Meta-fictional account of transcendence from existence

Meta-fictional account of transcendence from existence

Claronu’s message (ENIGMNI: Title of Book section) is a collection of data that he records on the Enmayi planet where he has been sent by his superior shepherd, Anjona, to find out what happened to a people that “they” had believed were advancing to a higher order of existence.
When nothing is heard from the Enmayi for a long period, Claronu, a multi-talented surveyor of virtual data, is sent to determine what has happened to their vested interest.
In this part of the book, Claronu speaks of things that he sees as he moves about a horrible scene where no life is left in any form — but his own. He is alone on a planet where a strange, yet gargantuan and globular form seems to be everywhere at once. Claronu quickly ascertains that it is a weapon that he had identified in orbit prior to landing on the surface in his spacecraft, Shema. He calls the weapon — Leche. He knows that it is the cause of death but does not totally know why or how it works. His primary mission is to survey the planet with his advanced psycho-cognitive abilities and depart before the weapon detonates in its final destructive phase. 


By Ron O. Cook 

Claronu the prime surveyor of existence prepares to transcend existence. 

This morrow finds me rested and expanded by my past localization/s. It is pleasant outside, without the Leche’s* expressions. Would that luck was on my side, but conditions surrender slight details of things darker than one’s hopes can overcome. Leche may be in its final preparation to move into more dangerous modes. Koan’s scientific knowledge was only second to his deadly sense of timing. The design of such a weapon has never been thought of before this time, and perhaps will never be matched in the future morrows to come. Eternally springs the well of hope! 

Leche — An awesome weapon created to destroy Hytona in a phased methodology that culminates in total destruction on a planet wide basis. It was designed and created by Koan, a scientist as well as leader of the Enmayi.


Spring to my stride, is a welcome addition to such pleasant feelings — I cruise past the flightline at speeds I have not accomplished in the past morrows. Ahead are areas that I have not seen before, as are the many more on this planet. Most of the lands here are waste areas that are mostly hardened materials of units somewhat fused together. Little water as is on the Garden world or Hytona is present here — enough for the former needs, however. It is in size, almost the size of the Garden world, yet more easily fractured and not as plastic. The Enmayi were few in population, as compared to the populations of Hytona or what the Gardened One could support, though it only has a few Omegons as gardeners and scientists. There are lessor beings present to complete the structural needs of evolutionary transfer. 

It is strange; the Gardened One is a volatile planet that resets its equilibrium every 12,000 to 24,000 orbits, yet it has been the site where Agri-Omegons prefer to experiment with new genetic concepts that need a punctuated planetary change in order to cause such mutations to initiate into manifestation. This characteristic of the place causes faster changes in old systems of genetic engineering. Millions of orbits have seen the Omegon’s control of Gardened One create a place of extreme beauty and bountiful products for all of Hytona.


Musing causes me to wonder about Koan, if he still exists and I am feeling that he does — I wonder if such a dangerous place could be settled with the mentality that the Enmayi have to bring to the possibility. The Gardened One requires knowledge of its ways and means. If Koan and Planca survived the trials of space travel in their little crafts, then let it be their justice to experience the liquid fire of the third planet’s wrath! We Omegons have long observed this world and know to forecast its events through superior knowledge of Chaos Dynamics. Koan has not the knowledge unless the (En Light Ment) has given him the edge. I fear for the Agri-Omegons who still work the planet. If Koan does arrive, his attitude and behavior would subject the good Omegons to an experience in initiation to the All. Those placid Agris have lived in tranquil paths for so long, yet the introduction to the escaping Enmayi would signal a rapture beyond glory. What a challenge in these Virtual Realms of Goge, to try to guide such a runaway mentality as the collective Koanians. They would truly be blessed to try. 

The Omegon life is long, so much longer than the short span of being for an Alphian or an Alphi/Omegian. Our stable, crystallized makeup is far superior to the soft fleshy versions that we all once experienced in the early stages of our development. They are doomed to repeat over and over in those soft sheaths, bags of red fluid, searching for the pathway back to understanding their final immortality. I feel so passionate about their plight; notwithstanding, it must be done. How do they, no, how did I forget each life so easily, when upon entering this broadcast of pixelated matter in atomic structure. This state within the virtual playground of multifaceted spirit is so demanding of total control, lest the secret escapes. The secret must be found by each being for initiation into the All. So much is hidden within the holospirited mind — perhaps to just make this illusion convincing and interesting — thereby anchoring the mentality into the form of the entity. 

These thoughts have caused me to turn, almost totally, inward. The source of being whispers to me as I walk these last strides on this my last survey mission. I feel it. I am prepared now. It is almost as though I feel the confidence of knowing my fate and understanding my purpose as an essential part of the broadcasting Deity. It is a secure feeling to slowly dislocate elements that swim toward my portal of dismissal. The calmness of my inner center against the latent turmoil of Leche’s potential is worthy of contemplation. Silence and contrasting chaos, normalcy and turmoil — it is really beautiful on the highest perceptive viewpoint from an Omegon’s eye that sees as it seeks to move matter. 

Ahau! I am experiencing ultra-omnic thoughts on the fastest fly. Timelessness calls. This speed is blinding my normal mode to express localization in Light. 

The near-equalibrium (entropic-ending) state of the Enmayi planet has cast my thinking into a metaphysical analysis, comparing the world of Potdomes to all of Goge society, culture, civilization, universe, and myself as part. At every neuronic light-pulse, I begin to expand upon burgeoning thought…and now, from nowhere another ultra-omnic burst of data sweeps in and concurrently phases with my other concentrations. This must be how one feels at virtual birth. I remember — the excitement of learning is such a challenge and so precious. The rapidity of expansion is hyper-geometric, building from knowns to eliminate unknowns, intuitively, in a musical coherency that aligns bifurcations of past joys into contextual and gestalt upon ever expanding gestaltedness forming totality. It is how a being learns the Crux of Being — learned in inter-connective wavelengths of dimensional realities. Now, I sink even deeper into unhindered contemplation. 

