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    BY Art Greenfield
    Founder UFO Channel
    Everyone is welcome to help me bring an end to all these wars that are started by outside influences. We are up against forces that have advanced capabilities which make this work dangerous beyond description. So that you don’t think I am crazy, I’m enclosing information from some of the Muslim leaders themselves, who admit publicly they are controlled by these aliens. (Other leaders like Putin and Obama are controlled against their will too.)
    I recently talked to a Muslim man on Facebook who was skeptical about the existence of UFOs and Repto Sapien aliens. if you are a Muslim you should believe in them because it is in the Quran. Watch these videos put out by the Muslims that show Muhammad was influenced and guided by them. Even today it shows that they are guiding modern Muslim leaders like Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan, both of whom swear that they were taken up to the mother ship and say they are now completely guided by them. Do you think these famous Muslims are lying? I know they are telling the truth. The Repto Sapiens always “guide” key religious, military, and political leaders of all religions and nations to bring about war to generate dead bodies for the reptilians to harvest. Check out the patents on electronic mind control equipment. Some were back-engineered from recovered alien equipment:
    There are old Arabian legends that tell of the bodies of dead warriors being floated up into the sky at night after big battles. There are Norse legends that say that too. Hitler said that when he was a soldier in World War 1 he was abducted by two tall reptilian figures who took him to an underground base. He said they scared him. Follow the meat. They do this about every 50 years. We are all being harvested, people of every race and religion. We must stop slaughtering each other for them. We can supply their needs by entering into a mutually beneficial trade agreement with them. These Muslim leaders are already in contact. They need to ask our alien Repto Sapien cousins to come to the U.N. to negotiate.
    Listen to every word that the Muslims believe:
    The Reality Of The Wheel(s): The UFO Phenomenon
    UFOs Prove The Nation Of Islam Is Right And Exact!
    The Mother Plane (The Truth About UFO’s)
    The Wheel and The Chosen People of God
    Louis Farrakhan’s 2011 Nation of Islam on UFOS with the New Ager Jaime Maussan
    Aliens in the Qurah


    ‘Reptilian Breeding Zoo’ – Interview with Art Greenfield on the Reptoid agenda:

  2. Starheater says

    Hello Everybody

    It’s really nice to be with you again, and that, for 2 reasons, first: I like to learn from you, like Ron said if I understand what he have said: our spirit have multiple facettes, just like a diamond I should added.
    Second: We are Researchers of the good kind who can be compare to a little bird that is trying to crack is egg shell to see the Light.

    Concerning the Bible, all that I know about this book, is that it say the truth. But fault of having a good understading of this Book, we are put to the test by trying to put the pieces of the puzzle in the right place, so we end with various theogical theories that trouble the water more that it could clarify it. So we end in a strange land, the land of imagination that bring us in a “nowhere land”.
    I have that those mistakes too, I could compare this to a man that is in the darknest of the night, waiting to the arrival of the dawn, that light that shine without shadows.
    So here we are again, re-united to search the truth in every corner of the Univers, the Earth, E.T’s and ourself.
    Let me tell you my friend, even if we are wrong, it’s a noble task to search the Divinity.
    But like I wanted for my childrens to have the best in life, I would like to the real truth, just for me to give you, so we could have the refreshing wind to cool our anxiety and for to build a house that stand in every situations.

    So that’s why I must insist on the fact that the Grey are “sheeples” like us, because the are “alive”, and in this fact there is a painfull reality, the absence of light make us weak, an d this is TRUE even for the DEMONS, this is the TRUTH, the REALLITY.
    Even if I were oblige to think about it for 500 years, I would arrive to the same conclusions, because it’s LOGICAL. Because, it is the everywhere in the entire Univers, where we have intelligence, we have LAWS, WE have Love etc…
    Even is we different physicly, we are the same inside in our hearts.
    So let’s emprint our minds in the mold of Justice, let’t be fair with every races of the Earth and outwhere.

    In the “message of Aricibo”, the Greys have stated that they’re we “good out there”, speaking, out in the Univers.
    Brenda have stated that they do things that are bad, and this is true. So the Grey are bad? No!!! The Grey are not all bad, and this is the real reality. In our society, our force of Police is good in general, but we have bad subject, not realy bad, but just enough to give thi force a bad reputation. This is Humanity, exactly like the Grey.

    That’s all for now, but I will continue later, we will examine the “why” thay act like this, and what is there goal or suppose “secret agenda”.


  3. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Starheater,

    On the issue about the sun spots being black while the rest of the sun is so hot, and the moon shining while objects of rock and dust don’t shine, scientifically I’m not sure Starheater. I’m no scientist for sure, though I have heard that sun spots are really just places where the sun is burning cooler than the rest of it, and therefore it appears ‘black’. As far as the moon having no atmosphere, I believe it does have some. I really don’t think we’re being given the truth by Nasa by any means. But to answer you with clarity, I would have to look some of this material up.

    On the issue of there being no ghosts, actually I am aware that many so-called ghosts are in fact demons, but there are some instances where people’s spirits do not go directly to Heaven, or Hell, but hang around here, and the reasons for this are varied. That’s okay if you don’t agree, but I’ve seen it for myself.

    I know what you mean by the Holy Spirit being a mediator between God and us, but there are times He sends His Spirit to do something, or uses His Spirit to speak to us, and other times where Jesus Himself speaks to us, or bodily comes to speak to us. I’ve heard Jesus speak to me, and know that it is Him as opposed to the Holy Spirit, since they sound very different.

