History Timeline Revised

History Timeline Revised
Armageddon calendars or Real History

by Elijah

This is about Timeline because it is important to know the true past to predict a true future.

The future can be predicted and then not happen. An example is Jonah saying Nineveh would be destroyed and then it wasn’t. This is because they changed.What you are warned about you can avoid. Told a prediction and you can not be there so it doesn’t happen.

But how do you leave Earth for a global Armageddon. If the disaster is natural and happens whether humans are good or bad, then how can it be avoided?
If your house is what you save, then it is not avoided. But if it’s your life you save, the whole world can be saved. All of Sodom could have walked out of town if ten men had listened and so the rest follow. All could have built arks. They didn’t have to be on Noah’s ark if they disliked him. This is not about God saying He likes her and you, but not him, and hates them. This is not about I am with God, he loves me and doesn’t love you. Anyone who thinks disaster is random, fails to see that decisions were made by people that put them where they are. If their decisions were random and careless and unforeseen occurrence, it is because they chose not to foresee them.

Unforeseen is a shame, not some  random “oh well, who would have known”. King Gilgamesh went to 940-year old Noah expecting him to know why Peleg Mesanipada was old and dead before 240. It is not too much to expect. Moses assumes God wanted it that way saying “Look what they can do, there is not a thing that they cannot do, so let us confuse them lest they do whatever anything they wish”…. (and everything be destroyed too soon in God’s plan to populate humans to the limit he knows can all be resurrected to fill the whole earth).

As Elijah, I am not afraid to disagree with Moses. I will deny his words as being God’s word the same as Jesus did saying Moses allowed divorce, he allowed polygamy, but Jesus says in the beginning Adam was given ONE wife. So let it be that way again.

The Timeline

Billions of years to create a Universe, so mute and unimportant to argue the speed it was done. Do you make the ancient past or the distant future more important than last week or next week. What is the past if push the limits of time before you were born, before even man existed! And what will be your future if you worry more about a sun running out of fuel in the far distant future, than if life can exist next week on your home planet.

     The purpose of a reality check is to understand how often disaster actually occurs. Is it from God or Satan? Will it always be? The answer lies in perspective of what a disaster is.     To start with, science wins because it is seen as their “god” instead of seeing God as the science he created, and reflection of his wants from us, not just a reflection of who or what he is. The name Jehovah means more than God. In ancient English, God and good are equated. In other ancient ancient languages, El and Elohim and Allah refer to Almighty (power). But Moses called him Jehovah. The four letters YHWH were once four words. And whether you say I AM what I AM, Que Sera Que Sera, or He Proves To Be what He Is (proving to be), it all means he is the end-result of the action. He is Cause and Effect that is fated from the path taken. Any path, all paths, are repent-able (can turn around on) if they begin to look as if they will be in error (sin). Even God is not bound, if you do not follow his path, he chooses to use someone else, his path is changeable. This is why corruption exists. It is a path God allowed because he can change it in the end with a lesson learned. To Esther the Queen, Mordecai knowing she can have him executed says if you do not do what Jehovah wants, then he will choose another way. So too, to Daniel the angel says it is because destruction and desolation is what has been chosen (yes, a chosen lesson; bring man to death so that he may fear it and no longer take the risks). THIS IS ARMAGEDDON. ARMAGEDDON UNTIL NOW, and ARMAGEDDON TO COME. Praised is Jehovah for what he proves to be. We may not like Him, we may not believe this is Him. But it will be. Jesus said curse God, blaspheme God, it will be forgiven. Curse the Christ, any Christ, all christs, blaspheme them; it will be forgiven. But the spirit moves forward to change all things and make them new. So curse the spirit, and the day comes you die. Choose life. SEE THE TIMELINE. FEAR IT. Respectfully fear it as you do in skilled trades that are dangerous only to the careless, or to the over-secure in their ego.

     Paint will always peel, your house will always risk mold. Perfection is what God accepts not how humans expect. They will never get perfection as they want it. They must be forced by God to see perfection as God sees it.
It is about your life, not your car, not your house, your home, your things that you should leave if a fire comes or a wave of water. Paradise does not prevent God from continually wearing down soil, building soil, washing mountains to see, and shaking the ground to push mountains back up. Your body was designed to heal, so it was designed to accept injuries. How bad the injury is always pending on you and circumstance (the world, what circles you). And that has for 6000 years been shown to man since the day Adam said Eve do not eat that fruit. And she said, I am not so sure you’re right if someone else tells me different. Do you know for sure whether the things you’re told are right? The outcome (Jehovah) is pending on your decision. Do you eat the fruit; is it the fruit of life; or is it the fruit of risk. Be careful in all things who your media is, (the word christ means chosen media).

     So the timeline begins with DAY ONE. Because carbon-14 places that at 50,000 years ago. (The maximum 70,000 may appear as 7x 10,000 years, but the global Flood of 2370bc proves that longevity was cut 12 times by carbon-14 which results in the Flood appearing as 20,000 years ago or about 18,000 years before Peleg’s death in 2030bc.) Thus all dates must be reduced 20,000 years in these ancient sources of carbon. Babel of 2240bc and Jericho of 2237bc are dated as 7000bc. Egypt of 2170bc is dated as 3000bc. Nineveh of 2060bc is dated as 2500bc. But the death of Unas in Sakkara Egypt and Peleg Mesanipada of Ur’s tombs are dated as 2030bc and yet rejected because Ramses Papyrus canon says it should be 2321bc after a 3090bc Flood. The Egyptian Septuagint (LXX) Genesis is written to add up to 3090bc. The Greek Septuagint knows Cainan is a people not a person and leaves out 130 years to be the Greek 2958bc Flood.