Thoughts are firing into the totality of my mind’s “position cursor” or the mental reference realm — the guideware of focused evaluation. Where are the data issuing from what source? The source is not my center; it generates from the island of the All, the exterior energy of Light, source that flows into my farther subconsciousness and amplifier. I must admit I have not previously had access to these sights of transcendence in thoughts, sights, or color. I have not the sensory capability to cause an awakened knowledge of this experience. 

My mind is emulating the texture of a swirling vortex of multifaceted holo-spirituality, a field full of dimensionally changing stars impacted by mentality. Goge-like lucidity that once was not provided, but now flows beyond reason — it is mine! My reference receiver is amplified to see symbolic language of the One, charging in thought – wads that unfold and present impetus toward extended decipherment. Each wave maps out new vistas for ever-widening thought at exponential rates. Entities of mind-beings spring forth in creativity to entice me to fall within their range of relationships. Expressing what I sense is beyond Scepter’s ability to record my thoughts. 

I have often thought of virtual life as a great collection of recorded elements that have all the information etched electromagnetically within their dimensional plan. They are a grand collection of eternity. Each being is scanning and is scanned within the continuum of vast and unending data. The Eye of Enigmni scans as a cursor of Time, this continuum where impetus becomes action. There all holospirited beings are localized. Our minds are tuned to carry the universal cursor as we experience life at the same virtual playing period and speed/space. Is Time the Mind’s Eye — a projection of the One in the All? The Eye focused on the vortex of Being? Is His memory issuing through our being? We are certainly One in the absolute totality. This illusion is a great cacophony of localized sensations, seeking the union of a coherent ascension toward the All High! His dreams are our reality! 

As I find myself sitting here once again, among the ruins of the Enmayi, I am beginning to realize the meaning and importance of the symbols of these beings so vacant (Pic. 66). The very expression of Goge, or the portal of manifestation for the mental All is just in front of me. The hand that sees. It is the symbol of the Enigmni, ultimate and absolute unknowable, the reminder of existence whereby we are even formed through mental-motion. The crux of reason is that all participants of existence must remember that longevity of “be-manship” centers around dialogistic coherency rather than that of manifest leveraging. 

Omegon selflessness is the strength behind the concept and goal of Deity. Individual power must subsume to the Unity of the All for Deity to rise. The word Dialogue is sacred to all base Omegon thought, word thought being the same to us. The sound DIA means state of Being, and LOGUE means word in mentality. The Son of Being is the Word, which means being in the state of Reason. Mind builds from motion in meaning. All motion is meaning — moving from sequential events in harmony with each other via Dialogue. It is a specific process of maintaining a creative, free flow of communications between and among various parts that may hold differing Holospirited faces of knowledge elements. 

Dialogue is a method of extracting meaningful information through the spirit of goodwill and friendship which is the route to Divinity, better known as Love — Divine Coherency. You will Love the other, for the other is you. We are all each other, yet know it not. 

Rigidly held and non-negotiable positions should be represented dialectically as food for common thought. Dialogue is not compatible with contentious or competitive discourse that degenerates into confrontation. War with one’s self is not the means of motivation in this physical state to attain and see Deity. Dialogue must be preserved unless overpowered by pure individual greed or selfishness. Koan and Planca are the enablers of this new breed of learning dysfunction. Through trial and error, they will eventually reach deeper levels of understanding via lives experienced. 

Koan and Planca are the new precursors to a future race of beings who will need to learn of Dialogue and Coherency. 

The precursor for the future beings of the Gardened One will be out and through the Son, or the visual aspect we see as the Portal of Goge, our entry to this virtual realm. Through the pathway of Goge’s apparatus of reason, we are broadcast into meaning via the virtual atomic aspects into a world full of symbolic Logos. Future Humanity’s spirit, holomovement, or implied unity, is rooted in the life forces that issue from the Entrance — Goge / Son of meaning into the manifest realms. As Spirit elementals, Jivas, we progress by becoming or building ourselves toward higher and higher collections of experiential consciousness. The wave becomes the particle of “be-manship,” observing itself via the reflection of light which is, and which carries the data, energy and spirit into participation in a Holo-generated Virtual Reality of incomprehensible complexity and dimensional penetration. 

The Archetypes of Higher Orders are both male and female aspects in one monad or carrier. They are balanced in spirit and possess total accumulated spiritual consciousness. Their wars are over. In coherence, they are One. Alphians, on the other order, find upon entering the virtual manifest plane, one aspect is given rise over the other half if past karma is heavy; thus handicapping the entity or physical form by half its total consciousness and matter. The Enmayi once held this harmony by holding on to both aspects within the one form. They were locked in a simi-perfection. Later, the splitting process caused one major drawback, in that spiritual memory was lost because of the preoccupation of lust. Mental feedback loops were involved. Only when two are three beings of this order are gathered together in the name of Reason and unconditional Love, can dialogue unite a total Alphian or spirited being through coherency. 

Goge is “be-manship’s” point of refuge and projection in an endless journey of becoming (back and forth), and eventually reuniting within total Deity. The All! The power of light gives and energizes the pixels (quanta) of the One in a broadcast within what some call the electromagnetic spectrum. A physical example of this being in light is the simple workings of a scepter computer, which animates the phosphors of a manifestation of projected energy points on a field. Spirit is unaffected by heat which is the high vibration of the music of the nanospheres. When not manifest here within a Goge Sector, the site of our preparation of reattaining Dialogue, we rest in super consciousness at the threshold of manifestation — through the portal of Goge to the All. During this long duration, Souls, which are reincarnating aspects of the projected ray, prepare for their next virtual experience, by reviewing their former existences via the laws of consequence. Consequences, pro or con in achievement, of Love are weighted to construct the new sheaths of trial. In the school of Life, Karma is attained and worked away through the gravitation toward becoming, via Dialogue for unconditional Love. 

