Everyone is WRONG about God & Humanity!

Everyone’s Wrong about God & Humanity!

by Doug Yurchey

A number of categories will be laid out; see if you fit into them.  Nearly EVERYONE believes one of the following:

  1. Humans are born with SIN and are humble creatures before a God in Heaven that judges your one life.
  2. Humans are lowly beings, but do not necessarily require saving.
  3. Naturalists, humanists, Darwinists, evolutionists believe and teach that people are byproducts of nature; the universe.  They elevate humans to a status of godhood and think Life began as a chance accident.
  4. Evolutionists can also believe the concept of greater beings in the universe (aliens) that could serve our definition of God.

 In the western world, the above philosophic (religious/scientific) viewpoints ARE IT!
Don’t a vast majority of us fall into these categories with few variations?

Well…readers are certainly allowed their beliefs.  Let this writer express his beliefs. 

You’re all wrong!

In the eastern world, many believe in reincarnation… which throws a monkey wrench into everything, doesn’t it?

Let’s boil it down to a few simple questions:  What is a HUMAN; what is the human race; where do we stand compared to Life in the universe?  OK; they’re hard questions.

Those in the first and second categories would say we, people, are surely very low with respect to everything in the universe.  Difference being, the #2s would be OPEN; be on the fence; wonder about things…while the #1 fundamentalists tend to have all the answers.

The third category will also purport to have the answers when, in truth, the ‘scientists’ only have their lifeless and accidental assumptions.  Once more, as in group #4, there are many people of science who feel Earthlings might not be so high on the Universal Chart.

One could place the eastern REINCARNATIONISTS as the fifth category.  If those who believe in reincarnation think humans began low and are only spiritually evolving or recycling…


…Then, this writer can report his opinion that, ‘you’re all wrong.’ 


The question can only be answered when you consider the factor of TIME.  What is humanity, when?  NOW?  What we will be; what we were?  These aren’t the same questions; they do not have the same answers.  Humanity has been a fluid entity.

WE, our ancestors, were spacefarers and could have been displaced Martians.  When our distant ancestors first walked on this planet…it was in technological greatness.  WE were the pyramid-builders.  Not tomb-makers, but builders of POWER-STATIONS; builders of an electro-magnetic World Power Grid across the surface of Earth.


Atlantis was Eden and the Mother-Civilization which brought forth lesser ages of Egyptian and Incan holocaust survivors.  Humanity’s FALL is ‘written in the rocks.’ 

The wireless power grid in the form of electrified pyramids, monoliths, obelisks, standing stones was destroyed then rebuilt many times in the long course of human history.  Our history is physically confirmed to travel in CYCLES.


Massive monoliths could no longer be levitated by the great machines.  Anti-gravity had to move lesser and lesser tons down through time.  Then, ancient Indians could not work in stone anymore. 

The age of earthen mounds took over.  Extraordinary, multi-roomed, complex structures of the Anasazi and Cahokian Mound-Builders were far in advance of much later Old West Indians.


After many centuries, came the Dark Ages; an ignorant time and complete loss of the recycled or fragmented technology in the distant past.

What are we?  WHEN is the question!  The future can only be positive in the long run because there will be a tendency to Return to Paradise.

Examine the wonderful and positive view of SUPERMEN; technological Supermen and Superwomen as our progenitors.  Truth is…this glorious concept of us or our prehistoric SUPER ancestors (not in the primitive state of today’s humanity) wielding powers of the gods…is heretical in modern, conservative times.

Humans as early Atlanteans?  HUMANS cloning animals and PEOPLE as seen in George Pal’s ‘Atlantis, the Lost Continent’ (1961)?  Messing with DNA?  Cloning workers, slaves and ARMIES as seen in Lucas’ ‘Attack of the Clones’?  Ancient people with advanced knowledge; atomic weapons; dabbling in the realm of God?


Maybe our religious beliefs are solely based on where we place humanity in relationship with any higher deity?

Atheist Richard Dawkins is correct on one point:  Isn’t it interesting that we just happen to have the religion of our parents?  Beliefs are hereditary. 

We are not taught a ‘New Genesis’ or the ‘Age of Supermen’ even with larger-than-normal (human) Cro-Magnon skulls to prove it.  We are not taught in schools and certainly not in churches that OUR ADVANCED ANCESTORS BUILT MANY UTOPIAS IN THE PAST without any assistance from aliens.

You are wrong because of your placement of humanity in the grand scheme of things.  Whether it be fundamental Religion or fundamental Evolution…you’re all wrong.  We have super potential.  Humanoids are excellent models.  We began as gods and will return to that state in the future.

Truth is…we have drastically fallen from technical and spiritual/mental greatness that existed in the distant past.  Why do you separate us from our true nature?  The real ‘angels’ and pilots of flying crafts were human, btw.

HUMANS have the potential to Xerox; replicate; duplicate LIFE.  (Didn’t say ‘give’).  People in the future will be able to build trees and animals as they (we) did long ago in the past.  THIS DOES NOT NEGATE HIGHER LIFE FORMS and a vast hierarchy of unimaginable beings in our one universe.  The ‘New Genesis’ idea may remove your basic idea of a simple God from the equation…so be it. 

Why do we balk at the idea that people AT THEIR GREATEST having the potential of gods?  This writer has been the target of (metaphorical) stone throwing for such ideas.  We are not talking Illuminati or Darwin humanists here; grasping power; elevating ourselves to replace the classic GOD.  That’s not it.

Readers seem to only misunderstand.  There is nothing wrong with believing in the greatness of humanity.  If you only knew.  If you really saw our early history; the LONG-EXTENDED, REAL VERSION…you could view what unbelievable metropolises have risen in prehistoric times.  What technical wonders!  And, what amazing things have been destroyed.


WE DID THAT; not God…NOT ALIENS.  People with super tech; without the need for primitive speaking and writing in the beginning!  This is futuristic and prehistoric stuff.  The distant past has been Brave New Worlds.  A Brave New World does not contain stupidity (ignorance) and most people’s narrow views of God, the universe and humanity. 