    I have to differ with you on the Greys, and every other being that is flying the skies right now. They are indeed fallen angels, which is exactly what demons are anyway, and they will deceive you if you continue to communicate with them. But if you wish to believe they aren’t Starheater, that is your right, and it will just be a point where we do not see eye-to-eye. I will not argue with anyone. If I know something is, or is not true, I will make my comment and leave it at that.

    As far as having a relationship with God, or Jesus, yes, I did say that is what we should have, and it is what God wants for us. Yes, God is perfect – perfect love, and loving us the way He does, He wants to have a relationship with us. While the degree of His perfection makes Him literally coming down here and relating to us, impossible, He does speak to His people and spiritually visit them at times. God’s perfection doesn’t make Him unreachable to anyone who has faith, much less love. That was the whole idea behind sending Christ in the first place – to make a way for people to have faith, so that God could relate to them and they to Him.

    That’s all I have to say for now Starheater. Talk later.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      Oh boy, do I hate this part, and at the same time, and on the other part, it’s like your were trying to test my knowledge to detail, or elaborate more precisly on those subjets aborded. Who’s the real Brenda?… Ok…let’s see

      The real Brenda knows the Bible, now she talk about the other “side of the curtain”, bah, I don’t mind if you are not the real Brenda.
      First of all, I have said in the past months that when we die, we sleep, this is what the Christ have said about persons who die, and this I know it to be real true, Lazare is the proof of this affirmation, but there are more but….

      Now for the Ghost, even if many I’ve saw the sprit of their dead parent, this is the “illusion” that demons like the most to make believe for those who are not well inform on what, why and how. The place were dead people live is an invention of catholic priest who didn’t know welle the Bible because they never read it, on had never open this book except to know what is God will on a question they ask to God before they open the Bible.
      This technic could be compare to a woman who pick a phone number in a phone book to have an advice on her problem. The Bible don’t work in this fashion.
      So, to resume, when you die, it’s like you were sleeping until God wake’s you up. On the other part, if this was not so, the Judgement would have been done and there would be no reason to have another Judgement at the Christ Return. I hope that you are “logic” like God is LOGIC.
      Now, the Holy Spirit is not a Mediator like, Jesus is the Real Mediator between us and God. In the Ancien Text, Moses saw the bush that didn’t burn, this is NOT GOD. This as been done by an angel. One thing that all reader of the Bible knows, is the fact that Moses has been in contact with the “Angel of God”, this was underline by Paul, by mentionning that the ministry was done by Angel of God, Paul was mentionning Moses.

      The portion of the Spirit of God “varies” with person to another, in the Bible Elisha have aske to Elija to give him a “double” portion of the Spirit of God. But in our day’s, this portion is really tiny, so, I don’t know what you are thinking, but that doesn’t match what the Bible teach. I know that you “want” to have a special relationship with God, but this is NOT possible. No one have ever had hear Jésus speak after “the 40 day’s” pass with is disciples. They (disciples) could see Him and hear it too, but after is ascent to Heaven, nobody was ever been in contact with Him on whatever form, speak or see Him.
      You know Brenda that I don’t like to dissapoint you, if you were not a woman, I’d be not so delicate, but you are a woman, and woman are more sensitive then man.The Voice that you ear is not Jesus or God, please, I have made the half of the road, will you make the other half.
      As for the Sun, no need to be a “real scientist”, the Black spot, even if the whore a couple of millions cooler, they wouldn’t be black, this is a simple question of “conductivity” for the first part, the second part is question of the “mix” pot of elements. Those elements by their effects would have the tendency to be uniform by theirs action, because those elements by the effect of the high degree of hotness, the molecules would act uniformely causing the Sun to have no spots. I hope you understand me well.
      The Sun is not a “nuclear reactor” he work in a “fusion” reaction. When all the elements that compose the Sun are together, the Sun irradiate differents “band” of “radio wave”, micro wave are the one that our Earth transforme by is magnetic field to obtain “calorific rays” in our atmosphere.

      For the Big Question: Who are the Grey? The are “angel”, ohhhhh. You would have the tendency of thinking that Angel are beautiful in grace, this is were the “illusion is”. If you are well inform of manifestation of demons to humans, they appear to human like the most beautiful persons on Earth. But in fact, the real angel are spirit that nobody could see, those that we are seen are those who are flesh and blood like the Grey. Those Grey are suppose to be neutral, but they have contacted many Nations. The reason is very simple. They don’t want to detroy by the foolishness of men.
      They live undergroung and that all over the world, if a nuclear war is started, they will be the first to die.
      The Grey are Angel, but like I said before they are not like the supossedly Pleiadian. Remember the tendency of the human in general, they think that an human who is ugly is mean and cruel. But you know that this is rarely the case.
      I have study the Grey carefully, and I think that they are responsible of the “cattle mutilation”. If you are well inform, all the part that they take from cows, like the lips of the mouth, the eyes, the tongue, kidney, etc… are related to the degree of radiation that have been absorb by the Earth til American have tested atomic bomb, all the Nation that have made test are susceptible to see their cattle mutilate.
      You know that many electricity central in US are fonctionning with nuclear reactor. Chernobyl is regularly visited by UFO, but not only those nuclear plan, but volcano too. They study the Earth like if they were not from this Earth, but the fact that they live here, they have the ideal tool (UFO) to make their inspections.
      They are like human, some Grey don’t like humans, but the majority love humans, and that’s the reason why they have respond to the message of Carl Sagan, they have enter in contact with all the Nations. So don’t be surprise if you ear that a UFO have destroy a plane, this is due to the cargo of this plane (atomic missiles). The American don’t like their intervention in that field.