Thus you can see ALL cultures (matters not whether pagan or Biblical) each believe in their own specific dated year for Noah’s global Flood. Why is it then that the spirit in today’s scholars hide all these floods to say they were just the big local flood each nation had at their capitol city. Or why is it they say it was the local flood of Euphrates spread as a legend to all nations. They refuse to agree because each one has his own greater distance he chooses to be from that damn Bible they hate. Their hate is truly for human morals which their religions proved false in. Their leaders were immoral while they condemn to eternal hell the members doing the same. It is like children who if used for sex at age 10 will grow up to be people of 40 who will have sex with anyone they choose to assert their freedom to prove they do as they wish, not as their raping parent or clergy have done forcing it on them. Thus a hate for religion becoming a hate for God asking “why God do you let this all happen?”. The eyes of all people always look at the watcher and they say, you were watching, why did you do nothing. This is why faith holds that a new world takes over where something is always done to stop the bad, prevent the mistakes, truly progress, not pretend to. Those who wish to START this world are being selected now. Line up, sign up, bad people in line might push you down. Ignore them. Fight to join the new world about to survive. Email me, and like John then I will be the groomsman to direct you to the bride and her wedding. See the Lamb she will take away the sin of the world. She does so merely by saying this is it the day and hour, be saved, the rest will die.

PS Important Update to the above segment

Note, the above article was written before i found astronomy that qualified for the Damuzi poem (Mars poem).

Noah was 930 when Gilgamesh sought out Noah in 2040bc (thus not the posted 940 in 2030bc) before death became daily in 2030bc to the aged-old people of only 240 when Noah was 940.
The old former paragraph implies Gilgamesh souhgt out Noah after death started in major numbers (2030bc).
But the poem date corrects that. Just as i had formerly presumed his 126 year rule had ended when he decided to quest. But his rule ends either 2031 or 2030 or 2029bc, and 2157bc is the Chinese pivotal year from the false reconstructed 2637bc (480 Julian = 487x 360 days).
Thus 2157-2031bc is the 126 years of Gilgamesh, but his visit to Noah is dated 2040bc April 26 which means he went back to Ereck still as its chief king until 2031bc.
True,  Noah was 940 when Peleg died almost 240, BUT that is in 2030bc and Gilgamesh did not go that year not after Peleg died nor before he died.
When i did the astronomy search for Mars reversing in Scorpio as Venus rises, i came up with the year 2040bc not 10 years later 2030bc, which means Gilgamesh went before men started dying.
He went because he realized with the death of his friend that all these people were aging and would begin to die.

True History Versus Armageddon Calendars

Our history is derived form the records of our forefathers who reconstructed their past the way that we reconstruct our past. As we make great errors, so did they. Thus many things we regard as true is in fact the errors of previous ancient famed historians who were wrong. One of the greatest unbelievable claims is that the Jews were correct about the short timeline and the whole world believes history goes back to 3000bc. This is relative; meaning that Creation of this world is the ignoring of the previous destroyed world by astral impact and global Flood. Those who concerned themselves with all human history then extended before this world to two years that are good averages for two schemes of time. One is 5500bc Adam as 3600 years to 1900bc and the other is 5200bc Adam as 3600 years to 1600bc. It is called Babylon’s Shar. It consists of a 1200-year cycle whose formula was unknown until discovered by Richard Schiller in 1986 (Reagan’s Year Peace And Security) three years after Richard considered it a divine revelation to discover for himself all of the Christian and Adventist religions having “day for year” prophecies of Daniel. No real discovery, he suddenly noted the tactics of number isn Daniel and Revelation stated as days and religions claiming they were the numbers of years until future events. Since 1983, it has been discovered that the numbers are the difference between different chronologies, (i.e. the 30 year difference between Egyptian Noah 3090bc and Japanese Noah 3060bc creates a difference of 1260 or 1290 from Jerusalem’s destruction). Even right now re-verifying that these things are conveyed accurately, discovery is made. (Pre-Flood figure 2262 years is derived from 2 years after the Flood being regarded as Arpaxad Marduk in year 2264am when in fact this is 608 years after the Flood when 608 of 360 days will span only 600 years. Thus the 1656am +600 (=2256am) appears in 360-day calendar as 1656am +608 (=2264am) in the year 1770bc for Hamurabi. Use this 2264 as the first of 6000 and 3736 years remain from whatever year is thought to be Arpaxad born (2 years after Flood) until the year 6000 for Armageddon. This means that 2400 years later, a year labeled as 2401 will have 1335 years left to the year 6000. Thus the messenger (angel) said to Daniel there will be 1335 until “the disgusting that causes desolation” in year 6000. The figures belong not to a true chronology, but rather to horrid events that will occur because of false chronology coronating false saviors.

