Hindu Antediluvian History

Hindu Antediluvian History

by Elijah

Hindu religion teaches that this current world was created from Manu’s global Flood of 3102bc whose epoch falls on Feb 16 or 18 according to two sources.
This is Gregorian Jan 21 or 23. Noah’s 360-day calendar is the 1st day of the 9th month on the date Feb 17 (G.Jan 22).

Manu saves mankind thru the Flood of Creation by having the spirit of Vishnu. These names come from the following sources. His name is Nu (which is also evolved to Noe and Noah). When Gilgamesh visited Noah in 2040bc in honor of Noah reaching Adam’s age of 930, then Noah was given the name Man, in reference to mortality. So the name Manu is two names Man-Nu. The Hebrew word ish and the name Man are not the same, yet they became the same in Hittite-English. So the two phrases for Venus as Man’s star and as Ish-star became equal. The spirit that Noah had to survive the Flood is actually Jehovah’s spirit.
However, Vishnu is not Jehovah. Vishnu is three words; the dgamma or V is ascent, the word ish is Hebrew for man, and then his name Noah. VishNu is the ascend man Noah. Thus it is a name that is falsely claimed to exist before Noah’s death when in fact it was created after his death (upon 40-day séance from 2021bc Dec 25 to 2020bc Feb 2). The Greek declaration of his being in heaven is called Christmas December 25, and the Zoroaster declaration of this is called Christmas date Thoth 24 (which in 2020bc falls on Feb 2 and leaps back a date every four years).

The Hindu religion came from Ur in 1900bc when they left the destruction of the city’s 3rd dynasty to explore and settle in India (the Hindus River). With them were also the family of China who didn’t move onward until  1437bc.

Thus like the righteous man Job they had the concept that God was everything good and everything bad. They saw all things as both sides of the same God. The good is the Creator (Brahma), and the bad is The  Destroyer (Siva). In China they call this Yin and Yang, and is also designated as male and female (yes very sexist). But the concept of dark bad destruction by God avoids saying that all bad is Satan.
As Jesus said the seed must be destroyed (planted, watered, at risk of rotting or destroying it to grow the tree). You cannot eat the cake if you wish to keep it as a trophy, because nourishing oneself with the cake requires destroying it. Things that are built and constructed are done so from products that must be destroyed or sacrificed. So Vishnu is Noah ascending to heaven to negotiate the two sides of God. It is an identical trinity to that of believing Jesus has done this same thing. But it has wrongly evolved into stating that all those before Noah who were also with Jehovah’s spirit had been filled with the spirit of Noah (Vishnu) as if Noah has always existed and came down into Enoch and other righteous men. Thus the ancestral fathers of Noah are referred to as having been incarnations of Vishnu. This would be comparable to claiming that the Jesus-trinity manifested itself as Jesus coming down many times before, in the form of Noah, and Abram, and Moses, or that Jesus was the incarnated messenger Shem Melchizedek who predicted that medical circumcision would clean Abram, and that sunrise on  the full moon would explode Sodom’s fault line.

Now it is frequently ignored by the scientific schools that all pagan religions have previous worlds to the Creation by Flood. Yet in the case of the Hindu (1900-700bc, and the Mayans who were with them, 1625-1437bc), the  concept of four cycles for a leap day resulted in claiming there are and were four worlds. All four worlds were of mankind. It was not an animal Jurassic Period or animal Paleozoic Era, but each world was mankind destroyed again three times so that we live in the 4th world. For Mayans, they concluded that four worlds had become complete and destroyed so that we are in the 5th world of man, each one of humans.

In reality the truth does not deny (but rather proves) that the world has been destroyed many times before Noah. They were times before Adam when no man existed. The layers of the geological earth prove animals have died in the millions in several destructions before Adam. Sea fossils in mountains are not Noah’s Flood but rather other global Floods before Adam. So there are previous epochs and ages, but they are not of man’s destruction. The concept is not only from the four cycles of 365-day and 366-day leap year, but also from four ignored events of longevity. World #1 lived 900 years.
World #2 lived postFlood until that world was split and divided because the children of the first 4 generations died at 240 while all ancestors stayed young like the preFlood ancestors, (thus calling these people gods). So when it says king Gilgamesh had a goddess for a mother, it means she did not age like his father did, and so she lived 200 years more than her husband. World #3 is the living gods and mortal humans living together. The living gods are not preFlood angels, but rather Shem and Arpaxad and Shelah and Eber, as well as Ham and Cush and Nimrod and 4th dynasty Egypt K-F (Kayef aka Cheop) all dying during dynasty 12 (1943bc onward). Arpaxad died at  438 in 1930bc. Shelah in 1900bc. Shem died in 1868bc. Eber at 464 died 4 years after Abram died at 175 in 1843bc and 1839bc. Nimrod was the last to die at 500 in 1770bc making him last of the gods. Everything they asked  him, his answer they believed as being God’s truth. Thus after Nimrod’s death in Adam’s year 2256am, the 4th world began.

1st world 4025-2370bc
2nd world 2370-2030bc
3rd world 2030-1770bc
4th world 1770bc onward

This is why all the false chronologies insist that the Flood was 2256am not 1656am. In Mayan chronology the Flood is Adam’s year 2256am in 3114bc. Then 260 years before it (in the Monkey Year), it is said that in the year  3374bc (1996am) the world was destroyed and its survivors are men who turned into monkeys to escape it. It is the year or circle or cycle that becomes the Chinese Monkey Year, not the men. Or perhaps by shame these men indeed became monkeys scattered in panic. In Sumerian a sar or shar is a 3600-day decade (that in 1625bc as year 2400am became a 3600-year shar to year 6000). The sar and shar are opposite words just like a water canal and a water channel. But depending which nation speaks it they are flipped. This word shar becomes in English the word for king of kings as a Czar or Tsar or Caesar or Kaiser. In Japan, the Chinese Monkey year is called a Sar. So in essence the story of Ur speaks of kings who fled before the disaster, (in the year of innocent Sheep), and then fools or kings who then fled because of the disaster, being monkeys who know nothing and then become struck. This concept exists today where many people are proud to see others survive by being street vagrants who steal and scam and connive.
If a child grows up molested by relative-pedophiles, so many people are awed by the fact that instead of dying or suicide that these people then survived by becoming criminals or schizophrenic multiple personalities behaving
like demons inside them. This is what Jesus said is the making of people worthy of Gehenna by false-preaching.
Once the personality is destroyed, how do you bring it back? Can it be reborn, killing the old bad personalities?