      I would like to consider what I will say to you. When our Patriarch was in the desert they could see angels that were comming, ordinary 3 angels. Who come they could make the difference if they were clothed like we are? BECAUSE THEY WERE SHORT. Ouff. Think real hard about it, they were not blue, they didn’t have wingson their back, so tell me if you know who they were those angels, they could have been tall like humans, in that case, they have special clothing that was different of ours. This is the only 2 explanations that I have found.
      Now, let’s talk about Love and Faith. We live in time that Fate and Love are not present, this is a fact, but the expression of Love and Faith about our neighbor is the Justice, love and faith are tool for this reason, is our Justice that is important to are neighbor. The Love that you mention is to be juste with or neighbor, this is the main goal.
      Now, for the Love of God, you’ve got to re-evaluate it. How can you Love someone that you don’t see, don’t ear (you ear angel, not God. This is anti-Biblical) and the most important, don’t know. You love Him because He talk to you, you are mistaken Brenda, you are in the “illusion”.

      Listen, what is at left in the reallity is at right, and reverse. The Earth is flat, no it is round. The Sun is hot, the micro wave and other waves are responsible to the warnest of the Earth. So if you have a better explanation, tell me, I will study it.

      Bye Brenda

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Starheater,

        On ‘sleeping’ after we die, I would ask you to check the many Near Death Experiences that people have had. Also, some years back I had an occasion to go to Heaven while in my sleep, and met a person who had been a friend of mine, but who had killed himself. He had now been converted and was in Heaven. No Starheater, I’m not up for grabs on this one. Most people’s spirits leave the planet after they die, and if they’re going to Heaven, their spirits are literally in Heaven and they are fully conscious of being there. Jesus said that of Lazarus because of what he was about to do – which was bring him back from the dead.

        Again, I know what I’ve seen regarding people’s spirits – or ghosts, so there is no changing it. You may not agree but you haven’t seen what I have.

        Yes Starheater, I am well aware what the Catholic Priests have taught – which is Purgatory, but I’m not talking about Purgatory, and if I did, you wouldn’t like my answer there either.

        On the Greys – I did not say they were ‘angels’, I said they were fallen angels, because that’s what demons are. But yes, I have seen real angels on several occasions. I am well aware also that the Greys are responsible for cattle mutilations, abductions, and various other scenarios.

        As for the Patriarchs seeing 3 angels, Starheater, angels can come in various forms and change their appearance at will. They are not ‘set’ as we are in our physical bodies.

        Now Starheater, I’ve stated the truths on these subjects, so there’s no point in me saying them again and again. If you don’t agree, that’s up to you, but I know what God has shown me. If you disagree with everything I’m saying, and insist on reacting with doubt, scorn, unbelief, mockery, and the general opinion that I know have a clue what I’m talking about, I think it’s time I leave you to your opinions.

        When you came back, I welcomed you – which is more than you did for me. I stated I looked forward to your comments – which was more than you could say for me. When you first began commenting on what I shared on WM, you seemed to get what I was saying, but you soon changed your attitude and went into this total state of denial and unbelief you are in right now. Therefore you leave me no choice but to say again, what I said over a year ago – you don’t want to believe I know when I hear from God, that I know the difference between God’s voice and that of the Holy Spirit, that I see angels, or have seen people’s spirits – ghosts, and don’t believe that I know what I’m talking about on any level or in any subject, so there’s simply no point in continuing. You don’t have my support in these matters, and unless you start dealing with yourself on these issues, I will not be responding to your comments.

        • Brenda Brown says

          Sorry, I must make a Correction – that should read “….and the general opinion that I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, I think it’s time I leave you to you opinions.”

        • Starheater says

          Hello Who Ever You Are.

          I say to you “MILK”, I’m sure that you’ll understand what I say, for this I will give no futher explanation for that word, you say that you speak to God, will see, I you don’t give me the right answer to this word, you will be in your own self a person who distort the truth. I’m sure you will not be able to give me the right answer.

          You are not Brenda, you’re not even close to this woman. I was suppose to put Brenda to the test, but I didn’t, but you did. Strange, hahaha. But I have a good idea of who you are. I will give you a hint:

          You are Blond, you will have to do better then this. You are Catholic, “you are NOT READY”, but I AM!!

          Bye Miss Blondie

        • Starheater says

          Hello who ever you are!!!

          You are not Brenda, you sound more like a little baby that want to be approve when his wrong. Forget it blondie (this is not injurius, the color of is hair at this person is really blond).

          Demons can appear in the form of angels. Now tell me, describe me your angels, your ghosts.

          The “real” Brenda is more intelligent then that.

          Better chance the next time

          Bye angel

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      I have read twice your message, one thing that I would like to say, is that it is not important to be that I am wrong.
      First of all, to be decieve you’ve got to believe religiously in those Grey, this is far to be the case. Second, I believe in Jesus and His Power, not like I would like but… this is the better that I can do according to the level of truth that I have in front of my eyes.

