Lost Cities – City Folk Become Savages


Lost cities in the jungle The trekkers stood breathless. In the afternoon sun, they had come upon it suddenly. Down in the ravine, it was like a place enchanted; so many towers and buildings grew out of the green jungle, all made of stone, gleaming white. They were seized with wonder. After a long pause, one of them spoke. "It must be magic! Is this a fairytale? Am I … [Read more...]

The Nephilim And The Pyramid Of The Apocalypse


Note: The following is part of the book Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse by Patrick Heron For almost 5000 years, the pyramids have asked more questions than they have answered. Many books have been written which have uncovered incredible facts concerning their construction and their astronomical qualities. We … [Read more...]

Global Warming Nonsense


Cancun – Can Can’t! How much longer are we to put up with this specious nonsense? We are told that the Globe is warming and that it will warm further. So what? We are told it is warming while we in the UK and in Europe are freezing. How much longer are we to take this febrile crap? On the basis that computer projections predict a rise in global temperature of … [Read more...]

A New View of Consciousness and Reality


by Daniel Neiman Note: This is a part of this Source Article >>     A New View of Consciousness and Reality - Introduction Today's materialistic science is dominated by the view that everything we see today originated in the Big Bang, when space and time came into existence and the laws of the universe were set. According to mainstream scientists, … [Read more...]

The Stone of Alchemists


Introduction 'The stone is produced about where the liver is. It ignites the Kundalini fire.' [The Paris 4] 'With this fire the Godhead itself is mixed.' [Gloria Mundi] 'Adonai (God) is sometimes called lapis (stone), for the latter is the foundation of the whole fabric of the world.' [Carl Jung] 'God is a Stone.' [J. Wiley] The Stone of Alchemists … [Read more...]

The Sugar Conspiracy


Note: The Sugar Conspiracy article source is the billiant website: http://macrobiotics.co.uk/sugar.htm Of all the foods consumed today, refined sugar is considered to be one of the most harmful …Consumption of processed foods (which are laced with sugar) cost the American public more than $54 billion in dental bills each year, so the dental industry reaps huge profits from … [Read more...]

2012 and the Old Equator


  By Robert Berringer There are many signs that extraterrestrial beings, often called gods, periodically intervene in the evolution of life on Earth. Some of the most enduring signs like the Great Pyramid have convinced me that Stone Age humans under Old Kingdom Pharaohs did not build many of the most ancient and most enduring megaliths. Our world view of the Great Pyramid is … [Read more...]