It is for this reason that we should and must question whether the city called Babel is not rather the city of Ur which means The City. It is like your own city going so bad (perhaps its mayor runs all the crime) that they begin to
call it Las Vegas. It doesn’t mean your mayor rules Las Vegas, nor does it mean his criminal mob is in Las Vegas.
Thus Ur became so bad that they began to call it Babel or Babylon because it had become like the city that itself had detested. A comparable example is Jerusalem had become Babylon, and Jerusalem had also become Rome. It adopted pagan ways and dared to say it was the way of Jehovah.

Hindu pre-Flood World

The Hindu are then like all other cultures divided in contrary beliefs of choice. There concept of preFlood world is found in two forms that perhaps they even then try to merge as one. The claim of four worlds did not stay as 1656 years +340 years +260 years and now current. But rather they adopted the 1200-year calendar of Venus claiming it was 12-year Jupiter.

First, to educate you on true astronomy. Jupiter’s orbit of 12 years cannot be retained by existing calendars.
There are two problems ignored by the world that prevent it from being 600 years or 1200 years though it can be 60 years as 5 orbits. But in 7 orbits then Jupiter spans exactly 83 Julian years not 84. In contrast, Venus holds true to 1200 egyptian years if you subtract 60 days. By lacking 300 leap days, the drift back of 300+60 days will span 1199 Julian and 5 days. Yet the Egyptian year of 365-day did not exist until Peleg’s death in 1996am as year 340. because of this the planet Jupiter appeared to jump around dates in the 360-day year and yet completed 7 orbits in 84 years.

In fact this was good for 216 calendar years (= 213 Julian) while every 84 years the 12-year Jupiter date had advanced 6 months. But this advance will cause 36 orbits of Jupiter to be 433 calendar years (in 427 Julian) instead
of the expected 432 calendar years (in 426 Julian). If wise in mathematics and in the reading of past astral records before your birth, then you would note the true cycle of Jupiter in 1943bc (since the 2370bc astral impact of  the Flood). In Europe they call the planet Jova. And when the Egyptian Pig Year came (the year before Julian Chinese Pig Year) then the Greeks thought they were showing favor to the Jews by worshipping Jova for them by  offering a pig at Jova’s temple. Now there is an original Marduk (the planet Mars) and there is a Jupiter Marduk. In the Jewish lunar calendar chronology of the Seder Olam Rabbah, the temple of Solomon is placed in 834bc with intent of being the 480th from 1313bc Exodus. But it is the Marduk of Babylon from 1770bc (2256am) to 834bc (3192am) which Babylon pushes back to 2009bc as 3192am. Likewise, Josephus takes the same 936 years  (1770-834bc) and with NeoBabylon regarding Marduk Street as the 936 years of 2945-2009bc (2256-3192am), the next cycle of 936 (four cycles to year 6000) is 1073bc. By placing the Thoth Marduk (of 1770bc Nov 9 to  843bc March 20) as a false 2945bc Aug 29 to 2009bc Jan 8, the Thoth Marduk of 1073bc becomes claimed as honored instead of 834bc.
And here Josephus places Jerusalem’s temple, first as David’s 4th year of 40, followed by the 40 years of Solomon; and then when corrected that David did not take Jerusalem until his 7th year, the Josephus claims the temple is the 4th year of 80 years to the same division of 997bc. So whether a Greek Pig or Babylon’s Marduk, the temple of Jerusalem marked time with Jupiter as Jova’s clock. As 427 years of 36 orbits span 2370-1943bc, so does 427 years span of 36 orbits from 1034bc to 607bc. It is the span that the 360-day calendar cycle of 12 years proves to be false and requires a one-year atonement.

Thus the 1200-year cycle is Venus not Jupiter as the Hindu and all of India and all of Asia claims it to be. This is why America got to the moon and nations did not. It is why they put up communication satellites and pagan  religious nations did not. The religions are false science; they are not the true Jehovah. Their chronology back to the Flood is false because they use false planets not true planets. Life depends on truth.

Yet this is what the Hindu now did with the 1200 years whether we care it to be Venus or Jupiter. Firstly the nations have taken away brilliant Jupiter and brilliant Venus and claim it is brilliant Sothis (the star Sirius). This makes it an exact 1200 Julian years with no formula purpose at all to claim it is a returning cycle of any planet.
There is no cycle to it at all unless you merely are noting the 150 leap days of Noah living 600 years. What good are 300 leap days then as 1200 years. However, as shown, the drift of Venus 30 days back in 600 years makes it  a 180-day drift, or double 360-day drift in 1200 years.

In the 360-day calendar, comparing day 40 of the Flood (2369bc Jan 6) on the date 3-27-600 to the day 40 of séance after Noah’s death (2020bc Feb 2) on the 360-day calendar date 5-27-954, the following correlations are found in the 1200 years of China and Japan and Hindu.

Chinese 1200-year Calendar
2637bc Feb 2 Noah’s date 5-27
1437bc Feb 2 Noah’s date 11-27
237bc Feb 2 Noah’s date 5-27

Japanese 1200
3060bc Feb 2 Noah’s date 3-27 Flood
1860bc Feb 2 Noah’s date 9-27
660bc Feb 2 Noah’s date 3-27

Hindu 1200
3102bc Feb 17 Noah’s date 9-01 Flood
1902bc Feb 17 Noah’s date 3-01
702bc Feb 17 Noah’s date 9-01

The Hindu thus had a 1200-year cycle that evolved to what it is now. That calendar took their residency of 1200 years from Ur’s destruction in 1900bc to 700bc and claimed the 1200 was Noah’s from the Flood year 3102- 3101bc. With 2400 after the Flood then they believed Babylon’s shar counted 3600 to year 6000 in 500 AD. But this then means the world before the Flood is 2400 years from Adam in 5500bc. Thus with the Flood beginning the 1200-year Kali Yuga, the world before is 2400. This is what begins the teaching that the succession is 4800 then 3600 then 2400 then 1200. However, a problem arises with 1200 as the current world or current age. The  current world of 1200 was the expected 1200 future years from 700bc to 500 AD when Armageddon as year 6000 would establish their truth as The New City (New Delhi) over all the earth. So if that is the current world, then  how do you regard the whole 3600 from Flood 3102bc to 500 AD. It is the 3600-year shar, or Treta Yuga which (3102bc) begins before the last Kali Yuga of 700bc. Until 500 AD arrives, all four Yuga can exist  simultaneously. But naturally and predictably this all falls apart when 500 AD fails and then the future would no longer be the same 1200-year Kali Yuga back to 700bc, from 700bc; nor the same 2400-year Dua-Para Yuga since 1900bc; nor the 3600-year Treta Yuga since the Flood 3102bc. In fact with Adam as 5500bc, the year 700bc as Kali Yuga is preceded by 4800 years. The commencement of the Kali Yuga of 700bc begins marked as Adam’s year 4800am.