     Thus there is real history, and then their are events that occurred because people followed Armageddon or Savior calendars with the potential of causing earth-changing events by those in power, or taking new power. This means the real timeline must be compared to the false timelines and a caution not to make or claim the false ones as being true. The problem with people is they insist something be proven false before their faith in it is broken. If a hurricane is coming then perhaps we dont like those warning us nor believe them. But heeding a false warning and not heeding a true warning can both bring deaths. This is why humans have their excuse and comfort in everyone believing death is not real and we all move on after it. But such a believe only allows the wicked to continue in that “other” world as they do now in this one. It is a faulty belief. But it has its origin, one that is proven by short chronology, but not by long chronology. It is about people getting old at 240 and dying. Sound awesome! We would like to live that long? Not so for them, because Noah the father of the whole world was not yet dead at 940, nor his son Shem at 438, nor grandson at 338. And the grandfathers like Shelah alive at 203 but young, and fathers like Eber at 273 also young, while this 5th generation are withered (like our 90) and dying. This is why 10 years earlier in 2040bc, in the poem of Gilgamesh having ruled 117 years of 126 (2157-2031bc), Gilgamesh said he would go find Noah and ask him why we are all dying. From many Flood layers (before Adam), showing that millions of land animals had died from drowning in previous global Floods before Adam, then Noah had seen that astral impact would bring Flood again, Though he could see this, (while angels ruling as kings on earth said it wouldn’t happen), Noah was stupid about why his kids were all plummeting in a rapid case of aging. He was not aware of nitrogen turning into carbon-14 and becoming all organic DNA during the years from conception to maturity which is a scale ratio that short Genesis teaches. But he did say two things that Jesus said. He said stay awake, don’t sleep, and become alert. Whether Noah or Jesus or other people whom we question as genius smart or just insane, they both said You will not always have me. What I have to share with the world will become 90% lost because no one cared. When I am dead, then it will be too late to care. Indeed, the C-14 process took 20 to 30 years to establish itself in each human, it cannot be purged in a mere 7 years. The poem was written when Noah was 930; he had reached the age that Adam had died in 3096bc, and these 930 years were reached in his calendar year 934 because of lacking 5 days per year since the astral impact shifted the Earth. The date is described in poem as the turning around of Mars in the Scorpion when Venus rises from the dead. This happens in 2040bc April 26 (G.Apr9) and was rewritten by priests of king Amizaduga altering Noah as being dead in the underworld in 1640bc March 10 (G.Feb 24). (Other Damuzi poems speak of Mars turning around in the stars of the Gazelle.)

There is a connection for example Marduk Temple year 2009bc is a pivot point so that to keep workers from leaving Ur to go pave Marduk Street in Babel, the body of kings in Ur allow Ur-Nammu to become the sole king (king of kings) of Ur in a project to enlarge the ziggurat putting people to work. This is what the Bible is about, we make economy projects to keep people enslaved in jobs that do not tend to food and clothing, or prevention of deaths, and cures of disease. Instead what we do causes the diseases and kills people in vain construction programs. So do i explain the temples and towers and Armageddon countdowns to the future end of world. Or do i explain how they caused their own end of worlds in these projects of power and control while longevity cut shorter and shorter. Thus explain how 1st dynasty Ur ended in 2029bc not 3rd dynasty Ur.

The debate is because Ibbi-Sin would have to be born in 2060bc and live 159 years to be ruling 1925-1901bc and yet put his servant Ishbi-Erra as the king of Isan on its throne in 2017bc 12 years after fall of Ur.

 Those who read about Armageddon calendars may feel it is astrology crap and never get to the history. Those who read “my” opinion of history will never see that its matter of Armageddon happening right now. Yet they are two perceptions of genealogy lists and king-lists versus the calendar cycles that temples and kings and priests marked throughout history and deformed them by mixing dates up so that they thought year 6000 was 284 AD and 500 AD, and 622ad, 630ad, 654ad, 684ad, 775ad, 800ad, etc….. cry wolf syndrome.

 Copyright Elijah

Author’s Website: http://elijahs-armageddon.com/home_1.html

Ps1 Marduk Calendar Dates

This study was inspired by the attempt to compare Solomon’s July 10 Tamuz in 997bc at his death to the 1770bc July 10 Tamuz after Nimrod’s April 22 death.
I have taken the 780-day Marduk calendar dates that i calculated and laid out and got so many known Marduk dates. And i have also extended 780-day Mars from 2009bc to 1913 ad to find how close it remains as 780-day. However, knowing it to be eratic in elliptical orbit i never did a short comparison that i can recall of the two and so present it here.

Marduk Calendar     Actual Conjunctions

2024bc  Jun 12                Jun 10
                780                      767
2022bc  Aug  1                 July 17
                780                      769
2020bc  Sep 19                 Aug 24
                780                      774
2018bc  Nov  8                  Oct  7
                780                      788
2016bc  Dec 27                 Dec  3
                780                      802
2013bc  Feb 15                 Feb 13
                780                      789
2011bc  Apr  5                  Apr 12
                780                      774
2009bc  May 24
                May 25
               5460 days           5463 days

Notation:  1770bc to 997bc is 773 years.

These dates for Marduk are 45 days before the marduk date which is a rise date on 360-day new year and every 780 days on a 1st of the civil month because the 45 days represent the TAU ofa 90-day absence. As you can see, the Tau date of 2018bc occurs 32 days before the actual true conjunction.