For some reason, we hesitate programming our babies with blue eyes if we want blue eyes or brown eyes if we want brown eyes.  For some reason, we hesitate preventing birth defects or using stem cells.

Is TECHNOLOGY the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ as mentioned in the Bible?  As modern people, we should not be frightened of it.  It is our ancient heritage.  We only have to wield it well.

We retard technology (and education) because ‘They’ think we cannot handle it.  And, we can’t handle the modern age…unless we begin thinking like modern people.  We do not think like modern people.  We do not have a clue to our fantastic heritage in prehistoric times when we functioned as high-tech gods.


This is not blasphemy.  This is history.  This is memory.  Pyramids did not evolve.  They were not products of the Supreme Being.  Pyramids were not constructed by aliens.  They also cannot be duplicated by every scrap of so-called ‘modern’ technology.  Until we master anti-gravity like many times in the past, the stone wonders of prehistory remain an unreachable dream.

The idea that ‘we are gods’ is not blasphemy; it’s realization.  Isn’t it about time we understand and move out of Dark Ages?  Maybe we’ll start acting like advanced creatures if we knew that we really ARE advanced creatures?

Examine the wonders of the past.  The cynic will respond by, ‘our ancestors destroyed themselves, didn’t they?’  Yes, that has occurred often long ago.  But, greatness BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATIONS truly happened here on this planet.  Utopia; HEAVEN ON EARTH…in the physical world was achieved.  Proof is in the ‘impossible’ structures made by our ‘supermen’ ancestors.

Try not to insult our creators; progenitors or First Race of large-brained people to walk and fly around this planet…by viewing them as primitive primates or robed children in a Garden…or only a product of alien engineering.

One can believe in higher orders of life in the universe AND in the potential of us as gods.  Is not the end result to be ONE; to move to higher planes; to be one with our greater self or one with a type of Supreme?  It will take a long time to get back to the ‘Garden’ and Age of Aquarius.  But, it will happen again…because IT ALREADY HAPPENED here on Earth…and everything repeats…

Copyright 2013 Doug Yurchey

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  1. The Shark says

    The Captian and StarHeater, although well intentioned perhaps, are out of touch with reality. They are living proof that most people do not understand climate change very well. Al Gore may have his faults but compared to the right-wind loonies he is almost angelic. You will remember nuts like Reagan and his crowd told us air pollution is caused by trees. One of Reagan’s flunkies, a James Watt said, “When the last tree falls, Jesus will appear”. Both of these statements are quite insane. It is another example of the pseudo-religious garbage peddled by the Crackpots. This is a major reason we are in the position we are in. The corporate elite has been spewing toxic waste into the atmosphere for quite some time and using Mother Nature as a open sewer. It is called ecocide. People like Star Heater, and his ilk, have a rather delusional outlook. They think if we heat the planet up too much, then will just “fix it”. Some how we will turn the temperature back down. This is silly. Even the Pentagon will tell you that the largest threat to national security is global warming. There is ignorance and then there is willful ignorance. The Star Heater contingent needs to educate themselves. And I am sure Mr. Yurchey will agree: The Karma Wheel keeps turning.

  2. vishwa says

    I believe what is said by the author that we humans have been the main players all the time. When you refer to the Hindu 4 vedas it mentions the vimans ( space ship). China has found some vimans intact in Tibet and are working with antigravity while the Indians are still debating the authencity of the ancient sanscrit writings. It is said that the Taj mahal had its own electicity source which was powered by unique stones or something. There are many testimonies out there on amazing things produced and used by humans.

    What about mantras? This could be a great secret as it works?

    There are many other things out there which cannot be explained so one way religious doctorines may have been tempared or not reporting the proper history of the prophets or saints who of course were human!

    Isn’t it funny that when ewe say God is up there , we look at the globe and h is everywhere?

    In conclusion , we are the powerful beings who may lost their memory .

    Secondly we cannot be the heir to this universe alone because look at our present behavior? Greed, sex, betrayal, coward ,weaklings. yet somewhere up we then switch on to good , saintly , happy, generous!

  3. Doug Yurchey says

    STOP WRITING STARHEATER – You are STUPID and your words do not belong on pages of intelligent thoughts. Your ignorance is out of the Dark Ages as I have stated…you are 100 years out of step with the times. You have not educated yourself. You have not realized that Christ was a great eastern Master and TEACHER of REINCARNATION. An intelligent person is OPEN to the possibility of logical/sensible ideas such as reincarnation since it explains so much. A STUPID person is sure something isn’t true, basically because they do not have the brains to wrap their mind around it.
    …and WE DO REMEMBER OUR PASSED LIVES! It’s in our subconscious. People of science like shrinks have helped others by tapping into passed-life knowledge, which happens to check-out with real history. Religious people have also…like the greatest American PSYCHIC, Edgar Cayce. He healed THOUSANDS of people – he was a great HEALER and another teacher of reincarnation! A RELIGIOUS MAN who found no contradiction in believing in Christ (as a great eastern master) AND believing in REINCARNATION. You are not an educated man, S.H. – you are an embarrassment. You’ve tried to correct me and CAYCE…and you are wrong, sir. Stop, please, stop fouling up any more of my articles. For God’s sake, STOP! Peddle your mindlessness ELSEWHERE!

  4. Starheater says

    Garden of Eden
    And more…

    I dont have a good memory, so I have made this colum so I could remember that I must say a word on that subject.
    For the UFO, we’ve got to make some adjusments on those facts.
    They’re are 2 kind of UFO: 1°Are those who dissapeard without leaving the place they have rested, they vanishe like if they were passing in an other dimension.
    2° Those are the one who dissapeard at a great speed, passing from 0 mile per hour to 4000 miles per hour, and this in all the directions they wanted.

    Now, in parallel, we’ve got aliens that can change their look only with their will.