With this data, the failure of 500 AD results in claiming the Kali Yuga is both 3102-1902bc and 700bc to 500 AD and even continues to wait the End because it is not 432,000 days but 432,000 years. Its value has become totally worthless for our current life concerns. And this results in the 4800 of 360 years preceding the 3600 of 360 years preceding the 2400 of 360 years to 3102bc Flood that now spans 1200 of 360 years. Are these  teachings truly a spiritual benefit? while other things go ignored?

But truth attempted to survive this. Not as 2400 years of preFlood. Not 2256. But 1656 years as has always been the case. However. It is mistaken as 1656 Julian years so that it is recorded as 1680 years (of 360 days). They  regard the ten ancestral forefathers as being ten kings who ruled.
Some are incarnations of Vishnu. Enoch is equated as Buddha. But the first king ruling 1656 years before the Flood (1680x 360 days) does not take away their foolishness that says it was the merely the meager last 1680 years  of a 864,000-year 3rd world (the 2400 Dva-Para Yuga). Does truth matter to them?



  1. Elijah says

    When the dead soon come to life after an Armageddon asteroid impact, then any Hindu also resurrected will rudely say to Noah, that you are not Noah, you cannot be because what you say is not Hindu truth.. WHO do you think will be shamed, or even die because he cannot mold to the truth and reality. IT will be the Hindu.

    The succession of who left Ur is as:
    Babel was started in 2240bc
    Peleg disagreed with Nimrod and so took half the city Kish to go build Ur in 2239bc.
    Then grandpa Shelah came to Ur at age 100 in 2233bc with astronomy and he blessed 6-year old Reu who is Chinese king YU. This gave Shelah the name Shiloh the one who knows who should be king.

    People started dying young at 240 in 2031bc and so the first to leave Ur was the English-Hittites who built Hatussa in this 2031bc. The rest went with Hyksos to build Memphis Egypt in 2030bc because they followed Shem from Ararat to Canaan and they were too many to all live as the city Salem. Next, in 2029bc the Asians of China and Korea and Japs and Maya (the Mayans are named after Peleg’s mother Maya because Peleg became the first Buddha claimed to go to heaven until HIndu later lied and said preFlood Enoch was the first Buddha. These Asians built Mari Syria in 2029bc but got dragged to Babylon by Hamurabi in 1762bc to increase the number of slaved employees there with Asians of 2029bc that did not make the full journey to build Mari. So Ur was then from 2029-1943bc just Hebrew and Hindu. In 1943bc Abram and Terah told HIndu king AmraPal to screw himself and go to hell and they left burning the house down so the king couldn’t have it. They called him a filthy pig and his father Shulgi they called Dungi the bullcrap because making idols of it to cook with methane did not clean the bullcrap of the ecoli risks of death. These Hindu were destroyed by English-Hittites in 1901bc killing Hindu king Ibbi-Sin and HIndu fled to the Hindu Rver to build Harappa India in 1900bc. Their god became Shiva (Shelah) who died that year at 433. Being Shiloh his kingship ended being no better than the Nimrod of Babel that Peleg had hated. To further illustrate the Hindu pigs is the fact that AmarPal wanted his people back from Abram and so went to Sodom and on the way back to Ur his soldiers were the first to rape these boys before Abram saved them and brought them back to Sodom. Sodom became the pigs they were because of the Hindu who remained in Ur ruling Ur. Sadly all the women of Sodom was destroyed having no say to leave their husbands and brothers and sons in evacuation with Lot. Demons do not believe science. Noah was science and even angels behaving like demons did not believe him.

    NOTE the abuse here is not worldwide, just from these Hindu who exalt themselves as the most ancient. But they come here as gynecologist doctors who rape wives, they come as doctors who circumcise the natural protective skin of a wife’s clitoris without HER permission. They exalt themselves as knowing all, and when on the telephone for financial customer service they cannot speak good American English and defend themselves by accusing YOU of being racist. I for my part love the fact India is flat and in bus and on foot because the next continental baptism will drown them all. At least Americans can get to the Rockies faster before asteroid impact opens up the Denver fault line which ends any chance of crossing it to safe mountains. Living in India is like living in Florida. Why would anyone want to stay there when a global disaster begins. I predicted the New Orleans disaster, it came true. San Andreas is here too, but what a joke for a movie, the TV says 1000s were saved by pre-warning and you’re laughing because millions are dead.

  2. shrirang sudrik says

    Total false approaches both by Mac and Elijah. They seem to be the most fanatic and insane writers. The World must remember especially the western world that The Vedas are the Oldest in Human History and are the only true knowledge of right from Human History to Cosmology. It is the Western Civilization and all the Semetic Religions who have cheated and destroyed the world because of their false beliefs, knowledge and traditions. Their very base is in superstition and therefore they do not have any connection with science. Do not teach knowledge and history to India because India is the creator of all humanity , history and all knowledge.. Please do not post such articles which will create problems in a country like India , which is the only and the last hope of mankind to save itself from destruction.

    • Elijah says

      Spoken like a Catholic cursing the world around. Spoken like a Moslem cursing the world around. The first step to self-destruction and a danger to others too is to think one’s own selfish economic school is the truth that must stop your ears from hearing other people as truth. That perhaps is like Adam killing Eve after a daughter is born. Once you have a son and daughter you can start over by killing that woman mother who rebelled and disagrees with dad. I think not. David killed a man because he seduced himself to take his wife, and the result was David’s son then took one of David’s wives.