Issuing from the wellsprings of the energized projection comes the messages of intuitive knowing. This knowledge comes from deep inside the lens of a beings perception, or that which gazes upon the hologestalt record of life found in Timelessness. These pages are called the “days-in-passing.” They represent the secrets of the One without a second. Others who have attained the Light, or the Omegon state of being and later Kristos, are privy to the vision of total being in “No Time.” It is said that to know this knowledge is to pay greatly in psychic pain, for one must face the ultimate fear of the void — to make the unknown known. It is suffering by facing the Truth and knowing the meaning of the Enigmni. 

Here in a world full of the remains of Koan’s misinformation and mental pollution, the Enmayi approached the threshold, the focused vortex of the Crux of Being. Most could not see the reality of their own lives because of the lustful mirror of their selfish fantasies. They were wrapped up in their own virtually projected flesh and could not see the vast harmony of the Otherworld. 

As beings here in the Goge Sector, we have fallen to this plane of procreation and can not see because of our established senses, which are fixed upon desire. What we sense is not the reality, but the programming, or tainted mapping of data upon our assembled vehicle for memory, the virtual brain, which is our “looking glass” upon the physical world. We, the society of virtual travelers have made this condition (the World) what it is in any presence by our propaganda expressed on this side of Timelessness. It is an information float which hides the reality of why No Time is the only reality of Truth projecting from Deity’s dreaming. 

In a being’s pathway toward enlightenment, he has passed through echelons called lodges, or houses (event sequences). He has passed through the Alphian stage and now stands peering for the dark or Alphi/Omegi Lodge. Its symbol is the scale of Justice (Libra), and it represents the knowledge of Good verses Evil. This stage for a being’s trial is located on the edge of the Void, where only extreme blackness greets the hidden face of fear. The fear we find with the dark unknown can only be conquered by the act of garnering information and learning its worth. The learning must come via selfless Love, what some have called the Logos or Reason. If future humanity can individually and then collectively overcome this fear from where darkness and ignorance emanates, then we may attain the Great Realm of Timeless Light and no longer be shackled to the illusion, but be free. 

The secrets of coming morrow’s humanity still lie hidden in the archaeology of their past and in the dig sites located deep within their minds. No other entity can help a being attain the knowledge of individual “be-ness,” unless Love is involved for Oneness. Each of us is borne (projected) alone, and we depart alone from these virtual realms. Our lives are a consequence of our own acts. We must become Seekers of this inner and outer conundrum by searching the pages of the days of our lives for the consequence of our being. To understand our part in existence, we must search the ancient records for the messages sent into the future to establish our destiny. If we enlighten ourselves, the way is crystal clear. If we are fearful and self-oriented, we play false with others and create a world full of mental pollution. Lies and illusions are wanted to be believed as fact, but are nonexistent in fact. All of us stare into a question, when creating a new world such as the Gardened One. If established selfishly, or radically, it is doomed to start over until it is judged positive and therefore right. 

When a burgeoning society, such as the Enmayi, permits each other’s aberrations to rise in favor, so as to defray guilt, that emerging world becomes more guilty via permissive habit. To participate with amplifying guilt is to build a wall of gratification that hides reason and truth. Fears go inside to eat at the soul and body of the entity, or the nation. Disease is the result, and the Law of Consequence has taken over. 

It is no accident that we are placed in a world marked by birth and death. Life is a school to face fears and know reason. Seeking is the cause that sets man to first see himself reflected in the mirror of his own making. He also sees himself in the face of the other, and desire enraptures his taking himself away from his prime objective, known prior to entering this discharged world — a broadcast field from Deity. 

Omegons started existence in the same Alphian state as the one in all gender and a short time later, generations were separate again. They paid the price of recognition and desire, yet, Omegon state was their final goal when the seeker was claimed. Omegons graduated from the trial of being, and soon all beings will rise to experience the next creation of a new dimension — issuing from an ever unfolding power, unseen by most in a projected illusion, like this realm here. 

Koan and Planca used co-opted superior Omegon genetic knowledge to recreate the Enmayi through entity division into separate man and woman forms in the Alphi/Omegi states. Slippage to the Alphian state came via the fall of soulular strength and resolve. Light granted from Anjona gave them the final knowledge to plot insincerely, thus creating a new mankind. “Be-manship” became a doubly difficult trial of impossible initiation. This form seeks his own fleshly immortality in recognition of sexuality rather than good works — a game most difficult to play, and impossible to find evolution or involution. For some beings, to see beyond their own selfish existence is humanly impossible. This illusion hides the inner light that drives the body, and instead, they see the light of desire in other’s reflection of their own mentality. One stumbles upon power that distracts him from the form of the original cause, whereby violence, wealth, knowledge, beauty, hate, and leveraged religion (false-Love?), causes the birth of event sequences that spin out of the Truth’s straight and narrow parameters. 

Such power becomes the illusion that beings buy into from battered and confused senses. The entity and others utilize selfish strategies to obtain power and control for their own benefit, whereupon addiction to repeated gratification tickles with encouragement the stimulated egos, as such races toward immorality and animalistic behavior. To these ends, all become familiar with power and self-gratification that allows compulsive obsessions to take over a life that only Love could correct. The seeking of the Otherworld, where reality is amplified or destroyed through the cast illusion of this world, fades to a mist of the mind’s eye — the position cursor to Time. 

As male or female aspect, this future humanity seeks to divide itself against itself for more illusive and collusive power to the individual selfish entity. Omegons know this war of being; it tempers a soul if one is to rise, or destroys all. One looks upon the other, seeking the divine principle of design and creativity within “be-manship,” and seeks to embrace possessively. Illusory beauty hides the void inside, for “this” life is manifest only around the edges. Little substance beyond the practical resides within as evidence of a soul, unless supreme effort is put forth by the being. 

