December 3, 2012


Note: This post is continuation of the article 2012 and the Pyramids At Giza
by Charles Marcello


At the time of this posting there is just over 60 days left before December 3, 2012.

I’ve been debating with myself over the last couple of months if I should even take you people down this road. The possible repercussions for science and religious people alike, once the magnitude is understood, could be highly negative. Because 2012 is almost behind us, I know once this year has passed this blog will then fade into the dust of history… because of that I’ve decided to go ahead and show you how to find more exciting information before I walk away from this discussions for the foreseeable future. Before I take you there I feel it is important to help get your minds ready for what I’m about to do. As always I’m not going to show you everything, however I will show you how to find all the answers. While at the same time showing you how I’ve never hid anything from any of you.

I firmly believe it is the journey that will teach more than the information itself. Which is why I need to show this simple connection before I reveal how you can bring the entire ancient world together.

It is taught in the old world that man’s years shall be 120 years, and then later it is said God declared he will dwell among humanity for 120 years… while in the new world they have it marked/taught that the special days of God(s) is 5 days… 120/24 = 5. When I first understood that connection while at the same time playing with the numbers 144,000 and 666, to say I found myself caught in world of hidden knowledge would be an understatement. So much so in fact I often whisper to myself, “if I would’ve understood the bible then as I do now, I would’ve told the world to take this truth and shove it way way up where the sun don’t shine.” As exciting as parts of this have been, following this knowledge to its conclusions have been in a word, disturbing. No I don’t believe knowledge by itself is dangerous, how people react to, or use, that knowledge however, as history proves over and over again, is!

When I started to piece together the old world’s beliefs with the new, I found myself seeing religions and the history of the world in a different light. That doesn’t mean I see it as all bad, nor am I going to try an convince you its all good. However, what if all the days from then to thus is for our futures benefit? I realize just stating that question the way I have and leaving it open like that will cause many to scream, “nonsense, the one has nothing to do with the other.” And most days I would say I agree with you completely… Even still… I am fully convinced that the stories of King David and Solomon were changed (added to) from very ancient tales explaining, in parts, how to protect ourselves from the human condition. When I stopped reading the bible as a god of this and that, and started to read the Bible as a hidden history that has been changed by our ancestors…. in order for those epic tales of long ago… to make sense in their world… I started to see the truth and stopped seeing an evil god. King David and Solomon is you listen they are explaining the trials and tribulations we humans will suffer in our lives…. No that doesn’t mean each person will suffer every aspect that those two are said to of suffered through… rather, without a doubt, each of us have suffered one or more of their stories. And if future generations listen to those stories and study ours, it is my hope they will in fact learn how to overcome without all the pain and suffering you and I and our ancestors have experienced throughout the ages.

The good news for us is, the Old Testament does more than that… those books explain extreme knowledge. So much in fact, if the Church of the Dark Ages actually believed and listened to the Bible, the plagues of Europe would not have been as horrific as they were… the Bible is extremely clear on how to deal with the sick and dying. Let alone how to treat those who are injured. While at the same time, if that same Church actually believed in the Bible, Galileo and Kepler would’ve been shown to be correct via the scriptures. That is, once you remove god is superstitious/wrathful/hateful/vengeful nonsense.There is something else as well, mathematics… mathematics so advanced in fact, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt there existed in our distant past a worldwide society that was more advanced than our own. You simply need to see the story beneath the story.

You see, if my mind is not occupied I’m bored… I hate to be bored. So every day if my nose is not buried in a book or someone’s website, my ears are plugged in listening to someone teach, preach or bitch about whatever it is they’re into. If there is pastor, priest, rabbi, mullah, or guru on YouTube explaining his version of the eschatology , the End Times, or how he/she believes their religion explains the world we live in today… there is a high chance I’ve listened to them. If there is scientist explaining how he/she believes the universe works, chances are I’ve listened to or read their work as well. I say all of that to say this. I know my worldview is limited by my own experiences, and whatever I can vicariously live/learn through from the pages of history. While at the same time I’ve discovered I have empathy for my fellow man, and I don’t always have to touch the flame anymore to know that it hurts. Each book or website I’ve read and everything I’ve listened to has helped me question, especially in these last few years, more than I’ve ever questioned before. Truth is, the Bible proves there was a worldwide society that once communicated with each other. Yet those answers you must seek… Before I teach you how to do that, I believe I must explain why I have zero intention of being the one to give this to the world. Over the last couple of months I’ve been seeking out deeply religious and anti-religious people that I can communicate with in person. Good news about the deeply religious, no matter what you use to strike up a conversation they will almost always try to direct people towards their beliefs. Knowing that, I know I don’t have to find a backdoor as it were, to bring the conversation towards that direction. What they don’t know is how well I know the bible. No I don’t know it word for word, and there are still times when someone brings up scriptures I wonder to myself… how did I miss that. Yet what I do know I know well and I do know how to direct conversations. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again here… I believe there is nothing more beautiful than religion on the personal level and the personal level only… while every level above the personal I believe (and history proves) each religion becomes progressively more evil until all religions become pure evil. So on the personal level, it matters not to me what name you call God, I believe your faith is beautiful. That doesn’t mean I accept your faith as true, it simply means if you believe in the one law of how to treat others, you and I will always be friends and kindred spirits. With that restated… when someone begins to explain to me that their path is the only correct path I usually come at them with the massive contradictions that exist within their religious writings that I’ve found. Over the last couple of months instead of doing that I’ve been directing Christians towards the mathematics found within their own religious writings, and none religious people towards the bible and how it proves they’ve been had… while asking each, if the beginning is misunderstood, then how can the rest still be the only truth? I’ve done this five times now while consciously aware others are listening. Everyone is polite as I show them certain aspects of the math, and then with the help of the Internet I show how it all relates… then I bring it in for a landing as I explain how this new evidence suggests those stories have more to do with advanced understanding and very little to do with the people inside of the stories. Its how they reacted later that concerns me, and why I’ve decide to simply show you how to begin the process of re-examining the bible and other aspects of our society.

Regarding what is below… I’m not starting within Genesis 14 by accident. Even though you won’t find all these answers below, here are some things for you to consider as you play with the math….

  • Do ages equal a year, ie 360?
  • Do days equal 24….
  • Does the type of gender and description of maturity direct us to add, subtract, multiplication or division?
  • And lastly does the mention of Angels explain how and when to bring the math together?

The only way for you to know is to sit down and do the math, and then follow the logic. Below are those suggestions and some answers.

12/13/14 (genesis 14 verses 4 & 5) * 360 = 4320/4680/5040

4/5 (genesis 14 verse 9) * 360 = 1440/1800

318 (genesis 14 verse 14) * 360 = 114,480/2 = 57,240

3/3/3 (genesis 15 verse 9) * 360 = 1080/1080/1080 + = 3240

400 (genesis 15 verses 13 and 16) * 360 = 144,000 * 4 = 576,000 or / by 4 = 36,000

10 (genesis 16 verse 3) * 360 = 3,600

96 (genesis 16 verse 16) * 360 = 34,560

99 (genesis 17 verse 1) * 360 = 35,640

8 (genesis 17 verse 12) * 24 and or 360 = 192/2,880 or 192 * 360 = 69,120

100/90 (genesis 17 verse 17) * 360 = 36,000/32,400

12 (genesis 17 verse 20) * 720 =/8,640

99/13 (genesis 17 verse 24/25) * 720 = 75,240 /9,360 divided = 8.0384615

99/12/13 (genesis 17 verse 20/24/25) * 1080 = 106,920/12,960/14,040 (added together = 133,920 from Genesis 18 verse 2 & 6)

50/45/40/30/20/10 (genesis 18 verses 24 thru to 32) * 360 & 720 = 18,000/36,000 ~ 16,200/32,400 ~ 14,400/28,800 ~ 10,800/21,600 ~ 7,200/14,400 ~ 3600/7200 (from Genesis 19 verse 1, 8, 15 & 30 accounts for the second round multiplied by 720… or that each count can be multiplied by an additional 1,440 equaling 72,000/64,800/57,600/43,200/28,800/14,400)
50/45/40/30/20/10 (genesis 19 verse 30) 2160 = 108,000/97,200/86,400/64,800/43,200/21,600
(By the way, you might want to play with the ages in part three of this blog as well.)