  3. says

    I also realized upon Googling Siva (Shiva) Shelah who is said to be the dead Shelah raised to heaven, that since this is 1900bc (at the age of 433) that Shiva was created 120 years after Vish Nu was created in 2020bc as Noah ascended to heaven. Well actually the 120 years i realized in drawing a chart yesterday. However, in reading this here, the idea of VishNu created as a 40-day ascent in 2020bc becomes the Flood 2370bc by the fact that Noah in the ark is also Vish Nu ascending to heaven for 40 days to rest on Ararat. Of course, Hindu calculate this as the 3102bc Flood based on 1200-year Venus (1200x 365 minus 60 days).= 1199 Julian and 5 days. Of course this means they think 1900bc is year 1200, of which Nimrod died in year 1200 (Hebrew Noah’s birth 2970bc to 1770bc; Assyrian Noah’s Flood 2970bc to 1770bc), and by confusing this 23rd year of Hamurabi with 1900bc, it means year 1200 or 1770bc as Nimrod the destroyer who died at 500 is confused with 1900bc as Shelah (Shiva) the destroyer who died at 433, the year after king Ibbi-Sin is killed by the English-Hittites. Plus as Adam’s year 3600, or 2400 before Hindu Flood (5500-3100bc) and 3600 after Hindu Flood (3100bc to 500AD) for 1200 years to 1900bc as Adam’s 3600 (5500-1900bc) and 2400 (1900bc to 500AD), and then honored in 700bc as 4800 plus 1200; all this indicates like confusion with Amizaduga;s 21st year ending in 1625bc.when Hindu brought his Venus tablets from (1625bc) Babylon, not their tablets from (1900bc) Ur. While you divide each nation to rise glorious above the others, I prove they all lie and all twist from one truth they refuse to believe. This not only makes them haters and liars and wicked in heart, it also become humiliating when all this history becomes a resurrected population of mixed humans for the whole 6000 years since Adam. The perfection obtained by forced humiliation finds its issue when 1000 years is reached. Will they be content? Will they not discover age-prevention beyond 1000? Will they feel that perfect now they can create the current old ways of world-planning in a perfect way, pewrfect TV, perfect cars, perfect real estate?

    • karan says

      For all Ignorant Moronic Liars and Fraudsters Like Elijah created By West and Illuminati for Last 5000Yrs. Here is aTruth.
      Vedic Hindu are Laws of Universe(Dharma).. Vedic Chronology Dates back to 1.93Billion Years and this is recorded in Sanskrit daily as Sankalpa. Siva, Visnu and Sakti Created this Universe for Everyone including Mlechcha(Fraudsters like Elijah) who in KaliYuga(3102BC) onwards, the Day when Vishnu Avatar Krishna Ascended to Vaikuntha Realm and this fact has been twisted. The Flood is the Day when Krishna Ascended 3102BC and flooded Atlantis in Atlantic which Connected Vedic Mayan Civilization to Bharat., It flooded and created Persian Gulf thus Ur which was Vedic Land and Egypt-Ajapati Vedic Lands got cut off from Bharata as Kumari Kundam submerged delinking Australia(Astralaya) from Lanka and Bharata. All happned in 3102BC the Day Lord Krishna left earth. While Earth are all One People of Bharat Origin with M-Haplotyde Root structure and Sanskrit is root language of Universe. Truth about Adama(Adam) and Havyavati(Eve) are Vishnu Dharma Followers whose descendants left it under sin of Serpent KaliYug Asura to create Mlechcha False Cults called Illuminati Mesopotamian Babylonian Cults, Followed By False Cults of Judaism, Xtian and Islamix all created By the same force to divide,and spread Falsehood, which Niw gets exposed with Mounting Scientific Evidences. Truth Will Unfold as in Vedic Texts,in 30Yrs and as Krishna Prophecy that after 5000Yrs, Mother Earth Unravels 10,000Yr Satyuga within Balance of 427,000Yrs of Kaliyuga

      • karan says

        5117Years of Kaliyuga passes at 2014 and in 25Yrs, Lord of Universe Multiverse Krishna Prophecy Unravels 10,000Yr Golden Vedic Age as Fraud Middle Cults Destroy each other in Arrogance, Ego, Falsehood and Violence. Its Karma Destined and End of the Era of Mlechchas(False Prophets). Where People know Origin of word Christ is word of Krishna, Vatican is Vishnu Vatika(Garden), Rome(Rama) . Moses(Musa), Adam(Adama), Eve(Havyavati), Yahweh(Shaiva-Shiva), Blue God of Torah(Shiva). Christ spent 16-30 & 32-90 in Bharat learniing Krishna ans Shiva(Isha). Thats why he is known as Isa. Mohd(Mahamad) and Kaba(Kabaleshwar-Shiva Temple with Linga), Sabbath is Saturn Prayer.. Time has come on Mother Earth as Great Souls Come back to Earth on their Karmic Journey to ring in the Sounds of Vedas which is the Source of All Truth within Universe-Multiverse and Links every Being to. Its True Nature… The Advanced Spaceships of Vimannas, the Great Math, Science and Knowledge of Universe Reservoir Vedas will Open to the New World. OM TAT SAT. THAT FACT WHICH IS TRUTH

        • karan says

          Lord of Universe Lord Shiva’s Son Lord of Earth Lord Karthikeya is the Lord of War with Blazing Eyes is Prophecized By Daniel in his Prophecy

  4. Elijah says

    He (the author) thinks Sanskrit and Hindi was derived from English . This claim that I as the author think this is an outright lie. No where do I say that Sanskrit came from English. English comes from Hattusa and is found in words used in the city Ur. The word Man (Manu) is Noah, and the name Men (Menes) is Narmer, and these names become English, not the other way around, they don’t take it from English. Demons arte not just wicked angels, they are wicked men with wicked hearts with a wicked spirit malice motive in those hearts set for intent of evil. The hatred in these replies is so evident. And the arrogance of implying that I must write with a validation of supporting what India believes instead of unveiling how they even trash the truer knowledge their ancient forefathers had, and will be resurrected after Armageddon to say what did you damn people do to our great libraries of truth. The descendants of pagan nations will be shamed by their own resurrected fathers returning and spitting in their sons faces on how these grown men of the future destroyed all the original truths that their own personal nation had hoped would have the glory to retain for the whole world. Do you really think the Venus tablets brought by Hindu in 1625bc will be a people happy to see that 700bc citizens tagged it as their 1900bc foundation? When parents return to life and find their children 4000 years later were stupid, it is not me you have to face; it will be your ancient parents who will call you people scum for shaming them and their original started efforts. And even accreting their efforts to evolutionary monkeys and spaceships of great galactic knowledge.

