December 3, 2012


Note: This post is continuation of the article 2012 and the Pyramids At Giza
by Charles Marcello


At the time of this posting there is just over 60 days left before December 3, 2012.

I’ve been debating with myself over the last couple of months if I should even take you people down this road. The possible repercussions for science and religious people alike, once the magnitude is understood, could be highly negative. Because 2012 is almost behind us, I know once this year has passed this blog will then fade into the dust of history… because of that I’ve decided to go ahead and show you how to find more exciting information before I walk away from this discussions for the foreseeable future. Before I take you there I feel it is important to help get your minds ready for what I’m about to do. As always I’m not going to show you everything, however I will show you how to find all the answers. While at the same time showing you how I’ve never hid anything from any of you.

I firmly believe it is the journey that will teach more than the information itself. Which is why I need to show this simple connection before I reveal how you can bring the entire ancient world together.

It is taught in the old world that man’s years shall be 120 years, and then later it is said God declared he will dwell among humanity for 120 years… while in the new world they have it marked/taught that the special days of God(s) is 5 days… 120/24 = 5. When I first understood that connection while at the same time playing with the numbers 144,000 and 666, to say I found myself caught in world of hidden knowledge would be an understatement. So much so in fact I often whisper to myself, “if I would’ve understood the bible then as I do now, I would’ve told the world to take this truth and shove it way way up where the sun don’t shine.” As exciting as parts of this have been, following this knowledge to its conclusions have been in a word, disturbing. No I don’t believe knowledge by itself is dangerous, how people react to, or use, that knowledge however, as history proves over and over again, is!

When I started to piece together the old world’s beliefs with the new, I found myself seeing religions and the history of the world in a different light. That doesn’t mean I see it as all bad, nor am I going to try an convince you its all good. However, what if all the days from then to thus is for our futures benefit? I realize just stating that question the way I have and leaving it open like that will cause many to scream, “nonsense, the one has nothing to do with the other.” And most days I would say I agree with you completely… Even still… I am fully convinced that the stories of King David and Solomon were changed (added to) from very ancient tales explaining, in parts, how to protect ourselves from the human condition. When I stopped reading the bible as a god of this and that, and started to read the Bible as a hidden history that has been changed by our ancestors…. in order for those epic tales of long ago… to make sense in their world… I started to see the truth and stopped seeing an evil god. King David and Solomon is you listen they are explaining the trials and tribulations we humans will suffer in our lives…. No that doesn’t mean each person will suffer every aspect that those two are said to of suffered through… rather, without a doubt, each of us have suffered one or more of their stories. And if future generations listen to those stories and study ours, it is my hope they will in fact learn how to overcome without all the pain and suffering you and I and our ancestors have experienced throughout the ages.

The good news for us is, the Old Testament does more than that… those books explain extreme knowledge. So much in fact, if the Church of the Dark Ages actually believed and listened to the Bible, the plagues of Europe would not have been as horrific as they were… the Bible is extremely clear on how to deal with the sick and dying. Let alone how to treat those who are injured. While at the same time, if that same Church actually believed in the Bible, Galileo and Kepler would’ve been shown to be correct via the scriptures. That is, once you remove god is superstitious/wrathful/hateful/vengeful nonsense.There is something else as well, mathematics… mathematics so advanced in fact, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt there existed in our distant past a worldwide society that was more advanced than our own. You simply need to see the story beneath the story.

You see, if my mind is not occupied I’m bored… I hate to be bored. So every day if my nose is not buried in a book or someone’s website, my ears are plugged in listening to someone teach, preach or bitch about whatever it is they’re into. If there is pastor, priest, rabbi, mullah, or guru on YouTube explaining his version of the eschatology , the End Times, or how he/she believes their religion explains the world we live in today… there is a high chance I’ve listened to them. If there is scientist explaining how he/she believes the universe works, chances are I’ve listened to or read their work as well. I say all of that to say this. I know my worldview is limited by my own experiences, and whatever I can vicariously live/learn through from the pages of history. While at the same time I’ve discovered I have empathy for my fellow man, and I don’t always have to touch the flame anymore to know that it hurts. Each book or website I’ve read and everything I’ve listened to has helped me question, especially in these last few years, more than I’ve ever questioned before. Truth is, the Bible proves there was a worldwide society that once communicated with each other. Yet those answers you must seek… Before I teach you how to do that, I believe I must explain why I have zero intention of being the one to give this to the world. Over the last couple of months I’ve been seeking out deeply religious and anti-religious people that I can communicate with in person. Good news about the deeply religious, no matter what you use to strike up a conversation they will almost always try to direct people towards their beliefs. Knowing that, I know I don’t have to find a backdoor as it were, to bring the conversation towards that direction. What they don’t know is how well I know the bible. No I don’t know it word for word, and there are still times when someone brings up scriptures I wonder to myself… how did I miss that. Yet what I do know I know well and I do know how to direct conversations. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again here… I believe there is nothing more beautiful than religion on the personal level and the personal level only… while every level above the personal I believe (and history proves) each religion becomes progressively more evil until all religions become pure evil. So on the personal level, it matters not to me what name you call God, I believe your faith is beautiful. That doesn’t mean I accept your faith as true, it simply means if you believe in the one law of how to treat others, you and I will always be friends and kindred spirits. With that restated… when someone begins to explain to me that their path is the only correct path I usually come at them with the massive contradictions that exist within their religious writings that I’ve found. Over the last couple of months instead of doing that I’ve been directing Christians towards the mathematics found within their own religious writings, and none religious people towards the bible and how it proves they’ve been had… while asking each, if the beginning is misunderstood, then how can the rest still be the only truth? I’ve done this five times now while consciously aware others are listening. Everyone is polite as I show them certain aspects of the math, and then with the help of the Internet I show how it all relates… then I bring it in for a landing as I explain how this new evidence suggests those stories have more to do with advanced understanding and very little to do with the people inside of the stories. Its how they reacted later that concerns me, and why I’ve decide to simply show you how to begin the process of re-examining the bible and other aspects of our society.