Remember what is written above is just to get you started… here is another possibility… take all of that above and multiply and divide each number by a royal cubit.
Obviously there are many more numbers throughout the book of Genesis, let alone the other books. Understand I am simply trying to help you find those answers, and don’t forget I didn’t start with Genesis 14 on accident.

Let me show you something else… Take the number 108,000 divided by 20.61 (inches within one version of a royal cubic) that equals 5240.1746 (does that answer equal how many millimeters it takes to equal one royal cubic, ie… 523.5 rounded up or perhaps the distance to another ancient monument?).

Those questions and the answers you will need to find out for yourself… along with, how many coincidences does it take before you stop believing that all that they are… or how many will it take to stop you from denying this must be more than coincidences? Throughout the Old Testaments hidden within the mathematics here are some other questions for you to consider…

  • is there all the heights, lengths, widths, and breathes of every major pyramid at Giza?
  •  In the Old Testament is the distance to every pyramid that shares the same type of setup as Giza, that are found throughout the ancient world, are their distances from Giza found within those mathematics/stories as well?
  • Plus do other ancient and active religions have the same advanced understanding/mathematics hidden within their own stories???

In order for the world to KNOW, it is going to take all the world’s religions re-looking at their stories with a mathematical eye. I’m still playing with the numbers inside other religions (those outside of the bible) and the coincidences, if you want to call them that, are interesting… if not exactly the same! And why I now find it extremely sad the whole world is going to allow this wonderfully rare moment in universal time to pass bye without a whisper of celebrated acknowledgement. Which is another reason while I’ve decided to walk away for the foreseeable future… With that… The answers to some of the world’s most exciting mysteries awaits those who want to see… if you decide you are that person, as always!

Enjoy The Ride…

–Charles Marcello


Some Comments and Replies


The reason that prophecies come true by human action is that that is how the universe actually works- God uses humans and manipulates our reality in order to carry out his plans in the physical world. Humans are not truly free will endowed but are always being subconciously manipulated by the mind of Deity. God lives vacariously though human experience- and we are the performers and portrayers-

When prophecies do occur there is always human action involved because that’s how the universe works- God uses vaious creatures ( including humans, angels, etc) and manipulates them through a method of mind control which is mostly unrecognizable by human consciousness.

The End Time global war and chaos is will soon accelerate and destroy much of western civilization and this is all being controlled by the infinite mind of Deity. December 21 will NOT bring one big giant explosion- but will be the beginning of a long 7 year destruction of civilization- the purpose of which is to eliminate this tech world and replace it with an agrarian/peaceful civilization. The coming Messiah will not have any magic powers and will NOT work miracels- but will be a lawgiver/adjucator/and interpreter to humans. The Messiah will look like an ordinary human from the ouside- and most humans will refuse to believe he is the Messiah and will seem like a normal chap who sits on the beach and enjoys an occasional glass of wine just like everybody else. When you meet the Messiah you will refuse to believe he is because of human arrogance. Humility is a higher form of intelligence than science and technology. You are looking for a miracle working Messiah who is flying around on a fine private jet- but what you will get is a humble man who spends time working in the olive orchard and doing a fair amount of gardening.



Hello Micah,

I’ve considered that train of thought as well, I’m not saying I’m right, yet for me, just like I believe aliens are not needed/responsible for monuments around the world… it is my belief we don’t need a god secretly directing us in some sick never ending game for his personal enjoyment… people simply need to believe in the words written by those who came before us.

A couple of years ago I seriously asked this question and sought the answer… “were we only created smart enough to praise our creation, yet not wise enough to condemn our creator?” In truth that question is nothing more than a Forest Gump possibility, “maybe it’s both.” The question of prophecy and can the future be seen by others… for me I know for a personal fact that the answer is yes! I’m not talking about some kind of Matrix scene, (from the movie), where you see a black cat and then a moment later you see the same cat… no, no… I’m saying in my life I’ve seen six different [events that started exactly as they were shown to me in my dreams… and I do mean exactly. Not just seconds, in all six I saw several minutes of my life play out before the events happened. The first time it happened I was eighteen, and the only reason I didn’t allow my life to finish exactly as the dream showed… I told myself as I walked away, I will be damned if I will allow fate to decide my life. The fifth time it happened, I had an epiph-a-question soon thereafter that still haunts me to this very day… ‘What if God/The Universe knows me so well, it showed me those moments to make damn sure I did not allow them to happen?” Now I don’t expect anyone to believe me, nor am I going to waste your time explaining to you post-diction… which we all know means next to nothing. (Post-diction is; claiming a prophetic vision after the fact.) I will say this however, I had a dream back in 2009 that scared me so completely I actually contacted the authorities. Thankfully that dream has yet to come true… if it does come true sometime in the future, no one will be able to deny that seeing the future is in fact possible.

Because of my own experiences, I know absolutely, we are capable of preventing the future from happening exactly as it was seen. With that, I personally believe any prophecy that talks about death and destruction is warning mankind, if this happens it only happened because you failed to heed the warning and is not, in my opinion, in support of Gods plan for humanity. You see each of those visions of my life that I mentioned above… those dreams did one thing each time, they saved me from me. Because of that experience I believe all negative prophecies are trying to save mankind from itself. While all positive prophecies are trying to help direct mankind towards a peaceful existence. Now I’m not asking anyone to subscribe to how I see our reality, nor am I asking anyone to believe what I say happened to me actually happened… the only thing I ask is that you know I believe what I said is true and that I believe I truly experienced those visions. Outside of that, time will tell if we are in the last days that are leading towards our painfully destructive end, or perhaps, that we are finally about to end our continued march towards our purposeful destruction and embrace the one law that must govern us all… that one law being… that NO one has the right to purposely physically or emotionally hurt another human being ever… and that means no one! I do know one things for certain, I firmly believe we’re all about to find out, and right soon!

