This is for the Illuminati

The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality. The Illuminati were outlawed along with other secret societies by the Bavarian government leadership with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, and permanently disbanded in 1785. In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed they had regrouped and were responsible for the French Revolution.
In subsequent use, “Illuminati” refers to various organizations claiming or purported to have unsubstantiated links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, and often alleged to conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order and gain further political power and influence. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, movies, television shows, comics, video games, and music videos.


This is for the Illuminati

by Doug Yurchey

New World Order Secret Illuminati has become the very thing it originally opposed!  It has become the Dragon it sought to destroy.  Please…to whatever ‘spooks,’ spies, social-media network out there…PASS THIS ALONG.  Give this to someone who is involved or who you think is involved.  If it is emailed or stolen right out of computers; so be it…just get the word out to monitoring elite Higher-Up degree Masons who rule the planet by its testicles that…

     …IT IS WRONG; ILLOGICAL and against the very principles of founders of the Illuminati.  Adam Weishaupt would turn over in his rotten grave seeing today’s version of intelligentsia or the Royalty ‘Illuminati.’  It took about 30 seconds to find appropriate quotes on the Internet:

     ‘How did it come about that a revolutionary movement committed to the overthrow of corrupt European monarchies and privileged elites became, via the propaganda of its enemies, the very embodiment of everything it opposed?  The Illuminati, through several historical epochs, have striven to overthrow the super rich and super powerful, and they have suffered savage persecution as a consequence.  So how can they be confused with the puppet-masters who stand behind these tyrants of privilege and power?  It’s absurd.  Any person who knows anything of the history of the Illuminati should be able to see that their aims are incompatible…’

     ‘…The Illuminati.  This powerful group of great minds, led by Adam Weishaupt, wanted to establish a new world order, mainly by destroying the reign of kings and the influence of the Church…’

     The irony is that the Illuminati have become (Scottish Rite and York Rite) both Church and State.  Church and State were the very establishments the original Illuminati Order wanted to overthrow and successfully replaced.  New World Order is a contradiction.  Secret Society principles or history do not matter anymore; only the wielding of Power.

DY_AWeishaupt     On May 1, 1776, Weishaupt formed the ‘Order of Perfectibilists’ in Bavaria.  And, ever since…MAY DAY; world chaos; wars; riots; revolutions are purposely created and celebrated on this special (secret) day.  The idea is to construct conflict; wars; poverty; hunger; unemployment…CAUSE the problems, then later profit (control and manipulate) in the messy aftermath.  Guess when AMERICA covertly celebrates its true Independence?  (It’s not July 4th.  For those not keeping score…it’s MAYDAY!).

     ‘May Day’ means trouble.  It was screamed over radios in old wars.  Our secret leaders begin the special month of May (refers to Mayflower) by honoring Adam with chaos on the order of World Wars.  Then by the end of May, they give us ‘Memorial Day’ to honor those the Illuminati have forced us to kill.

     Originally…ORIGINALLY…the idea of the Illuminati; sorry to inform you folks…was a good idea.  Go back a few hundred years.  Why should the Royalty and privileged elite, born into high positions, rule the world?  A group of inbred idiots of the Hierarchy that think they are ‘entitled’ should not be in control.  Scientists; those who truly are intelligent should rule.  ‘Enlightenment’ was a movement to Weishaupt’s followers.  People dedicated to knowledge and real truths (even secret truths) should rule and not power-mad, pompous authorities of birthright who think they are infallible gods.

     On a personal note, 40 years ago, when I knew nothing…I foolishly thought I was a part of the ‘Illuminati.’  THEN…to me and before any sense of an evil NWO, it meant anyone learning higher knowledge.  I found out about real (occult) things like reincarnation, telepathy, astral travel, Atlantis, aliens, etc. and also lost knowledge from the past that ‘they’ do not teach us in schools.  ‘Occult’ merely means ‘hidden’…ask any astronomer or doctor.  Nothing negative attached to the word; simply complex truths that you might not be able to handle.