PS2 Solomon’s Tamuz

The watching of any planet has various points of choice to count its orbits from. There is no rule. The  Tau of the planet Mars is an absence that becomes known as Tamuz when Nimrod dies. The absence is not exact, but averaged as 90 days as the sun crosses  over it. In reality the sun doesn’t cross  it, but rather  Mars is on the opposite side of orbit and the  Earth  moves  faster around  so  that  the  sun appears to cross forward over it rather Mars cross forward behind it. Because Mars is very elliptical,the average 780-day orbit can vary short as 767   days in 2020bc or long as 802 days in 2013bc. (open this article in PDF version below and see the chart  D).
Thus for Babel to derive its 364 calendar years 602 to 966 as being an average 13-year Mars  of 780 days  and  52-year  Mars  advancing  a  quarter-year season,  or  four  quarters  as  208  calendar  years spanning  205  years  is  quite  a   feat  of  genius. Though simple math, the odds of being correct are in  the  hands  of  Jehovah  not  in  the  brilliance  of man’s mind.

The Tamuz of Mars  for  1770bc  is July 10 when Nimrod dies at the age of 500 and  Mars then returns as July 10 in 997bc when then Solomon dies at age 54. 
But the Marduk calendar’s  13-year cycle  of  the  July  8 new year 2009bc (45 days  after  chart  D) whose  cycle   epoch is the new year 2368bc  Oct  1 then falls as the  Oct  3 new year of 997bc (open this article in PDF version below and see the chart E).

This is well beyond the  45-day  average  from  crossing   to  rising which  is  also  the  case  in  1770bc  when  the actual  crossing of  July  10  is  not  expected  in calendar until July 29 and its rise not expected until Sep 12 as date 9-01. The Marduk dates of Solomon’s  997bc   is  21  days  after  those  in 1770bc, though the actual Mars is the about the same dates from July 10 to its rising.

Nimrod  was  not  the  issue of  the  Solomon Tamuz. Judah was born in Syria  when Nimrod died at 500 and so the baby became regarded as  a  better  replacement than  Nimrod. This doesn’t  mean sit on Nimrod Melchizedek’s throne as an  inheritance but rather to be given Shem Melchizedek’s throne which will take over and  sit  on  Nimrod’s.  It  is  all  high  symbolism since  neither  Shem  nor  Nimrod  ever  had  any  throne. Nimrod was king in only two ways, as king of  longevity being the last to die the longevity of a god; and, as great adviser   whom   everyone   worshiped   as   advice-giver without perceiving bad results. Shem was passive and his rule was by his example of how  to  be, not by giving out commands. Example of his advice was telling Abram how to clean his penis by circumcision, and his ability after 450 years to then predict the day and hour of Sodom explosion. Thus   Solomon’s Tamuz  was  meant for  Jehovah, but it caused  Israel  and Judah  to argue whose king star was it? The  father Israel or the son Judah !  […]  Read more here: Tamuz Solomon

PS3 The Date of the Gilgamesh Epic

The date of the Gilgamesh Epic is derived from the poem Inanna’s Descent To The Nether World. It is also Damuzi’s descent to the netherworld.
This poem is about astral configurations for an important year of event. Inanna the name for the planet Venus means (Nanna) great mother. And Damuzi is the name for Mars. Damuzi is called The Leader (of the calendar new year), and when reborn in its rising, its birth is called The Son (Mars) and thus Marduk. The poem includes the statement that Venus dies and is reborn in her glory. This refers to the short-term death of Venus passing in front of the sun, where its narrow crescent gets very bright. Though its angular distance from the sun can allow its ”death” (absence) to be seen in as little as 4 days apart, the back dark side toward the Earth makes it a common requirement for 8 days to begin seeing any crescent. At this time of rising or resurrection, the poem states that Mars was opposite the sun, and did its turn about or its turn in Scorpio. Thus this is not the same poem as Venus rising and finding the opposition of Mars in the Gazelle, or in other constellations. Every common translating scholar seems to think that it’s a reference of the god Damuzi by magic being turned into a scorpion or gazelle.

This poem is written in language that matches the texts of the 17th century BC, and so it is no surprise to find this true as Amizaduga’s year 1645bc. But the astral event of that year is similar to the one that took place in 2040bc while Noah was still alive at the age of 930, the same age Adam died at. There was reason to fear death in this year because Peleg was 230 and would die a mere 10 years later in 2030bc. And because astral events are never the same for all planets on any day or year, the copy of a recording at the time the event is thought to occur again can easily be changed by the actual new positions of that re-recorded year. The poem for 1645bc should not be the same as 2040bc, because the sky is not the same. The data of any memorial if recorded will corrupt the true original. An example is like that of every Sunday Nisan 16 of the moon is not going to be April 5 of the sun; and every Sunday April 5 of the sun isn’t going to be Nisan 16 of the moon. And if these three occur again, That of Sunday on April 5 on Nisan 16, they will not have the same stars behind the sun nor the moon.