Regarding what is below… I’m not starting within Genesis 14 by accident. Even though you won’t find all these answers below, here are some things for you to consider as you play with the math….

  • Do ages equal a year, ie 360?
  • Do days equal 24….
  • Does the type of gender and description of maturity direct us to add, subtract, multiplication or division?
  • And lastly does the mention of Angels explain how and when to bring the math together?

The only way for you to know is to sit down and do the math, and then follow the logic. Below are those suggestions and some answers.

12/13/14 (genesis 14 verses 4 & 5) * 360 = 4320/4680/5040

4/5 (genesis 14 verse 9) * 360 = 1440/1800

318 (genesis 14 verse 14) * 360 = 114,480/2 = 57,240

3/3/3 (genesis 15 verse 9) * 360 = 1080/1080/1080 + = 3240

400 (genesis 15 verses 13 and 16) * 360 = 144,000 * 4 = 576,000 or / by 4 = 36,000

10 (genesis 16 verse 3) * 360 = 3,600

96 (genesis 16 verse 16) * 360 = 34,560

99 (genesis 17 verse 1) * 360 = 35,640

8 (genesis 17 verse 12) * 24 and or 360 = 192/2,880 or 192 * 360 = 69,120

100/90 (genesis 17 verse 17) * 360 = 36,000/32,400

12 (genesis 17 verse 20) * 720 =/8,640

99/13 (genesis 17 verse 24/25) * 720 = 75,240 /9,360 divided = 8.0384615

99/12/13 (genesis 17 verse 20/24/25) * 1080 = 106,920/12,960/14,040 (added together = 133,920 from Genesis 18 verse 2 & 6)

50/45/40/30/20/10 (genesis 18 verses 24 thru to 32) * 360 & 720 = 18,000/36,000 ~ 16,200/32,400 ~ 14,400/28,800 ~ 10,800/21,600 ~ 7,200/14,400 ~ 3600/7200 (from Genesis 19 verse 1, 8, 15 & 30 accounts for the second round multiplied by 720… or that each count can be multiplied by an additional 1,440 equaling 72,000/64,800/57,600/43,200/28,800/14,400)
50/45/40/30/20/10 (genesis 19 verse 30) 2160 = 108,000/97,200/86,400/64,800/43,200/21,600
(By the way, you might want to play with the ages in part three of this blog as well.)

Remember what is written above is just to get you started… here is another possibility… take all of that above and multiply and divide each number by a royal cubit.
Obviously there are many more numbers throughout the book of Genesis, let alone the other books. Understand I am simply trying to help you find those answers, and don’t forget I didn’t start with Genesis 14 on accident.

Let me show you something else… Take the number 108,000 divided by 20.61 (inches within one version of a royal cubic) that equals 5240.1746 (does that answer equal how many millimeters it takes to equal one royal cubic, ie… 523.5 rounded up or perhaps the distance to another ancient monument?).

Those questions and the answers you will need to find out for yourself… along with, how many coincidences does it take before you stop believing that all that they are… or how many will it take to stop you from denying this must be more than coincidences? Throughout the Old Testaments hidden within the mathematics here are some other questions for you to consider…

  • is there all the heights, lengths, widths, and breathes of every major pyramid at Giza?
  •  In the Old Testament is the distance to every pyramid that shares the same type of setup as Giza, that are found throughout the ancient world, are their distances from Giza found within those mathematics/stories as well?
  • Plus do other ancient and active religions have the same advanced understanding/mathematics hidden within their own stories???

In order for the world to KNOW, it is going to take all the world’s religions re-looking at their stories with a mathematical eye. I’m still playing with the numbers inside other religions (those outside of the bible) and the coincidences, if you want to call them that, are interesting… if not exactly the same! And why I now find it extremely sad the whole world is going to allow this wonderfully rare moment in universal time to pass bye without a whisper of celebrated acknowledgement. Which is another reason while I’ve decided to walk away for the foreseeable future… With that… The answers to some of the world’s most exciting mysteries awaits those who want to see… if you decide you are that person, as always!

Enjoy The Ride…

–Charles Marcello


Some Comments and Replies


The reason that prophecies come true by human action is that that is how the universe actually works- God uses humans and manipulates our reality in order to carry out his plans in the physical world. Humans are not truly free will endowed but are always being subconciously manipulated by the mind of Deity. God lives vacariously though human experience- and we are the performers and portrayers-

When prophecies do occur there is always human action involved because that’s how the universe works- God uses vaious creatures ( including humans, angels, etc) and manipulates them through a method of mind control which is mostly unrecognizable by human consciousness.

The End Time global war and chaos is will soon accelerate and destroy much of western civilization and this is all being controlled by the infinite mind of Deity. December 21 will NOT bring one big giant explosion- but will be the beginning of a long 7 year destruction of civilization- the purpose of which is to eliminate this tech world and replace it with an agrarian/peaceful civilization. The coming Messiah will not have any magic powers and will NOT work miracels- but will be a lawgiver/adjucator/and interpreter to humans. The Messiah will look like an ordinary human from the ouside- and most humans will refuse to believe he is the Messiah and will seem like a normal chap who sits on the beach and enjoys an occasional glass of wine just like everybody else. When you meet the Messiah you will refuse to believe he is because of human arrogance. Humility is a higher form of intelligence than science and technology. You are looking for a miracle working Messiah who is flying around on a fine private jet- but what you will get is a humble man who spends time working in the olive orchard and doing a fair amount of gardening.



Hello Micah,

I’ve considered that train of thought as well, I’m not saying I’m right, yet for me, just like I believe aliens are not needed/responsible for monuments around the world… it is my belief we don’t need a god secretly directing us in some sick never ending game for his personal enjoyment… people simply need to believe in the words written by those who came before us.