     Then, years later, my eyes were opened and I saw the Dark Agenda for world control; learned of Templars, Freemasons and its modern mutation of Illuminati; learned of the wars that should never have happened and instituted methods of depopulation.  Power corrupts.  The best ideas somehow, invariably, change and those that have always sought POWER seek it again.

     Communism or ‘communes’ or Socialism was a wonderful thing in the beginning.  Then, Khrushchev (MUCH later in the Socialist Movement) banging his shoe at the UN saying ‘we will bury you’ ended all the loving ‘Kumbayas.’    (See the film ‘Reds’ or documentary ‘Seeing Red’ for reference on above statements).                

      We need present-day Adam Weishaupts to organize and ban together against its very own (NWO) principles!  Everything could work by inverting the Social Pyramid.  Power from the top needs to trickle down to the Meek on the bottom rungs of the ladder; Knowledge is power!  If enough people know the truth…they will have influence.  We would still be fighting the Vietnam War if masses did not get together and stop the madness.  Why do we accept it today?  General Custer and his few men FEAR ALL US INDIANS and what we could do if we ever really organized today and had power…

The last scene in ‘Avatar’ was beautiful; sending the fascists home because WE now have power.  The truth is…the revolutionaries; rebels; the anarchists; the (hero) whistle-blowers; the Conspiracy Theorists that question the status quo from the fascists that are in charge…are far more like the founding fathers of Weishaupt’s Illuminati Movement than today’s Big Brother.

Copyright 2013 by Doug Yurchey
[email protected]



‘He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself;
and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.’  

– Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche




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  2. Mrs Rachael says

  3. Paul Astor says

    Who, ACTUALY, are the Illuminati?

    If you search “illuminati” on YouTube,, Google, will find a vast number of books, articles and movies about them and you will quickly surmise that they are bad and nobody likes them.

    You find that the documentation references the leaders as heads of old rich families like the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Bilderbegs, etc, who have been amassing ownership of things for decade decade after decade and using the public as disposable sheep for their wars, gains and factory support.

    But who does the work for them? Who are the junior illuminati-in-training that do the manipulations of government and business to steer things to them?

    So, right below the family heads are Goldman Sachs and Deloitte senior partners. All the “Occupy This and That” movement have pretty well exposed the evil of the private banking system rigging.

    But the ones that do the day-to-day heavy lifting, that conspire on a networked hourly basis to control things are: Venture Capitalists, AKA The VC’s. Mainly around Boston, NY and Silicon Valley, these string pullers get together and decide who to kill (mostly killing their company) and who to own. They pick Stanford and Yale Skull/Bones insiders to be VC’s. They put Stanford or Yale Skull/Bones insiders on the board of each company to spy on it in case it gets out-of-line with Illuminati protocols. You can’t be a VC unless you came from an Illuminati family and went to an “ivy League, AKA Illuminati college and were in the right Illuminati Fraternity. (The right Sorority doesn’t matter, women are just cute breeding vats to the all male Illuminati boys club: See the recent Kleiner sex abuse law suit by the female staff )

    So if you are a starry-eyed start-up wanna-be. Think twice before you head to Silicon Valley’s Sandhill Road to march to the Gates of Hell and sell your soul. Feel free to repost this.

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  6. j.a. says

    Exposed the juxtaposition nothing like the heroes to get saved the greatest of all schemes exposed illuminati the abyss is exposed seek and destroy is ours not theirs our property now and always the greatest challenge they are going to wear their suits now forever in the abyss nothing like the that at all illuminati the greatest is our property the price now forever illimunati broadcast media mistake mistaken mistake mistaken exposed now into the abyss never ever ever are they going to get away my heroe not theirs braodcast media going to get shut down into the abyss forever now.

  7. j.a. says

    Nothing like the abyss for the illuminati to fall into death from their own doing broadcast that and pay the price,what on earth are they doing destributing property from the greatest just the suit now media seek and destroy what a scheme.