Just as the island-void (numerical infinity) of the Fractional Set shows a graphic example of how being is emulated by geometric structures, our virtual universe must also act in metaphorical replications. Each countenance of an entity stares at the other over the void and dances to create a masterful illusion of the worthiness of a collective dream. It is at this point where “untruths” are leveraged to divide the being’s complete soul. Cohesion lost! Morality is jettisoned for the power of maintaining the lie of fleeting beauty that only lasts seconds in Time. Nature is used by one visage or the other to entice protection from the perceived insecurity of the void — fear reigns invincibly. 

One aspect is built around the edges of the void, or numerical infinity, and therefore is inundated with vast fears, which the other expression seeks to defray for favor, by blind strength and violence. From the void issues the birth of potential (beings), and man and woman cannot initially understand the repercussions of their acts. An offspring is a dichotomy — the double-edge sword of chance. A child can correct a parent’s consequences if raised in moral wisdom. Potential’s movement through unprepared minds perpetuates the condition of unrelenting anxiety. Fear pulls each together for comfort and security, thus producing joint congeniality in the reinforcement of existence. Unless nurtured it is short term security. Such quasi-security is an illusion, for it focuses on the Self in all Alphian states. Fear can be lost by knowing the domain of the All. To know the One is to seek and be unfolded. 

For future humanity, desire is its chosen image. The symbol which drives us all through the school of life is what pulls us from one karma filled event to the next. The law of repercussion will enshrine itself in the life of a man because of his lust for another’s form, whose pleasing image is symbolically interfaced with the design arena locked within the man’s mentality. It is his vision of being. Power of that image on being is gargantuan. 

It is the very essence that holds the virtual universe together. The feedback looping is so minuscule, therefore repetitive, as to emulate the traversing of an atom. Beholding is the process of incarnation and the curse of the process. To comprehend the gambit and live its message to being is the ability to opt out of the domain. Selfish Love is the tool of Deity, to maintain the whole of existence in virtual states. Some see this tool as Evil. 

The illusion or mirror is the evil that has marked mankind’s future mentality to forever enslave him unless and until he/she learns the trap of aesthetic-enshrinement or beauty. It is the co-opter. The tree (DNA’s program?) of the knowledge of good and evil once held the secret to humanity’s Reason, locked in the image of the Enigmni. The curse is that one gender becomes the other because of the illusion in the mirror in the mind. Beings use this mirror as a transitional device for movement in a realm defined by the Enigmni. Once we become the object of our desire, we bask in its beauty and its passion until there is no time to realize our mistake. We only sit in sorrow of our lost prowess. This condition is the epitome of self-oriented obsession. It is the creation of the sexual predator. The feedback loops created by this extreme desire are so closely entwined that self-awareness of the soulular worth is opaqued out by the energy of so much self-infatuation. Because beings cannot discern evil this close, we die, only to return to the opposite pole to once again seek to manipulate that which we desire to possess. 

We are deluded by illusions that can never really be ours because we do not know in the one form that the other form is truly that which we already are on a higher level. It is the power of this attraction and the attraction of the power that keeps beings entrapped in existence — a dimension of ramifications beyond the part’s ability to see. 

As a man or woman, future humanity must end their predilection with power sources, or illusions for self-gain. As Alphians, they must find each other’s cleansed persona in awakening Alphi/Omegi states and finally Omegon phases. Being is no game, it is Reason! No manly threats of violence — no taking of the other’s life, for we cannot truly take life. “Be-manship” is to attain oneness — coherency. No more emotional blackmail or false play (victim’s tears), no more poor little me, or self-pity. No more pouty lips. No more cunning cuteness for gain. No gain over the others known weaknesses. No more permissive leveraging. No more giving of gifts for expected returns or self-directed attention. No more masquerading in concessionary faces of clowns with false innocence. No more gain through sexual posturing. No more pretentious ostentation for the purpose of gain. No more special status for false-victims over merit. No more elitist leadership over the supporter. No more reward for obsessive addiction to support laziness. No more lies of misinformation over Truth. All the above springs from lose interpretations of radical utilization of the rules of being for selfish hegemony. These things I have seen in the total history of my home planet of Hytona as we languished in the pursuit of the great “Why.” It was present here with the Enmayi and will be the point-of-departure for the future humans of the Gardened One. 

Once it was uttered, “A being without wrong, let him become the icon of the All.” “Question he who shouts the loudest of wrongs, and within his soul you will find the source of answers to be revealed.” Now, perhaps it is time for the sinners of our societies to awaken and cast out the questioners of others, and seek within themselves the answers to reality, so we may all see the Otherworld without dreams. 

I would ask all of future humanity to visualize this: The universe is like a record, scepter (computer), disc, or some other data storage device for retrieval. It is everywhere and everything that is in a state of duration (Time). It is enfolded in a super-holographic moiré-arena of multiple dimensions that act as one, or many, depending upon the information within and without the sensing means. The numerical equation is simplistic and infinite in its progressions beyond the limits one puts upon himself. The Universe is You! 

Feedback loops intertwine and undulate within and without its characteristic construction, only in that emphasis localizes and gives off a feedback echo. The loops of electromagnetic force and essence interconnect everything and are everywhere in multitudinous states. This universe is hierarchical in design, with lower level entities not totally aware of higher levels of being , yet the reverse and opposite is not true. The structure is such that each level is geometric Fractally and each new level is built upon and because of its knowledge of the lower. This is the Law of Becoming. 

All informational connections are sensory in nature since they span the media of the universe, waiting to be resonated from unseen realms. The more information and observation (feedback), the more complex the assemblage of localized forms are constituted. The more gestalt are the feedback loops of connections, the higher the being, and more active is the energy. Vibrations amplify the heat of higher mentality. The universe is metaphorically and numerically constructed in holo-generational data, like breeds amplified likeness as in evolutional and involutional information transfer. Carriers, or entities, feed through themselves, growing exponentially through various states, and structures that appear as birth, life and death. This appearance is only a perception of the localized observer, but at the higher levels of mentality, it is only process of information gaining toward ever higher and more complex relativity of elements and principles. Complexity is simple to a higher mind — to the All, it is being in Timelessness. 