A couple of years ago I seriously asked this question and sought the answer… “were we only created smart enough to praise our creation, yet not wise enough to condemn our creator?” In truth that question is nothing more than a Forest Gump possibility, “maybe it’s both.” The question of prophecy and can the future be seen by others… for me I know for a personal fact that the answer is yes! I’m not talking about some kind of Matrix scene, (from the movie), where you see a black cat and then a moment later you see the same cat… no, no… I’m saying in my life I’ve seen six different [events that started exactly as they were shown to me in my dreams… and I do mean exactly. Not just seconds, in all six I saw several minutes of my life play out before the events happened. The first time it happened I was eighteen, and the only reason I didn’t allow my life to finish exactly as the dream showed… I told myself as I walked away, I will be damned if I will allow fate to decide my life. The fifth time it happened, I had an epiph-a-question soon thereafter that still haunts me to this very day… ‘What if God/The Universe knows me so well, it showed me those moments to make damn sure I did not allow them to happen?” Now I don’t expect anyone to believe me, nor am I going to waste your time explaining to you post-diction… which we all know means next to nothing. (Post-diction is; claiming a prophetic vision after the fact.) I will say this however, I had a dream back in 2009 that scared me so completely I actually contacted the authorities. Thankfully that dream has yet to come true… if it does come true sometime in the future, no one will be able to deny that seeing the future is in fact possible.

Because of my own experiences, I know absolutely, we are capable of preventing the future from happening exactly as it was seen. With that, I personally believe any prophecy that talks about death and destruction is warning mankind, if this happens it only happened because you failed to heed the warning and is not, in my opinion, in support of Gods plan for humanity. You see each of those visions of my life that I mentioned above… those dreams did one thing each time, they saved me from me. Because of that experience I believe all negative prophecies are trying to save mankind from itself. While all positive prophecies are trying to help direct mankind towards a peaceful existence. Now I’m not asking anyone to subscribe to how I see our reality, nor am I asking anyone to believe what I say happened to me actually happened… the only thing I ask is that you know I believe what I said is true and that I believe I truly experienced those visions. Outside of that, time will tell if we are in the last days that are leading towards our painfully destructive end, or perhaps, that we are finally about to end our continued march towards our purposeful destruction and embrace the one law that must govern us all… that one law being… that NO one has the right to purposely physically or emotionally hurt another human being ever… and that means no one! I do know one things for certain, I firmly believe we’re all about to find out, and right soon!

–Charles Marcello



I am not a religious man nor am I a well educated man. I’m also not a scientist of any kind. With that stated I still would never call myself stupid or say that there is anything that I couldn’t eventually come to understand. I was raised Roman Catholic and did study the bible as a child. Nothing I’ve read, seen, heard or experienced in my life has led me to believe anything. I’ve only been left with questions that go unanswered. Answers that can only be true if you have faith in something are not real answers to me. At this moment in time I have no religious beliefs whatsoever. I’m not searching for any spiritual enlightenment. I’m content just existing in the moment and trying my best to live by the golden rule. I don’t go out of my way to search for any great truths anymore, but if some are right in front of me I’m always willing to take a look. I came upon this blog about a month ago by clicking on a Google image of the Giza pyramids because I thought it was neat looking and wanted to know more about what I was looking at. After reading your blog and following the recent comments (even if my head did hurt at times) I could get the gist of what your trying to say. Unfortunately for me it seems you have given me a treasure map that is not written in my language and no one is around to translate. My time is limited at the moment and with my feeble math skills (royal cubic?) and the fact that I haven’t read the bible in over 25 years it would take me perhaps years to discover what you know. I definitely wouldn’t figure anything out in time to share in a celebrated acknowledgment of the moment that is about to pass. At this moment I’ve decided I don’t have the time or tools I need to begin the journey you have taken.
As I stop and begin to step away from this for the time being I’m once again in my life left with questions. The big one is. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST COME OUT AND SAY WHAT IT IS THAT YOU HAVE DISCOVERED? Is it only for the super intelligent to know? Would religions fall apart? Would society collapse? What did those religious folks you spoke to do after you shared some of your knowledge? When most people discover something of any importance they want to shout it from the rooftops? Why not you? I could get it if it has taken you a long time and effort to figure out what you have discovered and feel like you shouldn’t just hand over your hard work for free. Why not write a book and sell it? How will I in the future when I (if I’m even able to) begin to try and discover what you have learned know if I’ve misinterpreted something or fudged a number and came to a conclusion different from yours. Finally, I end with a question that you should have no reason not to answer. If I begin the journey and follow your lead will I end up with answers that are the absolute truth or will I just end up with conclusions based on coincidence and are still open for interpretation? No matter what I enjoyed your blog and it made me think about a few things. Thank you.