–Charles Marcello



I am not a religious man nor am I a well educated man. I’m also not a scientist of any kind. With that stated I still would never call myself stupid or say that there is anything that I couldn’t eventually come to understand. I was raised Roman Catholic and did study the bible as a child. Nothing I’ve read, seen, heard or experienced in my life has led me to believe anything. I’ve only been left with questions that go unanswered. Answers that can only be true if you have faith in something are not real answers to me. At this moment in time I have no religious beliefs whatsoever. I’m not searching for any spiritual enlightenment. I’m content just existing in the moment and trying my best to live by the golden rule. I don’t go out of my way to search for any great truths anymore, but if some are right in front of me I’m always willing to take a look. I came upon this blog about a month ago by clicking on a Google image of the Giza pyramids because I thought it was neat looking and wanted to know more about what I was looking at. After reading your blog and following the recent comments (even if my head did hurt at times) I could get the gist of what your trying to say. Unfortunately for me it seems you have given me a treasure map that is not written in my language and no one is around to translate. My time is limited at the moment and with my feeble math skills (royal cubic?) and the fact that I haven’t read the bible in over 25 years it would take me perhaps years to discover what you know. I definitely wouldn’t figure anything out in time to share in a celebrated acknowledgment of the moment that is about to pass. At this moment I’ve decided I don’t have the time or tools I need to begin the journey you have taken.
As I stop and begin to step away from this for the time being I’m once again in my life left with questions. The big one is. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST COME OUT AND SAY WHAT IT IS THAT YOU HAVE DISCOVERED? Is it only for the super intelligent to know? Would religions fall apart? Would society collapse? What did those religious folks you spoke to do after you shared some of your knowledge? When most people discover something of any importance they want to shout it from the rooftops? Why not you? I could get it if it has taken you a long time and effort to figure out what you have discovered and feel like you shouldn’t just hand over your hard work for free. Why not write a book and sell it? How will I in the future when I (if I’m even able to) begin to try and discover what you have learned know if I’ve misinterpreted something or fudged a number and came to a conclusion different from yours. Finally, I end with a question that you should have no reason not to answer. If I begin the journey and follow your lead will I end up with answers that are the absolute truth or will I just end up with conclusions based on coincidence and are still open for interpretation? No matter what I enjoyed your blog and it made me think about a few things. Thank you.



Hello David,

First math doesn’t lie, that doesn’t mean we always know what the math is trying to reveal, yet math has no hidden agenda, it is what it is… now does that mean if you sit down and play with the math you will know the absolute truth of creation/reality, sadly, no! Regarding the religious and non-religious people I showed much of this information to, to me their demeanor has changed, it is as if their whole view of reality was shattered. Or stated another way, this information I believe brought each of them doubt. I believe they each understood that was not my intent, I believe they understood all I wanted to do was share some interesting information with them, and then show them how it relates to cultures and religions from around the world. Because you are able to read this blog David then that means you, (and everyone else), are able to Google any answers you don’t know, while the amount of time it will take you to discover each truth is one answer at a time. Also I agree, nothing I’ve read has ever made me believe or disbelieve once I reached adulthood… it is my own personal experiences that govern my worldview. With that, my personal experience demands most people look for someone or something to believe in without ever sitting down to see if it’s even right. While the vast majority of them will never seek to understand those undeniable parts that argue against those beliefs. You asked if religions will fall apart. In truth, I could care less about the institutions of religion(s). I’m concerned about forcing individuals to come to terms with undeniable truths that our world has told them doesn’t or never existed. The vast majority of people don’ want to see the world any different than the way they were taught to see it. William Cooper was quoted as saying… “If you wanna piss people off, no I mean really piss them all, TELL them the truth about anything.” My experiences demand that’s damn right. So for me, where this leads the world is so beyond one person, and in order to make sure it doesn’t get railroaded by anger at me or towards the information, I give it away to all who are willing to look. The entire worlds knowledge is at our fingertips, if you sit down and simply play with the math you can seek every answer… and then it becomes a journey of personal discovery, not someone trying to force you to believe anything. Even if you only have 10 free minutes a week, within that time you can find several answers. You don’t have to read as many books/websites, nor do you have to watch/listen to as many concepts as I have… you simply need to decide you want to see. The information is presented in such a way that I hope the shock value will be lessoned. I believe much of the information is so exciting that most of you who decide to see, that you will want to share that information with your family and friends… and if its coming from a family member or family friend, then the anger or fear towards this information I feel will be lessoned. Regarding writing a book, my wife has been pushing me towards that end, and I don’t know. Maybe once 2012 is behind us and world is done having a giant laugh at all those who’ve made thousands/millions off of selling fear, once all of that has died down… perhaps then, or perhaps not. I didn’t start this journey wanting anything other than to know if it was possible to learn the truth of our past. I can’t say for certain I know, yet I know for certain what many of the lies we’ve been told to believe in are. Not to mention, if you haven’t read the Bible in 25 years, you have more worldly knowledge then you did 25 years ago just by living, who knows you might be able to teach me. As I’ve said before, I believe it’s the journey. Hell I believe mine has only just begun, and for those who are willing, yours can begin whenever you’re ready.

–Charles Marcello


Concerning world prophecy… biblical, Mayans/Aztec, Egyptian/Vedic/Nordic/Native/Delphi/Shipton/Casey… the question is “How many prophecies have been made and how many have been accurately realised till date? ” Then compare the statistics to those of the Bible !!!



Hello Thomas,

I don’t deny the bible has an awesome track record when it comes to prophecy… to compare apples to apples though, all the other prophecies shouldn’t be judge so harshly until they’ve had 2000 or 3500 years to pass before they are called duds… seeing how the world had to wait that long before the bible started to fulfill more of its own prophecies in modern times… and that only depends on how you want see those prophecies.

Take the nation of Israel and the prophecies found within the bible towards that land. It is damn spooky those prophecies and how they seem to have come true. However every single prophecy in the bible has been forced to occur by human action. Examples/Meaning when the Hebrews declared a nation in a single day, the desert didn’t just bloom… it took years of hard work and some damn interesting ingenuity to make those prophecies come true. Now on two separate occasions, some could argue three, I believe people can make successful prophecy fulfilled arguments that god helped protect the nation of Israel from her enemies on the day Israel became a nation and subsequent fighting and during the Six Day War… However, people can make just as strong arguments that it was either pure luck and or poor fighting skills of Israel’s enemies that allowed that nation to survive against such overwhelming odds. Not to mention how hard it must be to convince victims of terror attacks against civilians inside Buses, Night Clubs, Shopping Malls, Weddings, etc etc etc ad nauseam that have plagued Israel since the early seventies… that somehow god’s hand protects that nation and its people. A hard sell indeed!

Plus there are other prophecies from the other side of the globe (Mayan/Aztec/Inca/American Native to name but a few) that are happening before our eyes as well… yet that is outside the scope of your point so why focus on anything on this side of the planet, right?… however the ‘Prophecy of the Popes’ and the destruction of Rome is set to come true here in the very near future, as another prophecy happening outside of the bible, whether it ends like its said to, now that should be interesting… not to mention every religion on this planet believes their version of a messiah is coming soon… real soon… while all extinct cultures declared their gods promised to return in their future our today. Going back to the Jewish people and their own mystic prophecies… according to some interpretations of the Zohar, a 400/500 year old prophecy demands the Jewish Messiah will show up sometime between September 28/29 2012 and September 28/29 2013, so we only have one year to wait to see if that prophecy is fulfilled. According to my studies of ancient prophecies (including the bible) the years 2012 to 2018 should be exciting, if not completely frightening. Regardless of prophecies… I’m convinced we’re going to destroy ourselves within the next 15 years… all worldwide prophecies be damned… The world is so unstable right now, so much so I have a hard time recognizing this planet let alone my own country… I feel at times that I’ve entered some type of parallel dimension/universe… I never thought I’d see the day where an American President calls his cabinet members Czars and that the President of Russia would be warning the United States about the dangers of Socialism… yet that is the world we live in today… and what’s even more stranger still, everyone seems possessed with fighting over the world is ending or not ending… while no one seems to want to focus on celebrating being alive at this extremely rare moment in time. To hell with all the prophecies of death and destruction… to hell with how upside down this world is… there is an event that hasn’t happened in 25,920 years known as the Procession of the Equinox, people can ignore December 3 all they want… yet from one end of this planet to the other, in legend after legend… Our ancient ancestors would’ve sold their souls to be alive right now, while their children’s children (we) are ripping out each other throats, calling each other names, doing everything we can to pick a fight over anything, while ignoring the whole damn thing they told us to look for and celebrate. If there is a god that judges this world, for us to ignore such a rare event how the hell could he not find us guilty?