Thus the copy of the 2040bc Gilgamesh Epic in 1645bc will either be an actual direct copy of the originals, or altered in the belief the exact same astral locations exist (of which they do not, and can’t ever). This is how everything ever written is when dates are concerned. We can be sure that in 1645bc that priests definitely had not made a decision to claim Noah had died and was in the netherworld with his wife. This is true because  Amizaduga locked in the verification that Adam was 2400 years ago at Amizaduga’s death in 1625bc. As such, that means Noah was not yet dead in 2040bc. It is not until 747bc that Babylon miscalculates the Flood as 2947bc and thus Noah as dying in 2597bc which is 557 years  before 2040bc (ten years before Peleg’s death). Or, miscalculating Peleg’s death as year 740 in 2207bc, then presuming Gilgamesh saw Noah ten years before it in 2217bc, Noah’s death is still 380 years before Gilgamesh’s  quest and 390 before Peleg’s death. This is why the Epic exists in two versions with or without wife. The poem of Noah with his wife is dead with her, and so the version without wife must be realized as still alive, not dead yet, sometime after his wife’s death. This would explain why Gilgamesh goes to Ararat and Noah is not there, he has moved on across the water (the sea, not the underground river of the dead).

A mistake made about underground spring water is to assume it is in the netherworld or in Hades. What most people do not realize is that religious myth and astronomy are opposite directions. If the upper world has 7 layers, then so does the underworld. If it has 9 layers, then so does the underworld. The error in religious myth is to place the orbits or layers in the same direction when they are concentric circles. The underworld which is underfoot is presumed to have its deepest layer above the center of the Earth so that its highest layer is the graves just underfoot. This is not true. In astronomy, everything highest above sky, becomes lowest below planet Earth, or below the soil, the earth.  Saturn as highest in the sky then orbits under the Earth making its orbit the lowest below your feet or below earth. Mars which orbits not as high as Saturn thus goes under the Earth and is higher than Saturn. The passage of Mars under the Earth is not as deep as it is for Saturn. So the concept of the path and the river is not actually thru soil into graves, but rather in the sky and heavens going under the earth. It is a primitive ignorant way of seeing astronomy visually as is, without the explanation of graphic drawings to explain. In this way modern space exploration movies have cleared up much ignorance though creating so much other lies too.

Because Earth is the 3rd planet, both Venus and Mars go behind the sun. But the orbit of Mars then comes opposite the sun as 4th in orbit of it, while Venus goes in front of the sun being 2nd in orbit from it. Naturally this confused many as to which planet was deeper when descending under Earth each day. Primitive indeed, but information gathered from even ignorant people is not useless because it unveils their perception where you haven’t been. Thus it is a matter of sorting their truth form their lie from their misconceptions of what they saw.
Most people do not realize that when Jesus said do not hold children back from me, he meant more than saying that he was there to teach children too because the kingdom is theirs and will come much later when their parents are dead. He meant more than he can teach them too. He definitely learned from children otherwise he would never appreciate scripture that says the Christ to come will be a mere child who leads them all. All chosen by  Jehovah will have others around them who are older and with that one excuse alone they will say this is not the Christ because he/she is too young. They did that to Moses before Jesus, and they do that to newborn churches. But this is one reason Jehovah took the oldest of his sons and made him younger than his father king David so that as The Son (the reborn Son, Marduk) he would be the king as the first humans were. Namely, the first sons in Ur and Ereck were made “elder” (king) in their youth to trust that a child tutored by an older teacher (priest) can know more than his father, as Jesus (our Lord) knew more than David.

The Actual dates

It is more than just a different astral story on record for 1645bc than its original 2040bc for Gilgamesh. The dates vary also because Egyptian calendar of 365 days did not exist until the July 12 Epagum days of 2030bc for its new year of Pamenot 1 on July 17. Unlike ancients since Maya of 1314bc and Ramses in 1290bc who believed the 365-day calendar began in 2774bc or 2770bc, the dates for Gilgamesh can only be 360-day calendar. Thus the following true dates exist despite any other recalculations and miscalculations found in records or copies after the actual event.  […]  Read more here: Gilgamesh Date



  1. Brenda Brown says

    Well Elijah, there were some things you said that were interesting, but I would suggest you are way too caught up in numbers and scientific banter, rather than knowing God for the truth that He is. God doesn’t lie. When He says it was sin that entered into the human race, and made death a reality on this level of life, that’s what happened. While genuine science supports God, these numerous weird little facts create such a dust trail, truth gets lost in the banter. As far as this enlightening me on a time line, it’s more like it took me through 90 loops that led me nowhere. God’s time line is soooo much easier and clearer than this.

    • says

      The serpent in teh tree would say to Eve that her answer not to eat of all trees was all just banter. People fail to see when it is Satan who has inspired their replies to other people. Jesus did not spend his 3.5 years of time busy following up on Pharisees to call them hypocrites and vipers. He let them be alone because their death is on their own hands and those who listen to them. I refer to you not me. Your guilt trip didnt work, and these words of mine are not for your benefit but for others reading, though Jesus is correct so many on the wide road with their self-eaxlated SIMPLE attitude. I dont come on here or anywhere else to be scientific nor religious. I disagree with those who wish to say that no science is God, as if God created nothing science. That’s a away to ignore God. And to say God’s timeline is so much simpler is to say to those in your face that God cares for all people, while you say to those with your back that only special people like you are in the Bible and that he doesnt care what happened to Maya or China or Africa. The survival of truth thru any history of people is to benefit the whole world. That doesnt mean that God wants all books destroyed. Or that he desires like you to tell all others that they waste theri time. People like you enforced the dressing of Africans in 110 F weather in Elizabethan petticoats. God is real. If you don’t seek true science you die. You remind me of those who pray and bless the holy water without putting chlorine in it. There is a middle science. Worship the holy water and you die of diseased water, worship the chorine too much and you get cancer. The sin that you commit is like both Adam and like Eve. Eve said i am right, you are not Adam. And Adam said i m right because i am older. And yet Adam said why learn because the kids will just listen to her instead of me. Grow up is my advice to all like this. They couldnt see what was killing them because they had these petty fits.