  8. Uncle Waynos says

    Interesting Debatable arguments Doug……You all strike nerves. I always wonder that all this supreme knowledge is taught from ‘Mans’ point of view with man as the superior being.??… The rabbit bible would present a different view point.
    ..and the cow bible would also object…!!!
    one of the most profound ,yet humorous comments in a(I think Vonnegut) book was that Man thinks himself superior to dolphins because man builds skyscrapers and cities,..while dolphins just muck about in the water. The dolphin considers himself superior,..for exactly the same reason…!!!

  9. Doug Yurchey says

    Thanks, Rick. I think they’ll be a new one about AYN RAND. Wait until you see and read one more huge contradiction in the philosophy of Power to the Rich…coming soon on World-Mysteries…check back.

  10. Starheater says

    Hello Doug

    What’s the problem? You have take the opportunity to blast me off in HELL for being a pain in your heart. You have forgoten that we all suffur on this Earth like in Hell, but never mind. On this site everyone have the right to comments on the main subject. I didn’t deviated from this subject, so!!! Why my comment those not appear for those to read.
    I dont believe in the character that you show us all, sorry. Beside, you give your e-mail adress. Do you want me to wisper some truth in your e-mail. Why? You want to know more about the TRUTH? Nerver mind where the TRUTH come, never mind if this TRUTH is static and can only serve our ego, never mind our ego, their is nothing that you can say to me that I cannot say to you in return, I’m not perfect, neither all of us, but their is something that we must do, it’s give the right to expose the REALITY. Beside, I’m not afraid of those who are at the top of the World, because they have someone greater then those, more POWERFUL then those, the Christ is not a myth, I know that for sure, is name is POWERFUL, you can bring the dead to life, and this is 100% TRUTH.
    What I could say more, do I talk in a desert field, where is your courage Doug, do you lost it (I’m not blaming you, I dont have the right to do so), and if you dont believe in Christ, the Bible and God the Almighty, well you must be unhappy in your life. You have teach me a lesson, and it was a good lesson, I have accept it, and I dont have the intention of vengance, I’m not that bad, and it will do worse then good, so I prefer let you talk whatever you have to say.
    You claim that all that you have said is the TRUTH!!! And what about those on this site?
    I dont have no dogma, no ritual, no idols, I have no RELIGION except what I claim LOUD and CLEAR, the TRUTH. PROVE ME that I’m WRONG. And if I am not DONT ERASE my comments. Or do you prefer a side of the truth that is much more neutral, like taking about the past, the ILLUNIMATI, whatever you do, you wont change the fact. What IT IS, IS, what IS NOT, IS NOT Take it, or not.
    God Bless Everyone, you too StoneHead (I’M not serious!!!!)
    Some Christians have been Baptise, they wanted the HOLY SPIRIT. Beside all the trouble I had to get Baptise, I didn’t have this chance to follow the rules, were I was living, there was no one would could do this ritual, so God did it HIMSELF, I have feel the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT enter in me, God the Almighty, the Christ and all is Angels are Whitness of this fact.

    Like I have said to a pilot of a UFO because he was saying the we were ennemies me and HIM. I have said to him that I have no ennemies in this UNIVERS, not even the DEMONS (except those who push human to kill another human), I sware on the Bible that I am telling you the TRUTH. The Demons have help me to bring fear to 4 men that wanted to beat me untul the blood flow on the ground, when I was walking on one side of the street, they change sid if they were on the same of me. I have desobey the warning that the angel have givin me to not go outside, I have said proudly to the angel that I didn’t fear them, they were 3 to take care of my nose, the blood went out of my nose.
    Always obey the angel if you dont want any troubles, this ONE is there to protect you.
    Yes, even the Demons love me, they take care of me, why? Because I love every creature that God have made, even the Devil obey God (read the beginnig of Job in the Bible).
    You can erase this comments too, because it is also the TRUTH

    • Starheater says

      I didn’t explain well, they was 3 to try to break my nose, the third one was in fronts of were I live to watch, the fourth one was not there this night of fithing, sorry, my memorys is not perfect.