    The other kind is men that ressemble to us most of the time.

    Now, in the Bible their are 2 kind of Angels:
    1° They can change their apperance to ressemble a man
    2° They cannot change their apperance but they can look as strange as they are.

    The first categories are Spirit, the Second are angel form other planet of our system. The Gray fit this category, they can be good or bad depending the mission they have. But in general they are the good Guy, they dont have weapon that could bring death to mans, they only have a paralizer. Those Gray live on Earth for many, many generation, a lot of century before Christ. Some reshearchers think that they are the bad guys, that they kidnappe humain to be never seen again. This is not true.
    The Gray or Grey are there to study how much radioactivity lies in the earth, beacause they are level that we must not reach if we want to have good health. They take sample of soil, they kill cows and they extract all the organs plus the blood, they cut the lips, teeth, eyes, tongue, and other part to mesure how much it contain radiactivity and what sort, they do this on grass and plants too.
    They dont kill humain, they dont have the right to do this. Those who are rape goes on Mars to live the rest of their life, this is in case of humain extinsion.

    Reincarnation: Why take many life when we can make it in one. This is why reincarnation dont exist. Beside, what is the point to live few life, what difference could make if we dont even remember what we have made in our last life? This is most stupid theorie that ever exist.

    The Garden of Eden: The Garden of Eden is not on Earth, he is in heaven, he will decent when Jesus will come. We must not forget that Archangel is garding the entrance. You surely most know what is an Angel, well an Archangel is a grade upper. Now you know that an Archangel is a Spirit, and He is garding something that you cannot see, that’s why is an Archangel, you cannot see him. And the reason why I have a sword to garde Paradise, is because they are many who want to go in, like angel, and all the upper grade of Spirit. In fact they are fighting us, so we could not go to heaven, they are jalous.

    Illuminati are the one that have knowledge, but their purpus is to run the earth to extenxion.

    Nephilim are those who are influencing humain to go with science without God, some specialist say that they are the Gray. Hum, I’ll be surprise if thi was the case.
    One way or another, they will come back like in the ancien day’s. So we will se what they look, tall man with blond hair and blue eyes, something like that. And like Paul said, if they bring another Evangile that ressemble the one that in the Bible, that’s ok, so read the Bible, if is not then dont take it, dont follow them.

  5. Doug Yurchey says

    Don’t make me something I’m not, Ron. I am like everyone else who is alive. Jesus and God are within EVERYONE. Anyone saying they are out there or speaking to these things OUT THERE…well, that’s just idolatry. They are inside ALL of us (equally)…called spirit; called energy; called light…

    • Bamybrown says

      I believe so much in the supernatural and I know we could be god..Even the scripture says it “ye are gods”. But there is nothing good man can achieve with power rather than to abuse it..It’s happened in the past and it’s still occur till present…
      Have you ever wonder why there’s so much hatred in world..war..,the greed and selfishness..that’s simply because we have not learn yet how to tolerate each other…To now explore a self-nurtured spiritualism or power will birth nothing but terror.

    • Starheater says

      Hello M.Yurchey
      It make a while since we have a good conversation!!!
      So God is in EVERYONE, never taught about it, why? Because that would mean that God is IN HITLER, and also in SERIAL KILLER, and why not!!! IN THE BEAST in Revelation!!!!!!

      God is an Energy, yes, we could say that, but HE is more than that, I have never seen energy that is INTELLIGENT!! He is The Almighty, and we talk about power, we talk about energy, but I must say a very special energy.

      Now, I must say that God is not in us like you have picture it!! He’s in us by the Holy Spirit, but this One is a spark, little tiny spark in us, and to have another portion of the Holy Spirit we’ve got to grow with the little portion that we’ve got. If we want more of HIS Spirit, we must ask HIM to fill us with another portion of the Holy Spirit.

      This is a statement that are extract of the Bible, when Elie went in the sky, Elisee grasp the mantle of Elie the Prophet, and He demand a double portion of the Spirit that Elie had, so Elisee got a double portion of the Spirit of God, and after that he became a well renown Prophet in Israel.

      Now, this is not the only proofs that I have got, in the Ancien Text, God said to Moses, that HE would give special talent to certain man in different Tribe of Israel, so that Moses could have help. One would be good to make woodwork, some would be good to work everykind of steels, some to make writing, incrustation etc…And this way many mans have been fillup with the Spirit of God, and each mans have a different talent to make the House of God.
      So, you see, that the Spirit of God is not in us, but in God, when we need to have this Spirit, God give us this Spirit. When Jesus was Baptise, the Spirit descent on HIM like a dove (slowly).

      Now, tell me, by whom you say that the Spirit is in us already? Who gave you this notion?

      As for me, the Bible tell me so, and this is what I can rely on.

      Now, as for the lectors, I must say to you, that WE ARE NOT GOD. If you know what God is, then you’ll find that we are not God, not even little little ones, we have the difficulty to be a man, and not only me, but everyone that is on this Earth, been a man is more difficult that you can think, and YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE LITTLE GOD. Well, first of all, begin to know what is God, after that I’m sure you will change of subject. If I’m a WORM compare to God, WHAT ARE YOU FOLKS? God Bless, hoping that you will find the WAY

  6. says

    Look in the mirror and explain yourself to your own consciousness. If God does not exist, then you Doug are the new beginnings of a future God. Read Paul Davies’ GOD AND THE NEW PHYSICS or ABOUT TIME. Mind rides the Light.