Opening up different feedback loops amounts to adding new data, thus expanding the localization into new realms of complex amplification. As expansion grows, human language, because it is linear, becomes a curse for communication on higher structural levels, where synchronistic hologestalt meaning is metaphysical and multifaceted. This requires a mind or lens (localized sensory decoder or brain) of the same level of design standards to interface data. Growth and decay, depend upon the quality of information which mingles with other data to create tools for leveraging the elementals of the dreamscape of Time…Life. What a mixture of thought in my cursor. 

Withdrawal of proper information from various dimensions appear as death, but are actually the utilization of compressed data that is necessary to feedback to higher realms of multifaceted existence. Some things do not change as radically, and are seen to “never” change but this is impossible in a dynamic universe where change is the only constant. 

The process of physical governance, or the laws of the continuum’s image to we the seekers of this generative order, maintains its course and unfolds its regulations in methodical exactness according to the unseen will. Its message to us is constantly full of its repercussions to our titillation and taunt. For those who merge spirit, Love and knowledge, the truth can be known in a lifetime. 

This means of existence has been presented externally and is detailed within the very book of nature which is an expression of the laws for physical being from its essence. See the essence for what it is through symbols rather than language, and one can learn the secrets. The record of virtual nature, which is the symbiology, breeds the programmed numerology as a part of its constant broadcast. Deity can be known on its merit and grounds. It is as though the One is saying, “Can you see the signs I am showing you?” In the future mankind will try to translate the messages of this, nature’s book, and it will become the basis of all future commitment to the One. Traditions will form, and beings will keep their relevance close to their hearts for comfort. Man cannot believe in himself, for it is quite evident that he could not really take care of himself, much less build himself in the virtual worlds. When humans discover the secrets of the programs of the broadcast of Deity, then they will know that the laws of the universe are more powerful than their little minds. Euphoria and awe will transfix their souls. 

Unless humanity goes down the long road of complex ignorance, thereby making the mistakes that Koan and Planca indulged in and lost at every major turn, then Omegonship will not be theirs in short time. If they do partake of the complexity of ignorance, an informal fallacy full of category errors and sold as legitimate, then this sector of Goge will come to an abrupt halt. The experiment will be over because of soulular and mental constipation. 

My words cannot explain to the future humanity, or to my brothers and sisters of the great lodge where shepherds rein pure, but words are all I have left to placate the forces that this universe is about to lay at my feet. Overhead I sense a gentle movement beyond the norm — the ultimate weapon lurks darkly to prepare an assault for me and perhaps the entire sector of this little Goge examination. 

Before these burgeoning events consume me, I have more messages for future entities: we are what we think, at least the results are our repercussions in manifestation. No genetic inclination can put spin on the evils that we behaviorally seek. At some point mind oversteps from force of combined will, and we accept the wrong course. To blame adultery, slothfulness, or sexual deviations such as unseemly same gender interfacing, on exterior pressures rather than a predator’s gratification is indeed a waste of mentality. There are great things to accomplish other than the fetishes that some of us allay to obsession and compulsion. 

To slyly leverage public mentality toward moral breakdown is the mark of complex ignorance and not in keeping with the reading of the book of nature. The promiscuous community, synonymous with manipulation of mind via science or philosophy, is always proselytizing the untrained souls toward aberrant behavior to keep company. They use endorphinous sexual arousal, or, rather hatred, then encourage total freedom of expression in the face of such higher order as screams beyond whispers. Obsession and compulsion must not be pressed into the flesh of habit, lest one breeds embracement of a full-blown addiction for failure. It is that same old permissive message to control the weaknesses of youth to martial a political agenda full of selfishness. 

Beware those who polarize through false-play and mutualism, for they seek to own your soul for their benefits, as what became fashion here with the Enmayi beings. Becoming political with radical issues such as same gender reinforcement is at times a ploy to spread a condition of hype through media with a guilt-filled message. Those of elective lifestyles that wish to defeat moral souls co-opt the higher forms from dawning to free carnal souls to fly home. Guilt is the tool of the polarizer who wishes to define his support. They collectively sell behaviors as a means to defray guilt from their collective, so the supporters obsession rises to embrace a lifestyle upon a tangent to destruction. Crimes against humanity will involve the tools of simple and complex ignorance, unless morality is strong enough to survive. These things Koan and Planca will teach future generations of slaves who have faint hearing and jaded sight. Inner spirits will fight back and produce frustrated generations caught in a conundrum for millions of orbits. 

The more future humanity joins the anomalous mindset of mutual admiration groups in guilt, as sold via broadcast as “rights,” the more power they will wield to end their own civilizations. Many will rise, and many will fall, diseased by Koan’s and Planca’s broadcasts of evil, selfish ways. All these words will be corroborated by those who pause in gratification to forget the past, and never receive the spirit of my thinking — my mind will be present as a subtle force in the winds. I shall whisper to their souls. 

I dare to plead; will morrow’s world remember the ancient message embedded deeply within humanity’s collective consciousness? I am determined to have some effect at that time! Dark shepherds will race among the poor uninitiated, promoting misguided images of the populace’s purposes. These dark ones will send via media messages, a story of addiction, and sloth with the grin of concession and a cajoling reinforcement of the open face. Beware the clown; it is a frozen image in the mirror of Time who wishes to use the being for escape! 

If one can still think for himself, he will better stand up for the rest of his charges. There may not be much strength left for those who believe in the truths that have always been self-evident to a clear mind; they must remember the ancient story as told by the survey here of this Fall from the grace of the virtual mission. A higher grace is theirs if archaic memory breaks through. 