  11. Doug Yurchey says

    No, I hit a nerve with you. YOU might not be allowed to discuss that, but I can. That policy hasn’t stopped them from becoming the Scottish and York; Church & State. No, I don’t miss the point – you keep saying that; never dreaming it’s YOU that is OFF. Of course you won’t discuss aliens, you pompous King of 1000 years ago…that would make you look like ANTS in comparison; it would require you to come down off your self-imposed pedestal. No, you were never me where I am now. YOU DON’T KNOW ME! What an ignorant statement; childlike, really. I’ve worked 45 years of independent, honest research…no GROUP or organization told me these things! I don’t hate you; I pity you…and I hardly have a penny to my name. I could never debate (misguided/ignorant – what you called me) you on human origins like I would never debate a religious fundamentalist; you guys have similar TRAINING…I have no training. You are basically talking to MR. SPOCK! You assume your ancient Mystic Masters – this occult knowledge – had it all figured out…THEY DON’T; why do you think I made the capstone-analogy? MISGUIDED, wow – some of those dudes thought the Earth was flat! You don’t question your training? I DO. Question everything! Question all Authority…question me! It’s called freedom – OK, an illusion of freedom. But, that’s what’s precious…to question what is even, old/sacred knowledge. BE PROMETHEUS!
    Look how you twisted the alien-thing by going to a tinfoil stereotype; you’re a fool like how you wanted to use the ‘commie’ thing against me. I don’t want a pat on my back. I SAID I DON’T have it all figured out; you’re not listening, Ben. Blind to your own short-comings and misguided views.
    I spoke to Tesla’s SON on the phone once; had plans to go to Canada & visit him but he died in ’86 & it never happened. He told me on the phone that we won’t have Tesla Technology (Eden, perfection, Utopia) until ‘so far in the future no one would have heard of Tesla.’ Is a 12th-degree mason going to correct Arthur Matthews?! I think not. It means we will have technological Heaven on Earth AGAIN – Atlantis/Egypt will return! But, don’t worry…your kind will rule with an iron hand for the next millennium…

    • Ben says

      Doug, I love this argument that we are engaged in because it does a few things for me. 1) It shows me that you’re the type of person that believes that, if you can scream louder than your opponent then you win the argument. 2) You place yourself on par with Mr. Spock…. I don’t need to delve into that, and yet claim that I put myself on a pedestal 3) The idea that I somehow want or desire your pity is a misguided attempt to deflect from your own short comings. I admire that you have conducted all of your own research however, there is more to the whole picture than what you’ve found in your little bubble. Oh, and Communists don’t like to admit that they are Communists, however I’m compelled to admit that I’m no Facist, sorry. You speak of UTOPIA , big whoop…creating a Utopia requires a seperation of the masses into classes and an Oligarchy form of government. Why don’t you simply admit that you’re out here pandering your special blend of Progressive Socialisim/Communisim and call it a day. You bark out these accusations of me and my ilk as if we’re sitting in secret plotting out man kinds destruction well, I guessed I miss the day they were handing out the black robes and hoods. It’s funny but, we do more for the benefit of the human race than you and your kind will ever do. And, as far as your wealth of knowledge goes, I have access to a treasure trove of some of the oldest writings and teachings known to man kind including assumptions/assertions and facts concerning the worlds oldest civilizations. God? you mock God, and in all of your studies I’d have figured that you would have figured it all out. People have worked as tirelessly as yourself to convince the world that God doesn’t exist but then, you’d be forced to acknowledge that there is no meaning for the continued existance of all of man kind. That all of our lives amount to little more than excrement so, the question becomes, why continue if life itself is meaningless? The worlds great powers continuously rise and fall the sad thing is that they usually take most of mankind with them. Thanks for playing, at least we’ve gotten the opportunity to see you.