      Let’s pretend that they are like you have portrait, let’s say that they are “fallen angel”, this is “static knowledge”, it doesn’t give me + or – in my way to be a good person. This is an illusion to pretend that all the fact are related with the bad E.T., so they are bad so!!! I gain nothing and I loose nothing.
      When they put an implant in my flesh doesn’t change nothing too, do you follow my logic? The worse that could happen is if I was told that they are bad and this news would affect me in my faith that nothing could happen with the person who believe in the Christ, not in what HE are, because we are not even close to have an idea.
      So praticly, there is nothing wrong to believe in their presence, and to believe that they are like us, bad and good at the same time.

      What that is bad, is to take the idea and make it worse, I mean that I could believe they more then the Christ. I have my head were it should be, and there is nothing serious to consider that the Grey may be the one that the Bible talk that live underground. Think about it seriously, have they kill someone that was a Christian.
      The real danger is to fall in the illusion that they could help us in the field of technologie, this is not my part, my part is science and truth, not New Age born, not even close to that. So to tell me that I could fall an illusion, I don’t think so. Why? Because I treat every bit of information that I can found, not because that I want to believe in those, but to have a better view on the subject.

      Bye Brenda

      • Starheater says

        Hello Brenda

        I didn’t speak clearly enough for you to understand what I was saying. So I will re-write where I spoke about the implant. When the Grey have set in my chest an implant, they have the chance to kill me physicly, because me too I was though that they were “demons”, but the night that I try to freighten them with the Name of Jesus that I did not pronounce, I though that just to say that I would pronounce, but they put this implant at the left side of my chest. I have already said this story while ago, so I will not repeated again and again, except if someone ask me to do so.
        Many have said that those “demons” know the future, yes they do, but even if the Grey know the future, why they didn’t kill me? I am a menace to them. Perhaps you think that doing this, the future wil not be the same.
        You are right!!!!!
        But this future will affect only where I live, not the entire World. On the other hand, God know’s better then any one, if I tell the truth, God have a real problem, you can compare this to a man that accidently shoot one of his feet when he load the gun, not very professionel.
        If the Grey are demons, why Jesus have obey (not the right word but…) those demons who wanted to go in the flock of pork, those demons went to a ravine and fall in the water were they perish. Why Jesus did not sent they in hell? Why?
        You are suppose to knew the answer Brenda!!!!! I’m asking you again.
        Why Jesus did what the demons wanted? Oh Boy, Jesus is the Demon, the Master of demons, WOW. What a revelation!!!!!!!
        I was on a good track, that’s what I though. I was really stupid!!!!! And I’m stupid all the day’s that God made.

        Ron Whyatt found the land of Sodom and Gomorrha. The Angels have destroy those cities. Why? Because they were sodomite who was practicing sodomism? Wrong again!!!!! Question:
        What your parents have done when they didn’t want childrens? Eh they didn’t contract they Aid virus. Why? Can you answer me somebody.
        Don’t tell me that they….NO preservative???? come on!!!!

        The Catholic religion is infected by the “spirit” of insanity. Read the Bible Catholic, and stop your foolisness.
        Listen, were I live I am a danger for everyone, they have destroy my reputation, but this is not the worse, they try to make think that they do animal sacrifice so I could be “real afraid” of Lucifer.

        Hey! Come on sheeples, Lucifer work for my Boss (the Christ). Think about it. Even they were really doing so, the spell would be on them. Don’t you agree. So…..

        When I talk, it’s my concern to bring proof with those thing that I say. Naturelly, I’m not perfect too, but you have to do your work by verifying in the Bible what I say in this Blog, I do mistake too.

        That’s all for now, talk you later

        Bye Brenda

        • Starheater says


          ….this is not the worse, they wanted me to believe that they did an animal sacrifice (a bird) to cast a spell on me….

          Oh, there was a time who they were trying to invoque Lucicer.

  4. Starheater says

    Hello Brenda

    Ghosts does not exist, what we call “ghosts” are in fact demons, some of them have the “commandment” to fool us, to lie to us, to contact us and “pretend” that they are Angels (spirits) or E.T. from Other planets. They try to fool all the elite of God.
    The Bible say that God will create a strong illusion, this illusion is for us a real challenge, this correspond to the baptism of Spirit and Fire that the Christ as spoken.
    This strong illusion will challenge even the Elect, I think that I don’t have to remind you that those Elect are the cream of the cake, if I can put it this way.
    But this is not all, we have to surpasse the science (knowledge) of the Pharasians and the Saduceans.
    What is the need to have such challenge, what is the purpose to be on the limit to be trap in an illusion?

    Well I think I have partialy solve the problem. We’ve got to keep in mind that to “words” was said by the Christ over 2000 years ago. The beginning is not like the end of time, because what the Christ have said was for are time before His Return.
    First God have made all things so that we could be trap in an illusion, and here I don’t speak for the time of Jesus, in those day’s they new that the Earth was round. But you know like me that many tought that the Earth was flat, but has be proven wrong in our days.
    But that is not all, scientist have stated that our Sun is hot, millions of degree F, that are certain that we are in the best place, not to hot, or to cool to see life appear. But the “illusion” is that they say that in space the temp. is -456°F. How come? If the Sun was millions of °F, why the space is cold? But this is not all, how come the Sun have “black spot” on is surface? They shouldn’t be there if the Sun is “red hot” Like a steel bar.

    This is an Illusion that they know!!

    Another “illusion” is about our Moon. How come the Moon shine? Rock and dust don’t shine!! Now, Astronomers have seen could on the Moon!? No way Brenda. To have smoke on the Moon or cloud you have to be in an atmophere. Ok, they have said that water was present under the crust of the Moon, but that doesn’t explain the fact that the “Moon shine”. Now to complete the scenery, asteroids are loaded with metal, ice water, but they dont shine!!