    • oh yeah says

      I’m with this guy. These are the fundamental truths to which all of you allude. As to the who, how, and what? All this other nitpicking is tiresome and a waste of time both in the arguing and the reading

  7. The Shark says

    Perhaps Mr.Yurchey could be more specific when he writes of the “near future”. Does he mean 2 weeks, 2 years, 20 years or until the cows come home !!! Unless we put a damper on global warming, in the “near future”, it is going to get real nasty. The Keystone XL pipeline is a case in point. This pipeline is due to carry Canadian tar sands oil down to the Gulf Coast. The top notch environmentalists tell us the total carbon contained in this oil exceeds all the oil burned in human history. Some of them will tell you that if this project goes through it is GAME OVER for the environment and you as well dear reader. I wrote Obama a letter about this last year, and told him to nix the whole deal. Why don’t you ? Perhaps you could help the change the future for the better. As previously stated, there are 2 trains runnin’…………..

    • TheCaptain says

      Would these “top notch environmentalists” be the same ones who have been proven to have lied and mis-led the people because of those like Al Gore who created a huge ponzi scheme and are making money hand over fist at the expense of the ‘middle class’ and ‘the children’?

    • Starheater says

      Hello Shark
      Read carefully what I am about to write. Who are the specialist who have told that the Earth was very polluated? With what those specialist used to mesure the degree of polution in the Air, in the Water, and on Ground? Now, second trains of questions: Were did they take there analyst of the Air etc… in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, were?

      Specialist have said many things in the past years, they have said that in the year 2000, nobody would work, only the Robot would work, and the profit that generate those robot would go to all of us, utopia? No Sir, this could have been done, but forget it. They say that their is to much Humains on this Planet, there is not place that we could go.

      Now, let see if that is all true. Were Los Angeles as been contruct? in the desert Yes? How it came that they have all what they need in this big city? They say that the population is near to starve. Well, did’nt I say to you that they are a bunch of liars, and we are a bunch of fools. Yes my friends.

      So, we have a lot of land that can by treated, we have the technology to do it. We have the whole desert to fill up with trees, grass, pipeline of water and woods to construct houses, bulding with ciment, we have rock to contruct with, we have the tools to cut those rock, so what is the problem, no space, lies after lies, we are the bags that they fill with lies. They have said that 2000 will see all the computer fall, and caos will be everywhere. I did’nt see it happen, they tell that 2012 dec will be disastrust, I did’nt see it. All lies, they fill the Earth, and She is about to do something about it, and this is not a lie.

      No, The world is not polluted, air, water and groung is still viable, and healthy. They want us to tremble, to fear what is about to happen, so that we could spend our money on futility, this way they can percieve taxes.

      If you really want to know what is about to happen, read the Bible, specialy Revelation, and stop to fear them, and what they say, they are liars. Read the Bible, you’ll see in that Book all what you should know, beside this you will be more confident in God, and by this fact, in the future. God Bless you Shark

  8. Doug Yurchey says

    And let me correct the Shark. I don’t have a gloomy outlook of the future – only the NEAR future. We have to see more of the path or course of history. Tesla’s SON, Arthur Matthews, told me on the phone that it will be so long before we have Tesla Tech again ‘that no one will even know who Tesla was.’ Hey; that’s a LONG, LONG time from now. BUT, THE POINT IS…IT WILL HAPPEN…AGAIN. For decades I’ve talked about an ANCIENT World Grid. Well, in the far future…it will be the newly-installed World Electrical Wireless Power Grid…we just have a very long wait…
    The PAST always returns in some form…again and again…

  9. Doug Yurchey says

    to Penn, if you are the one who wrote the recent Sodom and Gomorrah article? NO; I did not find it interesting. I wish SOMEONE would read my ‘High Technology in the Bible’ article. When I read your recent one, this was like mine and actually Von Daniken; Blumrich and others, before us, have concluded that the destruction of the 2 cities resembled a small nuking.
    Once you realize that Old Testament stories were really a simple people encountering PEOPLE with advanced tech and the lowlanders were even caught in between a ‘war of the gods,’ then you’ll understand what was really happening in the Old Testament. SCIENCE!
    S & G were nuked! Jonah went on a SUBMARINE and not a ‘great fish.’ Eve was CLONED from Adam; rib area was where they took the cell; a laser wrote 10 laws in stone because people were getting out of hand; Ark of Covenant was a capacitor / condenser AS TESLA SAID IT WAS – It blew down the 10-foot thick walls of Jericho. Uzzah was electrocuted when the Ark fell out of a cart; the Great Flood was purposely created by these advanced PEOPLE you mistake for angels because radiation levels needed to be lowered from earlier Atomics and the madness of cloners making (mythical creatures were real genetic experiments) monsters had to be erased – the Flood was the perfect answer. MANY Noahs sailed; Asians; other Indians, etc – many Flood stories.

    But, don’t you guys see how this takes your God out of the equation? GOD IS NOT IN THE BIBLE!! But, you know what kind of God IS in the Bible? READ IT! A mass-murderer of innocent women and children; bringer of plagues and strange (radioactive) diseases! What was really going on was in a sense WAR GAMES with the flyers in crafts who still had some of the tech from earlier times – these HUMANS became the gods in ‘chariots,’ but some were blood-thirty killers! There were good angels and bad ones – Please read my GOD SCRIPT – just put ‘GOD SCRIPT’ and my name in Google and you will read a fascinating fictional account taking you from 5000 years ago to 2000 years ago; UNLIKE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN BEFORE. – this ‘story’ will teach you more truths than the misinterpretations from 1000 pulpits.
    Don’t you see? If you can deduce or realize – see for yourself – the TECHNOLOGY that was really happening which of course they could not use the modern words at the time…but, if you can see it…AH HA! The light comes on and you realize the tech that is actually written about; that would AMAZE the simple people of the times and it would seem like magic; or acts of God, demons, angels or the Devil. Once you see and understand the tech going on…it makes the Bible REAL…it makes it CREDIBLE…and believable! It is truly a real account (slashed; edited over time) of almost MAGIC things little understood by people who don’t know what a mushroom cloud is or a laser or a tank or a saucer. This surely must be God. It’s thousands of years later…think better than this, people. The truth is not simple.

