“Weltschmerz, a German word: A mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state.” 

THE IDEAL STATE: In becoming this new most powerful virtual being of soulular (Soul in this Solar System) expression, you will access the higher centers of the absolute and ultimate unknowable — Enigmni or The Holy Spirit in the realm of timelessness or Eternity where one prepares for the physical echelon thereby learning the parameters of what takes place in a universe not unlike the ultimate condition.
See this: The moving aspect of the All, active Godhead…the purveyor of Virtual Realms. Its symbol is the Hand that Sees (What cannot be created by mind, but that whereby mind and creation is One).
The hand that sees is the mind that moves.


Enigmni is the moving spirit of God. (Holy Spirit?) Enigmni is the absolute, ultimate unknowable — void within and without of voids. It is a most difficult crossover to the psyche of a “Soulular” Traveler on the way to becoming an Omegon. It is the ultimate test of one who is part of what Is, is. Whereupon, reaching the state of mind so one can read the issuance of data that enlightens the Living Mentality or Monadic entity, all data is revealed to echeloned focus. Be prepared to ride the Light or experience the inhaling of the All — “Breathe In The Light”. One must strive for this condition by pushing the creative intuition of known inculcation that test for the next hologestalt wondering. It is not unlike “Remote Viewing” at its most advanced state. It is a realm of instant knowledge beheld in a split second of time.  


The “POD” or point of departure is held in this statement of REASON, “Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.” REASON is the “word” or Son of God manifest in Flesh. Our being is truly a marvel of complexity still largely cumbersome to humanity’s present science. We beings do not take the time to contemplate our true reality until it is too late to ponder.  

  • Yet, what program built you?
  • What mind conceived you and yours?
  • What sense designed the SENSES?

The Cad-Isis, has always been the symbol that we kept with you during all those durations to show you the way to phenomenal gifts of genetic knowledge whereby hard copy was initiated. Its secret is the means of motivation in a leveraging environ or physical state of being and becoming.

The Tree of life is your key to understanding who and what you are.
Do not waste time in play and selfish meanderings
while here but strive to know your very essence. It will heighten and light your pathways for deeper and more expansive knowing/s.

The engine of genetics, DNA, is the multifaceted communicator of the All’s will to manifest a coherent Light Being in the progressive density of the issuing elements toward the ultimate continuum. Your experience here is only the burgeoning of a desire to know. Godly Objective is the pull that exerts itself toward the knowing of all parameters of physical existence.  

Study all aspects of your being and becoming to know all before you leave this episode called life by your lesser known parts or entities. These tools learned here are for your future creative genius. Learn the multiplicity of the formulas and the Fractal expressions newly rediscovered. Even in old age you are never done in your aspirations. Push onward with every tiny point of strength to gain a miniscule part until the end. Never give up!  


Existence is an incongruity for most unto itself. Most of us are so busy with the mundane that we do not even notice the power of our on being as we traverse the realms of daily happenstance.


Yet existence is awesome to those who slow down and boggle their mind with the gargantuan reality of standing and being self aware of our own breathing. The act of thinking about thinking is beyond just being cool. To observe others of your own part of existence is the next step, seeing yourself in their pursuits toward our next challenge beyond present knowing.     


Who made the laws whereby one can even comprehend the grand complexity within the mentality of just one individual? The Godliness of your multifaceted mentality awaits self-evident knowing. Your mind can encompass an entire universe, and dream upon the entirety of all assemblages necessary for such a genesis. Your mind has the wherewithal to reach such levels, yet you do not push it to its potential. The shame of such rests with you. Such a mind is as the All’s in unity of super consciousness. You are a facet of such ability.


If all of you coalesced in lucid unity of absolute Love, you would make an exalted alaya, or expression of “That” the combined Monadic synergy necessary for your next great adventure in Omni-Omegonship. We are all in this venture together, part/s that will know the Whole. This experience is but a beginning for the universe is in full view of where you are in this echelonic adventure. Seek and find. 