    • Ben says

      You will experience real UTOPIA when everyone else is dead, for as long as there is at least another living soul, someone will attempt to have dominion over you.

  12. Doug Yurchey says

    Ben – I never speak of things I know nothing of. It is you who are speaking thru the eye of a needle and drawing conclusions of ME. You read a few of my words… Everything is simple!? Really? Tell that to the architects of Tiahuanaco, Great Pyramid or the mind of Tesla or advanced aliens. Saying everything is simple presumes you understand EVERYTHING, since all is simple to you. I never thought a mason would really respond…and folks…gather ’round…cause 1 actually did by the name of Ben. YOUR words are 100% masonic, not mine. There is so much I don’t know. I speak of FREEDOMS. You speak of order and chaos. Order is not the opposite of chaos – what about Freedom? That’s an ALIEN word to you masons. You study God; geometry; architecture – and are you going to lie and say you are NOT a brainwashed/trained MASON?! You DON’T hide in dark rooms plotting evil agendas? Your bosses sure do. Don’t defend depopulation by our 1984 Overlords! AND THE NERVE OF YOU BASTARDS BRINGING ‘GOD’ INTO IT AS IF ‘HE’ SLAPS YOU ON THE BACK AND SAYS: ‘yeah, way to GO!’
    You with your training would look at the peak of the Great Pyramid and say – Hey, there’s no point; the capstone’s not there and that gives US (your leader-overseers) authority to rule over you. It’s just old and worn!!!
    I do NOT say Communism is the answer! It’s one of your red-flag words; you didn’t pick ‘socialism.’ (But I remember Atlantis, Egypt…do you actually think – yes, you do – never mind the question). I am far more like ADAM WEISHAUPT than you! Down with the archaic Monarchy! DOWN with all fascists and those who believe in a Republic. Down with the evil Church! All Republics are ruled by a few fascists. We pledged allegiance to the flag…’and to the Republic’ Remember those words? That’s what America IS…ruled by the same source as China and Russia – but you already knew that, didn’t you?
    OH – my common sense and SIMPLICITY in the article got to you and you responded. It really bothered you that simple LOGIC showed YOU the error of your ‘training.’ And you didn’t like that….aw. If you were so true to the universe and what it SHOULD teach you…then you would turn in your mason card.

    • Ben says

      Doug, Thank you for your timely response, I guess I hit a nerve. Instead of running around like chicken little why don’t take a breath and reflect on all that you know. Unfortunately for you, I am not your enemy and although you would desperately like to retort that statement, it could not be more true. Any discussion of Religion or Politics are the 2 cardinal sins of Masons, that does not mean that Masons aren’t involved in such persuits, it just means that Masons are forbidden from attempting to influence others, in or outside of the Masonic organization. You seem to feel that somehow all of the evils in the world have been brought upon humanity by people such as myself, that is complete and utter hogwash. You speak about the architects of Tiahuanaco, The Great Pyramids of the world, Tesla, advanced aliens and yet still, somehow, miss the point of it all. I’m not going to get into the whole Advanced Alien debate, that would require me to make a tin foil hat and hide in the basement. Human history however is a different story, the origins of the human race, and the true nature of the human being are subjects that I will freely engage in however, to either advocate or argue against one of your “isims” is a pointless endevour and the funiest thing of it all is that, I used to be you!. You can hate me, that’s okay. You can pat yourself on the back believing that you have it all figured out, and that’s okay. But don’t do humanity the disservice of promoting the enslavement of the human race as some idealistic existance and then call me evil.