    • Starheater says

      Hello M. Yurchey
      As I told you, if you write about the Bible, I will make the same move. So you have exposed the face A, I will expose the face B. The only exception is that I will explore those things in the Light of the Scriptures, so, let it be so, the only thing you’ll need is your logic.

      You say that Sodom and Gommorhe was nuked, well this is not proven yet. If we go to were was those cities, we find nothing but rock of sulfur embemded in the rock, they think that the site had radiation, but nada, no radiation, so if you look upon the time the elements that were utilize to make a bomb, it take somewhere like 5000 to 6000 years to those components to decay. To destroy 2 cities, you have to explode 2 bomb on each cities. So, NO radiation, NO bomb. If you take brimstone to destroy a city, why take a nuclear bomb, like I said, NO radiation, NO nuclear bomb.

      In the city of India, we can found sand that have melt, this is a good proof of destruction by atomic bomb, and this I have seen it with my own eyes. If you told me that some cities in India have been nuked, I would be in accord with you, because all the symtoms are found in those cities like: melting sand, radioactivity, structure that ressemble of Hiroshima and Nagasaky, I will not oppose on this facts that are Logic.

      But in Sodom and Gommorhe, no trace of radioactivity, no trace of melted sand, none, nada, nothing. So, what could we conclude, those cities were destroy bu Brimstone and Fire like it was related in the Bible. On that I expose the TRUTH, and if you want to make some reshearchs, you will find some close view of what it happen in those cities that God told to destroy.

      Now, for the subject of the Angel of God, they were capable of doing some transformation to their body, this ahd happen a couple of time in the Bible. Paul in is Epistles conclude that Angel was spirit entity that can take many form, to give you an exemple, the fire in the bush that would not burn. Beside what Von Daniken have said, exist a Great Distance in what was, and what was’nt. Did Von Daniken have find the site of Sodom and G…I dont think so, his a good reshearcher, but when he try to give an interpretation in the Bible, he is absolutly wrong in is statements. So, if you want lies by according your favor to, you will find one day that the brick of butter have melt down.
      When the Angel liberate Lot from the man who wanted to make some dirty thing, the Angel have made a flash so they be blind momentarely, this was not with some laser or other arms that they have, it was just by the mean of will. This is not really difficult to an Angel of God, it is not difficult to a man of God. Jesus have made more than that without having special tools, and this you cannot denied this factit is difficult to a man to brime a fact by a trick, if you count that those you were paralized or blind, was known by the majority of the village, so you cannot do a trick with a blind person, you have to make a real miracle. So, what is if you think that make a flash is not in the field that an Angel ca do with facility, well you have a problem of logic.

      No man on this Earth can do Miracle, this is the field of God, you demand and God make it happen.

      Now if you want us to be convience about what you are saying about the nuke of those cities, , you will have to give me some proof of this fact, without proof you have no chance to convience even someone on this site that I will instruct about the other face of the medal, no science will help you in this subject, no matter who have such science. I wil bring more proofs on the table, no matter the subject. Produce your proofs, and will see if they are only some assumptions that have no fact for us to see. Beside this I will produce my proof for others to see. This is the way who it work. In the past I have been confront with some scientists of NASA and other place that are true big caliber, the TRUTH dont have difficulties to make the difference.
      One scientist was Jean-Pierre Petit who as a background that covert an entire page, the other was David Serena (or Sereda), those 2 play with the big scientist, make a research, you’ll find that I dont need more that I have, to prove what is real, the TRUTH take by herself. Only the TRUTH will last, the rest will disapear, and this is also TRUE.

      To conclude, if you want proof, I will produce my proofs, I have only to ask, i will give you the path on the internet so you clould see what I have seen.
      God Bless everyone

  10. wishbone says

    in the begining there was NOTHING before I, there was NOTHING behind I, NOTHING above I, NOTHING below I, NOTHING to the left or right of I, I had NOTHING to measure I by, no mirror to reflect I. I asked a question; WHAT AM I,? this question triggered a infinite multi-universe to be born from the essence of I. I am plasma, I am gravity spining into being, I am gathering energy forming pulling together, I am suns being born, I am the first planets forming, I am stone, air, water, fire, I am an evolution, a creation, I am amiba, small wiggling thing, bigger wiggling thing, I am small fish, I am bigger fish eating smaller fish, I am biggest fish. I am fish growing legs and pulling I out of primal sea onto primal rock, I am lizard, spider, rat, monkey, dinosoar, many many many more, I am all worlds, I am all galaxies, I am all infinity, I fall from the trees and make fire, Hi, I am john. BUT somewhere in the history of I, I came to earth in other forms and made HUMANITY, I helped them to evolve to a point where they find I within themselves, I AM THE ALPHA, I AM THE OMEGA, I AM THAT, I AM. I do not judge, I do not punish, I do not need to be praised, I will become all possabilities, whatever I can imagine has, does, or will exist in infinity. I will be everything and have an answer to the original question, I am everthing. I will then sleep in NOTHINGNESS again, when i awake again I will ask another question and create a new evolution to answer that question. So, all your books and ideas of god, gods, angels, demons, are mis-written, mis-remembered, mis- interpreted, mis-understood, stories of human history, beings that came here and terraformed this world and genetically engineered us (in their own image) for reasons that one day you might know. until then, just remember I AM, FOREVER, BLOWING BUBBLES,

  11. says

    Hello Doug Yurchey,
    My “comment’ below was sent without being finished, I am in Europe for three weeks and was having problems with the net, I resend a finished version.
    Thanks for your comments on my last article, did you read my two previous articles, Genesis vs Science & What is the Soul?
    Your studies seem to have followed a similar pattern to mine, but we have come to different conclusions.
    As you said we all have the right to express our beliefs, the following is a brief condensation of mine, my past and future articles elaborate on this.