Use your world as the pedestal to spring into the universe that surrounds you and pulsates within you. Such pulsation harbors the secret of the four voids. Move into it as a reason for one to climb the highest mountain, no other challenge. It is there for you to solve, waste not your precious gift. Use the mind that has been provided you all. Small and unfathomed machines are your next developments to facilitate this powerful mentality to explore beyond. Straightaway a Scepter such as the one you hold will be developed on your world by one of your finest intellects. Some say Google or Apple now has the plans for this gift to attain light speed. It will step up your creativity almost as the coming Catalytic Regeneration. The Scepter’s power requires an ardent interface, such as yours, to govern its supreme abilities. I pause to wonder if discovering its source whereby the power issues forward, will seat from resolute Love, or that which conceived existence?
Mind scans the horizon of the All, seeking to penetrate the noise of the expression/s, but with each echelon bridged the effort toward expanded consciousness is exponentially thickened with difficulty, thus requiring more effort. With each sacrifice, the entity becomes more and the ability to see more deeply, geometrically is gifted to the mind’s memory. One, who comes here, must be willing to become! From the starting point of the snake biting its tail, a magical spiral appears with each passing. I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE. BUT NOW, I AM MORE IN ALL CATEGORIES.
If one strives to become MORE, they must sacrifice or experience sufferance (life actions that approach as CHAOS or light speed, a quickening of activity) to where consciousness rises to new heights and amplified knowing. We are here to learn in this place where lessons are taught in massive real-time assemblages of events or event sequences. It is the ENIGMNI, or the Holy Spirit that speaks to the God-segment of you in your courseware toward attaining CHRISTOS or the Way back home. This appears as Life and Death, but the God-segment here is the God experience within Eternity and Timelessness. What seems here is not what it appears as there. Nirvana is what some call it, and Purgatory is one of its names, but it is an interlude of this — Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the CRUX of being and becoming. To Become, one must strive for the best that they can attain…Positive aspects are positive for a REASON. Do no Harm to other aspects on this journey and do no harm to your HOLY TEMPLE or your body. It is your test to allow it to last beyond the expected. Reason is why we come here in Time/Space. Get your Gear in Order! Goodness and Godhood speaks to you always almost as an interloper or nuance whispering to your interior as Always. LOVE OF ONE ANOTHER is the natural striving for Godly Coherency. Seek it always. Listen to your Soul on this…a very important journey.


The depression you experience in not achieving your aspirations is the contrast of experience expressed via Karma, which you set up in prior initiations. Contrast is a teaching tool of Deity and it may appear as evil if one is too close to the situation whereby Karma is doubly exposed. One must see beyond the negative of life to ascertain the positive of your own development. Learn from each aspect and episode so you may become amplified in this endeavor of living. Be in awe of just being here and having the chance to become even more. Some say, “I cannot believe I got to do this.”  
Copyright 2014 Ron O. Cook


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    When a civilization is in full decline, and the passage of time has exponentially stressed morality into immorality, the common being may eventually realize that the leadership has vanished to parts unknown. They will have fled and concealed themselves in isolated sections of the globe, perhaps an island, or some other remote area. When the power or electricity is turned off, then perhaps society will finally take note of their leadership’s absence. Who would care? Soon, all organized norms of society give way to nihilism, and human culture will retrograde into a new Stone Age. And all this will occur because of supreme acts of selfishness. Of the two elements mentioned, which is the more intelligent: the unwitting who allowed this to occur, or the criminally powerful who traduced the rights of the world’s citizens? Could this happen to us, or to America? I strongly fear that it has already happened in the past many times and could once again be our fate.

    As the world’s population polarizes, the “future gods” will gain ground more rapidly because of their superior technological capabilities and material advantages. They will appear at “tax time.” The elite will increasingly seek the presence of like kind, rather than the meritless and impoverished detritus that lingers on. At some point, the “new gods” will be born; they will take to the skies in their conveyances to hide themselves away in secluded parts of the world to ponder chicanery upon the unwitting. Eventually they will return, and make terrible war upon their own kind, seeking to position themselves as unique and worthy of worship – the ultimate desire for recognition.

    With superior firepower, and technology to kill billions from afar, they will enslave humanity once again. After several generations, the powerful who rise in their own groups will become immortal via their superior backup systems of human leveraging and a vast supply of body parts. Human coherency will lose the potential of survival through Love. Unless we listen to the Omegon revelations, we will needlessly suffer this cyclic curse of selfishness.

    When I think of history, I wonder if the old gods are still among us, still preying upon human body parts to maintain their longevity? Or did good old common man finally win one with democracy? Our way did not work. I think on this every time I look at the Lines of Nazca in Peru. Such airborne sophistication was surely guided from engineering know-how, and possibly even a form of laser was used to “scribe” the lines in playful creativity. Evidence of laser-like utilization is everywhere in Peru. How else could they cut some of the stone the way it is so easily shown today across from the old fortress of Sacsahuaman in Cuzco? Few have seen this message from the old gods. Some say that those old evil gods still hide in the jungles of the Amazon, or even elsewhere in the universe waiting to return and haunt us again.