    So why the Moon shine? Because the Moon have an “atmosphere”. !! ??

    But this is “static” and are not really in relation about what the Christ have said. NO. The “illusion” is in the Bible. ???? !!!! WOW you will say!!

    The ILLUSION don’t come from the E.T.’s, this Illusion come from the fact that WERE ARE NOT IN HEAVEN, all that is “under” heaven is an ILLUSION, oh! Wait, we are real, but not for the point of VIEW OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY.

    The LOGIC of this affirmation reside in the fact that WE DIE. Only things that ARE REAL REMAIN FOREVER, and those that GOD want to be PERFECT. But no one on this Earth and in this entire Univers are Perfect, none.
    Even Jesus was submit to this imperfection, but Jesus was the ONLY ONE that came FROM HEAVEN.

    Now listen Brenda, the REAL NAME OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY IS:



    HE-WAS, HE IS- HE COME (The Christ Name).

    The CROSS is important because the VERTICAL LINE his THE GOD:



    The TIME wil be perfect and render ETERNEL BY THE FIRST GOD

    Both of THEM = ELOHIM

    I know my secret NAME. YOU know it too.

    Bye Brenda

  5. Jason says

    Great story from the author I respect the mystery however opportunists are there and that makes people weary of given information out from source the ascended masters that played the earth where aware of this fact but never used knowledge for self gratification only the supreme lord could ever truly own the kingdom of heaven wherever.

  6. says

    In my youth (10 years old), I was bedridden for about six months due to rheumatic fever. During that time I was so weak I could barely utilize the bathroom. I lay there worrying about the universe and distraught about the fact that I may not ever play sports or do anything physical. My parents got me a tutor to keep me educated and I went bonkers on knowledge and wisdom. I read everything especially the classics and the Bible. One morning I was so sad, feeble and deeply upset with my condition, something happened. I was alone with everyone gone on some errand. I had a parakeet and a radio beside my bed. All of a sudden my radio stopped playing, shut off and then the parakeet began to squawk loudly. I sat upright in my bed and then a very loud noise began. It sounded like a growl, Burrrr, burrow, ggggbrowl. It went on and on for about 30 seconds. After that experience I slept. Later, I started having visions of little, friendly people living on my chest and they taught me to solve complex problems. I could beat everyone at checkers and other board games. I grew 9 inches during that time and when I returned to school after the treatment, my classmates did not know who I was. I was ahead of all the students in my classes. Later, my doctor said I was totally cured of rheumatic fever and had no heart murmurs. I was an all-district athlete and played all sports in HS. My heart was very strong. The doctors said my heart was small, but very strong. I believe we do have otherworld experiences because I got a kick in the afterburners on that day. It has given me some very advanced insights the rest of my life. Some are Markers.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Ron,

      I remember reading of a few experiences involving ufos, where the ones involved ‘came out the other end’ with greater intelligence, among having other effects that I mentioned in my first comment. Before I was converted, I was also involved in seeing ufos, spiritual activity, ghosts, etc., and among some of the experiences, I recall lights turning on that no one turned on, the range hood fan turning on when I was right there and knew no one turned it on, hearing very clear footsteps when obviously no one was there, etc.

      When I was converted – and I don’t mean by or in some church affiliated group, I’m talking about a very real experience that occurred to me while I was alone at home, all of these things ceased, as if someone had flipped a switch. At the time, I had no clue whatsoever, that any of them were linked, or that they were not good. But as my walk with God developed, I found out all of these things stem from the same source, and unfortunately Ron, it isn’t God, nor is it good.

      I didn’t state it in my first comment, but although ufos and demonic activity seem to be different, they aren’t. The purpose of the beings in the ufos have to do with bringing in the Anti Christ’s system, so they want people thinking ‘other worldly’, and not ‘demonic’, while actual demon visitations have no such agenda, and couldn’t care less if they are labeled exactly what they are – demons.

      I don’t know if you’ve ever read Sky Crash, by Brenda Butler, Dot Street, and Jenny Randles, lays out the plan that various governments working in collaboration with the beings from ufos, have, to get people accepting of these beings, and it works in line with what will usher in the Anti Christ himself. It is unfortunate therefore, but your experience though seeming to be positive and good, was and is a deceit to draw you in. Demons do this when people are more on the verge of their grasp, and not yet under their control.

      • says

        We are here to learn the length, width and gestalt of God’s Totality. We are the mind that occupies the Holy Temple given us upon entering this realm. Receive it and experience it and then, in judgement we divest and return what we experienced here. Good or Evil, it is the totality of being and becoming. Do with it what you will.

        • says

          When one sits and looks at the vistas that expand exponentially before our view, the totality of our being and becoming is awe inspiring. It is like breathing in the Light of existence. NOT THAT ONE IS, BUT THAT WHEREBY IS, IS. For my mentality to comprehend this instance in being present within all the elementals I perceive, Life gets so precious and I am thankful that I was allowed to experience it all. To rub against the fabric with all its manifestations and do it with sensual input is indeed phenomenal. There is so much to comprehend within the Monadic Entity. The Mind scans the multitude of data present and as each node appears, its construct and parameters burgeon toward opening new and more impressive knowledge. Then to go beyond their presence toward their history and make-up, it is a wonder that those of this Time/Space, do not fish in this pool more often. You are an entity sent here to learn and bring back the mindscape of your Life here, but you missed so much in your passing by. Silence and meditation is key. Not that one thinks, but that whereby thinking is even possible…and how, when and why is it even thought about? Yep, that’s cool! I am in awe of just being here.