  5. sudhir says

    kindly do not publish such insane article from an insane, less informed and who
    do not anything about Hinduism,about india,its greatness and culture.

    • Mac says

      Seems like your a-s-s is burnt because the author gave good analysis from different angels and belief systems. Do you know the map of Ram-sin’s (sin aggadic means Moon, Rama-chandra) kingdom when he ruled for 60 years? What language he spoke? Where in Mesopotamia he lived, who was born in Agade/ayodhiya? Which gods and goddesses he worshiped? How many different kinds of peoples or races he employed in his army? What was his diet, was he a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? What was the ancent name of Gujarat in Ram-Chandra’s time? Your mythological Vedic books were written thousands of years after those events, which became legends of folklores and myths written by the Sumerian Lugals/Brahmins in the lowest rung Indo-Iranian language called Sanskrit, which was not born in Ram-sin’s time.

    • Elijah says

      The people of india are the most corruptive influence on true astronomy (they have not gotten to the moon) and most corruptive on true medicine (they get sick and die and cook on cow shet cakes) and they have destroyed what was once a true chronology that added 1200 years to 6000 by putting end-to-end the 2400+3600 of 1625bc claiming it is 1900bc to create the 700bc conclusion of the 4800+1200 which gets discarded when a new world doesn’t arrive in 500 AD. They are a people like Catholics who think all things are a fate of God to be happy with no matter what the crime, who does it, or who suffers for it. Yet America let’s them into our schooled beliefs just because of American hatred for Bible and its God. I came upon my own article here while seeking the evidence that Harappa India built to honor Shiva in 1900bc is evidence that the Shiva is the resurrection of Genesis Shelah to heaven when he died at age 433 in 1900bc causing the Hindus to leave the destruction of Ur by English-Hittites of Ararat (Turkey)

  6. sarita says

    The author unfortunately has got all the facts wrong. As per Vedas, each cycle of existence – mind you there are multiple cycles is 4320000 years long; the distance between Sun and Earth is between 140000000 to 150000000 km and the universe is a single large entity called Shakti (meaning energy) or Vishnu (ever prevalent energy being) and all matter gets converted into pure energy. As per Vedas – we beings who are bound in a three dimensional system (we unfortunately cannot even move across time dimension) live our life in time-frames and hence cannot comprehend the complete picture (let me explain – it is like a being bound to a single dimension looking assuming that the world is a single line). Vedas came from a far ancient past – from other worlds which are long bygone and are more than a billion years old. Nearly a million years ago, a group of learned beings who transcended and attained an ability to move across in the fourth dimension, put the fragmented texts lost in the annals of time together and wrote summaries and stories around them to explain to the learned and the unlettered amongst future generations. It is a bit difficult to comprehend, as one needs to go beyond Newtonian plane for it.
    Let us however not point fingers at the author; every day we learn something new and expand our knowledge; our words and thoughts today must be different from our thoughts say ten years ago – I am certain that even our dear author must have learnt a lot since the article got printed. Life continuum is meant for learning, growing and transcending; so let us learn to educate one another and learn from one another

    • Mac says

      Sun is shrinking and loosing 5 million tonnes of mass every second. The scientists say that the sun’s diameter is shrinking 0.1% every century or about 5 feet per hour. Now count the time backwards and match it with your figures and find how foolishly and blindly you are following the myths of brahminical idolatry.

      Otherwise, scroll down and read my other comment, which are based on history, archeology and science.

  7. Herman King says

    Modern science (quantum physics, nanotechnology is overtaking metaphysics. We can’t keep up.morally and culturally.

  8. says

    The pity of religion is the scheming of man for his own leverage. Held in the interlace of godly insight is His message to those who seek. Read the book of Life which is everywhere silent but apparent to your soul.

  9. Very Bad says

    After reading this extremely anti-hindu and stupid article written by a insane bible thumping red neck , i have decided to un-subscribe from your newsletter .

    1 . The author doesn’t even have the basic knowledge of the antiquity of Sanskrit ( we call it Sanskritam ) . He thinks Sanskrit and Hindi was derived from English .

    I know u wont agree with anything said or written by Hindu scientists/philosophers so I would love to remind you that your own “non-pagan” Indologist Max Muller has called Sanskrit the most advanced and ancient language of the world with an exceptional grammatical system and unmatched vocabulary .

    Half the commonly used words in English are copied from Sanskrit .

    “Manav” — Man
    “Mata” —-Mother
    “Nav” —–Navy

    etc etc

    2. the tales of Noah has been copied from Hinduism ‘s historical account of Manu

    3.Vishnu is the protector and preserver of the universe . While Jehovah as he appears in the Old Testament was a crazy psychopath who killed thousands of people , performed all sorts of irrational brutality on humans . If u call the fictional psychopathic character of Jehovah a “GOD” then you will find it more sane and justifiable to praise Idi Amin , Pol Pot and your own very-christian Hitler . In the bible belt i am sure there will be “Church of Hitler” , “Hitler’s Witness” etc

    4 .”This word shar becomes in English the word for king of kings as a Czar or Tsar or Caesar or Kaiser”

    Any historian and linguist will educate you that the word “Caesar ” taken from the Pagan Jupiter and Apollo worshipping Julius Caesar was copied by all the christian emperors of roman and byzantine empires as well as Russia “Czar” , and Germany’s “Kaiser” . Shame on you for spreading blatant lies .

    5.”Thus the 1200-year cycle is Venus not Jupiter as the Hindu and all of India and all of Asia claims it to be. This is why America got to the moon and nations did not. It is why they put up communication satellites and pagan religious nations did not. The religions are false science; they are not the true Jehovah. Their chronology back to the Flood is false because they use false planets not true planets. Life depends on truth.”

