A New Age Look at Intelligent Design


By Robert Berringer It is hard to outgrow our many prejudices. My parents had a strong Christian view of creation which I replaced with a science based view of evolution. On complicated subjects like evolution and cosmology, scientific theories are finely tuned to explain current facts, but they frequently change in order to explain new discoveries. We live in a dynamic … [Read more...]

The Earth Changes and the Mayan Predictions

As scientists continue to debate the cycle of global warming and the cause and effect of what’s happening in our world, I propose that we instead take a play from the Mayan playbook and “look to the past to predict the future.”  The Maya believe that in order to understand what tomorrow will hold for us, we simply must look to the past for the cycles that have come before and … [Read more...]

Climate Change Mumbo-Jumbo


Mumbo-jumbo, mumbo-jumbo, the drums beat ever louder, and the witch doctors are coming. Every day they beat out the same rhythm, lulling everyone into a trance, suggesting that you should believe only them, suggesting that you should desert your reason and your common sense, for they the great witch doctors of the IPCC they know what is happening to this planet of … [Read more...]

The Stonehenge Codes


The Stonehenge Codes - New Light on Ancient Knowledge by Professor David P Gregg (retired) A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY AND EXPLANATION Hello there and welcome to my analysis of Stonehenge…and the rest. No doubt you are wondering how I came to take it on… so am I. Some of it may have to do with my professional background and a life long … [Read more...]

Global Warming and that 2nd Law


I was resting and suddenly the 2nd law of thermodynamics came into my mind.  As is my wont I had to go to Google to clarify this law – to make it comprehensible to a non-scientific mind. Really it is quite simple. If I set light to my bonfire it will rage with a fierce heat and then it will subside and eventually even the ashes will go cold. But why is that? Why does the fire … [Read more...]

Puma Punku and Machu Picchu — Is There a Connection?


Puma Punku (Bolivia) is not far from Machu Picchu (Peru) and even some of the building techniques of both archaeological sites are within the same engineering expertise. I believe that the engineering proficiency and the tools that created many sites in Peru spread from the central site of Puma Punku. It might have been a base of operations early on, some 13,000 years ago. I … [Read more...]

Climate and Ice Ages

The past ten ice ages have been cycling at 100 thousand year intervals. Environmental influences would not be so cyclic. Hot spots rotating in the earth's core seem to be the best explanation. Warm ocean currents are melting ice at the poles and damaging coral reefs. It's primarily ocean temperatures that are increasing, and secondarily air temperatures. Rainfall is … [Read more...]

Global Warming

Global Warming - It exists, but not due to greenhouse gases. The atmosphere is only 0.04% carbon dioxide, of which only 3% stems from human activity. Therefore, human activity cannot create global warming stemming from carbon dioxide, though natural causes of global warming certainly can exist. (Explanation)* The oceans regulate CO2 in the atmosphere to the minutest … [Read more...]

Reversing Climate Change

Summary of the global eco-crisis The overarching issue is climate change and how to reverse it. We have a brief window of opportunity, and unless we act now, the chances of avoiding a serious collapse are remote. (Excerpt from S.V. October2010) Reversing changes of climate? Now there’s a thing. Doesn’t that get you excited? It does me – I just can’t wait to see where our … [Read more...]

Weasel Words

From all sides we are assailed by weasel words and by weasel phrases. These are words and phrases designed to have an emotional impact on people of low intelligence. The word ‘intelligence’ derives from the Latin word, of which the principal parts are: Intelligo, intelligere, intellexi, intellectum. It is not difficult to see that the words, intelligent, intelligence, … [Read more...]

Dowsing Rod


In foregoing text in connection with the identification of energy components I used the word dowsing rod, which evokes among many people queries. The dowsing rod did not come-through even a single test and James Randi offers one million dollars to everybody who will designate the arbitrary medium hidden in one of ten containers. … [Read more...]

Natural Healing


In the Fall of 1994, after two decades of clinical practice, Dr. Schulze's Natural Healing Clinic was shut down for the last time. He helped thousands worldwide to recover from any and all diseases using his Natural Healing Routines and Herbal Formulae. Many had so-called incurable diseases and were at deaths door, many ended up outliving their doctors who told them they were … [Read more...]

Establishing a Human Utility Index


Establishing a Human Utility Index Will Maintain the "Mirrored Society" on the Fly By Ron O. Cook You see it coming don't you. Sure, you see the unbridled technological future being primed to explode all over our society. You see the edge of technology even in war strategy and strategic planning. Every publication of record has its feature story touting the harbinger of … [Read more...]

Marketing Primary Technology Through The Ancient Maya Lands

Marketing Primary Technology Through The Ancient Maya Lands By Ron O. Cook Designing the economic structures of the future requires a gestalt or a macroscopic scale of thinking that results in monumental accomplishments.  It has been suggested that ancient man did think large and as proof, they constructed some of the greatest complexes and cities that have ever graced … [Read more...]

Rubber Olmec Balls


Rubber Olmec Balls:  Cache of Rubber Balls found in Mexico Recently. If the above is true then I must say this...I know how the ancient Olmecs (means rubber or of the rubber tree) moved large stones (massive stone heads) and why they and the Mayans always had causeways in their cities! It has to do with the Rubber Balls that were developed long ago in Mexico when Latex was … [Read more...]