Hello David,

First math doesn’t lie, that doesn’t mean we always know what the math is trying to reveal, yet math has no hidden agenda, it is what it is… now does that mean if you sit down and play with the math you will know the absolute truth of creation/reality, sadly, no! Regarding the religious and non-religious people I showed much of this information to, to me their demeanor has changed, it is as if their whole view of reality was shattered. Or stated another way, this information I believe brought each of them doubt. I believe they each understood that was not my intent, I believe they understood all I wanted to do was share some interesting information with them, and then show them how it relates to cultures and religions from around the world. Because you are able to read this blog David then that means you, (and everyone else), are able to Google any answers you don’t know, while the amount of time it will take you to discover each truth is one answer at a time. Also I agree, nothing I’ve read has ever made me believe or disbelieve once I reached adulthood… it is my own personal experiences that govern my worldview. With that, my personal experience demands most people look for someone or something to believe in without ever sitting down to see if it’s even right. While the vast majority of them will never seek to understand those undeniable parts that argue against those beliefs. You asked if religions will fall apart. In truth, I could care less about the institutions of religion(s). I’m concerned about forcing individuals to come to terms with undeniable truths that our world has told them doesn’t or never existed. The vast majority of people don’ want to see the world any different than the way they were taught to see it. William Cooper was quoted as saying… “If you wanna piss people off, no I mean really piss them all, TELL them the truth about anything.” My experiences demand that’s damn right. So for me, where this leads the world is so beyond one person, and in order to make sure it doesn’t get railroaded by anger at me or towards the information, I give it away to all who are willing to look. The entire worlds knowledge is at our fingertips, if you sit down and simply play with the math you can seek every answer… and then it becomes a journey of personal discovery, not someone trying to force you to believe anything. Even if you only have 10 free minutes a week, within that time you can find several answers. You don’t have to read as many books/websites, nor do you have to watch/listen to as many concepts as I have… you simply need to decide you want to see. The information is presented in such a way that I hope the shock value will be lessoned. I believe much of the information is so exciting that most of you who decide to see, that you will want to share that information with your family and friends… and if its coming from a family member or family friend, then the anger or fear towards this information I feel will be lessoned. Regarding writing a book, my wife has been pushing me towards that end, and I don’t know. Maybe once 2012 is behind us and world is done having a giant laugh at all those who’ve made thousands/millions off of selling fear, once all of that has died down… perhaps then, or perhaps not. I didn’t start this journey wanting anything other than to know if it was possible to learn the truth of our past. I can’t say for certain I know, yet I know for certain what many of the lies we’ve been told to believe in are. Not to mention, if you haven’t read the Bible in 25 years, you have more worldly knowledge then you did 25 years ago just by living, who knows you might be able to teach me. As I’ve said before, I believe it’s the journey. Hell I believe mine has only just begun, and for those who are willing, yours can begin whenever you’re ready.

–Charles Marcello


Concerning world prophecy… biblical, Mayans/Aztec, Egyptian/Vedic/Nordic/Native/Delphi/Shipton/Casey… the question is “How many prophecies have been made and how many have been accurately realised till date? ” Then compare the statistics to those of the Bible !!!



Hello Thomas,

I don’t deny the bible has an awesome track record when it comes to prophecy… to compare apples to apples though, all the other prophecies shouldn’t be judge so harshly until they’ve had 2000 or 3500 years to pass before they are called duds… seeing how the world had to wait that long before the bible started to fulfill more of its own prophecies in modern times… and that only depends on how you want see those prophecies.

Take the nation of Israel and the prophecies found within the bible towards that land. It is damn spooky those prophecies and how they seem to have come true. However every single prophecy in the bible has been forced to occur by human action. Examples/Meaning when the Hebrews declared a nation in a single day, the desert didn’t just bloom… it took years of hard work and some damn interesting ingenuity to make those prophecies come true. Now on two separate occasions, some could argue three, I believe people can make successful prophecy fulfilled arguments that god helped protect the nation of Israel from her enemies on the day Israel became a nation and subsequent fighting and during the Six Day War… However, people can make just as strong arguments that it was either pure luck and or poor fighting skills of Israel’s enemies that allowed that nation to survive against such overwhelming odds. Not to mention how hard it must be to convince victims of terror attacks against civilians inside Buses, Night Clubs, Shopping Malls, Weddings, etc etc etc ad nauseam that have plagued Israel since the early seventies… that somehow god’s hand protects that nation and its people. A hard sell indeed!

Plus there are other prophecies from the other side of the globe (Mayan/Aztec/Inca/American Native to name but a few) that are happening before our eyes as well… yet that is outside the scope of your point so why focus on anything on this side of the planet, right?… however the ‘Prophecy of the Popes’ and the destruction of Rome is set to come true here in the very near future, as another prophecy happening outside of the bible, whether it ends like its said to, now that should be interesting… not to mention every religion on this planet believes their version of a messiah is coming soon… real soon… while all extinct cultures declared their gods promised to return in their future our today. Going back to the Jewish people and their own mystic prophecies… according to some interpretations of the Zohar, a 400/500 year old prophecy demands the Jewish Messiah will show up sometime between September 28/29 2012 and September 28/29 2013, so we only have one year to wait to see if that prophecy is fulfilled. According to my studies of ancient prophecies (including the bible) the years 2012 to 2018 should be exciting, if not completely frightening. Regardless of prophecies… I’m convinced we’re going to destroy ourselves within the next 15 years… all worldwide prophecies be damned… The world is so unstable right now, so much so I have a hard time recognizing this planet let alone my own country… I feel at times that I’ve entered some type of parallel dimension/universe… I never thought I’d see the day where an American President calls his cabinet members Czars and that the President of Russia would be warning the United States about the dangers of Socialism… yet that is the world we live in today… and what’s even more stranger still, everyone seems possessed with fighting over the world is ending or not ending… while no one seems to want to focus on celebrating being alive at this extremely rare moment in time. To hell with all the prophecies of death and destruction… to hell with how upside down this world is… there is an event that hasn’t happened in 25,920 years known as the Procession of the Equinox, people can ignore December 3 all they want… yet from one end of this planet to the other, in legend after legend… Our ancient ancestors would’ve sold their souls to be alive right now, while their children’s children (we) are ripping out each other throats, calling each other names, doing everything we can to pick a fight over anything, while ignoring the whole damn thing they told us to look for and celebrate. If there is a god that judges this world, for us to ignore such a rare event how the hell could he not find us guilty?

–Charles Marcello

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  1. Dave says

    David, Charles..