    Again a bunch of lies , India a so called “third world” pagan country( according to bible thumping racist rednecks) is a world leader in Space Technology . We despite having very few resources , money and man power has managed to send a satellite to MOON , let alone feeble communication satellites . We have sent lots of satellites like communication satellites , remote sensing satellites a radar satellite etc . has the christian country of italy done anything?

    • Starheater says

      Bravo Very Bad

      You have serve him a big foot in the butt.

      “If a child grows up molested by relative-pedophiles, so many people are awed by the fact that instead of dying or suicide that these people then survived by becoming criminals or schizophrenic multiple personalities behaving
      like demons inside them. This is what Jesus said is the making of people worthy of Gehenna by false-preaching.”

      “Once the personality is destroyed, how do you bring it back? Can it be reborn, killing the old bad personalities?”

      Jehovah Whitness are criminels and they rob too like Catholic, vermine that is.

    • Mac says

      You need history to back up your argument, which your Brahmins have twisted as per their whims and the poets have glorified it. But, you worship money, Laxmi Auntie. Jesus said in Luke 16:13 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and MONEY.” Indians are Elamites, Medes, Amorites and Dravidians. Amroites/Martus/Marutis like Hanuman of Bander E Lengha in Persian Gulf, a sea farer was the friend of Ram-sin of Agade (ayodhiya) of Mesopotamia. Ram-sin (sin in aggadic means Moon, Ram-Chandra), who ruled for 60 years (Dasratha Jhatka) in Mesopotamia, whose brother was Warad-sin (Bharat) and their father Tussrat (Dasrath, owner of ten-fold chariots) were all Sumerian/Elamites and spoke Aggadic language. Sanskrit and Prakhrit were not even born at that time. Ram-sin’s arch enemy was Hammurabi of Babylon (means confusion). He had on his shield written Ravi-anna or Ravana. He was the first human law giver. Google for the Code of Hammurabi, the stele of his edict are still into existence. He had a wisdom of ten wisemen NOT ten heads as your Lugals/Brahmins always have portrayed the enemies as Rakshasas/Giants/Ashuras/Demons etc. He became the arch enemy of Ram-sin after Ram-sin took over Lar or Laristan, which covers south-east Mesopotamia (half of Gujarat and NW India of today). Lar is the ancient name of Gujarat. At that time, people did not spread further in the world after the Babylonian dispersal. Only the Japhethites (descendants of Japheth means “extended boundry”) lived in far North of Mesopotamia. The descendants of Shem (means Aryan) eldest son of Noah and Ham (means burnt or dark) lived in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Babylonia. After Noah’s flood, Nimrod (means rebellion) became the first king and ruled over all the descendants of sons of Noah at Babylon (Ur, Najaf and Fallujah, the sunni triangle). Nimrod was a chaotic one, founder of idolatry and paganism. His mother cum concubine named Semiramis founded the myth of reincarnation after Nimrod’s death saying that the child she is preganent is Nimrod re-born (avatar). Both duo of mother and son are worshiped in all pagan countries of this world. Nimrod is Egyptian Osiris, Babylonian Gilgamesh, Persian Zoroaster, Greek Zeus, Odin, Roman Hercules, Hungarian Menrot, Arabian Baal or Allah, Sumerian Dagon, Roman Jupiter, Poseidon, Neptune, Hercules, Indian Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma and his mother Semiramis is Kali the dark one, Allemma who made boundries, Jagadambha the mother of universe, Simavahini who rides on the Lion, etc just in Indian paganism of idolatry. She started myths of reincarnation, temple prostitution and goddess worship. Few of her aliases in other cultures are Allilah, Ariadne, Astarte, Cybele; Goddess with the 12 stars; celibacy is required of her priests, Diane, Ishtar; Babylonian sun-goddess, Isis; Egyptian sun-goddess, Laksjmi, Lady Liberty, Rhea; Goddess of the hunt, Sin; the moon god(dess), Venus; Goddess of Love), etc, etc, etc. The list goes on.

      Genesis chapter 10 describes how the present world population was derived from Noah’s three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth, and their wives (three family groups). Verse 32 states, “From these the nations spread out over the earth after the flood.” Additional references are given in 1 Chronicles chapter 1. Genesis 10 exactly names 16 grandsons of Noah, and then we are provided further details of the Babel dispersion (Genesis 11) where their descendants fanned out over the earth and established the various nations of the ancient world. The number of descendants of Noah (grandsons, great-grandsons, etc.) mentioned are 26 from Shem, 30 from Ham, and 14 from Japheth, totaling 70 “sons” or “nations.” These 70 nations are the descendants (generations, genealogies or family histories) of the sons of Noah, known from Hebrew antiquity (Talmudic tradition of seventy nations in the world), and other ancient sources.

      The sons of Shem (Royal One or Aryan) eldest son of Noah were:

      (1) Elam “eternity”(sons were Shushan, Machul and Harmon) – (Elamites, Indians, Persians);

      (2) Asshur “a step” or “strong” (sons were Mirus and Mokil) – (Assyrians/Northern Iraqis);

      (3) Arphaxad “I shall fail” (sons were Shelach, Anar and Ashcol) – (Chaldeans/Southern Iraqis, Hebrews/Israelites/Jews, Arabians/Bedouins, Moabites/Jordanians/Palestinians, and related groups);

      (4) Lud “strife” (sons were Pethor and Bizayon) – (Ludim, Lubim, Ludians, Ludu, Lydians, Chubs, other related groups in Asia Minor and North Africa);

      (5) Aram “exalted” (sons were Uz, Chul, Gather and Mash) – (Aramaeans/Syrians, Lebanese, other related groups), and remnant groups throughout Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

      Early history shows the Japhethites split into two groups. One group settled in the region of present-day India and Central Asia, and the other group in the European theater. Indo-European languages originate from those people groups who migrated throughout western Eurasia (Europe, the Near East, Anatolia, and the Caucasus). Together they form what is known as the “Indo-European” family of nations. Both of these divisions trace their ancestry back to Japheth. For example, early Aryans knew him as Djapatischta (Chief of the race), Greeks referred to Japheth as Iapetos or Japetos, East Indians called him Jyapeti or Pra-Japati, Romans used Ju-Pater or Jupiter, the Saxons perpetuated his name as Iafeth, subsequently transliterated as Sceaf (pronounced “sheef” or “shaif”—and recorded his name in their early genealogies as the son of Noah, the forebear of their various peoples), and the variant Seskef was used by early Scandinavians. All of these peoples, we must remember, were pagans whose knowledge or even awareness of the book of Genesis had been lost, or was non-existent.

