The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Balls in the Courtyard of National Museum, San José, Costa Rica. Photo courtesy of John W. Hoopes.  Copyright ©2001 John W. Hoopes. All rights reserved.

Introduction One of the strangest mysteries in archaeology was discovered in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica. Since the 1930s, hundreds of stone balls have been documented, ranging in size from a few centimetres to over two meters in diameter. Some weigh 16 tons. Almost all of them are made of granodiorite, a hard, igneous stone. These objects are monolithic sculptures made … [Read more...]

Ancient Flying Machines


Introduction Flight has been the dream of humankind since they watched in awe as birds soared effortlessly through the sky. But, according to accepted history, it wasn't until the 1780s that two Frenchmen achieved lighter-than-air flight when they were lifted into the air in a hot air balloon near Paris. Then powered, heavier-than-air flight became the goal. And although … [Read more...]

The Mind’s Eye


Recent discoveries in astronomy, physics, biology, paleontology, and geology show that a complex web joins us with our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and with our universe. The universe is not a cold or hostile void. Instead, the earth is a focal point where intricate forces have come together and spun the web of life. There is a purpose and an underlying … [Read more...]

Ancient Wisdom about the Universe


The Hindu Sacred Writings The original Vedas are the oldest sacred writings of the Hindus and are composed of spiritually focused wisdom written in Sanskrit between 2000-1000 B.C. The spiritually inspired thinkers who wrote these early Vedas often imply a oneness with the Divine.  The Vedas are the ancient scriptures or revelation (Shruti) of the Hindu teachings. They … [Read more...]

The Self-Aware Universe


The concept of objective reality   "Objective reality" is assumed to exist whether or not it is being observed. The existence of separate objects is assumed to be verifiable by observation, at least in principle. The predominant feature of all objects is that they are by definition separate from each other. This means that separation is a basic … [Read more...]

The dawn of SIM Card Man


2012 - And Man Shall Walk as Machine? ‘Transhumanism’ is a term that has become a euphemism that has been assimilated into our vocabulary such that it shocks no longer. It would seem perfectly natural that we follow the next ‘evolutionary’ step towards the survival of the fittest and convert ourselves into an information field that never breaks down or decays. No need for … [Read more...]

Mystery of the Great Pyramid missing capstone


When you look up at the Great Pyramid, it's apex is missing. It is flap topped and not pointed like a pyramid should be.  Usually, when a pyramid was constructed, the top part, or capstone (also called top-stone), was the last thing to be placed on it. It was considered the most important part of the pyramid and was made of special stone or even gold. The capstone was usually … [Read more...]

The Spectral Expanse of The Human Mindscape


The Spectral Expanse of The Human Mindscape By Ron O. Cook What cause does the mental vista impact upon the underpinnings of Earthly happenstance to existence bring? A mind searching the dreamscape's horizon for order and unity that states positive and negative results to each and every sequential event suggests its own purpose -- truth. Man thinks and something happens in … [Read more...]

Crop Circles Explained


Crop Circles Explained by Ab Asaff The Philosophy Crop Circles, I believe are not related to UFOs or humanoid extraterrestrials as is the current popular notion. These beautiful global 3D geometric works of land art placed on Earth’s energy lines are articulating ancient high esoteric knowledge. The Creators appear most often as white or amber colored basket ball size … [Read more...]

New Knowledge about Energy: The Rows of Kounov


The Rows of Kounov   Description: Fourteen long stone rows at the Rovina hill near Kounov is one of the most mysterious places in the Czech Republic. We know for sure that they are a work of ancient man, but their origin and purpose remain unknown. They were discovered by Antonin Patejdl, teacher at Kounov, in 1934. Since then, various theories have emerged: the … [Read more...]

Physics during the age of megaliths


Physics of Megaliths Over more than twenty years, I have realized hundreds of experiments, which were mostly motivated by trying to uncover the reasons and causes of not always convincingly explained working activities of ancient civilizations. In these experiments, I came to the conclusion that many activities of ancient prehistoric cultures were clearly motivated by the … [Read more...]