  2. says

    An example of burning form thin air is standing on a mountain top where the air is thin, you burn your skin sooner even though the air gets colder. Air gets colder, but the rays are stronger and burn, and sun-fade, and destroy. Thus the canopy existed as all three water and gas and ice flowing in a constant cycle. This is what keeps it up, the action, the flow, the energy, so it doesnt fall or dissapate. Yet God created ice so that it does the opposite of solids, it floats doesnt sink. It is why hail can exist above rain, but it requires wind, or it falls.

  3. says

    If gamma rays and cosmic rays kill life, aging it, then Arpaxad born 6 months after the Flood in year 601 would have died at the age of 70. He did not die at 70. he died at 438. In fact those born the first 100 years died over 400, and then those born in the next 100 years died under 240. Eber the father of Peleg lived 225 more years than his son. He lived 464 and Peleg lived 239, so that the father lived 191 years after his son died as a very old man. Imagine looking 90 at 420-464, and having seen your son 200 years ago look 90 from the ages of 210-240. It is carbon-14 made from nitrogen and on the DNA molecule of ALL organic life (all plants, all animals, all life aging 12 times faster from C-14). Your premise also has error in the comet. The asteroid that hit the Yucatan and its earth was thrown up 52 miles to knock down the sphere has happened before, Noah saw the layers and so knew that with man created it does not mean it doesnt happen again. Each time the sphere became thinner. Before mammals this was reduced to 40-60 feet because oxygen levels and pressure above our known hosipital tubes of 3 atmospheres (3x 14 pounds) kills people. YOu do not understand space, it is hot and cold. Space is thin so it holds no heat, that is very cold. But so thin the radiation comes thru and burns all things with heat. So you burn in the light and freeze in the shade, the light side melts while the cold side freezes. Water will not lose heat lower than 0.C (32.F), it is created to hold heat and float on liquid to keep life alive underneath it. This means water was designed to expect the canopy to be gone some day. This also means then that when the canopy goes up, it is the repairing Gods does for 1000 years. That canopy is water drops on the air, and vapor above it. The vapor rises and freezes in space where it sinks until it evaporates again. All three natures exist in this sphere that reduces to 10 inches at the artic circles, and are open pole letting heat out to prevent 400.F temps; the Flood source was not the christening meager rain to clean the earth, it was the baptism of continents under the existing ocean and coming back up. This is a molten tsunami under the crust form the impact of the asteroid. A half-mile to mile is enough to do this, and we may not see the next impact. But my faith has changed because jehovah gave Haman the casted lot of day and hour just like he shows astronomers the asteroids in the telescopes. The way to live is not that day and hour, but who knows what to do when the whole earth is told by Obama that he know we are going to be hit by an asteroid. I would personally tell the President that his life and his family are at threat by God, if he has a secret of being told of this asteroid and does not publicly televise it on the television for God’s real people to live rather than sink away the way Obama is already sinking this country. Water drowning all America & Russia & China couldnt make these countries any worse than they are. God’s people are not blind to the collapse of world economy due to corruption.

  4. says

    I have no doubt that Lord Ea is Lord Earth. The cuneiform of Hittites has English all over in it. Just lik eit has Latin too, so that i have no doubt that when the whole earth (latin Terah) was divided so was Terah’s whole family divided. His father Nahor Meskalumdug and son Haran Alumdug are the suicide tombs in Ur of the 69 victims to join Peleg Mesanipada as 70 people because Reu Aanipada wasnt going to be stupid enough to go with them. Call it lack of faith, but i praise him for it. I personally feel when Shulgi died, that his son Amar-Pal wanted childless Abram to join his father Shulgi in heaven as long as Terah was about to die too. And i have no doubt the armies of AmarPal who wanted Ur’s population back that Abram took to Sodom are the ones who raped their boys and introduced the perversion that overwhelmed the city in 18 years (1936-1918bc July 18 destruction). To say YHWH is solely Lord Air (LIL) and not lord stars and lord earth and lord ALL is an injustice on your part that Abram and his distant son Moses would evict you out of the land for.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Ellijahovah
      Can I have reference of what you write, I dont know if you know what is a meli-melo. Peleg Mesanipada, dont know him, I know Peleg, is in the Bible, but Mesanipada, dont know him! YHWH is not the Lord of the air, the demon are the lord of the air, beside, they dont even are lord. YHWH Is the Almighty, the God that created all the Univers. Ouf… God Bless