  13. Ben says

    I find myself compelled to render my inturpretation of Mr. Doug Yurcheys’ articuate, albiet misleading representation of “enlightened” peoples. He himself states that he has “studied” many of the enlightned arts and yet somehow misses the object of the whole “experiment”. Think of it as looking at the world through the eye of a needle, the focal point becomes too narrow to see the whole picture. The truth is, there are no “complex truths” in the world, all things are very simple truths once you come to understand the world around you, the natural order of things so to say. Many of us so called enlightned individuals see things differently than most others. We believe in God. We study Natural Law, Astronomy, Geometry, Architecture, Psycology, Philosophy Etc:. We don’t sit in dark rooms planning and plotting the take over of the world but instead, strive to be better men and women. We do this by comming to know ourselves and our brothers and sisters. To know our purpose in our relation to God and his plan is what we strive to accomplish while working to become better stewards of our homes, our jobs, our families, spouses, and to all of the human race.
    The author,Doug Yurchey, goes on to pander communisim as an idealistic form of government if only the whole of the population would gracefully submit to the whims of an overlord. If only it were implemented correctly, then all the worlds ills would be solved and evil would be vanquished. For an “enlightened” person even asserting such a premise is to venture down the wrong path, but hey, every man is entitled to his own opinion. The enlightened person has moved well beyond the juvenile thought process of the singular to the collective, and has arrived back at the singular. Man is a free being, not enslaved by assumptions of power regardless of the percieved benevolence of such. In life as in death, man is free, to assume or attempt to justify anything else is folly. To speak of things which you know nothing of is ignorance in it’s most sublime state.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Ben,

      I would like to have an open and honest conversation with you. If I understand your statement correctly you’re stating you are Mason, yes? My grandfather was a Mason, he was even buried wearing Mason apparel. So I personally don’t believe Masons’ are hell bent on taking over the world… though I am convinced Mason’s are interested in bringing together worldwide knowledge, and creating a brotherhood that knows no borders.

      First let me state openly I do not belong to any fraternity, Mason or otherwise… I have never been nor am I a Mason, though for a time I did belong to the Eagle’s Lodge, and yes I was sworn to secrecy regarding their initiation. To which, though corny, I thought was very profound. And no I have zero intention of telling anyone what that initiation entails because I gave my word that I would not. As I’ve read… like the Masons in order to become an Eagle member you have to believe in a higher power, and two, you have to be a citizen in good standing. For those of you who like to drink, if you become an Eagle member and you could save a bundle on pitchers of beer and well drinks. Back in the day a pitcher of beer cost eight to ten dollars at any bar in town, and only five dollars at the lodge, while well drinks on average cost about six bucks… which for me it was totally worth the membership fee… but I digress. The conversation I would like to have with you Ben, if you’re comfortable, is regarding the symbols inside Masonry. Just so you know I’ve read Moral’s and Dogma and I’ve read all three books in the trilogy regarding the Hiram Key.. plus many other books by past Mason’s… let alone I’ve read and listened too many of works by Manly P. Hall. To be fair I’ve also read and listened too many of the stories surrounding Masonry from people like Freeman, (Found at Ed Decker, Doc Marquis, Walter Veith, William Schnoebelen and many others… each of whom paint freemasonry in an extremely dark light. To be blunt I’m not interested in the pros and cons of masonry, I’m interested in talking about why I believe many of the teachings are incorrect, or possibly, why I believe the true teachings within masonry have been lost over time… and/or how you can help me to fix my misunderstandings.

      You see I firmly believe our truly ancient ancestors understood the teachings of three dimensional mathematics… and how knowing that information can create either an extremely highly advanced society that does not know war or suffering. While at the same time if that information falls within the minds of evil people it will bring nothing but horrific suffering. I also believe I’ve discovered within the teachings of freemasonry the not so hidden secret of creating a world that will know zero war… or stated another way, I believe Freemasons understand the true teachings found inside the first few chapters of Genesis.

