the side moving away from the Gravity Point is decelerated or slowed. That creates strain within the crust. And earthquakes are triggered at locations where that strain causes the crust to be bent, stretched, or compressed in just the right directions.

As the following drawing shows, the Gravity Point is the location on the surface of the Earth where the combined gravitational pulls of the sun and the moon are strongest.

Sun - Earth - Moon Barycenter


An Internal Source Of Earthquake Triggering Pressure On The Earth’s Crust

       As that previous drawing shows, once each month the Earth and the moon rotate around a sun – Earth-Moon Barycenter or center of mass which is a certain distance down beneath the surface of the Earth. The location of that barycenter is constantly moving towards and away from the center of the Earth depending upon the location of the sun relative to the moon. And it is constantly moving around the location of a line drawn between the center of the Earth and the center of the moon.

       The solidified iron believed to be the major component of the Earth’s core is roughly 5 times as heavy or dense as the material in the Earth’s crust. As both the core and the crust rotate around that barycenter once each month the mass of the Earth in general attempts to assume the shape of an egg with its ends pointing away from the barycenter. And the solid core tries to move in a direction almost directly away from both that barycenter and from the location of the moon.

       The Earth’s gravity, rotation, and its somewhat rigid structure prevent it from undergoing rapid, appreciable changes in shape. And the core is kept from moving within the Earth by those factors. That results in the solid core exerting earthquake triggering pressure at different locations or pressure points in the crust from inside the Earth. Where those pressure points are located is determined by factors such as the location of center of mass of the core relative to the sun – Earth – moon rotation barycenter and the rotational orientation of the Earth as it revolves once each day on its North and South Pole axis.

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    Now to take about Nostradamus, this false prophet is very abstract, the quatrain offer mutiple meaning, so this is not very accurate, its not like the Bible who have a 100% accuracy. You know place it that way Nostradamus real name is Michel de Notre Dame, so, this mean that this prophet is in fact the prophet of a woman, Marie the mother of Christ. The Christ have a throne, but the Lady aint got one, so think about it, Notradamus is illegal in all is saying, and offer no real meaning to what is happening now.
    Yes, the Pyramids are place on Earth like the Star are place in the sky, so, what does it mean? This was about the pride of man, imitate the sky by a pyramid is something that could be in fact a kind of Astrologie. Like I said to Mister Marcello, what this knowledge can serve us, all this math is there, but what does it mean, in other words this knowledge is static, that doesn’t cure cancer or other sickness. I hope you will tell us what is it for, and how can we use it. God Bless


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