    It is my belief that there is a Lord God who created everything, see “Genesis vs Science”
    This Lord God is a universal soul, a spiritual entity that can reveal himself in any form including human, which is his preferred form, this soul is the whole universe an essence that has a MIND and there is only GOOD in this mind, I’ll try to expand on this in a later article.
    My conclusion is that he created our planet and humankind for his return when he will live here in his human form and create a perfect world, a paradise with humans that are wholly GOOD, who have passed all of his tests of goodness.
    We all have a body and soul, when a person dies the DNA goes into the structure of the earth, in my article “What is the Soul” I speculated that this DNA could have storage of how that person lived their lives, good or bad.
    Also my studies have led me to believe that another part of the soul leaves the body in the form of a light that goes up on a journey to meet The Creator, (look at near death experiences), this light also has a record of how that person lived their life, as this light ascends it passes judgement zones, if the soul is judged to have lived a life that does not meet the criteria for goodness it is returned to earth and becomes part of the soul of a new life, (resurrection) if the soul is judged acceptable at these judgement zones it passes to join the Universal Soul.
    When The Lord God returns ( Revelations and other texts) he will appear in his preferred form i.e. human, (he created man in his own image Genesis), with the souls, lights, that joined him in heaven, when these lights, records of a persons life return, they join with the DNA and form a new person who is wholly GOOD, the type of person he would want to live with to spend his life with to develop paradise, these people will be given the great gift the Lord God has promised.
    humankind, ETERNAL LIFE.
    Everyone during their life is given this chance to “PURIFY YOUR SOUL” eliminate evil from your life and replace it with goodness, you should analyze everything you think, say or do and ask, is it good or bad? I like to use the term “Permanent Vigilance”.
    I am trying to put together help on what is good and what is evil, I will publish soon, but don’t forget “The Greatest Evil in Man is not Knowing God”.
    While I,m speculating, what happened to the 200 fallen angels in the Book of Enoch, their souls were not allowed to ascend, are they still about, did they create our ancient civilizations?, could they account for UFO’s?, are they running our governments & institutions, (banks etc), are they preparing themselves for their part in the return of the Lord God?
    Hope you find this interesting.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hello Penn. I appreciate your responses to this article, as I do Starheater’s. I thought I would let you know that the leader of the fallen angels who Enoch records, has been bound hand and foot and put in a dark hole in the desert of Dudael, while Semjaza, his associates, after they witnessed the destruction of their ‘children’, were bound beneath the valleys of the earth until the day of judgment, when they will be Eternally judged. While the spirits of their ‘children’ – whom God calls reprobates and bastards for a very good reason, were left to wander the earth, and Enoch

      However, since more than one set of angels fell, and mated with human beings, you are quite right in suggesting that some of them built ancient civilizations, as did some of their ‘children’, as Genesis 6:4 states. That particular verse also says that “…Giants were in the earth in those days…”, but the word ‘giant’ is actually ‘nephil’, meaning ‘fallen one’. It’s telling us is that some of these fallen angels were around in the days of Noah, (though they are mentioned once after the flood as well, during Israel’s conquest to take over the Promised Land (Num.13:33), but what I find most interesting is how they say it. ‘There were giants in the earth in those days…’, sounds very much to me like they could have been here previously, and/or afterwards, as well as in other places. Why else would it say ‘…in the earth in those days…’ if it was to be understood that the earth was where they would be? There is no reason. The Nephilim therefore, or derivatives of them, I have no doubt, are involved with the current ufo ‘phenomenon’.

      I say this not just because scripture alludes to it, but because I’ve had personal experiences involving ufos, and to make a long story short, found that when I became a Christian, they didn’t ‘like’ me any more than I liked them. Prior to my conversion experience, I had been plagued with ufos and hauntings, but the day I personally experienced God for myself, is the day most of this activity ceased. I say ‘most’, because it took another real dealing before I was rid of these demonic influences.

      I would suggest you read ‘The David Flynn Collection’ – a new book containing two of David’s works, ‘The Temple at the Center of Time’, and ‘Cydonia – The Secret Chronicles of Mars’. David was a Christian who received some very interesting insights into the Ark of the Covenant, as well as prehistory, and ufos. I totally agree with most of David’s findings. I think he listened closely to what the Spirit of God was telling Him. Also, regarding the Illuminate and who’s behind the governments the world over – read ‘Final Events’ by Nick Redfern. Nick is a well known ufo researcher/investigator, who was given info that originated by secret informants in government circles. This information is indeed true, and reveals the present ufos for what they really are.

      We stand on the brink of the serious unravelling of every country on this earth, and ufos play a huge role in that unravelling. Nevertheless, God is working His plan, allowing Satan to go so far, before judgment is meted out. Hope some of this helps.

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi again Penn. I didn’t finish my statement about the reprobates and bastards – the children of the fallen angels and human beings mating – sorry about that! Enoch tells us that they were left to wander the earth until the time of Judgment, and would be known as ‘evil spirits’ – no doubt what many experience when they are ‘haunted’.

  12. says

    Hello Doug Yurchey,
    Let me express my beliefs, the following is very brief, my articles past and future elaborate & give sources.
    There is a Lord God who created everything, see my (Genesis vs Science)
    The Lord God is “ALL” put another way He is everything the whole universe, that is a spiritual entity that can reveal himself in any form including human, which is his preferred form. He is the “GOOD”
    He created our planet and humankind for him return and live in his human form, in a perfect world, paradise, with humans that have passed the test of GOODNESS.
    We all have a body and a soul, when the body dies, the DNA goes into the structure of the earth and stores the information on how that person lived their life, good or bad. see my (What is the Soul). Again when the body dies another part of the soul leaves the body as a light, and goes up, it is also a carrier of information on how that person lived their lives, this light is judged various times as it passes into the universe, if it fails any test it is returned to the earth and becomes part of the soul of another life, “reincarnation”, if it passes all the tests it goes up and joins the Lord God in his spiritual form in the universe and becomes part of the GOOD.
    When the Lord God returns he will appear in his preferred form i.e. human, with all the souls that joined him in the GOOD, these souls that return will join the DNA of their dead bodies and create perfect people, the type of people he wants to live with on his return, these new people will have the great gift the Lord God has promised mankind, ETERNAL LIFE.
    To pass the tests you must PURIFY YOUR SOUL, eliminate evil from your life and replace it with goodness, you should analyze everything you think, say or do as to is it good or evil, I give some guidance in (What is the Soul) and more will come if future articles