    There is a wealth of very new information that evidences archeo-enigmas that are out-of-sequence with the story of record. I will not trouble you with an extensive report of these examples, but only touch upon them to give you the support for my conclusions. All of the new data about the developments in archeological finds and the Scepter’s interlaced transmissions of unknown code will accompany the expanded version to be submitted at a later date. It will soon be made clearer, in the coming weeks, just what the total communication is from the records of Claronu and Anjona. It is my desire to reinforce all data presented herein, with additional corroboration, backed up before presentation to the scientific community at our upcoming conference. Soon this tremendous find will be at the feet of the entire world to ponder.

    I am absolutely sure that I have become a little too caught up in this report. Still, there is a great amount of food for thought here in this material. I believe we are now at an important and pivotal point of our existence, and perhaps the time is indeed ripe to make some changes in our behavioral conditions. It is time we became more attuned to the altruistic mentality which seems to be a part of our reflective capabilities. It is little used, but still, it is there. We must shout this reawakening of the human reality to the stars and seek the meaning of the Hand that Sees — and is the mind that moves. Moundville! Moundville, Alabama is the site where many mounds were constructed and the old motif of the hand and eye were found there many times. It is a site we must visit to find new secrets, perhaps the catalyst is there.

    I feel euphoric — as if the entire story of reality has flashed before my soul in picoseconds. The wonderful memory is there, but it fades quickly. Because of what I have seen, I feel the need to include this data within this report. Earth’s humanity must prepare to move to a new totality in order to exceed the status quo and create the advanced phase II civilization. I am, here and now, calling for a new dispensation of reality, established around the merging of humanity with a new nationhood. I call it Humation. I believe it could work as follows: unless we, in Russia, try to reestablish some type of order in the world as we once did with a political ploy rather than a spiritual ascension, we will forever remain as a nation run by criminal expressions of a brotherhood built by vodka. We must act. This ancient material having been found here in our country is indeed an omen and a Godsend. I propose that we use this event as a springboard and a cause to catalyze ourselves toward a new form of Human Unity. Humation, should be our unifier for coherency.

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    Why is it, that we miss the lesson of existence??? One does not stop to think upon their own being in order to become the true essence of what He is. To meditate upon this state of mind, one must think upon the subject in their mind for at least two hours in a place of solitude and imbued with the sounds of Nature only. I go to a place called the Enchanted Rock for this experience. I go there now, mentally only. Here one can experience the quest of his endeavor for one tiny Picosecond that blasts past your mental lens to manifest in bright blue light; whereupon the mentality of the universe is downloaded for contemplation. During this tiny second, one wishes to live in this Light and never return to your presence here in Time/Space. This place is indeed the greatest experience one can have while living this grand matriculation. Try to invest in this wonder of prayer and meditation. You will know how it feels to be HOME once again.

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    Mind rides the Light. I have often thought of how we miss the apparent of existence by being preoccupied with the self and selfish things. I am about to go out to my garage and get into my car which is a means of motivation on the streets of my hometown. I often think about how I am the brain or mind that is moving that auto in the present environment of city streets. The utility is the mind riding the light of being and becoming via a body that carries me wherever I want to go in this realm. The mind could be universal and seem individual because it is akin to the body or carrier through knowledge, but is holographic to the total spectrum of a multifaceted entity that is living through these various bodies. What the heck is this thing called existence…something to do in Time/Space??? I digress.

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      I checked it. Weltschmerz certainly can make one sad if they do not realize the process of being here to become. Sadness builds a person because sufferance is the means to build consciousness. The many times I suffered I grew in massive strides to overcome the pain. Pound Steel and it gets stronger. My Lord, My Lord — why do you glorify me so? Keep up the thoughtful work, James.

      Cheers James!

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    It is not about planets, it is about perceptions built from Timelessness. Hardcopy is for learning to see that whereby existence is even possible. Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.

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    You, yes you, are from a divine, eternal and omniscient Source. As they say, “We are spirit having a physical experience.”

    So, an all knowing, perfect spirit etc yadda…. needs to incarnate on a prison planet to “learn” things.

    Most of us do the same stuff over and over in fact. There’s also that best seller from a decade or two back about learning everything you really need by kinder garden. This speaks volumes.

    Thus, as per aether physics and the Torus, we are on a frigging Treadmill (and we may be being farmed by those “higher” in the food energy chain).

    And there’s that line from the band Warrior Soul, “The meaning of life means nothing when ya need to survive…”

    But yes. I seek, still, at 52. I’ve learned… that all the reading I’ve done these past two decades hasn’t helped my lot one iota. But I’ll keep reading…

    Tree of Life! Be forewarned as other seasoned researchers call that a Red Herring? I spun my wheel with Golden Dawn’s grade material. This is not to say there might not be something therein. But it’s likely not about all those silly Correspondences. The point to something but there is no one to one correlation.

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