–Charles Marcello

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  1. Gary Schoenung says

    I’m constantly amazed at peoples tendency to attach complicated theological and philosophical explanations to what remains of modified architectural ruins from thousands of years ago. The fact that there is no obvious explanation for their existence with our current frame of reference does not mean that there is no practical, logical reason for them to be there. As time passes and we continue to learn and progress we will eventually understand the many “mysteries” that are scattered around our planet. Until that time outrageous speculations are of no more value then many of the unsubstantiated ideas that are currently accepted as fact.

  2. keldoone says

    A lot of la dee da… one and one equals two except when it doesn’t… E=MC2 except when it doesn’t… the speed of light is what ever light wants to be… numbers may be only more manipulated than language… and language is at best an honest lie. Show me the side of an orange? which side? We play with concepts having no real knowledge of what we are doing…. many many scientists have come up with incredible formulations of numbers, symbols, and context… yet if it does not meet the established curriculum it is ignored, harrassed and then killed. Certainly will never get published… until the internet.
    The Old Testament or Tora is a collection of stories from many different peoples of the eastern Mediteranean… I really doubt if any of them are actually about the Hebrew people…That said, as one commenter noted, the stories we read are of the victor and almost always are a hyperboly…. or hyper bully?
    So, we have a master number manipulator… why would anyone want to fall for that? Take a statistics class… learn how to fudge numbers… The government is really masterful at it…next comes econmonics… Wow! they’ll blow your mind.
    And bankers… don;t get me started on the “fractional system” what a line of *($&%^&*@#.
    So here we are wondering what is going to heppen… I suggest getting out your head and into your heart… the heart has 5,000 times the electromagnetic field of the brain and is infinitely more intelligent… however the powers that be do not want us going there… they would prefer that we be drugged and docile… if not stupid.

  3. Blanche McLanahan says

    Charles what I have found along this journey is the Bible never speaks to me when I use my mind or intellect. The thing was written like poetry, through han emotion. Finally, I realized how it links our emotion. Did you know we have 44,000 neurons (brain cells) in our heart and right now, in most of us they have turned off?
    We must feel with our hearts and let the minds reasoning go. The book lives through us and will finally open when we think with our hearts. Our heart rate does not pulse with the Universe. Yet the upcoming planetary alignment will shift earths frequency to the pulse coming out of the Milky Way aligning out heart rate and turning on these neurons. Then we shall all understand the WORD OF GOD realizing it comes from inside us.

  4. Frank Rozee says

    I first became interested in “what’s out there” in 1947 around the age of 16 when as a deck hand on a British Merchant Ship in mid Atlantic I saw and now know was a UFO then just seen as a strange thing seen in the twilight, was silver or metallic and was just hovering at a distance of about half a mile, around 2 to 3 hundred feet off the water,was seen by the rest of the crew, the ships “sparks” tried to get an identification from it by flashing light { Morse Code } to no avail.
    The above is what has stirred my interest in all things that you discuss on you blog, reading everything I could get my hands on, I used to get NICAP’s news & publication’s when it came in a “plain brown envelope” as in those days it was a topic that was ridiculed by most people. Then reading stuff like Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision”. Then on to Eric Von Daniken’s “Chariots of The Gods” attending his discussion/debates on his topics,when he came to Canada year’s back. and countless other well known writers on these topics up to the present day, I soon came to the conclusion that there were Ancient Aliens on Earth at some time, and the prime evidence is written on the Sumerian tablets that have been taken/stolen by countless museums around the globe, as portrayed by Zacharia Sitchin, having read “The 12th Planet” in the 70’s, and all his subsequent book’s, has been a profound influence on my thinking to this day.
    My prime conclusion is that a person can not get answers from the Bible of any faith as this is material that is copy of copy’s, plus distorted to spew forth the doctrine of that particular faith, in order to get a following, and written 2 to 3 thousand year’s after the fact.
    The Sumerian tablets on the other hand, as considered by most researchers were transcribed to them by a previous “bunch” that were masters of keeping time, understanding and knowing how the universe works, WHAT’S OUT THERE movement of the planets, knowing what “goes around come’s around” as they had recorded it over thousand’s of year’s, the “6 day’s of creation” for instance, a day on earth as it revolves around our Sun, can be hundred’s of “our day’s” plus or minus on another planet, or how come as our records show the some Ancients lived for hundred’s of years.
    To me it is such a shame that so much energy and time by many people and the church in “my time” instead of studying “the ancient myths” has been devoted and directed at debunking and trying to disprove any theory of “ancient astronauts” that we have really missed the boat. the irony being maybe we all came from ” The Fallen Angels” and will we know at the end of this year. we do know for sure THEY are watching us.

  5. Frank Rozee says

    I first became interested in “what’s out there” in 1947 around the age of 16 when as a deck hand on a British Merchant Ship in mid Atlantic I saw and now know was a UFO then just seen as a strange thing seen in the twilight, was silver or metallic and was just hovering at a distance of about half a mile, around 2 to 3 hundred feet off the water,was seen by the rest of the crew, the ships “sparks” tried to get an identification from it by flashing light { Morse Code } to no avail.
    The above is what has stirred my interest in all things that you discuss on you blog, reading everything I could get my hands on, I used to get NICAP’s news & publication’s when it came in a “plain brown envelope” as in those days it was a topic that was ridiculed by most people. Then reading stuff like Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision”. Then on to Eric Von Daniken’s “Chariots of The Gods” attending his discussion/debates on his topics,when he came to Canada year’s back. and countless other well known writers on these topics up to the present day, I soon came to the conclusion that there were Ancient Aliens on Earth at some time, and the prime evidence is written on the Sumerian tablets that have been taken/stolen by countless museums around the globe, as portrayed by Zacharia Sitchin, having read “The 12th Planet” in the 70’s, and all his subsequent book’s, has been a profound influence on my thinking to this day.
    My prime conclusion is that a person can not get answers from the Bible of any faith as this is material that is copy of copy’s, plus distorted to spew forth the doctrine of that particular faith, in order to get a following, and written 2 to 3 thousand year’s after the fact.
    The Sumerian tablets on the other hand, as considered by most researchers were transcribed to them by a previous “bunch” that were masters of keeping time, understanding and knowing how the universe works, WHAT’S OUT THERE movement of the planets, knowing what “goes around come’s around” as they had recorded it over thousand’s of year’s, the “6 day’s of creation” for instance, a day on earth as it revolves around our Sun, can be hundred’s of “our day’s” plus or minus on another planet, or how come as our records show the some Ancients lived for hundred’s of years.
    To me it is such a shame that so much energy and time by many people and the church in “my time” instead of studying “the ancient myths” has been devoted and directed at debunking and trying to disprove any theory of “ancient astronauts” that we have really missed the boat. the irony being maybe we all came from ” The Fallen Angels” and will we know at the end of this year. we do know for sure THEY are watching us.