  13. The Shark says

    Mr. Yurchey has, once again, written another rip-snorter !!! Random Thoughts concerning his latest Gem: Most of the world believes in reincarnation. At 1 time even the Catholic Church taught this concept. Everyone should read “The Physics of Consciousness” by Evan Harris Walker. What is Time? Hail Atlantis !!! Are we headed for another Great Extinction ?? Can technology save us or not ? Mr. Yurchey says we humans have ” super potential” and can return to the Garden ? Yet Mr. Yurchey, in previous writings and conversations, has indicated a rather gloomy outlook for the future of the human race. He has even speculated our only hope are the Aliens. There are 2 trains runnin’…. One is an Orwellian Nightmare and the other a decent world for all. Which train will pull into the station first ? Way back in 1972, the great Michael Harrington wrote,” Socialism…. is more relevant to the humane construction of the twenty-first century than any other idea”. Something for all of you apolitical creatures out there to ponder.

  14. Doug Yurchey says

    Stop writing Starheater – IT IS YOU WHO DO NOT HAVE A CLUE AND WHO HAVE NOT LEARNED – YOU HAVEN’T LEARNED A DAMN THING. YOU, SIR, ARE AN ABOMINATION TO YOUR GOD! Higher life forms are all there IS. They are not impressed with your ignorance and support of old religious Killers who slashed the Bible and burned witches! Write on Christian sites, not on W-M. This is turning into the ‘Christian Monitor.’ Sad…I wrote this piece for Frenchy and every word was ignored…EVERY WORD! – like I said: the #1s have all the answers…they aren’t looking for answers like most of us. They’re looking to preach their ignorance.
    I’m looking to teach a LIFETIME’S worth of study and scientific research – and what kind of audience do I get? Blind Zealots from the Dark Ages that only try to correct the teacher and say that the world is flat. Where are the rest of you? Anyone out there from, you know, the 20th or 21st Century?
    WHERE are the views of people with some sense of science??? WHERE ARE THEY? No – the same bloggers…get a new hobby!!! I’m waiting for Brenda’s 2 cents…

    • Starheater says

      Hello M. Yurchey
      If you had a good science, you would’nt write what you are writing actually, the thing you write denote the state of mind you are in, but this is not grave, we are at this moment ajusting ours ideas, this is what we call, “the law of contrary”, and this is not a state of mind, but only as I suppose a playing game. Like I said, if you have a good science without failure, that mean that I would’nt be able to break what you have said, if it break what you say, this is probably due to a lack of good science. If my deduction is good naturelly!!!

      So if you want to speak by science, I dont mind a bit, if that make you happy, this would make me happy too. So I will speak science in this comment, but if you cross the border of science and you go in some para-mount things, to be explicite, if you take vodoo, il will my Bible and will make some association that I would be please to do, or if you talk about the Univers that had no cause other then the Hasard, meanming that you talk non-sense, I will offer the other part of the medal.

      I love real science, not a bunch of non-sense, I dont digest the stupidity of certain voice that claim that if the Univers exist is because he had to exist, or I came from a Big-Bang, well the only Big-Bang that they know, is those that they heard in pants. Because for me intelligence come from intelligence.

      Now if you say something about me that is not good, YOU will have to prove what your saying, if you are not capable of doing so, dont event mention a thing, in this manner, you will be found gentleman.

      Now, if you want me to speak science, you will have to tell me in what field, this way you wont be insulted by what I write. In the case that the subject is not known from me, I will take what it’s clause to. If you dont wnat any religion elements that what I will say, you’ll have just to take a subject that could not be related to the Bible, beside you got to know that the Bible is not a religion, if it count for you as a religion, I will have to say tha the Cival Code of Law is a religion.

      If you tell that my knowledge is false, out of track, ancien (like the Dinasaur) or else, that mean to me that you have better to offer, if it’s so, I would like to be instruct of that knowledge, I’m always searching knowledge that is undoubteble, you know, the kind of knowledge that is difficult to deny. So if I’m wrong, I will not only take your theories, but I will excuse myself to have said something that is not TRUE. But as I say, you will have to show me were I have made mistake.

      If this is only a question of developping one subject at the time without mentionning theories or assumptions that is not in the main subject, well I will do so, after all, it’s not me who are in charge of that site.

      Now if you want to make a kind of show, so that people could be stimulated by, I’m not oppose to that kind of idea, this is as I say not my site, you have your Boss, I dont have any of that kind.

      So, if you want anything, you have just to tell me, simple, no!!!! :)

      If I seem to know everything is because I have study and learn oalot of things in the past. I begin when I was 4 years old, now I have 59 and did not take a small vacation, my brain is always on the go and dont make pause, even when I sleep, I wake-up to see that I’m thinking about science or other thing that I’m up to. So feel free to splash my science, this I dont mind at all, if that make you well, I’m not against.
      God Bless everyone

      • Starheater says

        Forgot few things M. Yurchey

        I’ve got to mention, that I know thing by the principle, not by the full study at the University. I have stop to go to school when I reach the 7 grade, and I did not finnish it. I have demand my mother if I could skip the school, she make me promise to instruct myself well so I would’nt be an ignorant, this was not oblige, I was already in the state of mind to learn about everything, my mind was like a Big sponge that could absorbe knowledge like crazy. I did not regret my learning, I feel good about it, in all what that this knowledgr have givin’ me, it had produce in my spirit and soul, more then I could imagine, and this over my head.