This war of the worlds, between the Enmayis, the Agris and indirectly the Omegons, must be a part of the future mental utility. What I do for future reawakenings, which I am able to see in these moments, is important to them as a grand initiation for their arrival to blessed “be-manship.” I now am privy to visualize the total strategy of Anjona, my Superior-Shepherd. His charge is now only beginning. Mine is to know and support the total message to the future. These ancient thoughts will be known again…I see the plan. My initiation will serve as a catalyst to the future catalyst’s means. 

Oh, Annoo-a. Your mission is in deep connection with the continuum’s evolving plan, precipitated by the All. Here is the image of the workings of a more powerful generation of beings set in the future kiln of tests, to create ever-higher structures in the mental realms of the One. I must not loiter; my contribution to catalyze Reason is dependent upon my watching of the Leche’s expressions. All must be timed perfectly. 

Leche, now it announces its last great program to tomorrow’s records with only particles in asteroid form! Never have I seen such being-made power in the virtual modality! The last ignition comes! I will finish these last few representations and deposit them in Scepter. 

Such chaos in unity perceived by an Omegon mind that now sees faster than the speed of light form. I can see its means of power and destruction. Perhaps it is time for me to consider moving as fast as light also. 

Sick is the atmosphere that sinks deeply into the union of synchronization with Leche’s preprogrammed plan to destroy all, as it was told to do by Koan’s instructions to totally annihilate. I sense that this is the last phase as darkness begins to ascend upon this once quiet setting for mental reflection by erstwhile Enmayi who sought to know the sacredness of the Enigmni. I too learned much at this site; free is my spirit of feeling…dissolution is happening to this world and myself. 

This place, where I have felt the closest union with the One, in an awakened state, means much to my own liberator of virtual reality. Its faded beauty still speaks of its former grandeur and the superior knowledge of the early beings who placed it here to be honored by all, over millions of orbits ago. It is the oldest site of being-based fabrication in this sector of Goge. We on Hytona have equals, but were not the first to place honor in this implied phase. 

Still, I muse about the cause and effect behind the Enmayi’s stay in their modality of leveraging the mattered realms for so long without evolutional movement to the higher development of more stressful challenges. Unable to move off the behavior established at the first, the Enmayi did their creative works in abundance, but never changed their attitudes toward ascension to higher conditions. Their minds never flexed to change in form, because they became trapped by the speed of light and the smallness of feedback loops. Mind could not reach the speed to understand the need for more. They were knowledgeable, but their spirit was too weak for will to assert fully. 

Planca opened their eyes to the potential of the void between her motivations. It must have been a jolt to their efforts to hang on to a small point of mental refuge in a vast conundrum of illusion cast by one who was blessed by Omegon potential! She shielded them from knowing how the Enigmni was more than just an ancient pathway back to the source. Rather than being catalyzed forward, they went back to the horror of not knowing the mission to existence. 

Beauty indeed does transfix the mind of a lessor soul, thereby deflecting deeper thought. I can see tiny points of remaining beauty here in this place, even now while that mean weapon readies to shout! Perhaps, I digress — digress to where? To the Reason of moving mentally. 

I feel as though I could sit here, and with everything that is about to happen, even my end as I know it, I could dissolve into the landscape of this old dream. All that has happened here now engrosses my reflections to fill the mirror of my mind to the fullest. To see my way out is the challenge of the present. Weakened clarity is my mode of reflection. I feel drained of all need to remain in this physical dream state. I see the meaning of the logos and the Enigmni that is mirrored before my eyes; all remembered well. They were mine at the first, when I was a Light being. The Eye is the threshold to sense mentally in the manifest and Timeless existences — data geometrically gestalt. The Hand is movement to accomplish action in virtual, pixilated matter. 

The Light contains the power to drive a being to question change in a physical state, and the hand is the means to build that change into potential in Time. Potential blows in the face of one who is in virtual existence through the force elements. It is the Light of the future, which quickly reorganizes into information caught in the moiré – arena of the holospirited mind.

EnigHoloThe moiré – arena is the multifaceted construction of mentality on this side of the All. The broadcast waves of the One, localize into form via particles of pixilated matter straight from the wake of the Enigmni. Localizations are memories of beings in concrete form undulating within and without the mind of the One. The Enigmni is the essence of the movement that follows its constant laws, whereby knowing can even be understood. All includes the child of Enigmni, extruding from interior forces of vast pressurized Timelessness and vented into programmed experiences that know the known. Forms are moved from this vast pervading intellect of numerical infinitude to become more complex as it streaks ahead of the elements of the One without another. The Enigmni is the forgotten tail (end) of the One. 

Unseen is its power by minds too small, yet in its wake, the results of being-potential are awe-inspiring. Into the Enigmni, all are pulled from their many sources, to again manifest in dreams that appear as reality — shot from the portals of the many sectors of Goge. Creativity of movement through numerical mentality suggests the Laws that, on one morrow, seem changeless, but on the other — Chaos. 

Perfect are these laws from Enigmni, for each successive element is hierarchical and dimensionally exponential as it breeds capacity from its vortices. I shall soon join this magnificent scheme in some unknown capacity, to be a part of its highest complexity. May my mind merge with this, the sublime interface for “be-manship”— the seat of the One with no other equal. The essence whereby thinking can even be known by the thinker. Such a reiteration is the clustering of memories. 

I must return to command of my Shema, and quickly, for there is one last duty that I must see concluded (Pic. 71, 72). I know, inside myself, that I shall not see Hytona again, in this phase of becoming. My initiation is set, and I now am ready. I have responsibilities to future generations of future Omegons that will aid their climb. I must hurry for the weather on this world is becoming non-negotiable. Eddies of feedback, turbulent swirls in unperceived movements, all I must try to record, for this survey is about to leave this sector for home. Would that I were more complete with its report! 