  6. Scordra says

    This type of math is not my strong point and even with a master’s degree I will admit, what is the point of the math shown/provided? What is it suppose to show?? Here are some other things to ponder: Math doesn’t have to lie but it’s computations can be used to point to wrong conclusions. Like with statistics, you have to be careful…very careful. Can/do we as humans use math to prove things that are truly our own beliefs and values (not ones shared with the rest)??

    Micah – I do not think the answer is to walk totally away from technology and embrace a new (just) agrarian society. I do think technology has become a crutch like most institutionalized religions and texts. What I think needs to happen is balance and the world will always seek that by itself. The world shouldn’t be patriarchal or matriarchal, it should be both. We should embrace the feminine and the masculine. The world shouldn’t claim one religious path, it should honor and embrace the truths that can be found in each. This world needs balance and if we as humans can’t evolve to embrace that…we will find destruction and chaos.

    Love & Light,

  7. Michael D. Howard says

    Charles Is The Numbers Game the Way to Understanding Life’s (humanities) Purpose?

    Personal relationship within the context of the Creation allows us the experience of Devine Truth. The resulting understanding must however be validated, or if you wish measured, by the yard stick of Spiritual Truth. In my way of thinking the human destiny goal can be found in Corinthians Chapter 13. Our validation point is called the fruit of the Spirit with a measuring reference point found in Galatians 5:22-23. There is even a statement of accountability standard contained in Ezekiel Chapter 18:1-32. Notice I used the word standard to imply the lesson to be learned.

    I myself put aside all the math stuff. I understand the human DNA replication and hence growth operates at its peak efficiency when we as humanity manifest characteristics of Agape Love which are described in Corinthians & Galatians. That positive light energy affects the positive growth of the human genome/DNA/Molecular Cell’s.

    It (Cellular level) deteriorates from: hate; envy; unforgivness ; strife when masked as competition etc, etc,. There are some entities that have their growth however from these evil’s which cause our bodies (at the cellular level) and Spiritual growth to decay.

    Is the Bible a reliable source of history or future predictions? If yes then I guess your math work drawn from its pages or ok. But if not then what of your conclusions: I refer you to the following link. Bible Codes and Mathematical interpretations are being taken from scriptures containing information which is not entirely true. This includes the supposed Biblical predictions of the founding of Israel in 1948.

    Do you get you get your understanding of things by drawing your numbers from the story of Noah? That is drawn from an earlier story about Gilgamesh.

    The numbers interpolations (seeking of answers) many of you are deriving from scripture cannot be relied on for all absolute truth. Yes there are something’s about the Universe you can derive from it. But why you are here?; what is your purpose?: your spiritual walk will not come from studying the number patterns you find it the Scriptures. You can only find that from a personal relationship with what you tend to refer of as God. Unfortunately many confuse the entities (little g’s of those Bible Stories) of the Bible with the Real Cause of All Things which is not into Blood Sports i.e. the Sacrifice of Rams and Bulls or people/humanity

    You can prove me wrong however by establishing a personal Spiritual relationship for which you can test and it will not be by a math test of number copulations. Also please remember in your Spiritual Walk we have are existence in the realm in what I call the Land of Shadows (our earthly existence) where it does rain on the just and the unjust alike. However the “Just” know there is a better existence ahead for them in the place of all Light so they can often rejoice and move forward when adversity (See movie “Places in the Heart) comes their way. PS I am still trying to get that lesson learned.

    Peace & Blessings Always and my the Light of Love (agape) manifest in you and those about you,

    Mike H.

  8. NB says

    I am in a golden cage learning and experiencing but the Universe knows that I am seeing the move, watching the vibes and instead of studying dreaming of A Big Big Family, Community Reunion.

    I must admit the role I am playing is one of FIRE. Yet I am in the dessert, where my fire is useless. I want to release it, before the pains of BIRTH.

    Anyway our Collective Self has a dry humor, what can we do? I say find the ROCK and start preparation for the PARTYYYYYYYYY.

    ONE LOVE, Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow.
    One Heart
    One Soul
    One Baby Boy for Christmas???????

  9. Jason apoyan says

    Monuments like these charles are fascinating to say the least when there is such knowledge presented in such a manner like this we can not resist to become aware of a programe that has the potential to make a unit for experience if that makes any sense the number game works well for how could you measure the heavens above the matter is experienced by the whole a shared time exchange can be experienced as well could it be true that this a shared ride and we are not alone as do some messengers of god claim within there scriptures given that man is god alone that in the infinite void we are the might compaired to the empire thats why it must be so further in space we travel.

  10. says

    FROM THE VOID WHERE NUMBERS BECOME ONE OR MANY: As one who knows, or thinks — The void of no thing offers one the ability to view reality from TRUTH. We are all things and no one thing. We are mind and we are monadically multifaceted. We enter realms whereby we are able to look upon our selves by a system of feedback looping. Manifestation of forms suggests a massive realm where we are able to participate in unison and in oneness. Light beings are we in some cases whereby we are able to create our own vehicles in TIME/SPACE. We enter these vehicles of complexity in a world of complexity guided by an assemblage of elementals held within the laws of God or what you seem to call, physics. Numbers rule this realm and is its language. Numbers are iterations with nuances that mean something. They issue forth at the behest of MIND. Mind is the collector of all known and unknown potential to such manifestation in Time/Space. The higher vehicle you ride is a light machine of programmed automation in a package and physicality that is designated via karma held in Time/Space and the generative order. It is imperative that you dwell your thoughts upon this paradigm so you may see yourself beyond physicality. Through deep contemplation you may rediscover your issuance into all of being and becoming through thought which is your vehicle of transfer and the holder of what some call MAGIC. It is the ultimate means of occupation outside of the sheath. Seek your deepness.

    If one seeks total deepness, we can see ourselves in virtually every dimension of flowing. This requires a dream state from physicality whereby one may see glimpses of this realm. If cultivated, one may see the holospirited realm of two or three souls. If one grows, we shall see all linkages and then know our oneness. This complexity is massive and one must be willing to relinquish our hold on the ‘HORIZON’. The worldly unknown will wash in upon your cursor but hold on until you recover. Humanity has held itself back from REASON for far too long. We have much to learn of our capabilities through contemplation.

    Our minds intuitively know all parameters here for we would not exist unless all data were present. Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.

  11. Michael D. Howard says

    Forget the 2012 thing. It was called on the count of rain.

    I have always considered the Bible as having interesting stories and I do use it in context. I also know the winner gets to write the story. Notice the story of Gilgamesh the older flood story is not playing in Hollywood. They are making a movie about Noah.

    The Bible to me is just a clever ET story left by those who at history’s dawn had control and authority. Yes, in my opinion, it does contain useful information (“Love Your Neighbor as Thyself”) but it is tainted for a purpose that does not benefit humanity in terms of a free people.

    There is always a bigger somebody on the block and that Entity is now in play. When I observe all the doom and gloom predicators and compare our times with say the19 10’s through the 30’s, earth history shows me we live in good times. Better weather and less destructive earthquakes and disease. 300K people have not died in the US in one day as it did with the swine flu. The most destructive weather and earthquakes worldwide, including famine was during that period as far as modern times are concerned. Also the 1923 solar flare.

    Saving a solar storm that affects the grid life will continue on after Dec 3rd 2012 and Dec 21.

    Sorry your old ET god’s (little g’s lost out)+ their familiars (right out of Blade Trinity movie) together with all of their math and numbers will not aide them now in bring about humanities destruction for their own selfish gain.