      Hebrews descended from Eber (Heber), a great-grandson of Shem. Six generations after Heber, Abram (Abraham) was born, so Abraham was both a Hebrew and a Semite, born of the line of Heber and Shem. Ishmael and Isaac were born of Abraham. However, Ishmael was born of an unlawful union between Abraham and his Egyptian maid Hagar (Genesis 16, Galatians 4), making Ishmael half Semitic and half Hamitic. Sunnite Arabs (specifically Arabian Muslims) consider themselves to be descendants of Ishmael, often calling themselves Ishmaelites, and thus are both Semitic Hebrews and Hamites. To this day the descendents of Ishmael (Arabs) and his half-brother brother Isaac (Israelites) have fought over which family group is Abraham’s true spiritual heir, specifically relating to ownership of land in the Middle East. Thus, there has been an unsolvable problem, and the nation of Israel is progressively being forced to give up land for peace.

      Noah’s second son was Ham. Also Cham or Kham. Literal meanings are passionate, hot, burnt or dark (father of the Australoid, Negroid and Mongoloid people groups – Hamites). He was the progenitor of:

      (1) Cush “black” (sons were Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sabteca and Nimrod) – also Chus, Kush, Kosh, Kish, Cushaean (Cushites, Nubians, Ethiopians, Ghanaians, Africans, Bushmen, Pygmies, Australian Aborignies, New Guineans, other related groups);

      (2) Mizraim “double straits” (sons were Lud, Anom, Pathros, Chasloth and Chaphtor) – also Masr, Misr, Misraim, Mitzraim, Mizraite, Mitsrayim (Egyptians1, Khemets, Copts, other related groups);

      (3) Phut “a bow” (sons were Gebul, Hadan, Benah and Adan) – also Punt, Puta, Put, Puni, Phoud, Pul, Fula, Putaya, Putiya, Libia, Libya (Libyans, Cyrenacians, Tunisians, Berbers, Somalians, Sudanese, North Africans, other related groups);

      (4) Canaan “down low” (sons were Sidon [Zidon], Heth, Amor, Gergash, Hiv, Ark, Sin, Arod, Zemar and Hamat) – also Canaanites, Cana, Chna, Chanani, Chanana, Canaana, Kana, Kenaanah, Kena’ani, Kena’an, Kn’nw, Kyn’nw, Kinnahu, Kinahhi, Kinahni, Kinahna, Kinahne, Sin, Sina, Sino (Mongols, Asians, Orientals, Chinese, Tibetans, Taiwanese, Thais, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Japanese, Eskimos, American Red Indians, Malayasians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Hawaiians, Maoris, Polynesians, Tahitians, Guamanians, Samoans, Fijians, Tongans, Tokelauans, Tuvaluans, Pacific Islanders and related groups).

      Tribes in other parts of Africa, Arabia and Asia, aboriginal groups in Australia, native Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Eskimos were birthed from descendants of Canaan, Cush, Mizraim and Phut.

      Japheth. Also Diphath. Literal meanings are opened, enlarged, fair or light (father of the Caucasoid/Indo-Europoid, Indo-European, Indo-Germanic, or Indo-Aryan people groups – Japhethites). Japheth is the progenitor of seven sons:

      (1) Gomer “complete” (sons were Ashkenaz, Riphath and Togarmah) – also Gamir, Gommer, Gomeri, Gomeria, Gomery, Goth, Guth, Gutar, Götar, Gadelas, Galic, Gallic, Galicia, Galica, Galatia, Gaulacia, Gael, Galatae, Galatoi, Gaul, Galls, Goar, Georgian, Celt, Celtae, Celticae, Kelt, Keltoi, Gimmer, Gimmerai, Gimirra, Gimirrai, Gimirraya, Kimmer, Kimmeroi, Kimirraa, Kumri, Umbri, Cimmer, Cimmeria, Cimbri, Cimbris, Crimea, Chomari, Cymric, Cymry, Cymru, Cymbry, Cumber (Cimmerians, Caledonians, Armenians, Phrygians, Turks, Picts, Milesians, Umbrians, Helvetians, Celts1, Galatians, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Goths, Vandals, Scandinavians, Jutes, Teutons, Franks, Burgundians, Alemanni, Germans, Belgians, Dutch, Luxembourgers, Liechensteiners, Austrians, Swiss, Angles, Saxons, Britons, English, Cornish, Irish, Welsh, Scots, French, and other related groups);

      (2) Magog “land of Gog” (sons were Elichanaf, Lubal, Baath, Jobhath and Fathochta) – also Gog3, Cog, Gogh, Gogue, Gogarene, Jagog, Yajuj, Majuj, Juz, Majuz, Agag, Magug, Magogae, Magogue, Ma-Gogue, Mugogh, Mat Gugi, Gugu, Gyges, Bedwig, Moghef, Magogian, Massagetae, Getae, Dacae, Sacae, Saka, Scyth, Skythe, Scythi, Scythii, Scythini, Scythia, Scythae, Sythia, Scythes, Skuthai, Skythai, Cathaia, Scythia, Skythia, Scynthia, Scynthius, Sythian, Skudra Sclaveni, Samartian, Sogdian, Slovon, Skodiai, Scotti, Skolot, Skoloti, Scoloti, Skolo-t, Skoth-ai, Skoth, Skyth, Skuthes, Skuth-a, Slavs, Ishkuzai, Askuza, Askuasa, Alani, Alans, Alanic, Ulan, Uhlan (Scythians, Scots); also Rasapu, Rashu, Rukhs, Rukhs-As, Rhos, Ros, Rosh, Rox, Roxolani, Rhoxolani, Ruskolan, Rosichi, Rhossi, Rusichi, Rus, Ruska, Rossiya, Rusian (Russians4, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Dagestanis); also Mas-ar, Mas-gar, Masgar, Mazar, Madj, Madjar, Makr-on, Makar, Makaroi, Merkar, Magor, Magar, Magyar (Hungarians – also Huns, Hungar, Hunugur, Hurri, Gurri, Onogur, Ugor, Ungar, Uhor, Venger); Yugoslavians, Finns, Lapps, Estonians, Siberians, Voguls, Poles, Czechs, Croatians, Bosnians, Montenegrins, Mordvins, Serbians, Slovenians, Slovakians, Karelians, Komi-Zyrians, Udmurts, Izhorians, Livonians, Bulgarians, Avars, Tartars, Turks, Colchi, Armenians, Georgians and other related groups).