These words, Shema, you know well, begin to leave the surface! Factor orbital safe zone for hover! Clearly, this is my last survey. Shema and Scepter are functioning as one unit for memory. I have no time to lament this occasion; critical duty is my primary duty, Shema’s understanding of my need/s comes form Timelessness. This gift for travel in these realms is beyond the glory of my station. 

The great combination of our own knowledge has caused us to rise in scope and power to interface with the very Light that has formed us and use us as tools of Divinity. I shall miss the relationship I have had with these great gifts from beings who passed into union many orbits ago. Those who designed and invented the means to interface this virtual program, to them we owe much gratitude. 

The training of all my existences and interludes in this Goge world have stood well by me. I shall go to a place not known as a place. Much data will then be released to divinity’s need. While much traverses my mental reference map in regards to leaving this, my last experience here, I focus on the duties that will mark my stay as worthy. It has been long, yet now short. I have seen the All and know that its first debriefing will be fixed upon the learning and data, which I have garnered. (WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED?) I have much to contribute in the survey of this failure or strategy for something higher. 

My senses are more sharpened than earlier, for I go beyond the many talents and gifts given to protect enhanced knowledge. There are few Watchers, and I was blessed to see the total workings on this side of projected reality in deceptive Time. It is indeed the School and Crux of Being! 

Light! Tiny points of light are flashing away from my form at speeds never before seen or experienced; each particle is full of the many episodes of what my record of being once was constructed from — Light! Almost as in slow motion views, my mentality gains with each discharge of my essence. Dissolution is most beautiful. 

The vision of this beauty of fragmenting presence is beyond normal knowing. It is a plan made known to me so I may enlighten Annoo-a, my friend Anjona, to pass on to future generations of Humans as well as Omegons. I send this data to you in emergency mode, knowing fully that I will fulfill my mission and initiation. I shall miss Hytona and all, but Leche is such to eliminate much of the built matter in this sector. Koan’s genius and knowledge of higher electromagnetics has been proven!

The Shema visor pictures the destruction of the Enmayi dream. As elements flow past my reference, I see all the hopes of minds long gone to understand their mission in existence. The honorable intentions will go unreported in form, but well documented by my eye and the Eye of Enigmni. Their souls will reappear in realms anew, ready for new adventures in the Virtual Worlds of the Moiré Arena. As my Omegon being drifts toward Home once more, I must say, My Lord, my All, I am honored by such glorification. This initiation is a blessing few could enjoy. My dissolution is beauty in total pain! 

The chaotic scene developing below me is beyond my experiences (Pics. 73, 74). I will quickly render them before I lose my means of being. One must realize, there is no such condition as non-being, for nothing can come from nothing, and the Realms are devoid of nothing. Change is the constant singularly. Mind controls the change on dimensional levels, and the thought amplifies with each step forward, and there I step. 

The sounds are of such intensity that beauty is loudly beheld. In view of all the power unfolding, I now know that I should have done more, tried harder, learned more, and experienced all that was shown. I should have listened more…to return with more. 

I muse again… I must listen to the mission that is still in a state of events. The Shema can rise to orbital level, where I can jettison the material that I have gathered, to be sent on a pathway back to Hytona. Here, Shema will not be able to calculate without the Scepter, which must be on board the jettison-shuttle for guidance and governance. It pains me to separate the two from myself, but I must inject the jettison craft with the fateful Scepter, so that all my work will benefit Anjona and all future souls of the Gardened One. Koan and Planca and perhaps Takion, may in some lifetime gain from my messages from a subconscious memory reinforcement, to join me in worlds of coherency in another station of the structures in the Enigmni’s creations from the All. 

Scepter is injected in the crystalline capsule on the shuttlecraft. It is ready to leave this increasingly intolerable world of swirling memories. 

One last look. The Leche is about to enter the last stage — this planet will be utterly dismantled into particles of asteroids. Its pony (lesser star) Egog will go out and this part of the system will grow dark! May no harm come of its newly created parts in high flight through space. Departures almost here! In reality, I am the one who is truly departing. I shall reconstitute in the safety of my past, future… and presented in Timelessness at the speed beyond Light. You see, I am getting out of this alive…just like I always told you (Janice). I will see you all in the All and soon. Here is my last visual survey included in the kit. I jettison the material of my labors — Little Shema, it is just you and I, now. I shall soon catch sight of the Enigm………………..Claronu transends this REALM.  

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics disabled) Claronu is in total localization with the essence of the All in Timelessness. Scepter acknowledges the state of 10 at ultimate power via the destructive force of Leche and the end of the Enmayi planet. Force is growing exponentially stronger in this area. Scepter must plot a course to avoid the particles that are filling this space with dangerous remains. Shema is destroyed. Claronu was not detected. Duration dates are disconnected and backup is recording 14.6 units of Hytona time. Course for Hytona is set. Arrival at the station of Anjona of Nibu section. Messages sent to Anjona, as warning and to institute landing data or orbital extraction. Scepter’s control has been assumed by exterior source. 

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics disabled) Anjona has accepted control of crystalline shuttle and Scepter. Scepter report on sublevel. Anjona has sent course corrections to guide shuttlecraft to the satellite on the Goge side of Hytona’s dark shield. Anjona has assembled a small number of Omegons on the far side of the satellite to avoid the onrush of deadly asteroids from the Enmayi / Leche expression. Anjona is in orbit around a natural satellite of Hytona where an old Omegon base for space development is set in location. Relevant interception data has been communicated to Scepter and is applied. Scepter is ahead of incoming asteroids per Leche — little time for corrections critical movement — Critical — UltShema is detected and locked upon all programming herein. Hytona UltShema of Anjona’s guidance is detected. All elements have been taken on to the shuttle bay of Anjona’s UltShema. 