    Its math but its experimenting and finding the answer to why man shouldnt know where we come from. Power isnt something to take lightly. Start. With a joe cell, learn why it works. Then maybe a morey device, even though he died never really understanding why it worked or his patent would have been granted. Devote yourself to understanding Tesla, he was straight from god. The man shot a 300 foot lighting bolt into the sky. Ask how is this possible? What are the first words of genisis. Thats the key to the world. In the beginning god created what? Light. We are all light. Thats the key. Vegetables, humans, everything not created by man. What does the word pyramid mean? Light. The problem is there are many dark sides and only 1 light. What could a pyramid do? Light up the world at night. It still could, all it needs is a little repair in the Grotto, coffer, and add a water source. But when thats discovered, it will show everything else about what it is. The bible is a guidebook. Probably the greatest book published so far. One in every home says Leedskalin. Theres 4 obvious Devils.. The Gay Polaris (Neptune, North Star), Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn, and Gods Brother Satan, running 3 of those. Then you bring in Sirius, with Set who killed the friendly Osirus running it. Theres way more dark than light in this universe. The Cosmos arent friendly. And theyre real. The good thing being, ever star is a light, and that light is a protection stronger than ever dark. And just like Harry potter, its not the wand, its the words that matter. The Earth is a very fragile place. We all have the ability to save it with our words. If we communicate on a global level, and come together, we can change the planet without ever raising a finger. Cause were of that light. Not only are political things running it, theres astrology at the helm. It wasnt that the early man thought the world as flat, everything they built is on the metric system. The metric system is built on the size of the earth is round. This Great Sphere revolves around the sun, but the worlds revolve around it. And before ancient black men of egypt created mountains, maybe it was flat? But flat quickly becomes unsafe, on a planet of tides and magnetics. The stories of Black Kings and Queens from egypt is dead-on. Google The Earth. Youll find their faces at every mountain range. And on Mars. Mars was also a earth, but the dark forces than came in after Yth dynasty egypt left, destroyed that planet like they try ours now. They left sceptres blocking weather across the top of africa that stand today. Find the room with the oblisk and 3 sceptres, bring the weather back. Just add light. I personally wanna know what Koreas doing in space? Did you see todays Sat veiw? All F’d up.

  2. JTR, Div.D. Ph.D. says

    To all,

    Please understand that as Charles said, we cannot enlighten you. Enlightenment will find you in the time and manner prescribed. When it found me, I immediately went to my father, a theoretical physicist, to share in my knowledge. He looked at me cross-eyed and was near to calling a psychiatrist. Charles HAS “come out with it” just as I did to my father, but it is seen as a hint, or fuzzy math to those who aren’t “there yet.” I will say that everyone is very close. No matter their education or intelligence. Be patient; you will soon find all you seek.

    J. Runion

  3. JTR, Div.D. Ph.D. says


    Approx. 6 months ago whilst my Sc.D. thesis was being realized at Cambridge I too had a final epiphany which completed my thesis which aligns with your discovery. It’s genesis, or so I thought, began in an undergrad history class at Florida Atlantic University, Spring 2003. The professor loosely mentioned that history SEEMS to repeat itself. While many of my fellow students dismissed the comment, I was reminded of game theory or more specifically governing dynamics. FAU required a baccelureate thesis and my topic was undeclared. Governing Dynamics of Historical Processes, I thought, might have some merit. My professor agreed. I completed this thesis, thinking nothing of it for many years. Instead, I went on to find my finite niche in society. My epiphany of late scared the hell out of me, quite literally. I discovered that what I was in fact in search of was the answer to my fear seeded by a session that I remember quite well when I was five. I was lying in my bed and panning out in such a way that I use the analogy of a Chinese doll with each doll encompassed by another until I reached the “edge” of our universe. Surely the universe is inside something else, I thought; and then it hit me…when would it end. Surely it had to and surely it couldn’t. The paradox I am sure you know all too well. The realization that I was finite and our origins were not thus I would never understand them fully. Yet I was only five and could not yet attain any peace with that realization and well I shouldnt have, as there was much yet to discover within our finite constraint. What I had truly discovered in 2003 and fully realized earlier this year: I was not applying the theory of governing dynamics to history or any other discipline, I had unknowingly discovered THE governing dynamic, so far as one is able with our finite limitations. In short, I had discovered the finite theory of everything. Every book and every television show, be it religious, secular, etc said the same thing. I applied my understanding to every discipline and began to translate my new-found understanding to as universal a language as I know, mathematics. As I am sure you have discovered, once you acquire this enlightenment, earlier theories seem profoundly ridiculous in their assumptions. The earliest theory of relativity, for example assumes that an object can never achieve of exceed the speed of light as its mass would become infinite. Seriously? Certainly the speed of light can be attained it is a finite number. While Einstein and many theoretical physicists have come close, they have somehow missed the obvious. Fortunately, Einstein’s theory, as you would expect, fits nicely into the early, and limited forms of my theory. I will not post the formula here, but the remaining constant trailing the finite constituents of the formula is what I call the God constant. The moment made this discovery I was all too aware of the implications such a discovery would have, and thus the catastrophic, yet inevitable collapse of many belief and control systems worldwide. I was frightened at first, but as my enlightened knowledge dictates, every line of this text was pre-ordained. God Bless—keep up the good work.

    J. Runion, Div.D., Ph.D. —Mind you I obtained my Div.D. following this discovery as previously I was agnostic at best.

  4. K-Loe Black says


    It is a wonderful find to discover your site, and truly your determination to KNOW rather then just believe is knowledge also outlined in scriptures you speak about rather then what is traditional taught in the community of churches today. I too share in this search for TRUTH, and have received a amazing amount of knowledge, which personally I could not have achieved with out the help of others, both in this dimension and the others we can not see; however, I do have an opinion on you limiting others to the big picture of this knowledge which you have hinted you have obtained throughout your postings.

    Firstly, you tell of your search for truth over the years, and the contributions of others who have given you pieces to the puzzles, which without, you would more then likely spent 12 more years getting to the point (if ever) you are now. I am sure these books and authors did not say I am only leaving crumbs and hope you find your way, especially getting out of (ME) mode, as others have stated, may not have all the resources, education, mental development / stamina you in your created state have been gifted.