      (3) Madai “middle land” (sons were Achon, Zeelo, Chazoni and Lotalso) – also Mada, Amada, Madae, Madea, Manda, Maday, Media, Madaean, Mata, Matiene, Mitani, Mitanni, Minni, Megala (Medes, Aryans, Persians, Parsa, Parsees, Achaemenians, Manneans, Caspians, Kassites, Iranians, Achaemenians, Kurds, North Indians, Romani, Pathans, Hazaras), including the peoples of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Khazachstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan and Kyrgyzstan, and other related groups;

      (4) Javan “miry” (sons were Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim and Dodanim) – also Jevanim, Iewanim, Iawan, Iawon, Iamanu, Iones, Ionians, Ellas, Ellines, El-li-ness, Hellas, Hellenes, Yavan, Yavanas, Yawan, Yuban, Yauna, Uinivu, Xuthus (Grecians, Greeks, Elysians, Spartans, Dorians, Tartessians, Britons6, Aeolians, Achaeans, Myceneans, Macedonians, Albanians, Carthaginians, Cyprians, Cypriots, Cretans, Latins, Venetians, Sicanians, Italics, Romans7, Valentians, Sicilians, Cilicians, Italians, Spaniards, Portugese, other related groups);

      (5) Tubal “brought” (sons were Ariphi, Kesed and Taari) – also Tabal, Tabali, Tubalu, Thobal, Thobel (Thobelites, Iberoi, Ibers, Iberians, Ivernians, Irish, Spanish, other related groups), Tbilisi, Tibarenoi, Tibareni, Tibar, Tibor, Sabir, Sapir, Sabarda, Subar, Subartu, Tobol, Tobolsk (Cossacks, Samoyeds, Siberians, other related groups);

      (6) Meshech “drawing out” (sons were Dedon, Zaron and Shebashnialso) – Me’shech, Mes’ek, Meshekh, Meshwesh, Meskhi, Meschera, Mushch, Muschki, Mushki, Mishi, Muski, Mushku, Musku, Muskeva, Muska, Muskaa, Muskai, Maskali, Machar, Maskouci, Mazakha, Mazaca, Mtskhetos, Modar-es, Moskhi, Moshkhi, Mosah, Mosher, Moshch, Moschis, Mosoch, Moschi, Moschian, Moshakian, Mo’skhoi, Moschoi, Mosochenu, Mosochean, Mossynes, Mosynoeci, Moskva, Moscovy, Moscow (Muscovites, Latvians, Lithuanians, Romanians, other related groups);

      (7) Tiras “desire” (sons were Benib, Gera, Lupirion and Gilak) – also Tiracian, Thracian, Thirasian, Thiras, Thuras, Tyritae, Thrasus, Thrace, Trausi, Tereus, Trecae, Troas, Tros, Troia, Troiae, Troyes, Troi, Troy, Troya, Trajan, Trojan, Taunrus, Tyras, Tyrsen, Tyrrhena, Illyrian, Ilion, Ilium, Rasenna, Tursha, Tusci, Tuscany, Etruria, Etruschi, Etruscan, Eturscan, Euskadi, Euskara (Basque9), Erul, Herul, Heruli, Erilar, Vanir, Danir, Daner, Aesar, Aesir, Asir, Svear, Svea, Svie, Svioner, Svenonian, Urmane, Norge (Leleges, Carians, Pelasgians, Scandinavians10, Varangians, Vikings, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Icelandics, Baltics, other related groups).

      The Japhetic people are, in general, the peoples of India and Europe (Indo-European stock), with which any demographer is familiar.

      • says

        Mac, youre way off. Those are not names of Nimrod. Osiris existed as the moon before Nimrod died. The 243-year Venus Semiramis is also before he died. As for Zoroaster, the Persian Feb 3 Christmas of 2020bc is Noah’s death of year 350, not Nimrod’s death of year 950. So many lying claims when math and calendar and stars prvoe the truth that people like you will rant endlessly against with claims that are not so, and have no proof, alot of quotes and books saying so, these lies, yet the evidence, the stars, the calendars, all proving these doctrines as lies.

    • says

      Thank you (VeryBad) for some word examples proving how both Sanskrit and English come from the Hittite city of Hattusa Ararat. The fact that India dispersed from 3rd dynasty Ur in 1900bc (year 470 after Flood 2370bc is twice or 2 out of 5 of the 235-year sidereal Venus pentacle, not twice the 600-year half-cycle of 1200 years after Flood 3102bc). However, English words also come from Ur among the Hebrew and Hindu residents after Asians left (in 2029bc) north to build Mari Syria, and after Ur’s destruction which dispersed Hindu to establish Harappa India, these Mari Syrian Asians were taken to Babylon (in 1762bc) to join Hindu there, who all Asians then followed the second wave of Hindu to Harappa in 1625bc release. Evidence indicates since i wrote this article that the Chinese-Korean-Japanese-Mayans did not follow the first Hindu to Harappa. All came as an intrusion to India in 1625bc and that is why they eventually moved on unwanted, and wiser than the Hindu fools.

    • says

      You need to prove this satellite of the moon, where is it circling the moon. It is not. You need to prove where you think sending anythign to land on the moon is greater than landing men on that moon. This God Jehovah is very clear on indicating there will be only ONE reincarnation back to life on earth, and that the liars will die forever when they keep attitudes like yours which kill you and kill others.

    • says

      the truth matter to us?,as a hindu munk yes the cycles do go on. the 864.000 year before this 4rth cycle we are in now 5.013 till this cycle ends. we are in the last of 4 then the 1st will start again. we must learn now what is true and understand what is going to happen to us. as we munks read the old sanskrit -vedas old hindu books we know what will be, you also can read in english hindu books and try to understand what is true or not true deside for yourself .( sorry for bad english)

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