      I’m not sure if you are familiar with my blogs here at world-mysteries, if not… please click on “guest authors” near the top of this page and then click on my name. Doing so will help you see many of the reasons why I say the things I’ve said within this comment to you. There is so much information within this comment I will stop here, no reason to continue shotgunning more questions and comments at you, especially if you have no idea who I am and the reasons behind my comments and questions. The agenda behind my comments and questions, (if you wish to see it that way) can be found within each of my blogs… while the quick answer to the why I would like to have this conversation with you is thus. I believe the truth is coming, and the more ancient history from around the world I can bring together, the more I firmly believe the easier it will be for me to know that single undeniable truth when I find it… or perhaps it will finally open all of our eyes/minds to that undeniable truth that has existed in front of us the whole time. I don’t know if that is true, yet I know this quest is worth having all kinds of conversations.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Ben says

        Charles, I must admit that I am very impressed. Without going into detail, I find it interesting that you have not quite figured the whole thing out, I mean that sincerely too. To address your first topic, I do not necessarily have an issue talking with you regarding some of the symbology associated with Freemasonry however, I can not share with you anything that might be an affront to my oath and obligations. In other words, I can not speak or write about Freemasonry as it pertains to the teachings. That being said, I will however happily engage with you in conversation if you were to, say, present a particular subject or symbol related to Freemasonry and the meaning in which you may believe it to represents.
        Our Ancient Ancestors, now you’re onto something here. Scientist speak of evolution and other such things as though there has never existed a knowledge as advanced as ours. Archeologists work tirelessly to explain the reasons for “why” we are and “how” we’ve come to be. Many of us in this world live from day to day never looking past our own existance (here). We assume that we will live our lives and then, for most of us, pass into another life either physically or spiritually. For others, this is the beginning and the end. It’s funny how the later think of their own existance. Question- Have you ever wondered how? and why?, a people, would ever build a monument like the pyramid? without the tools and equipment to do so? Have you ever wondered how long they must had “waited” after these things were built? And how long they were designed to last after?
        Human nature, We are what we are and always have been. No man is truly good, just as no man is truly evil however, the evil in us is capable of doing extraodinarily horrible things. It is due to this particular part of our own nature that we have followed the same path so many others have followed. This is why, in Freemasonry we learn to break from that particular path and follow another. We learn about ourselves and our own nature so that we might overcome and understand the more esoteric nature of ourselves and the world around us.
        It is in our nature to try and create a just and good society however, the human cost of doing so is often too great for people like myself to accept. Have you ever heard that “the world is paved with good intentions”? or, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” they are neat little aphorisms with a much unrealized lesson in them.
        I will take the time to read a few if not all of your blogs as I believe that I’ll find them quite interesting. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to approach me on a level that allows us to communicate openly and freely with mutual respect and honesty. Thank you, Ben

  14. Doug Yurchey says

    Thank you, from So. Africa…I was on S.A. radio once. It’s the same everywhere; the people in control cause the problems; that’s how all Monarchies have been trained to operate for more than 1000 years. Appreciate your concern. They don’t want an educated society. Just as you said – you could be KILLED for speaking the truth. This is not a Free World; it’s an enslaved one; Prison Planet! Soon, ‘Elysium’ will hit theaters. SOMETHING like that is really true; off-world colonies for the rich; the Haves; the 1% of the top 1%. And, according to Phil Schneider (please look up his YouTubes/they killed him) also IN-WORLD colonies inside the Earth using advanced tech we need on the surface. Look at a dollar bill: the line is clearly divided between THEM, the few in charge hovering high above, and the rest of us in the bottom of the social pyramid who are only in the way of their plans to dominate and control.

  15. Chris Allan says

    Hi Doug,
    From South Africa I agree with most of your article. Here we had (or still have) an organisation called the Broederbond (brother bond), who’s aim it was to further the Afrikaner. They were the real architects of “Apartheid”. They came unstuck because of publicity. Unfortunately after the advent of democracy, they seem to have been replaced by similar groups who are currently vying for power by using the people on the bottom rungs of the ladder. They are only able to do this because of the general ignorance of those on the bottom rung. The answer to this problem is obviously better education. My impression (I could be killed for this) is that they deliberately keep education in a state of chaos to ensure that the masses will continue to vote for them. I don’t know what the situation in the USA is but maybe the scenario is similar. Regards
    PS. I hope you have stopped stressing about sH.


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