        When all my friends were out in Hotel to take a good beer, is was in my room or in the living room reading science book from Science Books from Science Club, I did not read-it once, or twice, but a couple of times. I did not regret I have done since, sacrificing my most beautifull age to acquire knowledge was the most. And when came the time to work and be able to have money, I spend it all in music and books, collection by collection, all dedicated to science, I must say that some of those books was giving me headache. When it come to look TV, commentaires on animal and all kind of subject, that’s how I acquire my knowledge.
        My interest is unlimited, and if I could have 1000 years to live, I would study all those years. So this is not impressive to be why I’m always have an answers to all subjects.
        More than that, I have developpe technic to developpe principles to find others principles. And 1 thing that I have see, is that all is related, principles that ressemble to others principles, that manner, you go fast and you imprint in your brain this as an habit, it’s like reading, at the beginning you go slow, but after a while this come automatic like a second nature. And this is not a surprise, we do all this.
        God Bless everyone

  15. Starheater says

    Hello M. Yurchey
    Yes, history repeat itself, but not in the same manner that use to be, all have some ressemblance, that’s true, but not exactly the same. 1 ressemble alot to 10, but they are different by the numbers, so are the past and us, they may be some ressemblance but not like an exact copy. WE have good technologie, good inventions etc…but that does not make us gods or little gods, because we are not finnish as humain, so we could pretend to be little gods, but that would be false, not sacrilege, It’s just a false assumption, or a false theorie. You see, when you assemble piece of equipment to make a computer, you connaot say that is a computer when half the job have been made, he is just a component in realization, when I’ll be completed he will be a computer, and not before. This is the same with a man, when he’s a baby, you cannot call him a man, his just a baby, for a tree it’s the same, for all that exist, things tend to have 2 name, this is due to the different phase of the process.

    Now, if you say that a man is a god, this is false, because he will BECOME a god, becaus HE could be a DEMON as well like HITLER or else. No M. Yurchey their is no sin or else to call a man a god because HE is NOT.We are changing from time to time, and those changes tell us that we are not stable, to be call a god you have to be STABLE like GOD is STABLE, if you have a slight change in your humour are are not a god, little or grand you have to be without changes like HIM. Perhaps when you’ll be an old man, if you are not stable in all yourself, you are not a god. More than that, let’s pretend that you are a Saint, you think that you are without blemishs bizzzz…. wrong, you are white, but not as white as you think, because there is always dust in the air, you think the I’m not realistic, well, think about your life that you have live since, do you see what is left to live, so in the absence of knowing what is going to happen, you could make a sin in the future that will dirty your white. So that’s why I tell you that were are not even close to be little god. If you think that the Saints of yesterday was always saints, well yes they were, but by the principal they were, but not in reality, they have littles things that were not white, gray to say!!!
    What can make a man white is God Himself, when this happen you’ll be whith. It’s only when a product is finnish that we can give him a name, not when all the ingredients or component are separeted. Adam was the most Saint according to the Bible, and He have sin once.

    In conclusion, if you say that your a little god is because you dont have a good view of what is God, even a little.

    You were talking about Paradise, well this another story to make clear of. The First Paradise on Earth have been garded by an Angel of God. Is job is to let no one enter that Paradise. And this Paradise is not Athlantis or another point on the map, to give you a clue, it is writen that an Angel is garding this Paradise. That mean that this Paradise is not at the bottom of the sea, or in the wild desert, or on a land that our eyes cannot see. At this moment the Paradise is in Heaven with God, when time come’s, God will descend with it, remember that the Paradise is garded, and it’s an Angel who have this Job, or Angel are spirit. Now it’s important that you read carefully what I write.
    Some mans have been monted in a place in Heaven that no one is allow to see, but not with the flesh, but in spirit, they have heard and see things that is not allow to everyone to see. No, that was not Paradise, but at the door should I say, because no man cant enter in Paradise, but that does not mean that we could go clause. That’s why it is staded in the Bible so that we could be inform that we can go there without entering it, this is the case, if it were not the case, there will be no need to post and Angel at the gate.

    Remember that the Religions does not exist, THE ONLY religion that EXIST is the TRUTH.

    In the Bible (Revelation) the 7 Spirits of God is repanding is Word. This in Revelation is represented by 7 horns with 1 eyes each horn, no ears, no mouth, on the conterpart, the Beast have 2 eyes and a mouth. Well, this is like the beginning of the book of Revelation, a message is deliver to each Spirit of each Church of God, they are blame by Jesus to be not as good as could or would be, same as the horn of today. There are 7 Church that exist these days to teach the World, but the horns of God dont have 2 eyes like the Beast, but only 1. Try to look only with 1 eye. you will see that 1 dimension is missing, “depth”.

    Yes, this is the dimension that the Church of God dont have actualy, they have no deepness to look profond in the Word, so they missed all that is realy important.
    1. Catholic
    2. Adventist
    3. Evangelist
    4. Protestant
    5. Baptist
    6. Jehovah
    7. Anglican (This last one is not sure)

    All those denomination are in the wrong way, and all look just with 1 eye missisng this way the deepness that we must have to give all the Dimension that the Church of God as. Those who have the Spirit to explain the Propheties are good in this field, but they prophesse the wrong way of Jesus, this is like having an infirmity.
    Dont search the Paradise on Earth, she when up in heaven, in time she will descent on Earth like the Propheties tell us in the Bible. God Bless everyone

  16. says

    Indeed Doug. See, you can think on a higher level and see parts of the whole. You are getting close to the secret. It is highly complex, is it not. NOT THAT ONE IS, BUT THAT WHEREBY Is, is. Thus is the Crux of being and becoming.

    • Shayne says

      Could you please put your forever present statement. …it’s not ………is Is …into mathematical terms? Sometimes I understand it and others I don’t. Please rephrase the statement into more comprehensible terms Ron. Thanks rscprodigy

      • says

        Whole generations lost… Not that one is (It is not about you), But That (about That, that you perceive as existence or Mind) Whereby (how everything or Information comes into consciousness or manifestation) Is (the ongoing state) and how it seems to keep going on.

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