    In addition, you exclaim that you are doing the seeker a service by not doing so, while criticizing the the me, me, me society we all live in when society is only doing the same thing you are by refusing to give, whether it is knowledge, food, resources, education etc. But you exclaim the revelation of ONE. You are no different then the church, Illuminati, and any other organized group which believes then know, and others should join the know club through the means; whether status, or seeking to be privileged to be one of the elite, or proving themselves worthy.

    You also talk about a ideal way for Governments to be accountable in your consul of 13. But you are no different then the governments which prevent the truth about knowledge from entering the public domain of the impoverish or unintelligent.

    Also, you contributions are WONDERFUL, and I would never take that away from you, I am only addressing what I believe is a flaw in your logic of this issue. It is simple, and the truth is in this short phrase, TO BE OR NOT TO BE. It is about BEING, which is reflected in what we do. The rain and the sun falls on both the just and the unjust. The BEING of life gives to those who both reject its truths and those who accept it’s truths. If the Pyramids gives a TREMENDOUS amount of information which you so articulately outlined.

    My conclusion, is this which if you read the bible you should already know. “Knowledge puffs up”, but I will quote you “Humility is a higher form of intelligence than science and technology.” But saying these words are not BEING. I would hope in the future you would remove the veil so others can share if your liberty. Because speaking plainly, during these times is more needed then ever. I too thought of limiting what I have learned to others, but the problem with me is… LOVE COMPELS ME, and I TOO KNOW, THAT WHEN I HELP THE OTHERS, I AM HELPING ME.

    By the way, there is much more to the 666 = (18 Hebrew word is CHI (meaning life) the root word found in Eve) which is also encoded in the writings of Psalms 42, and also tied to the Pyramids for example the Triangle Symbol symbolizes Safety used by Referees in Football) it is VAV VAV VAV (in HEBREW, the letters used in the logo shown in the Popular Monster Drink when others think it is a M. It is also points to synchronicity, like if you are connected to the WWW, it is a powerful key…and so much more.

  5. Paul R Metivier says

    Daniels timeline as explained on their Web site, does their math seem right to you? I am perplexed partly because I do not know of Any 7 year treaty or contract that was entered into in 2010 to start the 7 year tribulation, middle of the time period in 2013 stopping sacrifice that has not started yet. Math wise it all made logic but these events don’t seem to be falling int place. Where am I or they wrong?

  6. Daniel Tasin says

    First , excuse my english , your information is only for the SUPER-INTELIGENTE , Royal cubic??etc , please we need to know your incredible know ledge in every lenguage , charles is not a matter of lazyness , i have been researching 2012 for a number of years , i found a number of interesting factors that did not give any answers , it is obvious that our ancestors left a message behind , why true MATEMATICS in the book of genesis?? , most of people like myself DO NOT have the education , BUT Don’t we deserve to know???? , im afraid that im going to have some answers when is to late , please Charles have the courage to say what you have to say , if you were wrong , GRACIAS anyway , Daniel

  7. J.a says

    Carefull that monument that is shown has original design for the world with many other monuments the scriptures are just religous interparations nothing more than that it seems man is god alone in space some where enjoy.

  8. says

    Dear Charles,

    First of all… Thank you for sharing your views and thougts as well as hinting certain aspects of your chain of thought! I have followed all your blogs and have found a lot (really a lot) just by following some hints! I have discovered some very interesting views and people that I might not have found had your blog not in one way enoyed me but also inspired me :)
    I do find it a shame that you don’t openly share your conclusion, as in the end… It’s like you say… Your truth ans your view, thus no one (even if they might write horrible words) should be able to change that for you :)

    But I’m sure you know that! For that reason, I thought, the next time you get board, here is a link to our site an 2 videos that I belive you might enjoy for amusement :)
    Video 1- Truth should be our ultimate Religion (
    Video 2- 2012… Transition, Awakening, Ascension or absolutely Nothing?! (

    All the best and do keep sharing!
    DNA at Wake Up! Message

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello DNA at Wake Up!

      Just because someone believes something, it most certainly doesn’t make it real… hell most often if someone believes that something must be right, history demands they’re almost always wrong… which is why they almost always try to force that belief onto others, thereby falsly making something appear true. Every religion throughout history has forced its will onto all within its sphere, hell one religion even completely destroyed three other Christ believing civilizations because they refused to follow their totally perverted doctrine. The reason I refuse to say what I know with plain words is, because I firmly believe it’s the journey that will reveal the deeper truths that are waiting all who are willing to see… the other reason is, because if I told the world everything as I see it people don’t need to search for the truth, they simply need to believe… and that means what I know may not be true, it would only suggest I’m trying to force my will… however, if someone finds the exact same answers without being told exactly how to see those answers, only then can I know for sure that a truth was truly discovered.

      I watched many of your videos and have your YouTube channel book marked… I most certainly don’t agree with your theology/philosophy, though I most certainly believe in your right to believe whatever you want. For me however I don’t want to believe, I want to know… the quickest way to know, is to discover if others can find the same answers without having to be told what those answers are. Let’s take your, “find your own truth”, to its most dangerous conclusion;

      ‘Let’s say two people are alone, each telling the other what they believe their truths are… and one of them believes the others truth is far superior to his own truth. As a matter a fact, the other believes his friend’s truth is so superior to his own this person believes his own so called truth is childishly ridiculous in comparison. So he asks his friend, “have you shared your truth with anyone else?” Because the answer was no, he knew right then and there he must kill his friend, so the whole world would believe its his truth… because he realized right then and there he would be the only person in the world to know he’s a lie.’