          • Starheater says

            Hello Ron

            You didn’t have change a bit, you are so “poetic”, this is a joy to me for read. Even your abstraction are comprehensible, well I think!!

            Ahhhh, If I could write like you Ron, I would be in a library.

            Bye Ron

          • says

            To see, to discern with the aid of a device that thinks as a lens on reality. This thing we utilize here in this realm as a means of discernment and motivation through Space and Time, is the key to knowing whereof we exist. We do not pay attention to the body vehicular near enough to even go beyond taking it all for granted. The key to our awakening is to realize that we are mind using a vehicle as a means of experiencing life here. Our mind is built here by addressing the type of vehicle we use. It is up to us to step beyond the Karma it carries and go to the deepest channels to know the ultimate mission that we are given in life. The Human Eye gives us tremendous amplification and if one just realized how advanced it is, we could start on the journey to realizing the lens or our brain has a very important interface to offer the mind that rides the Light. One mind of multifaceted, holo-gestalt holo-dimensional ability has ruled this instant forever. It is what we do.

  7. Starheater says

    I’m back,

    Like I said, in the second shot the ovni was suppose to dissapear, pouff, no ovni, and pouff, the ovni reapear, except that the branch was moving.
    This is the “trap” for those who don’t “really” believe in God the Father, and God the Son.
    I really hope Brenda that you are not the kind that will fall in this Trap. Read carefully what I’m about to tell you. Demons and Angels are the creatures of God, Lucifer, Satan and all the demons are FROM GOD THE ALMIGHTY.
    If you are REALLY from God, you have nothing to fear from those “adversary”, because the Bible have something that you have not realise yet, and this I was about to tell you, the key of this “mystery” is in the “Mercyness” of God (Christ).

    But they’re something that I would like to highlight for you. The Christ have come to make it worse in the World, He didn’t come to bring peace, He come so we could devore each other like lion, this is the baptism of Fire, but those who are really dear to HIM, HE will take great care of them.

    I have so many thing to tell you, and I think that you are close to the truth, but I don’t know how close to the truth you are. Here where I live, praticly all the street are catholic, I hate their way of thinking. They are ignorant like the Jehovah Witnesses.
    One day I will your knowledge, this day will be for you a real test for your comprehension. I really hope that you will pass this test with intelligence “from God”.

    If you are curious, and you want to pass this test, let me know it, you will learn alot from it. I hope you wont think like many have, that I am better then everyone, well, I’m not, and I know it.
    The reason for this test, is that you are my favorite Biblicly speaking, for me, you are the dessert after a good meal. :)

    Bye Brenda

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Starheater,

      I know it’s at times hard to convey my proper attitude when I’m writing something, but I must say that when I wrote my comment on the ufo experience above, I was not angry at all. It’s just that I am aware of what they do and that’s what I wanted to get across. They are demonic, plain and simple, and I know how their manifestations fit in with what is occurring in this day, so I am not worried about them affecting me in some way, since I do belong to Christ.

      I obviously made a typo in my first comment, ending with “…they are ill-willed to say the least, and ‘to be welcomed’.” when it should have read, “…and NOT to be welcomed.” So don’t worry Starheater, I’m not deceived, and yes, I have read Billy Meier’s book, and know that he is a fraud.

      I’m not sure what the ‘ovni’ is that you were talking about though. Can you explain that?

      Yes, I am well aware what the Bible states about Jesus not coming to bring peace, but a sword, but that was said in connection with us learning to love God more than anyone or anything in this world. Being in the fallen state we are when we first come to Him, our natural inclinations are to love these things more than Him, which, considering He is the Author and Source of all creation, is not the right thing to do. He knows we will end up serving our own fallen selves rather than Him, and stand to lose our own souls as a result. That’s the whole reason He seems to come with a sword, for our fallen selves are naturally at odds with what divinity is.

      Keep in mind Starheater, I do have a relationship with God and know how to walk with Him, so don’t worry about me being deceived. Talk later.

      • Starheater says

        Hello Brenda

        I understand Brenda, but I know the Little Grey, I don’t speak for the Other supposedly E.T.
        I speak of them because they are mention in the Bible:

        Philippians 2:10
        10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth,

        Revelation 5:3
        3 And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll, or to look at it.

        Revelation 5:13
        13 And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them,

        As you see, those 3 verses talk about creature underground, living underearth. Those creature are in fact the Grey, they are Earthlings like we are. (UFO=OVNI, sorry…..).

        I wont enter in detail, but they have put me on the test. What would you think if you were listening to the radio, and then suddenly the radio would announce news that come from the year 1950? That’s exactly what it happen. The same day I was in bed, they have put the though that they was floatting behind my window, that they were 3 feet high. (this is a partial story, it would be to long to elaborate) So, they didn’t want me to sleep. So I sit square in my bed and I said to him: “Listen buster, don’t try to make me fear you, I have just to prononce a word (Jesus) and you could be swicht to the desert in no time, so beat hit.
        I didn’t heard of those since, but this was only to make me make me believe more in Christ.
        I tough they were “demons”, that was not the case. They are what we call “Angels”, but not the same to you know, because there are 2 kinds, those that are “spirit” and those that are flesh and blood, they are the “army of the Christ”, they believe in Christ, but they wont let know it.