    Peace & Blessings Always.

  12. Jorge says

    God is…. the universe and its components, existence, life and all its living things, being able to concrete effective halucinations created in our minds, in our own world by our senses. It is the presence of materiality perceived by our senses. If we did not have senses our world would not exist, and neither would God. Therefore, everything that we see, hear, touch, smell or taste is the world of material perception, a complex pure imagination of our minds of something that does not exist caused by the sixth sense.
    Numbers exist in our minds only and are the capability to determine and the quality of materiality. Any relation that we find in numbers is an obvious one due the relation among the elements. 1 plus 1 = 2. Here the elements are 1 and 1 and the relation between them is 2, and obvious example. The association of the sum of its parts.
    1 = 1
    1,2 =3
    1,2,3 = 6
    1, 2,3,4 = 10
    1,2,3,4,5 = 15
    1,2,3,4,5,6 = 21
    The difference between each addition is,
    21-15 = 6
    15-10 = 5
    10-6 = 4
    6-3 = 3
    3- 1 = 2
    1 -0 = 1
    If we multiply these numbers we get…
    1*1 = 1
    2*2 = 4
    3*3 = 9
    4*4 =16
    If we subtract them by each other we get,
    36-25 = 11
    25-16 = 9
    16-9 = 7
    9-4 = 5
    4-1 = 3
    and their differences is a constant… 2.
    Now let us look at Fibonacci numbers,
    1+2 = 3
    2+3 = 5
    3+5 = 8
    5+8 =13
    8+13 =21
    Their multiple are…
    1*2 =2
    2*3 =6
    3*5 =15
    5*8 =40
    8*13 =104
    Their product differences amounts to…
    1870-714 =1156
    714-273 =441
    273-104 =169
    104-40 =64
    40-15 =25
    15-6 =9
    6-2 =2
    here the square root of each subtraction is as follows,
    Sqrt of 3025 =55
    1156 =34
    441 =21
    169 =13
    64 = 8
    25 =5
    9 =3
    where the square roots are the Fibionacci numbers again. If you keep going you will find that the universe and all its components obey a law of numbers which cannot be reversed. Therfore, any prediction, statement of thought or prophecy will take place….be it the tribulation, the mayan calendar, or anything that has been written in the past forsaken to the future, present or the past. Anything that has not been written in the past will not happen because we bear the word of our written history and testimony.
    The Fibonacci numbers rule and are the universal law count in the cosmos.

  13. blanche mclanahan says

    The Torah is compilation through time of man’s evolution and adaptation. DNA is the Holy of Holies. The Hebrew characters as numbers, letters and words that define in 3 letter sequences or codon, the sets which encode the essentials ( amino acids) to build the Holy Temple of our bodies.
    I believe the Hebrew letters of the Ten Commandments are the key to deciphering the whole of the text and each to human emotion………levo and dextro aminos affix the molecules of emotion as to whether positive or negative. Their numerical values affix locations in the text and align to chromosomes. The words describe the emotional expression.
    The following verse refers to the mtDNA……causing hostility between woman and man. It is the seed of our physiologic dissension.
    “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring [marg., seed] and hers; he will crush [marg., strike] your head, and you will strike his heel.”
    To “honor thy mother and father” is taken literally of course. Their gift bestowed on us in creation of our very lives. But, concealed in those words brings meaning to life in that of the zygote, the union of two gametes. !/2 chromosomes from the mother and 1/2 from our fathers. But, the above verse speaks of enmity between them…….
    The mtDNA comes only from our mothers. So, the verse says one thing and the commandment another. The mtDNA is an anomaly……….fragments of the 1/2 to equal the whole in replication. They were removed from the nuclear envelope when the spindle divided with asymmetry…..a dividing of the waters, a flood of genetic material into the cytoplasm. Our fall from grace and removed from the garden.
    The fish and their number refer to our shift from our true point of origin. The vesica pisces shows at its center the shift from the true point……..and division would have created two circles each with a center point radiating equidistantly to the periphery. This number has its place within the circular genome of the mtDNA.
    A Biblical story mentions the clay and iron rod. Clay of the Earth from which we were created and the iron inherent in Earth’s core and man’s blood (hemoglobin). The Iron atom is cause of the asymmetrical divide, when one considers energy and mass ratios and the ferromagnetic potential of the iron atom. The cause of our transgressions is iron; “a ferrous bar en hydro-magna”.
    The Anointed One is the Son gift the mtDNA……..of his mother and will be the one carrying the coded sequence that will undo the sins by retro-inversion back into the nuclear envelope these fragments gift our mothers making us at once and again whole.
    I believe AIDS is the virus that will complete the task. The end time, or end of the program is now.
    History records our evolution. The Torah is compilation of our history through time. We wrote the book living in an evolution dictated by time. The encoding occurred on the horizontal line, wherein the lateral inversion the circle failed to mirror the vertical line or sign of the cross image between parallel lines………and time reversed as Hebrew letters run right to left and now our expression is left to right. The encryption is held along the diagonal line beginning with the placements of the letter dalet in the text.
    A 45 degree shift left from the vertical has forced we walk through linear time. The meaning is still written between the lines………only to realize the circle which is time.
    Find the center-most letter of the characters in the text. Radiate sections of compact letters equidistantly from its center divided into eight spoke like lines to the periphery. Then spin the outermost letters the line shift to bring out new meaning. Then work each section moving inward turning clockwise until you reach center point of the letters which will dispel the truths of time.
    Time was a circle then. Now we walk the line hoping and praying that this center will radiate harmony beyond any peripheral doubt!

    We are the Living Book…..every atom, molecule and cell.

    ‘Thy Will Be Done’
    Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name………..
    We can cure the cause, not merely treat the symptoms manifest of our dis-ease.
    The “ferrous bar en hydro-magna” lies in an encapsulated domain.
    Moses means to extricate, draw out of the waters.
    The battle lies between the Red Sea and the Cytoplasmic pond.
    The blue light of nitrogen fails to prevent iron’s oxidation
    The cells now deplete oxygen’s energy
    And hydrogen is freed to drag us under.
    Ionizing regimented forces compel the traces of our metal armor
    Shifting the frequency into a static evolution.
    But the message in our microchip must prevail
    Though out of phase and locked in a time warp.
    RNA attempts to carry the missing pieces of the code
    But is ignorant of her deed failing to see the true need.
    Frame shift mutants fill the void in the valley
    Where shadows and darkness blind us.
    Organelles regenerate consumed with fragments of the true code
    Now marked on templates who transfer these dying bodies call.
    Zinc and aluminum are transmitted through the blood-brain barrier
    And the conductor copper is displaced into the synovial fluids
    Unable to break free the water’s tide.
    The silver chords composing and binding life’s music
    Now melt in confusion.
    Iron’s weight has mislaid our atomic ballast
    And we are tossed on these seas
    Alone and adrift until God sees fit
    That the breeze of time should blow us to shore.

    Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done……
    On Earth now as is it is Heaven………
    Please give us this day.