      Now some as they read that would think, “how ridiculous no one would ever do such nonsense…” and still others might see every crime ever committed throughout our history flipping through their minds like a rolodex of pain and suffering, (the human condition), that is spinning out of control. What if those two people worked out a foundation to build this world upon… a single foundation that will change this world you and I live in today… not a belief but a single truth that each person can accept? That’s the question I want to find the answer to. So I ask, can the world agree to a very simple foundation from which to rebuild our own reality upon… can that foundation be, ‘no one has the right to purposely… physically or emotionally hurt another human being ever, and that means no one?’ And are people willing to fight for it, not kill in order to make it happen, rather committing ourselves as a species to destroy all those who stand in defiance of it? Would that be creating a new path of truth, or simply repaving an old road worn out by every Kingdom, State, and Country throughout our lies we call history? My own truth has answered each of those questions… I’m waiting to see if the world is able to see the same truth I have… it’s the journey that brought me here, and its the journey that I believe will help others to find the same truths.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Catalyst for an Infinite Future says

        Hi Charles,

        Interesting that you said these words:
        “and still others might see every crime ever committed throughout our history flipping through their minds like a rolodex of pain and suffering, (the human condition), that is spinning out of control. What if those two people worked out a foundation to build this world upon… a single foundation that will change this world you and I live in today… ”

        Because someone I know does see many of the wrongs of the world, past present and future, and we have been designing a new foundation for an Infinite Future. Separately for many years before we met physically, but together for over 12 months combining our visions for the benefit of all.

        What we are designing and implementing are not control mechanisms like the current system, but many simplistic, smaller systems which connect people and will allow for energy and collaboration to flow naturally around the world like a natural network. Empowering everyone to learn, teach, share, love, enjoy and choose their own, unlimited future from the infinite possibilities of our universe.

        The basic restrictions will be the laws of nature, to love and respect positive life forms (IE do not harm), to consider your actions with empathy before you make them and then to take responsibility for your actions once you make them reality (IE correct your mistakes to restore balance)

        We have designed a new “Fractal” system for collaborative self governance of people on every scale from a couple of people right up to global decision making. A replacement for the monetary system which is balanced and promotes positive interactions instead of negative interactions. Systems for sharing knowledge, resources, locations, tools and time so that all humanity has their basic needs met.

        On this path of enlightenment we will also share the discoveries of many unique technologies and associated research which many hard working individuals and teams have created to solve the most urgent situations on our planet. Many have been hidden for ages by those who seek to control all, many have only recently been discovered and many have been around for ages but have never had the light shined upon them to show the rest of humanity.

        Systems relative to food production, energy consumption, waste, air pollution, slow and congested travel, greed, salty ocean, lack of fresh water, injustice and disease. Even artificial gravity (floating), faster than light speed travel, overcoming death and balancing the environment to a level where large scale disasters are a thing of the past is possible and the basis for achieving these outcomes have already been achieved.

        Also interesting that you pick December 3 as your date when others call the 21st the date of change. Why? well Dec 3 is my 30th birthday. I wonder if there is any significance there? 😉

        I honestly believe that we are all the masters of our own universe and they all overlap allowing us to interact with each other by agreement. What we experience as our physical reality is what our higher selves have agreed should be the matrix or the rules of our playing field. Over thousands of years we have been slowly herded into thinking that we are followers, incapable of making our own decisions. The truth is we are all creators and this year the humanity will again see and understand the truth about energy, the physical reality, the higher realms and the nature of our existence as creators.

        Don’t give up sharing your information Charles.

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello Catalyst,

          I found your post interesting as well… though I must admit I can’t see how in our world you could accomplish what you’ve describe without many years or more likely many generations. As I was reading your information I was thinking there are only three, possibly four ways what you described could be possible in our time. 1) You and your friend are creating some kind of game trying to teach a new moral code while being entertaining. 2) You’re John Galt… which dovetails wonderfully into number 3) You’ve created a new society under the ground or on some other world… or 4) you and your friend are fantasizing and have made yourselves believe this reality you described is actually possible just by willing/dreaming about it. Now please understand I’m not saying this to be rude or to pick a fight… I would so love to live in the world you describe, yet the sad reality is our world is trapped in a me, me, me paradigm yet no one wants to be responsible for all those that must suffer for them… those who force their burdens on to everyone… many seem to only worry and care about themselves, to hell with the whole.

          In my list of possibilities I mentioned Ayn’s wonderful depiction for our present/future… As I consider her thoughts, the only way here character could sustain that society is if that society as a whole believes in a single foundation. We all know that is what our world lacks at this moment… and in her story each person already lived that moral code without having to be told or having it forced upon them… Yet sadly on a global scale history proves, what you described is not something a society or a world can simply will to happen, it has to be something humanity is taught and retaught until its ingrained within our fabic. As I sit and contemplate how to help direct this world towards a new path… or perhaps what we are discussing, (what many are talking and writing about) is that new enlightenment/mental evolution prophesied to happen sometime in the future… towards that end, one of the ideas I have is to teach we the people that we are absolutely capable of sitting in judgment of our leaders. I do not believe I have the answers, yet here are some of my ideas.

          If we are moving into a new era of enlightenment, then all the people of this world must be taught to find the courage to stand up and give ourselves the right to sit in judgment of our leaders without having to resort to violence, which history demands only delays the problem until the next violent rebellion (or stated another way, as the wheels on the bus go round and round)… I agree that we must find a new path if we are going to save ourselves from ourselves… perhaps not a new style of government, I believe we might simply need to create a new layer of government… Let me come at this from my own country’s, The United States, perspective… If I’m correct and a new layer of government must be formed to remove the shackles of slavery being placed upon this nation by those in government and their unholy alliance with Corporations, ie the To Big To Fail evil nonsense… then we must first seek answers to save ourselves from apathy. While at the same time We The People need to educate ourselves about our style of governments at the County, State and Federal levels. If we can save ourselves from resorting to violence, I believe a new layer must be created so people in government and big businesses cannot defile the will of The People ever again. I also believe within this new layer, people must be allowed to create, prosper, and fulfill their dreams of a better future for themselves, their families, and their country. However, there must be severe punishments for those who purposely destroy lives or property, and for those who decide greed is more important than community or country. We must endeavor to assure future generations are not enslaved by those generations that came before them. That any new government or layer within government must not burden future generations with unsustainable debt, as we are doing and have been doing for a long time. We must endeavor to assure that future generations will never lose any freedoms, so they too can enjoy those freedoms born onto The People, and that those freedoms will last forever. I believe within my country we must have a 4th layer of protection. This fourth layer is and must always remain, We The People.