        One day, I was standing outside an I saw their ship, I said to them: “please, come closer, many friends of mine don’t believe me, they say that I’m “sick in the brain” “, they said to me to put me on the test: We are enemies”. And I said to them: ” I have no enemies in the entire Univers”, they reply: “We must have permission of our chief to do so”.
        I know now, that if they have let me take picture, I would be riciculize by many and this was not a good service to do to a Christ believer, you understand.
        But that night, I fell to sleep, and when I woke up I had something that was hurting me a little bit, to make the story short, it was an implant. I didn’t new that it was an implant, I have remove it myself 2 or 3 day’s later. It was very painfull to have remove it, I have been on aspirin for 4 day’s, my stomach was very sensitive, I was drinking Maalox like water.
        The implant had a little poche grayish with a little peace of copper wire of 1/16 long.
        I don’t know if that is related, but I have no flu of any kind, perhaps not, I honestly don’t know. Perhaps it was just put there for me to remove it so I could say to me that they could do whatever they want with me. 

        Tomorow, I will tell you more about them, I have to leave you.

        Bye Brenda :)

        • Brenda Brown says

          Hi Starheater,

          Wow! You’ve come too close for comfort to those little grey beings. I call them demons, and they are, but they are actually fallen angels. They are extremely dangerous, though it is true, they have no power of Christ, or over those who have yielded to Christ. Though I have not seen them, I certainly saw a number of ufos in my time, and was connected to this kind of spiritual activity before I was converted. When I had my first initial, but very real experience with God, this connection was broken, and all the manifestations that came with it disappeared as well.

          Yes, I am aware of those scriptures you mentioned, and I know that there is a lot going on underground that isn’t known, involving ufos and their inhabitants. Those scriptures prove that God knows it too.

          I also know that things like hearing things flick on or off, hearing strange messages on the radio or just out of thin air, and various other strange occurrences, are very common when people are in contact with ufos or what some believe are ghosts. I experienced some of these things as well before my conversion, and the one or two after I was converted, until I fully yielded myself to God. After that, they all ceased and never returned.

          If you’ve had an implant Starheater, draw very close to Jesus and focus on His love for you, and yours for Him, because these things don’t play games. Seek God’s Spirit in your life and let Him be your joy. Don’t worry about people of other religions, it’s not what religion people are of that God looks at anyway. God looks on the heart, no matter what name is above the door. As long as we are doing God’s will for us, we have nothing to fear. It’s better to live the love of God in front of everyone you are around in a day, rather than hate the beliefs others practice. Of course you want to know God’s truth – that’s always good, and it’s always good to walk in God’s truth, but others will choose for themselves who they want to serve. And in this day, a tremendous manifestation of God’s Spirit and Power will give everyone a proper choice in due time.

          Talk later Starheater. Keep well.

          • Starheater says

            Hello Brenda

            One thing is certain for me, God did not create dangerous demons for us to be a real trouble for us. Believe or leave it, I have the Holy Spirit, I have enter in me way back before I arrive on the street that I live right now.
            The demons that I have speak about are directly related to the place were I’m living right now, before I came to live here, I didn’t ear voices, thay have manifested durind the time I live here and nowhere else before. They are not evil with me, they are like little childrens of years old in their character, you say don’t repeat that word, they will repeat it until you say: ” ok, you want to play this game, I will repeat same as you.”
            A couple of time later, they stop, exactly like if they were stuburn childrens. But there is a conterpart, they are “very useful”, they say, dont go outside, peoples will hurt you physicly, and I say: I am a son of God and I don’t fear mens. Result, 2 mens when to me to agress me, a knock with head to nose, the third men was watching if they were people coming.
            I smoke, and I always trying to make me quit, I said to I’m that I don’t have the power of will to do so. Sometime, he say to me’ did you wash the dishes? Don’t drink to much coffee, don’t put to much sugar in your coffee. Did you take your pills? Don’t eat to much.
            I live alone since my wife was ill, having this spirit, is like having a person at home not to be alone.
            Sometime I say to me: I love you very very much, you don’t know how much I love you.

            Does it sound to you like dangerous, his conterpart is like a 5 years old kid.
            The problem with word, is that we are not capable of communication to each other. They have help me when I had trouble with bad peoples that wanted to hurt me (and they did ounce) because they say to the Police that I was taking all the woman for me because I play guitar and singing.
            This month I have communicated with a woman, she was speaking to me with her voice, and I have respond with me spirit because I was in window watching her, I could not yell because of that. She understand the word that I said to her, she prove it to me be giving me is point of view.
            I’m not alone to do this kind of telephatic talk, they have said to me that it will spread all over the world. So I have made a test, I was a couple of miles of my appartment, I was walking on the sidewalk with a woman walking in front of me, so I said to her, hey tresor, I am the man who’s walking behind you, you look beautifull, look behind you, you wont regret it. She turn and smile at me. People in town were I leave know my name. Momo (my nick name) we have heard you sing!!!
            Sometime they past with their car, and I can see the lips of woman saying: ” I love you” (they prononce my name).

            I know know that the Holy Spirit is active temporarely in their mind, the Holy Spirit act like this because I’m sometime very sad and lonely, and I need very much affection. But when I am not working on my book, they remind me regularely, they know the futur. They say The I am a Knight, and Elect. When they say that, I’m a little septic, so I say to them, you cannot to a little tree, you are perfect when he is not full grown, and other metaphoric pictures.