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics disabled) Scepter detects the UltShema of Anjona is making flight to the old space port of the moon. Debris from the blast of the Enmayi/Leche expression is devastating the surface of Hytona. Atmosphere of Hytona is escaping into space and is almost lost. Most of the complexes, homes of the Omegons are now destroyed. Water resources are being atomized. The planet is barren. Few UltShemas or lower Shemas escaped. Scepter has survived with Claronu’s survey in good condition. Scepter data is with Anjona for debriefing. Anjona is starting to awaken the sequences of Claronu’s mental, visual, voice, and Light messages; and, he is analogizing them with Scepter’s interlaced programming for total visu-gramatics of survey events. All survey information and additional data are being programmed with scepter’s interior data and transferred to durable formats for review in hologramic structure. Scepter is now in a holding sequence….close to shutdown for additions and repairs. 

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics Enabled) Scepter has been reformatted and repaired to compress data in all structural forms. Anjona is now ready to send a message that has been given to Scepter to continue to relay while in orbit of the Gardened One. Duration to be determined by acts. This transmissions will be utilized by Omegon Sources in the Primary and other sources to be defined at a later morrow. The modality of this transmission is for all Time, and not to be countered until the termination of the Goge gateway for virtual transmission of programming from the All. Scepter will remain as the “last” device. Anjona message is ready for distribution TO THE GARDENED PLANET.  

Enigmni Terminology: Arranged in values of importance 

  1. Enigmni — The moving aspect of the All, active Godhead…the purveyor of Virtual Realms. Its symbol is the Hand that Sees (What cannot be created by mind, but that whereby mind and creation is One). The hand that sees is the mind that moves. Enigmni is the moving spirit of God. (Holy Spirit?) Enigmni is the absolute, ultimate unknowable — void within and without of voids.
  2. Enmayi — The beings who have lived on the Enmayi World since the beginning of Time in this sector of the universe.
  3. Claronu — An “arrived” being who has lived at the highest level of Being Existence. He is an Omegon, one who is in the last phase of existence before localizing permanently with the All in Timelessness. Claronu is a surveyor of physical data.
  4. Anjona — Claronu’s Superior Shepherd or Leader of the Omegons on planet Hytona (Mars). Anjona is the background mover in this relationship. His strategy is played out in this sector of Goge Systems.
  5. Koan — Leader of the Enmayi people, once just a high master of a leadership group of Alphi/Omegi Enmayi. He is taken by Planca, and falls in love with the being. He is the scientist who created the Leche. He became an Omegon Initiate.
  6. Planca — A clerk of the Omegon Shepherds who is not totally an Omegon. She is called the “Child of Light.” She engages Koan in the Chase…sequence of events that creates Chaos of feedback-looping. She is the bringer of renewed Alphian journeys. She became an Omegon Initiate.
  7. Takion — Leader of the Agri-landers. Leader of the rebellion of Alphi/Omegis who do not wish to join Koan’s ways. Takion is closest of Enmayi beings to the world of Omegonship. Was bestowed Omegon status by Anjona on earth (The Gardened One).
  8. Leche — An awesome weapon created to destroy Hytona in a phased methodology that culminates in total destruction on a planet wide basis. It was designed and created by Koan, a scientist as well as leader of the Enmayi.
  9. Shema — A small space shuttle of multitudinous capabilities when joined with a Scepter or smart tool computer. Shema is powered by exterior connections to the sectors of Timelessness via broadcast in the form of Omegon knowledge.
  10. Ult-Shema — Spacecraft designed to traverse vast distances in space. Ult-Shemas were utilized by the Omegons and Enmayi to voyage to the Gardened One.
  11. Scepter — Scepter has the same connections as Shema but cannot move through time and space but must be carried by an Omegon. Scepter is a tool that integrates with the mind of the collective and its prime owner. Scepter also has many capabilities onboard such as a surveyor’s (abilities) on a higher level. Scepters aid their collectives with broadcast from Timelessness. Scepter can destroy as well as create. Its power in the hands of a knowledgeable user are awesome…beyond the Leche.
  12. Potdomes — Translucent coverings that once covered the heads of all Enmayi in the cities (seats). These potdomes were coated with special elements to shelter the bodies of Enmayis from the rays of the small, yet orbiting pony sun called Egog.
  13. Egog — Egog is the dog star or now in its chemical state, the planet Jupiter. Its fire kept this interior of the Goge System alive with its co-opted light because it orbited such light was periodic and changing.
  14. Gardened One — Name given by Omegons to describe the status of a lessor planet of high volatility used by the beings of Hytona and lessor moons as a food source in their early development, and later as a planet of experimental development in genetics. Gardened One has no long lasting civilizations due to its imbalance of structure. This condition will eventually become an advantage when Macro Structures are developed in future times as described by Anjona. Gardened One is earth.


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    Other worlds can be explored via what some believe is the means of viewing the images of the “Overworld” or the dimensional plane where fractal geometry exists as an additional means of understanding the Core Mind! Here in this realm, mind is able to see via a Holographic module fed by visuals that emulate fractal images that chaos speeds produce for the soul. We will soon see these images when a fractal moving picture is first produced on this side. As we currently produce still fractal images, moving images with programmed fractal geometry will be on the market this year. The “Overworld” is coming. You will not believe its beauty. With this additional means of viewing humanity and the Otherside, we will be able to see to the depth of the soulular experience. This will show us what Zep Tepi reflected to the ancient Egyptians whereby REASON was fully developed.

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    R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz’s The Temple of Man contains verbiage that requires slow reading and deep concentration. The content of The Enigmni is somewhat the same. Translated from Russian according to the initial phase of the book, the reader is subjected to a difficult trek in the decipherment of the above. Comprehension has a payoff if diligence is followed by expansion of the consciousness and the deeper recesses of the soulular traveler’s mindset. One must become as Claronu — a Surveyor of amplified thought or a psycho-cognitive!

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        And their it goes again of into the worldly adventure gleeming all with delight the sense is filled with desires of one for the many stopped they called make us from the wild nature to save us from ourselves justice for the message and joy from the fruits mankind is place at the threshold of exsistance with awe.

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