          I call this new layer of Government, this idea… The Law of 13!

          The Law of 13 is simple. All government bodies will be overseen by a jury of 13 men and women randomly selected from our population. They are to serve two and half years. The Law of 13’s sole purpose is to defend individual freedoms from oppressive government officials or illegal laws. The Law of 13 will oversee all levels of government, from Elected Officials in Local, State, and Federal positions. The Law of 13 must also oversee all Local, State and Federal Institutions. No person in Government will have a higher ranking or Standing when it comes to National Governance Policing then the Law of 13. The Law of 13 will have its own Enforcement who must swear and affirm an oath to The People, yet can Never be used against the People…
          The Law of 13 will Protect and Enforce individual Freedoms. If a government official or government entity is found guilty of violating a citizens rights, infringing or attempting to infringe upon the freedoms of its citizens, or purposely trying to subjugate freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution… then all government employees or representatives who are responsible will receive Judgment… That punishment will include a complete forfeit of 90 percent of their personal wealth, and may include, being put to death. (I believe the laws must be harsh in the beginning in order to give the people the courage to take this power that is rightfully ours from the abuses we all see in our governments today… and to weed out those within government who abuse the only privilege that exists within any society… the honor to serve the needs of its people.)

          The Law of 13 will also oversee Businesses and Corporations. All Businesses and Corporations will be free to do as they please and make as much profit as they please, as long as they do not violate another persons freedoms, or purposely endanger another persons life, or wellbeing. Nor can any Business or Corporation Knowingly Lie, Steal or Cheat another person out of their own personal property or fortune. If a Business or Corporation is found guilty by the Law of 13, the Owner and/or The CEO, the Vice-CEO, and all managers and board members who knowingly violate another persons freedoms, life, wellbeing, or Knowingly lie, steal or cheat another person, group or company… each who is found culpable and/or guilty will lose 90 percent of their personal wealth, and may be put to death… (to go after each individual person within any Corporation, regardless of rank or historical social standing, I believe it will guarantee in the future it will be difficult to convince others to ruin their entire families lives because of their own selfish/possibly dangerous actions.)

          No Law of 13 Jury Member may work for the government for 10 years after or before they have been duly chosen by random Jury Selection methods. No Law of 13 Jury Member may work or receive compensation for or from Any Business or Corporation they stood in judgment of, ever. No Law of 13 Jury Member may serve if they have a total net wealth over 1 million dollars. If Any Law of 13 Jury Member or Group has been found guilty of Corruption, Fraud, or Purposeful Dishonesty, there only punishment is death. Only another Law of 13 Jury may sit in judgment of another Law of 13 Members and/or their rulings.

          To guarantee we never lose our freedoms or national wealth again… In order to make sure all citizens are able to be selected for the Law of 13, each citizens must vote in National, State and Local Elections. Those who do not vote will be subject to a stiff fine. That fine will be determined by local communities. (This is added in the beginning to help remove apathy from our population… while hopefully helping to inspire people to learn about their governments privileges within every level of governance. I believe the only privilege that exists within any society is to become a government employee.)

          Like I said, I do not believe I have the answers I simply have some ideas. I’ve paid close attention to what history demands has caused the downfall of every civilization throughout history. I still believe in my country and I believe we can have a violent free revolution… yet the people must, they must be willing to take charge and do so in a civilized manner. In order to create a large foundation, smaller foundations must be created in order to prove to the whole that we (and they) are capable. As you see within this idea I did not mention a moral code, other than that which is already ingrained within our Constitution. Because I believe if people know they have the right to take this responsibility, a greater moral code will begin to place roots throughout our society as this single foundation is created/cemeted into our way of life. I don’t believe this Law of 13 will become a reality unless people actually believe they are worthy… if we are smart enough to decide who our leaders within our government will be, then we sure as hell are smart enough to sit in judgment of them. Above is simply an idea for a foundation to help begin the process of people seeking out their rightful place inside any and all governments throughout the world. I could spend a long time on this idea, yet I present this here for you and everyone else to consider. Lofty goals for humanity are excellent things to work towards… trying to find the baby steps that will get us there, now those are the conversations that need to overtake our complaints, as we stop bitching about how horrible things are, and start seeking positive answers. Violence is not the answer, except in response to those who bring violence upon you. However, when violence is used history demands everyone alive in that present, they are all losers. I want humanity to win, I believe we can. I believe as we all share our ideas, serious answers will be discovered. I may not see how you can accomplish your stated goals in our world, but I sure as hell will join any act that seeks positive answers to heal ourselves from all the negative actions that our society is drowning in. I really did enjoy your concepts/possible reality… perhaps after this year is passed people in mass with stop complaining about how horrible things are and seriously seek new answers to all our very old problems.

          –Charles Marcello

      • says

        Hi Charles,

        Really appreciate your reply as it very clearly explains your goals and position as well as the ‘why’ to my question!
        Also want to thank you for your input and feedback on the videos, I’ll pass it on to the others :) I can see how you could conclude on our philosophy as in our goals. I am surprised as to how you would build a conclusion on wakeup’s theology, as wakeup is not ‘me’ :)

        Thank you again and looking forward to your future posts!
        I hope you find the answers your looking for!

        Respect & Love
        DNA at Wake Up! Message


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