            But sometime grrrrrr, they make me mad.

            Talk you later about the Grey, demons and Angels. I have said to you the truth. I will not lie before the Holy Spirit.

            Bye Brenda

      • Starheater says

        Hello Brenda

        Starting at the bottom of you comment, I’m asking you, what is a relationship with God?
        And here, I want you to be realistic about this affirmation, no offense. I have in the past year been in contact with peoples that had this “kind of key phrase” that was bring in the recipie of a good healty cake.
        On this part I have magnefied alot what this “phrase” would really mean.

        A question that relate the relationship of a man versus God, it’s like saying that water could mix with oil, or to compare a spirituel relationship of a man with a worm. It is to mix purety with impurity, the sacred with the profane, the imperfection with the perfection. Brenda, when we say “relation”, we say that 2 thing is related, a man with a woman, that is something is something that is in relation, but like the Bible say: ” My tought is not your tought, more higher are my tough from your tough”.
        Do you get the basic idea of what God have said? How can an imperfect creature could have “perfect tough”? How the imperfection could endorse Perfection?
        To have a relationship with God is not the goal, the goal is to have good relationship with everyone like us, because saying that we know God (I know that you didn’t say that), or saying that we have a relationship with God, is saying that imperfection have have relation with Perfection.
        I’m perhaps to high on this definition, but I have to cut on yes or no, their is no between. I don’t know if you hare getting the picture that I draw in front of your eyes.
        But if you call relationship by mean of following is commandments, well here too there is a unlogical reasoning, because no human can follow the 10 Commandments. That’s why God said that HE had emprison us in trangressions to exerce is Mercy on us, that’s the reason to have the “Grace”, and the Christ on the cross to pay the price of this Grace, without HIS sacrefice, there would not be no Grace or Mercy.

        Look, you know how hiearchy work, it’s like a Pyramid, God is on the top, and then, I don’t remember all the name but I will make a short cut, you have Archangel, Angel, and Man. God is at the top of the list, not at the bottom, so how can we have a relationship with God the Most High.

        When Christ have give the Revelation to John, He had this Revelation by God, and the Christ have send an Angel to reveal this Revelation to John.

        The only “bridge” that give you this relationship is by the Holy Spirit, but this, this is by the inspiration to know what to do, and by earing a voice in our mind, sometime I ear a voice exterior of me.
        I have demons who talk with me (I don’t know if they are or they pretend to be), but they don’t really hurt me.
        On day, I have ask them to take the voices of womans, because I’m always talking with man in my life and rarely woman. And a couples of minutes after, say, 2 or 3 minutes they talk with me with woman voices, I write it in plural because they change the tone of theirs voices during the day and night that I’m awake. They never ask me to do bad things, they change their attitude too, in the day they act if they were humans, but in the night time they try to fool me. They say that this is part of my ” training”, because I have to discern what is real or not, and sometime I have to raise my consciousness to be able to see the battlefield from the air.

        Now to return to the Grey, I don’t believe that they are demons, or even have and agenda to be “anti-Christ”. I have made alot of research about the Grey, and they are “neutral” with human. The problem is that demons exist, and they have the ability to emulate both side, the Grey and other “stupid character” that doesn’t have real logic. Those demons have the ability the change their apperance to other race of E.T. that look pretty much like human. But I can see the difference, the emulated one have the tendency to be stupid and create a state of choc in the mind of humans.

        Now I would like to tell you their real action that they have made, but I know that I will be censure, the fact is on both side, on site that spreak English and sites that speak French, but I know the reason why I am censure now. They (? cannot say who they are) , but the illusion is taking place for those who don’t believe in the Christ and His Father, our Father of all.

        I don’t even know if they will let me sail my book when finish. (?)

        Bye Brenda

  8. Brenda Brown says

    While the idea of visitors from space is exhilarating, if anyone reads up on what is happening to people who have been so ‘visited’ by what is flying the skies right now, there’s no way you can think something wonderful happened. You can’t remember what happened, you’re foggy and groggy after the ‘visit’, you remember things differently months later, you have a feeling of euphoria but really, if you can’t recall how it got there, how is that healthy, and why should you trust it?

    These beings have abducted people all over the world from their homes, beds, places of work, vehicles, etc., have inserted – painfully at that, strange pieces of unknown material into people’s sinus, ears, brains, and various other parts of their bodies. They have raped others, left them naked and disoriented in the street, or some location unknown to them, and in almost every abduction scenario I’ve ever read or heard about, have left people feeling as if they have been drugged, are off kilter and altered in character from that time forward, having nightmares, and various other ‘after effects’ that aren’t good and don’t help.

    No intelligent life forms here indeed. From everything I’ve experienced, heard, and read about these ‘visitors’, they are ill-willed to say the very least, and to be welcomed.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda

      Brenda, you know that I am not good in English. But I see that you are angry. In first, I would like to tell you not to believe this man, he is like “Billy Meier”, that billy Meier have take few videos, the one that I would like you to know about, is when Meier show us the video were the pleiadian ship dissapear. The thing is that Meier have made a mistake in is video, when he took the first shot we could see the ship and a branch of a tree, he was beside a tree when he took is first shot, and to be accepted in the field of experts, he as taken this shot with a branch in the scenery, that was supposed to give him more credit.
      But in the second shot, he didn’t notice that the branch of that tree was not suppose to move. So, you can see the branch that doesn’t move and the ovni in the first shot, in this second shot, this was the shot to make it dissapear…. Just a moment!!!

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