  14. Bbig Ffish says

    I love your point of view .I have to admit I won’t be gaining any knowledge from the math ,I wish I could but I look at numbers and my head spins .But thats OK I still get everything your saying and I wholeheartedly agree .I am doing my best to get people to see how great it is to be alive at this time ,I can’t wait .But is it Dec 21 2012 that the Equinox happens ,thats what I have been telling everyone .Also do you have a You Tube channel ,Thank You for all your work even if I don;t understand the math I do get the point .Keep on doing what your doing cause your doing it right and God Bless

  15. says

    Once (after) a person has read the 14 clay tablets of Enki, certain very real conclusions are just sitting there.
    1) These unnamed peoples who have been called the Anun.nakim (but they do not call themselves that, just as the Celtic people never called themselves the Celts) – These Anu (of a thousand names) are called by Nostradamus in the Hidden Texts – the NUMERATORS, the METRICIANS, the SINE and many other names which indicate they think numerically. For me the simplest and most outstanding fact with these gods is that their base number is TWELVE. This includes numbers which divide into and numbers which 12 divides into.
    Thus: 48 constellations – 12 of which are our “zodiacs”.
    24 hours in a day (currently)
    12 months in a year
    360 days in a year (originally) – it must have given them some real angst that our orbit was knocked off to a further 5 days (but note what Marcello said about the number 5). And this may well have happened because of their own (3,600 year) orbit!
    Sixty minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute. The latitudes and longitudes are divisible by 5 and by 12s
    72 virgins waiting for’s followers
    The days of tribulation 1260 is 105 times 12 (and 105 = 6)
    Even the number of times Earth will fit across the face of the sun is 108!
    These are the gods who “made humans in their image” – those same gods with a 12 strand DNA – giving us 4 (including the planned obsolescence of mortality)
    Enlil, who arrived with Enki/EyAh in Genesis 2.
    Enlil the YHWH Chief Pilot in charge of 3 planets

    and so on
    None of which disagrees with da Vinci’s “riddles” or the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus
    The decoded Da Vinci will be appearing soon at the new web site – at no cost of course

    • Jorge says

      In the Tarot cards, you will find that the 12 gods that came to earth from heaven are depicted in these ards. The rest of the cards tell what is the outcome when their combinations have been presented to each person of the past, present and future. In the same manner and an analogy of these cards is the I Ching and the 64 combinations which describes the ending of the I Ching on December 21, 2012. A very intersting description of the I Ching is found on this you tube video…

      2012 Pole Shift – Mayan and I Ching prediction

      How is it, that two different civilization came to be to the same effect and world consequences.

  16. says

    Enjoy The Ride -well ,well that certainly leaves the window open doesnt it.Ive read everything youve written about this and still do not begin to fathom what you are getting at.If you have something that will help humanity in our time you really do have a responsibility to your fellow man to share it.

  17. Jennifer says

    You said, “I’m concerned about forcing individuals to come to terms with undeniable truths that our world has told them doesn’t or never existed.” If I ask you to help me then it wouldn’t be forced. I am desperate to know, to learn. My world has been turned upside down the past two years and I don’t recognize “myself” anymore, and the god/religion/bible that I once knew is dead. I am starving for truth but I can’t quite get to it. It’s like a giant glass wall is separating me from “it”. Math is terrifying to me and I don’t understand it. But if I knew where and how to begin, I would. I have read many of your articles and I am left feeling frustrated. All the math goes over my head and I’m not afraid to learn the truth, but you don’t come out and reveal what it is. I feel like the starving person chasing the carrot on the stick. You are not responsible for how people react to the truth; but I do believe we are responsible (once we attain it) to share the truth. The truth will set you free, right? How can I be set free if I am not show? The Disciples were lucky to have been face-to-face with the great Master Yeshua. But I don’t have that. Who, besides religious leaders, is going to teach me so that I can teach others? I am as eager as they come to learn and my beliefs & ideals have already been shattered, so I’m an excellent candidate. I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want my reoccurring nightmares of not being prepared for the exam to come true. Teach me!

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Jennifer,

      The easiest way for us to face our fears is to stand up to them. You have a computer so you have a calculator. If you’re reading this you have the Internet. You simply need to begin… let me show you how easy it is; The Creation Story…

      Day 1)

      Day 2)
      24 * 24 = 576

      Day 3)
      24 * 24 * 24 = 13,824

      Day 4)
      24 *24 * 24 * 24 = 331,776

      Day 5)
      24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 = 7,962,624

      Day 6)
      24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 = 191,102,976

      Day 7)
      24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 = 4,586,471,424

      Today the world demands our planet is 4.58 or 4.6 billion years old. Times the creation story by 3.9, that equals… 17,887,238,553.6, now how old does our world tell us our universe is? All that is written above, and all that is shown in this opening blog was done using a standard computer calculator. You simply need to grab your Bible and when you see the age of a person… times that age by a biblical year, ie 360. Then Google/engine search those answers. If you can’t find the answers right way, save your work or print it out. Share it with friends, email the math to your family and friends, once you do that then and only then begin to go a little further. Jennifer I firmly believe its the personal journey that will teach you… the best I could do is possibly confuse you more, because I don’t have the answer, I simply know what some of the lies are. You are just as smart as I am, trust in yourself as much as I trust in your ability to see.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Jennifer says

        If I calculate everything by 360 what is the purpose? What am I looking for? I can use a calculator but if I don’t understand what *problem* I’m trying to solve, then what good is the answer? Numbers mean very little to me – as far as comprehension goes. What are the lies? That is what I want to know. “Times the creation story by 3.9, that equals… 17,887,238,553.6” Where did you get 3.9? Also, what is the significance of multiplying someone’s age by 360? And then I’m supposed to Google what? I’m waiting for that ah-ha moment when I understand what all the math is supposed to be revealing. Also, just as a side note, I don’t for one minute believe our universe is merely 6,000-10,000 years old. That is insanity at it’s core. LOL! Thank you for your patience. I really do want to learn this!!!

      • blanche mclanahan says

        The Bible is the human genome…..That is precisely why Charles cannot tell you what he found. You must identify with the book…it will then speak to you directly. it contains the DNA imprint or genetic script of every man born under this sun. The Bible is a living book. The encryption of letters representing the genetic alphabet in three letter codes is multifaceted and multidimensional, thus the Hebrew lwtters were born. The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden is referring to nuclear DNA. The downfall or extrication from the Garden refers to mitochondrial DNA.
        >> Mitochondrial DNA encapsulates the SECRET KEY hidden within it’s circular untouched code spared from the ravages of mutation in our evolution with time. It therefore maintains the root code mentioned in the Bible; “Fear not; behold, the root of David, the Tribe of Judah hath prevailed, and one would come to loose the seven seals thereof.”
        >> Our lives have been dictated by linear time running to and fro, a vacillation on a line of code. The genetic program set in motion by union of the Nephilim gamete and human gamete…..the resulting zygote whose cell division finds chromosome fragments adrift in the cytoplasmic pond, a gift only from our mothers. Documented in time is our fall from grace, expelled from the garden of nuclear DNA.
        >> Yet within Moses name is hidden another key. The name Moses means; to extricate, draw out of the waters. In his books of the Torah researchers have found many secrets of encoded ancient knowledge. And in reading the English translation some can ‘see’ between the lines the true meaning.
        >> From the beginning (AB INITIO), man and woman were created in perfection of G-d, not in his likeness.
        >> The Nephilim were cause of the hostility placed between G-d, man and woman. Prior to the Nephilim error humans carried only nuclear DNA. Their breeding with daughters of man forced a fragmentation of the chromosomal fibers as the magnetic centriole paired to divide the spindle forcing into the cytoplasm a portion of our mothers genes. Carried with it were the keys to our immortality.
        >> Our likeness to the creator comes in form of the machinery or organelles in the cytoplasm where messengers deliver script or code to mimic what nuclear DNA had done in the beginning. Now all through time RNA, a co-creator has been attempting to instill or implant the code back through the nuclear envelope but could not breach the barriers of the nuclear membrane.
        >> Then thousands, if not millions of years later comes a viral fragment encrypted so powerfully it is able to retro-invert itself directly into the nDNA and make copies of it’s monstrosity….proliferating to the point of annihilation of the host.
        >> But I say to you remove the stigma to loose judgement on the souls of those inflicted, as they were chosen to carry back to humanity the missing KEY. We have suffered through time to reach the very precipice on which we stand….as this retro action will replace the letter substitution that linear time has prognosticated simply by looking backward in time. and will return us to our true place of origin.
        We are immortal creatures whose time will come at once and again.