      • says

        The word Lord means owner. Few people claiming to be christians know this. There are many lords but one Lord is your owner (Jesus) because God has given all of you to him. He wons you like Adam formerly did. And like NOah formerly did. This forum is about world-mystery unsolved. Whether atheistic or godly, if christians say mysteries are meant to stay unsolved mysteries then they dont belong here. But if they are here, they are then to reak havoc and cause disturbance. It was very christian for Jesus to say begone Satan. He even said it to Peter. In fact in Britain the title Lord is used for many men. Christians do not refuse to use it. My point is that Ea is the Sumerian word for English Earth. And the word air is from spirit, but if you make issue of whether spirit is of God or Satan, whether air is of God or Satan, then it isnt truth you argue, it is always seeking to make others wrong. This is not a spirit of God. He corrects us for good not to exalt himself. Thus YHWH makes it clear that a spirit that enters us, the air that enters us is of God if it has good intent, but of Satan if it’s out to prove oneself right and others’ wrong. Perhaps this is an unsolved mystery now resolved for you.

      • says

        PS. Mesanipada is the founder of the city Ur. The word Chaldea applies to Arpaxad the father of Shelah. Shelah dying at 433 marks the destruction of that city in 1900bc. The Hindu epoch proves this because they mistake 1900bc as being Noah’s year 1200 after the Flood when they dwelt 1200 years in India to 700bc. They get this from Nimrod dying in year 1200 from Noah’s birth which is 600 years after the Flood and during Hamurabi 1770bc. Ammizaduga then declared 2400 years frm Adam in 1626bc and Hindu leaving Babylon brought the Venus Tablets to INdia joining their relatives. These calendars also reconstruct the Maya arriving in Copan Nicaragua in 1314bc. The word Cainan is not a person butu rather a people. It means Fallen Son as in Cain and Canaan and Kenan etc. Cainan is assigned 130 years. This confused people with the fact that Babel and Ur were built 130 years after the Flood. Peleg was 30, Reu was born. Mesanipada created kingship by commanding all in his city to obey his son A-anipada even if his son commanded men older than him. This was a first in all history. NeoBabylon reconstruction places Peleg’s death in year 740 and as the kingship of Aanipada as if the kingship was his at Peleg’s death. This indicates that the founder of Ur is Peleg, just as the suicide tombs to go to heaven are completely inidcated by Egyptian Christmas to be Nahor MesKalumdug and Haran A-Kalumdug and their 68 wives. It is liars who hide affiliations they dont wish to see. And this gives others the ability to say no people on earth are related. By refuting all knowledge of all people, you tell people that their parents didnt matter. Proving all parents as sinners back to Noah doesnt mean we ignore them. To the contrary, we expose when their paths forked into what is error. I value this. It is a gift from YHWH. Those who are like Satan and jealous of gifts are the ones who have Satan’s eyes. I feel no doctor should regard himself as God, nor as God’s hands to save people. But the patient is dispicable if a doctor saves his life, and he then says you are good man Doc, we should save you with Jesus. Saying this to him is spitting on him saying that his saving you was nothing, and not from God. That God saved you without the doctor. Like the Amish you spit on the car and you spit on the driver, but you grab the ride. And this is also why the 144,000 in Revelation are not real Jews, but christians adopted by Jewish Jesus to be HIS Jews. Screwing people over with insults is not the plan of God.

      • says

        I have looked up meli-melo and wow i know what you mean, i think we have all heard people ramble like that switching topics and the examples given do go no where. Sad you think i sound this way. Yet this is mostly by my own English speaking people who are arrogant to not wish to look stupid by a little effort to listen & comprehend. When a Russian friend says to me, Soon come Chicago if come summer. I know what he means, or meant. I am not stupid, and yet i repeat to him my interpretation to verify. My intent to repeat is not to make him feel stupid. This one knows that, and appreciates. Another Russian may be offended like fellow English Americans. Our language changes because we are all about fabricating what we dont understand so we can pretend to say we always understand. Sometimes he clarifies with a better word. For example company was not factory but companionship. So sadly i am not sure whether i sure be concerned or feel empathy who think i sound like a crack speakining meli-melo. I for my part went to Paris. And my friends uncle deared to say french build better cars than “American” Chrysler where i worked. Chrylser was German not Amrican, and he was driving a BMW. So this also explains why French STDs are cleaner than the rest of the world and don’t harm anyone, right! The nly thing i can say is that a French crepe on wax paper was better than a Parisan Moslem crepe on bare wet rag-wiped glass absorbing all the rag water drops. But it wasnt Moslem women i saw carrying bread down the street in a hairy arm-pit with no bag (several times). And dog crap was on the sidewalks; a biker stepped in it and walked into a carpeted bank. So I rather be meli-melo than a pig.