        Iron was part of the Nephilim physiological makeup. And the ferromagnetic potential was ignited by the high energy in the human daughters. Thus the stronger but temporary magnetic field pulled fragments of the human contribution locking them in the cytoplasm of the cell. That circular DNA is about to be loosed and combined with nuclear DNA as the true magnetic field of the strong nuclear force becomes that center (Mono-pole) where all is equidistant to the periphery. The Galactic Alignment of 2012 is the point in time our non- coding and “junk” DNA will switch on.

        Isaiah 28:10-11
        “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”
        ..Albert Einstein..

  18. Brenda Brown says

    It should be fairly simple to grasp that if the Bible’s prophecies and numerical value work to perfection, that the truth of the Bible itself also works to perfection. The problem isn’t in the Bible, or the God who inspired its writings, but in the people interpreting what is being said. You get the same problem with any book, especially with books whose writings contain layers of truth. The solution is to get to know the God who wrote it, not tear it all to pieces and put it back together as it suits us.

    Misconceiving what the Bible says is so easy because to begin with, even though it’s a compilation of a number of books, they are all interconnected, and you really can’t get the whole truth on any issue until you’ve read every place that talks about it. And secondly, those who copied it all out and compiled it, wrote it in verses instead of paragraphs and books – which is how it was originally written. They started new ‘verses in the middle of sentences, and even started new chapters right in the middle of a sentence, which, because people read the Bible by verses, makes misunderstanding it extremely easy.

    Sorry Charles, I disagree completely that its just a book of junk, under which lies a fantastic array of numbers that all mean something. If the numbers associated with the junk, add up, maybe you better take another look at the ‘junk’.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Brenda Brown,

      I don’t remember saying the Bible equals junk, nor can I find where I hinted towards such. In another blog I too mentioned the relatively new error of the chapter and verse addition, which I agree took away from the real story and directed everyone towards someone’s mistaken idea of what that book is trying to say. Now I did say the people, (those who may have or did live in our cycle thousands of years ago) and the god spoken about in the Old Testament, in my opinion, has very little to do with the real story beneath those stories. For instance, if I took the Bible off face value alone, then the god spoken of in the first two books broke every law, save for one, before he wrote those ten commandments that is supposed to govern us all. Not to mention how murdering people is not wrong according to the bible, as long as a voice that you believe equals god, commands it…. oh, and that you have the power to force that belief onto your subjects and those you’ve conquered. Now, if someone has or is living an abusive lifestyle, they may say something silly like,’ gods creation his rules…’ which every tyrant throughout history has in fact simulated. That’s not a god I’m interested in serving. Yet here’s where it gets interesting, outside of prophecy the bible has nothing new to say. There are stories from all over the world that are very similar if not exactly the same as those found throughout the bible. In my other blog, ‘2012 and the Pyramids at Giza, down in the comments section I suggested if people want to read an excellent book on that very subject they should search for, ‘The Golden Bough’ by Sir James Frazier. (There is an audio version you can download and research every aspect of it for free online.) If you know the Bible and read ‘The Golden Bough’, you will know what a King, Stranger and a wolf have in common, and how that truth helps explain/explore how religions of the world have far more in common than those small things that separate them. Also, I’m not interested in making anyone believe or disbelieve the Bible, let alone anything I have/had to say… I’m only interested if people are willing to see/find out for themselves if there is a story beneath the stories in the Bible, and hidden within all religions of the world, by simply doing the math. I believe the evidence proves/connects this planet to a world that no longer exists… or perhaps we might learn this is more correct… a world that was, was not, and NOW IS, as far as advanced knowledge/our understanding of reality is concerned. Let me be clear, I believe the Bible has great wisdom within it, so I would not refer to the Bible as junk… Even if I do believe the bible has been purposely changed, along with all the other religions of the world.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Charles,

        That’s my point. There are many things in the Bible that appear to contradict each other, especially in the Old Testament, killing, sacrificing, etc., but God works not unlike many architects, who build blueprints and models first, then the reality. Way too much to explain here, but Hebrews 10:1 lets you know that ‘the Law’ – basically the first 5 books of the Bible, was just a shadow, a figure or type of what God was really after. God first told the Jews in Exodus, to obey His voice, and said nothing of various laws and sacrifices until they decided they wanted Moses to draw near to God for them, while they did their own thing. That’s not how any relationship works, so instead of just ‘divorcing’ them outright, He gave them laws that revealed deeper truths than what meets the eye. If they wanted to really understand them, the truth was there to see. If not, all they would see is the laws. If you want to really get what the Bible is saying, you have to commit to reading the whole thing, and listening for the clues that unlock the depths of it.

        • Jorge says

          The contradictions found in the bible are due to different versions spoken at the time. Benefited by how the interpretations of the people of what they saw or heard. The image that begotted in their presence to explain their “vision”, in comparison to our time, we would judge that vision as something extraterrestial or mechanical. Then at the time of the bible there were contradictory events led by “different gods”, or false gods with the intention to confuse their followers that also contributed to disfunction of the written tales. Many have written and rewritten to their own benefit as well. I have read the bible twice, and everytime I see very “absurd interpretations of visions” (Daniel or Eseikiel or others) that makes me doubt of its veracity, finding these decription of ignorance of the time. Although their visions would be equal to that of an islander´s description of an airplane landing to his island and receiving a “glory of food”. Now, wouldn´t you think the pilot is god? So, religion has its flaws and so does the bible. I do not think the whole book is authentic, but many oparts may still be authentic.

          St. Mathews´s Passion and St. John´s versions may the most reliable in terms of interpretation of Christ´s “words and wisdom” and descriptive bible Psalms. The rest is a misery of man´s greed for conquest, riches and posessions and wars, the outcome of human´s still in the age of savages and animalism. The Genesis is a verbal interpretation of an unreal vision of the creation or mathematically miscalculated and a law giving selfish god who divided the world in different languages and religions for what!!…so that they may be fighting all the time?? This “talks” about control and subdueing masses for what purpose….control, force, slavery!!! An example in our modern world?? Another aspect in the creation is…”you will not eat the fruit of the forbidden tree or you will learn wisdom…and you will be outcasted from the “eden” and rot in hell…what the… is this!!! what the hell was “wisdom” (Christ taught and shared wisdom) a meant prohibition…..another selfish attempt to subdue humans to ignorance. Is that the almighty god that we respect??? Definitely, there are more than “two hands of the pen” to state veracity and veritability.
          Besides, there are some child visions there, no offense to believers…..
          Find proof to believe, if there is no proof, no belief.
          God in the universe, mathematics and nothing else. The rest is a fairy godmothers´ tale of subduction, slavery, wars and remorse.


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