  5. Starheater says

    Hello Elijah
    (I’m french so..)
    Well, you are like Mister Marcello, good in Math’s, we all have our specialty’s. Perhaps there is a question that bader you: For what reason there’s a break in the longivity of our ancester. They live + / – 900 years, then suddendly there is a drop of 200 year (+ / -, I didn’t calculate), what could cause such a drop, what happend, and why? What our ancesters have done to make this happen? In fact, they’ve donne nothing, it is cause by a comet who have break the sphere that surrunded the Earth. In the Bible, it is writin’ the God have separeted the water under the firmament from the water above the firmament. Well, this water was in fact, ice, because above the firmament the tempature is -456 C, it’s very cold. This water use to fitrate all the rays that come from the Sun, specialy the X-ray and Gamma ray. Those are responsible for the aging of our cells, at the same time, this globe of ice as the hability to retain our oxygen. The scientist have determine that the oxygen level was 55%, we are at most 17% actually. It is proven the more oxygen we have the better we are, and God know’s they were. This is the cause of their logivity. Something happen causing this sphere of ice to break, this ice fell down on Earth causing to rain on all Earth, the Earth have tilted a little bit to stabilise at the dedgree of 19.5, but there was no pole shift. It must have been a real big comet, because it as destroy the planet that was between Mars and the Earth. The pieces of planet that we found in north pole are not from Mars, they are from this planet that was totaly destroy. At the same time, our planet have been bomb by big chunck of this comet, the Moon was bomb too and Mars, Venus Mercury was not spare, that why Mars seem to be inhabitable, but she’s not. She have enough water to stand life, NASA dont want to asume that there are life on Mars, but life is there, the little Grey come from Mars, and the Earth to. God Bless Canada and US

    • says

      The carbon-14 ratio increases in the air according to half-life cycles. Longevity does the same. If radiation were the killer, then Arpaxad the grandsonn of Noah would have died at 70-137. But he lived to be 438 to a grandpa 950. Grandpa lived longer than 930 Adam. Three generations lived this half-life 438 and 433 and 464. Then the C-14 in the air had increased enough that those who ate from birth to 30 in the years 2270-2240bc all died at 240 (Peleg 239, Reu 239, Serug 230). Again the levels were reached where the next generation lived less. Nahor MesKalumdug would have been 215 had he not believed suicide by poison would take him to be with Peleg Mesanipada in heaven. I must laugh at those who say they dont know this Mesanipada while for Nimrod they’ll say he is Gilgamesh, he is Hamurabi, he is Sargon, he is Amizaduga, he is AmarPal, and on and on. Wow if a guy is bad we can just say all the crap about him we wish to. Do you not know Joshua says Abram’s fathers worshipped other gods? Anyways! Terah lived 205, Abram & Isaac lived 175 & 180. (Josephus says 185 and is wrong, the shift is from arguing 500 years 100+400 versus 505 years 75+430.) This is not alot of numbers. This is about whether YOU care what the numbers say. Yet you probably watch the TV show NUMBERS for your own pleasure as if nothing to do with God or Satan. Ishmael died at 137 despite born 14 years before Isaac. C-14 levels are obtained by eating carbon, not by breathing carbon. And most of the crabon you eat, is breathed out as carbon-dioxide and so isnt part of your body once you have grown mature in body mass. The 137 has been max since that time. At 137, Isaac was blind without glasses and he presumed he would die like Ishmael because it is then that he blesses the twins who are both 77. Esau married for 37 years, and Jacob still single. Jacob died at 147, Job died at 140, Moses at 120. Israel in Sinai died at 60 but this is due to their lifestyle by not going into Canaan.

  6. says

    The voice of God simply replied `Eyah asher Eyah’ – `
    I am (the one) who is called Eyah’ …
    AKA: En.ki (lord of the Earth) whose brother was En.lil (lord of the air)
    En.lil who was given the title YHWH (chief Pilot of a terra forming project)
    who arrived during Genesis 2
    AFTER Elohim (the Father – the Elder, not related to the Els)
    who turned up in Genesis 1.

    SEMI-YHWH (semi chief pilot) includes Sem-Yase of the Peiades known by other spelling as Semjase – product of Ptaah

    • Starheater says

      Hello Helen
      First of all, Semyase/Semiase, is not even close to be and angel, I dont believe in God, for him, God is just an energy inteligent that we must control, or something close to that. I have heard this name for the first time in a documentary about UFO, a certain Meier was in telepathic contact with Semjase how seem to be far away of is home the Pleadies (compose of 7 star). By the way, he didn’t believe that Jesus was our Savior, in fact, he said about Him that He was just a member of the army of Pleadian. I have verified all the films that Mr Meier have taken of the ship of Semjase, how was a woman at this time, I dont know if yours is a woman but Semjase. For as to Ptaah, he’s a chief commandor, anyway, the structure that they discuss on the docu that I have seen about Meier, is not very convincing, not well construct for the idea of, and the science explore in that docu is well presented, but not close to the real thing. The science that is extract is not even superior to our scientist can explain, it’s a projection of what they thing that exist, nothing else. They have predictions that haven’t been close to what have arrive. He is more a false prophet than a real phophet. Even if this Semjase exist, is not what he pretend to be. If I was rich, I’ll be very happy to pay me a visit to the house of Meier.
      God Bless

  7. says

    Regarding the sea in the middle of the earth, as if the river in hell, or the sea of the underworld. The mediterranean still has the same name meaning sea in the middle of the earth. Thus because Cyprus KIttim are ship builders having learned it from Noah is a very strong implication that this is where Noah moved to when GIlgamesh could not find him at Mount Ararat. Whether Babylon had taken Noah’s body down the Euphrates to bury him on the garden island of Dilmun in the Persian Gulf is yet to be proven. Who brought it from Cyprus to the Euphrates? Whatever the case, the seance at Babel was 40 days speaking to the spirit Xisuthros a whole 20 years after Gilgamesh spoke to the real Noah in Cyprus.

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